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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 28, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> it is one of the biggest supreme court rulings in decades. the healthcare ruling is not just moments away. live team coverage coming up. >> and a young man gunned down in a san francisco neighborhood overnight. why police were back out here at the scene of the crime just a short time ago. >> the mayor of san francisco considering a controversial crime-fighting plan, one that
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has led to protests and other american cities. >> the sheriff is ready to testify. the new developments ahead of this evening's crucial city hall hearing. mornings on two starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings. >> good morning. >> i'm tori campbell. it is thursday, june 28. happening right now, the supreme court scheduled to hand down its ruling on president obama's healthcare reform law any minute now. here's a live picture of the supreme court building right now. people for and against the healthcare reform are gathered outside waiting for the decision. the healthcare ruling is one of the most highly anticipated decisions from the court in years. we have team coverage this morning. allison is one of the ladies in
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front. first, let's go to claudine wong. >> everyone watching and waiting. no cameras allowed inside the courtroom this morning. among the hundred or so people in the courtroom, our reporters writing down everything said inside. we are expecting to hear from them in just minutes. let's take you outside for a look at all the activity. we showed you that shot of the courthouse. there it is. when you see that crowd of people, they are all waiting. of course, this decision will affect the lives of millions of americans. at issue at this point, is can congress require americans to buy healthcare or penalize them? there is a lot of different ways this could go down. one group told usa today that they are prepared for press releases based on potential court rulings. the president has said he will be speaking although we don't know when. we also expect to hear from john boehner. so how many different ways could this go down? police apprising would be that the supreme court could punt and
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say it won't go into effect until 2014. so we would just wait until the end. legal analysts say the supreme court is likely to take some sort of position. the question is, will it let the entire law stand? will it strike it down? if they strike it down, will it be to part of that hour all that? we talked to amanda's morning and he said he didn't even try to guess. >> i can't read the court at all. especially with a couple of the last decisions. they surprised me. >> of course, as we are all on standby, the justices are inside the courtroom. hundreds are sitting in their seats as we have said with a crew at the courthouse. we are monitoring developments from our newsroom. as it is we afford, we will in no. again, it should be any minute now. let's go back to tori. >> thank you. a controversial claim friday -- crime-fighting plan may be
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coming to san francisco. it's called stop and rest. it's led to demonstrations in new york and several other cities. it allows police officers to search people they consider suspicious. the mayor believes the stock and frist could be enough rest -- could be effectively to seize illegal weapons. however, civil rights have denounced it as a racist crime-fighting plan which unfairly targets african-americans and latinos. >> a 7:03. san francisco police searching for gunmen who shot and killed a man overnight. it happened in the ingleside neighborhood. that's where alex savage is now. tell us what neighbors her just hours ago. >> reporter: and neighbors in this area heard gunfire early this morning. that's why the police, obviously, showed up at the street corner. that is where they found the body of a man lying on the street where you can see a tarp leftover from this crime scene. we are at the intersection of
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house and mount vernon. just within the past half-hour, homicide detectives were at the scene canvassing the area looking for potential witnesses to this kind. the 911 calls came in around 9:20 this morning. a neighbor about the way reported hearing a series of gunshots. first responders showed up and declared this man dead at the scene with at least one gunshot wound. san francisco police tell me this was a 25-year-old man shot to death. the motive is still unclear for the shooting. we did talk with a neighbor in short time ago on her way to school this morning, and she says this homicide has left her rattled. he meant it makes me want to try to find a ride home from work, that's for sure. i don't know. it's really scary and disturbing. >> homicide investigators out here at the scene were able to collect several pieces of evidence, including a number of showcasing fluffed on the ground. the young man killed has been identified, according to police, but his name is not yet being released at this point.
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police tell me they have scarce information to go on. that sort of the same story we got from the homicide investigators that were out here a short time ago. but this point, no description on a shooter in this case. live in san francisco, alex savage, ktvu. >> 7:05. a fatal overnight crash in san jose. it was a solo car crash happened around 11:30 last night. investigators say the driver was racing onto the freeway when his car veered off the road and flipped several times. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. no one else was hurt. this caused major traffic problems for several hours. sacramento county sheriff's department wants your help. they are trained to find a 19-year-old uc davis student. deputies say she was last seen tuesday at a sacramento area business. her father says his daughter recently had a nervous breakdown during finals. here's a picture. if you have any information
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about where she is, contact the sheriff's department. >> 7:06. governor brown signed a budget that he says reflects tough choices that will help put california back on track. the governor's office says the budget closes a $15.7 billion deficit, but it relies on voters approving his proposed tax hikes in november, which would temporarily increase the state sales tax by a quarter cent. it would also raise income taxes on californians who make more than $250,000 a year. the governor says the budget will increase education funding by 14 percent for k-12 and community colleges if his tax plan passes. if it fails, there will be $6 billion in cuts -- and her cuts in education and social services. the budget also cuts state employee compensation costs by 5 percent for a savings of 800 million.
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it implements a welfare reform and other changes to health care insurance for low income children. we want to give you an update. we've got one minor ruling from the supreme court. we were expecting they were expected to make two rulings today, in addition to the ruling on healthcare. the supreme court has thrown out a law making it a crime to lie about receiving military honors. there's another ruling expected about kickbacks in real estate. those two rulings expected to be issued before we get to the big decision on healthcare. we are monitoring this very will bring you the very latest. >> all right. 7:08. sal is monitoring the commute. you're watching these sure. >> we are looking at 80, which is one of the busiest commutes on 80 westbound. we'll see traffic getting busier in berkeley heading out to the macarthur maze. also busy in richmond as well. the morning commute is also going to be a little bit slow at the bay bridge, but it hasn't been that
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bad today. it's backup for maybe a 10 minute delay. nothing major just yet getting into the city. and if you're driving in the santa clara valley north am 101, it's the busiest now. we do have slow traffic this morning on northbound 101 near the airport. there's just been a report of 280 crash. let's go to see. >> a little bit more cloudiness today. also a little stronger see breeze. cooler coasts and day and probably inland as well. a little cold front beginning to inch closer. that's going to pick up the fog. it's actually from the coast and the san mateo coast. more sunshine north of that and south of that. it's a sign of things to come. a westerly breeze but the fog has definitely regroup here. tomorrow there will be even more fog. let's go to the nursery now. >> thank you, steve. breaking news. the supreme court ruling we
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been waiting for. we've been hearing the supreme court has struck down the individual mandates that could of the affordable health care act. it will do constitutional, but the supreme court has upheld most of the law that requires americans to have health insurance. that's what was was -- what was expected. this was the most likely scenario that it would uphold part of the law but straight down the individual mandate. that was the most controversial part of the law that required most of the individuals to purchase health insurance. opponents say the government is overreaching by mandating people purchase a product from a private company. this was, again, the most controversial part. you are looking live at pictures outside the u.s. supreme court. you're hearing a mixed reaction. there are some shares. there were many people opposed to that part of the plan, but the individual mandate, again, struck down.
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the court has decided to uphold the part of the requirement that most americans have health insurance, but that puts health insurance in a bit of a bind because they are now required to cover people but there is not necessarily a way to pay for it because the individual mandate requiring people to pay for health insurance is not considered constitutional. this could mean potentially a huge rise in premiums for health insurance. >> very interesting. it will be interesting how the insurance companies respond. this is all breaking news at 7:11 on this thursday morning. we are still waiting for more details to come out about how the supreme court has just ruled. we will have an analysis and a supreme court expert. plus, find out why so much is at stake for california as this decision comes in. >> just coming down. more on that. also, we will update the search for stories at the port of newark overnight. [ man ] get the 20 piece mcnuggets.
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>> we really wish we had a camera in the court so we could be figuring this all out. right now we are relying on this blog. this is the only blog from inside the court. we have a health policy and honest wisdom with us all morning. we are following that now. he is trying to help us understand the first breaking news from
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cnn this morning was that the individual mandate has been struck down, but it's really not so clear. >> it's still complicated right now, but it appears that the court has upheld the individual date not as a mandate and not as part of the interstate commerce clause which what everyone thought was the governing part of the constitution. they said that the individual mandate is a tax. under the taxing power of the federal government, the federal government can impose a tax on people who didn't write health insurance. therefore, it looks like they are upholding the individual mandate. the rest of the issues and things like that don't apply. obama care has been upheld by the court. >> well we are talking here, i get to a live look outside the supreme court. there has been a flurry of reaction, a lot of people chanting on both sides of the issues. we've heard a few cheers. probably when some of the news has started to leak out. are we getting anything new
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here? it's saying that it looks like chief justice john roberts sided with a site he perhaps wasn't going to. >> it appears that some people thought he would try to write a narrow opinion. if, as it appears to be, that this was upheld under the taxing power, not the interstate commerce clause, that's a way to split the difference. to uphold obamacare and at the same time not give government more power to regulate people's lives. it appears that they've split the difference. >> we are certainly happy to have you here helping us understand. we will try to sort this out for you and have more here this morning on ktvu. >> thank you, allison. 7:16. joining us now is the constitutional supreme court expert, david levine. thank you for being here on such short notice. at what are your thoughts on the ruling clique's. >> well, it's very interesting because, of course, all the prognostications -- earlier it
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was that healthcare was dead. now the mandate is a wife. but in an unusual way. there were two main arguments. the first argument was a question of whether under the interstate commerce power whether congress had the power to force you to buy health insurance. the supreme court said you couldn't, that's not proper. there's a difference between forcing somebody to do something rather than regulating something they were already doing. the supreme court did accept the idea that that was unconstitutional, but what the supreme court did do is they accepted another argument. the other argument was that what congress did was to impose a tax for not having healthcare. in effect, it is pay or play. either you have insurance or you pay for the fact that you don't have insurance, which the majority of the supreme court has accepted that argument. so by nudging you, by saying you don't have to do this but if
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you fail to buy insurance, you are going to be taxed, in effect, we are in the same place. it's at the core of the mandate for health care being accepted and now in 2014 that's going into affect, but we call it a tax rather than call it an exercise of interstate commerce power. >> i know you are waiting to decipher how the individual justices voted. that is of interest here. >> it's always of interest. whether we see any breaks from the familiar split of the conservatives and liberals and what we do know at this point is that chief justice roberts who normally votes with the right accepted the argument that this could be taxed. there was some thinking that he might go that way to create a broader majority for whatever the result was, but his questioning at the u.s. supreme court was so skeptical that i think a lot of people thought he wasn't going to accept any of those arguments. the issue is that sometimes what happens is that the supreme
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court justices in the oral argument are testing out ideas. they are pushing the advocates to see how they can answer the weaker parts of the argument. the questions are always indicate which way the justices are going. here's an example where that's true. >> that was a case where there was a lot of skepticism after the initial questioning. what is the far-reaching impact of this? obviously, this is a huge impact for millions of americans. what does it say about the difference of powers between the two branches of government? >> the interesting thing will be parts of the commerce club. what that is about more broadly as the power of congress to regulate all sorts of parts of the economy. if what that signals is some sort of a change going back to 1942, there's been some skepticism on the right. there's a book issued expressing some skepticism about those opinions. if what we have is a majority
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saying congress' power circumscribed on that size of things, that will be changing some things. maybe there is a rollback on that side. on the other hand, if the taxing power can be used, then as long as you can get a majority for horror of horrors, then congress' power won't be changed that much. >> just a quick question. i know we are focused on the supreme court and how the legislators will do things. there are a lot of people saying, wait a minute. how much money is this going to cost me my family? >> it's going to affect people so differently. if you have insurance through your employer, then in all probability there's going to be no change. now, there might be some changes where, for example, some employers -- let's take my friend that the dentist. he's got a small business. if he were to decide, well, it's cheaper for me to pay those taxes than to pay health insurance. we might have this effect that
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some people will lose insurance. i hope that doesn't happen. rather, it will go in the other direction. what will happen is that the hopes of the economists will build this. in fact, health care costs will go down from this. that's the hope that they will actually go down and people will start having insurance exchange is available. it's going to be very complicated. the reason why everyone said it's a 2000 page bill, it's because it's extremely complicated. it is one sixth of the economy. we are going to start moving in a different direction because of this. we haven't seen very much yet. we've only seen a couple goodies. my daughter is on my policy now strictly because of a change. in 2014, we are going to see some big changes. families will have to make this decision. all of a sudden, insurance exchanges will be available. there will be some subsidies for that health insurance. so we are going to move in the direction of many more people being covered.
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but it's going to take a while. this was a slow rollout. it will be a few years. all of us assume there is no major change in congress next year. we've got a long way to go before we really see change. in the next two years it will start rolling out and we will see change. but a lot of people are going to be insured who weren't insured before. there's a very big day for people all over the country. >> 30 million uninsured americans impacted by this. uc hastings to best -- professor. thank you. you will join us again next hour. thank you so much. once again, the supreme court has upheld the individual insurance requirement at the heart of president obama's health care overhaul. you can go to for more information on the supreme court healthcare ruling. just go to the health care tab on the front page. much more coming up. >> time now is 7:22. new developments this morning.
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a story we first told you about yesterday. the search for stolen is on a container ship on the border of newark has not turned up anybody. the search started yesterday after the coast guard for banging noises coming from a sealed container on that ship. they examined hundreds of containers overnight but they found no one. >> so we've got our decision on health care, but another big question. will you need a jacket today? explain what areas will see slight -- -- will be slightly cooler. >> also, find out what caused the windows 2 break at-bat skyscraper. >> news chopper 2, highway 92 at 101. you can see traffic is a little busy heading south. we will tell you more about the morning commute and that they weather straight ahead.
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>> 7:25. a live look.
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the dow down after the supreme court ruling on healthcare was just released. we do want to mention those stocks of hospital companies moving sharply higher after the initial reports. the supreme court upheld the individual insurance requirements to president obama's health care overhaul. stocks of drug companies, medical device makers, and insurance companies are down significantly. again, the dow jones 97. this is a story we will continue to follow throughout the morning. meanwhile, construction accident at one of the new world trade center skyscrapers. witnesses say a crane was lifting a steel beam yesterday at the four world trade center when a gust of wind caused it to hit the 45th floor. the impact shattered windows causing glass to fall on the street below. fortunately, a construction shed covering the sidewalk protected pedestrians from the fallen glass and also no one was hurt.
7:27 am
i remember seeing a theme recently and wondering, that's close to the building. we'll have to see. >> time now is 7:26. you are following the commute. i know you've got a chopper working. >> we are looking at highway 101 at 92. a pretty busy intersection here. you see north am 11 trackback in the area is busy. south on 101 heading away from san mateo toward palo alto pretty slow. also this morning, looking north or south bound 880. this traffic looks pretty good. in the south data traffic continues to move along pretty well. there's a crash in cupertino northbound 85 at 280. back to you. >> thank you, steve. >> time now is 7:27. the historic ruling came down moments ago. you saw it here on ktvu. the u.s. supreme court has upheld the key part of president obama's health care law. stay where you are. we will continue our live team
7:28 am
coverage. >> one at creek police looking for a child predator. we will tell you where he struck and why neighbors around here are so shocked by the incident. >> and an overnight fire in et. how it's affecting a mother and her four children. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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>> it is 7:30. as we've been reporting, the supreme court just handed down
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its ruling on president obama's health care reform about 20 minutes ago. there was a lot of confusion following the courts ruling this morning. the court upheld the provision in the healthcare reform law that requires most americans to have health insurance by 2014. basically, the justices said that individual mandate is constitutional as a tax had initially been reported that they struck down that. we are expecting to hear from president obama very soon with his reaction. of course, this is considered a huge victory for president obama as he's in the middle of his campaigning for reelection. we also expect to hear from house speaker republican john boehner for his reaction to this. one more new bit of information. the ruling was a 5-4 vote with chief justice john roberts of siding with the four liberal judges, something not expected. again, more analysis on this and what this means for the bay area in
7:32 am
california coming up shortly. also this morning, in a 6-3 vote, the supreme court justices struck down a federal law which made it a crime to lie about having received a medal of honor and other military awards. the vote is in favor of hot air out our eyes. he's a former local elected official from southern california who falsely claimed he was a decorated war veteran. he pleaded guilty to violating the stolen valor act but the supreme court ordered the conviction against alvarez to be thrown out. >> time now is 7:32. president obama has said he will address the supreme court ruling on this healthcare reform law sometime this morning. in his campaign speeches, the president often refers to healthcare reform as one of their competence of his administration. and his republican challenger, mitt romney, has made opposition to the law. but that part of his campaign. we have not heard yet whether romney will make a statement about the high court ruling today. coming up at 7:45, how the
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healthcare reform law will affect people here in california. >> it is 7:32. walnut creek police asking for the public's help in their search for a man who exposed himself to a teenage girl. here's a sketch that could lead to an arrest. good morning, tara. >> good morning. we are learning more information about this suspect. police say he was last seen wearing an orange construction paper vest and smoking cigarettes. neighbors we've talked to around here, many of whom did not want to appear on camera, tell us they were really shocked that such a brazen act could have been along this trail in broad daylight. over the past hour that we noticed police doing their patrols, police say the man exposed himself last monday afternoon as a 14-year- old girl walked along the trail. he repeatedly offered the girl drug and solicited sex. he apparently followed her to the parking lot where she was and that's where he flashed himself. authorities say that the man is
7:34 am
called the girl and exposed himself. police released the composite about 24 -- within the past 24 hours. he's described as latino, about 40 years old, to what opponents. he is a beer, medium dark complexion, and spoke english with a strong spanish accent. to give you an idea where the incident happened, we are off west cliff lane. it's adjacent to 680. we have put in a call to detectives and we will be hearing back from them shortly. hopefully, we'll pass along any information or updates they give us. live from one metric, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 734 clock. happening now, a power outage on the peninsula. pg&e crews trying to repair a water that is down and no break. this is pictures are gone from news chopper 2. the outage is affecting an area including parts of clearfield drive.
7:35 am
at one time, 1300 customers were without power. that number is now down to 254. there is no word yet on when power will be fully restored. >> time now is 734 clock. a mother and her four small children need to find a new place to live after an overnight fire forces them out of their home. it happened around 11:00 last night in a 3400 block of blue jay drive. she told police her knew be bit -- her new bmw car fire. the flames then spread to the garage and damaged part of the home. she has small children between the ages of three and 12. >> my oldest daughter noticed the fire. she said, mom, mom, there's flames coming from the garage. >> locally, no one was hurt in the fire for the family says they lost almost all of their belongings. also, investigators trying to find the cause of a string of trashcan fires in san jose if they are possibly connected. the latest one happened around 9:00 last night in the back of a
7:36 am
building on concourse drive. there were two suspicious trashcan fires early tuesday morning, one near oak grove high school, the other just a couple yards away on corey drive. no one was hurt in any of those fires. time now is 7:35. developing news from colorado. we are watching colorado springs. the mayor there says hundreds of homes have been destroyed in that gigantic wildfire. our reporter is in colorado springs now. we are talking about it, but what's the situation out there now ask . >> to add to what the mayor said, they are trying to be as delicate as possible when dealing with the homeowners. that's why they are not giving an exact number yet or giving too many specifics with regard to the number of structures that were lost. in part, because they have not
7:37 am
identified all of the homes that have been lost and they also want to make sure if they are able to get some one-on-one talks to the own orders -- to the homeowners before they find on the news whether or not they've lost their homes. we just received an update from the command center in terms of how the firefighter -- the firefighters going. the winds die down last night, so that helped them quite a bit. they are expecting to have a great day today. they are words. they are 5 percent containment right now, but they expect that number to jump to radically as the day goes on. so they are optimistic on how this fire fight is going to go. they are up to about 19,000 acres, however, in the colorado springs area. in addition to that, the air force academy experienced some damage. about 10 acres on their property. they've also evacuated much of the base. additionally, they expect about
7:38 am
1000 plus new cadets in today, so they are trying to also manage that as well. 302000 people were evacuated in the colorado springs area. all of the hotels are sold out as well as in the southern denver area. there are shelters here. they are starting to fill up but they have some room. they are asking folks here if they can stay with family and friends as possible, because there are a number of hotels on the western part of the city that are part of the evacuation zone. those are not options for folks to stay if they have been evacuated from their homes. >> thank you. thank you very much. firefighters still battling wildfires in utah. look at these pictures. hot weather, high winds making it really hard for the firefighters. several communities are under mandatory evacuations. dozens of buildings have been destroyed already. at least one death blamed on the fire. >> 7:38. we want to check in with style. people trying to go to work this morning. >> still pretty crowded in many
7:39 am
areas. we will go to the live pictures to show you what's going on. it you can see not gone 280 right here. i live picture of north bound to 80. it's a little slow coming around the corner. nothing unusual, but it's a little slow. this morning's commute is also going to be a little busy coming into the main part of the livermore area and into the east bay. it gets better in dublin. as we move over to hayward and fremont, you see the traffic is a little bit slow on southbound 880, according to the road sensors. another lets take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it hasn't been that bad. it's only back up for maybe five to seven minutes of delay. if you look at the traffic on the bridge, some more time getting into san francisco. let's go to steve. >> a lot more low clouds today than yesterday. not completely on the coast, but it's there.
7:40 am
a nice treat from david who says the humidity feels like it's up. also getting a little southerly breeze in advance of that. that all combines to bring some oyster up. west southwest 23. as soon as it hits 25, it's going to be a big drop in attempts if that maintains itself out of fairfield. westerly breezes in place. it's picking up, if anything. it was about 10 a couple hours ago, now 15, 23. 50s. some of the 10 pitchers today at 60s, 70s, and 80s. only a couple 90s. the temperature trend will be to bring the temps down over the next couple days because this entire system moves across the starting friday into saturday. probably lingering into sunday. fog and low clouds, sun and breezy. probably even cooler for some inland. the biggest drop will be closer to the close today and around the
7:41 am
bay. fox on the increase. it looks a little water on monday. >> thank you, steve. it is 7:40. you can see on the bottom corner of the screen, stock market really tanking right now. this is reaction to the supreme court ruling supporting president obama's reform on healthcare. also, why there are low expectations for today's european economic summit. we will be right back.
7:42 am
7:43 am
xbox apostle companies moving sharply higher after reports came down. the supreme court upholding president obama's health care overhaul. the stocks of drug companies and medical device makers are slightly lower for the day as analysts sort through the rolling in stocks
7:44 am
of the biggest insurance companies also lower. a number of americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits fell last week, according to data released this morning. still remaining to high to signal any major improvement in the labor market. that number was 386,000. taking a live look at the big board. the dow down 162. the nasdaq is down 45, s&p down, oil also below $80 per barrel. this morning's report from the labor department indicates the job market has stalled. 386,000 people filed first-time claims was with. that's down 6000 from the week before. economists say the number of new claims needs to drop below 375,000 and stay there for several weeks to indicate how the labor conditions. and german chancellor says the european union cannot rely on germany to solve all of the region's economic problems.
7:45 am
she is opposing suggestion for comment at for the euro zone. she knows that could end up with germany paying for the deaths of all the european countries. france president pushing the plan saying it would reduce interest rates and make the european union stronger. >> time now is 744 club. some are saying no other state has more at stake than california with a decision today. can cook is here to talk about what this means for us. >> california has about 7 million people who do not have health insurance for various reasons, so a lot of people affected were here. many consumer groups have fought very hard for the affordable care act here in california. a portion of the healthcare requirement upheld by the supreme court this morning. that's the part of what has been called obamacare. we've are to pass legislation in california that's been upheld by the supreme court, that parents can continue to cover their children's health insurance until they are
7:46 am
26. that insurer cannot reject children with pre-existing conditions. if that affordable care act was struck down this morning, healthcare advocates say that california could have lost $9 billion a year in federal funds. who is going to pay for all of this and how is san francisco setting an example for the rest of the country? more on that in our next hour. >> time now 7:45. on other health related story. a plan by the california pacific medical center to build a new hospital in san francisco being named -- being renegotiated. the proposal includes a 550 bed hospital at the sight of the old cathedral hill hotel. members of the city board of supervisors are concerned about a pause in the current agreement. they say it could allow the cpm see to get out of its promise to manage st. luke's hospital long-term. there could be hearing about this to work out a new agreement on
7:47 am
july 9th. a. >> 7:46. amazing new video coming out of syria this morning. a powerful explosion rocked a judicial complex. flames and thick smoke over the parking lot. no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. syria has experienced a wave of attacks recently with government and rebel forces blaming the other. the house of representatives will vote today on holding attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for withholding documents on the botched fast and furious weapons crackdown. that's after house republicans rejected the latest offer by the white house and justice department to turn over some but not all of the requested documents. some house democrats say they are planning to walk out of the house chamber today to boycott this vote. >> 7:47. here at home than they are doing damage control defending her signature crime-fighting plan. yesterday there was some really heated moments during the
7:48 am
mayor's news conference. the mayor admits the numbers don't add up, but her earlier claims that 90 percent of oakland violent crimes occurred in 100 blocks. however, she still says that her so-called 100 block plan is the best approach. that statement caused city councilman larry reid to storm out of the news conference. >> mayor, i probably should've taken more time to analyze the data myself and read it myself. >> i think that was just political bs. for me it's about giving people in the city a false sense of hope. >> oakland city councilman reader points to numbers and statistics showing that violent crime is up 20 percent in oakland this year. >> it is 7:48. this morning, nasa prepares to take its next step in space exploration. construction of the new spacecraft has just been completed in new orleans and it will soon be moved to its launch site in florida.
7:49 am
astronaut rex waldheim is a native of saint carlos at a uc berkeley graduate if he flew on the final shuttle mission last july. he's now helping with the team that is building over i am. >> by 2021, we should be sending cruise out to wonder over at or beyond. one day we can continue further to an asteroid or mars. it's got the capability to go to multiple destinations. >> the spacecraft is in the shape of the old apollo capsule. it does not have wings like the shuttle. the first test flight is set for 2014. one more note, wake up with ktvu every morning. did the mornings cap stories straight to your cell phones. get your ktvu wake-up call by texting the word wake up to 70123. you get these friendly guys next to me that give you a little call. you are individually calling all those numbers. >> we are excited because a lot of people are signing up.
7:50 am
time now is 7:49. an oakland raider fighting a dui charge. gary is hayward due in court today. what his lawyer is saying about this case. >> plus, google unveiled its new vision of the future. the eyeglasses that will change how people use the internet. @
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> welcome back. time now is 7:51. google demonstrated in pearl case that showcase the internet glasses they've been developing for two years. they can live streaming video after they jump out of a plane. this is incredible. developers at this week's google conference can't pay $1500 for a pair of the glasses and get them early next year. they are counting on the programmers to try them, make suggestions about improvements, and then build apps to make them more useful. san jose taking new steps to go
7:53 am
green by teaming up with san mateo-based energy company solar city. the company is installing solar panels in dozens of city buildings and plans to maintain them for free. solar city will then sell the electricity that is produced back to san jose at a lower rate. the mayor, chuck reed, of san jose says the plan could save the city thousands of dollars on its utility bills. and a lawsuit against netflix will go forward. the national association of the death suit because netflix should have had to add captions to its watch instantly streaming website. netflix told a judge that's difficult because of copyright issues. it says that since people watch the site at home, disability requirements don't apply. however, the judge disagreed. >> 7:53. a wide receiver with the oakland raiders due in court on a dui charge. the chp pulled over at various hayward dave in april.
7:54 am
he had a blood alcohol level of .13. the lawyer says the case will likely go to trial because of procedural arrows on the native traffic stop. good news about california public schools. graduation rates are up and fewer students are dropping out. that announcement from state schools chief tom clarkson. he says 76 percent of students who started high school in 2007 and graduated with her class in 2011. that's a 1.5 percent improvement over 2010. the dropout rate was about 14 percent in 2011, and that's down from about 16 percent in 2010. >> time now is 754 clock. everybody behaving themselves, sal? wait a minute. your microphone is not behaving itself. >> every once in a while the microphone decides -- a. >> i'd say yes, although i was looking at the list when you were asking me that. unfortunately, a little mini crash popped up just right when you ask that question. so there is a crash on cell
7:55 am
phone to under 42 at 680. we will see what happens with that. let's take a look at the commute. this is 888 near hayward union city at fremont. no major problems as you drive south driving toward the commute. the major incidents. in fact, let's take a look at the san mateo bridge westbound. you can see traffic looks pretty good heading out to the high- rise. in the last week or so, we've had a couple rocky commutes on this bridge, but today it's not one of them. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's better than it normally is, which is nice. at 7:55. >> mostly sunny, definitely low clouds this morning compared to yesterday. there is a little bit of an increase. an emphasis on very low. tonight into tomorrow and probably saturday, it's going to get a good list from a system beginning to move in. the key here is right there in
7:56 am
fairfield. west southwest 23 miles per hour. yesterday at this time it was nine. that is a big dumb. that tells me even though it is sunny and warm inland, but as long as yesterday. 50s or 60s. fairfield, i think that his last hours observation. they are probably 63 or 64. a little though spinning off the seattle front. that equals a cooler pattern. it's still warm for some locations, maybe hot depending on how you look at it. over friday and saturday, those inland temps come down. upper 70s on saturday. a slight warm-up on monday. >> 756. a decision we've been waiting for for weeks now just came down 45 minutes ago. the u.s. supreme court has largely let stan president obama's health-care law. we will continue our live team coverage. >> and ogg young man gunned
7:57 am
down on a san francisco street corner overnight. what neighbors in this area heard and what police are telling us about the victim. >> plus, san francisco suspended sheriff will testify today. the statement in support coming from thousands of miles away. >> coverage of the news where you live. frank somerville, julie hanger. weeknights on ktvu. complete bay area news coverage.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is the five -- this is the fight. fight. it's been a welcome back. i'm sure campbell. >> and i'm dave clark. it is thursday, june 28. our top story, obviously, the u.s. supreme court just about an hour ago have upheld president obama's healthcare overhaul. we are keeping an eye on washington. this is a live picture. look at the big crowd outside the u.s. supreme court building right now. hundreds of people out there. you can see some of the u.s. senators walking up to microphones. a lot of people out there. that 110 page decision came down within the last hour, and we'd have live team coverage for you. ktvu allison burns is out there with this crowd in front of the supreme court building. in the meantime, in our studio we have claudine wong talking about the details of what the court ruled. >> dave, here it is.
8:00 am
the decision outlining the supreme court stands. spelling out what is considered what is a huge victory for the obama administration. we just saw that picture from the supreme court. let's give it to you again. certainly, people milling around going through these pages and getting ready to take to the podiums and microphones to tell us what they think. legal analysts will be scouring over these decisions for hours and days to come. what does all of it means lex through the historic overall, the nation's healthcare system will continue to go into effect with the next several years. the heart of this law requiring people to get health insurance or pay a penalty will stand. it all came down to really how you look at that law. when the obama administration went before the justices back in march, the attorneys laid three different arguments on how this law could do with that. the court rejected two of those arguments but hit on the third which basically said you could look at this law like a tax. if you do that, then the chief
8:01 am
justice said, because the constitution permits such a tax, it's not able to forbid it or to pass upon its bosom or fairness. the medicaid decision that also came down is a little more pop updated. in that decision, it came down to funding. the court basically saying you can expand medicaid but you cannot threaten to take away funding for states if they choose not to take part in the expansion. again, very conflicts decision. at the end of the day, considered a huge victory for the president and his administration. however, the president and his republican challenger starting to spin things their way. the president expected to speak shortly, but a campaign advisory already saying, obama may have his law that the gop has a cause. promising to galvanize what they are calling the largest tax increase in american history. dave? >> time is now 8:01. reaction pouring in over the supreme court ruling about
8:02 am
healthcare. senator barbara boxer calls the ruling a victory. she says the decision is great news for the millions of californians who have already seen the benefits of this law, including the 6 million who now have access to free preventive health services. 355,000 young adults who now have coverage on their parents health plans and 320,000 seniors who have received help in paying for their prescription drugs. senator boxer also says, and i'm quoting, we will continue to fight republican efforts to repeal these very important health benefits. >> much more up ahead on this healthcare rulings. in the meantime, turning to local news. san francisco suspended sheriff scheduled to testify before the city's ethics committee this evening. he's fighting to get his job back. he will get a chance to formally make his case when the panel meets at city hall at 5:30 p.m. he was suspended without pay and march after he pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a
8:03 am
domestic violence incident. the mayor is scheduled to testify tomorrow. in the meantime, he and his wife have written a formal declaration defending her husband. she won't have to -- as she acknowledges that he grabbed her arms during an argument, but she states that was the extent of any violence against her. a lopez had agreed to personally testify before the ethics committee but only if the panel paid for her round-trip plane ticket from venezuela where she is now back to the bay area. lopez is in south america carrying for her sick father. police have arrested a suspect in a bank robbery and carjacking in san jose. police say 28-year-old ricardo sandoval is in custody in connection with the robbery yesterday that the credit union. police have been searching for a suspect who they -- who told a teller he had a gun, then carjacked a 19-year-old woman. detectives say he was on parole
8:04 am
for robbery. >> time is now 803 ipod. word that a jail inmate has died of medical complications. you employees say that hairy to will it walker complained about back pain on friday. he was checked out by the jail staff. he was in intensive care at the north bay medical center in fairfield. that's where he died. the sacramento county coroner's office will conduct a non- toxic. a man has died after an overnight shooting in san francisco. this happened in the ingleside neighborhood. alex savage has been on this all morning. he is back now to explain what the police are saying. alex? >> neighbors out here tell me they heard at least five gunshots early this morning. that man's body was found lying in the street at this intersection of house and mount vernon. within the last hour, we watched as a police officer was cleaning up the tarp from this crime scene. some neighbors told us they were a bit disturbed when i saw it this morning and they woke up to find it here on the street corner.
8:05 am
911 calls came in around 1225 this morning. first responders showed up and declare this man dead at the scene from gunshot wounds. san francisco police tell me this was a 25-year-old man who was shot to death. the motive for the crime still unclear. neighbors around here tell me this area is usually quiet. >> that many shootings happen here before, but lately i don't know what is going on. it is something to worry about. >> a short time ago, we watched as homicide detectives came back out here to the crime scene and began to canvass this neighborhood. they are looking for any potential witnesses to this morning's shooting. the young man was killed, san francisco police tommy's been identified but his name is not -- is not yet been released. at this point, police do not have a description of the shooter. alex savage, ktvu.
8:06 am
>> in east amr apple is back in a spot where a mother and daughter were killed in a horrifying accident last year. you are looking at new video. this is from sigma valley road. john harris, the driver who allegedly caused that accident, was back in court yesterday. prosecutors have charged him with the together manslaughter. they say that harris got behind the wheel with a serious medical condition that made a very dangerous for him to drive. that, they say, constitutes gross negligence. >> the dmv website appears to be back up and running, but that's after a long outage. the site has been down since monday because of an internal connection issue. although everything appears to be working now, there is still a  message on the website urging people to make transactions by phone or in person. the dmv says it will waive any late penalties for people who are delayed by the computer glitch. >> time now is 8:06. let's see if we have any commute
8:07 am
delays. how are we looking? >> we are looking pretty good around the bay. we haven't had anything that is too major to the point where you have a huge delay, but we have huge delays. 80 westbound is a little slow coming in through berkeley. again, we haven't had any crashes reported by the chp along this stretch. as we are on the air, i am reading their feed here just to make sure nothing has happened between now and then. it still looks pretty clear. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are not going to ask too many questions. it is certainly lighter than usual. we wait for a short time and then you get on the bridge was not that many delays. 880 southbound. you see stop and go traffic. it's actually getting a little bit worse from highway 92 to 84. if you are driving into oakland, northbound 80 is a little slow as you approach 29th. let's go to steve. he met a little cooler here this morning. >> the breeze has picked up.
8:08 am
low clouds have increased as well. temperatures compound. they will still be warm inland. not as warm as yesterday. that could take areas another day. the trend is the system is going to deepen and move across on the weekends. saturday looks to be the main day for the coolest pattern. -- at a period was 12 at oakland. southwest at santa rosa. that is a cooler direction this time of year. also low 60s already, but editors today are out of the gate pretty fast for some. that seabreeze in place and that will conduct will pick up the sea breeze in the afternoon. we still have sunshine for many. still some fog hanging around. more of a westerly breeze. 60s, 70s, and 80s. temperatures really start to slide down friday, especially on saturday. there will be 70s well inland. sunday looks like a transition
8:09 am
day, and monday a little warmer. >> in the east they, gunshot victim has lost his right eye in that attack. use jabber to flying over the scene yesterday. this is at matteo street. the shooting happened after a violent confrontation between the gunman and the victim. police surrounded an apartment building searching for the gunman but he had already escaped. >> is in stable condition right now. he lost his right eye. his bone structure is fractured on the right-side of his face. >> ktvu obtained this exclusive video of a person of interest. moments after the shooting, the parking lots video shows a man talking to someone in a green mercedes suv and then running away. >> it is 8:09. busy morning for oakland police. officers investigating two separate shootings with a total of five victims.
8:10 am
three people were wounded in the first shooting on 90th avenue and bird street. it happened around 7:30 last night. our news crew was on the scene minutes later. one victim is listed in critical condition. the other two are expected to survive. it's still not clear what led up to the gunfire. oakland police on the scene of a new shooting two hours earlier. two people were wounded in an apparent exchange of gunfire on west street in north oakland. both victims are being treated at oakland highland hospital. no word on their condition. police said the two shootings do not appear to be connected. the state park days away from closing has been hit with graffiti. a visitor at the state recreation area noticed the vandalism last week and reported it. graffiti has also been spotted in other areas of the park. a few months ago the park also have a problem with copper thieves. the park will close on sunday because of budget cuts. >> time now is a tough call.
8:11 am
it's being called the biggest court ruling. the u.s. supreme court has upheld president obama's healthcare overhaul. we will bring you more of our live team coverage. >> also come under fire for airline passengers rights. what's happening today. my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> low clouds this morning. temperatures cooler coasts and day. sunny, mild to warm inland, but some of the fog winning out. temperatures coming down. >> time now is 8:13.
8:14 am
the u.s. supreme court upheld president obama's healthcare reform law just about an hour or so ago. allison burns outside the supreme court building right now to try to explain what is a very complicated ruling. alison? >> reporter: we do have the ruling here. 193 pages. the white house tells us president obama will be making a statement about it sometime within the next couple hours. reaction from congress has been overwhelming. we are out here with a line of cameras where members of congress are coming out and giving their take on what has been a very surprising decision to many. of course, there was a very loud reaction closer to the court as well. supporters of the law are overjoyed that chief justice john roberts joins with four other justices to uphold the mandate that every american get health insurance or pay a penalty. critics of the law are furious. here's a little bit of what we've been hearing from both sides outside the court.
8:15 am
>> i think it was a victory for the american people, not for obama, not for politics but for the american people. >> the law is a tremendous infringement on the freedom of the united states citizens to choose their own healthcare. >> there was a lot of confusion initially with the way roberts worded his opinion. many congressional staffers and people outside the court thought that individual insurance mandate had been struck down. when the decision became clear, house speaker john boehner issued a statement immediately vowing to fight in congress to repeal the law. with just one house republicans have scheduled a vote for after the fourth of july holiday to repeal this law. the fight will be about the constitutionality, rather than merits of health reform, one tells me. the court ruled against the obama administration on the expansion of medicaid that forcing states to offer coverage to more people. we work this afternoon to get reaction from local members of
8:16 am
congress. it seems like everyone has scheduled a news conference. we will have that later today. live outside the u.s. supreme court building,. >> joining us once again, the constitutional law and supreme court expert, david levine. you've had a chance to look over that very sick ruling. at what's brewing standout? >> well, there's an awful lot of things that are interesting. of course, the headlines are mandated constitutional. it's the shifting majority. chief justice roberts except to what is really the third best argument of the administration, which was the tax argument. chief justice roberts was willing to accept the idea that the penalty, which is you have to have health insurance or pay a penalty to the irs. he was joined by the justice and the other liberals on that point. he did not accept the argument that the commerce clause was the way to go. that will have a lot of
8:17 am
ramifications going forward. we will be teaching from that for a long time. but the big headline is the mandated constitutional only because of the tax. >> i was going to ask, congress can still do something here. what can congress do? they don't have to just sit back. >> absolutely. congress can do a lot of things. congress could actually repeal this. we've heard the speaker say he would like to move to repeal healthcare. that's perfectly permissible. there's nothing required about healthcare. they could modify some of this. they could change the tax. that could change the terms of the state. there are all sorts of thing that could be done. a lot of that has to do with what happens in the fall. i think what is likely now it is even if the house votes to repeal healthcare, it's not going anywhere in the senate and we can be quite sure that president obama would veto anything that would come. so it's all about november. what was interesting to me is that not anyone but in two places, at the beginning and at the end,
8:18 am
he was very careful to say that we are not talking about the wisdom of this healthcare. at the end, he says it's up to people. in other words, go out and vote. >> so that people should decide. obviously, depending which way he would vote, it would depend whether the future of health care whether it stands or not. >> that's right. most of us will not kick in until 2014. there would be time for congress to change things if they decided that what was done a couple years ago was the wrong way to go. until we get the election in november, we won't know. so the stakes are higher than ever. >> absolutely. so the minority, basically, said that they felt the tax cost was unconstitutional. there was the opponents arguing that the federal government could compel people to hide -- to buy health insurance, they could compel them to buy anything with broccoli being the example. >> here is why we are safe from broccoli. chief justice roberts said something, which really
8:19 am
summarizes it nicely. he looked at the text of the constitution. the text of the constitution gives congress the power to regulate commerce. he focused on that word regulate. the way he interpreted that was to say that what that means is you have to presuppose existing commercial activity. you cannot force people to gauge in commercial activities. once they engage in commercial activity, it would be acceptable for congress to use its power to regulate it. so we are safe if you go start buying broccoli. then maybe you are regulated. if you choose to stay out of it, you're home free. the justice had four votes saying it was acceptable. as chief justice roberts says no to the commerce clause, that creates the shifting majority. so we have five saying it exceeds
8:20 am
the commerce power, and that potentially has ramifications down the line in terms of what congress can do in other areas. a yes to the taxing power. >> so now the supreme court takes a break for three months. they disappear and let everyone else figure this out. >> they've got their airplane tickets. they will be enjoying different places. everybody else can take over for a while. >> next year they got some big issues coming up including affirmative action and same-sex marriage. >> that will be another big term starting in the big fall. >> never a dull moment. >> it is a 20th. go to for more information. just go to the health-care tab on the front page. >> time now is a 20th up. advocates for airline passengers rates about to make some records on how to improve air travel. they will testify in front of a new federal advisory board today. recommendations include
8:21 am
reimbursing passengers when flights are delayed or canceled, bumbling ticket prices with other fees, and also alerting travelers about competition with luggage is lost. american airlines and the union that represents its pilots may have reached tentative agreements on a new contract. union is sending the airline's final contract offer to the pilots for a vote. if the pilots approve the deal, the airline cannot ask a bankruptcy court to throw out its union agreement and impose tougher measures. a rabbit -- ratification by the pilots would end years of bitter contract negotiations and also give airlines some labor stability as it goes through bankruptcy proceedings. >> a 21:00. as you were talking, we got word coming down that republican presidential candidate mitt romney will be holding a press conference on the supreme court health care rulings at 8:45, about an half hour. president obama has scheduled a press conference at 9:15. as we said, a lot of people will give their opinions on this ruling.
8:22 am
meanwhile, coming up, residents in an oakland neighborhood say a wave of foreclosures is destroying their neighborhood. we will tell you how they take action. >> also, we are tracking your weather. we see a slight cool down on the way for parts of the bay area. steve is coming back with your forecast. >> if you are looking at 101 in san jose anytime soon, i'd say it's a decent drive getting up into the valley.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> is a 24:00. protesters say thanks for closing on homes are destroying their neighborhoods. some of them focused on a fatal house fire or you are this week. neighbors say the men who lived in the house didn't have any utilities and were using candles for light switch may have caused the fire. one of them died, a second remains hospitalized. people live in the maxwell park neighborhood say they are worried about other nearby empty houses. >> i have an empty house next to me. i have an empty house across the street from me. i have an empty house three doors down. >> some of the homeowners say those empty houses are vulnerable to other squatters moving in, and they blamed the banks of saying homeowners would still be living there if they had been granted loan modifications. >> time now is a 25:00. let's get you to where you need to go. we have the commute. >> i would say today it's better than it has been.
8:26 am
i will show you some things that are little better than others. first of all, let's look at 280. that's still a little slow driving around the corner of two highway 17 and beyond that. you will see some slow traffic. also this morning, we seems low traffic in contra costa county, although it's improving quite a bit in the construction area. a little bit of slow traffic from pleasant hill down to walnut creek. if you are driving on 80, a little bit of slow traffic getting into berkeley. and then at the toll plaza, that is late. got a big commute. it's going to be a little slow but once you make it onto the bridge, its moderate into this today. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a little more low cloud deck today. it increases over the next couple days. the seabreeze has picked up, but it will still be sunny. the culture at getting closer. it's already pushing some fog and edit it increases that tonight into
8:27 am
tomorrow. that tells you everything you need to know. so 50s and 60s. some inland temps warm up pretty fast. i think by this afternoon that seabreeze will take the edge off some of the london times. still in the 80s for some, but 50s and 60s parts of the coast. falk and n breezy. still for some it will be very toasty, for others i think you noticed temperatures dropping. we continued that theme on friday and saturday and probably sunday is the transition day. monday looks a little water. >> time now is 8:27. a history making day for the u.s. supreme court. in the last hour, the high court ruled on president obama's healthcare overhaul. we will continue live team coverage. >> we are live in walnut creek where police have released a sketch of a child predator. what he was wearing that could help police find him. >> also, today will be a smoky morning in parts of santa clara county. we will tell you why.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> welcome back. time now is 8:29. as we've been telling you, the u.s. supreme court just handed down its ruling on president obama's healthcare reform law. a little after 7:00 is when. there's been some confusion after the court's ruling. the supreme court upheld a provision in the health-care reform law that requires most americans to help health insurance by 2014. basically, the court said that the individual mandate is constitutional as a tax. the ruling was a 5-4 vote with chief justice john roberts
8:31 am
sided with the four liberal judges. also this morning, the supreme court justices struck down the stolen valor act in a 6-3 vote. the federal law makes it a crime to lie about having received the medal of honor in other military awards. this is a victory for xavier alvarez. he's a former elected official from california who also complained -- who falsely claimed he was a decorated war veteran. he pleaded guilty to violating the law but the supreme court threw out that conviction. >> we now know that republican presidential candidate mitt romney is going to get his reaction to the supreme court ruling on healthcare reform at 8:45 this morning. we will carry that live. we will also carry president obama's reaction life when that is given at 9:15 this morning. the supreme court ruling is considered a major victory for president obama in his campaign speeches, president obama often refers to healthcare reform as
8:32 am
one of the big publishers of his administration. mitt romney has made opposition to the law, an important part of his campaign platform. the army has out to repeal the law if he is -- a romney has pout -- repeal the law. how the healthcare reform act will impact people here in california. >> police in walnut creek want your help is running. they are searching for a man who exposed himself to a teenaged girl. we have the police sketch that the police hope will lead to an arrest. >> we are learning more information about this suspect. he offered drugs and repeatedly solicited sex from a 14-year- old girl. he was, apparently, wearing an orange construction type fast as smoking cigarettes. police are really hoping that those descriptions, very distinct, will help the public lead them to him. we noticed police doing patrols this morning in the neighborhood where the incident happened.
8:33 am
authorities say last monday afternoon around 1:30, the girl was walking home along the iron horse trail. he apparently followed her to the parking lot where she lived. that's where he exposed himself. authorities released the sketch of the suspect within the past 24 hours. he is described as latino, about 40 years old, 200 pounds. he has a beer, medium dark complexion, and spoke english with a strong spanish accent. to give you an idea of exactltl where the event happened, it happened off westcliffe lane where i am horse trail runs along the street. it runs parallel. it's adjacent to interstate 680. if you recognize the man and a composite sketch, you are urged to contact the walnut creek police department. ktvu channel 2 news. >> is 833 clock. having now, people living in santa clara county may see some smoke in the house. they will begin a so-called
8:34 am
prescribed burn at grant ranch county park. that's an area about 8 miles east of san jose. firefighters will be intentionally setting off small fires to reduce the threat of a huge distractive fire. commanders say this morning's weather conditions are just right for the big operations. >> today is actually a really good burn window due to the marine influence. we've got high relative humidity. >> final preparations are underway, and the prescribed burn is expected to begin in about 45 minutes. around 915 about this. . also this morning, firefighters look into the cause of a brush fire that threatened homes. the fire broke out around 1:40 yesterday afternoon near highway 29 north of calistoga. about 5 acres burned but no homes were damaged. no flare up sore porta overnight. >> time is now 834 p-papa. people evacuated from those wildfires in colorado springs are
8:35 am
being told they may not have a home to go back to. the city's mayor says hundreds of homes have been destroyed but we don't know the exact number. that will be known until later on today. the fire is myers -- is miles away from the bay area, however, the new fire operations division chief is watching this very closely. he used to be in charge of the colorado springs fire department. >> i've got family and friends. my stepson is one of the firefighters there. he was there overnight. it's really tough. very tough. >> about 32,000 people have been evacuated from their homes as well as parts of the air force academy. investigators say it's too dangerous to start tracking down the cause. tomorrow president obama will fly to the area just to thank the firefighters and also to see firsthand the damage. firefighters also battling wildfires in utah. look at these pictures. hot weather, high winds making it really tough for firefighters.
8:36 am
several communities have been placed under mandatory evacuations. more than a dozen buildings have been destroyed. at least one death is blamed on the fire. >> it 35:00. governor brown signed a budget last night that his office as close as a $15.7 billion budget deficit. but the budget relies on voters approving his proposed tax hikes in november which would temporarily increase the state sales tax by a quarter cent and raise income taxes on californians who make more than $250,000 a year. the governor says the budget will increase education funding by 14 percent for k-12 and community colleges if his tax plan passes. but if it fails, there will be $6 billion in trade it -- and sugar cuts in education and social services. the budget cuts data boycott the session costs by 5 percent for a savings of $800 million and implements welfare reform and other changes to healthcare insurance
8:37 am
for low income children. >> it 36:00. on the report says beach pollution is at its third -- its third highest level in more than two decades. the report finds a number of days that american beaches were closed or had advisories because of contaminated water bridged the third highest level in 22 years. california had a slight increase in beach closures and advisories last year. the uc berkeley scientist is now installing dozens of carbon dioxide sensors in oakland. it will measure carbon dioxide levels in real-time. about 40 of those sensors will be installed by the end of summer. a lot of them will be placed in public schools so students can help study the information. researchers say the sensors will help measure the effectiveness of those programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. >> 8:37. we want to check in with sal. we've just got word of a crash.
8:38 am
>> cell phone 280. this crashes blocking lanes. it's an entry accident. it is off on 280 at edgewood. one of the things you can do, obviously, you can use 101 which is slow which is slow as well. we want to show you that 101 is a little bit slow. if it were me, i would still stick out the traffic in san mateo on 101 and not deal with 280 at this point because that accident is blocking several lanes. the crash on the 101 is more routine. i would stick with 101 for the time being. let's take a look at the commute. 280 mark on getting up to highway 17. some slow traffic there this morning. at the toll plaza, we've had some good news. it's been slow a little bit but no problems onto the upper deck. 8:38. let's go to steve. >> a little bit more in the way of
8:39 am
low clouds today. a little stronger seabreeze. still another warm to hot day, but the trends picked out yesterday. pictures in the upper '80s for many. the coast and they dealing with a little bit more in the way of low clouds. higher humidity. 20 at fairfield. still a little sunny to mostly sunny today. 50s and 60s right now. temperatures are pretty close here. this is somewhat continued to work its way toward us and move over on saturday which means to pitchers continue to come down. it looks at the rebound by monday. fog will be burned back. sunny and breezy. cool or on the coast and day. a delta breeze in place. for some the 50s and 60s. low to mid 80s in a few locations. tomorrow we start that cooling trend. everybody is in him a party by saturday. a little bump up on monday.
8:40 am
>> thank you. 8:39. get warnings about dangerous storms on your smartphone. the national weather service launching a new system today that sends out alerts to people about severe storms heading their way. there are alerts for tornadoes like this one in florida. also for hurricanes, blizzards, and other threats. you do not have to sign up for the service but you do have the choice to opt out. tropical depression deadbeats jerking back out to sea leaving behind flooded neighborhoods across florida. at least three deaths are being blamed on the storm. more than 100 homes and businesses have flooded in the city of live oak. for bloggers have reached the roofs of homes and completely submerged cars. officials say the floodwaters may not receive until next week in some areas. >> 8:40. san jose is the center of the u.s. gymnasts pics world this week. the olympic team trials start this afternoon. the bay area is home to dozens were future olympic hopefuls train
8:41 am
and learn the basics before they try out their moves. one of their coaches will be cheering on her brother who qualified for the trials. >> he trained his entire life just to be here. i think that's a big accomplishment already. >> u.s. gymnastics has two pick five men and five women to compete. the u.s. field is considered very deep so these trials should be competitive. the men's competition starts at 2:00 this afternoon. the women will start tomorrow. >> is 8:41. much more on this morning's healthcare ruling. but romney expected to make his first public statement on the supreme court decision. we will bring it live. >> also, the occupy movement news to a new location. the art world.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
spank bank stocks having mr. sharp decline today. j.p. morgan chase dropped after the new york times reported that its trading loss could be $9 billion. much larger than the bank has acknowledged. also, insurance stocks are
8:45 am
doing quite poorly. hospital stocks doing quite well after the ruling from the u.s. supreme court upholding a large part of president obama's healthcare reform law. taking a live look at the big board, the dow down 130, the nasdaq down 39. s&p down 13. this burns report from the labor department indicates the job market has stalled. 386,000 people filed first-time claims last week. that is down 6000 from the week before. economists say the number of new claims needs to drop below 375,000 and stay there for several weeks to indicate healthy labor conditions. the german chancellor says the european union cannot rely on germany to solve all of the region's economic problems. she is opposing suggestions for common debt for the euro zone. she knows i could and with germany paying for the depths of cash for the deaths of all the european countries. france's new president is pushing the plan saying it would reduce
8:46 am
interest rates and make the now to bring you up-to-date on some of the other top stories. san francisco suspended sheriff due to testify before the city ethics committee tonight. he's fighting to get his job back. san francisco mayor ed lee is said to testify tomorrow. in the meantime, mayor leave reportedly considering a controversial anti-crime policy. it's called stop and for us. it's way to protest demonstrations in new york and several other cities. it allows the police to search people they consider doing -- city -- they consider suspicious. live at the u.s. supreme court. the court upheld most of president obama's healthcare reform law just hours ago. the justices ruled that the mandate requiring americans to have health insurance can be considered attacks and is therefore constitutional. >> 8:46. the supreme court's decision this morning could make san francisco the model to follow for the
8:47 am
rest of the country. pam cook joins us. how local businesses are feeling about the decision. good morning, pam. >> reporter: it started back in 20005 with then mayor's state of the city address promising universal health care for san franciscans. healthy san francisco was launched. it's operated by the san francisco department of public health. it's not an insurance but rather a program designed to encourage everyone to seek preventive care in instead of waiting for a catastrophic health event. it provides the means to make healthcare affordable for everyone by way of subsidies. similar to what that the federal program will do. with this morning supreme court decision, the rest of the country may look to san francisco as an example. the reaction of business owners across the country is next. what they don't like is the same as what wall street is not like. uncertainty. they are happy at decision was made. many small-business owners in the bay area are celebrating the news this morning. the president of small business
8:48 am
california tells the chronicle that of the 3 million small businesses in the state, about 2.5 million of them have just one employee. if they have health problems, they either get surcharge or they cannot get coverage at all. now, it is hoped that the ruling this morning of guaranteed insurance means that the small businesses will be able to participate in what is called house of dance -- health insurance exchanges where they shop around for a gymkhana take advantage of federal funds, and share the cost of health insurance. >> thank you, pam. new-line from nation about a gruesome attack in florida. love tests detected only marijuana in the system of the man who'd showed off a homeless man's face. police shot and killed rudy eugene after the attack in miami last month. investigators originally suspected he was under the influence of a synthetic drug, but the medical examiner's office says it did not find any other street drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs in his system. the victim remains in the
8:49 am
hospital. meanwhile, a federal bill banning bath salts is awaiting the signature of the president. these are not the scent of salt that you dump in the tub. they are just made to look that way. poison control center drug is sold under names like ivory waves and vanilla sky and can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and violent behavior. >> 8:48. the school district demanding answers from a private schools accused of abusing students and inflating its enrollment numbers. in a report by california watch, st. andrew's missionary baptist school was accused of exaggerating a moment to collect my money. the open school district gave the school 30 days to verify its numbers. the school district also says reports of abuse and neglect of students were sent over to the county. the south bay trial of a man charged with beating a former priest is in recess until tomorrow. that's when the suspect is
8:50 am
expected to take the witness stand, and accused father gerald linder of ripping him and his brother when they were children. yesterday a prosecution witness testified he heard lynch did you all, you've ruined my life. the defense says the witness has changed her story several times. >> it's 8:49. police are looking for a woman and two men who robbed a massage parlor at gunpoint. it happened at the magic fingers saw on university avenue on sunday around 1:00 a.m. no one was hurt but the times reports the suspect forced employees into a back room at gunpoint. the suspects stole $2000 in cash and other items. every december 7th the rotating beacon on the top of the gavel is lit as a reminder of pearl harbor day. but this year the beginning of a working at the ceremony attended by pearl harbor survivors. it's been deteriorating for years and the state park service says they do not have the money for repairs. now the conservation group is offering to fix it.
8:51 am
the state is concerned volunteers may not beat historical standards with their affairs. >> the occupied movement is the focus of a new art exhibit. an exhibition featuring the works of 80 artists will be open july 7th. it will focus on posters made by occupied demonstrators. organizers say it's intended to examine the movement ties to past forms of protest including the back -- the black panthers and the free speech movement. here's a reminder. get ktvu news to go right on your cell phone. download the ktvu app and click on the life icons and watch all of our newscasts live. you can be connected and stay connected any time, anywhere. time now is 8:51. today is a major day for the future of the golden state warriors and the sacramento kings. it's the nba draft.
8:52 am
they are busy considering players like university of kentucky forward michael gilchrist and north carolina forward harrison barnes. the warriors will be very busy. they have four picks in the two round draft, including the seventh overall selection. the kings have the fifth pick overall. and in women's tennis, it may soon get a little quieter. according to usa today, the women's tennis association wants to consider banning excessive grunting from the tennis players. to crack down, the umpires would use a hand-held device to actually measure the on court sounds. the details of this proposed ban are still being worked out. >> could be a little distracting. 8:52. we continue to follow this morning's historic ruling. what the decision means for medical coverage.
8:53 am
>> also, looking live at the morning commute. sal will have the latest on your commute.
8:54 am
select you're looking the latest on your commute. >> obama care also means that for up to 20 million americans, they will lose the insurance they currently have, the insurance
8:55 am
that perhaps the. for all those reasons, it's important for what are some of the things that we we also have to assure that we do our very best to help each state in their efforts to assure that every american has access to affordable healthcare. that is something that obamacare does not do that must be done in real form is helping lower the cost
8:56 am
of healthcare and health insurance. it's becoming expensive. so this is not time for the american people to make a choice. you can choose whether you want to have a larger and larger deficit in your life, separating you and your doctor, whether you are comfortable with deficits, higher debt passed on to the generations, whether you are going to have the government put in place a plan that potentially causes you to lose the insurance that you like, or whether instead you want to return to a time when the american people will have their own choice in healthcare where consumers will be able to make their choices as to what kind of health insurance they want. this is the kind of choice for the american people. our mission is clear. if we want to get rid of obama care, we are going to have to replace president obama. my mission is to make sure we do
8:57 am
exactly that, that we returned to the american people the privilege they have always had to live their lives in the way they feel most appropriate. we don't pass on the coming generations massive -- we don't have a site where jobs are lost. we want good jobs and a bright economic future for ourselves and for our kids. we must replace obama care. that is my mission. that is our work. i'm asking the people of america to join me. you don't want the course that president obama has put us on. join me in this effort. help us. help us to see obama care. help us defeat liberal agenda that makes the government too big, too intrusive, and those killing jobs. thank you so much. >> you been listening live to republican presidential candidate mitt romney outlining his arguments for why he wants to repeal the president's health care act, which was just supported by the supreme court this morning. he explained a 20 million americans will lose their jobs. he also called it a job killer saying the majority of business owners will be less likely to
8:58 am
hire people. he also set up with the government between you and your doctor. >> we are rearranging that because the audio was not very good and hard to hear. he says it's time for people to make a choice. the president will be with finding later on. >> we will be staying on a little longer to be able to include the president's comments which are expected at 9:15. i do want to note that the romney campaign says they've collected more than $100,000 just in online donations in the first hour since the supreme court decision was announced. right now we want to go to clotting long for more on exactly what the supreme court did decide. >> we have certainly been going over this ruling all morning long with the justices outlining their thoughts behind his decision to uphold president obama supporter will have care act. as we just some reaction coming in, you've heard from mitt romney. we expect the president to also speak in about 20 minutes. all talking about what was decided by the supreme court justices
8:59 am
this morning. now, the heart of the law and the major issue was the question, can you require individuals to get health care x can you penalize them if they don't? 5-4. justices upholding most of the president healthcare law requiring americans to have health insurance or pay a fine. the high court considers this constitutional under the government's power to levy taxes. it will cover 30 million plus uninsured people. but the smiles on the democratic side and the president expected to speak at 9:15. >> thank you. we are staying on a little longer to include the presidents comments about


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