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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. we are just an hour away from the supreme court's historic decision. police are trying to track down a man in this sketch, we will have more on what he did to a little girl. crime plan has led to a protest in cities. and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is the morning news. good morning june 28th thursday morning, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, steve, what kind of day are we getting? >> not as hot as yesterday, there is a much stronger sea breeze especially parts of the
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delta and the system will come across the area with fog, 50s 60s and 70s, still some upper 80s, here is sal. approaching the 880 split, that traffic is moves nicely and traffic is moving nicely on the sunole grade heading south, here is dave. president barack obama's overhaul, this is one of the most closely watched decisions by the supreme court in years. claudine wong has been getting reaction on how the high supreme court will rule. >> reporter: this will affect millions of americans and the issue is, can congress buy health insurance. we want to give you a love live
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look where they will be announcing at 7:00. some people got in line for today's historic ruling and it is a decision that will not be televised or broadcast as it comes down. there are several ways it could come down. they could delay making a decision on it until 2014 and that's considered the least likely scenario. here are the other options, let it stand, strike it all down or strike part of it down. we spoke to a man who said all the legalities are tough to understand but it is unacceptable. he talked about the struggle of two of his friends just trying to get by. >> they could barely make it because of the healthcare. they are paying about 1,500 dollars a month just for them too. >> one is making $15 an hour
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and so they can't make it. >> this morning supreme court will decide if it is even a constitutional option. in about an hour, claude -- claudine wong. >> right now, as we speak, coming up 6:15, we will take you live on the very latest of what is happening. and investigations into a fatal crash, it happened last night on the tremble road to highway 101 and they were racing when the car veered on the road and flipped over several times. that driver was pronounced dead at the scene, nobody else was hurt but the traffic problem did cause several problems for several hours.
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they are searching for a man who exposed himself to a teenager girl. that search could lead to an arrest. >> reporter: a man exposed himself on this trial according to police. iron horse trail runs adjacent to 680 and south of the pleasant hill bart station. the incident happened last monday as the 14-year-old girl walked along the trail. the man followed the girl before exposing himself. police released this composite. he is described as lat teen know 5-foot 7 inches tall and 200 pounds. if you recognize him, you are urged to contact the police department. we don't know why the sketch was not released until last week, it could be they had not
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checked the list of registered sex offenders and when we get more on this case we will let you know what they had to say. and they may soon have a controversial fighting plan which is called stop and frisk. this has led to demonstrations in new york and several other cities. it will allow the police to church people they believe to be suspicious. however civil rights groups have denounced it and they say it unfairly targets african- americans and latinos. firefighters will be
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intentionally setting off some small fires and that's to redice the threat of a big -- and that is to reduce the threat of a big fire. firefighters are looking into the cause of a brush fire that threatened homes and the fire started near highway 29 which is north of calistoga. no homes were damaged and no flare ups were reported overnight. this one features the work of 80 artist the and will open and it will be centered around posters created by occupied protesters. it is supposed to pass forms of protests, including the black panthers and free speech movement. well it is a reminder for you, you can get them to go
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right on your cell phone. click on the live outcome, so you can stay togetherred any time anywhere in the world, pam. that is awesome. >> sal, did you hear from anybody? >> they watch on line and you can watch it on your phone too. good morning everyone let's go look at what we have now. traffic is moving slowly in some of the these lanes at the big toll plaza and if you are icing fast track, 880 looks good, 580 on the drive into oakland and over to the toll plaza area and this morning's drive will be a little bit slow
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for the drive towards bay point. 680 to the venetia bridge looks good and in oakland, there are no problems from oakland to the berkeley area, let's go to steve. while we have a little increase in some of the fog, some of the low cloud deck is making a trip over parts of the bay which was not the case yesterday, there are some areas, a little more than that, it had be cooler, and a sea breeze and it will be cooler for all even though there will be the mid-to-upper 80s. west southwest at 18 and southwest at vacaville which tells you things are starting to pick up. it could collapse and
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temperatures will still be warm but there are signs it is stronger than yesterday. napa still holding to 50 ander where else 55 and -- and everywhere else 55 and 57. it will cool inland areas, start warm to hot, a little more of a cost call fog, near 90 degrees for some. berkley 68,el 6 in pleasanton, lower 80s around san jose, saratoga, cupertino, milpitas 79, 78 san bruno, 68 in the city. more fog on the increase and on the go. saturday and a little bit
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warmer on monday. is pollution getting worse on california beaches. the alarming new results about the study. >> also a violent night in oakland and two victims in two separate shootings. and a new development, the search for a container ship, we will tell you what they did not find.
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. a search for stow a ways on the port of newark new jersey turned up nothing, the search started yesterday after reports of a banging noise coming from inside of a sealed container on that ship. officials examined hundreds of containers but they found no stow a ways. nasa prepared to take it's next big step and construction of a new spacecraft, aryan has just been completed in new orleans. rex wallheim, a native of berkeley, he is helping with the building of aryan. >> we should be accepting them out to orbit or beyond and then
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we can continue on to mars but it has the capability to go to multiple destinations within the solar system. >> it does not have wings like the shuttle. the first test flight is set for 2014. in just about 45 minutes, they will rule on what some are calling the biggest case in memory. they have decided whether it was constitutional and the rest of us will know it is fate. right outside the courthouse with how critics and see porters -- supporters were preparing for this decision. we are right here -- >> reporter: we are right here and i can tell you the lights were on very late in both places. democrats and republicans know they will have a huge fight on their hands no matter how the court rules. since my last update it is closer to the steps and people
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are trying to out chant each other there are each belly dancers and plenty of people in souths representing every interest group in town. >> this is about everybody having care. the power is limited. >> it is not life or debt and not about -- life or death and not about politics. >> reporter: the republican presidential candidate mitt romney will do the same today and we have somebody rushing the decision out to us and we will have a health policy analyst to help us figure out what it will mean and we will be back with you in about an hour. reporting live allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are pulling a new hospital in san francisco which
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will be renegotiated. members of the city's bored of supervisor are considering a clause and they say they could get out of its promise to manage the hospital long-term. there will be a new hearing july 19th. police are investigating two separate shootings. three people were wounded on 90s avenue and better much street -- porch street. it is still not clear what led to that gunfire. also they rushed to the scene of another shooting just two hours earlier. they had an and parent exchange
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and we have no word on their condition, but the two shootings don't appear to be connected. a visitor noticed the vandalism and reported it. it has also been spotted a few areas and the park will close because of budget cuts. it closes a $15.07 budget deficit and tax hikes will temporarily increase sales tax by a quarter% and raise taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year. they will raise it by 14% from k through 12 and community colleges if his plan passes. the budget also cuts,
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compensation cuts for a savings of $800 million. a new report finds a number of beaches were closed because of contaminated water and it has reached its third highest since 2011. they have beach advisories and many of them last year. sal, we will check on the commute, sal? once again, we are looking at traffic levels increasing out there for the morning commute although it has not reached critical levels, as a lot of people drive into the valley for their jobs.
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101 still hooking pretty good. -- the same thing goes, i want to mention 880 is looking good from vallejo to richmond and earlier we had an accident in caster valley which has been cleared up. we had some slowed traffic between pittsburgh and bay point. sunrise over the big city, as jackson brown sinks, chasing you into the sun, wake up baby wake up, a little bit cooler, some fog on the coast, upper 40s mountain view, 55, livermore is close.
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brent just tweeted me and is that where you get your information? >> yes. >> and the system will drag itself across but out ahead it is going to be increasing over the next 24 hours. fog is, ting and no doubt about it, there is a stronger sea breeze, so anywhere from upper 80s to 90s, san mateo 76 and 79, 880 each inland areas will cool down and it does look a little warmer, pam, dave? and the sunny veil company will provide exclusive live video at the i heart radio festival. the the deal also means yahoo's
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comment which will end screwed 150 radio stations. they have reached a contract. if the -- if they ask, they cannot impose stricter measures than the contract. it would end years of bitter contract talk and give the airline some labor stability as it goes through the bankruptcy proceedings. they will be testifying before a new federal advisory board today. recommendations include reimbursing passengers when flights are delayed or canceled. bum building and alerting passengers about compensation when the luggage is lost, we
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will explain. . the noise ban now in the works for certain players. the tragedy fueling the anger. and traffic is moving well if you are driving on 101 and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. all right, take a look at this, another large dust storm in arizona, visibility was close to zero as the huge cloud moved through the phoenix area. this is one of two dust storms, the third one this week is triggered by severe dust storms in the area. firefighters are having a rough time fighting that fire in colorado springs. what they are hoping for today that could give them the upper hand. protesters are saying it is
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destroying neighborhoods and they say it affected one life. when homeowner's are forced out of their properties, it gives squatters a place to go and that's what happened to a house on kings land. one man died and another was hurt. >> the house was in foreclosure. >> i don't know why they didn't just board it up, put pad locks and anything on it to keep everyone out. >> a neighbor said she is glad the fire didn't spread and destroy other home in that neighborhood. in berkeley they are looking for two men and one woman who robbed a massage parlor. nobody was hurt but the contra coster times reports they forced them into a back room and they stole $2,000 in cash and other items.
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today is a pitch val day for the sacramento kings. they are considering players and warriors will be busy including the 7th overall selections. women's tennis may soon get quieter. the women's association is looking at banning excessive grunting, they would use a handheld device to measure on court sound, it is still being worked out but it would not apply to the current female tennis players and men. 6:27 let's check in. >> it is a form of cheating.
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>> it is distracting. >> and we will quickly look at some cameras we are following, 280 is off to a decent start. and also supplement until graffiti grade, a complete traffic update is just minutes ahead. let's go back to the desk. what we are learning this morning about an overnight shooting and about the investigation. in 30 minutes the supreme court will make a decision on the affordable healthcare act we will have what could happen later today and how they will react.
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welcome back, we are live at the nasdaq. it is a complicated company e-x- a, they provide software services and a tech company is going public on the nasdaq, all eyes are there and we will let you know how they affect stocks. good morning, it is a thursday, i am pam cook. in just an hour they will hand down the decision on president barack obama healthcare overhaul. it is one of the most closely watched decisions and claudine wong will break down on what the court will be ruling, claudine? >> reporter: they will finally get this decision and it is not the only decision coming from the supreme court but it is arguably the most watched and it is going to affect many
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americans. we want to take you live to the supreme court building and the activity is picking up. hundreds of people will did inside which is coming at 7:00. there are several ways this could go. that is considered the let likely option. they could let the entire healthcare act stand or strike part of it down or all of it down and we have been talking to people about what they think will happen. >> i don't think they will do anything with it, maybe make some minor changes, but i don't think they will invalidate the -- invalidate the law. >> i don't think they will see that as something congress
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can't do. >> in just about 30 minutes, we will know what the nine justices to. can they require it. in adjust tis speech will say those who talk don't know and those who know don't talk. and political analysts say the campaigns of both president barack obama and mitt romney will try to spin the decision as a victory for their candidate. we are already hearing president barack obama will speak after the supreme court ruling. in his campaign speeches, president barack obama frequently refers to healthcare reform as one of a accomplishments of his administration. time is now 633.
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it happened just hours ago. sal legs savage is at the scene and we have details about what we are learning, alex? >> reporter: this was a 25-year- old man shot to death. this is at the intersection of mt. vernon and house. calls came in around 12:20 this morning. they heard a series of gunshots and of course called up 911. first responders, they of course moved in, including shell casings left behind on the ground put police tell me they have very limited murder. it also -- we also asked police if there was any sort of a
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description related to the shooter and they don't have any information no description on a shooter. a man 25 years old, gunned down here and the homicide will something to worry about. >> she believes her new bmw caught fire, spread to certain parts of the home. luckily nobody was hurt in that fire. investigators are trying to figure out if a string of trash can fires happened in the rear of a building. there were two suspicious fires
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one near oak grove high school and the other just a couple of yards away on koy drive. they are hoping for calmer winds. hundreds of other homes have already been destroyed as well as parts of the air for the a cad me. tomorrow he will thank the firefighters and look at the damage. and in neighboring utah, high winds are making it difficult to fight fires there and several have been placed under mandatory evacuations. at least one death is being blamed on that fire. time now 6:36 a man is charged with beating a former priest as has been recessed until tomorrow. will lynch is going to take the stand and accused reverand jerold linder of raping he and
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his brother when they were children. she heard lynch yell, you ruined my life. now this were some hot homes. coming up at 6:45 we will tell you why one councilman stormed out of that conference. and you can get the morning's top stories that developed while you were sleeping sent straight to your cell phone. every week day morning at 6:00 a.m. you can get your morning wake- up call by texting the word wake up and a lot of people are signing up for it, it is interesting. >> i have heard from our tweeters, they are signing up,
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sal. good morning, traffic is moving along well if you are driving along the bay area. bay bridge, we have the sun kind of in that spot and you can see a little bit which is packed up and no -- backed up and no problems on the san mateo bridge. all the way out to the high- rise the san mateo bridge looks good on the peninsular and highway 4 looks good and it is a little slow on antioch and getting over to concord that is a nice drive. nice drive on panola and no major problems, we are also looking at hayward and southbound is also looking like a decent start. a little bit more cloudiness around and i have 57
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degrees. if you have any weather information, or questions, it all helps. we have widespread fog on the coast and there is double the sea breeze we had yesterday through the delta, it is not outrage, but use firm on the hair spray. maybe fog, and a little bit inland. today it does not take long. 60s and 70s close terrible the coast and bay. and back for vacaville, right out towards the delta. 55 livermore, and the system will continue to particular and
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move over. fog forming westerly breeze, more so today than yesterday e- 60s to 90s and 90 clear lake 89 daily city. and towards san jose right at 80 and 82 yesterday. 82 santa cruz, fremont 77, 76 san mateo, burl game. 60s daily city down towards pacifica and it will be cooler and we will have a repound on those temperatures. it is leaving behind three death being plamed on the storm. in the red oak. floodwaters may not recede in
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some of the areas. searching for law breakers ahead of 4th of july. what they found in two bay area homes that led to criminal charges. they need your help in catch willing a child predator, we will tell you more about the incident. parts of 4, it is not all that bad and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. sunny inland, temperatures 60s and 70s coast and bay. here is a quick look at me of the top stories we are following, 7:00 this morning, u.s. supreme court will hand down the ruling on president barack obama's controversial healthcare reform law. they will either strike down all of it, parts of it and we will have a live report from there. san francisco police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man overnight. neighbors heard the gunshots just at midnight on mt. vernon
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avenue. right now we have no motive for them. and sheriff ross mirkarimi is fighting to get his job back. san francisco mayor ed lee is set to testify tomorrow. they are searching for a man they say is dangerous. tara moriarty shows us a sketch that could be the key clue in this case, tara? >> reporter: we spoke to them none of whom wanted to appear on camera. one woman said she walks in pairs because she feels safer and keep in mind this incident did happen during broad daylight. we just noticed police were doing some patrols in the neighborhood and they are shocked at such a brazen attack. a 14-year-old girl walked along
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the trail. they followed the girl and exposed himself. police released this 5-foot 7 and 200 pounds. now to give you an idea where it happened we are off of west cliff lane and iron horse trail runs a jason -- adjacent to the bart station. this happened last week but the girl didn't come forward until later or it could be the detective tried to do some work on their own and they could not finds a match, we simply don't know why she came later but we will find out later when we speak to police this morning. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have been told some
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1,300 pg&e customers are waking up without electricity. this is affecting reall, and pain page is working on the problem. there is no words on when it had be restored. they are working on it and hopefully they will did he it fixed soon. a raging fire. thick explosions at the facility, nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack but syria has experienced a wave of bombs with syrian forces blaming each other. house of representatives will vote on holding eric holder in contempt of congress on the botched crackdown.
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that is after republicans rejected the white house and justice department to turn over some but not all of the requested documents. house democrats are planning on walking out to boycott the vote. mayor jean quan, she now admits the numbers don't add up as far as earlier claims that violent crimes occurred in 100 blocks. however she still said it is at the right a -- it is the right approach and that caused larry reid to storm out. >> i think it is political bologna. the plan is for me it is about giving people a false sense of hope. >> they read that violent crime
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is up 20% in oakland. hundreds of pounds of fireworks are off the streets. they seized two homes and they found more than 400 pounds of fireworks. the stash included professional grade mortar rounds and dozens of m-80s. all the rounds including sparklers are illegal in contra coster county as they are in many other areas, so don't try it. >> sal, you taking care of the folks out there, sal? we are seeing traffic getting busier and as you drive all over the place, this is highway 4 and here it is slower here. 680, it is backed up for a 10 minute delay and it is holding
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steady at this level for a bit. if you are driving in the east bay, so far 545 looks good and we looked at highway 4 as you drive to martinez and that traffic is still looking good. let's go to steve. a little bit charge you did i coast and bay. we get a sea breeze. it is count what it was. there you can sea it. he was moving through the entire area and 50s 60s and 70s, and a couple of 80s, usual suspects. and southwest 6 at vacaville, that was not the case
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yesterday, things tailed off, 40s and mid-50s livermore. our system will continue to deepen and in advance of that increasing some of that fog bank and if you are far enough away it will be warm to hot, cooler coast and bay, and more of a westerly breeze today. 60s and 70s and mid-$80 and a few upper 90s and we will take a bump up in those temperatures pie monday. 86,000 were claimed and that's down from the week before but it's still too high to signal the number of those hiring or increase the number of the unemployment rate. it is called do it yourself boarding and the self boarding process would free up agents from collecting boarding passes and give them more time to help travelers who need assistance and it could also mean some job
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cuts. an east bay teen has been shot and lost his eye. take a look at the suspected gunman, these are -- these are images you will face today.
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. welcome back to the morning news, taking you live to the
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big board dow jones industrial average is down 5529, not a lot of optimism european markets are down as well, wall street is watching the supreme court decision which comes out very soon. they are returning to the spot where a mother and daughter were killed in a horrifying car accident. this is new video from sick moore -- sick can moore road. he was back in court yesterday. prosecutors charged him with vehicular man slaughter. he got behind the wheel of the car and had a serious medical condition and they say it constitutes it gross negligence. the shooting happened just after a violent confrontation.
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the police surrounded the building searching for the suspect but he had already escaped. ktvu channel 2 morning news has obtained this exclusive video of a person of interest in the case. parking lot surveillance video shows somebody talking in an suv and then running away. due in court on dui charges. they pulled him over in april he had a blood alcohol level and they will likely go to trial pause of the procedures. and the competition kicks off in san jose today. some of the areas will be at hp pavilion. he will be a home up to hero
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who will be cheering i am aim on. >> there is support from the other club gym and it will be exciting to see a lot of people. >> well disks sons' -- dixon's sister said he had been training his entire life just for this moment and the full- time will be announced sunday night. the vallejo fire department is celebrating the reopening of a fire steaks and two new engines. they will be responding to emergency calls in the next two weeks. but a grant from the emergency management system are allowing them to staff there full-time so we are celebrating. you are keeping an eye on
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it, what is sal looking at? >> obviously it is backed up for an 8 to 10 minute delay, santa clara valley, northbound 101 is the heaviest traffic, let's go to steve. light fog compared to yesterday, yesterday it was on the san mateo coast and we have cooler weather and it looks like it will start today and carry us into the weekend and we have a few 60s and 70s and a few upper 80s. >> coming up next on mornings on 2, live coverage from the supreme court in washington d.c. >> also the crime programs stop and frisk, stay right here with us.
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