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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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let's take a look at the friday forecast. >> a lot more fog, low clouds you two. temperatures cooler this morning bozo ever that westerly breeze. that means temperatures inland will continue their downward ten. by the coast they came down. warm toward santa cruz and capitola but they will cool off today. here is sal. steve, good morning. highway 4 westbound looks good if you are driving up to the willow pass grade. not a bad drive at all. and also looking at 237 westbound that traffic is moving well. 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. >> topping our news this morning. in antioch neighborhood is still taped off 12 hours after a deadly police shooting. ktvu claudine wong is there with what investigators are trying to do to piece together exactly what happened. claudine. >> reporter: pam, police are not saying much. let me show you what is happening at the scene. this area is still taped off. this is between country hill
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drive and vine wood. a lot of the attention in the past several minutes have been focused on the garage area of that home you are looking at right now. what we believe is the coroner van has recently backed up into the driveway and police and investigators are continuing their work inside out of view right now. we don't know exactly what led up to this yesterday afternoon. we can tell you what we are learning from neighbors and family members. neighbors tell us they heard a hail of gunfire a couple first small shots and many, many more shots after that. some neighbors told the local paper that it all came to an end in the driveway of the home as the man came out of the heal. there were people on the scene yesterday. family members of the man that was shot and killed by police. here's what one woman had to say about her uncle. >> he's not a violent person. he's not a violent person.
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i mean, i don't know what you would call this a bad day, but he's not a violent person. >> reporter: so at this point it's still unclear how this could have happened yes and whatly -- they are working on a press release about what happened but it's one clear when we will get that. out here live in the neighbor again the investigation is still well urn way. police tell us they will be out here for hour. live here in antioch, claudine wong. new this morning a church pastor arrested in fair feel accused of child mulls will
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station. reportedly someone representing st. t think -- involved five victims and date back to 1994. reports say many of the alleged mullless stations o -- molestations occurred within the church. ross mirkarimi goes back on the witness stand defending his reputation and his job. >> was december 31st the first time you ever used physical force on any woman? >> yes. >> during last nights hearing pretty tough questions were aimed at ross mirkarimi. he defended himself by saying he can demonstrate redeeming behavior. in the next half hour a report on what is expected today and a ruling on a video that showed mirkarimi's wife tearfully
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showing off her arm. this fire was is reported just before 8:30 in an empty victorian home on south seventh street near san jose state. the first fire crews on the scene reported smoke coming out of every window. nearby homes had to be evacked. >> it is big. it's huge. that is a big victorian home. two stories. probably has a basement underneath it as well. and that house, my god. it was gone. >> no one was inside at the time. the cause is still under investigation but fire officials say they do not believe it's suspicious. san jose firefighters will be going door to door to try to get more information about two fire there is. tuesday mornings fires damaged two buildings and sent 20 people out of their homes. investigators say both fires
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were set in reiching bins. $500 reward is being offer in that case. 5:04. the state announced last minute deals to keep most california state parks open. however, some of the parks still face very uncertain future. ktvu tara. >> reporter: a lot of the future of the parks still up in the air. this particular park will not close sunday but as to how long it will remain open we do not know. we see people anticipated the park would close. city officials are trying to nail down an agreement with the state. 70 of california's 278 state parks. as of yes, the state had signed 40 atreatments were partners
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including nonprofits and low agreements. five have no deals yet. city leaders say negotiations will continue over a short-term plan to maintain trash, bathrooms, and other services by the july 16th start of the salmon season. volunteers would collect gate fees. because the park receives federal -- governor jerry browns a veto saying et would take must be away from. coming up we'll let you know where the other parks are that are still in jeopardy of closing. live in benicia i'm tara moriarty. republicans are vowing to make their fight against president obama's health care law a major issue in the november presidential election. coming up at 5:15 how
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republicans are using the supreme court ruling. the latest polls show a majority of americans don't support the health care law as a whole but they do like many of the individual provisions. now we ask people in the bay area about their reaction to the supreme court ruling. >> we all have to buy car insurance. i don't hear anybody crying about that. >> even though this will help make things more accessible, the next nut to crack is going to be the cost piece. >> hospital administrators say it should take pressure off emergency rooms. when pee get more -- sal, is back. how is contra cast if that --
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traffic moves along pretty well as you drive through. commute is pretty much at the speed limit almost everywhere. southbound 242 on the concord avenue off ramp, there is a crash there. but it's not causing a huge delay. not to the freeway any way. and traffic continues to look good. let's move along and take a look at highway 80 westbound you can see that it is not a bad drive. there are no major problems as you drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza. the morning commute looks good on northbound 280 in san jose. here is steve. sal, thank you, sir. a little deeper fog bank today. it actually started yesterday. and system responsible has been beginning to work its way in. temps will come down a little bit. 48 degrees cooler inland.
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west, southwest at 21. that is a pretty good delta breeze. i think you get the idea. delta breeze definitely in place. low 50s to mid 60s -- low clouds have made it there. they have made it parts of the east bay. north bay. not much of a system. it doesn't take much this time of year. it will drag across us on saturday. the fog bank yesterday deepens a little bit today. that aawe lows us to flying over the coastal hills. local drizzle. more likely tonight and tomorrow. that went pretty quick. a lot of 70s to the north bay. 77 walnut creek. brentwood i did go with low, low 80s. concord 78. pleasanton 78. 75 san jose. 75 santa clara. 50s and 60s on the coast. subpoena senator mccain coast. 74 redwood city. it looks like a cooler sat. a
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warm -- the information hackers were able to break in. >> plus drama in the courtroom. the case that caused emotions to boil over in southern california. >> good morning. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. another update straight ahead. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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time is 5:12. chaos in the southern california courtroom where a student charged with sexually abusing his classmates. look at this. sheriffs deputies had to drag 18-year-old her than doe out of the courtroom. his family members were rushed out after that. four students claim they were attacked by him and three other minors. their teacher is also facing charges. investigators say the teacher knew about the incidents but never reported it. daly city police want your help to identify a mystery man. the man was arrested may 30th after stealing two frozen pizzas and candy bars out of a daly city grocery store but investigators can't get him to talk. his only communication a drawing of a happy face.
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he's being held in a mental health unit. he does understand english. police plan to go back to the neighborhood where he was arrested this weekend trying to track downless. in washington, d.c. this morning republicans are plotting a new line of attacks against president obama's health care law that was upheld in a stunning decision by the u.s. supreme court yes. alison burns is in washington, d.c. where the health care war is raging on. alison. >> reporter: pam, july 11th republicans in the house say they are going to vote to repeal obama care. the 5-4 supreme court decision to uphold the law prompted emotional reaction on both sides. the penalty for not getting health insurance is a tax. something democrats insisted it wasn't when the law was created. >> the supreme court has spoken. this law is a tax.
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the bill was sold to the american people on a deception. >> reporter: the democrats are celebrating their victory saying politics doesn't matter. >> this is about what we came to do. and any time we want to waste time going through what does this mean in terms of election, we under mine our purpose of coming here. >> reporter: more on how republicans say they can repeal health reform during my next update in about an hour. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. federal lawmakers are expect to vote to keep interest rates from doubling on college student loans. house and senate leaders have agreed to a one-year extension of the current 3-point will% interest rates. if approve it would effect 7.5 students. san jose state university
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are notifying students about a computer hacking incident. yesterday the school confirmed there was a breech. university says an associated student server was effected. names, home addresses, phone numbers, some driver's license numbers were accessed. but the university says no social security numbers or student id pass words were stole -- passwords were stolen. both secretary clinton and russian minister will attend a meeting in gee knee -- geneva. in the past russia has refused to go along with what it calls external interference in their
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fears. the three member crew is back on earth after a 13-day mission to a mod jewel that will be its own space station. time now 5:16. the girlfriend of the late artist thomas kinkade said he was -- his girlfriend said he wanted to create a museum for his fans at his home. kinkade's girlfriend is in a court battle with kinkade's estranged wife over his estate. you can wake up with ktvu every morning which you know but you can get the morning top stories that developed while you sleep sent straight to your cell phone.
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text the word wakeup at 70123. i could use a second cup of coffee. >> it's friday, you're allowed. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have now. the traffic is moving along pretty well on 80 westbound. more fog coming in. a little bit more fog. just as steve mentioned. a little bit more fog. cooler temperatures for some. but the fog may be a little thick in some areas as you drive through. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up here. no major problems getting into the city. if you are driving on 80 westbound the mccarthur maze that traffic looks pretty good in eastern and western contra costa county.
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let's go to steve. >> sal. >> yes, sir? >> when are the giants getting good starting pitching? >> i don't know. >> we do have a system coming in. sal has already touch on it here. the fog is increasing and the westerly breeze. i think the drizzle could be very localized today. you were not supposed to see that. so don't look. west, southwest 21 at fairfield. west, southwest at 6. west, 14 at napa. i think that is a sea breeze. mid 50s or upper 50s or very low 60s. we started the week off with low 40s we are ending with mid 50s and upper 50s. this time a little system could mean a lot. today it has no problem lifting up and moving over. the coastal hills that equals cooler conditions. again local drizzle but mainly confine right to the coast. tonight it will be coast and
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bay. 60s, 70s, and 80s. 75 san jose. santa clara, fremont only 70. san bruno 67. mountain view 74. with your weekend in view saturday looks to be the coolest. slight reborn and warm -- rebound and warmer. european leaders appear to be making progress. a tough overnight bargaining session left them listening money. that is a victory for spain and italy who have agreed they have me progress -- that has boost american stock markets as much as 2% in early trading. hong kong, south korea, and
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taiwan finished the trading session up 1%. the jobless rate improved to 4.4% as japan continues to recover. let's check in on the numbers on wall street. where we ended the day. some slight drops actually a bit of a recovery though. actually before the supreme court decision came down the dow jones was down 100 points. we are covered by the close. right now we are looking at my screen. it looks like slightly lower opening this morning. >> all right. time now 5:21. you like tomatoes. you see them in the store they look ripe and red but sometimes you taste them and they are bad. resergeers know the -- researchers know the reason more. >> more fallout from occupy oakland.
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good morning. low clouds, fog, cooler, west wind. that all means 50s and 60s coast and bay. >> all right, steve. 5:24. a group that was arrested during a major occupy protest in oakland they are filing a civil lawsuit. more than 400 people were arrested january 28th during this broadway protest. 18 people are suing the city of oakland and the county of
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alameda. they claim the police had no cause for the arrest and they should not have been jailed. they will be gathering this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. today to talk about their lawsuit. a bicyclist is in critical condition at highland hospital with life threatening head injuries after hitting a bump and slamming into a pavement. that is rewood road. it goes from oakland to castro valley with its scenic view it's a popular spot for both bicyclists and motorcyclists that like to go down the road fast. >> it's not that smooth. a lot of hidden bumps and bruises. you can't really see them. it can shake you up a little bit. >> there have been packs of bikes that take up the whole lane. >> one of the curve there is is a roadside memorial for a rider
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that was killed six months ago when a car crossed the center yellow line. both sides say they are more committed than ever now. the state ban on the delicacy takes effect this sunday. john burton wrote the original legislation. force feeding ducks and geese for their livers it's just inhumane. however they are holding private dinners they are raising money to fund a campaign to overturn that ban. researchers at uc davis say they know why some tomatoes taste bland. it's because of a gene mutation. it was bred into almost all tomatoes to make them evenly red. the unintended consequences the green takes away -- the gene takes away the taste of the
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tomatoes. 5:26. let's see what is happening on the roads. sal, what do you see? >> dave. >> yes. >> i grow tomatoes. mine taste great. >> i knew they would. >> let's take a look at what they have now. traffic is moving along very nicely. we are off to a good start on 680 and 580. 680 here on the sunol grade traffic is moving smoothly. let's go back to the desk. >> it will be a busy day on the roads today. the reason your commute could get a lot more crowded than usual. >> plus investigators are still trying to figure out what happened in a fatal police shooting. >> san francisco suspend sheriff continues to fight to keep his job. we'll tell you which of the sheriffs supporters and critics could be called to testify. ç6b
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good morning, to you. welcome back. it's a friday, it's june 29th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us today. 5:30. let's check in with steve paul southern. we have a lot of fair activities going on. >> marin county fair. >> i will be out there later this morning. >> some of us southern rockers. that is very exciting. and if you have cool -- and if you like cooler weather the fog
5:31 am
bank is rolling back in expect concord. field says cloudy. 50s, 60s, 70s for most or very low 80s. here is sal. >> steve, good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well if you are driving on the bay. we are off to a good friday start looking at the commute here on the san mateo bridge it looks pretty good with no problems to the first la. and this is a look at marin southbound 101 traffic moves well. let's go back to the desk. just starting 5:31 now. suspend sheriff ross mirkarimi is answering direct and pointed questions about the domestic violence case involving his wife. allie rasmus is in san francisco at the city hall right now as ross mirkarimi fights to keep his job. >> reporter: that hearing starts at 9:00 a.m.. first up this morning ross mirkarimi is expected to be back on the stand to testify before the ethics commission. he is doing this to try to save
5:32 am
his job as san francisco sheriff. ross mirkarimi supporters greeted him with cheers and applause as he entered the hearing room after attorneys took care of legal details ross mirkarimi began taking questions from peter keith at around #. ross mirkarimi admitted he bruised the arm of his wife eliana lopez after getting in an argument with her. ross mirkarimi pled guilty to to a misdemeanor false imprisonment charge. >> in your case you were arrested and you in fact commit the a criminal offense. >> i pled to an offense that is correct. >> are you disputing you committed a criminal act? >> no. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi told commissioners he was quote wrong in the way he reacted in that argument end quote. commissioners have decided a 45 second video where lopez
5:33 am
tearfully describes the bruising incident will be shown. mayor ed lee the man trying to out mirkarimi as sheriff will testify today. right now antioch police are continuing to piece together what led up to a fatal police shooting. i want to take you out to the scene this morning and country hills drive. you can see the area still taped off there. this is more than 12 hours after that shooting happened. it all started at 4 clocked afternoon. the only thing police have confirmed a man is dead and officers were involved. neighbors say they have heard two sets of gunfire. a ten-year-old richmond boy is expected to survive after being shot. the gunman is still on the
5:34 am
loose this morning. that shooting happened near the corner of 15th and maine yesterday afternoon at 2:30. the boy was walking with his mother and friends. police say the shooter that was riding a bicycle opened fire at a car but missed. police say the intended target was driving a black ford fusion and may have clues that could help lead to an arrest. >> one of the rear windows of the vehicle was shot out. so we are looking for that person to come forward to tell us whether he knew the shooter was. >> there is only a vague suspect description. richmond police describe him as an african american male in his late teens. they did find the bicycle a few blocks away from the shooting scene but so far they have very few leads. 5:34. four people were hurt. one of them critically in a shooting at a very busy shopping center. it happened yesterday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. outside the mountain valley shopping center. a 19-year-old man and a 21-year-
5:35 am
old man were the intended targets but a 39-year-old woman and her son were caught in the cross fire. two gunmen were seen running from that scene. very emotional day of testimony expected today in the trial of a man charged with brutally beating a retired los gatos priest. now defendant william lynch is scheduled to take the witness stand. he will accused father gerald when they were kids. while he went have the chance to confront him, he will be able to talk about alleged abuse in open court. president obama has declared a state of emergency in colorado because of the huge wild fires. today the president will be flying to the area to thank firefighters and tour the damage. coming up we'll have a live report from colorado springs and an update on the fire fighting effort there is. >> people living in temporary housing after a fire destroy
5:36 am
two houses. it started at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. these pictures are taken on a cell phone. you can see how big that fire was. look at the damage there. investigators think it may have started in or near a van that was parked between the two houses. everyone was able to get out okay but the families say they lost everything. most california state parks will stay open thanks to last minute deals. but the future of the benicia -- that is where tara moriarty is. >> reporter: this park will not be closing sunday. it's still in the red zone. we don't know how much time could be bought before it closes. behind me you see the sign there that says there have budget cuts be now 70 of
5:37 am
california's 278 state parks have been slated to july 1st in an effort to save $22 million. as of yesterday the state signed 40 agreements with partners to keep the parks open. another 25 are still being nearbied. and five including the benicia has no time yet. volunteers would collect gate fees. because the park receives federal funding it has to remain accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians. not cars. benicia has the makeshift plans to stay open. these others were shut down. gray whale cove beach. providence mountain state rec area.
5:38 am
senator joe says this is a lost opportunity to reclaim our parks but the governor saying unless these cuts were made that other important purposes would have been hurt. live from benicia i'm tara moriarty. it is get away day for a lot of people. aaa says more than five million people will hit the reeds this july holiday week if maybe we will -- almost 4 million people will drive. if time now 5:38. sal will help you. you will take care of them. >> i will. i'm working next week. if you happen to be sticking around and going to work, i will help you. good morning, everyone. let's go outside and take a look at golden gate bridge. this is as i suspected a little bit of fog. that marine layer is pushing in. that may make it for a little
5:39 am
bit of thick fog near the golden gate. other marin and parts of san mateo. remember, headlights on in the fog but not high beams. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. overcast but not foggy here. no trouble on the bridge. if you are driving in hayward, union city, or fremont that traffic moves well. steve. >> sal. >> your reds are ready. >> they are getting beat by a petter team. >> what is the weather like for the games? >> i will be there saturday. much cooler conditions. low clouds are in. dress appropriately. coal front is coming in. it was -- they will continue that four to eight degrees cooler away from the coast.
5:40 am
west, southwest 21 fairfield. anything over 20 is a sure sign. yesterday the same thing happened and sure enough temperatures came down. i know there are low clouds in the area. 50s-70s for most. then it will exit the region but the shallow fog bank yesterday is much deeper much higher. that means it has no problem clearing the coastal hills. fremont 70. 80 morgan hill. cupertino 76. 75 woodside. 58 pacifica. not much change if anything. maybe a little cooler inland. early next week does look better. 5:40. right now the launch of a delta
5:41 am
four rocket scheduled to carry a spy satellite into space is on hold. these are live pictures. liftoff was delayed for the third time this morning. several alarms went off. that launch could take place before 7:30 our time if the problems are fixed. some of the sources say this is the last of the cold war era stealth satellites. 5:40 is the time right now. an fbi investigation involving the golden state warriors. the alleged plot to get money from mark jackson. >> and for the second time george zimmerman will try to convince a judge to set him free. >> good morning, westbound 24 traffic looking pretty good getting up to the willow pass grade. another update on the morning commute straight ahead. ♪
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g to you -- good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories. investigators still on the scene of a fatal police shooting. police have giving us very few details about what happened but they do say a man is dead and police officers were involved. >> at 9:00 this morning suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi goes back on the witness stand. under pretty tough questioning last night he admitted he bruised his wife's arm last new years eve but he tole the ethic -- but he told the ethics panel he can demonstrate redeeming behavior. republicans vow to keep fighting against president obama's health care reform law. despite yesterday supreme court ruling that upheld it. they will make health care
5:45 am
reform a major issue. >> in the next hour george zimmerman returns to court in florida seeking another chance at freedom. the neighborhood watch volunteer is charged with second degree murder in the february shooting of trayvon martin. earlier this month the judge revoked zimmerman's bond and zimmerman's wife was charged with perjury. during the first bond they failed to disclose $50,000 that was raised online. julian assange says he plans to ignore an order by place. assange says the case is politically motivated. president obama has declared a state of emergency in colorado. wild fires have destroyed hundreds of homes and burned thousands of acres. sandra is in colorado where the president will be touring the damage later today.
5:46 am
good morning, sandra. >> reporter: good morning, pam. president obama has authorized federal funds to help the localities here in colorado that are hard hit by this deeing wile fours. president obama will be looking firsthand at the torch names. the colds horizon is engulfed in flames. families are fleeing their homes. sometimes with nowhere to go. hotel rooms are hard to come by. >> we sat in a apartment at castle rock. homeless. for hours. >> they aren in by stringers. just one of the many acts of caneness. the -- entire neighbors are wiped out. it could be mediale before the
5:47 am
claims are control if relief alive to state tuesday if for sop 180,000 plus acres of charred ran, burn fire around the state. tens of thousands of people are under evacuation. >> they have set up a demand post on the street and there are two large anchor slots. >> reporter: some can only wait for word to hear it's safe to go home. >> we don't know when we are going to get back in. right now we are trying not to think about it. >> reporter: authorities say the wild fires are 15% contained and search crews are going through the area where is the flames are already
5:48 am
extinguished. last night they found a charred body in a hard hit neighborhood and trying to still account for those missing. time now 5:47. two people have been arrested they have charged in an allege extortion plot against golden state warriors head coach mark jackson. adams had explicit photos of jackson and was asking for $100,000 to keep it secret. >> the golden state warriors select harrison barnes from the university of north carolina. >> the nba draft the warriors selected north carolina harrison barnes with the seventh overall pick. the 6'8" small forward led the
5:49 am
tar heels with 17 points a game. hornets took anthony davis. here is a reminder you can get ktvu news to go right on your cell phone. down load the ktvu app. click on the live aye con and you -- icon and you can watch all of our in fact -- newscast live. 5:49 is the time. how is traffic? >> it's not bad. let's go out and take a look at the pictures we have for you. looking at the east shore freeway not a bad commute. there are some traffic delays that are beginning to appear here. nothing major. also there goes a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. again we are looking at traffic moving welcoming into san francisco with no delays on the bridge. and if you are driving on westbound 92 or westbound 84 the dumbarton bridge those
5:50 am
commutes are still looking fine. let's go to steve. >> very good morning. a lot of low clouds in place. that will be a cool down for many. inland temps that were still in the 80s yesterday. not today my friends. not today. 70s. 75 santa rosa. 79 fairfield. 78 concord. 77 livermore. all locations are saying cluey. expect for concord buchanan. the marine layer has lifted. it's flying in. west, southwest 22. continues to ramp up. all the way out to the delta. my 50s for san jose. our system doesn't look like much. this time of year doesn't take muff. it's also opening the door to
5:51 am
that sea breeze. low clouds. west wind. 4-8 degrees cooler low 80s pittsburgh and antioch. 65 san leandro. 75 san jose. low 80s morgan hill to gilroy. 67 san bruno. 59 daly city. and redwood city 74. slight reborn but breezy. >> thank you, steve. research in motion cutting 5,000 jobs. company to make blackberries saw sales drop 43% from the same time last year. blackberry holds 6.5% of total sport sales. the rob is being rethe new
5:52 am
club will co-- it will be in the white marble banking hall on montgomery street. problem tar and -- proctor and imammable hopes they will think of their chips for more than a snack. the speckiers connect to mp3 players and guess what they are designed to fit on top of the pringles can. time now 5:52. it's what san francisco tourism officials don't want to hear. why the city is on a new list it includes the word dangerous. >> new research claims soft
5:53 am
drinks are not as soft as you might think.
5:54 am
5:55 am
weak cold front coming in. that has no problem for the fog which is really picked up big time. cooler today. mainly 60s and 70s couple very low 80s. >> all right, steve. time now 5:55. new tests reveal that most cola drinks have a trace of alcohol.
5:56 am
researchers on the national constitute of consumption tested 19 different brans. ten of them including coke and pepsi have very low levels of alcohol. both companies say the alcohol is from a natural fermented group. we have new information about the man that arizona parentally fell into the san francisco bay after a giants game this week. san francisco crews have called off the search for 27-year-old victor mailo. he was last seen the night before near pier 30. his friends are telling the chronicle marilo with as a guard at a state prison hospital. he was originally from the los angeles area. lance armstrong former teammates are part of the antidoping agencies to prove armstrong used performance enhancing drugs. they have both admitted to
5:57 am
doping and they have bothed a caused armstrong of doing the same. the case against armstrong is now in front of an agency review board to determine if there is enough evidence to charge him. san francisco sheriff is leading california in several deadly statistics. according to the state office of traffic safety, san francisco county ranks number one among california 58 counties for pedestrians killed or injured by cars. the city is also the the top for bicyclist deaths and injuries speed related deaths and injuries. nighttime death and injuries. hit and run deaths and injuries. san francisco safety groups are working together to figure out why and change it. on a website we have posted a link to that complete study. you can find out where your county ranks. . >> hopefully a safe day today. sal, how is your commute? >> we are doing pretty well so far. starting off in the south bay northbound 280 looks pretty good getting up to highway 17
5:58 am
has not reached critical level yet. also on the same getting to the south bay 680 looks pretty good. looks the same. 5:57 let's go back to the defect. thank you, sal. coming up on our 6:00 hour. a bay area priest arrested. who was arrest? what he is accused of. >> also we'll tell you how witnesses are describing a deadly officer involved shooting in antioch. we'll have a live report on this continuing investigation. >> good morning temperatures cooling down today. how much so? we'll have the forecasted temps in two minutes.
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