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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  July 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> a critical day in a case involving the beatic of a priest -- beating of a priest. i am tori campbell. >> more drama today in the case in the south bay. ktvu's tara moriarty explains us what happened so far when & when the -- far and when the jury will get the case. >> reporter: the jury is taking a break, won't be back till
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1:30. the judge is meeting with the attorneys and saying that the defense be asked to null -- well, look behind me, you can see all the people here. the judge says the defense may be over stepping bounds by asking the jury to nullify the decisions to over charge william lynch. the prosecution chose to do that. the defense mocked the prosecution when they said we feel sorry for william lynch, he was abused by the priest but no man is above the law. william nch'attorney said reverend jerold linder raped and tortured a 7-year-old boy the prosecution saying william lynch was a vigilante. his supporters have been lining the steps, holding signs. when the prosecution showed
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pictures of reverend jerold linder, william lynch broke down and cried. william lynch faces two counts. >> the case from the district attorney is about the rule of law and they did a good job explaining, even when the victim is someone who is despicable they still have to prosecute the case and i think that the last 5 minutes of the argument was compelling. >> reporter: william lynch said when he went to confront the preach, reverend jerold linder leered at him, he had flash backs to the attacks and struck him. he says it took place in 1975 when he was 7 and his brother was 4. william lynch said reverend jerold linder said he would kill him if he told. they never told till years
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later and by then the statute of limitations expired. reverend jerold linder denied ever abusing him. william lynch's parents were sitting there, the brother was not there, he did not testify. there are a group of people out here. one of them the sister, she was thrown out of court earlier in the trial for making an outburst but is out here supporting her brother. if convicted he could face up to four years in prison. coming up at 5:00, robert handa will have much more. live in san jose, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. new at noon, the court fight over the $66 million estate of south bay painter thomas kinkade was put on told. his girlfriend showed for a hearing in san jose. the widow nanette kinkade was
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not there but her lawyer was. the judge continued to hearing till august 13. she said he wanted her to have his mansion and $10 million to establish a museum of his work. >> we believe that thomas kinkade had a crystal clear vision on an interactive museum for the display of his art. >> either it is not tom's hand or he was in a state where he couldn't understand what he because doing. it is pretty -- pretty much chicken scratch. >> the judge issued one ruling, keeping the matter in probate court. we are following new developments in a hit-and-run crash that killed a 16-year-old boy over night, happened after
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midnight. as ktvu's alex savage reports, the highway patrol has a suspect in custody. the collision happened after midnight. the chp says this while truck seared into the lane and slam -- veered into the lane and slammed into another truck and a teen was killed. the driver left the truck behind and ran off but not before checking on the teen. a witness pulled up moments after the accident. >> he came down and looking in there and we were there 3-5 minutes and then the other guy already left. >> reporter: investigators identified the owner of the truck as michael harmon. he was considered a person of interest in the crash. but this morning he turned himself in. >> it is a serious thing.
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>> reporter: investigators say the driver will be facing manslaughter and felony hit and run charges. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. late this morning the coroner released the name of the victim, he was 17 years old, not 16. police are investigating a homicide after a person was found shot to death. police found the victim after 6:00 p.m. last night in oakland. the victim had been shot at least once. officers have not released any other information. san francisco police are looking for a gunman in connection with a shooting. the violence happened yesterday. the victim's identity has not been released. police are not saying a lot about the case. a motive is not yet known. a homeless man is in jail
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accused of setting a fire at a vacant apartment building. started after noon yesterday on clayton way. ktvu channel 2 news got the video of the rest of michael moss -- of the arrest of michael moss. neighbors say he was one of many squatters living in that foreclosed apartment. drug use and other activities were common there. investigators will not say why he would burn himself out of his home. firefighters in san jose are searching for the person who set a fire at a san jose high school. the fire at independence high school started at 6:45 last night. firefighters say a side door was set on fire. the fire damaged siding on the building. police are trying to figure out what caused a fire that damaged a home.
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firefighters confirmed last night the home was a crime scene but did not say why. the fire was reported by neighbors who smelled smoke. no one was inside the house. just a short time ago a special ceremony was held as fire station 25 officially reopened. ktvu's allie rasmus explains why this is happening after the station shut down two years ago and how the neighborhood is reacting. >> reporter: they have had the garage doors to fire station 25 open, people have been dropping by, you can see there, they have been getting tours of station 25 and they have been inviting the community, come by, say hello. >> reporter: fire station 25 is open after two years and this morning neighbors took notice. >> i am so glad you are back.
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i brought you cookies. >> reporter: some welcomed back their old neighbors and they held an open house today. >> we missed them here. they provide lot of services and they are great. >> i live in the neighborhood. been here 20 years. real happy they are opening back up. >> reporter: a different story two years ago, they faced cuts and forced to close 3-8 fire stations, including fire station 25. >> went into bankruptcy and this is the beginning of doing that. >> reporter: now thanks to a grant from fema they bought new trucks and hired 9 firefighters. they respond to about 12,000 emergency calls a year. >> this district was the one engine company that we cut that
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was a higher call volume. >> reporter: now that they are back open, it will mean shorter response time and they have resources to respond to a second alarm fire without help from other cities. >> reporter: voters passed a 1% sales tax increase so leaders plan to add more city services. the mayor says in the budget they approved they set aside money to fire 5 new police officers as well. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. celebrating today as officials chose the silicon valley for a new patent office. >> makes the silicon valley area an ideal location to
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recruit top it talent. >> that was patent office director david kappos. he says the valley is 150,000 qualified people in the work force as well as a world class university and research community. authorities will announce the new office will be located in san jose. new at noon, california is the first state tobegin a new -- to begin a new policy where affordable aids treatment and care is being made able on the affordable care act. effective this week, hiv positive patients will be eligible to transition to long term stable and affordable treatment and care programs. >> this policy shift will improve how we respond to aids
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in california and it will effect those on the front lines in the battle against hiv and aids. california is setting the stage for the rest of the country. we want to save other families from going through the realization that we went through. >> the tearful plea for parents and party buses. >> and 7 minutes, which parts of the bay area will finally heat up. >> they can use their clipper cards and get on faster. >> the new muni policy designed to save commuters time. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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. just two hours ago jerry hilled joined with grieving parents of a young man who died two years ago. he got drunk on a party bus and died in his car on his way home. they would have to verify the age of passengers, designate
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chaperons and fines. >> they need regulation and they need to be held accountable for upholding underaged drinking laws. >> the legislation face as vote tomorrow in the state -- faces a vote tomorrow in the state. >> we asked about pg&e's admission that 200 pipelines could be at risk of failure. he represents the area devastated by the san bruno disaster. you will hear that coming up in 6 empties. law make -- 6 minutes. lawmakers will vote on funding for the california's high-speed rail. governor jerry brown wants to cover the first phase of the project but leaders say it faces a tough vote in the senate. the obama administration
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threatened to pull funding if the states fails to approve funding. commuters are paying higher fees fees for public transportation. muni's m pass cost $64 instead of $62. single ride tickets are still $2. bart fairs are up 5-15 cents. transit is increasing by 5% and cal train, going up 25-50 cents for paper tickets. and starting today, muni is expanding its backdoor policy, including buses. some say the plan could give people a free ride. >> i don't think i have seen anyone go through the backdoor
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and pay, so. yeah. they will cheat and not pay. >> the backdoor boarding is expected to make muni 100% faster and they are the first with an all door boarding system and they plan to hire more inspectors. firefighters gained the upper hand on a wildfire in colorado, allowing some people to return home for the first time. more than 30,000 people fled the area around colorado springs a week ago. the waldo canyon burned 350 homes and turned 17,000 acres into ash. it is 45% contained. more than 3,000 people remain under evacuation orders. the cause of the fire is under investigation. heat and high humidity continues to hit the mid- atlantic region. temperatures are expected to hit triple digits today and many folks will have to deal
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with the heat without air conditioning due to power outages. millions are without power after lines were bout down by -- brought down by severe thunderstorms and strong winds. and also three deaths in north carolina. fog holding on. the city is in the upper 50s, low 60s. coast, over the bay, but the fog is retreating a bit. made a surge inland this morning. hazy skies. some locations windy. some locations, warm. by the coast and also around the bay, temperatures are stuck. a breeze, picked up in the last hour towards travis, 20. southwest at santa rosa. and northwest at san jose.
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breezes for everybody. 70s inland. san jose, the low this morning was 63. humidity is threw the roof. 76 in santa rosa. livermore mid-70s. san francisco 60. oakland 63. i think that will bounce up quick once the fog gets out of here. we are in a summer time pattern. the key is the lows a week ago were so cool. we are not getting that northwest wind anymore. a system to the north. and we are caught in between. it is a sunny and warm forecast, unless you have the coastal fog. breezy for some. not across the board. but some areas have a sea
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breeze. 90 in clear lake. other areas in the 80s. napa was warmer than concord and livermore. 70s, 80s for some. for others, if you have low clouds, tough day to get past the low 60s. extended out look, i could -- [ laughter ] >> put in one or two degrees difference and it won't matter. looks nice on the forth of july. rising sea levels could cause neighborhoods to flood in two decades and san francisco international airport could be effected. sea levels could rise 30 centimeters and that could cause flooding. many of the neighborhoods were built a few feet over the
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highest tied levels. pg&e identified 239 pipelines at risk for a failure, similar to the san bruno disaster. there are 500 trouble spots. some lines will not need to be replaced but critics say that is against the law. >> the law is clear in saying if you can't verify -- if you have over pressurized that pipe you have to test that line to make sure it is safe. >> the pipelines in question have seen welds susceptible to failing. costing antioch thousands of dollars. documents so they are supposed to pay $4,100 a month for rent.
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but the restaurant paid only $1,000 since june of last year. they plan to file a claim in bankruptcy court for $48,000. still ahead, exciting news for bay area high school students, facebook may turn out to be more than just hobby.
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stocks sank after american manufacturing shrank. dow down 42. nasdaq up, and s&p down 4. lawmakers will vote on a plan, if approves the mortgage settlement will be incorporated into state law. and large banks have to provide a person to talk to. facebook is launching its first intern program it is meant for students studying science, technology, and math. they will be chosing from high schools and spend part of the day at facebook headquarters. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, a trend in the bay area. we are looking into the rash of fires at vacant homes taken
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over by squatters. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time use break and we are always here for you on and mobile
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