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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 26, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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hello everybody, i'm beth trout man, welcome to "right this minute." high speed and headed to the finish line when people are scrambling out of the way. see what goes wrong on the water, twice. and a massive tornado they caught on camera tossing softball size hail around. see the tornado their calling the mothership.
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>> the dolphins are fleeing the sea. see what has them swimming for their lives. a redneck resort, come play in the mud. >> are you worried you will run out of mud? >> going redneck "right this minute." racing action was hot this past weekend. he is in the black boat, it seems fine until the engine doesn't start -- whoa. he tumbles down the water, and you know at speeds that high -- >> and it broke into pieces. >> it did, the whole boat
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shattered into pieces. he had a injury to his elbow. the next racer ran off the course and near fraioli hit another boat and near fraioli hit someone on a jet boat. that was crazy close. >> what speeds are we talking about? >> that's a good question, it's about 200 miles. >> yeah, that would hurt an elbow. >> he probably just hit it on the way getting out of the boat. let's go to massachusetts, about 35 miles west of boston. we see this car on fire. why is on on fire? listen to this? >> that's the sound of downed
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power lines wrapped around this car with the driver trapped inside. this man wrecked into a utility poll, power lines wrapped around it. there's no means of escape because if you try to get out you will be electrocuted. >> the witnesses didn't know what to do. they tried to help him in some ways. whdh caught up with daniel king. his window was rolled up, shut the car off, don't get out. we're all very concerned about his safety. >> oh my god, i mean i would be freaking out if i can't get out of my car that is burning. >> firefighters got to the scene
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but they couldn't get to him right away because they had to wait to shut the power off. they pulled the man from the car through his back seat. they were able to transport this guy to the umass medical center. he suffered first, second, and three degree burns, went into cardiac arrest, but was resuscitated. he is conscious now and ready to leave the hospital. our favorite storm chases were in south western south dakota when they caught this awesome video. they're calling it the mother ship. >> that cloud is huge. >> they get within 100 yards within this tornado. we talked to them before on the show, and they get close, but
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look at the hail. that's softball size hail going sideways like someone pitched it. it's going sideways. that's knocked out, that's special glass they have because these hail balls are going 100 miles per hour. >> that tornado was like the model tornado. i don't know what's more entertaining, watching it on a video, or these guys in the car, and him leaning like that's going to help. >> i wonder what they do on a regular rainy day. >> they bored out of their minds. this is a spectacular video
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of nature, and really the food chain at it's -- >> coolest? >> coolest? i don't know. this is video captured in canada. a swarm of dolphins swimming away from a pod of orcas trying to get dinner. >> i didn't realize they eat dolphins. >> killer wheals, dude. >> it's amazing to see th dolphins in the water doing this same move, and look how fast their swimming behind them. but they're swimming slower.
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>> the dolphins -- >> they caught a little group in here, this isn't looking too good for the dolphins. >> this is when you have to be faster than your friends. if you were there and saw this, no one would believe you that you saw hundreds of dolphins running from hundreds of orcas. >> this isn't tickle me elmo. hear what it shouted. this homeless man .
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this famous character is more like ticked off elmo, and this guy is out taking pictures with people and going into an jewish rant. i want you to read the "internati "international jew." >> i think that's the scariest elmo i have before met. >> they did not arrest him, they brought him to a hospital for observation. >> he is entitled to rant whatever he wants, but did he have to do it in a elmo suit? the first siting of him informs 2009. here he was in central park with
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more colorful language with children near by. >> he is saying the f word in front of these little kids. another guy walks up and tries to get into elmo's face. >> do i look like i'm playing with you. >> this is one instance when you hope he gets punched in the stomach. >> how do you explain to your kid that elmo just said the f-word? cat fight, literally. >> not long ago, and i hope you
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remember, i gave you some ear buds made for athletes that stay in your ear. and i told you they were using social media, and it was called beyond the wall, and people could pick who had the most active ear bud picture. here are the two grand prize winners, and if you remember, they get a trip to hawaii to watch the iron man triathlon. both of the winners have fascinating stories. jonathan is us atistic. he decided to start running and he ran the boston marathon. the other winner was mark, and
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his story is that he lost over 100 pounds in the last year and have been running triathlons. so right this minute we have the winners, jonathan, and his brothers, and we also have mark from lexington, kentucky. over 100 pounds in the last year. >> yes, i started in april of last year. i wanted to be a runner, so i started with that program, and continued to promise to do a 5 k, a 10 k, and just ran my first full marathon, and now i'm training for half of my iron man. jonathan is by me, he is on the severe end of the autistic
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scale. he started running, and he has finished eight marathons. >> once we showed him it, he literally looked at it and said "it's me." very happy. >> this guy pulls a frank on starbucks. see it on the next "right this minute." there's mud, and more mud, and more mud. >> as beth would say, it's awesome. >> the redneck resort is open on "right this minute." and this fence is locked down. many couples bring a lock, put
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>> more videos first here at "right this minute." this is what we call the best of rtm. what do you got? >> being the best man at a wedding is one of the best honors. it's guy is parodying "i'm a boat." >> there's always room in our hearts for a proposal video. it's a cool proposal video on a
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jet blue flight to the u.s. virgin islands. it's on the website. >> it's like a different version of the mile high club. to see the videos, go to we're getting down and dirty at the redneck resort this weekend. >> don't do this home. >> so you can drive through big puddles of mud. they have a swimming hole, they have camping. >> i love that gail has a southern accent. >> it's $20 a day for a day pass, or $30 for a weekend pass.
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>> to tell us all about it, we have jeff, one of the owners, where did the idea come from? >> i owned this huge property for about seven years, and i would have to go chase people off of it because it's in a great location. i went to florida and was talking to a friend of mine, and he was working on a mud park, and i said maybe we ought to build our own thereupon in tennessee. six weeks ago we got our permit and we said let's go get it. >> do you ever worry that you're going to run out of made? >> have you ever been to east tennessee? >> what does it look like? >> there's a park, mud holes, music, bands, nine different varieties of food vendors, after market parts for your trucks.
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>> so if you want to come have fun and you don't have a atv or a truck, can you rent one? >> there is a company, but i don't think he any left with how many calls he's gotten. >> the redneck to me is like the last stand of hard working sweat of the brow true american grit. you have to depend on somebody to come help you, and he is the guy you're going to call. take a look at this picture. on the right we're seeing ryan, on the left, you're seeing his friend moe who is homeless. he be friended him when he asked for a cigarette and ryan bought him a subway sandwich. he provided moe with a flip camera, and now moe is a rogge journalist interviewing others
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who are on the streets. >> how long have you been home sfles. >> two weeks. >> how do you survive out here? >> it's hard trying to find a safe place to sleep. i have a cat to take care of too that i'm trying to find a home for. i can't get into a shelter with the cat. here is a video where moe gets his first pair of new shoes. here is the thus now, how long have you had these shoes. >> you got two pairs. >> that feels so good, i don't want to put them on i might get dirty. >> ryan has a website where you can donate to help out. $2 will get moe a bus ride throughout san francisco. $10 will allow him to stay in a hotel. so far, it looks like they
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raised almost $600. >> it was nice he bought him a sandwich. >> thank you for understanding the situation. without you guys, i would probably be in a worse state of mind right now. i don't know which of these i would want to ride more, a
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i don't want to slander all men, but somewhere in a country this dashcam proves that all men are pigs. here you have this girl innocently walking down the street in a mini skirt. >> the guy was halfway out the car just to smack her. they really got her hard, though, she kind of lost her footing a bits. >> this didn't turn out bad, but it could have easily have. they got okay treatmently close to her. she was obviously shaken up. >> it's hard to defend my gender
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on this one. >> nick, are you going to try? >> no. if you really like your girl, you put a rock on it, right? what kind of a lock? where? >> no, this is a standard lock, but people in europe have been putting locks on this bridge outside of paris. many, many, many couples come, bring a lock, put it on this fence, and then they throw their key over the bridge into the water. >> that means you're going to lock it down. >> if this is what dudes can do instead of buying an engagement ring -- i think all guys will be for this. >> no way. >> how muc is a lock?
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$30. >> no, no. you're getting it all wrong. >> that's just cheap. you want to spend $30 on a lock but you can't buy a cracker box ring? that's how i heard that. i love the intersection of two extreme sports. this is called the kul in the desert. this is a paramotoring champian, and a motorcycle champion. these two guys in their representative sports race each other over 11 days through tunisia. you see them take off on the beach, and they go through some of the most spectacular scenery i have ever seen.
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>> look at how beautiful the land cape is. they're skimming -- i don't know which one of these i would want to ride more. >> oh my god, that's the thing that keeps you afloat, what if he gets a whole on it. here they pull up in off road suvs like which way should we go, and both guys whip around them. sf f you want to see the whole thing, go to thanks for watching, everybody. we'll be back tomorrow with more fresh video.
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