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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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a sad search along the, is waterfronted ad the decision -- waterfront and the decision made minutes ago. the search for a missing man that had taken place from the air, land and water has just been called off. police say a baseball fan fell at the end of pier 32 after last night's giants' game.
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tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: well, basically, crews tell me they exhausted every possibility out here on the water. they simply would not -- could foot find the gentleman. apparently, he had been to a clients' game down the street and he had been drinking, we are told, and decided he needed to use the restroom and he was parked in this black car. his friend stayed in the car and was talking on his cell phone when the 27-year-old friend watered off and he noticed -- wandered off and he noticed when he looked up that he was not there anywear and believes he went in the bay. he does not think the man knows how to swim and he was fully clothed. dive teams and scan sewnars, helicopters looked overhead, this search extended all the way from the pier to yerba buena island. the san francisco police announced this was a recovery effort. they do not believe they will
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found him alive. >> the challenges are many. when it's dark, it's very difficult to -- to locate anybody. >> reporter: now, one kayaker decided to help search because he heard about the search efforts early this morning. >> i seen the coast guard searching at 4:30 in the moving. i knew all of the job strucktions that he might have got caught on. so i figured i would come out and hopefully help save a life. >> now, the parents of this missing man are on their way from the woodland area in sacramento where the 27-year- old lives. he was last seen wearing a blue dodgers' jacket, a gray cap, giants and a white shirt. but officials say there was no sign of foul play. live from san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the defense in the san jose priest beating case suffered
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another setback when the judge rejected two motions. william lynch is accused of beating father jerold lindner for allegedly molesting him and his brother when they were boys. they learned that the other boy he allegedly abused may not testify. listen of's argued that because lindner's -- lindner's testimony has been tossed out because he pleaded the fifth amendment they will not be able to cross-examine him. ktvu has been on this story of this fatal fire. alex savidge is live with more on the dramatic rescue effort. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: well, good afternoon to you, tori. flames tore true this house causing heavy damage and you can see the front window is boarded up. smoke quickly filled the home with 2000 men trapped inside the floor. when firefighters pulled them out, they were both
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unconscious. firefighters and paramedics were seen giving cpr from the two men rescued from this burning house this morning. they both suffered serious smoke inhalation and were rushed to highlands hospital. >> it's not a good situation, you know. it's sad when you see somebody's home that you knew that you grew up in as a child go down. it's not nice at all. doesn't feel comfortable. >> this fast-moving fire broke out around 4:30 this morning. the first crews on scene told me they saw flames pouring from the house. this man was worried about the fire jumping to his house just next door. i was scrambling frantically to get the fire department out here as soon as possible. my wife andy mad dashing around
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-- my wife and i were mad- dashing around the house. what do we do? get the fire, call the fire department, get out of there. >> reporter: relatives of the previous owner continued to stay here. the name of the man who was killed this morning has not yet been released by authorities. fire investigators working to pinpoint an exact cause. although at this point, they don't believe the fire was intentionally set. also, fire investigators tell me they did find one working smoke detector here but clearly it didn't do enough to alert the two men inside before they were overcome by flames and smoke. we're live this morning, this afternoon, i should say, in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. fire investigators have been called to look into three early-morning san jose fires. two have been deemed suspicious. they broke out within minutes of each other. it is a kitchen fire.
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it is not believed to be suspicious. but the other fires that are suspicious are on spinaker and kroy dive. frames damaged the buildings. fires say when they arrived, they found a gas line. rescuers say they heard a loud noise. >> i heard a bang. i heard a bang and woke up. i said what happened? and i came out after faint minutes. i came out -- av five minutes. i came out -- after five minutes. the fires displaced 20 people as least who are getting help from the red cross. coming up in six minutes, firefighter tackle a fight at a festival. what made the difficult -- what made the fire difficult to
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fight. the fire district is cutting 16 jobs and closing three stations on sunday. in brentwood, nightson and bethel island. that's because voters rejected a partial tax measure and now volunteers need to film these positions as fire season approaches. the district needs at least 40 people. volunteers will have to go through hundreds of hours, fire and medical training. contra costa county has ha brand-new supervisor six months ahead of schedule -- has a brand-new supervisor six months ahead of schedule. >> that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter. [ applause ] >> voters represented her this month to represent district 2. she was not to begin root away
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but the previous supervisor passed away. the cash-strapped city of stockton may take a imagine off stop before becoming the largest-american city. the city council is set to vote tonight on a special budget just in case it needs chapter 9 protection. the city faces a $26 million shortfall among other things, the city manager's special plan calls for $11 million in cuts to city employee compensation and retiree benefits. those workers are upset because they gave up raises and accepted furlough days in the past for a guarantee of those benefits. >> i'm disgusted. it upsets me a great deal. i worked hard for this. i gave up a lot. >> tonight, the santa clara city council will hold a closed- door session to discussion the
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surprised development in the 49 stadium project. the county has pulled $30 million in tax money earmarked for the billion-dollar stadium. county leaders say they would rather spend the money on improving schools. santa clara city leaders are outraged. but any say the sudden loss of county tax fund will not slow down the construction project which began in april. it was a challenge t was nighttime. the visibility is -- it was a challenge t was nighttime. the visibility is low -- challenge. it was nighttime. the visibility is low. warmer weather at last. she's up to sell you -- rosemary is up next to tell you whether it will apply to your neighborhood.
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a possible gas leak is being blamed for a massive and deadly explosion in northern england just outside the city of manchester. at least one person, a child, has been killed. several homes have been -- have
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been destroyed. firefighters are deploying to colorado to help with the wildfires there. they will get help to rebuild. eight wildfires are burning in colorado. the largest, the hide park fire in northern colorado has destroyed 248 homes and burned more than 130 square miles and may not be fully out until the fall. san francisco firefighters are looking into the cause of the grass fire in the area that's well known to bay area music lovers. the fire started at 2:00 this morning at stern grove. it burned less than an acre near the homeless camp. investigators believe someone in the camp may have started the fire. no one was hurt but the fire produced some challenges for the dozens of firefighters who
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battled the flames. sheriff deputies are questioning two suspects in a reported kidnapping in san pablo. >> deputies are talking to the woman believed to be the kidnapping victim. but in case may be tied to an earlier incident in berkeley where a man with a hammer was spotted forcing a woman into a car. a man carrying a legal concealed gun, stopped a robbery at a subway restaurant in vallejo. police say the suspect entered the store ordered a sandwich, then pulled the knife and
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demanded cash. officers -- officers say the accident at 10:30 happened near the goodyear. police are called and rightived -- and arrived and then the attacker was gone. the bucket acts may not have to cut as money jobs as first feared at san francisco schools. the unified school district is expected to get $567 million in funding for the next school year. that's about 30 million short of what it needs according to the "chronicle." the district is still proposing shortening the school year by four days and increasing third
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grade class sizes to save money. about 30 volunteers joined park workers this morning in pioneer meadow to clear blackberry trees. it's part of stand up and volunteer day. people are donating labor to make a difference in their community. young people like this, just to see them makes me feel good to see them working that really makes me feel good.
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some police officers in oakland are getting special training today othey will know how to help their partners if they get injured. >> okay. as you are bandaging you want to be overlapping the cast cutting about halfway.
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>> they are officers, too. we need to take care of them. >> pet food express helps to fund the training. they provide bulletproof vests for police dogs, k-9 kits and emergency medical care for retired police dogs. nearly two dozen adoptable chihuahuas are headed to canada. the group wings of rescue are used to fly rescue animals. today they are flying 22 dogs to san jose -- from san jose to washington state. like other bay area shelters, the san jose animal care center is overwhelmed with chihuahuas, but the small dogs are in high demand in other areas. the project to build a high trojan tooeck -- high trojan vehicle fueling station is now dead. that's because of a fight over
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liability. are -- if you are plan to head out for the 4th of july holiday, triple-a projects 4.8 million americans will make a mad dash out of town for this holiday. that's an increase over last year. it could be the second highest number of independent travelers. good afternoon to you.
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mostly sunny skies. good afternoon to you. the winds have shifted a little bit. we do have a localized sea breeze around oakland. but in fairfield, the onshore breeze has been clipped. the northeasterly breeze. current temperatures right now already 70s in fairfield, napa, 71 for santa rosa, down into the bay area, looking at 65 for oakland, 68 in and around hayward, 69 mountain view. 70 degrees in san jose. the satellite radar is here so that trough that was hanging out right about here for the weekend, bringing us the weather. now beginning to shift and there it is right there, ridge of low pressure will be building in from the desert southwest. as a result our numbers will be warming up. we'll be breezy in the afternoon especially around the coast. numbers for the inland spot, a
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few degrees warmer. finally getting up into the upper 70s and low 80s. it looks like the weekend will be cooler. your afternoon highs for today 73 for san rafael. >> low 60s for the coast. there's the extended forecast with your weekend becoming in view. notice the numbers do warm, although not bad for late june and then by the weekend, numbers begin to slip just a
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bit. just subtle changes and 60s along the coast. not bad. not bad at all. >> thank you. a special honor is planned for giants' pitching star matt cain. two weeks ago, he pitched the first perfect game in giants history. the mayor will preside over the game giving cain the keys to the city. giants crushed the dodgers 8-0 and the giants are just two games behind the first place dodgers. ahead -- we'll check the mood on wall street today and it's a big week for google and we'll tell you why the top man at google is missing in action.
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stocks have turned around again. some positive news about housing, helped lift spirits for april. san francisco is being among the cities with the biggest increase in housing prices. the dow is up 70. nasdaq is up 23. s&p up 9. google's annual developers conference kicks off tomorrow in san francisco. the ceo larry page has lost his voice and will not be speaking at the event. he also missed last week's shareholders's meeting and will miss google's quart terly earns call next month. he reportedly wrote an e-mail
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saying his condition is not serious but his absence is causing a lot of concern over his health. zynga unveiled new fee chairs at its headquarters this morning. they outlined the plant for the rest of the -- plans for the rest of the year. the company said it's concentrating on strengthening its networking infrastructure. they hope to boost setment since the stock has struggled in recent months. ac transit is giving away passes for eight days, a free bus travel between the east bay and the promotion started at noon and continues until 2:00 p.m. at the terminal in san francisco. only new riders to transbay bus service will be available for the pass. the passes will be available for unlimited trips through july 3rd. 100-degree heat is hampering firefighting -- firefighting efforts in
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colorado. we'll talk to a bay area man headed to colorado to help some of the 5,000 evacuees who are waiting for firefighters to gain the upper hand. thank you for trusting the news. we will see you the next time fuse breaks. we are else halls -- the next time news breaks. we're owls here for you -- we are a always here for -- we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for watching.
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