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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  August 1, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: we're live in san francisco where police are on the hunt for two men suspected of shooting two other men. we'll tell you where it happened and how it could be tied to gang violence. and another search for
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sierra lamar following a legal move. >> reporter: and using smartphones on trains. the recent string of crimes and the warning going out this morning. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2". i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong. tori campbell has the day off. san francisco police are investigating a shooting. one person was killed. another person was critically wounded. tara moriarty says there's concerns that the gunfire could be toyed to a gang war. tear flaw. >> reporter: yes. the number of people dying from shootings is up. definitely not good news and
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police say there -- there has been a spike in gang violence in certain neighborhoods. now, last night in the puerto law district, around 10:00 -- portola district around 10:00, one man died at the scene. the other was taken to sf general with life-threatening injuries. witnesses say the suspects were two men in their 20s who jump nod a waiting car. a white four-door sedan. the deadly shooting comes one day after two men were killed in a gang-related shooting on bur avenue. the two men were shot in broad daylight after a fight. seven men have been shot in visitacion valley. police have not said whether this recent shooting off san bruno is gang-related but in response to the violence, officers have beefed up patrols. we should be hearing an update
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from police in about an hour. i'm tara moriarty. back to you. let's go to alex sav ridge riding on a train in walnut creek and has more on the smartphone story -- savidge riding on a train in walnut creek and has more on the smartphone story. >> reporter: well, we've all done it, you have your head buried in your phone riding on the train. essentially, b.a.r.t. this morning, is saying it's a good idea not to sit near train doors when you are using that smartphones that will really give criminals an easy getaway. this all stems from two recent arrests two weeks ago. two teenagers behind a string of these grab-and-go thefts,
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these were 14 and 17-year-old boys who were very coordinated in what they did. they were sitting separately on the train. me they were giving signals to avenue other-- they were giving signals to each other. >> always look around. look around who is getting on. be awar of your surroundings -- be aware of your surroundings. if i see anything suspicious, i just put it away. >> reporter: the thieves were using pepper spray in one incident. the time they were arrested was at the balboa park b.a.r.t. station. the victim of the robbery actually chased down these two teenaged boys. they used pepper spray. now, most of these robberies are happening -- or have happened, i should say, in san francisco, even though they've already made the arrest here, b.a.r.t.
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police are still trying to find other victims essentially victims on the east bay. if that's you, put in another call to police. 7:04. three people accused of a series of robberies near a san jose high school have now been arrested. san jose say all of the robberies happen near evergreen high school. no one was hurt. investigators say the suspects had high powered automatic weapons. their names haven't been released. they were arrested after a yard- to-yard search that included police dogs in a santa -- in a santa clara sheriff's helicopter. an audit says oakland pd failed to budget for maintenance systems, lacked a personal pleasant and didn't track
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spending. oakland has aagreed -- has agreed to improve the issues. a problem at a bay area refinery is having an impact at the price you pay at the -- you pay at the pump. the company says the unit will be closed for the next two weeks slowing down production. the benicia plant produces some 173,000 barrels a day. urging armed forces to step up the fight against rebels trying to overthrow his government. heavy fighting still going on in -- going on in and around the city of aleppo. rebels have taken control of a police station in aleppo. the united nations mission in syria has said, government fighter jets opening fire on aleppo. meantime, somalia terrorists failed to system that country from adopting a new constitution which grabbed some
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rights to women. two suicide bombers were shot and killed outside of a meeting where somali leaders were gathered. that gunfire set off the bombers' charges. one was injured. one of the issues, allowing books to save the life of the mother and also, banning the circumcision of girls -- allowing abortions to save the life of the mother and also banning the circumcision of girls. lawmakers want to know about excessive spending on travel and employee bonuses the gsa and coming up at 7:15, the one-day gsa conference that cost more than $250,000. senate majority leader harry reid says he and john boehner have come to an agreement that will prevent the government from saluting down. it is a six-month bill that
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fund the government through march. 7:07. let's get you moving now. everybody behaving out there. -- out there? >> so far but we do have problems. southbound 101 at whipple avenue. in fact, the first i heard of it was someone who tweeted it about it. southbound 101 at whipple's. an injury crash in the right lane. the traffic is going to be busy as you approach redwood city out of san carlos and san mateo if you want to use an alternative. you can use 280. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you traffic at the toll plaza, it's back ed up to the macarthur maze and those metering lights are on. also this morning in san francisco, it looks good. a little bit of fog as you approach the 80 split. that traffic looks good.
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let's go to steve. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. there's still some low clouds out there. there will be a big difference in the temperatures. most areas cooled off a couple of degrees a lot of tropical clouds. even some rain in las vegas. they had .25 in las vegas yesterday. if you are heading out there today, it will be about 90 and cloudy. tahoe, truckee it should stay out of the area. 60s by the coast. 70s and then 80s, 90s and then far enough inland you will find 100. it's a typical summer line pattern. tropical clouds should stay out of the sierra nevada. a couple of low-pressure systems are gonna get their act together and merge to the area by the weekend. until then, it will be foggy, cool by the coast.
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stronger onshore breeze and temperatures inland, they will be in the 90s for money. it will be sunny for most. a fix of -- a mix of fog and breezes. temperatures anywhere from 70s and 80s. clearlake ukiah to 9. same for brentwood. a little stronger sebreeze coming through. 92 pleasanton. 4 san jose. yet, 94 morgan hill. santa cruz one of the few eeking out of -- out a 70. san mateo, burlingame, redwood city, redwood shores, upper 70s to near 80. palo alto 79. that listen at stanford. fog -- that will be at stanford. fog will be moving in. it appears many of the future bill gates and mark stuckering erg bergs out there
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-- mark zuckerbergs out there are choosing to go to stanford. that's atributed to the job market. computer-science remains full one followed by human biology and engineering. it's almost time for the board of supervisors and why any say it's not -- they are not gonna waste time in deciding the fate of ross mirkarimi. and the monument to california is one step closer to p.m -- to becoming a national park. what's happening today. ♪
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child: ya, ya ya... [crash] child: mom! [ting] ♪
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low clouds and fog and inland, you will find low to
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mid-90s. well, a plane returned safely to the oakland air after tense moments in the air. shortly in the air, the pilot reported a possible problem with the landing gear. the plane circled the airport several times and did manage to land safely. the plane was headed to bakersfield. we're told it was chartered by the justice department and had 66 people on board. check out that damage. that happened to a plane landing in denver. a bird strike let left that -- left that hole. the bird was believed to be a canada goose. all passengers were okay. well, a camera left sitting on an airplane seat was found on a united airlines flight. the flight had to be divert to boston. passengers were taken off the plane. bomb experts were called in. the camera was x-rayed just to
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make sure it was safe. that flight resewelled this morning. and a passenger on an air canada flight as i sa -- says a sewing needle was in a sandwich she bought on a plane. authorities say needles were found on delta flights on from amsterdam to the u.s. new this morning, government officials are reviewing new details about outrageous spending at a hearing right now on capitol hill. alison burns has more on the lavish bonuses to the employees at the gsa. >> reporter: claudine, this hearing got underway about an hour ago, the committee chairman accused of gsa of waste, abuse and possible
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fraud. this is video from the washington times of a 2010 gsa awarding ceremony where the agency handed out $20,000 worth of drumsticks and spent more than $36,000 on picture frames. members of congress are demanding an overhaul of the gsa in the wake of lavish spending. the news broke yesterday of more than 33 million in undisclosed bonuses to gsa workers last year. here's what the chairman said about it this morning. gsa has 1% of the employees of the federal government, 1% and they receive 10% of the bonuses to show you how dramatically out of filter -- out of kilter this is. that's absolutely outrageous. the gsa official is not commenting about the bonuses. we'll keep watching and have
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more during my next update. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. the future of so-called special fund at california state agencies is in question in the wake of a budget scandal at the state's parks department. the state is examining everything from bottle and can recycling to war memorials. the secret $56 million surplus kim from two special fund. officials say there may be hundreds of millions of dollars in special fund not accounted for. environmentalists claiming a legal victory in a battle over two dirt roads. a federal appeals court ruled that a southern california developer does not have the right to the roads. the two roads go roughly from marry so paw -- mariposa county from 120. one of them is believed to be the path that john muir took
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when he hiked from san francisco to yosemite the first time. and pinnacle's national monument getting closer to becoming the first park like this. it's known for its beautiful rock formations. yesterday, a bill to upgrade pinnacles to a national park cleared the house of representatives and now moves the senate. the bay citizen reports says that 92% of the school's spending goes to salaries and benefits which is the many reason why the school is at risk. the commission that credits this has threatened to pull the accreditation. the city college has eight months to come one a plan. the officer who pepper sprayed protesters caught on video last year no longer works for the
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school. a university spokesperson told ktvu 2, lieutenant pikes' employment ended creed. she would not give -- yesterday. she would got give details. the -- she would not give details. the hearing for mirkarimi has gone on for months. the supervisors have adopted a hearing format that allows for a very quick dei have. the board will have to decide whether to permanently remove him from office. the state has not been set. a florida man facing charges. miami police say david eskemelaa argued with somebody in the theater. he briefly left the theater wearing black gloves, yelling this is it! people ran for the doors.
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that comes after a man killed 12 and wounded 58 others in aurora, colorado at a movie theater. century theater in san jose brought an armed guard last week. san jose police continued to investigate an incident last week when someone threw a package into the showing of the batman movie. we have an update on a story we told you last week. the driver of the consider that allegedly crashed into two homes in east palo alto has turned hill self in the cadillac came within inches of her mother and two young children including a baby would were asleep at the time. police are not telling us the
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suspect's game. he said he left the scene because he was scared. he was afraid. the san mateo district attorney says he will decide whether charges will be filed. up next, steve paulson will tell us if we are in for a stretch of hot water or if his forecast models show relief on the way. the investigation into the shooting death of a bear in tahoe. why this bear was considered an unofficial mascot and why this group is so angry. good morning. westbound 24, you can see it's getting more crowded. woe have another problem that's causing slow traffic. slow-- we have more problem that's causing slow traffic.
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rapping right now, i want to show you right now, broxton, massachusetts. that's a closeup from a
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chopper, an rv is in a swimming pool. >> that's gonna be a problem. >> yeah. the emergency crews have rescued one person from the r.v. we haven't heard of any serious injuries. still not clear what led up to the crash. that's something that you don't see every day, an rv crash nothing a swilling pool. this is in massachusetts. we'll bring you more doe tails as we get them. >> what a mess. the department of fish and game is about to get into the death of a bear. the bear sunny liked people, they said. you can imagine how upset people were when they found out that sunny was shot. they are trying to figure out who shot sunny. it's a crime to shoot a bear
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unless it is self-defense. all right. sal is coming back. hopefully things are going well in our commute. you look busy. >> i am busy. there is a crash on whipple. traffic is backing up to hillsdale. i think it is backed up to hillsdale on 101, give yourself plenty of extra time. 2 0 right be -- might be a route for you. this is a crash. as we move the maps. some -- look at the maps, 280 is approaching highway 17 as well slowly. the nimitz freeway between hayward and fremont, already slowing as you head south. bay bridge is backed up to the macarthur maze. the metering lights are on. interstate 5 0, that looks good. let's go to steve.
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well, there's plenty of low clouds out there. rip roaring sea breeze out in cordelia. got that from mike. a lot of low clouds. fog is on the coast. otherwise, that's inland. not a problem for lake county because they -- they are usually the last to cool down. if it gets over 20. it's right on the cusp. upper 40s, low 4040s for some. i -- low 40s for some. a lot of tropical storms down towards southern california and las vegas. cool for some, warm for some. maybe mom about the same but it looks like friday, another
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cooling trend start -- by tomorrow about the same but it looks like friday, another cooling trend starts. and in the next 30 minutes, volunteers will be searching for evidence in the case of missing teen, sierra lamar. we'll tell you what organizers want you to know. and the chick-fil-a controversy continues. what any plan to do in the -- what they plan to do in the south bay. so jack, why'd you wanna have me in your commercial
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you kiddin, brad? you're an all-american country music superstar! and this is my all-american jack combo! -a no-nonsense burger with two 100% beef patties, melting cheese, lettuce, and tomato, plus it comes with fries and a drink for just $4.99. what's more all-american than you? oh, i dunno... bald eagles? baseball? monster trucks? toddler pageants? spray tans? - really? dog sweaters?
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in the next half-hour, volunteers will resume the search for missing teenager sierra lamar. the doors to the search center just opened. >> reporter: that's right. you can see behind me, volunteers just started showing up ready to sign up new volunteers. they are hoping for a new batch of people to come out here and, of course, this is all in an effort to find any evidence of 15-year-old sierra lamar. now, garcia-torres is charged with her murder. sheriff deputies are still looking for evidence. there's dna evidence from the suspect that links him to the
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missing girl. hundreds of volunteers used to come help but that number has dwindled to 40. >> reporter: the suspect's attorney wants to subpoena cell phone records. we're told there are new areas that need to be searched. back to you. in overnight news, people
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living in rohnert park are back home this morning following a bomb square and evacuation. last night, police call what they are calling dangerous material inside a truck parked on mary place. the bomb squad was called in. dozens were ordered to leave their hole. last month police seized a shot gun, pistol and nearly 600 round of ammunitions. merchants said they thought he acted peculiar during the two months he lived out of his jeep. he's suspected of leaving a death threat on one woman's windshield. >> i don't know why he picked on her and her car. >> it was disturbing and really
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upset my daughter. >> john said police confiscated his weapon because any killed a colorado style killing -- they feared of a colorado style killing. new this morning, defense secretary leon panetta had a warning for iran today as he visited israel. i want to e shyou pictures of panetta. he's with ehud barak. now, law enforcementer this morning, he warned that iran -- now, later this morning, he -- he warranted that iran must be stopped and sanctions and -- if sanctions and diplomacy don't
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work. insurance companies will have to offer free birth control and other preventives to women. supporters say the benefits will help more than 47 million women. health insurance company also also -- will have to mail out rebates today because of president obama's affordable care act. the 80/20 plan requires insurance companies that spent less than 80% of revenues and more than 20% on administrative costs to spend a rebate out for the difference. in california, more than 2 million people are going to receive an average of this
7:35 am
amount of money. a top state butter equality official is saying that lucas film company shares the blame for the rejection of plans for a new movie production facility in marin county. according to the independent journal, the water says that lucas film consultants knew that parts of their environmental impact report were not acceptable. however, a spokesperson for lucas films denies that, saying the company had been reassured that all of the objections were
7:36 am
resolveed. people on both sides of this hot marriage debate over the chick-fil-a restaurants controversy are speaking out all over the country. i want to show you new video this morning. this is a chick-fil-a in fairfield. thousands are expected to eat showing the support for that company's president. he has been understand fire for saying that he supports
7:37 am
traditional marriage. >> it doesn't matter what your belief is, but we need to be tolerant. >> on friday, same-sex couples will stage a kissing demonstration right outside chick-fil-a restaurants. if you are headed out the door right now, things are getting busy. sal is keying an eye on it -- sal is keeping an eye on it for all of us. >> let's take a look at the willow pass grade. it's not usually this bad. we've had a couple of other minor incidents but for sure
7:38 am
you will be waiting and then on on 680, it's slowing from -- and then on 680 it's slowing from pleasant hill. this is 24. a little bit of slowing. i want to show you oakland bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the maze. it's a little bit slow on the span itself. san mateo bridge. they cleared a crash from the high rise. it doesn't sound major but it's a major backup. i thick we're going to move it -- i want -- let's see. this is what i'm gonna do. see you a of the road sensors right there. southbound 101 backed up to the -- backed up because of the earlier accident in redwood city. you want an alternate route. i would say 280 is much better bet than 101. 7:38, let's ghetto steve. >> blue ski for some.
7:39 am
but a little bit more fog. there's some areas where the fog continues to kind of thingen -- thicken out -- kind of thicken up. some clouds, rain down there. not for us. highs, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. >> there are signs it will start to cool down. santa rosa, 48 this morning. 59 fair field. 5 hayward. troll clouds very close. they should say stay south. a couple of low-pressure systems will start to move over the area by the weekend. today it's mainly coast and bay. this is not a rain forecast. boy tomorrow, this makes ad to
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one in the bay. today if you were on the coast, not bad. for others, it's warm to hot. we will see what that -- if that translates to a cooler pattern. 83, 89 if little, 93. they were 9 -- 98 yesterday. 86 san jose -- 89, and 93. they were 98 yesterday. 86 san jose. millbrae, san mateo, all tv tv all of them around 67 mop wayby, 62.
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still warm to who inland -- 67 and then 62. still warm to hot inland. well, michael phelps is the most decorated athlete in olympian history. phelps has a record 19 medals including 15 gold, two silvers and two bronzes and he does have a chance for even more. he still has three events left. the u.s. women's gymnastics team is also enjoying the glow of gold this morning. they capture the team title for the first time since 1996 and
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some are calling them the best american team of all time. and a few hours ago, the u.s. won a gold medal in cycling. china has 23 medals in second, followed by japan, france and germany. well, the federal reserve meets today and even though analysts do not predict a change in interest rates, we'll tell you what any do expect to hear from ben bernanke.
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dow is up 34 points. second quarter earns coming in. chrysler, volkswagen, nissan reported strong july sales. comcast beat expectations. avon missing expectations in both earns and sales. the real action comes this afternoon on the federal reserve's policy meeting. most analysts don't expect bernanke and his colleagues to make any major changes and expect interest rates to remain low. investors are hoping they will offer new stimulus for the u.s. economy. there will an news conference
7:46 am
this afternoon. google bought wildfire. that's the redwood city based company that helps companies with social marketing. the deal brought in an unexpected em low e, air reel -- employee, arielle zuckerberg. that's mark zuckerberg's sister. well, the world's largest free e-mail system is about to get a -- is about to get a new look. microsoft will bring all of the users over to outlook. they include more integration with social networking sites
7:47 am
and ability to open, add and share documents. jimmy due preis -- jamie due -- jamie did dupree is live via ski regarding the extended bush tax rates -- skype regarding the extended bush tax rates. >> reporter: basically, the democrats prevailed. this time the plan that would allow taxes to go up on fan income over $20,000 and individual income over $00,000 that will be defeated first.
7:48 am
we'll see mom and they will be able to push through their plan. and then later this week, everybody will go home for their august break. >> i mean, what happens, i men, the president has already weighed in. no big surprises. everybody knows the back-and- forth is gonna happen. what do people expect? look, nobody is gonna give -- today, in just the next hour, you will have a speech by president obama, a couple of them. he will do the same thing in florida and virginia in which he mr. push very hard on that $250 million impact. there's that -- i don't see any buckling on the knees of the democrats. both sides feel like they are
7:49 am
absolutely right on this. they have the right ground and they are gonna show us in november that they are gonna win. that means we'll go through the november elections claudine and come back. >> do you think the americans are saying, we knew this was gonna happen. we're not even watching this. we're not going to watch it for months. >> yeah i do think this is oilying be -- being played about in the very, very interested in both parties. but again, just the feeling you get from talking to lawmakers in the hallway here, democrats think they are right and it will be priven in november and pruns allies with nobody --
7:50 am
proven in november an republicans with nobody want to the give it -- to give in. it may deped on who wins in wins in -- it may depend on who win in november. >> all right. we'll keep an eye on it. a uc professor accused of plotting to kill students and administrators at a high school. prosecutors say he set fires last month at his son's former school. authorities also say they found e-mails on how he was planning to burn down the campus and kill students and school
7:51 am
officials. well, you can't call him snoop dog anymore. he's changing his name to snoop lion. he's expected to release a new reggae album called "ren car nateed" in -- re-- "reinkarneted account expected to be released in the --" reincarnated "and that's expected to be relowsed in the fall. cçrrú
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7:53 am
authorities are asking anyone who witnessed the bicycle crash who witnessled the bicycle crash in west san jose on friday to come forward. doctors have declared the victim, the 50-year-old brain dead. he was found lying on the road near the paseo saratoga shopping center. he may have been hit by a white suv. investigators are not sure if it was a hit and run or if the
7:54 am
driver knew about the accident. the city of richmond will reopen the beach park. they are using money. richmond received 669,000 after the 2007 cosco busan accident. more than quarter of it will pay for restoring the park. health officials have -- have this very important warning. be kirrful about eating fish caught from the san francisco -- be careful about eating fish caught from the san francisco bay, warning about mercury in fish. women between 18 and 45, don't eat any type of serperched was
7:55 am
-- serf-perched was. let's was -- bass. let's go no sal. >> i would recommend the dumb bar ten bridge for trying to get over -- in -- dumb bar ten bridge for trying -- dumb dumbarton bridge. i want to talk about contra costa county, westbound highway 4 has been steady and slow in many areas from concord and
7:56 am
then from the all law mow heads south. let's go to steve. some areas of fog out there. west-southwest 17 at fairfield. 50s on the temperatures. low, mid, we did have 40s. now we're seeing more 50s to 60. they are working their way in the pacific closer to us. they will be here by the weekend. today and tomorrow they look to be identical. fog near the coast. temperatures around the bay. inland, 80s and 90s. temperatures probably holding steady into thursday -- into thursday -- into thursday.
7:57 am
7:56. bad news for this fire season. we'll tell you why california may be losing thousands of firefighting volunteers. bliss are searching for two men responsible for a deadly shooting. why they are concerned that it could be tied to recent gang violence. a warning out this morning for b.a.r.t. ride morse might get distracted using those smartphones. the recent -- riders might get distract the using those smart -- distracted using those smartphones.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". i'm claudine wong in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, the 1st -- the first day of august.
8:00 am
>> reporter: this particular shooting happened last night in the port -- portola district at 10:00. two men were gunned down. one man died at the scene. the other was taken to the san francisco general hospital with life-threatening injuries. witnesses say the two men -- the suspects were two american in their 20s. seven men have been fatally shot in visitacion valley since march. one of them was found dead in diamond heights on sunday. well, gun violence is down. the number of people sheeting has been up.
8:01 am
so -- shooting up. sonotagoodsituation. we'llbringyoutheconditionofthema ncomingup--we'llbringyouthe-- we'll bring you the condition of the man coming up. here is the pit bull police say attacked a dachshund and its owner outside of a starbucks two weeksperson. the dock sunday had to be put down. the woman who owns the duck sunday was also put by -- duck -- dachshund was also bit. the chp are investigating a hit and run on 280.
8:02 am
be aware of your cell phone. two boyses have been arrested accused of stealing cell phones. alex savidge is live with more. >> reporter: well, the b.a.r.t. police officer i just talked with a short time ago, ride -- said riders should use the smartphones. another bit of advice try to avoid using your advices when you are near the doors and near the station stops. these thieves, a 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy would subpoena rit it dash would sit sipry -- separately and then --
8:03 am
would -- and a 17-year-old boy would sit separately and then -- >> i would always be aware of what's going on around me. >> i think about -- i think about it every day my moms comes to take the train. >> b.a.r.t. says they had 55 deviceses entraining on the -- devices taken. in you had devices stolen, i would would like to hear from you. you don't have to necessarily wait until you get to the next stop to support a stolen laptop all you have to do is you can
8:04 am
reach the train on the a rap iter -- train operator immediately by pressing that button. back to you. >> thank you. f.m. oakland's police department is accused of wasting time and the fact poors include, according to the report, vendors that went out of business and poor communication and -- communication. happening right now, in washington. a hearing on capitol hill focusing on wasteful spending at the general services building. we're peeking in there live.
8:05 am
lawmakers want to know about excessive spending on travel and on employee bonuses at the gsa. coming up for you at 8:15, the one day gsa conference it costs, believe it or not, more than $250,000. it's a six-month bill. congress still has to vote on it. that will happen when lawmakers come back from a six-week recess. they come from behind bars. now calfire could soon be losing thousands of fires. the number of state prison inmates to help out in the battle of firefighting could drop. state prison inmates are the -- state prison inmates are among the first on the fire
8:06 am
lines. and they help out on such crucial jobs, such as containing fire lines. how is the san mateo bridge -- how are things on the san mateo bridge? >> look at the san mateo bridge. it's at a standstill heading out to the high rise because of an -- because of an earlier crash. even if it were to -- to magically just disappear into the nin air -- to the thin air, the traffic is gonna take a while to unwind. so don't use the san mateo bridge. in fact, i'm gonna put it on a map for you. westbound 92. if we can read it out the maps. the if data is correct showing westbound 9 heading out to 101. 101 itself is vo when you get
8:07 am
there. you will see slow traffic into 101 from palo alto. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's improving a little bit. let's go to steve. >> well, plenty of low clouds there. parts of inland areas. you can see it kind of working in. still running into a lot of resistance. for some it will still be a very close, though, they inch closer to thelele -- they are staying south. known but for most locations, they are dealing with low crowds -- with low temperatures. 62 seems possible.
8:08 am
55 san francisco n 3 oakland at 57 degrees. he's troll clouds should push off to the east. i want a stronger one there is gonna knock the high pressure -- time down. only shuttle. in the change still still million white on the coast. 92 a -- a lot of 60s. temperatures will continue to kind of troop down the coast
8:09 am
and bay. the inand stakes a -- back now. we're following new video into the new. the p system. >> i kay came up um and i can only emergency -- i woke up and i can only imagine -- that's it. there was nothing left. >> the damage is extensive. but fortunately no reports of any injuries. 8:0 9. firefighters in richmond make a rescue they will be talking about for a long time, a 200 pound pot begly pig was rescued from a burning mouse.
8:10 am
theful the they were able to rescue the -- they were able to rescue the pig. an injunction mass been issued against a san jose hotel that policecy say is a -- the hotel will be allowed to stay hope. however, the owners will haven't bubble -- have opinion fortunateful p -- won't be april loued to stay -- won't be abe -- won't be allowed to stay.
8:11 am
we have the locations to these locations on our website. it's a first for american politics. you will find out how mitt romney will reveal a major decision in the race for the white house. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week get whole seedless watermelons fresh off the farm for only $2.98 each. skip the warehouse. 24 rolls of charmin are just $11.99. and kellogg's frosted flakes are a buck 88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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powerful thunderstorms dropped a lot of rain near phoenix, arizona. firefighters rescued nine people including a baby from cars stuck in running waters. at one point, the water reached four feet. luckily, no one was hurt. yesterday the storm knocked out power for more than 2,000 people. 8:14. happening right now, a congressional hearing investigating more wasteful specking at the general services building -- spending at the general services building. there's new questions about millions of dollars in bonuses. alison burns has more. >> reporter: there are reports that the gsa handed out $33 political in undisclosed
8:15 am
bonuses last year. the head of the house holding this hearing says it's outrageous. >> amazing! give your leaders right here a round of applause! >> reporter: the hearing is focusing on a 2010 awards ceremony where the gsa spent 010 on drumstick, 36,000 on picture frames and handed out thousands in bonuses. >> if you can't manage conferences and bonus, how do you expect that congress is gonna allow you to handle billions of dollars worth of leases? >> it appears that gsa employs about 1% of the federal work force, they say, but has handed out about 10% of bonuses.
8:16 am
the gsa official testifying this morning said the agency is involved in a top-to-bottom review but would not comment about the bonus situation. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news i want to show you video of the president leaving the white house. the president will appear at campaign events in mansfield and akron, ohio. mitt romney is back on u.s. soil. in an opinion piece today, romney defends the comments he made saying israel culture is one of the reasons why.
8:17 am
:16. the president of syria released a written statement today, one that urges his armed forces to step up the fight against the rebels trying to overthrow his government. heavy fighting continues around the biggest city there, aleppo. the united nations says it's seen fighter jets seen opening up -- opening you.
8:18 am
push northern india has power again. 226million people lost power yesterday when three electric grids failed. at the height of the outage the number of people was more than the population of the united states, condition da and mexico defined. that is what the second largest outage in india is two days. it appears that will gating and his wife says more and more college university is agreeing to if. le 8:18. well, the the first practice race may be. the swedeimish tome is morning its ways to an old warehouse in
8:19 am
if this with where tv that is boost merck at my -- at the top of the hour, they will receive a police escort, believe it or not, and they will be heading to san bernardino for a west regional tournament. their goal to advance and win the tournament in williamsport, pennsylvania. homeowners in contra costa county are gonna decide the fate of a parcel tax if november. we're looking outside.
8:20 am
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the proposal to tax contra
8:23 am
costa county residents for the firefighters will go on the ballot. firefighters are worried about closures. >> from the firefighters' perspective, obviously it's taken them longer to get to the scene. that means fires get bigger. >> that would likely mean higher insurance prell yum for everyone. the association says firefighters should retool pension payments instead of asking voters for money. 8:23. well, this year's grape harvest could be the best in three years. growers predict this year, would be what's interested a normal harvest of the that's about 207 tons. they are reripenning the grays. -- they are reripenning
8:24 am
the grapes. sal? just up the road, you see the traffic -- >> when you get on the bridge, it's okay. i still wouldn't recommend using it because of all of that slow traffic. give yourself plenty of time. the morning commute is looking okay if you -- if you are driving on the westbound bay bridge. 8:4. let's go to steve. >> thank you of the. >> you are welcome. >> yesterday was mainly confined to the coast. there's the sign of a little cooler pattern. still a fight between big, strong high pressure in the middle of the country and lower pressure trying to work its way toward us. west-southwest 18 right there on that edge. if it goes higher than that, it will be cooler for many.
8:25 am
if it stays less than that, that still means hot temperatures. 60s. i think we m 65, 67. if you are heading to las vegas, they would be dealing with rain and clouds. fog, sun, warm, westerly breeze, fog near the coast and around the bay. i think you know the drill by now. 60s, 70s. low to mid-90s. areas -- it won't be tomorrow for the cooldown, it will probably start on the weekend. we're following a developing situation in fairfield, the bomb squad called out to one neighborhood. the reason it's causing a square san francisco we're live in morgan hill, where volunteers are about to van out and search for -- search for evidence in the case of missing sal.
8:26 am
sal-- sierra lamar. and look at this. i'm not making this up. an rv ends up in a swimming pool. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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8:28 am
happening now, volunteers are gathering in morgan hill as they prepare to search for a missing teenager, sierra -- teenager, sierra lamar. we're live with more. >> reporter: sierra lamar's father just showed autopsy short time ago. they just did a prayer circle in the last ten minutes. that's what they do every time they are about to search for evidence in this case. even though four and a half months have passed since sierra lamar have disappeared, there are still areas that need to be
8:29 am
searched. the search center opened up at 8:00 and volunteers started to -- started to trickle n now the number has dwindled to around 40. even though authorities have arrested garcia-torres for sierra'skeying and murder, her remains have not been found. >> i think people -- take a walk in the woods, come out, have some coffee and see how rewarding it is to you. >> reporter: garcia-torres was supposed to enter a plea yesterday in court but that didn't happen peaceus that -- that's because the attorney subpoenaed the remember vie done phobe records. the -- phone records.
8:30 am
-- the verizon phone records. you can see here live. we just got here a recent tally. they say there are new areas that they would still like to go over so they really could -- could use some help. back to you. :29. we're following verying news from fairfield. the bomb squad is out this morning trying to detonate a suspicious device. the location hickory avenue and evergreen drive. earlier this morning, a small homemade device reportedly exploded. apparently there were two of them. the bomb squad is trying to detonate the second one. a problem at a bay area
8:31 am
refinery may affect how much you pay for gasoline. gasoline prices have been inching up all week. the company says the oil processing unit will be closed for the next two weeks. that's gonna slow down production. that benicia plant produces about $107 -- about 170,000 barrels a day. eight female players including the doubles champion from china have been disqualified for flowing -- for the way they were throwing. they were -- they were booed off the court. >> the athletes are from china, south korea and indonesia, they
8:32 am
claim they were conserving the energy and are appealing the ruling. well, the committee has cleared this athlete from steroids. the chinese media accuses the west about being petty about the progress china makes. michael fells is the most decorated ath -- michael phelps is the most decorated athlete in mystery. the women's gymnastics captured the team title for the
8:33 am
first thyme since 1986. in just a -- first time since 1986. and a few hours ago, the u.s. won a gold medal in cycling. so the use has 26 gold medals. china, 25, followed by france and germany. a misconduct hearing for ross mirkarimi mass dragged on for morning -- has dragged on for months. but they could decide his fate in one night. the board is going to decide whether to permanently remove mayor mirkarimi from office. a date for the hearing has not
8:34 am
been set. a well-known bear up in lake tahoe was shot to date on monday. i want to show you video -- this is sunny. the group educates people about bears. the bear leaks was gentle and the did the of give and game -- it's a crime to shoot a bear in california unless it is in self- defense. burlingame police will be looking for drivers who don't yield the crosswalks. police say 17 peds were kill -- were hit by peds -- police say 17 peds were hit by cars in 2010. 8:34 on the clock. let's head to sal. slow, slow, slow. >> it is. the peninsula is one of the troubled spots right now.
8:35 am
we're gonna talk get to it. the san mateo bridge has been very quickly, very slow. that traffic p stays earlier. it is taking a molt for un-- to unwind. you might want to -- you might -- if you might want to think about using the peninsula. now, when you get to the peninsula, 101 is busy heading south. but also north from 3 0 up to candlestick. there was an earlier crash. northbound 101 traffic is bad so i would suggest i. let's if no steve. p we have fog out there. plenty to did around. temperatures inland still warm to hot. i -- i will tell you, there is a little bit more of a nothing
8:36 am
bank today. reese wants to know when we'll get sunset? that's a order too of year. it looks like we'll haven't more rain. more rain in southern nevada and south k korea. >> ing about opinion some locations are on the warm side. had some 40s. especially up in the north bay. p p -- so fog, sun, it looks like tables being set for what looks to be some areas in the 60s, 70s, 80s. some still holding on the -- holding onto the 90s.
8:37 am
it's to get the cooler air out. livermore, 93. 60s, 70s. san jose 84. -- 84 up. -- 84. a few very, very low 80s it looks like starting on monday, tomorrow will be very similar to the day. i want to show you this video from broxton, massachusetts. what you are looking at is an r.v. emergency crews did rescue one person but no reports of any serious injuries. still not clear what led up to the accident but obviously clean up is going to take a while. a 9-year-old boy is bowing blamed for a house fewer in east palo alto. investigators say the driver -- the fire started when a boy dropped a lit candle on a ma
8:38 am
tess port he built. the fire gun is at home and destroyed two suvs. you can see they were parked in the driveway no a plane lifted safely -- safely at the pilot -- the pilot p report problem with the landing gear. the plane circled manage slowly. >> this was. >> look at this. this is in denver -- denver. a bird strike left that big dent in the hole. right in the met of the now, the plane ifful they think it -- they think it wars -- it was canadian geese. the camera was found on a
8:39 am
united airlines flight from newark, new jersey to geneva switzerland, yet. the -- when they x-rayed the camera and determined it was safe, the flight resewelled. a passenger on air canada says a sewing needle was in a and switch about you -- was in a sandwich. the santa clara county fair opens to the public today. instead of showcasing livestock. the fare will expect family member and mean p tv temperature the fair ceremony 0 -- the tickets are $8 for
8:40 am
adults and $5 $-- the fare will expect families -- the fare will bring about family members and that fee is $8 and the child's knee is $5. blast must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
san mateo bridge getting a little bit better although it's not much better. i don't want to mislead you here. if you are driving over to the peninsula, it is not a good commute. it's slowing down. it picks up and slows down. this commute is gonna take a while to unwind after we had a crash getting to 101 it will get slow as you leave san mateo. another traffic update is minutes ahead. firefighters in martinez have put out this house fire right near highway 4. it started around two hours ago, luckily, nobody was hurt. the bomb squad is trying to detonate a suspicious device in
8:44 am
fair field. it's one of two small homemade devices discovered this morning. one of them reportedly exploded. san francisco police are investigating a deadly shooting in the city's portola neighborhood. tara moriarty is there. >> reporter: gun violence is actually down 5% this year but more people are dying as a result of shooting. so the chief of police will be holding a press conference at 1:00 this afternoon and -- 1:00 this afternoon and will be answering questions about this case. two men were gunned down in front of a house. the street runs parallel to highway 101. one man died at the scene. the other was taken to sf general. witnesses say the suspects were two men in their 20s who jumped
8:45 am
into a waiting car, a white four-door sedan. the deadly shooting happened less than 48 hours on burr avenue. 27-year-old frederick gillespie an daniels were shot in broad daylight. an 18-year-old was found dead in diamond mights sunday. new this morning, a florida man is facing charges after causing a scare at an overnight showing of the batman movie. police say the man argued with people in the theater. brief he left -- briefly he left the theater and then returned yelling black gloves and saying this is it.
8:46 am
people ran. fremont police and milpitas police have been making their presence known following the colorado tragedy. both ds say there have been no incidents. century theater in san jose brought in an armed guard last week. there was a package that was thought to be suspicious. it turned out to be harmless. last night, police found what they are calling dangerous. it was not a bomb found. well, gore vidal has died.
8:47 am
he wrote best-selling novels as well as the political play "the best man." during the '60s and '70s he was pop pew already on the talk shows. he -- popular on the talk shows. gore vidal died at his home in los angeles from complications of pneumonia. the postal service owes more than $11 billion during the next two months and doesn't have the money to pay. they are struggling at ways to pay costs. the postmaster says the financial problems should not affect businesses at least for now. a march is being planned in reaction to news. protest -- protesters are gonna plan a fine program precession.
8:48 am
the clubs were forced to smut down yesterday after me plin da hague warned frommian -- me plin da hague warned their land -- melinda hague warned their landlord. >> the u.s. attorney hague has gotten complaints against earl communities. hogue net -- against the communities. major health code violations have forced a vietnamese restaurant in san francisco to close temporarily.
8:49 am
the restaurant tulan shut its doors on friday. the "chronicle" reports cockroaches, mice, and food stored in improper temperatures were found. in is the fourth file that violations have forced the restaurant to temporarily shut down. a hearing will be held next week to determine whether if should be allowed to reason -- allowed to reopen. opponents and supporters of the chick-fil-a are speaking out. gay rights advocates criticize the remarks but today, thousands across the country who support his stance are apparently prepared to die toward the show of support. >> if doesn't matter what your belief is and your background and i think for people to be
8:50 am
intolerant of this is wrong. on friday, same-sex couples will stage a kissing demonstration outside chick-fil- a restaurant. 8:49. you can get up-to-the-minute news from ktvu right on your ipad. our new app features, news, traffic and weather. you can get the forecast for the day and for the area where you live. now, this new app is available in apple's app store. to find it just fine ktvu right in the search book. one of the most controversial parts of the healthcare reform law has -- has just gone into effect. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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8:53 am
preteens and teens should get vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials aren't the only voices recommending it. hear ours at leon panetta warned that iran must either negotiate acceptable limits on its nuclear program or face the possibility to stop it from building a bomb. all options are on the table if sanctions and diplomacy does
8:54 am
not work. 8:53. one of the most controversial pars of the health reform law kicks in today. insurance companies will have to offer free birth control and other preventive services to will. critics say the contraceptive mandate violents religious freedom. health insurance companies will have to mail out rebate checks by today because of president obama's affordable act. the so-called 80/20 plan refires companies that spent less than 80% on their revenues of actual healthcare and more than 20% of administrative costs. they have to send out a rebate for the difference. here in california more than 2 million people will get an
8:55 am
average rebate. prosecutors say rain na reish -- reyna reishanded wanted revenge for his son's death. his son committed suicide after being disciplined at the school. well, don't call him snoop dogg anymore. he's changing his name to snoop lion. he's getting ready to make muse take his kids and grandparents can listen to. he's expected to release a reggae album called "reincarnated." sal's coming back and you are watching the -- oh, that
8:56 am
bridge. >> yeah, that bridge is not good. as a matter of fact we've been looking at a live picture. you can see it's improving. a lot of people use that to get to the silicon valley. the dumbarton bridge will be better into palo alto if you are driving into redwood city. northbound 101 because of a crash near candlestick park. there has been a huge backup from the airport into san francisco. let's take a look at some of the traffic in contra costa county, still a little bit slow. ending it now with a look at the toll plaza westbound coming into san francisco. this traffic is still pretty slow. it's backed up for a 15-minute late. transit systems are moving ontime. it's 8:56. >> well, a lot more -- well, a
8:57 am
lot more clouds. still warm to hot. >> we have the full moon. >> two full moons for the month. >> and you a, how is it looking -- and august, how is it looking? >> the seven to ten-day show cooler weather. >> some people like that. >> i don't know. [laughter] >> that's the way it looks. >> all right. thank you, steve. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> we will see you the next time news breaks. and be sure to join us for the news at noon for more on the violence in san francisco and whether or not recent smootings are gang-related. thank you for joining us this morning.
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