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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 31, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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was learning politics and politicians who they were as i saw them on tv. i warned it be able to identity them and their it position. >> he is a danger to the community. >> reporter: and a june 30th encounter with police investigators took a loaded gun and a rifle. johns was sent to the hospital and later released. today he called the weapons collectibles and said he had no intention on hughes them on anyone. the guns and knives hobbies of mine this that i don't necessarily per sue but i would like to keep them. >> i have been told they won't get back into his hands, at least the ones we have taken. >> reporter: and i spoke to an fbi spokesman late today just after four. the san francisco police have not asked them yet to step in on the case owing to the political list. coming up at six why johns said that the shootings in colorado
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are connected to his case. david stevenson. >> we have an update on a story we brought you yesterday at five about a double homicide in san francisco. the victims were a 27-year-old and a 25-year-old. police were called to the site of a large fight about 1:00 p.m. yesterday. police found go men had been shot. they later died. police say six people have been killed in that neighborhood since may. >> the mayor is fighting the take over of the police department. rita williams is live and said what the feds had to say in a new review of the department. >> reporter: just how bad the oakland police department really is, seems to be in the eye of the be holder.
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>> we are starting to build some ties. >> the culture change they say is coming in here really does not exist. >> reporter: the attorney's successful suit against the police a decade ago led to monitoring. that monitors latest report revealed among other things what internal affairs investigators called racist, insulting and inappropriate photographs posted at police headquarters of the mayor. the judge overseeing the monitoring. >> someone told me there had been some campaign literature and horns in -- and mustaches and i guess that's disappointing and the city. >> reporter: what the mayor dismissed as the work of a few officers the monitor said was not punishing officers and supervisors. he said it took a nonpolice whistle blower to complain that at east nine lieutenants
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frequented the basement line up area, they were incompetent and didn't know what was going on in their command or they knew and failed to act and then lied. >> to quote them stagnation. we need to see progress. >> reporter: what does this report really mean? it means the oakland police department moves closer to being the first department in the country that could be taken over and run by federal authorities. i will have more on that at six. reporting live in oakland. rita williams. >> the mother of a man who died after accidentally shooting himself while running police is suing the city. about one year ago he suffered a fatal wound. police tried to stop him when he failed to pay a fare in a civil rights lawsuit his mother claimed officers didn't get her
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son immediate medical care. the plea entry for a man approximate accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar was postponed today. he is linked to lamar through dna evidence. according to one this delay in the case has an upside for the prosecution. >> not only is the prosecution iting to investigate this case but they will continue to investigate this defendant. can they tie him to other crimes and if they can they will bolster the case involving sierra lamar. >> the body has not been found since she went missing on march 16th. garcia torres is being held without bail. his hearing was continued through august 29th. >> a 9-year-old pretending he was on a camp out in his family's garage accidentally set the house on fire. crews responded to the home around 2:30. they say he set up a tent and mattress in the garage.
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the fire broke out when he apparently dropped a lit candle on the mattress. his mother and sisters were at home when it started. other than minor burns and smoke inhalation everybody made it out okay. another bicyclist has died in a traffic accident. this time on a busy santa rosa street. the crash happened around 7:30 near thomas lake harris drive. police say that the person was riding westbound and a truck was going east when the truck turned left in front of the bicyclist. police say the truck driver stopped and is cooperating. the victim's name hasn't been released. the bicyclist coalition said it was the 5th struck and killed in the county in the past ten weeks. >> the fight over gay marriage has reached the nation's highest court. today supporters of proposition 8 took their case to the united states supreme court asking for
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a review of a san francisco ruling. if the court doesn't hear the case it would clear the way for same sex marriages to resume in california. the high court is expected to announce its decision this fall. a judge in connecticut found today that the defense of marriage act violates the constitution. he said one part violates the 5th amendment right to equal protection. the law deknees federal benefits to same sex married couples even if they were wednesday in states where it's legal. the part son gap appears to be widening. a poll found 65% of democrats support gay marriage. 24% of republicans say they favor allowing gays to marry, up just 5%. the line up for the democratic national convention is taking form. coming up what we learned about the role michelle obama will have. >> fire investigators are
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trying to learn the cause of a fire that destroyed a home. it started just before ten on 82nd avenue. six people were inside the home when the fire started. a woman who helped a man escape the flames was quiet emotional when she described what happened. >> we all got out. it's -- everything is gone. everything we own. i don't have nothing. >> took at least two dozen firefighters to keep the fire from spreading to other homes. fire crew has to aggressively attack the fire because every level of the home was burning. the investigation continues today into the strange death of a young woman who died after falling out of a moving party bus. robert honda is live with the latest including proposed legislation to try it stop another such tragedy. >> reporter: we are outside campbell towing where the list have been looking at the bus
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from party bus of santa cruz that was involved in the fatal accident. as we have been reporting investigators are looking for clues to how the two women fell out of the moving party bus while fighting on the bus as it was returning from the a concert. according to the chp a 25-year- old natasha nolan fell out the door and was run over. the police said the woman she was fighting also fell out but was not seriously hurt. the death and reported heavy drinking on the bus stunned many. >> kind of shock isn't it? to think that could happen. i would assume that people would be responsible for everybody on the bus, whoever owns or drives the bus. >> reporter: apparently not. party bus drivers don't have the same legal responsibility as limo drivers, especially for minors. hill is pushing a bill to make bus drivers criminally liable
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and would require a chaperone25 or older for any underage passenger on board. >> puts responsibility in both places to make sure it can't happen. had it passed and been enforced today with the circumstances as i know them in highway 17 it could have prevented that from happening. >> i think that would be a good thing. somebody has to be responsible. you can't just get on and not care. >> reporter: the bill, passed and is headed to the state senate next week. we met the with nolan's relative, the family declined to comment. >> cal state announcing an agreement with a union that will avert threatened strikes. it provides job stability for staff and staff input on class sizes. it didn't include a pay race from the last time the extra
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expired. the settlement still needs approve alabi university trustees across the 23 campus system. the university of phoenix is one of the colleges now disqualified for cal trans. a new list of 154 inenglishible was released today. that's up from 67 last year. almost 8,000 students promised cal grant for the new year won't be eligible. >> proponents of a vehicle insurance discount filed a lawsuit today over a voter guide statement they claim are not correct. they are upset about a statement by the attorney general claiming that proposition 33 allows price setting by insurance companies. the initiative is backed by mercury insurance and would get people discounts when they switch from other carriers, it would also allow a sur charge for first time buyers.
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an attorney for apple accused samsung of making illegal knock offs of apple's smart phones. opening statements started in san jose in the legal battle between the two. the attorneys said that samsung copied the design and user experience of the i-phone and i- pad. in a statement samsung called the i-phone an inspiring product but said being inspired and seeking to make a better product is competition, not copying. >> the top republican and democrat on capitol hill have announced an agreement to prevent the government from shutting down when the current budget year ends september 30th. the senate majority leader and house speaker described it as a continuing resolution to avoid a shut down and fund the one trillon dollars over six months. the legislation is expected to pass in september. its being called the world's biggest blackout. grids failed across half of
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india leaving 620 million people without power. power is now being restored in many areas after three grids collapsed crippling the rail system. traffic lights shut down triggering gridlock. today's massive failure is a day after a similar but smaller outage. the country's power minister is blaming on states taking more than their share of power. >> the bay area control room for nasa's latest mission. what they hope to find from the university's darkest mysteries. >> and the fog is clearing the coast. many locations it was hot inland again today. we have a couple big baseball games over in oakland and san francisco. i will have the details on that and the five-day.
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. bay area sciencists finishing last minute checks of the newest space telescope. john fowler is live in berkeley
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to explain why this may unravel the darkest secrets of the unverse. >> reporter: berkeley researchers right now are in charge of it but the telescope400 miles high expected to capture the best images of black holes. it's called new star. 33-foot long satellite, the sharpest ever eye on high energy xrays,. >> going deepener to black hole environments. >> reporter: this is mission control. sciencists now finishing setting it up. >> it's a very high responsibility. >> reporter: the science starts tomorrow. appearing unprecedented clarity through the dust and gas at center of galaxies. >> reporter: some of them are sort of like the problem children. those are the most interesting. >> reporter: so dense that
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gravity keeps even light from leaving. at their edges, ripped apart atoms reveal clues. >> reporter: the university is looking at the laws of physics in extreme environments. >> reporter: understanding black holes is key to understanding the unverse. the evolution of galaxies, how they grow appears to be linked with how their central black holes grow. >> what we don't expect now will be the most interesting thing we find. black holes never disappointed us in the past. >> reporter: it's 200 times stronger than any other. the excitement begins tomorrow. reporting live. john fowler. ktvu channel 2news. >> newly released records show that the -- have spent $48 million in repairs and inspection costs. records released today estimate that it'll cost the company
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another $25 million to restart one of two crippled units there at the plant at reduced power. the plant shut down in january after damage released low levels of radioactive steam. a hiker who body was found last week died from injuries a fall. the body of the 31-year-old was found about 11,000 feet up the mountain. an autopsy showed he died of multiple traumatic fractures and hemorrhages because of a mountain hiking accident. . >> a new strain of bird blue could possibly be a threat to humans. harbor seals with the strain started washing up on the shore maine to massachusetts. they appear to have severe sickness and 160 of them died. the virus jump from birds to
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the seals. other strains have spread to humans before. a massachusetts shark expert said today that a great white shark was likely to blame for yesterday's attack on a swimmer. that man made it back to shore where calls were made for help. >> what's the problem? >> a shark attack. he is bleeding, he is wound. his ankle has been bit. >> okay is he on the beach now? >> yes. out of the water. >> i will send them right now. >> thank you. >> reporter: the victim had been body surfing with his son. there have been several shark sightings in the area but haven't been an attack anywhere on cape cod in 76 years. the victim had surgery today and is expected to be okay. >> just about three hours now crews will start mosquito traitments to cut down on the spread of west nile. it'll take place from about 8:30 to 11:00 tonight in an
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area bordered by brentwood and seller's avenue. crews will use a trunk mounted sprayer. they say that it's a hot spot for west nile virus. nine birds and five mosquito samples have tested positive. >> if you like the warm weather and some of us do, today is the day and it's a a really nice week. temperatures today not that far off. it was i little key. you may have noticed the fog had a more of an impact. temperatures down a few degrees. it's still hot inland. the temperatures in to the mid90o's. we go outside. live storm tracker two and you can seat fog doing what it did last night. starting to erode as its wind, the northerly flow is eroding it away. we had clearing long ocean beach. i suspect in the next half hour we could see clearing again if you are looking forward.
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pacifica you are cloudy. i will see clearing over the next hour. as we go through the next couple hours, the fog will push back in and that fog will be in some bay areas tomorrow morning but not a big inland push. that's because it got enough high pressure. it won't make it inland. daytime -- will be warmer. that's the story. warmer tomorrow. little less fog. in fairfield 93, 92 concord. baseball going on. san francisco, oakland. both at home. 60 degrees for the start of the san francisco game against the mets. 7:15. 7:05 the a's get going against the rays, 63 degrees. a nice looking start -- you can see the numbers are chilly so you will need a jacket. the temperatures into the midand upper 50s. cool out at the ballpark. forecast overnight lows tonight in the 50s. 57 antioch, 56 fairfield. fog and low clouds, not get that far and mostly just along the coast here . as you look at story has been that the fog is
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getting shoved against the hill. it keeps it warmer because the moisture can't make it inland. take a look, live camera, live camera, graphicly showing that. the fog down here. those are the east bay hills. there is mount diablo. look at marine layer, down around 7, 800 feet. that's why it got hot. the marine layer stays compressed. i will have the complete forecast when we come back. look for temperatures perhaps in the upper 90s. >> thank you bill. getting closer. >> it's a big step forward for memorial honoring on board flight 93. what was announced today.
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. microsoft hopes to retire it's popular hot mail e-mail service for a new but still familiar brand. the newly redone service is called based on the microsoft application millions use for their workplace e-mail. over the next few months the company plans to invite it's 350 million hot mail users to tryout the new service. existing users will be able to keep their addresses but new ones will have to pick an outlook domain. microsoft said the new service will include improved clinger links. >> a senior a sift said apple
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executives may be thinking about a stock split. the executive gave no reason why the tech giant would make such a move. a split would double the number of shares but would cut the price in half. only two companies on the dow are more than 600 a share. more reports naming september 12th as the big announcement day for the new i- phone. they claim they have sources who say apple will reveal a new i-phone on that day. that follows previous reports by several blog that have said sales start on september 21st. >> a national memorial for a flight headed to san francisco received $3 million in grants. the money with improved access to the flight in pennsylvania. two million dollars will be
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used for a pedestrian bridge and one million will go toward a road leading to the main entrance of the park. >> it's so important we continue to move with the project and get it done. people can come here and be made whole again. >> the national park foundation said the memorial still needs to race five to six million dollars to complete it. >> there is no evidence of a last minute life line from congress to prevent the postal service from defaulting on a bill for the first time in its history. a five and a half billion payment to the treasurey department is due tomorrow. usdf officials say they can't pay it. a similar bill in september may also be skipped. the service is struggling because of competition from the internet and private companies. >> a protest against one of the nation's largest banks, in front of this monolith. . >> one of the most
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controversial parts of the health care reform law is said to take effect in just hours. what women will get for free and why the fight over the change isn't letting up. >> you can get ktvu news on your i-pads. as you can see, you can get the forecast today for the identity and the area where you live. it's available for free in the app store. find it just type ktvu into the search box. your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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. complete barry news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> oakland is fighting a wall street giant over what it says excessive fees and is now going
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to the streets. a coalition of community groups and politicians rallied against them over what they called excessively high fees, public agencies must pay to the bank. we are live from oakland. one of many cities and public agencies that have to pay millions of dollars to the banks. >> reporter: example take a look at this fire house over here. one of many closed one month out of the year because in large part of a deal. to protect themselves from spiking interest rates in the late 90s cities and other agencies workedda deal with goldman sach's freeing to pay a fixed rate. when the economy collapsed their clients are still obligated to pay the agreed on rates. that's four million dollars a year in oakland. >> that's the case because of the financial meltdown that
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they provoked. >> reporter: the coalition held its event at the former b of a building where they now have offices. right in front of this monolith that's been known as the banker's heart. 42 don't have clean hands through its own fraud investment itself was a key player in the economic collapse. directly and indirectly they received $54 billion in taxpayer bailouts and loans. >> that was taxpayer money that bailed them out and like we did that we want them to extend that to us. >> reporter: one example, oakland has paid $30 million but has another 20 million to go. >> they have made their money on this deal. it's not like we say we don't want to pay you for the deal. the termination fee is just that, a fee. >> reporter: a termination fee is $15 million. oakland city council has voted if they don't terminate the deal without penalty it'll never do business with the bank again. >> we would like to have other
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jurisdictions take the same stand and stay in the same situation. >> reporter: a spoke woman for the bank declined to comment. >> a regulator is standing by its decision to bargainy may and freddie mac for reducing -- they announced their decision after months of pressure to recore. the agency said the risk which includes as many as 19,000 borrowers out wide the benefits. about 1.4 million would have been eligible for the reduction. the board of supervisors today officially adopted aphelian to put a sales tax increase measure before voters in november. it would increase to 8.3%. the measure would allow supervisors to determine the best use of the tax proceeds, some worry it would go toward a
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controversial plan to expand the county jail. >> our concern is that it won't be a sales tax but will be a jail tax. >> supporters say that the concern is absolutely unfounded. . they say it would go toward services like fire prevention, after school programs and retrofit hospital for the hospital in daily. >> a new survey suggests most back to school shoppers don't plan to cut back on spending this year. the survey found that nine out of ten plan to spend the same or more on back to school shopping compared with last year. in addition a majority of them say they plan to shell out more because items cost more. another survey found that the average family with children in school will spend about $690 on back to school items, that's up 14% from last year. >> romney wrapped up his week long trip to europe.
5:34 pm
he and his wife visited the monument of heroes, a tribute to those in fought nazis. he also gave a speech saying poland and the united states speak languages of freedom and justice. his campaign said it has a new smart phone app to tell people when he makes his vp pick. romney is heading back to the town that calls itself the bingest little city. it'll be made up of four fund raiser, tickets start at $2,500 and top out at 25,000. he was just there last month after a quick visit here. >> democratic organizers revealed the main speakers for the convention this fall and the first lady is high on the list. she will address delegates on opening night of the convention. it starts september 4th in charlotte north carolina. herer speech will be on television nationwide. the key note speaker is julian
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castro the mayor of san antonio. she is the first latino picked as the key note speaker at the convention. >> one of the most controversial parts of the health care reform law kicks in tomorrow but as we report from washington the battle over birth control coverage is still raging on. >> reporter: starting tomorrow insurance companies will have to start offering free birth control and other services. critics of the mandate say that it violates religious freedom and republicans today called for a vote to repeal it. >> i think it would be appropriate to have a vote on repeal of obama care. >> reporter: democrats like barbara boxer say the benefits will help 47 million women. >> i am stunned that on the eve of the broadest increase in
5:36 pm
benefits in my lifetime the republicans want to repeal these benefits from women, this is a conditionation on their part of the war on women. >> reporter: a federal judge ruled against the mandate last week but the decision won't keep that part of the law from taking effect. reporting washington. >> health experts are trying to control an ebola outbreak in uganda. it's highley contagious and the president there is urging people to be caution about contact with others. he is even recommending against shaking hands. there is no medication for it so victims need to be healthy enough to recover on their first down. the death rate is 65% for this strain. >> wigs, pepper spray and poker chips. the man accused of an attempted robbery at a casino faces the music. the unlikely people who helped police. >> a smoother ride.
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the test bart is set to roll out that could make life easier for bike riders. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver, only from at&t. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . the 24-year-old man has pled guilty to robbery and speaker charges in a botched attempt to rob a resort on the las vegas strip. police say in may michael belton and another man wore wigs and sun glass when is they
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pepper sprayed a blackjack dealer tried to take 11 5,000 dollars in chips. bystanders tackled him. the second man got away. if convicted he faces up to 21 years in jail. new jersey authorities suspect members of a cult were involved with a theft of a body. pleasantville police say someone broke the door last thursday or friday, smashed a slab protecting the coffin and took the remains. the toms of other family members weren't touched. it ney have been taken for a ritual. >> the army said its changing its screening system after claims that doctors reversed ptsd orders. that after an investigation into screenings of soldiers at a army medical center. some had complained after doctors overturned the finding of ptsd for about 300.
5:41 pm
today officials said it may have been appropriate for civilians but not for service members. starts this friday bart will hold a trial run allowing bikes on trains once a week. currently they ban bikes on trains during rush hour but under new program they will be allowed on bart trains all day on friday in august. officials say they want to see the effects of bikes on passengers and train operation. bikes will not be allowed in the first car of a trainor on crowded trains. >> calling him a legend the oakland police department held a special celebration for one of its own. they played try bout to -- tribute to a lieutenant who is retiring 35 years. he is on the board of directors for the police officer's association and is also president of the latino police officer's association. >> many of us have heard and
5:42 pm
used a twitter website. coming up why it's causing controversy. >> and back here, temperatures did cool off today but we are back into the warming trend. i will show you how warm in your neighborhood tomorrow. ñ
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. social media, twitter specifically is having a big impact on the olympics. paul chambers live with how fans may like it but some athletes may be regret what they have sent out. >> we are live outside twitter
5:45 pm
headquarters and -- olympic coverage is being changed by social media. if you would not like to know the results change your head because there are tweets in here that give away results. >> first olympic. >> reporter: there was a time when if you wanted to know how someone did you had to watch. now the hours of waiting have turned in to seconds as people are using twitter. >> some watch but don't want to see it. are you ruining it for people. when you log into twitter, facebook or whatever social media website, it's really hard to avoid seeing something you don't want to see. . >> reporter: for million athletes like michael phelps are sending photographs of themselves with their medals. >> the results will come out eventually. i mean one way or the other. >> reporter: they are causing
5:46 pm
controversy. two were kicked out of the games for racist tweets, like this one by a swiss soccer player. he said that south koreans can go burn. >> i don't really agree they should have been banned but maybe a consequence should have come out. >> reporter: now other issues around twitter a 17-year-old boy was arrested after he threatened a british d iver. >> after watching it's earnings fall the maker of the blackberry is laying off 5,000 employees worldwide. the company reported it's worst ever quarterly earnings. most of the layoff also be from
5:47 pm
customer service, human resources, marketing repair. snow. the battle over same sex marriage is hitting a cake shop in colorado. charlie and david are wrapping up the details in their wedding. when they went to get their cake they were turned away. >> we told him that the cake was for us and he then pleadly said that he didn't provide cakes for same sex weddings. >> you can say it's a religious belief. . >> reporter: discrimination is illegal in colorado when it comes to housing and employment but the law isn't as hear when it comes to cakes. they found another shop for the cake and their wedding will go on as planned. >> results a survey shows a depression in young girls escalates at puberty. the number of girls who had a major depression episode went
5:48 pm
were 5% at 12 to 15% at 15. that's more than triple the risk of boys. it's important for parents to list especially to their children when they talk about bullying when they say they are feeling sad. researchers have compared blood samples from people today with samples taken in the 50s. they found that gluten intolerance now affects four times the number of people today than it did 50 years ago. that's 1% of the population or two million. americans are expected to spend seven billion dollars on gluten free food this year whether they need to or not. >> will still an empty seat onto judge's panel for american idol and a former finalist wants the job. she thinks she can bring
5:49 pm
renewed interest. she said she would be able to give advice from a contestant's viewpoint since she was once there. marial carry was confirmed last week. adam lambert has also been mentioned as a possibility. >> now to the weather and it's starting to feel like the summer. we have been waiting two months for. >> starting to feel especially today. temperatures hot. the fog was at the coast. you can see it behind me. the fog starting to show holes toward pacifica as it erodes. fog coming back tonight. you see it down here. further south. peel away from the coast. that's in response to a northerly gradient. that will allow temperatures stay on the mild side along the coast. then the fog rushes back in, in the next few hours, starts to cool back off. the forecast is for a bit cooler as we go through in to
5:50 pm
the bay area weekend. that's down the road. the next few days, temperatures will increase. these are the highs from today. we had -- antioch was 97, fairfield 94, then a major cooldown around the bay. you felt it. temperatures four, five degrees in many places, temperatures tomorrow on the increase especially inland. as you go through the micro climate, 70s out toward the berkeley area, the 80's will show up toward albany. mid-90s -- as you get out toward clayton. the southern edge of the santa clara valley. a warm one tomorrow. hot if you will. high pressure doing what it's supposed to and it's setting up with a pattern that will keep us in the 90's. really right through thursday. things on friday change around. lue see that in the five-day. the computer model for fog tomorrow morning is limited. it's there. similar in the forecast, some fog but not a lot.
5:51 pm
burns back. back to the coast and this temperature foot print with the fog pattern looks like today which looked a lot like yesterday. this -- tomorrow will be warmer in the inland bay valleys by a few degrees. 85 -- 95 in fairfield. 97 out there in brentwood. 96 antioch. those are the hot spots, air quality, 93gilroy. temperatures wednesday warmer than today. as we head into thursday, about the same. lue see that in the five day forecast. cooler with a high temperature, the high temperatures getting in to the upper 80s. >> no air quality or issues. >> we will get a break by friday. things will start to clear out. the fire danger at least kind of at bay. >> we will see you at six. >> remember that movie, show me the money in show him the bail money. what a famous actor did that
5:52 pm
has him wanted now. and a bay area lawmaker gives up her day job to go inside the world of a domestic worker.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
. a lawmaker stepped out of a regular job and into the role of a domestic worker. she said she wants to bring workers out of the economic
5:55 pm
underground. >> if i didn't have them here to help me with that i would probably be in a nursing home or having to live at home. they are treated well and i'm being treated well. >> reporter: nikki said she relies on domestic workers to help we are had every day life. she gets happen with being dressed walking her service dog. today an assembly woman took it over. she and another have written a bill of rights law. >> it's a human rights issue to allow people to stay in their homes, comfortably, not be in institutions, if they are going to stay in home, and live a good life and they treat the workers right. >> reporter: the bill of rights law laid out policies for worker hours, breaks, health and retirement. the state senate committee is expected to hold hearings on the proposed law in the next few weeks. >> word that regulators
5:56 pm
slapping gag well a 22 million- dollar penalty for privcy violations. they say google used computer cookies to trick the browse america to bypassing user settings that blocked tracking. they said it was not on purpose and that no personal information was collected. sources say that regulators are letting google settle without liability. police are looking for an actor after he shoved a bartender. the academy award winner was in a bar early this morning with his group. he allegedly got angry when customers recognized him and started taking pictures. police say he pushed a female bartender and then walked out. police now have a warrant out for him on a charge of battery. >> we talk totman arrested for storing weapons in san francisco in his car. coming up, the innocent reason
5:57 pm
he says he had a list of politician's names also in his car. >> facing a federal take over. what it means if police have to hand over control to the federal government.
5:58 pm
. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this
5:59 pm
is ktvu channel 2news at six. >> only on two a man caught with a stash of weapons and ammunition in his car also had put together a list of politician names. we go inside the jail to talk to him. good evening. >> san francisco police say a stash of weapons found in a car by golden gate park isn't the only thing that worried them about robert johns. david stevenson is live in san francisco where he spoke to johns about the list and the reason johns said he is being targeted by police. >> reporter: that's right. i spoke this morning with the man arrested for stockpiling guns and ammunition near golden gate park. i talked to him on the 5th floor of the county jail about how he got the ammunition and the connection he sees to the shootings in colorado. 37-year-old robert johns said he moved here from reno in june to try to find a roommate. instead he is in jail


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