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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 15, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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league baseball's drug policy. the team's playoff hopes may have left the clubhouse with him. >> reporter: a big hit today for the giants. reigning all-star mvp. melky cabrera suspended for 50 games after testing positive for testosterone. >> you do something wrong, you've got to pay the consequences, unfortunately. >> very dispointing. just ripping your heart out. >> reporter: cabrera, 27, did something rare. in a statement he admitted he did it, and apologized. quote, my positive test was the result of my use of a substance i should not have used. i accept my suspension, i am deeply sorry for my mistake. >> my opinion is only the dumb get caught. >> reporter: that from balco labs founder, who once many sure super athletes did not get caught for juicing. now think baseball testing is
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still not strong enough. >> synthetic testosterone abuse. that's the most widely used drug in baseball. >> reporter: knbr radio's marty lurey told me, as a free agent, he might have gotten as much as a 5 year $70 million contract. now will likely have to settle for a one year deal. with only 44 games left in the giants regular season, melky cabrera could play in the world series, that is if the giants get that far. more details now. the giants organization released a statement today saying in part, quote, we were extremely dispointed. we fully support major league baseball's policy, and its efforts to eliminate performance enhancing drugs
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from our game. >> it may be no coincidence, the giants lost this afternoon's game, and fell out of first place. why some on the team sort of knew this storm was coming. >> reporter: yeah, a big dose of bad reality for the giants. safe to say, most giants fans stunned by the news of the suspension. deep within the giants inner circle, no one was surprised, as rumors have circulated for weeks and was in fact reported by at least one media outlet. as to the emotional, impact this will have on the team, no question, losing a player who tops the majors in hits, and is among the leaders in several offensive categories will affect san francisco's postseason chances greatly. as far as his teammates are concerned, hey, it's life in the big leagues. players come and go due to injury, suspensions, and trades with great regularity. although cabrera's departure is abrupt, the players in the giants clubhouse have already accepted it with matter of fact
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objectivity. at least publicly. >> been through this before. we know what we have to do. like i said, we really did believe in ourselves, believe in our team. we think every time we go out there, we put a great team on the field. >> one of the best players, we have to move on. we've got a good team, and we just have to keep playing. >> disappointment. any anger when something like this happens with the team? >> no comment. >> some guys are going to have to step up. he's obviously a big bat. his presence in the locker room. i think it's going to have to motivate some of us guys and get us ready to play baseball. the bottom line is it is what it is. we've got to move forward, and try to win these ballgames without him. >> of course you get the stiff upper lip. for the team, it hurts. they're now in the long shot category, making the postseason. individually, it's going to cost him, without exaggerating millions of dollars. he was going to be a free agent.
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probably down to a one year, prove it again, without being on the juice. >> thanks mark. be sure to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. later on in this newscast, more reaction to the suspense. also the third perfect game this season. a police chase ended this afternoon in san leandro. the highway patrol says the pursuit started on interstate 580 when the driver refused to pull over. the driver eventually crashed into a pickup truck. the driver then took off on foot, but was quickly caught by officers. a man who was shot in san jose on monday afternoon died today from his injuries. the victim is identified as victor mendoza of san jose. it is san jose's 27th homicide so far this year. attorneys filed the first lawsuit today against chevron in connection with that huge
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refinery fire in richmond nine days ago. john burres is leading the charge. filing suit on behalf of eight residents who claim their health has suffered as a result of the refinery fire. burres says he's heading a team who are preparing a class action lawsuit against chevron. so far, at least 1,000 people are planning to take legal action. >> it is enough, and it has to stop. we hope through this lawsuit that it will stop. >> separate from any lawsuits, chevron says it has received almost 9 0u claims so far from people who say the fire affected their health. meantime, there are claims the chevron refinery may have to close for up to six months. a spokesman tells ktvu chevron could be forced to close the refinery to repair the damage. the company would not speculate on any closure.
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frightening fire fighting crews with quick containment of a wildfire this afternoon in eel dore el dorado county. for a time, it was threatening homes near salmon falls road, and gallagher road. the flames were first spotted around 2:20 this afternoon. the fire is now 90% contained. a little more than 1,000 acres burned. cal fire says crews in lake, and colusa counties now have 70% containment on two wildfires burning near clear lake. full containment is expected by next monday. so far, they have burned 7900 acres. the fires broke out last sunday afternoon along highway 20. no word yet on what may have started those fires. cal fire has suspended all burning permits on 31 acres of state controlled land in california due to the high fire danger. the order includes residential burn permits, forest management, hazard abatement and other industrial burns.
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the burn ban will remain in effect until there is a significant change weather conditions, or until the fire season is over. police in redwood city are hoping surveillance video will help them capture a serial robber. this man is responsible for at least five robberies in redwood city and the north fair oaks area. it happened at three markets and a gas station. in each case, the robber was armed with a handgun. a man affiliated with the occupy oakland movement has been convicted of felony vandalism. one of dozens of occupy protesters arrested last year on the night of november 2. prosecutors say mcgeary caused more than $6,000 in damage when he smashed the front window of the oakland police department's recruiting and internal affairs office. he faces 16 months in jail at his sentencing last month.
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police sketches have led to possible leads in the fatal shooting of a 5-year-old boy at his family's taco stand. the sketches show the suspected gunman on the left. in the middle is a sketch of the same man with glasses. and on the right is a woman who was seen with him. investigators say they have received a number of calls and are following up on leads. gabriel martinez was hit by a stray bullet on december 30 of last year during a shooting that happened right outside his family's taco truck, which was parked on international boulevard in east oakland. if you have information about the case, you're asked to call 510-773-2805 or you can email the investigator at tomorrow is a critical day
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for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. whatever happens, likely won't happen quietly. >> reporter: the final ethics commission here on the mirkarimi case will take place here in city hall on the second floor starting at 9:00 tomorrow morning. tonight, workers are making signs for a noon rally. the anti-domestic violence group is calling on the ethics commission to find ross mirkarimi unfit to be sheriff. he was convicted for bruising his wife's arm. cathy black plans to speak for the commission. >> for us tock out there, i think is really critical that people learn a little bit more every time we speak out. >> reporter: during tomorrow's hearing, attorneys for mirkarimi and the city will each get 45 minutes for closing arguments. they will then have the
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opportunity to question both sides. members of the public will be given a chance to speak at the hearing. then an open session. >> there's no reason this should be secret. it's the people's business. we're going to see it in all of its messy glory. >> there have been outbursts from audience members. tomorrow's open session could get lively. >> democracy in san francisco is usually not very neat. it's kind of messy and out there. i suspect it's going to happen in this case. >> reporter: hammer predicts the commission will recommend removing mirkarimi from office. the paperwork from all the hearings will be turned over to the board of supervisors in three weeks. then the board has 30 days to make its decisions. it will take 9 out of the 11 supervisors to remove mirkarimi from office. live in san francisco, amber
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lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. mosquito fogging canceled tonight. where officials are now focusing their efforts in the fight against west nile. >> plus tens of thousands of signatures. an eagle scout's petition to change policy. >> he wanted us all to celebrate his life. >> friends and family join together tonight to bring a fallen marine home. the reception he'll get at sfo.
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happening now, the family of a south bay marine killed in afghanistan is preparing to bring him home for the last time. john sasaki live at san francisco international airport, with how the young man is being remembered with love, a little laughter and a lot of pride. >> reporter: the body is scheduled to land here at sfo within the hour. he's accompanied by his mother, and several of his comrades. friends brought food and love to the home in los altos. >> he really liked the iraqis, he made it a point to understand the culture. he read books like crazy. he could tell you intricacies about the law. >> reporter: his family said he wanted to be a marine from the time he was 10 years old. >> i haven't seen too many
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iraqi kids playing baseball, but he taught iraqi kids how to play baseball. >> he wouldn't want us to be sad. he wanted us all to celebrate his life, and you know, have fun, and remember all the good times. >> reporter: this is one of the family's favorite pictures of matthew. his father, a judge says matthew was scheduled to come home in december, planned to attend law school, and become a public defender. >> he was unjustly accused of doing things when he was in high school. he always taught me which detentions were justified, and which weren't. it was hard to argue with him. >> reporter: these are the patriot guard riders who will be escorting the body to the funeral home in los altos. a northern california eagle scout says he was fired for
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being gay is asking his  sacramento boy scouts chapter to reverse the anti-gay policy. today, he delivered tens of thousands of signatures to the golden empire council, hoping to get the national policy changed. he was welcomed in, but his conversation was brief, and not what he wanted to hear. >> there's nothing that this council is going to do when it comes to overturning the policy, even after these 80,000 signatures. i guess i'm going to need 80,000 more to really get the message across. >> griffin says other local groups have rejected the anti- gay policy. as for his job at the camp, he says he doesn't expect to ever get it back. now to our continuing election 2012 coverage, where medicare was the flashpoint on the campaign trail today. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan says he's
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looking forward on the conversation on medicare. >> what's very important here, and a lot of seniors don't know this. they turned medicare into a piggy bank to finance obamacare. >> medicare is seen as a politically significant issue in swing states with large, older populations, such as florida, iowa, and pennsylvania. in berkely, voters will have six candidates to choose from when they cast their ballots for mayor. the incumbent is facing a challenge from five people. bates is serving his third term as mayor. this will be the first time a mayoral race in berkely will use the system. crews plan to fog an area in antioch but as ktvu's eric rasmussen reports, they had to
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call it off because of high winds. >> reporter: crews with contra costa mosquito, and vector control were getting ready to go after mosquitoes that they believe are carrying west nile virus. >> we have tons of mosquitoes, and that scares me a lot. >> reporter: long time resident, sherry welcomed the focus on her neighborhood, even though she and her family were caught off guard by mosquito spraying last year. >> we were out here playing and it came by and we were wet with something. >> reporter: vector controls says the insecticide does not pose a serious health threat to neighbors, but they called off the fog anyway. numbers are way up across the state. >> that is a concern to us. in fact, it's a concern across the nation at this point. everybody is seeing much more west nile virus. >> reporter: officials in texas have even reached out to
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california for advice after hundreds of cases, and ten deaths in dallas. she says her family does their part. >> we constantly dump kids water, but they play with their buckets and stuff like that. >> 14 birds have tested positive for west nile virus in contra costa county. tonight at 10:45, a possible break through in killing the infectious agent that leads to sudden oak death. temperatures decreased a bit today, that's because the marine layer stretched out. it just wasn't as hot. we had better air quality and the fire danger took a little bit of a break today. tomorrow, marine layer squishes back down a bit. we're going to see temperatures warmer than they were today. these are the numbers from today. 93 in antioch.
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85 in fairfield. tomorrow's temperatures, you can add 4, 5, or 6 degrees to these. temperatures on the increase as we head into your bay area thursday. when i come back at 10:45, we're going to look at an unusual weather pattern, headed our way. it could bring a chance of thunder showers near the bay area. a trucking company could face steep fines following an accident on interstate 80 in san pablo earlier today. westbound lanes of i-80 were closed for eight hours after a crane being carried by a big rig clipped an overpass at about 8:30 this morning. the crane smashed a light pole and a traffic signal and damaged part of a pedestrian walkway on the overpass. the highway patrol says piles trucking in richmond may not have had the proper permits to carry a load that size. we did try to contact the cup company, but could not reach them for comment this evening. a college campus closing.
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in 8 minutes, ktvu investigates hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on a chancellor who doesn't even live in california. >> our first allegations of sexual assault at outside lands. the common factors in all cases, and who is stepping forward to help with the investigation. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter.
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we have new information tonight about the san francisco police investigation of three sexual assault allegations at the outside lands music festival this past weekend. david stevenson questioned a police investigator today about the reported assaults in golden gate park. >> reporter: crews today took down outside lands tents and stages, as police investigated three alleged attacks at the event. >> we don't believe this is one or two of the same people committed all three of the
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different alleged crimes. they're different people. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the festival attracted almost 200,000 music lovers this weekend. investigators with the police department special victims unit say three young women, one 18, one 20 and another in her early 20s were sexually assaulted between saturday and early sunday morning. one was victimized in a wooded area. another near a set of white tents and another near this wind mile. alcohol and drugs were involved in each case. >> that doesn't diminish the predators in the case or the acts they committed. >> reporter: police have requested dna, and evidence from those people and the victims. friends of the women have stepped forward to aid the
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investigation. >> we believe that our victims -- by definition that is a crime. >> reporter: police say they've asked the crime lab to expedite rape kit test results. festival promoters did not return our call today. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. the fbi has identified the accused gunman as floyd corkens of virginia. police say he entered the lobby of the family research center this morning, and made a negative comment about the christian group's work before opening fire. the wounded guard, and several witnesses were able to restrain the gunman. hopes that a hyper sonic
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aircraft would reach mach 6 were squashed today. the engine is supposed to ignite, and off it goes, but just 15 seconds into yesterday's flight, it crashed when that part failed on one of the aircraft's control fins. this is the third time a wave rider test run has failed. a federal bankruptcy judge is blocking american airlines from canceling its pilots union. the jet union ruled it could not reject the contract in 2003 and impose its own terms. american is trying to cut costs as it reorganizes under bankruptcy protection. a lot of activity in san jose for deferred action. >> the financially struggling city college of san francisco still has enough money for air fair, hotel rooms, and car rentals for a chancellor who
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doesn't even live in the bay area. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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they're trying to close down the college. >> some san francisco city college students handed out pamphlets to students today. the accreditation has given the college 7 months to clean up administrative and financial problems. the loss of accreditation would mean the loss of state funding and possible closure. city college spends 92% of its budget on salaries and benefits. after some dig, ken wayne learned city college plays for its interim chancellor's airfare, and rent, because she doesn't live in california. >> reporter: she has been the
10:29 pm
interim counter since may. her airfare is paid for by the struggling community college. ktvu obtained expense reports for fisher, detailing air and cab fare totaling more than $2,000. this invoice shows more than $2,000 for a rental car. where does fisher stay when she's in town? we don't have her address in the city, but the college is paying $5,065 a month in rent for a place with parking for two cars. in june, the college paid $6,100 for rent and a deposit. this invoice shows a bill for three months rent. the total, $15,195. all of this is in addition to her $276,000 a year salary. we tried to interview fisher about her expenses, and her commute from montana to san francisco and other aspects of her contract, but we're told
10:30 pm
she wasn't available. school officials didn't want to talk about the chancellor's situation. we found students on campus who had plenty to say. >> we're paying airfare, and rent, and food. how is that helping the school? >> i think the bureaucracy needs to change. >> i'm just wondering, is that legal? >> reporter: as far as we can tell, it is legal. but legal or not, it raises questions about the administration's spending at a time when it faces sanctions. hundreds of immigrants became new u.s. citizens in oakland this morning. ♪ and the home of that brave >> about 1200 people attended a naturalization ceremony at the paramount theater and took the oath as new american citizens.
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the large percentage immigrated from mexico. young illegal immigrants lined up at immigration offices to apply for the new deferred action program. under president obama's new immigration policy, the young illegal immigrants who qualify will now be able to get work permits and avoid deportation. in order to qualify, there are some requirements that must be met. they must be under 30 years of age, they must have arrived in the united states before the age of 16, and have already lived here for five years. they must also have a high school diploma or spent time serving in the military, and they must have no criminal record. ktvu's matt keller is in san jose tonight where some hope this new policy will lead to permanent immigration reform. matt? frank, earlier today, a line went about 60 yards all the way out to that street. about 1600 people showed up today just to get inside these
10:32 pm
doors for the workshop. >> tickets. >> reporter: the line was long this evening at the center for employment training. the determination was strong, with young people hoping to qualify for the right to work legally in the u.s. without being deported. >> they spent all their life here getting their education here. they feel and they are american. >> let's just go for it. >> reporter: katia lopez is a student. organizers say she's just one of about 30,000 undocumented immigrants in santa clara county eligible. attendees are learning what they need to do to qualify for a work permit. >> i'm hoping that this not only just becomes a two year work permit that actually goes somewhere, where people who do plan to stay here and live here, and make their life here, there's a path to legalization
10:33 pm
permanently. >> reporter: some republican leaders have criticized the plan, saying president obama sidestepped congress and created a backdoor amnesty program in order to boost his political standing with the latino community. protesters gathered outside a southern immigration office. >> for those kids that have been here at no fault of their own, they have a country that they must return to. you can't break the law and be rewarded. >> reporter: this is video from just a couple of hours ago, of people leaving tonight's workshop. another workshop is scheduled in about three weeks to review their packets. >> more details now, and some backlash from today's move by the president. arizona governor jan brewer has issued an executive order of her own. it allows state agencies to deny drivers' licenses to young illegal immigrants in arizona
10:34 pm
who get work authorizations through the obama program. brewer says she's simply reaffirming a current law in arizona that denies taxpayer funded benefits to undocumented immigrants. some big name retailers are teaming up to create a new way for customers to buy things with their cell phones. wal-mart, and target are getting together to create the merchant customer exchange. it will develop a new mobile application that integrates coupons. the program will be available for nearly every type of smart phone. google is getting an upgrade. google is renting up the mobile version of its maps on its android platform and apple plans to replace google maps on the iphone with apple's own mapping software. download the ktvu app. click on the live icon, and you
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can watch live on your cell phone, or other mobile device. it looks like apple is submitting a master plan for a facility in the town of princeville. it includes two buildings with a combined footprint of more than 500,000 square feet. in the plans, the buildings are labeled data halls. apple is not commenting further about their plans. millions of baby chairs under recall tonight. the warning to parents about a dangerous situation. >> reporter: back here at 10:45, talking about a potential weather pattern that could increase our fire danger as we move toward the weekend. >> why wine makers are saying this might be one of the best years. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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a warning to parents tonight about a popular baby chair that's being recalled. the consumer products safety commission recalled about 4 million bumbo floor seats. problems arise when the bumbo is placed on an elevated surface, such as a table, and the child wriggles out, and falls onto the floor. in fact, 20 children have ended up with fractured skulls. bumbo international says it will provide a kit to add a
10:39 pm
strap and keep children buckled in place. to find out how to get one of those kits, go to and click on web links. the second round of downsizing at that plant in the past three years. the jobs represent about 6% of the staff. the company says it makes changes to its business to remain aligned with the needs of its customers. the company is based in irvine, its stock is at a 52 week high. profits increased more than 55% from last year. last month, the computer networking giant announced plans to layoff 1300 workers. ciscoe's stock ended higher at $17.35. on wall street, it was a mixed close, the dow jones fell 7 points, the nasdaq was up almost 14 points. in news of the world tonight from syria, a television crew was on the
10:40 pm
scene as government warplanes attacked a northern town. >> in the back here. >> the attack in azaz claimed the lives of 30 people. rescuers searched the rubble for survivers. many of the wounded were taken to a field hospital, because the hospital in town had been looted. it's not clear whether rebel forces were in that attack. phillip morris is planning a new legal challenge over some graphic cigarette packaging laws. these are what australian cigarettes may soon look like. olive green packages with graphic health warnings. from mexico, some positive news about the recovery of areas where monarch butterflies migrate in the winter. mexican officials say the
10:41 pm
government has all but eliminated critical logging in migration areas of mexico. the monarch migration is an inherited trait, because no butterfly lives to make the round trip from canada to mexico. the research firm data quick reports the price of new, and existing condos and houses climbed 11% last month to $281,000. here in the bay area, the medium price was up more than 12% in jewel. reaching $421,000. a new ranking of san francisco as the second least affordable city in the u.s. to own a home. the city by the bay is second only to new york city when it comes to affordability. the median price is $660,000. the median income is $103,000. the study found only 30% could afford to be homeowners.
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vintners in the napa valley say 2012 is shaping up to be a good year. >> plus, chief meteorologist bill martin is watching our weather tonight. he's back with your complete bay area forecast. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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a series of manmade earthquakes hit the delta today. researchers tested the stability of the levees on sherman island. it turns out the levee system sits on a thick bed of begannic pete and has never been tested for a major earthquake. the annual grape harvest is just getting started up in sonoma. suggesting this is one of the
10:45 pm
best crops in years. a visit to jay winery, telling us these first grapes picked are destined for bubbly. >> reporter: when melissa looks at grapes on the vine, she's looking at their future, transforming them into sparkling wine. >> this vintage has been unbelievable. the clusters have really sized up this year. >> reporter: weather this year has been near perfect, with plenty of summer sun for the fruit to mature. >> we really are looking towards a spectacular vintage, and i'm very excited to be making wine from this fruit. >> reporter: this follows several years of cool, rainy years for a poor harvest. wine has grown into a $67 billion industry in sonoma county alone. >> a huge part of our
10:46 pm
agriculture. it's about 2 of every $3 of ag revenue. >> reporter: this first harvest is just a taste of what's to come. >> when we harvest sparkling fruit, we bring it in at a lower sugar level. because sugar converts to alcohol. for sparkling wine, you definitely want a lower alcohol. >> reporter: grapes for white and red wines still need more time on the vine. >> i know the weather can turn at any moment. so we need to be ready for that. >> reporter: they probably won't be ready for another three to four weeks, and the harvest will continue in the fall. biologists at a university in the north bay say they have achieved a break through when it comes to treating a plant disease that has killed more than a million trees across california. researchers are using steam to destroy the pathogen for sudden oak death while it is still in the oil. they have already tested out the process at this nursery, and say the soil can actually
10:47 pm
be sterilized within minutes. >> simple. affordable. and it's quick. >> biologists say the steam process can be used at nurseries across the state. park rangers at yosemite national park assess the bears. volunteers and visitors removed apples from the parks historic orchard so the fruit doesn't attract some of the park's 500 bears. >> it helps keep bears away from the campers and the cars and from breaking in and causing damage. >> apple picking started in 1998. this year, it's at a record low rate of 38. almost a 90% drop. there were 63 such incidents last year. temperatures cooled off today by about 5 or 6 degrees. they're going to heat up again
10:48 pm
tomorrow. we already talked about that. we know tonight is going to be cool, because we've got winds up there by fairfield gusting to 16 to the west. over by pittsburgh, gusts to 21 miles an hour out of the west. importing that very cool, moist air, that marine air into the inland bay valley. we start off tomorrow morning with a little fog and low clouds. cooler temperatures, mostly in the 50s. then we warm up. about 5 or 6 degrees over what we saw today. as we head towards the weekend, kind of a weather event comes together. increase the high clouds, and cool temperatures back down. we'll get to that in the five- day forecast. these are the overnight lows forecast with a little bit of fog in mountain view and redwood city tomorrow afternoon. 58 in antioch. these temperatures cooler than they were a couple of days ago. overnight lows in the mid-60s. as you go through the bay area microclimate, you're going to find temperatures in the 70s. you're going to go out in the hottest locations, instead of low 100s, you're going to be in
10:49 pm
the low 90s. most of us tomorrow are in the upper 80s, mid-80s, and upper 70s around the bay. the mechanism for this unusual weather event that's going to come up this weekend. it reaches into the tropics. hector, a tropical depression, it links up with that, and that moisture gets pulled north. certainly, a great chance of thunderstorms up in the lake tahoe area. that's trouble enough this time much year. you don't want lightning strikes. if this low backs out, we could see lightning strikes in and around the bay area hills. that's thursday night, friday, into saturday. right now, the forecasts are for not much. these mechanisms, that's the type of thing we're going to be tracking. so stay with us, we'll be following this. steve also talks about it tomorrow morning. right now, the main event on
10:50 pm
the weekend will be clouds. it will be a little bit cooler, we're not anticipating district thunderstorms. but that could occur as we get closer to it. 7:00a.m. tomorrow. the fog and low cloud shooting across the gap. the temperatures tomorrow warm up in the inland bay valleys. still cool right around the bay. but temperatures warming up, as you go through the day tomorrow afternoon. forecasts in the five day realm is going to put us with temperatures into the 80s by the bay area weekend. of course the big concern is, not the clouds, but if we do get a few lightning strikes, you just don't need that. we'll be tracking it for you. hopefully, that won't happen. the best bet will be on the west slopes of the sierra nevada, friday and saturday. more on the suspension of outfielder melky cabrera. mark ibanez is up next.
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a new exhibit at the greenly museum in los angeles is paying tribute to whitney houston. it provides an in-depth look at all aspects of her creative life. visitors will be able to see a collection of awards, outfits and rare photos of the grammy
10:54 pm
award winner. it will be on display until february of next year. news about melky cabrera all day, but really, the giants as a whole were suffering tonight. >> yeah, the feel good vibe of this season, at least temporarily out the window. harsh reality. mel can i cay beara is gone, as of -- melky cabrera is gone. it seems like tim lincecum left long ago. down 2-0 in the second. branden crawford cashes in posey and pens. but lincecum, who throws 96 pitches in just four innings knows shut down innings. a 4-2 game. the nationals beat the giants 5 out of 6 this year. 13 losses for lincecum now.
10:55 pm
but the postgame focus, the cabrera suspension. >> you don't ever know what's going through someone's head when they're making decisions like that, for whatever reason, but he's going to have to obviously suffer the consequences, and we've just got to continue to move on as a ball club. >> the a's peaked, now heading for the petering out stage. the includes this road trip provide aren't good for oakland. josh donaldson over and out. a's leading 2-1. however, a big change in this ballgame, 7th inning. two run 7th for the royals. three consecutive two out doubles. shies away. chris gets down the left field line. cespedes ho-hums that thing down there. hello? throw the ball in.
10:56 pm
brandon mccarthy is not a happy camper in the a's dugout. he's the loser, 3-2. nobody's perfect i guess, unless you're the third big league pitcher this year. felix hernandez. 27 up, 27 down. 12 strike outs along the way for the man they call king felix. consider this, in 150 years of baseball, it's only the 23rd perfection ever, and it's the third one this year. another weird category. 6 no hitters pitched so far this year. 3 have occurred at safeco field in seattle. it hasn't happened in 75 years, you don't have to be walter cronkite to figure out that's news. the first time the u.s. has defeated mexico in mexico in soccer. the only goal of the game. even though mexico dominates most of the play.
10:57 pm
scoreboard, u.s. 1-0 over mexico. that's the sporting light for wednesday night. thanks mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu morning team will be here starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning, tracking the traffic and changes in the weather. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu.
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someone says, "yes, i will stand in the tunnel breathing exhaust fumes, watching cars go by." someone goes, "yes, i will work behind the elephant with the big shovel." doctors go, "yes, i will confine myself "to one particularly objectionable part of the human body "all day, every day. i will do it." i think a lot of people that are unemployed are not unable to find work-- they're just easily disgusted. yes, i'm starving, my family has no clothing or shelter,


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