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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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assault the victim. the victim did have the child in her arms. >> reporter: marcos hernandez forced his girlfriend and their baby at gun point into a friend's car. >> we believe he might be going to sacramento county. we know he has a history and links with sacramento county. >> reporter: this afternoon a break. speaking at police headquarters. investigators got a lead and that took them to a house in oakland where at 2:35 p.m. today the mother and daughter were located. >> right now investigators are interviewing the victim. what we can tell you the victim and the daughter was found in good physical condition. >> reporter: police say the suspect who is considered dangerous as well as that silver ford hasn't been found. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction.
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mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for suspects in connection with a shooting death of a 13-year-old boy who was walking home last night and was shot from a passing car. witnesses say they saw up to 4 people wearing dark hoodies driving away. they believe the killing is related to recent gang violence. the victim is a known gang member. >> the officers made the effort to steer them away from that path but he was immersed in the gang culture. >> the killing is the second homicide of the year. >> a double shooting last night left a 16-year-old mother dead. it broke out about 10:30 p.m. last night. the victim is tatiounn turner, she was a high school student and a mother. her family has been the victim
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of several shootings. her father was killed in oakland four years ago. her husband, hadari askari was killed in july. officials are responding responding to the hundreds of residents who are trying to file claims against the company over monday's fire. chevron says 2200 calls have come in and now it is opening a field office. ktvu's cara liu is that office with what people will find when they get there. >> reporter: workers are just now getting the center set up. this room right here and this one, they will be used used for the adjustors to meet with folks. and in the back of the community center, this will be the waiting area. there are about 50 chairs, this is where folks will wait and with anyone with medical document,s me bring it.
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although it is -- documents, please bring it. although it is not necessary. >> i am having chest pains. >> reporter: she live as couple miles from the chevron richmond refinery. >> windy, you could see black smoke. >> reporter: for her health is a top priority. she lost 300 pounds over the last 7 years. >> i worked on this body, baby. we is in good shape. >> she is worried about long term effects from the smoke and the chemicals. she was one of hundreds at a attorney's office looking looking for information on filing a claim and she plans to visit the help center tomorrow. chevron declined our invitation to speak but said we intend to compensate our neighbors incurred as a result of the incident. chevron is trying to have adjustors respond to claims
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within three days and they will serve the same function as the hot line. live, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. the help center will open tomorrow, people can get help files claims related to the fire this week. the center will be located at the community center at 598 neven avenue in ririmond. open monday through friday and saturday. the heat is on across the bay area. some cities hit triple digits. ktvu's ken pritchett is live with how people are trying to keep their cool. >> reporter: well, it is not an official gauge of the temperature out here but we have been watching this sign, in the last hour, it has gone
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from the low 90s up to 99 degrees. at times it felt every bit that hot. many people are seeking relief from the heat. [ music playing ] >> reporter: first the foxtrot and then a waltz. >> we have great air conditioning. wonderful. >> reporter: there was no chance of over heating at the senior center, a cooling center. >> that means if you need respite from the heat you are welcome to come in here. >> reporter: she expects people to stop by. outside in the park we found them hitting the swing. >> play and then nap time. >> reporter: most of the kids avoided the playground. at the community pool the temperature at pool side was
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topping 90 degrees. >> hot days, certainly, pushes us to come here, and spend $9 and have fun. >> reporter: they say it was warm weather that brought them to the pool. and as the days get hotter they may be back. >> i have heard that it will be 80s, 90s and 100s. hot. >> reporter: we heard emergency calls related to the heat. one call of heat stroke and the weather is so warm the power authority put out a flex alert that will last till sunday, encouraging people to conserve power. ken pritchett ktvu channel 2 news. >> spare the air day. people sensitive to pollution should limit their time out door. concentrations of pollution are at unhealthy levels. high levels of ozone are harmful for young children,
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seniors and people with heart conditions. mark is here to show us which areas topped 100 degrees. >> right now a few neighborhoods around 100. air quality, haze out there and that is the result of the high pressure, that lid on top of the bay area. we have cooler temperatures near the immediate coast line. away from that, inland, lots of sunshine, and those hot colors indicating hot temperatures. here is a look at the current numbers just updated. triple digits right now in fairfield, 101. livermore 102. santa rosa still hot, low 90s, 93. but the other end of the temperatures 60s near the coast line. downtown san francisco checking in at 64 degrees. coming up, the temperature tweak and how long the heat
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will remain. we have new information on that traffic accident that sparked a grass fire yesterday. the driver that hit a power pole sparking the fire doesn't remember the accident. the car drifted off the road around 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon. he told officers he doesn't remember what happened. the crash started a 100-acre grass fire and knocked out power for 3,000 customers. a downed power pole tied up traffic on highway 17. one north bound lane remains closed as pg&e crews try to repair the pole. it is not expected to reopen till 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. this morning a truck crashed into the pole. the accident also knocked out power to 1700 pg&e customers. five varsity football
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players from liberty high school could face criminal charges after a hazing instant in june at sacramento state university, police say 8 players were involved, including three victims who are on the jv team. the case is under investigation by sacramento state police. they say the method including using heisey hot in a da using icy hot in a manner that wasn't directed. plan shot by a police officer. this happened one and a half hours ago. police officials are meeting to discuss the shooting. they plan to release more details soon. >> reporter: google agreed to pay a record fine to settle a
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privacy case. google will pay $22.5 million, that will settle allegations google broke a privacy promise. google isn't admitting wrong doing but it ends a probe into allegations that google used cookies to over ride the settings. facebook is planning to expand to a second campus. they are asking officials to approve its clean up plan for the property. that 22-acre parcel of land had been used as a storage plant. documents so the soil is contaminated with pcbs. the sikh community is remembering the victims of the attack on sunday at a sikh
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temple in milwaukee. mean time members of the temple where the gunman killed returned today to clean it up. the fbi handed the keys back to leaders this morning. leaders plan to begin a 48 hour ceremony tomorrow. attorneys for james holmes said he is mentally ill. that came during a hearing to unseal documents in the case. his attorney said making the documents public could hurt his ability to get a fair trial. people in japan marked the day when the united states dropped a domb on the -- bomb on the city. it was the second of two atomic bombs to force its surrender and end world war ii. sad news to report about a beloved member of the bay area
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law enforcement community. retired sheriff passed away today. he joined the office of the sheriff in 1965 and he was appointed sheriff in 1992. in july he was diagnosed with leukemia. your safety as you fly in and out of san francisco international airport, how water rescue here on the bay just became lot easier. >> a major recall to tell you about, the common kitchen appliance involved and the danger it poses.
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. it is the first of its kind on the west coast. ktvu's sal castaneda got a look at a new rescue facility at the san francisco international airport. sal is live to show us more. >> reporter: as you can see the
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runways are almost surrounded by water so in an emergency situations crews are much closer thanks to a new facility. >> reporter: leaders say airport rescue crews are more prepared because of this new marine emergency rescue facility unveiled today. >> i think we would be more prepared now. we have this great boat and other pieces of equipment we could use. our response would be within 2- 3 minutes. >> reporter: it used to take a half hour to launch rescue boats. now the boats, including this one, will already be in the water ready to go. the facility is the first of its kind on the west coast. >> we hope nothing ever happens but we have to demonstrate we are ready for anything.
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>> reporter: mayor ed lee was on hand to open the facility today. in 2009 a flight had to make an emergency landing in the water because of a bird strike. today he referred to that incident when she told us why the facility is so important. >> the pilot decided to land in the hudson river in new york and if something that like happened where they had to land in the water, they would be better served by the facility. >> reporter: the boats and two jet skies will assist with water rescues even if it doesn't involve a plane. he says this is a dream come true. >> i am proud to be a firefighter in san francisco. this is my dream job. >> reporter: although officials say they hope never to have to make a water rescue here, they
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say now they are better prepared. live near the san francisco international airport sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. the next time you take a flight there is a better chance your flight and suit case will arrive on time. 84% of flights arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. that is the best performance since the government started tracting data in 1998. the report says the improvements are the result of good weather and less air traffic. san francisco airport a ranks low for on time performance. flights at sfo arrived on time just 73% of the time. that ranks the airport 28 out
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of 99 airports -- 29 airports. foreclosure rates dropped. a spike in new foreclosures indicates the housing market has a long way to go. they reached a settlement over charges they processed foreclosures without verifying document. a program that is supposed to help people who were wrongful victims of foreclosures but most don't know about it. if wrong doing is discovered the lender may be responsible. an audit found many people don't know about it. >> whether or not it is user friendly for everyone, some think that is a hard call but all the information people need is on the web page.
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>> more than 200,000 people asked for a review. it expires at the end of the year. gge announced a recall of dishwashers. they include the ge, ge adora, ge eterna, ge profile sold between march 2006 and august 2009. you can see that information inside on the left side. an failure in the heating element is causing the problem. district settled a lawsuit against a construction company over two big sewage spills. they happened in december of 2010. last week they agreed to pay $630,000. in exchange the district will return almost $2 million it with held from the construction company. they claim they caused the
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spills. they denied the claim. yesterday you remember mark tamayo told us to expect high temperatures. mark when i was outside in the morning it was already hot. >> yeah. after 10:00 it cranks up with the heat and today triple digits. that will be the story for tomorrow and saturday. right now you can see fog hugging the shoreline, pacifica and half moon bay, san francisco, a still left over patches near the southwestern portions of the city. inland, look at the numbers, right now in san francisco mid- 60s. inland, look at the upper 90s to 102 degrees. that 102 is the official high today so far in livermore. as far as the forecast, we have this, a layer of warm to hot air above us and it pushes down
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on the fog, where the fog is it is dense near the coast line, this will be a concern tomorrow morning if you are driving highway 1, near the coast friday. over night lows, temperatures to start out friday in the 50s to 60s. san francisco 55. hayward 58. fremont 58 degrees. increase in the fog once again tomorrow morning. this is just for the coast and south of the golden gate bridge. we have the 60s returning for the beaches. inland, upper 90s to near 100 degrees. but there is a weak weather system to the north, that will shave off a few degrees inland. temperatures cooling off 2-3 degrees from today's highs. still hot numbers, 90s to 100 for tomorrow afternoon.
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coming up, the hottest day of the weekend and the time line of the next cooling trend. the stunning new pictures of mars released today by nasa and what they are revealing. >> and more fall out from bart's decision to shut off cell phone service in san francisco, the new proposal being made by lawmakers. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week, local seedless grapes straight off the vine are just 79 cents a pound.
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a new report shows a casino planned could earn more money than expected. the tribe plans to build a las vegas style casino. according to the press, the casino would aearn $440 million a year. a contract estimated that earnings would be $392 million by 2016. nasa released amazing new photos taken by curiosity. >> this was pretty enough and interesting enough that we thought it was worth sharing. >> that may have been an understatement. they presented new and what many of us consider breath taking images snapped by curiosity. they show mountains and desert like terrain in the crater.
5:26 pm
these new images give scientists new detailed information than the earlier black and white photos. >> the human perception can discriminate a thousand different colors but only 60 different gray scales. >> it was easier to see the dust. >> nasa says it will begin using camera gear that will have 8 times the resolution producing sharper photos. they will continue to send back the pictures but soon it will get down to the business of the mission to learn if mars was able to support life. more money problems for the u.s. postal service. officials reported a loss of $5.2 billion and warned it will miss another payment due to the treasury. this comes a week after their first ever default.
5:27 pm
they say it is being hurt by the benefit costs, declining mail volume is also contributing. they discovered a new batch of malicious software. the firm named named the virus gos. they say it is similar to a warm developed by the u.s. and israeli governments to sabotage iran's nuclear program. what they got wrong about chemical explosions during the refinery fire. >> if one person's trash is another person's treasure, then they just opened up a goldmine. still ahead.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> admitting mistakes. officials now say their claim this smoke from the chevron richmond refinery fire was safe was wrong. today officials conceded they misrepresented findings. john fowler joins us live after investigating this controversial. the question is did officials mislead the public about health risks at the refinery. you decide. >> reporter: after the fire monday afternoon officials tracked 22, he reviewed the
5:31 pm
data data. >> at or exceeding levels the state identified as our trigger for having public health concerns. >> reporter: the district made a mistake. it is very reactive. the standard is set at 1 part per billion. during the fire it was 3 parts per billion but officials say that is not unusually high. >> i think we saw the smoke plume. >> smoke particles were a health risk but not sampled during the fire.
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officials say technology to do real time monitoring during emergencies still does not exist. john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. a bill preventing government agencies from jamming cell phones during protests is a step closer to law. they approved the bill. it would prevent any agency from disrupting cell service without probable cause and a court order. bart cut cell phone to disrupt a protest. the bill goes to the senate now. a long line outside the san francisco met reontoday -- metro today for a new job. target is looking to hire 300 new employees. target says many workers are applying and some hiring decisions are being made on the
5:33 pm
stop. it continues tomorrow and saturday. >> two bay area cities made it on to the list of meeting destinations. san francisco came in at number 16. and san jose was number 50. orlando, florida topped the list followed by washington, d.c. and las vegas. a new recycling center is the biggest of its kind in the world. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us live to take us inside. >> reporter: what a place because a lot more stuff is going in here, the good news is, and it is good news, less stuff is being buried in there. >> reporter: they say this $45 million facility is the largest recycling facility on earth. they will recycle all the commercial waste from san jose.
5:34 pm
>> it has many, many attributes. the private sector fronted the money. >> reporter: this facility can process 110-tons of waste an hour. >> the state of the art facility that will be able to recycle 80% of what used to be going into the landfills. >> reporter: some is exported to over seas markets. like any processed material, the purer it is, the more it is worth. in this case it could mean the difference between making money and making no money at all. lots of humans make sure extraneous materials are removed. >> a lot of people realize we
5:35 pm
recycle plastic and aluminum but there are many more things, fiber, news print and cardboard and sirufoam block -- stiruhome block styrofoam block. >> reporter: reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal judge upheld hawaii's marriage laws and denied a lawsuit by two same- sex marriage couples. the judge said hawaii's law is constitutional. two gay men filed the suit. the couple say they will appeal the ruling. a southern california man has been arrested for scrawling graffiti on chick-fil-a. taste for hate was painted last
5:36 pm
friday. it happened during pro and anti demonstrations last week. they stem from the president's anti-gay comments. he has since been released on bond. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is expected to raise $5 million on a swing through new york and new jersey. in manhattan today he attended a fundraiser at the apartment of woody johnson. he gave supporters a pep talk, urging them to donate. he said they need a strong push to had finish line. president obama wrapped up a trip to colorado. at a rally the president said this is an intense campaign with passionate feelings. president obama said voters most choose between two visions for the country. he also spoke at the state fairgrounds and accused mitt
5:37 pm
romney of backing tax cuts for the wealthy. stopping it before it stops. the new recommendations to prevent the spread of hiv. >> and the unexpected guest that took a stroll through the hotel. eçññjo
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health officials are telling doctors to consider a aids prevention pill. the centers for disease control previously advised to give it to high risk gay and bisexual men only but there are 140,000 couples in which one person is infected with hiv. today they advised giving the pill to those couples as well. health officials took steps to prevent gone ria. the centers for disease control released new guidelines. and for doctors to go to an injectible form of the drug. this bug has been detected but it hasn't reached the u.s. a filing with the
5:41 pm
securities and exchange commission spent yahoo stock tumbling. shares of yahoo fell 3.2% in trading to $15.50. the labor department said the number of jobless claims dropped, down by 6,000. they predicted the number would rise by 5,000 and say it indicates a trend of modest hiring. on wall street today, the dow is down 10 to 13,165. the nasdaq is up 7 at 3,018. the s&p is up 0.58 at 1,402. we don't think he was checking in but an unlikely guest visited a resort.
5:42 pm
you can see the bear wandering at the rosort -- resort. he isn't the first to be an unwanted guest. three weeks ago a bear was found in a kitchen and another found eating popcorn. officials are blaming the current drought for the unexpected bear appearances. a ktvu investigation turns up an alarming trend at nursing homes. what is happening more often here than at other nursing homes nationwide. >> temperatures soared today, coming up, the hottest day of the weekend and the next significant cooling trend that will bring relief to the bay area. cçrrú
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a ktvu investigation found bay area nursing homes are using more anti-psychotic drugs. some families are concerned their loved ones may be over drugged. >> reporter: we examined the new data for every nursing home within 10 miles of san francisco and oakland. 36% of them giving residents anti-psychotic drugs at higher than the national rate. the government says it is information families need to know. >> how awful would it be to
5:46 pm
treat them with anti-psychotic agents. >> reporter: too much drugging leads to immobility. he was a world war ii veteran suffering from memory loss. his son said the facility gave him three anti-psychotics and keeping them in chemical straight jackets. >> they wanted dad to be quiet. i said you have a quiet memory care unit. >> reporter: they are aiming for a 15% reduction by the end of the year. but the workers we heard from insist they are properly prescribed and needed. ktvu channel 2 news. new research suggests the benefits of taking statins outweigh the risks they might
5:47 pm
pose to developing diabetes. researchers say that while the use increase the likelihood of developing diabetes for those at risk they also saw a drop in the risk of developing cardiovascular illness. you may be spending extra cash buying baby gifts. the recession cause parents to put off having children but that may bottom out. baby booms have followed economic recessions. the new september 11 memorial reached a milestone. more than 4 million people have visited that site since last year's opening ceremony. it includes two giant
5:48 pm
reflecting pools and plaque bearing the name of the victims. visitors come from all 50 states and 170 countries. the federal government says it will stop issuing new permits for existing nuclear power plants till issues about storing radioactive waste are revolved. they say storage plans are safe but a t said it is not clear what the consequences would be if they are wrong. there are 14 reactors waiting license reneurals and 16 waiting -- renewals and 16 waiting for new licensing. the area covered by the drought went down slightly but the part covered by severe drought increase. hard hit is iowa.
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nou.s. national oceanic and atmospheric administration says there could be 17 named storms by november 30. that is up from 15. they say as many as 8 could become hurricanes and three could be major hurricanes. let's turn now to mark tamayo. we are not done with the heat yet? >> not yet but at least we have options in the bay area. big range. cool weather temperature range because of the fog coast side. with the help of a breeze, here is a look, wind gusting to 28 miles per hour. that is transporting the marine air closer to san francisco and back into the bay. away from this temperatures soring inland. here is a look.
5:50 pm
for tonight we have this clear and mild, coastal fog. tomorrow it will be cooler. but still triple digits. the weekend hot inland temperatures. but we will cool off beginning sunday for the second half of the weekend. here is a look at the highs from this afternoon, official highs. all the triple digits, very hot, concord, antioch, livermore. livermore topped out 103 degrees. san jose 90. oakland upper 70s. san francisco nice 68 degrees. high pressure in command of the weather and watching moisture moving into the sierra, from the south. with that, to the east right now, cloud build up, niece scene and that will be a factor for tomorrow and the weekend. this area of high pressure strengthening. we will keep the temperatures inland near 100 degrees. cooler for tomorrow. we still have this breeze for the beaches. those readings will be in the
5:51 pm
low to mid-60s for friday and saturday. the extreme heat to the south, the valley, temperatures 106- 112 degrees. with the heat warning for friday through the weekend. temperatures for tomorrow still on the hot side nland -- inland 101. oakland 70s. san jose 89 degrees. near the coast, lower 60s and san francisco at 67. here is a look ahead, the five- day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. saturday will be the hottest day of the weekend, we trim back sunday and into monday and during the 6:00 p.m. hour we will look at the outside forecast for tomorrow. >> i wouldn't be surprised if people will be heading to the beach. >> sounds like a plan. >> thank you. >> not just the weather, the
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duralock. coming soon to every duracell battery.
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. union grocery workers rejected a agreement. locals 5 and 648 voted down the
5:55 pm
proposal. the stores had proposed eliminating boness pay but retained health benefit. they are also seeking an extension to the current contract. >> a group wants california to become the first state to ban single use plastic bags. today environment california showed off thousands thousands. the group says the bags are bad when they make their way into the ocean. >> 100 million-tons of trash accumulated and devastating marine eco symptoms. >> environment california wants them to ask before the session ends. if you are a parent getting ready to send your kids to school, make sure their back packs are not too pull. back pain from back packs is an
5:56 pm
increasing problem. one doctor says a good in guideline is to keep it less than 15% of your child's weight and buy a back with large stripes and consider a rolling back instead. amazing video from inside a small plane as it comes crashing to the ground. everyone inside the plane survived. this happened in june in idaho. one man was injured but everybody else on the plane walked away. >> wow! a coin shopkeeper is tied up and beaten. coming up in 2 minutes, we are going inside the store to show you the trail of destruction and you will get your first look at the suspects. >> and a grand jury calls it an insult to muni passengers, the report and muni's strong defense of what it is doing on its tracks. u?%
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5:58 pm
complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am ken wayne. >> i am julie haener. frank somerville is off tonight.
5:59 pm
police gave us a look at the armed robbery suspect in a coin shop hold up. ktvu's robert handa is live where he went inside the store to see the evidence the robbers left behind. robert? >> reporter: people here at the coin shop are still trying to assess the damage from this brutal robbery and now they have hope this crime can be solved. the owner is still in a days today after the robbery yesterday afternoon. smashed glass cases and a open safe are signs of the robbery. pictures give the public a look at the robbers. according to investigators this woman came to the shop's door and a clerk unlocked it and then these two men both described as heavy set and hispanic and armed, charged through and attacked the workers. >> they


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