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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at noon. late this afternoon they talk about a sex sweep and in the bay area. that is the top story. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. we are learning about a sex
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operation that focused on child prostitution. new at noon, paul chambers joins us with information on the arrests that occurred. good afternoon, paul. >> reporter: good afternoon, the press conference just watched up and talked about arrests and the people who have been exploiting the young children. >> these people are taking young children and enslaving them. >> reporter: you see the video as we rode along with richmond police. it was a three day multi agency arrests of prostitutes and several young children are arrested. six in all. six young children and the city has included the focusing of san francisco. san jose. san rafael and in all, seven people arrested and the johns and seven pimps arrested for exploiting children. a lot of these people make it
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back out on the streets but this time they are doing all they can to keep them off the streets. >> we are heavily engaged in the prosecution of the crimes. we are working together. we realize how the crimes impact the communities. >> reporter: coming up tonight at five. i will show you the cities that were impacted and what they plan to do to keep it off the streets. live in hayward, channel 2 news. the case was halt as the judge halted it. we have been following the story since the morning newscast. alex, is there still talk of a mistrial. >> reporter: the judge has denied the motion for a mistrial. that was one of the major developments that took place in the hall of justice in san jose, this trial. this assault case will move forward after they denied the motion. the priest allegedly attacked
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here pleading the fifth. he is hoping to remain silent on allegations of molestation. defense attorneys for will lynch allowed father lindner to give false testimony. he told the court he never molested lynch and even prosecutors said they believe he is a pedophile. he is accused of beating up father jerry lindner, the catholic priest that molested him more than 35 years ago. he raped him and his brother during a camping trip, he said. he wants the trial to shed light on what happened. >> there is a larger goal. larger than his personal freedom is to bring father jerry to justice. first day in court despite $3 million of set million independents against him and more coming forward every day. >> reporter: he was also called back into the courtroom and he took the witness stand.
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on advice from his attorney, he is decideing to plead the fifth and refuse to answer any questions about the past. the judge will decide if he has the right to take the fifth and the judge could force him to testify. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, supporters of will lynch, the defendant, they are calling for the priest in this case to face criminal charges. he has never been prosecuted and this will pick back up later in the afternoon in san p jose. alex savage, channel 2 news. president obama is pleased with the supreme court's ruling striki ngdown most of immigration law but concerns about the remaining provision. it prohibits police officers from arresting people on minor immigration charges but the court said one much debated part of the law could go forward. that's the portion allowing police to check the status of someone they suspect that is not in the u.s. legally.
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>> this is a dark day for civil rights in america. the supreme court today up held racial profiling by states. and will have the impact of u.s. citizens, american citizens being profiled and persecuted for no reason other than race of their -- other than the race or the color of their skin. >> the justices said the provision could be subject to additional legal challenges. supreme court announced their decisions on two other cases. it is unconstitutional to send tense juveniles to life in prison without parole for murder. and he reversed its role on campaign spec. this guarantees corporate and labor unions the right to spend freely for or against candidates for state and local offices. both were decided by a 5-4 vote. the most anticipated ruling of
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all on president obama's landmark health care overhaul was not announced today. thursday would be the last day of ruling for the terms which means the the decision on healthcare will come down on that day. they say labor laws do not do enough to protect them. they are calling for a change. coming up in eight minutes, what they are asking for and the proposed legislation that could give it to them. redwood city police hope video will find two cars set on fire. the vehicles were torched just after 3:00 a.m. on him lock street. one of the suspects may have bought a gas can and gas from a nearby gas station to set the fire. this surveillance video shows one of the men buying a red gas can just like one found near the burning vehicles. investigators tell ktvu they have detained two people for questioning.
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>> mexican guy is coming. and in the store, he buy the red can. he buy gas. >> police are trying to figure out if it is related to two other car fires earlier in the month. it continues into a fire in the sonoma town of katotty, it was a home on lakewood avenue. ktvu viewer shot the video of the flames. the fast-moving fire gutted the home. everyone got out safely. still no word on how the fire started. investigators are trying to figure out what led to an officer-involved shooting in hayward. we will have more on the investigation. san francisco police are getting new technology to help improve work out in the field. tara moriarty explains how the new appses will work -- apps
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will work. >> reporter: over the next two years, officers will be able to use laptop computers in order to fight crime. it will drastically cut down on the amount of paper book and it may also expand to include cellphone technology. now officers will be able to report remotely from the field and share reports in real time. officers won't have to carry a note pad, pen, camera or gps device. this technology rolls it all into one. the chief said it will speed up the department's efficiency by 40% daily. >> to make it simple, this is in fact the back computer. this is where we can punch a single piece of information into a google search capability system to tell us what we need to know. whether it is a car. a person, a description, anything like that. and we he can find it out like that. >> reporter: officers can type in any word for a specific
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search such as giant's hat and it will pull up any incident matching that description. it will be transformed into the written word and lists the suspect's priors. it is right at their fingertips. they will learn the new technology right away. hp has donated 60 laptops and the city donated $100,000 to fund the project and arc touch is developing and designing the app for all of this. this is for the entire department over the next two years. this is the only department to implement this kind of technology. live in san francisco, i am tara moriarty, channel 2 news. exclusions were wrong in 1938 and wrong today. >> why they were packed into a bus. they say it is correcting a long time injustice. rosemary is up in a few minutes to tell us if it will
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be cooler as the work week begins. they were feeling traumatized about what happened. >> a local political leader taking a unique approach to quell violence in one bay city. 6tá
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. unusual site on the this. they are cutting in huge trailers that are 80 feet long. trailers are so big. they needed a pilot car to guide them. modular classrooms will be delivered as part of expansion projects in the school district. >> some ac transit bus stops are getting moved in oakland. >> all of them at the fruit dale bart station will be removed due to construction. they have been moved it near the bart station. they will be back at their normal locations after july 25th. new at noon, a push for overtime pay. hundreds of farm workers and domestic employees are gathered to lobby for a change in california's labor laws. >> some of the workers boarded buses in oakland for the ride to the state capitol.
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>> they want the law to require employers to pay farm and domestic workers time and a half for overtime. >> they were exempt from overtime pay. and that was passed on this date in 1938. >> it has been 74 years. the exclusions were wrong in 193 and they are wrong today. we are gathering to call in legislators to pass over time rights for farm workers and domestic workers. >> it is he is ambly bill 1313. alameda sheriff's office is investigating an incident that left officers and a person injured t happened at 10:00 last night on west eighth street in princeton not far from 880. >> a female officer stopped to question a man. one of them was on a bike. the two suspects got into a
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scuffle with the officer. she deployed her taser and then had to use her firearm. >> she describes that the suspects were going for her gun. able to pull out her gun. fired one shot and hit one of the suspects in the leg. >> one of the suspects suffered a nonlife injury. and it was a second person at the scene. they went to the hospital during the scuffle and she was treated and released last night. >> a dozen people gathered to highlight the city's programs for victims of violence. >> mothers and other relatives of other crime victim it is join city leaders at city hall. >> christine said she got involved after attending the funerals of two murder victims in her districts and seeing the relatives left behind. >> when you are standing and listen to a mother who lost four children and talk to another mother who lost her son last year. there was another mother who was here and lost two of her
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children. these are women who have been severely traumatized by the losses. >> many city departments offer immediate counseling and mental health services for survivors of traumatic events including police fire and from paramedics. they are reminded about the dangers of fireworks as we approach the fourth of july holiday. fireworks started the small fire in concord last night. it threatened an apartment complex at one point. they were able to put it out before it did major damage. it did bush a bush and a tree. just in the past hour, san francisco officials announced a new strategy to keep the peace at tomorrow night's dodge kerr game. under cover police officers will pose as dodger fans and head up any possible violence in the stands. the mayor wants to make sure
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any lingering tensions from the ryan stow boating will not boil over into the game. they will give the key to the city to pitcher matt cain in honor of the perfect game he through against houston. another unseasonbly mild day around the bay area. partly cloudy skies. we have the on shore breeze blowing out will. the numbers are up slightly over yesterday. giving awe live look there. across the bay in the distance, we have the city and we again are looking at just another very pleasant afternoon. nice breeze at sfo, fairfield reporting 17. concord as well as livermore anywhere from 10 to 15 miles an hour. the on shore breeze continues with us unseasonbly mild weather will be with us. we will see a gradual warmup as we head into tomorrow and wednesday. as well as thursday. >> 67 in napa.
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and fairfield, concord, livermore. 67 in san jose. low 60s in concord. we are looking at 50s and 60s at the coastline. satellite here. it is stationed off the oregon coast. it row mains theren an it is beginning to shift a little bit. we are seeing a little bit of light rain near crescent city. and this begins to lift and move across to northern california as well as oregon and washington for tone and into tomorrow. behind this, we are going to warm a little bit. by thursday, we will finally get back to what we typically see in late june. for today, partly cloudy skies. five to 10 miles an hour. we saw the numbers over the weekend. along the coast, 50s and 60s. and 60s and 70 informs. around the bay and inland. 73 expected in novato. and upper 60s for the east
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bay. areas near oakland, hayward and 74 for livermore. how about the south bay? another good looking day for you as well. as well as santa clara. sunny vale and 60s to 70s. menlo park, mountain view checking in at # two for the afternoon -- 72 for the afternoon. the forecast will begin to warm by wednesday into thursday. finally, seasonal averages for this time of year. it is not long lived. numbers are cooling back once again in the forecast. for our valley locations. he very mild out there. hard to complain about it. >> it is. we will take it. >> thank you, rosemary. >> sea levels along the coast are rising according to a study. west coast sea levels are expected to rise up to 1 foot in 20 years and 2 feet up to
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2050. that is more than the global average. that increases the risk of flooding and storm damage in low-lying areas like the san francisco bay. san francisco came alive with a mixture of fun and community activism at the pride parade. >> dikes on bikes got things roling and raised awareness of the gay, lesbianian, transgender community. spectators felt like more progress was made against discrimination and many celebrated president obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage. for more photos and videos from the pride event go to and click on the gay pride tab. a long awaited art exhibit is on view. the levitated mass. the boulder is at the los angeles county museum of art. he first had the idea decades
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ago. but it took $10 million to make it a reality. not everyone was impressed. >> i am trying to figure out what the big deal is. >> big rock. >> i think it is really interesting from a number of perspectives. >> the rock came from a quarry in i haveside county and the 1,000 mile trip took 11 night and designed to transport the rock. rarely traveled at night and rarely faster than 5 miles an hour. why the dow jones is down more than 100 points right now. also, some fascinating have you had yo from the lake tahoe area. >> and whether the mother bear didn't like what happened to the baby bear.
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. they asked for help to rescue the ailing banks and left many questions unanswered and how much it needs. this uncertainty unsettled markets on both sides of the atlantic. and the dow down 136 and the nasdaq down 53 and s&p down 20. >> voters in petaluma might be asked to increase taxes. an uncrease in the city sale assist tax and raise extra $5 million and 2% increase in the hotel occupancy tax for extra $270,000 a year.
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the press democrat reports the city council will talk it over at tonight's meeting. gas prices have fallen about 15 cents a gallon in the last week. san francisco's prices remain the highest in the country. >> this is $4 a gallon for regular. >> it is down 40 cents a gallon. >> oakland and san jose prices are $3.86 a gallon. which is pennies higher than they were a year ago. california lawmakers could approve a freeze on california college tuition when they meet tomorrow to pass the final state budget. the state has secured extra $120 million in education funds. and legislative leaders want to use that money to prevent tuition hikes for uc and usc students. however, the entire plan depending on voters passing the tax hikes this november.
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egypt's first democratally elected president is working to form a new government. >> muslim briere hood morsi was named the new leader of egypt. it was a close election. there are concerns morsi can turn egypt into a suppressing state. but he is vowing to be the leader of all the people. the newest you tube hit is a bear cub being rescued from a garage by his own mama bear. >> they videotaped this and put it on you tube this week. it is inside the garage. it is having trouble getting down. then the garage door starts to open. bigger bear is pushing the door up. then the cub gets over to a ladder. makes his own way down and outside. some are questioning whether this is real and why a ladder just happened to be at the
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right end of that beam. today on ktvu channel 2 news at five. more developments in the trial of a man accused of beating a retired priest he claims abused him. we are in court this afternoon as testimony resumes and we learn the priest is expected to take the stand. we will see you the next time news breaks. also, we are also here for you on and mobile >> thanks for watching.
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