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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: a few weeks ago they lost power for three days. >> we get no light, no air- conditioning, nothing. >> we apologize for the inconvenience to our customers we always try to make sure that our customers are up and running. >> reporter: crews are removed a transformer three in the last week. and now look at these markers. residents say pg & e crews told them last month there's an underground gas leak that won't be fixed until sometime next month. >> after that san bruno problem, you know we're quite frankly worried. >> reporter: within minutes of my story at 5:00, pg & e called me to say they are now expediting this gas leak repair. they say they will fix it not next month but now next week. we'll also stay on top of the electrical problems here. so far the power in this neighborhood is still on. reporting live john fowler, ktvu news.
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hot in pleasanton hot in a lot of places around the bay and here's a live look at the hills on the east side of the hills and sacramento county. mark tamayo is dialing in the numbers to see where the heat is. >> you have extreme heat for the inlands sections. you can see some of the areas that picked up 100 degrees or the upper 90s. a string of 100s for fairfield, livermore and morgan hill. here's a look at the time line at 10:00 this morning it was 89- degree. by 4:00 you see that triple digit heat 100 degrees. we still have the hot numbers in the forecast for your saturday but i amtraking -- i am tracking the forecast for the five day and i will bring you that in a few minutes. and in one town in contra
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costa county someone keeps making off with the street signs. rob roth is live in an intersection where drivers may get lost. >> reporter: it's easy to get lost in danville, we're at the intersection of allegheny but you would never know because the street signs are missing and police say that's not the only one. it's a lot harder to find sao paolo. it's the same story one block up on san vicente. the ups driver found his way okay but still. >> you have to know the area eventually. it's a hassle. >> reporter: danville police say at least eight street shrines shrines -- street signs have disappearedded in the last few weeks mostly in intersections. police say what might seem like a harmless prank can have serious consequences. >> in our line of work where
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seconds matter it's important that we know where we are at and where we're going at all times. >> reporter: police aren't sure who is taking the signs or why residents have their theories. >> i think it's kids, you know. younger kids. >> reporter: and police say that's possible, they don't believe it has nothing to do with metal thefts and whoever is taking the signs seems to do it fairly easily. the city says it will replace the signs at $100 a piece but it will take a few weeks. residents say they hope it stops. the words they use to describe it. >> pretty stupid. >> pretty dangerous because cars can get hit and people don't know where they are going. >> people have stopped me on the street asked me what this street is and they don't know because the sign is missing. >> reporter: police are asking residents to keep an eye out and to call them if they see anyone trying to steal a street sign. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities in marin county say an attempted break in at juvenile hall is likely an attempt to free a teenager
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accused of stealing a lamborghini from a celebrity check. about 3:00 this morning they heard a commotion. they found holes cut in a fence and a broken window where he was being held. >> they had attempted to break down the wall the south wall of the housing unit using a sledge hammer. >> reporter: wade is accused of stealing the lamborghini ordinary reasoned by guy fierri. wade turned 18 today which means he was transferred into an adult jail. an australian tourist now faces charges in the death of a vacaville teenager following the death of a jet ski victim
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in hawaii. fonseca died at the hospital on tuesday. a concord man is facing involuntary manslaughter charges tonight after a physical altercation with a woman over the weekend. police say 25-year-old jason castillo hit cecilia kingsley at -- for the first time since monday's refinery fire chevron set up a place for people to file claims against the oil company in person. ktvu's alie rasmusen has the warnings tonight for those who got sick from the fire. >> reporter: we have an update of the number of claims fired so far. so far 500 people have filed a claim using chevron's website. at least 1,500 people have come
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to the center. you see the line still goes out the door. >> reporter: hours after chevron's richmond refinery started spewing smoke monday night dozens of people reported feeling sick. >> i was laying on the couch, next thing you know i was feeling eye irritation. >> my daughter was having trouble breathing, itchy eyes and sore throat. inside the nevin community center eight adjustors began processing hundreds of claims. >> anything that has to do with a personal injury, property lost or loss of wages that had to do with monday's i said kept. >> reporter: but county leaders say within hours of the fire there were people ready to take advantage of it. this afternoon they issued word about a scam. >> these forms ask for confidential information. this is a scam, people should not fill them out. >> reporter: there are only three ways to file a claim
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against chevron by calling their hot line, coming to the community center or seeking out a licensed attorney. attorneys are not allowed to solicit it you at a community center like this or the scene of any accident. this afternoon representatives from the california state bar handed out fliers explains those rights. >> we don't want people to be taken advantage of at a point in which they are vulnerable. >> reporter: this community center will be opened tomorrow, saturday from 8:00 to noon. and chevron representatives say when and if those claims are being verified they will begin issuing checks for those affected within 15 dayless. air quality officials admitted last night they made a mistake with test results after monday's refinery fire. the district originally said they tested 25 samples.
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now the district says the samples found an increase of acroline. chevron has provided two ways to file a claim. if you suffered any health problems tied to that refinery fire. you can go to the nevin community center or you can call the hot line number you see on your screen. chevron will not say how long the refinery will be down. that uncertainty is exacerbating already skyrockets gas prices. the state average is now $3.99. that's up 16-cents from a week ago before the fire. san francisco has the most expensive gas in the bay area at $4.07. oakland is now at $4 and san jose is at $4.02. when the refinery fire erupted, ktvu broke in to bring you the latest updates. make sure you download our app
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and click the live stream any time there's any breaking news for live updates. crews stopped work last thursday after a backhoe hit a gas line. the accident led to evacuations in the crest moore neighborhood. they will pick up next week to restore sewer lines. bay area national guards men are flying to the area to fight. it's unknown how many guards men are joining the fire fight. attorneys said they are outraged over a decision made by a sacramento judge. opponents of proposition 34 say the language used on the november ballot could mislead
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voters into supporting the measure. but in sacramento superior court a judge sited with supporters and is not requiring a ballot rewrite. >> we're open and honest to have a ballot debate and then let the voters of california decide. but let's not get there you know by confusic the issues and misrepresenting what they are trying to pass. prop 34 would repeal the state's state penalty law and give current death row inmates without life parol. state officials are warning residents not to eat a certain type of licorice because of possible lead contamination. the company that makes aussie style licorice black is voluntarily pulling the product from the shelves. drivers in palo alto can expect a slower commute next week starting at 9:00 monday morning, crews will shut down part of the intersection of san
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antonio and middle field road. it's all part of a widening improvement that will add a third lane to middleton road. the project should be completed next month. splitting the difference, the 49ers and city come to an agreement -- santa clara county officials reach a deal on funding for the new football stadium. >> and facebook violating users privacy. the changes it has to make before it goes public again.
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authorities in the south bay have made an arrest in a child porn case.
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rowell ronario is accused of sharing child porn. they seized computers containing child pornography. the san francisco 49ers and south bay school officials have been fighting over millions of dollars earmarked for the team's new stadium. but now that dispute is settled. robert handa is live in santa clara with the win-win for both sides, robert. >> reporter: well santa clara high school is a place that excels in sports and ago -- and academics but that doesn't make the school board -- the school district have been fighting the san francisco 49ers and new stadium project over millions of the dollars of public money. but now after a closed door meeting, the parties agreed to split the money rather than go to court.
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for the school district it'll mean $700 million over three years and no lay offs. >> i was really excited because i know in the past we've had lay offs and the moral for the whole district has been down because of that. so to hear that we're not going to have any lay offs now is wonderful. >> parents of children we talked to agree. >> i think it's important for the teachers to be around to educate the children. to me that was just amazing. >> i love it. yes. >> reporter: were you worried about it? >> i was because that's one of the things that i think gets affected first. >> reporter: the dispute came after governor brown decided money earmarked for the stadium should go to schools and county programs instead. now the school district and santa clara county will ends up with half the money it wanted but dave cortazi isn't complaining. it still works out to millions. >> we don't want to be greedy but we're happenty to get something out of it. >> reporter: the 49ers will
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still get most of its $30 million but over a longer period of time. the agreement must still be approved at a public meeting scheduled for august 27th. robert handa, ktvu. the man who is a part owner of the a's say their finances will not be discussed. there's also been talk of a new stadium along the oakland waterfront. the federal trade commission finalized a settlement with facebook. it stems from a complaint selecting facebook violated by telling users their information was private then letting that information be
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public. facebook must get users permission before sharing their information. a new tech incubator is trying to raise $1 million to keep their doors open. hacko dojo needs $1 million to bring their office into compliance and city code. including a wheelchair lamp. dozens gathered in belmont this morning for a fraud prevention workshop. the issue is growing mainly among seniors, says hill. >> they're looking for companies, they're looking for someone to talk with and a lot of the people who are committing fraud know how to make friends with people. >> the california department of corporations seniors against investment fraud program and belmont police also took part in the workshop. a new natural gas plant
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opened today in lodie will supply power. the plant will power 300,000 homes daily. >> it means that when we dependent increasingly on wind and sun for power it means something going back and forth between those sources seemless. rule residents in alameda county will be the first in the state to see their first fie fighting fees in their mailboxes. they are being sent alphabetically by county to almost 1 million rural residents. the new fee will help cover the cost of preventing and fighting fires in rural areas where the
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state has jurisdiction for fire fighting. once again the second day in a low of triple digit heat across the bay area. but the other extreme some fog, dense fog hugging parts of the coastline. right now on the maps on track storm ii, you can see from monterey bay closer to pacifica. near half-moon bay and right around ocean beach. moving into golden gate park and parts of san francisco as well. as far as temperatures from this afternoon. there's that range, then as you head inland. there you go with the triple digit heat out toward fairfield, san jose maxed out in the mid-80s at 85. for tonight clear and mild but still coastal fog. this weekend we're going to hold on to that hot temperature pattern inland but cooler readings begin moving in by monday and more cooling into next week. as far as current numbers just updated you can see numbers concord, 93, oakland 70, and san francisco has cooled off into the upper 50s, 58.
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for tomorrow not too much change, high pressure still in command of the weather. that means temperatures inland 100 to 103 degrees. we're still going to hold on to that on shore breeze. with that the beach is only in the 60s. as we do take this into sunday for the second half of the weekends we begin our cooling trend to areas of fog for the coast and bay most areas on average cooling off between three to 6 degrees by sunday. here's a look at the excessive heat warning, not posted here by out towards bakersfield. temperatures will extreme 106 without warning in place right now through most of the weekend. here's our forecast model showing you some fog. clearing back to near the shoreline, we could have some sunny breaks out toward the beaches but there you go, major heat inland 99 to 102, 103- degree. temperatures tomorrow a little
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warmer than today. walnut creek, 100, san jose in the upper 80s we'll go with 89. fremont in the mid-80s and san francisco right about 70 degrees downtown. a little bit cooler right around golden gate park for the outside lands music festival too. maybe more sunshine by the 3:00 hour. your weekend always in view and we will begin to trim back those temperatures by sunday but still hot numbers inlands. the cooling i promise moves back into the region by monday, tuesday and wednesday. the fog will eventually win out. not doing too much but it will expand and bring the marine air to the area. >> a little relief. >> there you go. >> thank you, mark. coming up on news 36. a mysterious cloud suddenly descends on people walking through a popular promenade. what may have caused it.
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we hope you join us at 7:00 on tv 36. the masses are gathering in santa clara park. the low points and high notes that's drawing and discould your honoring people from attending the festival.
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thousands of music lovers right now are rocking out in san francisco's golden gate park for this year's outside lands music festival. the three day event features some of the biggest names in the business like beck, neil young. but neighbors have been complains that the concert leaves their neighborhood overrun with trash. >> mark joins us now with sports and tiger is looking a little better than he has in the past. >> yeah he has a shot at a big one. but until he does win a major i don't think anyone is going to truly believe he's all the way back. that's probably the closest he's come since his fall from grace. he's a coleader half way through the pga championship. a little wind popping up today. but, tiger didn't need to be bothered by that his putting game was back. remember that bothered him so badly at the british. drops him to 90. here at 12 he will stick the
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approach. 165yards out. and go on to birdie having finished the day 1-under 71 he is in a one day tie with b.j.sing making a come back as well and carl peterson so half way there. how many times have nba fans, not just warrior fans had to sit and endure the all smiles laker press conferences as they introduce yet another superstar to their organization. howard asked about a phone conversation he had with kobe after the deal was consummated. >> he does a pretty good kobe impression there. meanwhile kobe and company getting their business done.
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on to the final for team usa after dispensing with argentina. spain versus usa in the gold medal game on sunday. later tonight we're all about baseball, giants hosting the rockies. lincecum on the mound. a's in progress they're leading the white sox 3-1 early. >> dwight howard kept saying you know, you know. i don't know i want to hear. >> that's kobe, though. >> you know, big smile, you know. visit the i tunes store to download our new ktvu news tab. >> and you can watch every newscast live, just download the ktvu news app right from your i pad. thank you for trusting ktvu news.
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