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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  August 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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happening right now we begin with breaking news from san francisco. is a suspicious item was found in a hotel in the tenderloin district overnight. alex savidge joins us now where dozens of people have been evacuated. good morning, alex. >> reporter: several city blocks are shut down for this information. we will show you a live look at the scene where this investigation is taking place. the focus is a building a hotel on the right hand side. the bomb squad just a short time ago went inside. we'll show you what the scene looked like as they went inside the building. the suspicious device was found inside the basement of this hotel on the 600 block of jones street early this morning. officers on scene told us it appears to be a pipe bomb with some sort of caps on the side. they also believe there was ammunition found inside as well. close to 100 people have been evacuated from that building. we talked with one man who
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lives inside that building. >> they stopped me up the street and say you can't go down your street. i said i live here but you can't go in. something is not safe in the area. >> reporter: so again the bomb squad, the san francisco police bomb squad has been called in here to the scene. they are investigatingen. they just went inside the building to get a closer look at the device. i asked the lieutenant what the next step will be. he said it's a little too early to say. they will try to figure outs if it is explosionive in any way- - explosive in any way and what they will be doing with the device. those people evacuated from the building are being helped out by the red cross this morning. as we come back out here live they are continuing to work city blocks. we will continue to monitor the situation. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge. also happening now san jose police are at the scene of the
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city's 33rd homicide of the year. the victim a teenager. tara moriarty is in san jose this morning where officers are struggling to stem the rise in violence. >> reporter: that is right. there has been an uptake in the violence and it has gotten under a lot of people's skin. if you look behind me here there was a teenager that was gunned down in the street. the investigators just removed the scooter with him where he was shot. there have been eight people killed over an 11 day stretch starting last week. the latest victim an 18-year- old man shot near south king road and burr debt drive just before 11:00 last night. he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> at this point we have very little information. investigators are going through everything we have right now. >> reporter: police believe the shooting is gang related and
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since last monday there have been six nonfatal shootings in san jose. police have made three arrests in two of the homicides and one of the nonfatal shootings. there is a news conference set up at 9:00 this morning. the chief and the mayor will be there as well to talk about efforts to sell etch gang violence. east bay mud crews are cleaning up after a water main break. that happened after 11:30 last night. the with ther main -- water main break caused a small mud slide. it left homeowners struggling to get their belongings to get away from the water. >> we have earthquake insurance and fire insurance but needless to say we don't have flood insurance. >> that homeowner says eastbound mud crews have been working in the area far couple
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of days. water has been shut off to the neighborhood. people in vallejo have been asked to cut back on their water usage until 6:00 this morning. the outage was caused by an electric fire yesterday afternoon. city crews are working to fix the problem. teenager accused of driving on to a sidewalk in concord killing a father and daughter is scheduled to face a judge today. the 17-year-old driver scheduled to be arraigned on charges of felony vehicle manslaughter. he drove ton to a sidewalk in april and hit and killed solomon and his daughter. some are upset he is being tried in juvenile court. >> the family believes he should be tried in adult court. two lives were taken a father and a daughter. >> the family was also upset to
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learn the driver did not have insurance at the time of the crash. new this morning the man accused in a shooting and bombing rampage in norway will serve time behind bars. norwegian court declared brevik sane today and sentenced him to ten years in prison. brevik has admitted to killing 77 people and wounding more than 240 others when he bombed central oslo last year and opened fire at a youth camp. lance armstrong will be banned from cycling for life and stripped of his record seven tour de france titles. that is after he decided to drop any further allegations that he took performance enhancing drugs. armstrong says that decision does not mean he is accepting the sanctions. he says he is innocent but this
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has taken a toll on his family and quote enough is enough. in our election 2012 coverage this morning republican presidential candidate mitt romney could be nominated early in convention week. coming up at 4:45 the two reasons republicans have decided to start the formal voting process earlier. the city of oakland hopes to work with community leaders to oppose a plan to install five billboards in oakland. it would be on the old army base and it would help raise money for job workers. the program called make oakland beautiful says two of the billboards would be illuminated and that would cause extreme light pollution. bart riders are being warned about a spike in robberies around several eastbound stations. police handed out fliers advising commuters to conceal
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their electronic devices imparticular. thieves have been stealing tablets and phones because they are a source of quick and easy cash. commuters can become easy targets for thees when they are paying more attention to their electronics than to their surroundings. it's 4:36. time to check back in with sal for a complete look at traffic so far this morning. hi sal. >> hi pam. happy friday to you. welcome back. traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area now. it's early. some of the pictures i will show you won't have a lot of traffic on them. for example eastbound and westbound 80 heading out to the mccarthur maze that looks very nice with no major problems to the bay bridge toll plaza. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll. westbound traffic coming into san francisco is moving well. in san francisco you want to avoid the intersection of jones and gyri. jones and gyri. also the morning commute on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic looks
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good. 4:37 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. unseasonally mild weather in the forecast. we have temperatures a few degrees below what we typically get in mid to late august. 48-degrees in santa rosa. it is a cool start in some areas along the valley floor. also waking up with patchy dense fog over parts of the north bay valley locations. visibility in santa rosa reported about half mile. pacific satellite view we have low clouds stretching across the bay. that will be for the morning hours if we will see a nice burnoff through the second half of the morning. this is going to be our pattern for the weekend. this system dropping out of the gulf of alaska will continue to bring us a cool down. today will be similar to what we felt yesterday by saturday and sunday. so this morning waking up with patchy fog out there along the coast it will remain cool even in the afternoon. for the bay this morning we've got fog we are mild in the
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afternoon and inland areas sunny and warm for the second half of the day. 86 expected in livermore. 83 for concord. 75 in vallejo. mid to upper 70s santa rosa. 74 san rafael. upper 60s to mid 70s. 75 redwood city. 61 in san francisco. 76 down into san jose. mid 80s morgan hill. some of the hotter spots like antioch as well as brentwood touching about 90 degrees. there is your extended forecast with your weekend in vie. the numbers continue to roll back be we do climb monday into tuesday but overall a very mild pattern for the second half of august. pam. >> thank you. a grass fire along interstate 80 in vacaville is now contained. the fire started just before 8:00 last night on a hillside off of pleasant valley road. it burned 50 acres but firefighters managed to keep it away from the homes. the cause of that fire still under investigation.
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an escalade ends up in the ocean. what we are learning about the driver and his connection to actor clint eastwood and his wife. a shooting and a fight. the lawsuit now facing the 49ers over two incidents of violence. westbound 24 traffic moving along nicely on the way between walnut creek and oakland. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. ?????b??? ???c??@?????c:ow
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good morning, to you. waking up with overcast skies and fog this morning. most of us holding on the 50 rs. few upper 40s over parts of the north bay. mostly sunny and similar temps in store for the afternoon. the man that drove his cadillac escalade into the water -- witnesses say the whitest coo laid was traveling
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at -- escalade was traveling at a high rate of speed when it core recented off the drive. the driver was able to escape and was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence. the a cappella group is managed by clintestwood's -- clint eastwood's wife dina. 4:43 is the time. a $10,000 reward is being offered to help find a pacifica woman that has been missing for over a month. 76-year-old maria jansen was last seen at her home. her husband says she likes to take walks and often hikes trails at san pedro valley park. she is 5'5" and weighs about 100 pounds. she may have been wearing yellow gardening shoes. search crews recovered the body of the second little boy
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that was swept away by the river. jacob and his ten-year-old brother got caught up in a deadly current on august 15th. anders was rescued the same day but he also died. two boys were on a church camping trip with their families from orange county. some environmentalist believe they may know what triggered the chevron refinery fire in richmond earlier this month. the explosion and fire injured five workers and sent 14,000 people seeking medical attention. activist expect corrosive crude oil from the persian gulf may have caused the pipes to fail. it's estimated about 80% is refined there. >> there is a link to dirty crude. >> chevron says it's working with federal investigators to uncover the problem but adds it's premature to speculate
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about possible causes. meantime an air sample taken on the night of the fire shows fairly normal levels of particulates. health experts caution it does not necessarily mean the air was safe to breathe. tropical storm isaac is barreling toward haiti and the dominican republic. haiti still recovering from the 2010 earthquake and hundreds of people are still living in tent camps. isaac is expected to dump at least a foot of rain. that could cause flash floods and mud slides and buses and boats are on stand by for evacuations. people in florida also bracing for isaac's arrival as early as monday. that is the same day the republican national convention gets under way in tampa. the event is expected to draw an estimated 50,000 visitors. florida's governor says it's up to organizers to decide on any changes to the convention but he's also warning people
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statewide to gather their three days worth of supplies. the formal presidential nomination process at the republican national convention will begin earlier than past years. republican officials say delegates will begin the roll call vote to officially nominate mitt romney on monday instead of wednesday. now the reportedly starting early because of concerns about possible disruptions from ron paul supporters -- ryan paul supporters and tropical storm isaac. two men have filed a lawsuit against the san francisco 49ers. the nfl and candle stick part security company after they were injured during last years preseason game against the oakland raiders. now according to the contra costa times one of the men was beaten unconscious in the parking lot and his friend was shot four times while trying to help him. the men claim the 49ers failed to create an environment free from fighting, taunting, threatening remarks and gang
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activities. in some good news this morning the little league team from petaluma is one win away from making history. >> ball driven to left center field and over the wall for a grand slam. >> shortstop smith belted a grand slam as petaluma stomped san antonio 11-1. back home in petaluma more than 400 fans watched last nights game in the movie theater among those was hanson's mom. >> i'm so excited for him and ecstatic and happy for the whole team. >> if petaluma beats tennessee they will play for the world title on sunday. 4:48 is the time. let check in with sal for traffic. >> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. if you are driving on highway
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24 we are off to a decent start heading out to the caldecott tunnel and over to oakland. and the morning commute looks good here at the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland. it's light. there are no major problems getting into the cities. it will be interesting to sheafy with have a lighter than usual day. this morning in san jose northbound 280 and northbound 101 are doing very well. 4:48 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. we have temperatures on the rise in the next few hours. right now holding steady in the 50s and temperatures actually a little cool in some areas. i will show you where in just a moment. we have a pretty good breeze blowing through the delta this morning. 20 miles an hour reported in fairfield. light breeze out at sfo. low clouds, fog out there this morning. visibility a tough one in santa rosa. down to about a quarter mile to half mile and 48-degrees so a cloudy, cool start in santa
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rosa. petaluma and novato reporting around 48-49 this morning. different story in napa 57 degrees. wide spread 50s around livermore, san jose into palo alto. 56 in oakland. we do have a little mist and drizzle alodge the coast -- along the coastline. your fog forecast it will begin to roll back. and mid-morning hours it will turn sunny. it is raining long the coast and will persist along the coast. if you are going out to the america's cup viewing, we've got fairly nice day as long as you bring a jacket. it will be a little breezy in the afternoon. temperatures will remain cool. 60 degrees by 2:00. 61 in the afternoon. and that on shore breeze will again be strengthening for the second half of the day. 86 degrees this afternoon st. helena. 77 for novato. 74 san rafael. off to the east bay 84 for danville. 72 castro valley. upper 60s oakland. we are looking at 76 in san
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jose. 74 sunnyvale. for the peninsula today it will be a mild one. 69 san mateo. 61 as we mentioned a moment ago in the city. your extended forecast numbers will be cooling as we head into the weekend. we have a trough pulling in from the gulf of alaska that will bring us cooler air. the numbers will bump up as we get to monday and tuesday. >> thank you rosemary. 4:50 is the time right now. bay area jewelry store robbed in broad daylight. why police are hoping the surveillance video will lead them to the four men responsible. a record setting catch in a fishing competition but why the woman who caught it missed out on the grand prize.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in san pablo are looking for four men that robbed a jewelry store in broad daylight. the whole thing was caught on tape. it happened at the san pablo plaza. it shows the men wearing hoodies and masks. rushing into the hb jewelry store. they pointed their guns and started smashing glass cases filled with watches and jewelry. the store owner 60-year-old mother and employee were inside at the time. >> they said everybody get down. if you move or do anything they will kill me.
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>> i was shocked my hair was just up. i never experienced these things. >> they are now looking for the getaway car. it is a gold four-door sedan with no license plates. the robbers got away with about a half a million dollars worth of merchandise. >> the owners of the sacramento kings are denying reports they talking about moving the team to virginia beach. a virginia business journal is reporting that the family will appear at the virginia beach city council on tuesday to talk about building a new arena. virginia beach's mayor says com cast offered to build a new arena and find a team to play in it. they have been approached by a number of cities. they are not going to comment on every rumor. the mayor has been working to keep the team in the city. >> i haven't heard anything from the king's organization. the nba hasn't heard anything. we are just hoping this is a
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rumor. >> co-owner george malooth says he has not talked to virginia beach. 4:54 is the time. let's go back to sal to check in on traffic. >> pam, good morning once again. we are doing pretty well out there so far. you can see the traffic in these pictures i'm showing you is pretty light. we are hoping for it to stay that way on fridays. sometimes somewhere traffic that is better than other days of the weekend we are certainly hoping for that today. looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 traffic looks good. all the way over to 101 and speaking of san mateo and redwood city and highway 101 we will talk about that. traffic is moving along very nicely on highway 101. and there it is. highway 101 looks good. so does highway 280 northbound getting up and down the peninsula. at 4:55 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you.
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waking up with gray skies. for most of us a little bit of patchy fog and drizzle. upper 40s to upper 50s is the temperature range with the coolest spots being areas near santa rosa and petaluma for the morning hours. giving you a look here the last and final week of august may actually run a little cool for august. we have a trough that is approaching the coast. that is going to bring us cooler weather for your weekend and it looks like one to follow soot for next week as well. forecasted highs for today 77 for novato. 75 in vallejo. 68 expected in berkeley. upper 80s for antioch. even though most of us running a little cool, we will be quite warm in some spots. 88 for antioch. 90 for brentwood. around the bay wide spread 60s to 70s. 75 redwood city. a little warmer in san jose. 76 for you. 85 in morgan hill. 69 in santa cruz. the extended forecast temperatures today will feel a
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lot like yesterday. mid-morning burnoff expected with mostly sunny skies near back to the coast for the afternoon. we will see the clouds continue there. temperatures sitting in the mid 80s for the warmer spots for your weekend. slight little nudge in temperatures monday and tuesday. but again we will remain unseasonally mild as we get into the next several days. back to you. a woman in hawaiian fishing tournament made a record setting catch but she did not walk away with the grand prize. she caught this 12-foot marlin which weighs more than 1,000 pounds. the reason she missed out on the prize money though is because she needed her team's help to angle that fish on to the boat and the international game fishing association says a fisherman needs to reel in the fish by his or herself to qualify it as a valid catch. coming up next in our 5:00 hour. reports of a surprising offer from north korea. how it could end the country's years of tense relations with the united states.
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also breaking news from san francisco. police have evacuated a residential hotel. we are live there in the tenderloin district with an update from the scene.
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