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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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baseball, today is a new twist. >> is it worth crying over spilled milk. the giants said they support major league baseball policy. many fans say the giants can still win but it won't be easy. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> mark ibanez joins us now. is there any sig consistence in the giants -- significance in the giants lost? >> they are out of first place temporarily. just a depressing day for the organization and their fans. melky cabrera, he is a guy who carried this team for the first couple months. leads the major leagues in hits, this is possibly a bigger story than melky cabrera alone. of the four big league players suspended for performance
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enhancing drugs, two are giants. considering their past with the scandal and barry bonds, the organization itself might need to do a better job of self evaluation. in the short term, 50 game suspension cast a pall over the team, reflected in a losser's clubhouse this afternoon and you will -- loser's clubhouse this afternoon and you will hear from players at 6:00 p.m. lousy day, they lost to the nationals and out of first place and their best player is done for the season. and i compare it to when buster posey was injured last year and they just kind of -- the mood went into the tank. same feeling at the park today. >> a huge loss for the giants. more at 6:00 p.m. and joe fonzi at at&t working to get reaction.
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>> thank you. we have more on a story we told you about last night. three women were sexually assaulted during the outside lands festival. ktvu's david stevenson is live in golden gate park with the key evidence the police are collecting. >> reporter: ktvu reported about sexual sexual sexual assaults at outside lands festival, today we learned more details at what may have happened. >> reporter: crews took down outside lands festival tents and stages as police investigate three attacks that event. >> we don't believe this is one or two of the same people commitload three different alleged crimes -- committed all three different alleged crimes. they are all different people. >> it attracted 200,000 this weekend. investigators with the police
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department special victim's unit, says three young women were sexually assaulted between saturday and sunday morning on the grounds. police tell us one woman was victimized in a wooded area, another near tents and another near this wind mill. alcohol and drugs were involved in each case. >> it doesn't release the predators of the crimes of the acts they committed. >> reporter: police identified persons of interest and requested dna and evidence from the people and the victims. friends of the women stepped forward to aid the investigation. >> we believe that our victims weren't of a state of mind to give consent to have sexual intercourse with anybody and by definition that is a crime. >> reporter: investigators tell us they asked the crime lab to expedite the tests and they are
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preparing to contact outside lands festival organizers. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. drug enforcement administration made the biggest drug bust in central valley history. they released this picture of 330 pounds of methamphetamine seized this week. the street value is $9 million. the drug task force arrested 11 people. police are looking for agonman. the gun -- for a gun man. the gunfire broke out, candles were still burning over night from the vigil. one of the two victims was the brother of his fiance.
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police haven't released a description of the shooter. the city counsel will discuss a settlement. he claims his rights were violated last year when an officer fired a taser and struck him four times. he fell on the ground and suffered cuts and scrapes. the officer fired because he was running from the scene. he is suing for lost wages. more fall out from the chevron refinery fire last week. today the first lawsuit was filed. ktvu's noelle walker is live with more on that and what she is learning about the repairs. >> reporter: 9 days after the fire and explosion at the chevron refinery, things could get worse before they get better. >> reporter: a spokesman told me their sources with knowledge of the chevron refinery
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believed the plant would have to close 4-6 months to make repairs. a spokesperson would not speculate on closure but said the company paid with the board -- met with the board today. they would not confirm the nature of the meetings but said the company had multiple requests to meet with agencies. >> this was avoidable. >> reporter: he is heading a team of attorney whose are taking on the legal claims. he set up a office where residents are signing up to be part of a class action lawsuit. >> i am jittery. >> reporter: he has been coughing and had sinus problems since the explosion last week. at first he thought the siren was a joke and then saw the
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smoke. >> i could see it going up. >> reporter: attorneys say more than a thousand people contacted their offices, they want them to change the way they do business. >> enough is enough and it has to stop. we hope it will stop. >> reporter: now this is the lawsuit that he filed today in court. chevron points out people can file claims through the company and if they file through chevron they are not prevented from suing later. noelle walker. >> has a slide show of the refinery. a big rig carrying a crane under estimated the height of a
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pedestrian over crossing. it was getting on to 80 this morning when it slammed into the walkway. the truck and chunks of concrete blocked the on ramp and two lanes of traffic. no one was injured but the crossing, truck and crane was injured. the death of a newborn is being investigated. a 24-year-old woman was in labor for 48 hours when doctors stopped labor inducing drugs but a nurse restarted the drugs because the mother started pushing again. the baby died after birth. officials are investigating. a real estate market is continuing its hot streak. median prices were the highest they have been in four years. in july the median price was
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$4,002,000,000. that is up 12.6%. home sales were up 22.9% compared to last year. the rise in sales and prices is because of higher demand. on wall street it was a mixed bag today, the dow is down 7 to 13,164. the nasdaq is up 14 at 3,030. the ceo of apple and samsung are being asked to settle their dispute. they both sued and counter sued each other over allegations of copying and patent infridgement. walmart, target and others are taking on google wallet.
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a dozen teamed up to form mcx. they are creating an app so customers could be items. they estimate mobile payment transactions will jump 62% in the next four years. hundreds are lining up to find out more about the deferred action program. why thisriment as chance at a -- this represents a chance at new start. >> and the fog for thursday.
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the fbi is investigating a case of domestic terrorism. this morning an armed man walked into the research counsel and was confronted by
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security guard. the guard was shot in the arm before others helped wresthal suspect to the ground -- wrestled the suspect to the ground. >> the suspect was taken into custody and is now being interviewing. a military judge today held in contempt the psychiatrist accused of killing 13 soldiers in texas. he has a beard. the judge ruled that was a violation of military grooming standards. jury selection is next week. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. a new federal program could
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help thousands of illegal immigrants. there were long lines outside of many u.s. immigration im-- immigration offices. and there was a crowd outside the office in chicago. they can apply for two year work permits. officials expect 1 million people to do so. ktvu's ann rubin is live in san jose where several events are being held. >> reporter: you mentioned lines, look at this line, hundreds of people are here. there are hundreds more people already inside. today is the first day to apply for the deferred action program and many of these people had no intention of waiting. >> reporter: san jose at 2:00 and more came all day long. his family is from honduras. >> i can't believe it. i am going to be able to apply
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for a job. my driver's license. >> reporter: thanks to the deferred action program. starting today the children of immigrants can apply to legally work and stay in the u.s. >> they have been hiding in the shadows and they want to show how they can contribute to the community. the family came to the u.s. when he was 10. he says this changes his outlook. >> have confidence back. feel like you belong. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. protesters gathered in san bernardino today voicing their opposition to the program. they say it is only a temporary solution to immigration reform. for those kids, they have a country they must return to. you can't break the law and be rewarded. >> reporter: it will allow many
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students to stay, work or go to school without fear of deportation. >> it has -- pushes us to do better and look forward to our future. we are excited. >> reporter: here they are prepared to see 2800 people today trying to find out if they are eligible. there is a concern more people are not coming forward because they are afraid. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here are details about the program. to qualify illegal immigrants must be under 30. arrived before the age of 16. have lived here for 5 years. a high school diploma or served in the military and no criminal records. judge set a hearing blocking the one profission of the arizona -- provision of the
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arizona immigration, the part that allows police to check immigration status. the judge issued an injunction saying it infringes on rights reserved to the federal government but the supreme court over turned that. they say it will lead to racial profiling. funeral services set for tomorrow. he died last thursday from leukemia. his funeral is 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. he worked for the sheriff's department for 45 years, 19 as sheriff before he retired last year. a pathogen that has been attacking northern california's forest, coming up the solution that may have been found. fire crews are battling a fire east of sacramento right now. it broke out in the pilot hill
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area this afternoon. the fire is threatening homes and evacuations are in effect. 58 acres burned. no word on containment at this time. the biggest challenges are the wind and heat. and to the north in lake county, firefighters made progress against the wye fire and walker fire. the fires, which are treated as one, are now 70% contained. this morning all evacuation orders were lifted. two homes and an out building have been destroyed. the cause is still under investigation. yesterday our chief meteorologist mill m told us to -- bill martin told us to expect a cool down. >> and it hecheed the fires -- helped the fires because the winds are down and the temperatures are down 5-6 degrees today. lot of fog this morning. welcome back. we have lots of weather to talk about. a cooling trend that ends
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tomorrow. temperatures warm up thursday. fog right now in the avenues. there is san francisco. daily city. richmond district. you have got fog. daily city, you have fog. san francisco airport, the fog is working its way into your neighborhood. fog for many bay area locations, tomorrow morning, redwood city, hayward tomorrow morning and a burn off. these are the current temperatures. 87 fairfield. 80 livermore. 74 in san jose. not like a couple days ago, 105, 104. the heat is to the east. tomorrow the heat is going to come this way. it got cool because the marine layer stretched out. allows the cool moist air to get over the hills and cool things down. better air quality, fire danger
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goes down. tomorrow, the marine layer pinches down again, temperatures come up about 5 degrees tomorrow. not going to be hot, just warmer than today. over night lows with fog around redwood city, oakland, napa, will be in the 50s. tonight seemed warm, but by 9:00, 10:00, 8:00, 50s. everybody is in the 50s over night. the heat isn't going to happen, more fog. the latest computer model, 7:00 a.m., the model isn't putting the fog here but i am. fog, pacifica, along the great highway, and golden gate park. and you will have fog around half moon bay. heat works its way to the west. warms up tomorrow. i am back here and we will talk
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about your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. see you then. the air force is blaming a faulty part for the loss of a jet. the waverider is supposed to reach 3600 miles per hour. it was dropped yesterday. the engine failed to start and it plunged into had ocean. basketball could be moving across the bay, and going a college once isn't enough anymore. try 2-3 times. the new requirement for job hunters these days.
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. california health officials are sounding the alarm about a rise in sexually transmitted diseases. from 2010-2011 syphilis cases were up 18%. chlamydia up 5% and gonorrhea up 1.5%. those diseases can lead to serious problems. the economic recovery is creating a new requirement. it is nearly impossible to land a job without a college degree. >> people with high school and below they face the prospect of
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being poor. >> the study finds half the jobs lost have been recovered and that almost all those jobs have required some form of advanced degree. >> college is worth it almost always. i say almost. on average if you get a bachelor's degree it will be worth a million $300,000. >> the unemployment rate for college grads is 7% right now while those are a high school diploma is three times that amount. . coming up here at 5:45 p.m., ktvu's ken wayne looks at the questionable expenses being paid at san francisco city college, the same college that
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faces loses accreditation. >> the current recovery from the recession is the weakest since the great depression. a number of factors for that. the unemployment rate is the highest this long after the end of a recession. economic growth is the weakest since world war ii and pay checks lagged behind inflation. the port commission gave the go ahead for walks with the golden state warriors about a new arena. the vote was 3-0. this opens the way for the city and the warriors to work out lease details for the area of peer 30 and 32. they want to move to san francisco for the 2017 season. fired from the boy scouts, a gay eagle scout fights back with a petition trying to change a national policy. >> a break through, a way to control one of the bay area's
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. complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> he reached the highest rank in the boy scouts before being kicked out. now he is coming back and demanding change. that eagle scout says he was fired because he is gay. now he is hoping to be a catalyst for change. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in san francisco where he delivered thousands of signatures asking for a reversal of the policy. >> reporter: he delivered the petitions to the counsel here in sacramento which over sees scouting. he was welcomed inside but he
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didn't get the response he was hoping for. for 9 years he was a scout leader at a summer camp east of sacramento. that ended in july. >> i was fired for a uniform violation. the boy scouts claim the violation was his painted nails which he call as tradition among the staff. >> after i was fired people still continued that tradition and no one was fired. >> i can say with confidence that i was fired in response to accusations of homosexual. >> reporter: 9 others resigned in protest. they said he was not removed because of his sexual orientation but three days before the organization reaffirmed its ban on gay members. >> those who suffer the worse are the youth.
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>> reporter: they delivered 70,000 signatures hoping to get the counsel to buck the policy of the national organization. his meeting lasted less than 10 minutes. >> there is nothing we can do about it. >> reporter: the counsel declined to talk on camera. he says other groups defied the national organization's discrimination policy. he says he will keep at it. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama drafted first lady michelle obama to help him campaign in iowa today. they spoke to 3,000 supporters. she said her husband has been fighting for everything from equal pay for women to healthcare. and the president said he is lucky to have michelle obama as his wife. >> she is a woman of strength,
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and integrity and honor, she keeps me straight every single day. she the best mom in the world. and she is cute. [ laughter ] >> the president also addressed the economy. a campaign ad is stirring controversy tonight. >> i don't think mitt romney understands what he has done to people's lives. >> the death of a worker's wife. he lost his job when bain capital closed his job. he lost his health insurance and couldn't pay for his wife's insurance and she died. wisconsin congressman paul
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ryan campaigned today as a new report was released. records show paul ryan tried to steer money from president president obama's stimulus plan to wisconsin. he was a critic of the plan but in 2009 he wrote letters seeking grants for two wisconsin energy firms. his current proposal would cut billions in funding. part of east 14th street is shut down after a car chase ended in a crash. the car sped away and the car crashed at east 14th. the officers caught him. a break through in how tastop sudden oak death -- to
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stop sudden oak death. ktvu's john fowler has more. >> reporter: scientists set up this steam generator that is pumping hot air into that tent there that is heating the soil to 124 degrees killing the sudden oak death pathogen. >> reporter: they killed tens of thousands trees, millions statewide, the nursery industry under quarantine. at this bio safe nursery, scientists say they can sterilize infected dirt. >> very simple, affordable and quick. >> reporter: solar stairization
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can take weeks -- sterilization can take weeks. >> huge impact. >> reporter: also it could prevent accidental spread. >> one thing we would like to do is sell california nursery stock to the rest of the country without a risk of wiping out the forest there. >> reporter: researchers took this machine to one nursery, sterilized the stock to get its permit reinstated. the $2 million for this and other experiments come from a federal farm bill and it is paying off right here in the bay area. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. hot, dry conditions are fanning the flames across the western united states. an update on the fire fight in several states coming up. the national anthem took on
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a new significant today for people in oakland. [ singing ] [ cheers and applause ] >> they were being sworn in as citizens of the united states. they watched a video presentation on america's impgrant history. -- immigrant history. the questionable expenses we uncovered at san francisco city college even though the school is strapped for cash. >> baby gear being recalled, what the makers plan to do to fix it.
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. a woman who is considered to be at risk disappeared. police say she is 19 years old and as the mental exasfy -- capacity of a 13-year-old. she is 4'7", weighs about 80 pounds. a baby chair is under a recall. the consumer product safety commission recalled 40 million bumbo baby seats. 84 babies have been able to get out of the seats and fall and 20 ended up with fractured skulls. bumbo says newer seats are
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equipped with safety traps and they will provide a repair kid. to find out more go to pinterest is expanding with three new apps. it has been available for the iphone but today they released versions for the androids. a galaxy that gives birth to more stars in a day than ours does in a year. this saillustration of the -- this is a illustration of the galaxy that creates 740 new star as year. our galaxy creates one new star each year. this is 5.7 billion light years
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away and part of a cluster of galaxies. san francisco city college still has enough money for airfare, hotel rooms and cars for a chancellor. >> and i am back here at 5:48 p.m., the five-day forecast loaded up and ready to go, we will look at your bay area weekend.
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a hit-and-run driver injured a 39-year-old man in san francisco this morning.
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the victim was walking across market street when he was hit by a driver going north. it happened before 1:00 a.m. at this point it is not clear if the victim was in a cross walk. san francisco city -- san francisco city college students protested a threat to the school's accreditation. >> the protesters handed out pamphlets. the commission gave the college 7 months to clean up administrative and financial problems. the loss of accreditation means the loss of students and possible closure. >> you thought of transferring? >> yeah. it will be hard because i think the only school that is another city college is in oakland but i don't want to have that commute. >> colleges need accreditation to participate in sports, provide credit and hand out
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diplomas. other colleges face similar warnings. >> the commission looking into the finances at san francisco city college says the school spends 92% of its budget on salaries and benefits. ktvu's ken wayne is here with one example of the spending on the chancellor. >> reporter: san francisco city college pays its chancellor thousands of dollars a month for airfare, taxis, meals and rent in san francisco. why does she have her rent paid? she doesn't live in california. >> reporter: she has been the chancellor at san francisco city college since may. she flies back and forth to the bay area from her home in montana. her airfare is paid for by the
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college. cab fair for june, $2,000 and they pay for a rental car, this invoice shows $2,000 for a rental car. where does she stay in town? the college is paying $5,065 a month. in june the college paid $6,100 for rent and a deposit. this show as bill for three months rent, $15,195. all of this is in addition to her $276,000 a year salary. we tried to interview her but we were told she wasn't available. the representative of the college advised her not to speak to us. he is working under a $50,000 contract to provide advice.
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we asked the president to comment. he agreed to talk to channel 2 but then backed out. >> reporter: officials didn't want to talk about the situation, we found students on campus who had plenty to say. >> we are paying airfare, rent, food. how is that helping the school. >> it needs to change. >> i am wondering is that legal? >> reporter: as far as we know it is legal but legal or not it raises more questions about the administration's spending priorities when it faces sanctions over its financial situation. reporting live, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. mosquito is attacking palo alto. a gate that controls the tides, that allowed mosquito larva to hatch. they do not carry west nile but
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they are day biters. they are killing them and plan to repair the gate. washington is planning to make progress today in fighting a wildfire. they expect containment to go to 25% but they are keeping an eye on forecasts for later in the week where conditions could be hotter and drier. the fire burned dozens of homes and forced a thousand people to evacuation. in wyoming, firefighters used a helicopter to rescue five men who were trapped as a wildfire cut out their way out. they were all from san diego. as the fire burned towards them firefighters made three helicopter trips to retrieve the men. cooler than we were a few days ago, let's go to our chief
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meteorologist bill martin. >> it was hot the last few days and we had a nice cool down. temperatures tomorrow come up but it is not going to get sweltering hot again but we will see an increase thursday. here is how the fog looks. san francisco, coming across twin peaks, towards the ballpark in san francisco, tonight a lot of us will see clouds and low fog. these are the temperatures today, day time highs. 85 fairfield. 83 antioch. mild afternoon. that will change tomorrow. warmer inland. tomorrow's temperatures come up. by the weekend, temperature comes down a few degrees. interesting weekend weather forecast. tomorrow, this low pressure off shore is the mechanism for the fog and allowing more fog tomorrow, warmer day time highs
5:50 pm
tomorrow. and friday and saturday, we go down to tropical storm hector that factors into the forecast. moisture gets pulled in by the low pressure, friday and saturday high clouds increase, it gets humid and our concern in the weather service, a chance for thunderstorms. on the west slope of the sierra nevada. we could see thunderstormsand the bay area -- thunderstorms around the bay area. we will track it and watch it closely for you. i will be back at 10:00 p.m. tonight and we will update the forecast and mark tamayo will be here tomorrow morning. stick with us on that. that is on the weekend. tomorrow morning, fog long the coast. burns back. and day time highs tomorrow warm up a few degrees. and on friday around lunchtime showers around lake tahoe. friday night, there is the moisture working its way up and
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more moisture. we will following it for you. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, i will be back at 6:00 p.m. and we will look at that moisture and how it could impact. >> thank you. it can be a danger job, keeping the power on in the bay area, the training these pg&e crews were getting today.
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the hearing against suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi picks up tomorrow. they expect closing arguments and after that they will make a decision on whether he could keep his job. safety crews took part in life saving training today in antioch. it involves a contract worker who is suffering from heat stroke. >> they collapsed and they were discovered by a operator on a round and we responded with a fire department. >> the victim was actually a mannequin put on a tower 95 feet in the air. the fire department joined pg&e crews. the manager says training like this can really pay off. >> we are over 1200 days since
5:55 pm
our last injury. excellent safety record. personal commitment. >> the rescue involved using ropes and a gurney to get the victim down to the ground. they say practicing along the fire department helps both groups to know what the other does. a court upheld a law that requires warnings on cigarette packages. it means they must feature pictures of cancer stricken people and sickly children. brand names appear in small print. the court rejected arguments that argued it will destroy the value of their trade mark. queen elizabeth ii's husband prince philip is in the hospital as a precaution. he has signs of a bladder infection. he was treated two months ago
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and will undergo treatment. he kept up with a busy schedule. including attendance at the olympics. >> and more on melky cabrera, we are now hearing from his teammates and how about them apples, what an apple harvest has to do with bears. e's one brand of battery more emergency workers trust in their maglites: duracell. one reason: duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage.
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guaranteed. so, whether it's 10 years' of life's sunny days... or... the occasional stormy one... trust goes a long way. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> they are not selling today. >> the disappointment at at&t pebble beach national at that time -- at&t park. the fans reacting. i am gasia mikaelian in for julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. melky cabrera is out for 50 games after a positive drug test and melky cabrera is admitting he took that drug. >> we brought in mark ibanez. this is a big deal for fans and the team. >> huge deal for the giants on many levels. first of all it is a poor reflection on the organization itself. and this is the second player this year they had suspended
5:59 pm
for using performance enhancing drugs. huge concern for the fans. on the field, how will it effect the team? you don't lose the man with the second highest batting average in the major leagues, a 50 game suspension wipes him out of the lineup. they are no longer in first place and the player's mood reflects it. >> blow. but we have been through this before. we know what we have to do. you know, like i said, we really do believe in ourselves, our team, we think we put a great team on the field. we will give ourselves the best chance to win. >> one of the best players. but we have to move on. we have a good team. we got to keep playing. >> disappointment, anger? >>


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