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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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shooting that turned deadly. it happened early this morning in a englewood neighborhood, alex tells us what he found when he arrived on the scene. >> reporter: good morning, i just got off the phone with san francisco police and they found the man's body lying on this street corner in san francisco's engel side neighborhood. the 911 calls started coming in this morning and that's when first responders arrived and they declared this man dead at the scene. they found shell casings in the neighborhood and around the streets here. san francisco police said a neighbor heard gunfire and shots. the victim in this case is a 25- year-old man but at this point police are not putting out any information on the suspected
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shooter this morning. san francisco alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. a controversial plan is coming to the area it is called stop and frisk. it allows police officers to search people they consider suspicious. they find mayor ed lee's stop and frisk could lead to problems but they say it isup fairly targeting -- unfairly targeting african-americans. and there were some heated moments during mayor jean quan's news conference and she now admits her numbers do not add up saying 90% occurred in 100 blocks but she still said her 100 block plan is the right
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approach. that caused larry reid to storm out of the news conference. >> i think it was political baloney. for me it is giving them a falls sense of hope. >> violent crime is up 4%. a woman and her children were forced out of their home in antioch. it happened last night near badger way. she believes her new bmw caught fire. flames spread and her children are between the ages of three and 12 and fortunately nobody was hurt in that fire. they are trying to figure out if the latest is connected. the last one happened in a back of a building near ripping wood
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avenue. there were two suspicious trash can fires, and another one on koy drive, nobody was hurt during those fires. coming up, we will show you dangerous devices seized by investigators. in two and a half hours the u.s. supreme court is waiting to hand down the long awaited decision for the possible outcomes of the ruling on the healthcare reform law and what it all means. >> reporter: that's all, all eyes on the 9 supreme court justices and their position on president barack obama's affordable healthcare act. let's look at the supreme court building as the sun comes up in washington d.c. and this is
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going to happen at 7:00. the heart of the argument addresses president barack obama's affordable healthcare act. can congress require individual americans to buy insurance and force them to pay a penalty if they don't. they argue congress can't force people to buy a product. >> i believe it was right to make sure everybody in this country gets healthcare and is not bankrupt when they get sick. >> my guess is they are not sheeping real well apt the -- sleeping real well at the white house tonight and that's the way it ought to be. >> reporter: how many ways can this go? analysts are considering it the least likely because penalties would not be assessed until 2014 and thereby holding off making any kind of decision.
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they want to see if they will strike down all of the law or part of it. just as they said it was quote between a wrecking operation versus a salvage job, this decision is expected sometime after 7:00. wopping wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news -- claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. sheriff ross mirkarimi is fighting to get his job back. he will get a chance to formally make his case when the panel meets at city hall this evening. mayor ed lee suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi without pay and sheriff ross mirkarimi pled guilty to come must particular violence charge -- domestic violence charges. meanwhile she wrote a formal declaration to defend her husband. she said he grabbed her arm but that was the total extent of
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any violence against her. she agreed to testify for the committee but only if they pay for her airfare. it will help put california back on track. the budget closes a $15.7 billion deficit but it relies on the tax hike in november which would temporarily increase sales tax hikes for those who make more than $50,000 a year. the budget will increase budget funding for 1% from k through -- 14% from k through 12 and if it fails, there will be 6,000 in trigger cuts. they also cut by 5% for a
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savings of $800 million and fails healthcare reform for low income children. good morning, sal. good morning pam, we are off to a decent start. some of the road work on the golden gate bridge has been picked up. it was a big hassle overnight getting to that area and right now traffic is moving well. let's go outside and take a look at the east shore freeway, traffic looks good. today there is not any road work between mcarthur maze and gill man street in either direction. also the traffic looks good and there is no major problems getting into the city. and on 280 and 101 and 17 are all off to a decent start as well. let's go to steve. good morning, we have a little difference, fog is continuing to hang out on the
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coast, it was hot for some, it will probably be a little cooler coast and bay so 60s and 70s and 80s, i did pencil one in for antioch. we have south at 13 at concord, west south at conklin, these are all stronger, and i doubled those and that's a sign it will be a little cooler coast and bay. 50s on the temperatures low, mid, north bay might sneak in. that will increase the fog, it will give it another day except for coast and bay. coastal fog would have been more than what we had yesterday. so fog sun warm for sun, cooler for others, some of that fog looks to be a little more
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pronounced than yesterday. 90 and knock, san jose 80 -- antioch, -- 90 antioch, and it will be a little bit warmer on monday, pam. tropical depression debbie is drifting out to sea leaving behind flooded neighborhoods. more than 100 homes and businesses have flooded and floodwaters have reached roofs and completely submerged cars. the floodwaters may not recede until next week in some of those areas. 20,000 homes still threatened, new developments on the help firefighters could get today battling that massive fire in colorado. and a sketch to a potentially dangerous man, what he is accused of doing to a teenager.
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traffic looks good in the oakland area, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. good morning, a little bit more fog, especially over the bay, inland still warm, not as warm as yesterday unless you are still inland. the house of representatives will vote on holding eric holding in contempt of congress on the botched crackdown. the republicans rejected the latest offer by the white house and the justice department to turn over some if not all of the requested documents. some are planning on walking out to boycott the vote. firefighters in colorado springs are hoping for calmer winds to help fight that fire. it has affected 20,000 homes.
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other homes have already burned down. the new fire operations division chief is watching that fire closely. he used to be in charge of the colorado springs fire department. >> it was tough. i was there for 14 years and i had well over 360 of those firefighters so there is not one person out there i don't know personally. >> 30,000 have been evacuated as well as the air force academy. colorado springs is just one of several in the state and tomorrow president barack obama will visit the area to thank the firefighters and take a look at the damage. time now 4:44, they say the crisis is destroying oakland neighborhoods and has claimed one life. they are holding a rally in front of several banks and they say when you put homeowners
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out, it puts squatters in the home and then they cause fires. one man died. >> in my opinion, i don't know why they didn't just board it up, put pad locks, everything on it to keep anyone out. >> one neighbor we spoke with said she is glad the fire didn't spread and destroy other homes where families were living. illegal fireworks are off the streets in cal cost terrible county. investigators found more than 400 pounds of fireworks. it included mortgager rounds and -- mortar rounds and dozens of m80s -- m-80s. >> what if they went off in the middle of the night and started a fire. that would be horrible. >> two men were arrested.
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including sparklers are illegal in this county so hopefully people will abide by that. when it starts to come to the thursday morning commute, let's look at highway 24 in lafayette, it is a nice drive as you drive out to the up until. also the morning commute looks good as you drive through the bay bridge toll plaza, no major issues and the commute in the south bay, we are off to a very nice start if you are driving on the peninsular, traffic looks good. steve? >> yes, sir. i have to laugh, there is a huge television. >> i saw myself. it is scary. >> well this stays in-house. don't worry. >> i tell you it does not take
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long to warm up fast but it looks like yesterday was the warmest day. temperature -- if you are out in the back 40s, there is a few 90s but a lot of $60 60s and 70s and anything under 10, it will be hot and anything over 10, we will have a stronger sea breeze. that is one thing i hang my hat on. temperatures have been kind of cool here but we have been modifying those temperatures. now the system is dropping and that will increase the fog and sweep through and cool us down on the weekend. today inland cooler coast and bay and some clouds are over. a little breezy at times, nothing too outrageous but it is picking up. fog is forming westerly breeze is kicking in, antioch will go
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90, livermore 86 after yesterday's 88. redwood city and 67 in the city exactly what they were yesterday, let me drop that a little bit, pam. more fog sunday and a cool trend takes us into the weekend and we will rebound on monday, pam. an east bay gunshot victim is in the hospital after losing his right eye in the attack. choppers flew over to see the altercation between the gunman and the victim. police surrounded the area looking for the gunman but he had already escaped. >> he is in stable condition and lost his right eye, his bone structure is fractured on the right side of his face. >> ktvu channel 2 morning news
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has obtained exclusive video. moments after a parking lot surveillance video shows the man talking to somebody in a green suv and then running away. walnut creek police are seeking information about a man who exposed himself to a 14-year- old girl. he approached the girl on the trail and repeatedly offered her drugs and followed her home and exposed himself. here is the sketch of the man. he is about 40 years old, with a spanish accent, was wearing an orange type vest and was smoking cigarettes. south bay trial of a man of beating a former priest is in recess. that is when will lynch is expected to take the stand and accused reverand jerold linder of raping he and his brother when they were little boys. she heard will lynch yell, you
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ruined my life. the witness has changed her story a number of times. google has the tech world in san francisco show a prototype of glass. they showed off the device which will go public next year. google also unfailed the tablet which will sharp shipping in july and will cost $150. this time people -- $199. the glitch that caused the huge outage on the agency's website. trying out for the olympics, they are bringing the best gymnasts to the bay area and we will tell you where you can see them today.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 4:52 a wide receiver is due in court on a dui charge. chp pulled him over on the bay. hayward bay's lawyer said he will likely go to trial because of the procedural errors.
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and in dublin, spencer ramon was arrested after police found his brand-new mercedes with damages. he hit and killed beau hugh who is visiting from china. he is now free on $60,000 bail. the website appears to be up and running after a long outage. the site has been down because of a connection issue and although it appears to be working, there is a message urging people to make transactions by phone or in person. they are going to wave late fees for people who were affected by the computer glitch. how is the traffic, sal? it looks good and we are looking at the east bay and it has been a nice drive and there has been road work on 29th and also the morning commute is not
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all that bad on san mateo bridge, very nice looking drive all the way out to the high- rise and over to the peninsular if that is the way you are going. morning drive is fine from san mateo to the airport to burl game, the world's most beautiful freeway. traffic is moving well in both directions and it is already busy on the coast inland a little bit. let's go back to steve. and some more clouds, a little bit more today, a slight increase, either southerly and it is picking up and sunday was the warmest although it is picking up. 50s on the temperatures and low- to-mid, beginning off the coast and it will sweep over us.
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fog forming, fog sun warm for sun cool for others and clouds have moved over parts of the bay which was not the case yesterday, it was just on the san mateo coast. over those coastal hills, a couple of upper 80s and 90s, chances will bring everything down and a little bit warmer on monday, pam. bernie made off's brother is ready to serve. peter was at the arm of his brother's business. he is expected to enter guilty pleas to falsifying records. he has agreed to serve ten years in prison and for the fit all of his -- for the fit all of his property. they claim it prayed on military veterans. they will pay 2. $5 million
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according to california watch. the company is accused of deceptively marketing for profit veterans and discloses 15 other websites. the world's best gymnasts starts with a competition in san hoe that begins -- san jose that begins today. josh disks sons sent -- josh dixon spent his time there and now he is a hero and people will be cheering him on during the olympic trials. >> there are a lot of guys from stamford. it will be exciting. >> his sister said he trained his entire life for this. the full-time will be announced
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sunday night. good luck to them. coming up at 5:00, a murder mystery, what neighbors heard during an overnight shooting which left one man dead. and an historic healthcare decision will be made in just two hours coming up in a live report.
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. people in this san francisco neighborhood reported gunfire in the middle of the night and when police showed up they found a man's body lying in the middle of the street. what we learned about the victim and we will have more on that. occupied art, the new exhibit inspired by the recent demonstration, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us on this thursday june 28th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave


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