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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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an african american man in his 20s, with or without glasses. >> we want to remove that person from our community. we don't want this to happen again. >> reporter: they say the sheet left in the car with a woman who looked like this. african american, 20 to 25, 5'7'', 130-pounds, dark hair. witnesses say that other women may have been in the silver chevy. >> tugs on everybody's heart strings. i get -- it gets in to the gut of everybody. >> it was an act that is unforgivable. >> reporter: now police say they don't know if the killing was on purpose or accidental but they want it solved. that's why they are offering a 25,000-dollar reward for the right tip that leads to the killer of this little boy. reporting live in oakland . >> the tip line for information in this case is 510-
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773-2805. we should tell you that the police investigator wants to solve this case so badly he also wants us to give out his e- mail address. it's emolina at oakland you see it on the screen. you can also find it on the website. >> california firefighters are making a stand against the flames of a massive wildfire that's still burning in lake county tonight. the fires are burning east of clear lake up to highway 20. we will give you a live look . we have been watching the flames over the past couple days and just minutes ago earlyer at five bill martin showed us the smoke that's a result of the fire but you are getting a up close look at flames in the trees here. ken pritchett is live on the ground in lake county. >> reporter: we were on the
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frontlines of the fire today and we will show you where firefighters made their stand. stand. an area about 20 miles east of the current location, there is a lot of burned grass land about -- wild land about 7,000 acres between here and there. the good news here is that the hundreds of home that were once threat especiallied by this fire are no longer threatened. >> reporter: this is the head of the fire dubbed the y fire that's burned 7,000 acres since sunday. today hot temperatures and light wind help drive the fire. >> overnight the fire continued to grow very actively, especially on the eastern portion of the fire. >> reporter: this is a sparsely populated area near highway 20 and 16, unlike where the fire started sunday near clear lake. two homes were destroyed in the first hour. today firefighters could be seen lined up along highway 20, shovels in hand. this is where they made their
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line today. >> the strategy for firefighters at this location is to use that road as a break line for the main head of the fire. the concern is that sparks could fly over highway 20 and as you can see, that is already happened in someplaces. >> reporter: the fire burning down this hillside was with by design. air tankers dropped retardant -- they wanted this area to burn slowly to remove fuel. highway 20 reopened to traffic but only one way at a time under chp escort. causing delays of an hour or more and traffic restrictions will remain until friday. cal fire said hundreds of acres of dry brush remain unburned. the fire fight will go on for days. >> a lot of potential this fire could spot ahead of itself. >> reporter: if you look over to my right you can see some of the land burned in the first hour of this fire on sunday. there are 1100 firefighters,
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many from the bay area. containment is at 30% and the evacuation orders that were -- issued sunday night when this fire broke out, those were listed last night. in lake county, ktvu channel 2news. >> another scare today at the shell oil refinery after a gas leak led to a health advisory. want to show you time l aps e video of the flair up that started at about 12:30 this afternoon. investigators say a pressure relief valve went off and got stuck in the open position. officials evacuated a section of the plant and then allowed the excess gas to burn off. >> we thought we -- be best to shut it down until we can figure it out. >> the health advisory was lifted about three this afternoon. this is just the latest in a string of issues at that refinery. the leak after a small fire there yesterday and last wednesday there was a shelter in place warning that went our
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but later turned out to be a false alarm. >> investigators released their own photographs of the damage done by the chevron refinery fire. tom live in richmond with the update on the safety investigation that wrapped up just about an hour ago. >> reporter: so far most of what we have seen has been from chopper 2 where we fly over the refinery. the problem is we haven't been able to see on the ground. whether we are finded out is the refinery is a mess. but for exsensive interview was workers, responders and witnesses to the fire, the equally serious work of looking at the failed eight inch pipe has been stopped by the charred and twisted remains of the machinery in in processing unit. >> damaged steel over the area of the pipe. that's one of the hazards we are now contending with. there are one oro more of these
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steel beam that are compromised by the fire. the danger of collapse to that structure is one that we and others are not willing to take. . >> reporter: as a direct result of that the investigation will take longer than anticipated repairs will need to be extensive, expensive and time consuming and that's bad news for gas prices statewide. more importantly public confidence in the refinery has been shaken according to the county health director. >> its been a while since i had to go to richmond and explain to people what the health impacts were from this kind of thing. it hasn't been nearly long enough. >> reporter: it's the third major event in 12 years here and very nearly cording to the feds, could have been a major disaster. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> more details on the impact to the community. county officials said more than 9,000 people shout medical treatment after the fire.
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some had asthma attacks or had problems breathing while others had irritation. initially there were no reports for anyone in the hospital but officials say two or three hospital stays were related to that refinery fire. >> in san jose police are investigating a shooting this afternoon that left a man in the hospital. officers responded to a 911 call of a man shot on south winchester boulevard near cadillac drivet. happened just after 2:30 this afternoon. the victim was a latino man in his 20s. he was found with at least one gun shot wound. at this point no arrests have been made. now this comes as san jose leaders meeting with the department of justice about a spike in street violence. the city is getting recognized nationally for its crack down on gang activity as well as it's community approach in reaching out to gang members. the several downtown businesses say gang activity is happening right in front of their stores all the time. we talked to one business owner
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who was to scared to show his face. >> dealing drugs, fights, violence, attempted murders, issues here just escalating and instead of getting better they are getting worse. >> reporter: the san jose mayor said community organizations and county agencies have to work together to fight gang violence. >> a woman is in jail in connection with a stabbing in the usually quiet east baytown of keningston. she tabbed an 81-year-old. officers say they found the victim's body just before midnight last night. he was a retired professor. they are looking in to a motive. >> rape charges have been dropped against alameda county sheriff's deputy. the da said that it withdrew the charges after finding more evidence. his attorney said his client is relieved and hopes to get back
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to work soon. we are learning new information tonight about a computer crash that slowed down service at dmv offices throughout california for most of the day. our crews found longer lines than usual this morning at the oakland office as we told you earlier during the 5:00 broadcast state officials initially blamed it on communications issues with at&t and verizon. now they say it's a hardware problem. the problem was resolved earlier this afternoon. >> a former state parks employee said she blew the whistle on an unused special fund containing millions of dollars months before it came to light. the employee made the statement in court as part of a sexual harassment case against the former budget manager. the testimony was revealed in a court filing toe. she said she told the state attorneys in april that the department has sitting on about $20 million. >> state lawmakers introduced new legislation that would let illegal immigrants practice law
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legally. the state bar dream resolution was inspired by this man. he was brought to the united states illegally as a child but he went onto finish law school and pass the bar. he now needs permission from the state court to be a practicing attorney. some say the bill doesn't make sense. >> if you don't respect the law then why should we give you a law license to practice law? i think it's hypocriscy. >> reporter: earlier this month the state bar expressed support of the new bill. >> berkeley are you searchers say children in newly built schools showed gains in academic achievement. the study of 20,000 children in the school district found elementary school students, english test scores jumped by so points, math by seven. the new school drew younger teacher was higher levels of many indication.
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>> google has won a round in its lawsuit over its digital library. a new york appeals court will let the company appeal the class action status granted to authors in the lawsuit. they said the writers allegations should be heard on a case by case basis. and say if it's reversed it could reduce the amount of any possibla war to authors. >> how safe is your water in a new lawsuit says 30 million are at risk because of what the state is not doing. >> and back here in just ten the fog back. i have the latest computer model ready to go. when i cabling back i will show you how far inland it'll go and how long it'll last. [ thunder crashes ]
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. should a seen inial immediate a. fire crews able to save a 2 story apartment building on pearl street. they said that nobody was home and nobody was hurt though the building was saved both units damaged. five people and two pets were displaced. groups sued the state of california over delayed drinking water stand hards. new at six john fowler live in san jose where activists say one cancer causing chemical is at some of the highest levels in the state. >> reporter: nearly all tap water has some contamination but some say the state is delaying protecting us from one. santa clara water officials acknowledge some water contains a cancer causing chemical. >> we usually give our kids bottled water. i do feel better but it's still a concern. >> reporter: officials say
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levels very, very low, and the water is safe. >> all the water meets current epa and department of health regulations. >> reporter: a first in the nation dramaticly stricter standard required by state law before 2004 still isn't ready. >> it's eight years now already and counting. the delay is the reason for the lawsuit. >> reporter: in the lawsuit they say 31 million are exposed. i have learned from a bay area study when drank the chemical is almost completely converted to the good form. officials say removing it is difficult and expensive and any new regulation must balance. >> the risk of the contamination and then cost and -- just major things that they are checking. >> reporter: and high doses is linked to stomach cancer. late this afternoon i got an e- mail from state health fishes this say they haven't seen that lawsuit and won't have a
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comment but they do add they are following state law. john fowler, channel 2news. >> levels in drinking water came to awareness in the 90s. that's when legal researcher helped win a 330 million-dollar settlement. she argued that pg&e was responsible for pollution in the water that sickened hundreds of people. the case inspired a movie. >> wells fargo has agreed to pay six and a half million dollars to settle claims. the bank was sued by cities and nonprofits. they say the bank misled them about the risks involved in the investments that fell in value during the credit crisis. they don't admit wrongdoing in the settlement. >> some residents are calling for a freeze on foreclosures until a new california homeowners bill of rights goes
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into effect. they rallied this afternoon in support of three families on the block who are under water on their mortgages. organizers say they have risen for a third straight month. >> we are working on preserving the home we have been living in, raise the family, grandchildren in. the economy just sank us. >> reporter: it would stream line the loan process for borrowers. >> state has a new website meant to spell out global warming. the governor's office said it documents the dangerous changes of climate change. it has sections on the effects greenhouse gas and responses to arguments by those who question whether global warming is real. >> today was another flex your power day. energy officials are asking people to reduce their energy, especially commercial bilings like these in downtown san
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jose. bill martin joins us with the conditions creating this crunch. . >> yeah. with fog along the coast and the winds kicking on shore, the flex concerns will probably go away in central california and even southern california in the next 48 hours, cooling down into the next -- five days. the forecast shows this fog pushing across the bay tonight. there it is. it's made the advancement toward treasure island. then it's foggy in a lot of the bay area neighborhoods. we haven't seen a lot of fog and we have been seeing temperatures above the average inland. 97 today in antioch. 96 livermore. tomorrow were that big push of fog, the temperatures will trim down in to the low 90's for the most part. some mid90's and the -- the marine layer is getting thicker. intoto friday, saturday quite a bit thicker and it'll cool everybody off. it'll also help with the fire situation up in northern california and central
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california. it'll help with the air quality. it'll change things around and beginning now. cool today, cool tomorrow and cools the next day ask and into the weekend. the forecast will be for temperatures tomorrow a good five degrees cooler than today. this lie pressure weakens. it's enough to trend temperatures down. 86 santa rose a. they drop off four degrees. tomorrow they drove off a degree at the airport. livermore three degrees. a slow cooling. be nice if it was rapid for the fires but the cooling is what -- it's a direction we want to go in. the forecast highs tomorrow then in clear lake instayed of 107 like yesterday or today, 97 in clear lake tomorrow. 90 fairfield. cooling off, air quality will be better because you notice the breeze, hopefully you notice it. up on the delta you folks in point richmond. the winds start to kick out of the west southwest.
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that cools things off. if you live in the bay area you can almost smell it. we noticed it here in jack london square as well this morning with the fog and the cooler air. as we go through the next few days that's what you will notice. away from this real hot pattern. this high pattern we get into a more -- subtle pattern. in the weekend it'll be significantly cooler. >> yeah. weekend looks good. >> coming up on the news at seven on tv36, two incidents in two days at the shell refinery in martinez. people who live and work in the area tell us about what they can see and smell movement we will update you on conditions where a new wildfire is forcing vacant uses, this time in southern california. join us for these and more. >> hundreds of bay area children get a jump on the school year. the bag full of supplies they got today and who was happy to hand them out.
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. hundreds of bay area children got a jump on the school year with a backpack of supplies. >> thank you. ty. >> you're welcome. >> the richmond police
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activities league handed out six hundred backpacks to kids. the students also enjoyed activities, lunch and a clothing give away. organizers say something as easy as new supplies can make a huge difference. >> this year it's been really great to see the excitement on them coming in. they are excited to see their teacher, excited to go back to school and start the new school year. >> and ktvu and pg&e helped sponsor the give away. >> mark is here tonight and the giants play tonight and the a's playing now. >> giants looking to get on track. the aa lost two out of three over the weekend and it's kansas city little change of venue hoping that will help them out a little bit. bad base running by both teams, butler with a grounder, josh -- nice fake to get escobar in the run down between second and third. he tags them out but the a's in what was a scoreless game, guilty of the same thing.
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crisp base hit right field. francoeur in right field. one of the best arms in baseball. josh donaldson forgets about that. he finds himself in a run down. he is tagged out but the royals scored in the bottom of the 5th. they are leading 1-0. i don't know what you show in highlight when is it's a 3-0 but that was the deal but if you were going to pick one guy out, the raiders offense you would have to say mcfadden. takes a swing out for 18-yards and you will see him go off for another 16-yard. he missed much of last year with a foot injury. they need this guy healthy, probably more than any offensive ingredient. he just changes everything. makes palmer a better quarterback that's for sure and longs to have mcfadden in his backseat. >> pretty special obviously. just great to have him in the
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huddle. we want to feed him the ball. we will obviously feature him in the offense. just excited to keep working with him and keep it going. >> all right. it's football, hard to keep them healthy but that one guy, they could do it with him it would make a difference in the raiders, they would have a heck of a lot better chance to get back in to the playoffs. >> yeah. thank you. >> firefighters could gain the upper hand tonight on a fire burning in lake county and tonight at ten, we are live with crews trying to hold the flames behind highway 20. >> thank you for trusting ktvu. >> [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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