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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 26, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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two men hospitalized this morning after they were pulled from this house fire in oakland. we will show you the incredible rescue effort by firefighters. also -- a search for a missing man in the san francisco bay. how it's tied to last night's giants/dodgers' game. >> reporter: we're live where investigators are trying to figure out how three firefighters started and whether they were the work of one arsonist. and a fire, and that car in flames "mornings on 2" begins
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right -- flames. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, june 26th. we're following developing news in oakland where two men are fighting for their lives after being found unconscious in a burning home. ktvu has been on the story since 4:30. alex savidge is live from the stole-- is live from the home. alex, any update on the condition of the men? >> reporter: those two men pulled from the house fire. both of theming very critical condition still this morning. they were both found unconscious inside this house. as you take a live look inside. you can see this house was just gutted by fire early on this morning. flames race through the place and that trapped two men up on the second floor of this house.
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we'll show you video. this fire broke out around 4:30. crews could be seen giving cpr before those men were transferred to highlands hospital. the fire started in this house on the 2900 block of kingsland avenue. flames were shooting out when the first fire crews arrived here on the scene. they knocked the fire down. investigators are trying to figure out why those two men didn't wake up and get out of the house and they are checking to see if smoke detectors are working inside. >> firefighters are reporting they didn't report any smoke alarms going off. that doesn't necessarily mean they -- this is a good time to remember to change your batteries in your smoke detectors when you change your
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blocks forward and backwards. >> reporter: both men are in very serious condition after being pulled out of the house. they are sifting through the debris inside this home trying to pinpoint an exact cause for this fire. i do understand in speaking with the battalion chief, they don't think the fire is suspicious in nature. we're live in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. san francisco firefighters are on the scene of an overnight fire in the area that's well known to bay area music lovers. the fire started after 2:00 this morning at stern grove. it burned less than an acre away. >> it was a challenge. it was nighttime. the visibility is low, steep hill, so we were able to put the fire out. >> stern grove is the scene of
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many popular outdoor festivals but the fire did not burn the concert stage or cause any other structural damage. 7:0. in overnight news, arson investigators have been called to three fires. these thomas broke out within minutes of each other on spin na kerr, coy. tara moriarty is there now with the latest on what investigators are saying. tara? >> reporter: you know, neighbors have been working by here all morning long, shaking their heads -- shaking their heads. you can see the char marks up the side of the building and then below you can see the garbage cans that are completely melted. neighbors say it's aspish -- it's suspicious. we are waiting for a call back from the fire department to let us know if this fire and another fire set within the area were set by the same
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person. this fire sent nearly a dozen people rubbing for safety. pg&e had to pinch the gas line and they say the electricity won't be back on for the next several days. nays say there have been a few problems with kids sets off fireworks the last few months. >> i heard a bang and woke up and said what happened? i came out after five minutes and we saw fire trucks. >> reporter: i never came out and saw fire trucks across the street. now i came out and that is scary. >> reporter: just ten minutes before this fire, around the corner off spin na kerr walkway, another blaze. they've boarded it up there. four people were forced out of the building. the very first fire broke out after midnight. but that home is 15 minutes from hee. so we're not sure if it is
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connected and the fear appears to have started from inside the home. three people were displaced. the good news, there were no injuries in any of these fires. >> we're live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. police in martinez searching for a man suspected of using a baseball bat to attack another man, then causing a fiery crash when he tried to escape. police say the man crashed in front of a good year tire score around 10:30 last night. he was gone by the time the police got there. the victim of the attack only sufficiented minor injuries. sheriff deputies are questioning two suspects in a reported kidnapping in san pablo. ktvu news got exclusive video of the car on michelle drive, shortly after the two men were taken into custody last night. dupes are talking to a woman who is believed to be the kidnapping victim. she was not physically hurt but
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this case may be tied an earlier incident in berkeley where a man with a hammer was 1309ed force -- was seen forceal woman in a -- forcing a woman -- was forcing a woman. the school district is proposing shortening the year by four days.
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the incoming school superintendent says dozens of remaining teacher layoff notices will be rescinded if the proposed -- if the proposed budget is approved. well, a project to build a vehicle fueling station at san francisco international airport, it may be dead now. that's because of a fight over liability and also fears of a catastrophic gas explosion. this morning the airport division is due to vote on whether to pass this. san francisco police say they are searching for a 27 yield man from woodland. they say he ---year-old man from -- from a 27-year-old man from woodland. they say he reportedly fell
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last night at the dodger/giants' game. the coast guard and fire crews have just resumed the search in the water off pier 32, not far from at&t park. you are looking atly and search crews doing this -- looking at police and search crews looking for this man. let's go to sal. >> let's start off with 17 at the bridge, there is a crash they are clearing from the fast lane. it doesn't sound like it's a serious injury crash.
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let's go to 80. it's not bad. now is your chance. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a backup for you of about 20 minutes. a little thick this morning going into san francisco, no problems on the bridge itself into the city and -- on 101 in san francisco, it does look pretty good. let's go to steve. mostly clear. the fog kept increasing, increasing. it kept us on the cool side. that low, that low. so as it does, it's -- again, low 40s for some. kenwood 42. on the coast, fog, sunny,
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breezy. there are signs it will be warm he. 46, santa rosa. 49, san rafael. had 49 fairfield now 51. these are really cool lows. napa was 44. now they are 50. a little breeze sometimes picks up. ukiah dropped to 41 which was a record low. if you missed it on the weekend, sunday, stockton set a record low of 49. that's not something that happens. one system moves out. you can see the little ripples coming in the -- coming in on the west side of the low. there is a couple of little lows
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hanging around. so 70s, uner to low 80s and then around the bay, 60s to near 70. 70 oakland. 78 pleasanton, 82 antioch. our warmest spot there. gilroy close. cupertino, 76. 8 san brooke, woodside, 75. palo alto right in there -- 78 san bruno,woodside, 75. palo alto, right in there. 78. sunday, i think the fog will come back in a big way after another cool down. 7:12. mole fallout from the immigration ruling. what the supreme court dation on the arizona law means for facial profiling. and how you can get a free bus ride today. and you can wake up with
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ktvu and get the stories that happened overnight sent to your cell phone.
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it will be sunny. breezy. highs today, 60s 70s and inland, a couple of low 80s reappear. all right, steve. 7:15. well, the u.s. supreme court's split decision on arizona's immigration law has a lot of civil rights groups very concerned this morning. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the debate all of this is sparking. >> reporter: dave, the fear is the court's ruling gives the green light to racial profiling.
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even though the justices struck down most of the immigration law, they left in place a require -- a provision that check the status. the arizona sheriff says the checks are needed and he will keep doing. >> i'm not going to violate any constitutional rights. i have dedicated deputies who know what they are doing. >> reporter: demonstrations occurred outside of mitt romney's event. latino activists are hoping this issue will galvanize voters for president obama. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. the supreme court will rule thursday on the constitutionality of president obama's healthcare reform law. back in march, the court held three days of hearing on the
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landmark controversial measure passed by democrats. the challenge focuses largely but most importants want to pay or -- the challenge focuses largely on paying a fine. president obama's reelection campaign is warning supporters that republicans are determined to outspend democrats heading into the november election. republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, campaigns today in salem, virginia. he will speak at an e-- event at the carter machinery company. the company services an leases equipment, mostly for the coal
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energy. a new report shows president obama is not tooing as well -- is not doing as well in thed ifing in the silicon valley like he did in 2008. the obama campaign has raised $1.4 million. that is compared to $1.6 million in 2008. romney is behind obama but already ahead of the number that john mccain picked up in may of 2008. several children were rescued during a three-day sex trafficking sweep f locally, authorities arrested 71 people. six juveniles ranging from ages 15 to 17 were rescued.
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>> it netted 22 arrests in a few hours. in fact one of the -- one of the prostitutes was actually working out of the hotel that we were doing the operation in coincidently. >> now, arrests were made in several bay area cities. all of the children were taken into protective custody and given the resources to keep them off the streets. well, there is a new audiotape out from the adopted son of jerry sandusky. matt sandusky told police about being abused as a teenager on the top. he also -- tape. he also toll the police he worried about perjury for previously telling a grand jury his father did not abuse him. sandusky was convicted of child sexual abuse on friday. his lawyer says he will appeal on the grounds of an in-- of an
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infective counsel. the principal in bernal heights is scheduled to a -- to appear in court today. sheila mclaw ski ski, the chp says -- shealy mcclawski, the chp says, failed a previetiest. temperature dash sobriety test today. hope you like the weather. we're gonna see a warming trend here in the bay area. look out our win dope. steve is coming back. he will have your forecast
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after the break. plus -- a push to get more americans on food stamps. why there is a new government ad campaign encouraging people to enroll in the program. >> good morning. westbound 24, looks like it's getting busier on the way from walnut creek to oakland.
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we get to talk about traffic right now. sal is gonna help you where you need to go. >> right now we're looking at some of the busiest months. that would be the bay bridge toll plaza, of course. it's backed up beyond the oakland army base overcrossing, the 880 overpass -- overcrossing and you will see a lot of low traffic between the toll plaza and metering lights. we're looking at northbound 880.
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580 -- and the crash, northbound 17 at the bridge, that's been moved to the shoulder. let's go to steve. pappy low cloud. it looks sunny. temperatures are rebounding. not a lot but it will be warmer today. temperatures will be back in the upper 70s or very low 80s inland. i should add, redding california was only 75 with .3 of rain yesterday. for us today, some of that fog getting wiped out. overall, temperatures rebounding here. 60s, 70s, a couple of very low 80s.
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but i don't think they will last too long. temperatures seasonal averages. cooler weather kicks back in by the weekend. 7:24. the u.s. government is now encouraging eligible americans to go on food stamps. renee marsh is live in washington, d.c. with a look at the new million dollar campaign -- million dollar campaign -- million-dollar campaign. the u.s. government is saying they want the number of food stamps, they want that number to get higher. the department of agriculture is spending some 2.5 million to 3.5 million foe you canning on the elderly, working poor. and the government is saying they are doing this pause at this time, a lot of americans
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are struggling to make ends meet, they believe there are people out there eligible. of course, lawmakers are try to reduce the size of the federal government. republicans want to cut the cost of this program. democrats want to keep the safety net in place. dave and tori? >> all right. live in washington, d.c. thank you. all right. 7:26. the giants' long time rivals are in town. why san francisco police officers are dressed in dodger but for this series. the san francisco fire department, police and the coast guard are scanning the waters here at pier 32 looking for a missing man. we'll tell you the latest on the search coming up. it could become the largest
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u.s. city ever to file for bankruptcy and it's just outside of the bay area. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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police believe a man fell off pier 32 in san francisco after last night's giants'
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game. allie rasmus just spoke to rescue workers on the scene and has more information about who they are searching for. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning. they are searching for a 27- year-old man from woodland out by san francisco. -- san francisco. he andly friend came to the game last night. they parked their cars all the way at the end of the pier. you can see the friend's car still parked out there. it's a black sedan-type vehicle parked at the end of the pier. let's show you the video from newschopper2 because right now, a san francisco fire boat is standing the -- by. the battalion chief said both men had been drinking at the
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end of the game and then one of them walked to the end of the pier to go to the rest room and then the other one said he had not seen sis friend for a -- he had not seen his friend for a while. the fire department and police are in recovery mode, they say, because they don't believe he survived the night. the area they are just look -- they are looking for is far off to the east as yerba buena
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island. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a young man is fighting for his life following an accident on a san jose busy roadway. police say a car hit him while he was walking near monterey highway and tully road. it'sess now listed in critical condition. police say the driver stopped immediately and is cooperating with investigators. there's still no word on what led up to the investigation. a car slammed into thary raw mount boulevard on foothill around 3:00 this morning. one of the people rushed to the car is in the hospital. the other is on the even. they are trying to figure out if the person injure loose the
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driver or passenger. there a twist in the -- there is a twist in the case of william lynch. the priest he says molested him has pled the fifth and refuses to testify. now, lynch is accused of beating up the father for the allegedded abuse. >> yesterday, the issue of perjury was brought up. lindner's lawyer advised him not to talk -- not to talk anymore. >> i can understandle this -- testimony -- even if he
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believes he did nothing wrong, the risk is -- the risk is too great to testify. the city of stockton has a $26 million dead rhine -- deadline. the latest news i got, she told me that those settlement talks with creditors appear to have not solved anything. there were no settlements reached that -- that now potentially setting up an historic vote to take place this
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evening. this has to do with a plan working through the bankruptcy. the mayor says filing bankruptcy, that's something very likely at this time. >> i'm disgusted. i -- it upsets me a great deal. i worked hard for this. i gave up a lot. if i had known that -- that there would be no money, give me their raises -- let me put
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that money away for myself for a rainy day i was supposed to to trust you. you lied. you lied. you spent it and now you are telling me i have to suffer because of your mistakes. >> reporter: back here live, those ms. takes going to lead to a vote here tonight. the city council going to vote whether or not to adopt that plan for city operations during the bankruptcy phase. the mayor telling me this morning, she does believe it this city will file for bankruptcy. that would make stock ton the largest city ever in the united states to file for bankruptcy. 7:346. california lawmakers getting ready to vote on a budget tomorrow. they are still working on several remaining trailer bims before that vote. the sacramento bee says governor brown's pope proposal could appear on a higher spot
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on the november ballot. that's because of the senate bill, including initiatives. san francisco police are posing as dodger mans -- dodger fans to make sure people remain civil at at&t park. undercover officers will be in the stands and parking lots in the next few days. they used to tat industry at the -- strategy at the game in new york and it was a successful. >> we have love for bryan stow and we're here to support a clean game. no problems were reported last night. another reason the police are being extra vigilant is this fight at one of last weekend's games in oakland.
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this video was posted on youtube on sunday. but it's not clear when it was taken. the youtube description said the fight started when someone spelled beer on a fan. sal's coming back. you got the chopper now. that he right. we're looking at the bay bridge cumming in. you can see traffic something moving along very mily coming into thible -- nicely coming into the city. at the toll plaza you will be waiting, unless you are in the carpool, you will be able to -- you will be waiting for 20 minutes, about. northbound 101 very slow from the capital expressway all the way up to sunnyvale and then the sunnyvales that we have --
7:39 am
and then up farther. let's go to steve. truckee, 42. vacaville, dipped to 47. that's cold. at this time of year, that's cool. i saw 41 at kenwood. there's still spokes in the wheel settling in. it will be breezy but not as bad. it will be warmer especially away from the coast. there's still a little bit of
7:40 am
patchy fog. there goes one system. it will keep low pressure on the west coast. mild, just a little bit warm. just a little bit. temperatures are slow to recover. they've been so far below average. good 10 to 15 degrees away from the coast. 60s on the coast.
7:41 am
south of the peninsula. palo alto redwood city. going to the game on the? about the same as last night. mostly clear. temperatures a little breezy at times. sunny, warm on wednesday and then i think the nothing is on its way back. another low settles in. >> thank you, steve. 20 minutes before 8:00. today nato military leaders meeting in an emergency session calling the downing of a turkish jet unacceptable. the search continues in the sea for the two turkish pilots. nato's general made no mention of retaliation. most nato members are not in favor of military intervention.
7:42 am
there is an meeting going on to demand an investigation into the obama administration of leaking information. what happens when a tropical storm parks itself off the florida coast? we'll be live to tell you about the damage son doe far. >> what's happening in the new twist over funding.
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zinga will unveil the latest friends. matching the it will be shown to an-- matching it will be shown to the with the friends brand because more people are switching to playing games on their mobile devices. and microsoft is buying internet startup yammer. yesterday's deal comes two
7:46 am
weeks after word of gornations between the two companies first leaked. 7:45. something very important will be missing when google regins its -- begins its big developers conference tomorrow. pam cook is in the studio to tell us more. >> now, a statement from google says he's lost his voice and larry himself sent out an employee to saying that -- employees to tell them there's nothing wrong. critics' compare this to apple hiding steve jobs' health for so long saying google needs to clear up any mystery and clear
7:47 am
it up. there's also talk that google will introduce a tablet called nexus 7 which maybe isn't as catchy as the ipad name but analysts say google probably mass a better chance of competing with google over microsoft especially since it has acquired motorola mobility. tori? >> all right. thank you, pam. right now, tropical storm debby continues to hit the gulf coast with rain and heavy wind. phil keating is in northern florida now where the eye of the storm is expected to cross in the next couple of days. i imagine they are bracing for heavy weather, phil. >> reporter: it's been a rainy
7:48 am
morning. people making 5,000 a week to rent their boat out is not happening this week. damaged debris and structure all over this marina or at least what's left of this marina. in the words of the police chief, it's totally destroyed. you can see flying fish, air boat adventures up on the sidewalk. it's a rainmaker.
7:49 am
12 more inches. anticipated for several parts of florida this is where it's gonna make rainfall. much of it is forest, swapps -- swamps. people are using rafts and kayaks to get food and supply in. it's just a mote around their
7:50 am
neighborhood. stretches of this area are closed to traffic over a 50- mile span there because of flooding. back to you. >> hard to plage what they are dealing with it there -- hard to emergency what they are dealing with there. now, a wildfire continues to burn out of control in utah threatening hundreds of homes. the fire has destroyed as many as 30 structures. about 300 more homes are threaten and evacuations are underway. the fire is just 10% contained. a wildfire has forced people to leave their homes in colorado. the waldo canyon fire near colorado springs has burned about 4500 acres. it's one of seven wildfires burns across the state t could
7:51 am
be fall before all of the fires are put out. 7:50. tonight, a very big meeting. stan ta clara money has pulled tax money that was earmarked for the -- santa clara money has pulled tax money that was earmarked for the 49er stadium. the city leaders are outraged but they say the sudden loss of county tax funds will not slow down the construction project. >> it should be a very interesting meeting. >> yes. a rare while washes up along point reyes in marine county. what marine experts believe caught it to end you on the beach. and celebrating a perfect performance. special recognition for matt crane.
7:52 am
-- for pitcher matt crane. pitcher-- matt cain.
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7:54 am
the carcass of a dead whale has washed ashore and is raising questions about large boat in the area. this large fin whale was found along the beach in point reyes last thursdays. biologists say it was killed after being hit by a ship near the farralon islands. >> i'm not sure, but it would be very sad if this is gonna be an occurrence here. >> biologists say the whale was probably in the area feeding and did not know is the -- notice the ship. a speed limit is being considered. well, a especially and perfect honor planned tonight for giants' pitching star mat cain. you know, two -- matt cain. you know, two weeks ago he pitched the perfect game in
7:55 am
giants' history. the giants, as you know, won last night. >> yes, they did. 8-1. time to check in with sal. >> this is showing us some slow traffic on 880 southbound. there is the small, the southbound small. there is the 92 interchange. you will see it and traffic, a little bit slow. it does get slower as you head down south to fremont. please give yourself extra time. you can't just kind of zip through here. it will be slow. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. that's backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute delay. no major problems there.
7:56 am
let's go to steve. there's some patchy low clouds -- oh, chamber of commerce there. we have a few puffy clouds around. warmer weather for a couple of days, nothing outrageous we're going to see near average to slightly below temperatures. we've been so far below. ukiah, stockton. 50s on temperatures. had some 40s. there's another one dropping straight on in and that's going to develop. a little warmer today. some patchy low cloud. in fact, 60s, 70s. a couple of very low 80s there. upper 70s for some. 60s and os. right about 7 -- right around 70 be around the bay.
7:57 am
i think things ram up and it will be back for another cooling trend t does look warmer next week. -- trend. it does look warmer next week. police say it started with an attack with a baseball bat but ended with a fiery crash in the east bay. >> reporter: we've just learned a fast-moving house fire here in oakland has turned deadly. what investigators are telling us about the possible cause. we're live in san jose where fire officials are trying to figure out who is responsible for three fires all set within one hour of off other. that story when "mornings on 2" continues. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors. the guest loyalty program with over thirty-eight hundred hotels worldwide. welcome back. we have some new information now about a house fire. we've been telling you about this since 4:30 this morning. in the last 30 minutes we found out the fire has turned deadly. ktvu's alex savidge is at the fire scene with the new detail. alex? >> reporter: well, the battalion chief here on scene
8:00 am
just confirmed to me one of the two men pulled out of this house has died. this is the home that caught fire in the 2900 block of kingsland avenue in oakland. flames were shooting out of the place when the first crews got mere -- got here. firefighters found two men unconscious on the second floor of the home. this all happened around 4:30 this morning. the previous owner passed away earlier in the home and relatives had been staying here. we talked to one neighbor who says he knew the neighbors. >> it's not a good situation. it's sad to see somebody's home, that you knew, grew up
8:01 am
with, going down. >> reporter: they say the power had been down on this home. crews found one working smoke detector inside the house. it's unclear why the two men were not able to wake up and get out when the fire started. the fire investigator, we just saw her here on scene. weiss she's been searching for evidence -- she's and been searching forest and -- he's been here searching for evidence. back to you. a fire in san rafael at a computer repair shop, it happened at the applied computer technology store in the plaza on third street. now, works, at a nearby trader joe's called 911. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to other businesses. the cause of the fire is under
8:02 am
investigation. it is 8:01. busy night for san jose firefighters due to three suspicious fires in 30 minutes. the fires bushed apartments on spin na kerr walkway. tara moriarty joins us live outside the house with more on the investigation. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. you can get a good sense looking inside this area. the electrical unit was completely fried. neighbors think it's suspicious. we're waiting for a call back from the fire department to tell us know if the fires were intentionally set by the same person. the latest fire happened at 12:30 this morning, sending more than a dozen people running for safety. pg&e crews had to pinch the gas line and says the electricity
8:03 am
won't be turned back on for the next couple of days. neighbors say there had been problems with young kids sets off fireworks. >> i heard like a bang and woke up. i said what happened? >> and then came out after five minutes. now i came out and that's scary. >> reporter: just ten minutes before this fire, less than of a field away -- less than a field away, people were forced out of their home. another home, 15 minutes from here was caught on fire, but that's 15 minutes from here. the good news, there were no injuries in any of these fires. the red cross is helping the families find places to stay. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:03. a fire safety parcel tax will
8:04 am
be proposed later today. the they will ask the board of supervisors to place the tax on the november ballot. this sunday the district will close three of its six fire stations. and the fire district laid off 15 firefighters. now -- 15 firefighters. now vols would have to replace them -- volunteers would have to replace them and go through 240 hours of training, 80 hours of medical training and annual updates. the district is hoping for at least 40 volunteers. 8:04. police in martinez searching for a man suspected of using a baseball bat to attack another man, then causing a fiery crash
8:05 am
when he tried to escape. this happened at a goodyear. he was done by the -- by the time the police got there. we want to check in with sal. >> usually in june and july of past year,s -- in past years we've had a dropoff in the commute. westbound 24. slow traffic on the way to oakland. traffic is moving well. b.a.r.t., by the way, doing well with no major delays. also the morning commute backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay with no major problems.
8:06 am
let's go to steve. >> a very good morning. san mateo coast and marin county. most of it looks to be thinning out a little bit. there is a lot going on. denver was 105. when you are a mile up, that's just smoking hot. also tropical storm debbie, 20 inches of rain. it's unbelievably cool on the west coast. so sunny, breezy, by the coast, even some patchy fog but i think that will disappear
8:07 am
quickly pretty. sunny, breezy, around the bay. temperatures are still kind of below average. san jose is out of the gate and mountain view, fair field, 51. here comes another series of systems and they are gonna carve themselves out -- while we warm up a little bit, it looks like we'll peek out tomorrow. these are low 80s. martinez at 75. 80 in morgan hill.
8:08 am
77 in los gatos. which was down that 45 i think i saw this morning. san mateo 73. redwood shores and redwood city, 75. menlo park 74. antioch police shot and wounded a man wanted on a felony child abuse man. police identified the man as paul morales. officers say they were serving and arrest warning yesterday afternoon at his home and say he was armed with a gun and -- and began fighting with officers. morales is expected to survive. east palo alto police were in the shooting. investigators with the city's narks and vehicle task force
8:09 am
tried to pull over a stolen vehicle near rutger streets around 2:00 afternoon. they say the drivers ran the investigators and one of them opened fire. one person was desaned for questioning. george lucas plans to donate land down in san anselmo. and it will feature star wars, independentened -- indiana jones and yodo. a building sitting there now will have to be torn down and the project still has go -- has to go through an environmental
8:10 am
impact report. 8:09. facebook is once again being criticized this time for changing the e-mail addresses of its users. users say their primary e-mails were changed to addresses over the weekend. the company announced the change in april saying addresses would be updated to be consistent across the street. but if users want, they can change their settings and restore their old e-mail addresses. the travel site orbit says the type of computer he -- computer you use could affect how much you pay for a hotel. mac users they say will pay 40%
8:11 am
more. according to the wall street journal, orbit is testing different ways -- different ways around this for this day knew an angry passenger will get a refund. you won't believe the nightmare experience she had on an overnight flight. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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mostly sunny. some patchy low cloud. a little bit warmer. 60s, 70s, coast and bay and then inland, upper 70s and a few low 89 os into funeral plans -- low 80s. funeral plans are underway for a man who drowned tying up family boat. foul play is not suspected. san francisco police searching now for a man who stabbed two other men during sunday's pride festivity. investigators say the victims were walking with friends near hyde and mcalister about 5:00 sunday evening when they got into an argument with another group of people. that's when a man pulled out boxx cutter and stabbed two people. those victims suffered minor
8:15 am
jas -- minor injuries. 8:14. critics and supporters of arizona's tough immigration law is claiming victory today. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom to explain what happens next. tori, arizona and a handful of other states say they are going to forge ahead with their own immigration crackdown. even though the u.s. supreme court struck down parts of arizona's stuff law, the justices upheld the provision requiring hole police check the immigration status of anyone they design. >> it's gonna be ethnic prefiling on a grand scale. >> arizona's sheriff, the face
8:16 am
of the law, dismisses the law that says hispanics are targeted and says he will keep checking immigration status. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. the supreme court will rule this thursday on a constitutionality of proem's healthcare law. back in march, the court held three days of hearings on the landmark but controversial measure. the challenge of the act focuses large eye aren't -- focuses largely on the law's requirement that most americans must buy health insurance or
8:17 am
buy a fine. breaking news from england. there's been an explosion at a house. we're hearing that a child has been killed in this house explosion. we're told the explosion just flattened the house. one person may be -- look at this. the -- the rescue teams are in there sifting through the rubble. these are incredible pictures. you can see -- it looks like a tornado hit it. we're hearing there was a gas explosion. we're hearing one of the victims had burns over 80% of his body. we're looking at the possibility that gags leaked and -- and about 100 other homes have been evacuated all around this area. they are bringing in considers from -- he -- they are bringing in experts from all offer.
8:18 am
you can see the firefighters and others are san fernandoing through the rubble. this is in oldham, england, an explosion -- are sifting through the double. this is in oldham, england, and explosion. as you look at the wide pictures, a lot of destruction from this. we'll have more details as we get them from this breaking news in oldham, eb -- eb gland -- england.
8:19 am
police in -- police in santa clara say dna evidence helped them arrest a man suspected of a sexual assault. leonard easton is accused of attacking a woman in may near santa clara university. he was arrested on thursday. he was in court on thursday for the first time. as you can imagine, a lot of students are more cautious. >> any girl walking home, we make sure he's escorted by at least another female. >> now, easton is a registered sex offender with a prior rape conviction. there are as many as 14 living near the universities. 8:19. today, a man man accused of molesting some vulnerable children is due back in court to enter a plea. investigators say -- investigators say joaquin bay worked at a facility for the mentally disabled where he
8:20 am
allegedly sexually assaulted a female patient. he's also accused of molesting two young -- two young girls. the final beam is in place at the world trade center in new york. workers hazed their hard hats yesterday. ing workers with -- workers raised their hard hats yesterday. 8:20. a swedish radio reporter, getting a refund from an airline of a spending an overnight flight sitting next to a dead body. lena peterson was flying from amsterdam to africa when a man in his 30s started to become
8:21 am
ill and then died. according to "the huffington post" he was given treatment but died within a few minutes of the flight. she told there was no other seats she could move to so she -- so she had to sit next to the dead body the entire flight. looking outthe -- looking out the window, things are finally gonna warm up. steve's coming back to tell you about the temperatures today. [ man ] get the 20 piece mcnuggets.
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students at a san francisco school are attempting to re- create a mural after campus negotiations went a little far. this took a year and a half to complete and was only completed by students a few weeks ago. but recently workers sprucing up the campus ms. takenly painted over the mural. >> it was an honest mistake. i think people realized that pretty quickly. it's obviously disappointing and disheartening because we did have a lot of students who worked on this small mural.
8:25 am
8:24. sal's coming back. how are we doing out there? >> we have a new crash. a couple of new crashes out there. the first one is a new crash on the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 at the high rise. that's going to slow traffic getting out from hayward to foster city. be aware of that crash there. i want to move the maps to a crash on 85, the connector ramp to highway 237. an injure crash there. >> there is a crash in marin county, traffic is slow out of san rafael. crash is over the hill at sir
8:26 am
francis drake. we can't see -- once you get to san rafael. you will notice something is very wrong. let's go to move. >> all right. thank you. a lot of sunshine. only some patchy low clouds and it looks like they are disappearing. sunny for all today. temperatures very cool this morning. 40s and 50s. overall texas will be warmer today, less of a breeze. in fact, it's been i would say cut in half for some. but there is still a westerly or severally component. but it 0 does -- but does look like weak high pressure builds in. sunny, warmer, just some patchy
8:27 am
low clouds. i think sunshine wins out across the board. sunny warm weather. probably won't take much to get it out. it looks like another cooling trend will take us into saturday. an overnight fire in san francisco, why this one certain to dan -- certain to capture the attention of a lot of bay area music lovers. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department has one of its boats out on the water right now. the fire department, police and the coast guard are all scanning the bay for a missing man who disappeared after last night's giants' game. and i will tell you how you can get free ac transit bus tickets today.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:29. rapping -- happening now, the continuing search of the san francisco bay for a missing 27- year-old man. police say there are reports the man fell into the bay from pier 32 after last night's giants' game. ktvu's allie rasmus is there at the scene. i know a news conference is just about to begin out there. >> reporter: that's right. we're wait fog a briefing to -- waiting for a briefing to continue. but the search efforts have been scanning this area, scanning the bay looking for a 27-year-old man who they believe fell into the water. that's where the man and his friend had parked to go to the giants' game. in fact, the car is still
8:31 am
parked in the lot. newschopper2 was over cass head when the search resumed -- overhead when the search resumed this morning. the man's friend realized he had not seen his friend for a while and called to say he believed his friend had fallen in the bay. now, the search area does extend well beyond piers 32. they are looking out to yerba buena island. the fire battalion chief told us that unfortunately searchers are in recovery mode. they doesn't believe this man could have recovered. they were also informed by his friend that he was not a very good swimmer. dive teams are start to search. >> the missing man was last
8:32 am
seen wearing a blue dodgers jacket, a gray cap, jeans, and a white shirt. he and his friends came to woodland, california. he had -- they had driven there for this game. the battalion chief said they will continue their search efforts. they are waiting for the briefing to begin with the san francisco fire department public informs officer. and when she arrives, we will bring that to you. >> thank you. 8:3. meantime, a man's body found last friday off the sonoma county coast has been identified as 22-year-old andrew bader who fell off a cliff on june 9th. a two-day search for him turned up nothing. but last friday, a fisherman found his body about a half- mile from bodega head. san francisco firefighters are still on the scene of an overnight fire in an area that's well-known to bay area
8:33 am
music lovers. the foyer started shortly after 2:00 this morning in stern grove. it burned less than anacher near a homeless camp. believes -- investigators believe someone in the camp may have started the fire. no one was hurt. but the fire produced challenges for the dozens of firefighters who battled the flames. >> it was a challenge we were able to put the fire out. >> stern grove is the scene of many popular music festivals. 8:33. sheriff deputies -- sheriff deputies now questioning two suspects in a reported kidnapping in san pablo. ktvu news got exclusive video of the suspect's car on michelle drive. shortly after the two men were taken into custody. there was crime scene tape at the scene believed tock the kidnapping -- believed to be the kidnapping victim. but this case may be connected
8:34 am
to an earlier incident in berkeley. that's where a man with a hammer was seen forcing a woman into a car. a man carrying a legal concealed gun, police say a suspect walked into the subway, ordered a sandwich and pulled out at knife. that's when the man with the concealed gun pulled it out and the suspect did not get any money. he's described as 60, african- american with long, black hair. more speecher -- more teacher jobs could be spared in the san francisco ub fid school district. the district is expected to get $566 million in funding to the next school year. that's about $30 million short of what it needs according to the chronicle. the district is proposing shortening the school year by four days and increasing third-
8:35 am
grade class sizes. but the incoming superintendent says dozens of remaining layoff notices will be rescinded in the a -- if the approached budget is approved. a.c. transit is giving away passes. the promotion event starts at noon and goes until noon at the temporary transbay terminal in san francisco. now, only new riders will be el available for the passes. they will be good for limb thed trips through july 3rd. 8:35. we want to check in with salad and see what's happening on the roads. first of all, start off with a look at san rafael.
8:36 am
southbound 101. sir francis drake injury crash and the second from the left- hand lane. now this has thrown the marin commute into -- well, a vem slow one from terra linda through san rafael to drake. if you get on the freeway after sir fran -- sir francis drake, you will -- you will be okay. northbound 101, look at all of that slow traffic, there is a six-cash crash. but they have to do some cleanup and the traffic in san francisco is terrible. look at that. trying to get into the city. even if you are not going to the bay bridge, it will be slow. a lot of people, 280. a crash there, they've issued a sig-alert for it. this crash they've taken people to the hospital, there was an injury crash. traffic on the bridge is gonna be slow approaching the high rise. let's go to steve. mostly sunny, a little cool this morning. had 32 up in truckee.
8:37 am
had -- had some low mid-40s. the fog looks to be disappearing pretty fast here. still a westerly breeze. it's really tailed off compared to the last couple of days. i still think fairfield is warmer than 51. san jose, mountain view, hayward, 59. we're beginning to warm up a little bit. there goes one low but another one, you can he -- you can see it right there, dropping in. it's not as strong, this one developing. the next couple of days have a mild pattern. nothing like -- nothing lake that. we'll level off on thursday an then start to see temperatures coming off -- down. it doesn't take much to get the fog. mostly sunny. conditions from the coast, bay
8:38 am
inland and the temperatures begin to warm up a little bit. 60s, 70s or very, very low 80s. 76 san jose, san martin, 77. saratoga, 73. same for san mateo, redwood shores. palo alto,woodside a little warmer. along the coast 60s. game 2 tonight i think about the same. mostly clear. i this idge -- i think a little bit warm he. sunny and warm weather upon wednesday -- warmer.
8:39 am
sunny and warm weather on wednesday. president obama arrived in georgia, there is he arriving on air force one in atlanta. that's after attending fund- raiseers meantime, mitt romney campaigns in salem, virginia. he will speak at an event at the carter machinery company. that company sells, leases and services heavy equipment. mostly for the coal industry. romney will use that -- romney will use that for energy
8:40 am
policies. the obama campaign has raised $1.4 million through may from the top tech companies. that compares to 1.6 million at the same time in 2008. mitt romney has raced -- has raised $340,000 from the same group. 0 minutes before 9:00, several children in the prayer were rescues during a three-day sex trafficking brief -- 20 minutes before 9:00. several children in the play be -- in the bay area were rescued from sex trafficking.
8:41 am
-- in the bay area were rescued from sex trafficking. >> we targeted people posting ads on the internet. all of the children rescued were taken into protective custody and given resources to keep them off the streets. a new audiotape is detailing claims of abuse from the adopted son of convicted child molester jerry sandusky. mat sandusky told police about bowing abused as a teenager. he also told police he also worried about being charged for perjury. the former penn state coach was convicted on friday of child abuse. his lawyer says he will appeal. the principal at paul revere elementary school is due to appear in court today on dui
8:42 am
and hit-and-run charges. she has load not guilty. police say she bid two vehicles last month. the chp says tase dash hee -- she has pled noth. police say she hit two investigation last month. the chp says -- she has pled not guilty. a deadly house fire in oakland kills one man and sends another man to the hospital. we'll show you the dramatic rescue effort. ♪
8:43 am
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stocks have been trading in a narrow range after a positive home in home prices but consumer confidence worries outweighed. rupert murdoch's news core could split into two companies.
8:46 am
that would mean -- news corp may split into two companies. the proposal comes amid a phone hacking scandal at british newspapers owned by news corp. and facebook's executive sheryl sandberg joined the ranks. an important conference begins tomorrow for google but it will begin without a speech from the ceo. sam cook joins us to talk about why that's cauing ken. well, larry page will not be spooking at the developer a -- developer's conference tomorrow. he was missing from thursday's annual stockholders's --
8:47 am
stockholders -- stockholders meeting. tech critics say comparing this to steve jobs. now, larry page said he sent anaheim to other play saying there's nothing wrong seriously -- nothing seriously wrong with -- sent and e-mail saying there's he nothing wrong seriously with me. it's quite a competition. everyone else has to catch up to apple because apple's ceo points out that apple sold more ipads in the 4th quarter than any other company's sales of pcs. dave? >> thank you, pam. 8:47. let's bring you up to date on
8:48 am
some of the other stories we're following. a child has been killed in england from a gas ocean. one person is drapped. another victim was very severely burned. back here at home -- one person is trapped. another victim was ver see -- was severely burned. alex savidge is on the seen of a house fire ha -- scene of a house fire and has more details. >> reporter: two men pulled out of the burning house and the battalion chief confirms to me, one has died, the other is still in critical condition.
8:49 am
you can see, firefighters have some of the -- had quite a quite. both men -- both wren -- men were found here. and fire crews once they knocked down the flames, they found two men unconscious. both men suffered seriously inhalation treatment -- inhalation treatment. be one neighborhood say the home had recently gone into foreclosure. this man was clearly destraught -- was clearly distraught. it's not a good situation. it's not -- it's not nice at
8:50 am
all. investigators also telling us that the power had been cut off to the house fire to the fire. crews say they found at least one working smoke detector. it's unclear why those two men were able to get out of the house. fire investigators are here from the oakland fire department, they are shifting through the charred remains of the house. the inside of the place gutted but investigators are going through looking for evidence trying to pinpoint an exact cause for this fire. we've been told by the battalion chief that the cause fire of the -- that the because does not seen is -- does not some to be suspicious -- siebel
8:51 am
-- seal -- seem to be suspicious. the waldo canyon fire in cools springs has burned about 45 hun acres since saturday. it could be fall before all of these fires are finally put out. fire work stands. people are getting ready to celebrate the 4th of july. in dublin, 14 fire work stands will start selling fireworks in the next few days. firefighters are warning if you are at us -- if you are not using firefighters properly they can cause serious injury.
8:52 am
>> just because you can buy them where you live doesn't mean they are legal to use them there. nine minutes before 9:00. the santa clara city council will hold a closed-door session to discuss the $30 million from a billion dollar facility. some people in san francisco are raising concerns about the golden state warriors' plan to build a waterfront marina. they already deal with the effects of yet park. neighbors worry the proposed --
8:53 am
of the park. neighbors say worry this would -- are worried about the proposal. 8:52. he was the oldest grandson of a media giant. he's died. more details now from the death of a member of the hearse family.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
a wedding party they will never forget. the dock collapsed. they were taking their wedding earth pictures. they all fell into the lake -- wed -- wedding pictures. they all fell into the lake. luckily, everybody laughed off the event. the couple is on their honeymoon and everyone swept swimmingly. tropical storm debby is continuing to hit the gulf coast of florida. at least two more feet of rain is expected as the storm slowly move the across northern florida. the weather has knocked out power and residents are preparing to evacuate as floodwaters rise. >> we have our friends on fold just in case. they told us that we're okay right now but to be on stand --
8:57 am
on stand by. >> debby is responsible for other individuals. the. oldest grandson of william randolph hearst has died. george r. hearst junior died in palo alto yesterday, comply cakes from a stroke. he was 84 years old -- complications from a stroke. he was 84 years old. george r. hearst junior, most recently was chairman of the blood of the corporation. today's ticket size give away is for the u.s. olympic gym nat ticks trials. one lucky viewer will win and the trials begin thursday. for your chance to win go to beforely might --
8:58 am
midnight and put in the secret world vault. what's happening on the san mateo bridge. pretty very. three are -- there was a crash. quickly -- let's go to steve. 60s, 70s, 8 -- 80s. well inlan. that's all i have -- well inlan. -- well, inland. that's all i have. >> that's all you need. >> well, thank you for joining us. >> an update for the man who fell in the bay -- at noon.
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