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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 23, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. thousands come out to show their pride in san francisco as the party is in full swing in the castro district. good evening i'm john sasaki, in for ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. we're just about 12 hours away from one of the biggest pride parades in the the world. san francisco is hosting its 42nd celebration of gay pride of and the festivities are well- underway. platt keller is there.
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>> reporter: heather, take a look behind me. a massive crowd in the castro. thousands of people are here for pink saturday an annual event for pride week. organizers are calling it the largest nighttime street party. a lots of the men and women in blue are keeping an eye on pink saturday. no cans or bottles are allowed inside, homing to keep alcohol- fueled trouble out. once people are inside the fence, the pride party begins. >> we're here to have a good time and celebrate who we are. >> reporter: multiple sound stages were set up to scatter the crowds and food trucks are keeping people from overstuffing the bars and restaurants. >> everybody seems pretty well- behaved. so that is a good thing. >> reporter: the annual dyke march was earlier today with added horsepower. dozens of women led the way through the san francisco streets on their motorcycles. >> we wanted to put the march back into the dyke march and put our political edge. >> reporter: the word "dyke "has been reclaimed by these women after years arch of being used in a
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negative way. >> it's actually outbounding it and taking it from the people who use it against us and we're celebrating it in a different way, in a positive way. >> reporter: organizers say this is a good opportunity to show people how powerful the lesbian community can be. >> we have to be more visible and continue to be visible. >> reporter: organizer say the party at pink saturday ends at 11:00. i just spoke with police and they say so far if there there are no major problems to report. reporting live in the castro, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. now of course the main event is the big pride parade that begins at 10:30 tomorrow morning at market and beale streets in san francisco. there are plenty of after parties including a country western dance and in oakland a party for women at the den on telegraph average. here is a live look at the pink triangle, lit up tonight on
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twin peaks coming up at 10:30 how thecy celebrated the pink triangle tradition and the guest speaker who described the ongoing struggle for equality had his country. san francisco police are stepping up patrols in the mission district and officers are asking for the public's help to solve go sexual two sexual assaults that could be connected? neighbors tell us that police have been warning everybody to just be aware of their surroundings. investigators say two men attacked a woman from behind, right here at 19th and capp monday morning, but they also say that the victim never reported the crime to police. >> it was really horrifying. >> reporter: this woman asked us not to show her face because she lives so close to the area where san francisco police think two men sexually assaulted and robbed a woman after she left a local bar early monday morning. >> we had shootings outside of
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our building. i had never heard of an explicity sexual assault. so hearing about that rape on our corner was giving us a lot of pause. >> reporter: the woman reportedly went to san francisco general hospital for treatment. while investigators say the victim did not report the crime to police, they have since interviewed her and are now trying to determine whether the rape is connected to another sexual assault three days earlier on erie alley near 13th street. both cases two men attacked their victims from behind. >> to hear that really makes me squared to be scared to be a female. >> reporter: while they are stepped up patrols this woman says the attacks forced her to change her routine. >> i walk my dog everyday. three times a day and now i won't walk him alone at night. >> reporter: now according to police, in both incidents these women were attacked by two men, possibly latino and african-american or
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both latino, one is said to be about 5'4 inch and the other 5'10th anyone with information can call or text an anonymous tip to police. authorities have identified a man shot to death this san francisco last night. the medical examiner says the victim is 27-year-old . the other man is in serious condition. investigators believe that they were shot near candlestick park. so far police have no information on a suspect or moatsive. richmond police are searching for a begun that killed a 19-year-old man last night. ktvu obtained executive video of the scene as police arrived. witnesses say a group of people argued on the street when the victim was shot in the head. he was identify as emmanuel miranda of richmond. a man was found shot to
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death. police were called to madeira avenue. irvs found the man at 4:45 a.m. corner's office. officers reacted quickly to put out a fast molesting fire that burned dangerously close to homes. the flames burned just within yards of homes, but crews were able to put the fire out quickly and in all, only pfeifer acres bryned and no structures were damaged. no word yet on what caused that fire. oakland's police chief says the department is seriously short staffed due to injuries. the oakland tribune reports the department has been 90 officers on medical leave out of a total force of 646. usually the nish of injured overs is 50-60. the police union president blames overtime from occupy oakland protests. meanwhile former oakland police chief batts is adding fuel to criticism of mayor quan's 100 blocks and
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tells the colonnible, "it was a political reaction to rising crime last surge including the shooting death of-year-old carlos nava. batts said the 100 blocks "wasn't do-able from day 1, because the police department was already stretched too thin." also in oakland emotions were high as hundreds marched to protest the closure of five elementary schools. >> if we can't stand up for education of our children, what can we stabbed for? >> the protests are demanding that they re-open the schooled. they marched from city hall to lakeview elementary, one of the schools that shut down when classes ended. some parents and teachers have been holding a sitin for days now. >> these are schools in poor black and brown neighborhoods and if we don't stop this, it's just going to continue. >> the demonstrators argued
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that the district should reduce its administrative staff before shutting down schoolof the district says the closures are unfortunate, but necessary and will save the district nearly $6 million. governor brown has reach ade deal with the state stare largest union about the budget that could mine state agencies will stay open on fridays. brown originally propose a 38- hour four-day work for workers and i stead the seiu announced a deal that cut salaries by 5%. south bay congressman mike honda and went out with dozens of searchers looking for any sign of missing morgan hill teen sierra lamar. the is a-year-old disappeared march 16m and authorities believe she was murdered. organizers mark klaas said says more than 60 people searched half a dozen different areas. >> former penn state assistant football coach and now convicted child molester jerry
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sandusky is on suicide watch in a pennsylvania jail. april williams are remarks from a juror. >> jerry sandusky woke up in a pennsylvania jail saturday. sandusky's wife, dottie, arrived at centre county jail, but left after about ten minutes. less than 24 hours after a jury found him guilty of 45 hall of fame 48 counts related to sexual abusing $boys. >> i think they w focused on the facts and determining credibility. i looked at him during the reading of the verdict and just the look on his face, no real emotion. >> reporter: sandusky's attorneys shot down that observation. >> when i looked at him during the verdict i could see tears running down the eyes and to the extent that anyone said he was unemotional is simply not true. >> reporter:
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police took sandusky to jail shortly after the verdict was delivered. his attorneys say they plan to appeal. the guilty verdict set off cheers outside of courthouse friday night. pennsylvania attorney general linda kelly says there is an important lesson to learn from the trial. >> we have have to continue to focus once childhood sexual abuse and shine a bright light light in those dark, dark places where the jerry sanduskys of the world lurk. places which definitely exist in our society. >> reporter: the mother of one of the victims said, "nobody wins. we have all lost." and then she hug herd son. sandusky's lawyers said today that they tried to to quit representing the former coach just before the trial was to begin. the teens told the judge they did not have enough time to get ready. the judge denied their motion and alleged lack of time to play into sandusky's appeal. he faces at least 60 years in prison. we're in danville where it seems like the whole town has
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come out to celebrate the unveiling of a fallen hero memorial. we'll show you who they are honoring. new video just into our newsroom of a tough rescue in the north bay. >> and nascar races into sonoma, but before the save- mart 350 a different race today that included a young bay area driver. ♪
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rescue in sonoma county. firefighters say around 7:15 they rushed to the seen of a man who drove off the road in catoti. some one thousand people came together in vanville for an emotional tribute to a fallen marine. ktvu's lorraine blanco with how the community came together to honor one of their own-a beautiful and solemn moment as a retired army colonel remembers and salutes his fallen grandson. >> he hit me right across the heart when he said papa, i want to be like you. that is pretty rough, because i have had to live with that. >> reporter: danville painted the town red- white-and-blue to honor lance corporal joshua corral today. last november the marine was killed many an explosive device
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detonated in afghanistan. to pay tribute to his sacrifice and to others, the community dedicated this fallen heroes statue with the veterans memorial building. >> we're seeing friends that we haven't seen for years, strangers coming up to us, the whole community is represented here today. and that is what touches our hearts the most. >> reporter: loved ones called the 19-year- old san ramon gratchachi. his commander calls him a hero. >>chachi involvemented to walk in front of his squad in every patrol and volunteered to carry the metal detector that ensured he would be the first to close with any suspicious locations rearview mirror his fellow classmates heading to afghanistan any day, tells us chachi say role-model. >> i'm really excited to serve my country like chach did. i'm sure he is proud as hell up there. ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ >> reporter: you can see where people have set flowers and flags around the memorial, but as his
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commander said this is not a memorial for death, but a symbol of a life well-lived and an example well-set. in danville, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. an andoch family is enjoying their first day together after a surprise reunion. lallie pearce was celebrating her birthday and what she didn't know her father wasn't on the jumbotron, but hiding behind a group of players who came out to green her. army sergeant scots pearce wasn't due home from afghanistan until october. nice to see that. livermore police are investigating a double shooting that criticallia injured a 20- year-old man. the they were found at the intersection and the 20-year- old victim was shot in the torso. a 17-year-old was shot in the lugoff-elgin. witnesses described the suspect as three latinos about 20 years old wearing dark clothe and say
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this shooting may be gang- related. a fire this afternoon caused trouble for drivers. fire was reported near the intersection of 101 and 280. smoke on the highway forced the closure of two southbound lanes for a short time. all lanes were re-opened by 5:25. the fire now stands at the 2,000 acres and that is the second largest fire in that state's history. yesterday crews stationed near threatened homes had to back off to their own safety and ten more homes burned, bringing the total to 191. crews say they have lost ground on containment and stand at 45%, down from 60% yesterday morning. so far the cost of fighting the fire sup wards of $25 million. in utah hundreds were evacuated because of a fire were allowed back. the fire 40 miles south of salt
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lake city has burned about nine square miles. firefighters say the winds are pushing the fire back on itself and tonight it's just about 30% contained. firefighters believer that this fire was sparked by target shooters. in election 2012 news mitt romney is quietly raising money in utah. a congressman says the chain is going well. >> if there is one thing governor romney knows how to do is run an organization and it's impressive. he did it here in utah with the olympics and he is doing with his campaign and i think he will do as president. >> romney's guest list is secret, but newly released numbers show that they raised $76 million in the month of may. president obama is spending a quiet weekend in washington after campaigning yesterday in florida. today is superpack released a
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new attack ad. in his weekly address president obama pushed congress to work right way to help the economy. >> right now we're seven days away of thousands of american workers having to work off the job because congress hasn't passed a transportation bill and nearly eight days from students seeing their loan rates double because congress hasn't actedded to stop it. >> senate aides say both sides are negotiating on the student loan bill. but if it doesn't pass by july 1st, interest rates will double on millions of loans. sources say there is transaction on the transportation billion. republicans on capitol hill are rebuffing an officer. this week the house oversight committee voted to charge holder with content of congress after the white house invokes executive privilege to keep the documents private. the committee is looking for
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80,000 documents and republican leaders say holders offer the less than 10,000 is not enough. >> who gets to chaos what is relevant? and i think this is a large part of that offer is that it's in many ways a very narrow offer and some would suggest not even a real one. >> speaker joan boehner has threatened full house will vote on the contempt charge until the committee gets the requests document. >> tomorrow in some of the best drivers will take to the cous course in sonoma. >> reporter: 4-year-old james and his dad are camping out for all three days of nascar sprint cup series events. >> he is a big racecar fan. he likes kyle busch. so we love to come out and camp and enjoy the race. >> reporter: they are amongst the more than 100,000 expected at the raceway
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this weekend in sonoma. >> nascar sprint cup racing is our spirit piece and we'll have everybody from dale earnhardt, jr., tony stewart, jeff gordon out on track, but we have food trucks and a ferris wheel and all kinds of fun activities for folks. >> reporter: in the field was a 19-year-old driver from hayward, jessica brunelli. >> it's one of my favorrity tracks. >> reporter: she was the only woman in saturday's nascar proseries west race. she finished 12th. >> i was always the only girl, but i'm appreciative i haven't really been treated differently. >> reporter: her season is now over, but tomorrow she will get to watch from the stands and take in all the action on the racecourse. in sonoma, carra lew, ktvu channel 2 news. >> .
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>> a death investigation at the beverly hilton hotel and the circumstances surprising the death of two people before the start of the daytime emmys. of a rescue mix in china and what triggered this landslide. we currently have patchy clouds developing around the bay. coming up the neighborhoods that will be in the 40s first thing tomorrow morning and the timing of our next warming trend.
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. >> in egypt supporters of the two presidential candidates held massive dualing rallies. the commission overseeing the election says it will announce the official winner tomorrow. the results w originally scheduled to be released last thursday. but the commission postponed that announcement. and that has led to much speculation that the military rulers are in backroom negotiations with the muslim brotherhood about post-election division of powers. in other news of the world in mexico the government is now admitling a man arrested with
10:24 pm
much fanfare is not the man they thought he was. he was presumed to be the son of one of the country's most- wanted drug lords, but he is a car salesman notice associated with the sinaloa cartel. at the time of the arrest the mexico government create credited the usa dea with the intelligence for the arrest. from gaza, the israelis deny the killing of a child saying they did not attack the area where he died. meanwhile they fired at least 30 rockeds on israel. one israeli was hurt and an school was damaged. this is the most serious flare up between the two in months. in china a rain-triggered flood and landslide trapped two buses in the province. no one was hurt, but the two buses were serverly damaged. forecasters say the heavy rainfall could last through the
10:25 pm
week. southern california police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide at beverly hilton hours before the daytime emmy awards show. a man in his 60s and woman in her 50s w found dead in a hotel room. the deaths have reminded some in hollywood of whitney houston's accidentally death in the same hotel the night before the grammys. the emmys show went on as scheduled. authorities could decide this week whether to file charges against cyclists lance armstrong. armstrong's attorney said a scathing is he- page letter to the u.s. anti- doping agency and say they have been unable too defend armstrong because they have not been allowed to examine the agency's evidence. seven time tour de france champion has denied the allegations. how this man survived a run- in with a whale to make it home
10:26 pm
in time for his wedding anniversary. it was once a symbolf hatred and now it's a symbol of pride and the pink triangle and we'll tell you about the volunteer effort to put it in place.
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. it now appears an estimated half million people came out to see this fireworks show celebrating the golden gate assists bridges 5th anniversary. they took into account all those owho watched from the rooftops and crissy field and boat. s a symbol of gay pride at san francisco's twin peaks and allie rasmus explains what the pink trial means for those involved rockingham. >> reporter:
10:29 pm
one by one an assembly line of volunteers packed tarps of pink down the hill and formed the pink triangle on twin peaks. >> i think it's amazing that the major city puts a giant pink triangle on the hill for the weekend. >> reporter: the crowd cheered obs it was in cheered as city leaders highlighted victories for the lgbt community. while the mood was celebrator a and festive the symbol itself has a sad history. >> the pink trial was used by the nazis in concentration camps. we want to remind people of the hatred of the past to prevent it from happening again because it's happening again in other parts of world. >> reporter: a reality that was addressed today. a retired bishopp uganda talked about that.
10:30 pm
>>homosexuality in uganda could be punished by death, by hanging. >> reporter: tiffany came to involvement with her son and said it was a teaching moment. >> he is 7 years old and i wanted him to understand that san francisco is a safe operation for the gay and lesbian community. >> reporter: it takes up the entire hillside and on a clear day like today you can see it as far as 120 miles away. . for more on this weekend's pride events visit and scroll down to the hot topics tab. people who live on the hawaiian island of lanai have a few wish-list items for their new landlord larry ellison. they hope the oracle billionaire will bring jobs and lack affordable housing and better transportation, but they
10:31 pm
say they would also like ellison to be sensitive to their close night community. the city council voted this week to join the marin energy authority and it offers two power programs one is called light green which 50% renewable energy and rates comparable to pge. the deep green program provides electricity that is 100% renewable. richmond customers will be able to enroll as soon asment is. in berkeley dozens are likely smiling a little brighter thanks to free dental care. dentists offered chebups and other needed care for free today. oregoners say the clinic puts on free clinics two times a year. two men and a girl found themselves in the water which was over the girl's head.
10:32 pm
someone onshore called 911 and the fire department pulled them out. everyone is okay tonight. new at soment a former antioch high school teacher who was recently rescued after his boat was hit by a whale is back home with quite a story to share. reporter leticia ordaz talked to the sailor. >> reporter: max young is welcomed home in sacramento by family and friends. >> it's wonderful. it's really wonderful. i wasn't quite sure this was going to happen. >> it's wonderful to have him back home again. >> reporter: it's a moment he wasn't sure what happened had his sailing trip around the globe was interrupted by the whale. >> that nose of boat came up and when she came down, she came down kaboom. >> reporter: his boat begin to sink on june 12th. >> very trying during the time i got the coast guard call. >> reporter: the 68-year-old sailor was able to activate haze emergency beacon, but a cargo ship couldn't getle to him to the next day.
10:33 pm
>> the boat was sinking and honestly i didn't think i had five hours because the boat was tilling with waterment he stayed positive because he was determined to get home to his family. >> i have a 3-year-old granddaughter who has leukemia and that was the driving factor. >> reporter: he made it home in time for his 23rd wedding anniversary are and his granddaughter's birthday. he will have to get over his experience and the loss of his boat to once again sail the world. >> i love it out there. i single-handedly across the atlantic. >> reporter: after just being reunited this is not something his wife is ready to hear. >> reporter: what have you told him about his future with sailing. >> no more sailboats and he needs to find a new hobry why. >> that sailboat didn't let me down. it didn't let me down that night. it wasn't the boat's fault. it wasn't the whale's football. it is what it is. boy that is some story.
10:34 pm
a game changener women's sports turns 40. the national impact of title 9 is recognized ted. taking a live look at san francisco city hall, glowing pink for pride weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo is next with what we could see temperatures in the 40s overnight.
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. today some lucky souls got to raise their sails and get out on the water for a celebration of sailing. the summer sail-stice is founded by a bay area man and held every year on the weekend
10:37 pm
closest to the summer solstice. aol immediate encinal yacht club hosted the event. >> they are going to build a boat and launch the boat and ray it at the end of the day in about eight hours. it's been going on for five years and we have three, four competitors and they will work hard to get a boat sailing by 5:00 today. >> the festival is now held in 40 countries and 50 states. heather and john, remember last week i was talking about triple-digit heat? >> yes. >> and high fire danger, a completely different story, the complete opposite, with the clouds developing right now. and temperatures about 5-15 degrees below the average. right now on live stormtracker 2 patchy clouds reported out towards san francisco and around oakland as well and a bit of a breeze with wind speeds right by the bay bridge
10:38 pm
windion gusting to 23 miles per hour at last check. upper 50s coast side. remember livermore last saturday was 106 degrees? today only 70. morgan hills, 73. >> forecastt headlines for tonight, mostly clear skies, but patchy fog cover developing and gusty winds. tomorrow a chilly start with the readings in the 40s. here is a look at those overnight lows and you will definitely notice the chill first thing tomorrow morning. look at these low 40s out towards santa rosa, napa, oakland 49 degrees. san josi 50. with at least partly cloudy skies, one we could have mostly cloudy observations around the coach and near the bay. in san francisco for the pride parade, temperatures in the 50s as we
10:39 pm
head into the afternoon hours. this is the weather system responsible for our weekend weather. this area of low pressure not moving too much and, in fact, it's going to keep us cool for tomorrow. temperatures not changing too much from today. maybe a lilt bit warmer, slight warming. basically in the upper 50s to 60s and 70s. some gusty winds 15. >> 20 miles per hour developing into the afternoon hours. here is our forecast model showing you some of the cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning. decreasing clouds into the afternoon and 60s, there is that green contour. that yellow contour links up with the 70s. for nascar racing for tomorrow at the sonoma raceway, 9:00 in the 50s and also once again the giants visiting the a's for game 3. more sunshine from the afternoon hours and temperatures on track in the
10:40 pm
afternoon to reach back into the 60s. for sunday afternoon, breezy out forward fairfield. san francisco patchy clouds to start out sunday morning, increasing sunshine, but once again a bit of a breeze developing into the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view. temperatures come up we few degrees monday and tuesday, but the real warming that kicks in wednesday into thursday. heather and john, this is a very busy weekend in the bay area and a lot of events and the weather should correspondent. just bundle up tomorrow morning. >> it's going to heat up? >> nothing like last week, basically in the 80s. >> thank you very much, mark. today is the 40th anniversary of what many call a game changer for women's sports. title 199 was written to ban gender discrimination and
10:41 pm
helping widen opportunities for women's college sports by more than 450%. >> i will never forget when title 9 was passed because it was so important to all of us and not just sports, but all of education. >> in this week's newsweek president obama writes that the law has helped make advances to education and calling it a "springboard to success." >> you watched it right here, watching round 2 of the bay bridge series. >> it was a edge of your seat nail-biter between the a's and giants. sportswrap is next. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. .
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good evening everybody and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. just one game left in this year's version of the bay bridge series. giants will have bragging rights, but today's game at the oakland coliseum couldn't have been more dramatic. fans at the coliseum remembering the old do. sporting by coco crisp. the a's jumped on giant's starter madison bumgarner for two runs in the first, reddick sent it soaring over the right field fence. 2-run hit. sandoval with the single to left and skips past jonny gomes. buster posey comes from rounds from 1st and sandoval later scored on the single by brandon belt. they added to it in the 3rd. gomes with no. 8 on the year.


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