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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the way to bayshore and flooded nearby homes as well as this pool. take a look at this video. this is video we have from james long. one of the school maintenance workers as the water came through the school grounds, looked like a waterfall in some areas and you can see it pushed mud and debris downhill through the school. out on the streets crews rushed to turn off the water and crews shut downpour to buildings, they had to do that, they could quiet in to the hole and the puc said the break happened at a very critical area where lines chris cross with much of the area's water supply. >> we have the regional transmission from the peninsula to san francisco as well as the system in. it's made more complicated, with the structure in the area. moist water, sewer pipes.
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a very tricky evacuation. >> we have video we just got in to the newsroom the pipe. we understand they had construction in the area. they say about six months ago. they aren't sure if that had anything to do with the water main break now. we had people from the puc come up. we are expecting update any minute now as to what may have caused it to happen. we will stay here and bring you the update as soon as they begin this news conference. for now reporting live from the district in the san francisco area, ktvu chapel 2news. >> and coming up in 14 minutes we will go back live san francisco, alli has been talking to some of the people who have been flooded out of their homes and businesses. >> now to the race for the presidency. the governor is now the official candidate for president of the united states.
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that after the delegates at national convention in tampa cast their votes earlier today. ken pritchett is there. >> reporter: after a one day delay the convention is back on track and it started business that usually comes near the end of a convention, that's the nomination vote and it came with controversy. after the gavel a prayer. after some serious celebration to finally have the republican national convention underway the delegates prepare to get down to business. this is an important day. >> we are ready to tell the story and the roll call is an exciting part. we get to get up and say i'm here for mitt. >> reporter: it's mostly t theater and the day started with drama. as congressman ron paul made an appearance to cheers his supporters. >> what are your thoughts about this? >> i didn't know they would be
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here. >> reporter: he made his way to the delegation. they said they will nominate paul. not governor romneyful. >> we favor a true convention and not just a coronation. >> reporter: some of his delegates were rejected by the rnc but that was not the only controversy. some complaining about rules changes shouted that but they were not heard. it's one reason it was moved up to convention day one. >> gets the debate out of the way and we are on the same page and we have a job to do. >> reporter: when the end it was all but certain with california captain it's 172 votes. >> another champion and another living example of american [inaudible]. governor mitt romney. >> reporter: the governor arrived in tampa this morning
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hours before that roll call vote. his wife will speak tonight. the key note will be delivered by the new jersey governor. we will have both of them for you tonight at ten. in tampa. ktvu channel 2news. >> a young congressional candidate had his moment to sign at the republican convention, 25-year-old ricky gill of lodi is challenging in the 9th district race. he addressed it this afternoon saying the nation needs a new generation of leadership to create jobs and help small businesses. >> they immigrated -- the american dream is on the road. the city just declared bankruptcy. to bring that here front and center was my responsibility. >> reporter: according to his campaign website he was born and raised in the county and is a family farmer he. you can watch the convention live on the website.
5:05 pm when we aren't in the newscast we are streaming live all of the activities on stage, there in tampa. as republicans gathered the president -- during visits to iowa state university and colorado state the president told students they have a lot at stake this election. he then diverted from his campaign message to address hurricane isaac saying that federal response teams are ready. >> america will be there to help people recover. no matter what this storm brings. when disaster strikes we aren't democrats or republicans, we are americans first. >> reporter: young voters helped the president overwhelmingly win the white house four years ago and according to an associated press poll the president continues to have a lead over romney. 54% say they support the
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president compared to 38% for romney. >> as the president was talking about isaac it continued to slowly move closer to the gulf coast and just minutes ago we learned it has now made landfall in louisiana about 90 miles from new orleans. as the winds picked up this afternoon isaac change from a tropical storm to a category one hurricane. it has winds of up to 80 miles an hour. all day rough waves have slapped the shores of louisiana where people are bracing for the first onslaught and the developing news just minutes ago, hurricane isaac made landfall in louisiana, 90 miles from new orleans. coming up at 5:45 we will have a live report from new orleans. that's the city that is in the path of isaac and had the bunt of hurricane katrina's devastation. >> and it's good news at the hurricane has made landfall. they start to weaken at this point this is a very slow
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moving hurricane. the problem -- the headline with this hurricane won't be wind. it'll be wind, about this thing over the louisiana area for two and even three days. here is the track of the hurricane right now. as frank just said it made landfall. look at the forecast track. see the wednesday, it has it -- a few miles ahead. it's 30 miles tonearms. it has a ways to go. that will mean slow moving, heavy soaking rain. this system is wound up, right over the tip of louisiana. hurricane warnings in effect. it's about rainfall and storm search. the story about water. the winds are there, barely a category one, not a huge one but the rain is going to be a big deal. the storm surge also. this thing is just starting to happen. it's moving on shore. it'll start to weak weaken. the weather forecast back here in just a minute.
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>> california senator diane feinstein called for an investigation into gas price increases after the chevron fire in richmond three weeks ago. john fowler is live for us now in richmond with reaction and the reason the industry is giving for the rise in prize. >> reporter: you can seat chevron refinery workers still working on crude unit number four. the repair is caution outage that is cutting the california supply of gas by a million gallonons a day. prices have stabilized. bay area wide $4.16 a gallon, lower in the eastern south bay. after the chevron explosion and fire bay area gas prices shot upsetling about 26-cents a gallon higher. >> if the chevron blew up how come shell and everybody else is going up too.
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>> reporter: california's price increase was double the nation's average. this map shows red the highest, green lowest. feinstein said the west coast increase appeared unjustified by supply and demand. >> i always feel ripped off. >> reporter: chevron declined comment but a representative said that dozens of similar investigations have turned up no wrongdoing. the wholesalers forced prices up. talk to europe where gas tops ten dollars a gallon. >> if you had the same price as us it would be crazy. you need a car here. >> reporter: senator feinstein asking the trade commission to september. coming up at six our investigation continues into the possible root cause of the refinery explosion. we have developed new information that support what i first told you about last week. ly have that in 60 minutes right here.
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john fowler, ktvu channel 2news. >> , an suv that caught fire in the middle of highway 24, caused a huge back up this afternoon. happened about 2:00 p.m. on westbound 24 in lafayette right after the southbound 680 merge. this is i-phone video taken moments after that suv burst into flames. fortunately the driver was not hurt and fire crews had the fire out in 45 minutes. with only two lanes open as you can see, traffic was backed up for a long ways around that 680 curve. >> hundreds who visited yosemite are now being warned about the rare but deadly honta virus. robert honda is live to explain it. >> reporter: we are here on glacier point road. now visitors coming hearing about the health scare and the warning that comes with it.
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currie village is a popular spot but today yosemite sent out e-mails to 1700 villagers who stayed in the signature tent cabins saying they may have been exposed to a virus. the warning points out the disease's flu-like symptoms can take up to six weeks to show. four have come down with the disease with one death. today's warning went out after a second warning. >> if you have the symptoms you should go to a doctor pleadly. >> reporter: some say they decided not to rent a cabin after hearing about the outbreak. >> we did not rent one. very close to the park, about 45 minutes away. we didn't want to have to really kind of deal with it. it is -- it's very scary. >> reporter: rangers say they probably got the virus from, rine or feces of infected mice. it can't be passed from human to human. the park was clean up.
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isabel is staying there this week. >> kind of scary. it's something that you know -- that you hope you never get . >> reporter: starting today visitor was given information sheets on the virus. one partner familiar with the disease offers simple advice. >> coming from new mexico we have had the virus scare there also. really just -- be clean and don't mess with places where you aren't supposed to be. >> reporter: so far rangers say they haven't heard of any other cases and believe the park is clean and ready for the labor day holiday weekend. live in yosemite. robert honda. >> california health officials are investigating an illness linked to contaminated mangos that has made dozens sick. 73 people reported getting sick with a strange of salmonella. many of them had eaten mangos but they are still investigating the outbreak and are trying to determine where
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they were grown and sold. a similar outbreak has been reported in canada. >> the clean up is well underway after that water main break-in san francisco flooded homes and forced a school evacuation. we will show you the damage coming up. >> is it art or a crime? a grafitti crew in the south bay pays the price. prosecutors are coming under fire for the plea deal that was reached. is enough.
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. continuing coverage now that major sink hole in san francisco. alli is here now with all of the problems that it's causing also what's happening at the scene there. >> reporter: we are on sunny dale and visitation valley neighborhood where the water main break and sink hole happened. you can see to the left there is still some water, gushing into one of the gutters out here. behind the big trucks they have a lot of construction equipment. some backhoes working to patch up the sink hole.
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if you take a look at the street, it's pretty sunny. still not foggy. the pavement dry but you can see all the dirt and sand that was scattered across the street when the water main broke and the floodwaters started rushing downhill. inside this church right next to the hole, church and school, inside the damage is very visible those are the school administrative offices flooded two feet of water, some of the k through 8th grade students were in class. they watched a wave of brown water gushing in to the class. at first you can see some of the teachers and staff members trying to clean up the mess with paper towels. >> just looks like a river and probably was as high as the bottom window. you know the little -- that's how high it got. we are brought the children out of here and brought them into
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another classroom until we knew the plan of action. >> reporter: . >> that was allie updating there us on the situation there, the giant sink hole in san francisco. we will of course follow that story and go back to san francisco later on in this newscast to see how the repairs are going. >> families of some of the 12 people killed in the colorado theater shooting are upset with the way the millions of dollars raised after that tragedy are being distributed. the families held emotional news conference in aurora and tom lost his 24-year-old son. he criticized fund-raisers for not giving victims a voice in how all that money is being handed out. >> we wanted and still want the donations going directly, not just to the 12 families who lost loved ones but to all of the victims to help everybody heal. >> far more than five million
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dollars has been raised, 70 victims and their families have each gotten five thousand dollars and 100,000 of that will go to ten no profit groups. >> the death of a gunman in the temple shooting was ruled a suicide. the 40-year-old wade michael page opened fire on the temple just before services started. he killed six people and wounded four. page was shot in the stomach during a fire fight with police before shooting himself in the head. the report also showed that he had a history of alcohol problems. >> in sacramento, the state senate has approved a bill inspired by the penn state sex abuse scandal. it would require all employees in california universities to report suspected child sex abuse. under the bill failure to report the child abuse could result in six months in jail and a one thousand dollar fine. the bill was passed today, it now goes to the state assembly
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. samsung promised to keep selling its devices despite losing to apple in the infringement case. it issued a statement saying that we will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the united states market. last week a jury in san jose found they had infringed on apple's design. apple then asked the court to force samsung to remove some of its smart phones and other electronics from united states store shelves. >> a priest pleaded not guilty today to indecent exposure during a sting operation on, lewd behavior. bart officials say the reverand propositioned an undercover ranger for sex and then exposed himself last thursday. he spent the weekend in jail and was released yesterday. he is listed as a priest in residence at a church.
5:20 pm
church firms say he leads math but doesn't teach -- leads mass but doesn't teach. senate current bishop of oakland will return to a san diego courtroom on a drunk driving days. the reverand was arrested for drunk driving early saturday morning at a dui checkpoint. he bailed himself out for $2,500 and apologized for the incident. he be installed as arch bishop and heads to court for the dui charge. >> we have talked a lot about isaac and we are keeping a close eye on that and our weather. what a day today. it was beautiful out there. >> it was. advanced temperatures like five degrees over yesterday. notice -- the thing that was most -- the fog. just went away. woke up this morning and it was fog. pacifica and stinson. you had a lot of sunshine not
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just from the afternoon on. the -- sacramento, 93 degrees. off shore, can't show fog because it's clear. the winds off shore blowing about 22 miles. the fog is distant memory. that change around. you will see that -- the computer model coming up. current temperatures 90 in fairfield. 81 san jose. the heat in the valley and the warmth is out our way. frank and -- heather -- i just looked over. frank and heather said earlier it was a stunning day. temperatures were well above where they were yesterday and it'll continue to be that way. the warm air compressed. this case it's not just com pressing but pushing away from the coast. shallow marine layer, right through the week and then changes toward the weekend.
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here is that fog. tomorrow morning at five you see it working down. it's not that prominent along the coast. tomorrow morning, patches of fog but not that much. kind of like today. as we get in to the afternoon it tries to fill in. coastal plans on the coastline, of north marin i think it'll be fine. you notice the far inland bay valley of the bay area. most of us tomorrow lots of upper and mid-70s. good day tomorrow. when i come back here at 5:45 we will look at the five-day forecast. the latest fog model. we will show where the fog will be and where the five day forecasts. >> thank you bill. >> murder or not the new development in the death of pol leader. >> and we are waiting for the update that could come at any moment at what may have caused that water main break and giant sink hole in san francisco.
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continuing coverage throughout this newscast and the news at six. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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. french authorities have opened an investigation into the 2004 death of the palestine leader. he died of a brain hemorrhage in a french military hospital but last month swiss investigators found elevated traces of a rare and highley lethel substance on some of his
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belongings. authorities president has given permission to exhuman his body. there were rumors of possible poisoning at time of his death. >> they called themselves taggers but prosecutors called them members -- gang members and vandals. today a known grafitti crew learned the price of that tagging. >> this is serious conduct. if you act as a criminal street gang and destroy our city, we will prosecute these cases. >> reporter: the district attorney and the san jose police grafitti task force went to work on the hisu crew. all seven have taken plea deals and have been told to pay restitution. today four of them were sentenced, two others have been sentenced and the 7th is waiting to be sentenced. prosecutors have come under fire for that deal because it gives them one strike under the three strike sentences law. >> this is not a case with
5:27 pm
now. if they steal a pack of gum they will go away for life which is what people say which is not correct. in order for them to be three strikers and go away they have to make decisions, they have to be violent conduct. >> reporter: prosecutors also added a criminal street gang enhancement that under state law hisu is a gang. they have more than three members, a common name and their main activity is vandalism. they think hisu has done much more throughout santa clara, san mateo and alameda. >> the state senate approved the bill today. it restricts red light cameras from being used to raise revenue, rerequires they be be based on safety.
5:28 pm
the governor vetoes a similar bill last year, argue that local officials should be tasked with overseeing the cameras. >> you are looking at some of the damage from that water main break and flood that happened in visitation valley. coming up how it impacted people in the neighborhood. >> frustration inside the united airlines terminal. sfo. the glitch that delayed thousands of passengers.
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5:30 pm
. happening now, we continue to follow the developing news from san francisco, not far from the cow palace where a water main break and sink hole continue to cause major problems tonight. we have the update on the situation. >> reporter: the san francisco is puc said 14 homes had to be
5:31 pm
evacuated those homes now without water or power because of this water main break and the flooding that is caused. other people who can stay home or don't have power will have are portapotties. part of the church property from the church of the visitation, church and schoolt. was right in the path that have water main break and it had a lot of flood damage. you can see -- a church off to the right. the water main break just beyond that. beyond the -- the yellow police tape and the fence. the construction workers in the distance. from this church, the water main break, the flooding -- floodwaters came downhill. through this church property here and you can see all the mud smeared on the pavement and then the path of that flood water took went downhill into some of the homes, and these are some of the 14 home that had to be evacuated because of the flooding the damage cause from it. we watched san francisco police earlier this afternoon lead
5:32 pm
away some evacuated residents to safety. 14 homes are without water and power. 14 homes had to be evacuated in ten to 20 customers who are displaced. they can't do home tonight. inside the church and school, some of the students were in class when the water main broke. they watched a wave of brown water gushing in. >> we were doing social studies and water started flowing through the door. >> class -- and we -- everybody just saw water coming in. my teacher came back in and said it was a flood and we had to evacuate. >> reporter: now all 250 kids at the school were evacuated to a nearby park. their parent has to pick them up there and we are told that school is probably not going to be able to open for another two weeks at least. now back out here live we are looking at the damage from the flooding and water main break that happened and in about 15
5:33 pm
minutes, janet will have more on what may have caused this water main break. live in san francisco. >> the united airlines is recovering from widespread computer problems that hurt air travel around the country and we are still feeling the effects tonight. rob roth live rat the airport where the airlines apology is doing little to help frustration. >> reporter: heather you can sum up the problems in just three words, what a mess. these are pictures shot just after 1:30 this afternoon. the lobby full of passengers, long lines of people trying to regroup after their flights were delayed. . >> the computers are down, came here, nobody told us anything it. >> reporter: happened when a computer glitch shut own the reservation system nationwide. >> no automatic system. >> it's a lot of issues with
5:34 pm
it. so, just getting to the gate is a huge issue. >> reporter: with the system down about 18 flights were grounded stranding thousands at sfo. people worried about missing connecting flights. >> the line is long. >> i'm tired. >> just want to get there and meet some people. >> reporter: they assured me over and overo they were going to get me on the plane. that they were holding the plane to this problem they are having and get up here now. they say the flight has left. >> the computers remain frozen or an hour and 20 minutes and just before three the computers were back online and united has been working to whittle down the backlog. this had is the lobby as of about 30 minutes ago. you can see it looks normal now. most passengers on their way. a few flights haven't taken off but all remaining flight as effected by the computer glitch should be take taking off with in the hour.
5:35 pm
rob roth. ktvu. >> the energy department and the irs say they want more information about the failed solyndra plant. they say the former executives need to provide more information about tax breaks in its reorganization plan. those tax breaks could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars to private funds that now control that failed company. >> continue to our community. >> reporter: a small but noisy as you can see there group of protesters made sure people opening a new bank did not feel welcome today. the protest iters were mber of the occupy movement and called it is grand closing of a chase branch. they condemned it for foreclosures. >> confidence hit the lowest point since november 2011. the august reading indicates that the gains in the job and housing markets just aren't enough to help american fears
5:36 pm
about the economy. economists worry that the numbers could affect the upcoming season and the outcome of the election. >> on wall street stocks closed mostly unchanged following those reports. the dow lost nearly 22 points, the nasdaq managed to get out about four points, the s and p down by one. >> there are now sign that the housing market may be rebounding. home prices rose more than 2% across the country compared to this time last year and prices up 3% more than last year. the last time the year over year index increased was back in september of 2010. >> today -- sign is suggestion that housing market is on a firmer ground, more consistent. >> reporter: the report shows that all 20 cities were tracked by the index rose in june compared to may. this is the second time where the city posted month over
5:37 pm
month games. two planes had to make emergency landings today. want to show you video of the second plane that returned to oakland a few minutes after it took off because of the smell of smoke in the cockpit. the earlier flight landed at oakland international after taking off from sfo because the pilot couldn't pressuriz the cabin. there were no actions. >> an electrical problem is likely the cause of a fire that started. the fire broke out just before 3:00 a.m. at the inn on lincoln street. the crews had the fire under control at about 20 minutes but say there is subsubstantial damage to the roof and attic. it's believed it happened in a second floor bathroom. 12 of the 18 rooms were occupied at the time. nobody was hurt. improving gas miles, 54 miles a gallon is the goal that
5:38 pm
car makers meet that challenge. >> the goal to get the sink hole fixed in san francisco. we will go back to the scene in a moment. lots of prepaid cards
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. the white house today finalized new gas mile standards that would double the fuel efficiency of new cars and trucks. the new epa rules will require new vehicles to average 54.5
5:41 pm
miles a gallon in 13 years. the white house said the rules will save more than 1.7 trillon dollars in fuel costs, give people a savings of $8,000 over the life of a new vehicle and cut tail pipe emissions in half. a former sacramento county sheriff's deputy pleaded guilty to selling restricted weapons, the prosecutors say the 42-year- old and another former deputy used their peace officer exemption to buy them and then resold them at a profit. some of them were used in crimes. yesterday one reversed his not guilty plea as part of a deal that could get him a lighter sentence. police are asking for its public's help in identitying a man wanted in connection with a sexual assault while pretending to be a police officer. they released this sketch today looking like the suspect. the victim described him as white, in his late 20s or early
5:42 pm
30s with dark hair. he is about six feet tall and weighs 185 pounds. he used a fake siren to pull the woman over in a private area on valley avenue on august 5th. handcuffed her anda assault her in the backseat of the car. anyone with information is asked to call the police. >> if you get what you think is an e-mail from facebook saying someone tagged you in a photograph, beware. it could be a phishing scheme. once you click it takes you to a website that puts software on your computer. check the e-mail address. the spammers miss spell facebook with three o's. if you get one of the e-mails don't click on the link. forward it to facebook security. >> and sunny dale avenue in the visitation valley in san francisco still blocked off. you can see them working, coming up what we have learned about the water main break and how two pipes are responsible. . >> and back here in just a few
5:43 pm
minutes, the fog gone, when i come back i will show you where the fog is and we will track it back to the neighborhood.
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[ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it.
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is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . continuing coverage now. the developing news we have been reporting on from san francisco. that massive sink hole that developed near the cow alace. we are back with what happened. >> reporter: that's right. since my last report we now from the puc there were two -- waterline that broke. take a look behind you and you
5:46 pm
can see backhoes and all kinds of construction. trying to dig around those two pipes. one of them was a 42-inch main, here is video from news chopper two. you can see the bigger picture here. that 42-inch water main burst and that brings water to san francisco from the -- that impacted a 12-inch waterline. that supplies water locally to the neighborhood in visitation valley. two two pipes released tens of thousands of gallons of water and left a massive hole in the middle of the street. they had though shut down puc lines to do the clean up. >> a couple of blocks south of here. we should have the utility back on tonight. >> reporter: now we understand the water flooded a nearby school and houses.
5:47 pm
it plowed downhill all the way to bayshore. neighbors say there was some construction in the area about six months ago. the puc doesn't know whether that was connected and knew this hour we learned that the water main, the 42-inch water main was new. it had been installed in the past year. i asked the puc spokesperson if there was construction and he said they are investigating. we are learned none of the pg&e gas lines appear to be affected. they say there was no gas leak. that -- a lot of relief to the neighbors. reporting live from san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> the man who claimed to teach babies to read is in trouble with the trade commission. the man behind your baby can read has been charged with false advertising. accordingo the fcc studies that came back, that back up the
5:48 pm
claims of teaching a baby to read are fraud. the program used videos, flash cards and pop up books and toyed on temperature vision, youtube and twitter. >> isaac in the gulf of mexico could affect bay area bass prices just in time for the labor day holiday. nearly 350 oil and gas platforms in the gulf of mexico have been evacuated in an anticipation of isaac and that has halted production on three quarters of the oil that normally flowo out of that area. california doesn't get any gas but experts say the stop age could have a trickle down effect on gas prices. >> this storm causes major damage then there is speculation it may affect the supply of gas. so that affects us on a national level because then you start getting in to the trader activity and speculation as to how gas, how high gas will go,. > >> she said all the talk about
5:49 pm
rising gas prices is just talk. we have should say after hurricane katrina in 2005 gas prices increase by more than 50- cents a gallon. >> just about 30 minutes ologies be rolled in earlier than expected. it . nicole joins us live from new orleans in the path of hurricane isaac. >> reporter: isaac is here and the -- the biggest threat is massive flooding. >> the storms affects already being felt in louisiana. isaac expected to make landfall tonight or early wednesday morning. in its sites, new orleans, still rebuilding from hurricane katrina which devastated the area on august 29th seven years ago. louisiana governor warning people the storm will bring heavy rain and severe flooding. >> reporter: the forecast -- as
5:50 pm
much as anywhere between ten and 16 inches of rain in some of the areas. slow movement means longer duration for the winds and the rains,. >> locals deciding to stay and prep for the storm despite the warning and memories of hurricane katrina. >> it haunts you. having this hurricane come at anniversary of hurricane katrina is haunting. but, we are survivors here and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. >> reporter: weather officials say deciding to stay could be a costly decision. >> the heavy rain and inland flood threat that is one thing that has killed many people in past landfall storms and hurricanes. >> reporter: wind gusts here in downtown new orleans are getting stronger and stronger here now. last check, they were gusting at 62, miles an hour but as this hurricane made landfall it feels like those are now getting stronger. heather. >> reporter: thank you. as you can see from the live
5:51 pm
pictures, nicole having a hard time standing up. isaac has hit landfall and bill martin is tracking it. what does it look like as far as the impact there in louisiana? >> i think the headline will be rainfall. it's moving slow so it's just sitting over the south mississippi valley and it's going to dumb rain for three days. its going to rain. here is the system as it stands now. category one. barely a category one. it's not about wind. there is a storm surge but it's about the rain. it's a slow moving storm and that's huge. it was just get in there and get out that's fine but we are talking maybe a foot and a half to two feet of rain in a short period of time. there is the big concern. this story sloping tonight on the 10:00 broadcast we will update anything we can get you on isaac. 87 degrees right now in concord. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. highs into tomorrow, about the same, maybe a little cooler,
5:52 pm
subtle changes, the big take away as it's not foggy at the coast. wasn't fog at all today. if there was any it was gone. got the story -- tomorrow morning you wake up. fog is patchy at best along the coast. into wednesday and thursday the mild pattern continues. this guy shows up. it's a low pressure center. that continues the cooling, as it gets close it -- expands the marine layer. that's -- remember what happened last sunday? the layer will expand and it'll go over the coastal hills and do massive cooling on the bay area weekend. forecast high clear lake 90, 89 saint helena. 87napa. another warm dame upper 08's, low 90's brentwood. 89 antioch. 88 livermore. delow red flag, not concerned about spare the air day this pattern is kind of right in the
5:53 pm
middle. it's not unusual for this time of year. it'll be changing around. if we head toward the bay area. the lid comes off and the fog deepens outo. the forecast. just more of the same, really the big story in the weather center is hurricane isaac. we will talk about it at six and talk about a lot at ten. at ten -- the winds -- the peak winds are hitting the new orleans area. >> thank you bill. >> coming up here, a deadly police shooting in antioch. >> police here say they shot and killed an armed suspect on that roof but the man's family has a different story. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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. investigators spent the day looking in to a police shooting on the roof of a home that left a suspect dead. christian talked to the suspect's sister just a short time ago and joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: the police tape came down just about an hour ago. investigators spent most of their afternoon on the roof of that home over there. that is where police say they shot and killed an armed suspect. now take a look. you can see police still out here. the family in that home just now coming home. we talked to maria who said the man police shot and killed was her brother pedro and she was here and police wouldn't let her try to talk her brother off the roof. >> reporter: i
5:57 pm
>> i was like let me talk to time. i can make adverse. >> reporter: police said it started with a call about an armed domestic dispute many the suspect drove away, witnesses say with a 3-year-old girl in the back of his car. he sped through the street, ramming two cruisers. he climbed on to the roof of a home on wayne fleet court and pulled a gun on officers. despite previous run ins maria said he wouldn't pull a gun . neighbors say they never heard my brother fire a shot. they just heard the automatic rifles. >> reporter: and you see the family that lives in this home trying to get back to life as normal. police may be holding a press conference to offer more details on the case. one last tail, we talked to a little girl and she said she is
5:58 pm
fine but shaken up by the ordeal. we are live in antioch. channel 2news. >> only on two, disturbing new details about abuse allegations at a elementary school that went unreported. coming up in two minutes, the pattern of abuse that a victim's parents say shows a clear lapd e in judgement by administrators. >> and still developing in san francisco, more than a dozen homes without water after a water main break .
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