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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the pipe is a by-pass line. it connects to a pipeline that broke apart in san francisco last november, shooting water 100 feet into the area. p.u.c. says it does not think the two incidents are created. they are enabling residents to drive up a sidewalk pass the sink hole. >> we just want to get them out so they have accessible out here. >> reporter: 15 adults and one child sought housing from the red cross. today some residents returned home. >> stayed into hotel and now i am returning back now that i know it is ready. >> reporter: i checked win the public utilities commission, there is no official damage estimate. at 6:00 p.m. we will take you inside the
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school that was flooded. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. hurricane isaac was down traded to a tropical storm but still thousands are without power in four states and there are estimates that damage could total $1.5 billion. in a few minutes we will go live to new orleans to see what the situation is like and our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm, he will tell us where it is and where it is headed. >> to the race for the white house, tonight at the republican national convention it will be a return to the political stage for former secretary of state, condoleezza rice. and wisconsin congressman paul ryan. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in tampa to tell us what we could expect tonight. >> reporter: paul ryan is the
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favor for some, he is the conservative, closely aligned to their values. >> reporter: at the same time wisconsin congressman paul ryan took to the stage to rehearse his speech -- [ music playing ] >> reporter: nearby a gathering of planned parenthood supporters were protesting. . >> one thing you won't hear is his belief to get rid of family planning. >> reporter: that is not true of the women's vote, evidenced by ann romney last night. >> this is a poor constituency they need to appeal to. >> reporter: he says polls show a gender gap for republicans and it is growing. >> republicans have to carve into that gap. >> paul ryan is not expected to
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speak on women's issues. >> i am happy because now we will talk about what is wrong with the country and how it could be fixed. >> reporter: paul ryan is expected to rally the crowd and talk tough. >> the vice president candidates take shots and tonight is the red meat night for the audience. >> reporter: before the speech we expect to hear about foreign policy from john mccain and from former secretary of state, condoleezza rice. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney will make his speech tomorrow night he is scheduled to address the delegates at 7:00 p.m. and we will carry it live and our live broadcast of the oakland raiders game will be moved to tv 36. a break in the politics that convention tonight, long enough for the republican national convention production manager to propose to his
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girlfriend. he got down on one knee and presented his girlfriend with a ring. the two have been dating for three years. president obama wrapped up a campaign swing aimed at young students after similar campaign stops yesterday. he president said they are key for him to win reelection. >> register, stand up and if you do we will win virginia. and if we win virginia we will win this election. >> the president's campaign released a new campaign vizio targeting wisconsin congressman paul ryan. police are looking for a third suspect after a high- speed chase that ended with a crash and two arrests in oakland.
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the chase began about noon and continued on interstate 780, 69 and highway 24 before the driver lost control while trying to get on to highway 13. the suspects took off into the brush. the chp were able to capture two of the suspects but a third suspect is still at large. the vehicle may have been used in a earlier burglary. the owner of a nursery is open to reopen after a massive over night fire. it started before midnight at the summer winds nursery on almaden expressway and branham road. firefighters say chemicalled fueled the fire. they were -- chemicals fueled the fire. after determining the building was a total loss they let the fire and the chemicals burn themselves out. >> because we had no wind the smoke from the pesticides
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burning will be toxic so we had no risk to the neighborhoods. if we had a windy night we would have to decide about the water ways. >> the cause is under investigation. investigators are trying to look into whether a morning grass fire is connected to a homeless encampment. that started at 11:00 a.m. firefighters contained the blaze in 30 minutes and found evidence of a encampment next to the fire. they say it appears the fire was triggered by human activity. in san francisco, a short triggered a house fire that sent one to the hospital. the fire was limited to the living room of the home. the injured person suffered
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minor burns. police are investigating a suspicious death that closed a freeway exit that start of the community. a body was discovered south of emery street. the california highway patrol shut down the ramps for 90 minutes during the investigation. police say the body was a white man in his 40s. they are wait for autopsy results before releasing the name. the open carry build that would ban the public display of rifles and shotguns is headed to the governor's desk. the bill exemp hunters and members of the -- exempt hunters and members of the military. it is illegal to carry a loaded gun in california without a permit. university of california at berkeley police are
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investigating whether a theft on campus was an inside job. 29 ipads were missing from a cabinet. a staff member who lost their keys broke into the cabinet and that is when they discovered the theft. you may remember a tablet was stolen this summer. the lost is $13,000. community college leaders in california painted a gloomy pitchture as students are return -- picture as students are returning. they said they have seen a 12% drop in funding and that forced them to cut back classes, lay off teachers and turn away thousands of students. community colleges are serving 485,000 fewer students compared to last year. >> we have students who want to
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learn, we have students who want to contribute to the community and yet we are turning them away. >> officials say if proper 30 fails they will have to absorb $338 million in cuts. but if it passes they would receive $210 million. good news, the number of sales contracts for exiting homes rose to their highest level in two years. anything above 100 is considered healthy. july's number was 2.4 over june's 99.3. on wall street today, the dow is up 4 to 13,107. the nasdaq is up 4 at 3,081. the s&p is up 1 at 1,410.
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firefighters are close to fully containing a fire that threatened thousands of homes. the ponderosa fire should be contained tonight. 1700 firefighters are still there mopping up hot spots. the fire burned 28,000 acres. and destroyed 52 homes and more than 80 other structures. as we mentioned, hurricane isaac was down graded to a tropical storm. new orleans could end up getting 2 feet of rain. how bad is it right now? >> reporter: frank, just as you were about to come to me this fierce wind just came, that is what we have been seeing. although the levies held up
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after billions of dollars the threat of flooding still remains. isaac swept through wednesday, dozens of people have been rescued, some of them not following evacuation orders. >> we had nowhere to go. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands are without people. >> this storm have a slow moving storm. it will be moving through our state, we will be dealing with it through friday morning. >> reporter: it could bring over a foot of rain to had region. >> we are in this fight of hurricane isaac. we are still under warning. >> reporter: new orleans mayor warned residents to stay prepared. >> i would like to say now is not the time to let your guard down. you have to stay hunkered down
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and stay inside and you have to stay on task. >> i have more damage for this storm than hurricane katrina. >> reporter: it will continue to weaken as it moves over land the next 48 hours. >> reporter: we are in the french quarter tonight. as you can see it is deserted. there is debris from the wind damage but that is nothing compared to other areas that have seen far worse and tonight there was supposed to be several ceremonies commemorating the deaths of hurricane katrina, those have been canceled. >> thank you very much. coming up at 6:00 p.m., responding to a hurricane, a bay area first responder who went to new orleans following hurricane katrina will give us insight on what people can expect. this is becoming about
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rainfall, was a category 1 hurricane. check out new orleans, 10 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. you are coming up on a foot of rain. there is more rain in the forecast for this area. this one station, south of new orleans, nearly 17 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. this is a city at or near sea level or some places below sea level. now a tropical storm, watch its path. here is my concern. tomorrow, i stop it, look that rain over new orleans. it continues to rain heavy. this is tomorrow. 12 hours from now. 18 hours from now. it will continue. as you get into friday, things change but it is scattered showers at this point. it is just starting. we have another 24 hours of heavy rain in this city. perhaps 2 feet of rain in the
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next 24 hours. nothing like that here. i will have your forecast, the five-day forecast and we will look for the fog because it was warm today, see you back here at 5:20 p.m. check point at the port of oakland, why are officials pulling over these trucks and what does mean for the drivers? >> the petaluma nationals baseball team that came so close to winning a championship is set for another big honor. their role in a up coming oakland a's game. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made.
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get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. . testing the limits. today that port of oakland inspectsers were looking for so- called -- inspectors were looking for so-called dirty trucks. ktvu's rob roth is live to tell us what the testing turned up. >> reporter: the statewide crack down on polluting trucks came here to the port of oakland as drivers had to pull over and pop the hood. the california air
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resources board set up a check point this morning outside the port of oakland. >> emissions testing, fog. >> reporter: they were pulled over for inspection. they checked to see if the trucks made regulations that took effect this year. california has the worst air quality in the united states. >> sticker on it. everything is okay. >> reporter: this truck, it has not been upgraded. >> he will have a penalty up to $1,000. >> reporter: 90% of the trucks they pull over that were traveling in and out of port of oakland passed inspection. many drivers had to install special equipment that filters out suit. >> get with the laws. >> reporter: he plans to buy a newer truck with the help of a grant but that is only a
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traction of the cost, the rest comes out of his pocket. >> hard to make payment. hard. >> we have to balance the cost on industry and what it cost for us to deal with pollution and the health cost we pay. >> reporter: regulators say by 2016 all trucks in california will be required to have special emission filters and that will help californians breathe easier. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. united airlines say hardware is to blame for yesterday's computer outage. the airline says a piece of computer equipment failed to communicate and its back up failed also. that delayed 580 flights, canceled 9 flights and shut down the website for 2 hours. a police officer arrested a
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man suspected of stealing copper owned by the city. he was arrested monday night after an officer spotted the cable in a truck. he fallowed the truck and then pulled it over south of the bridge. the officer says he was driving the truck and later admitted to the theft. the copper was worth $1,000 and marked as city property. plan to remove 80 trees has been put on hold. the trees are in a median. the city counsel earlier approved the removal as part of a street widening project but last night they okayed barrier as a safety measure while they studied the problem. another honor for the players who won the bay area hearts during the little league
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world series. the petaluma nationals head coach and his staff will be honored this friday night at the oakland a's game. the players will stand along side a's players during the national anthem and they will be able to catch balls in the outfield during batting panths. the petaluma nationals -- practice. the petaluma nationals finished third in the world series. let's go ahead and get a check on the forecast, bill mentioned it was warmer than it had been. >> came up 4-5 degrees. you noticed it too. i talked to mark ibanez, he said you noticed it. that is the kind of day it was. temperatures increased. dry out there. not dry here. new orleans, the problem again -- we will cover this at 6:00 p.m. and update it at 10:00 p.m. but the problem with the rain
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it is just staying in one place. the storm is moving slowly. 8 miles per hour at most. it is lingering, continues to dump and dump and dump. that happens here in our el nino years. they stall out. we get 8-9 inches over night. they are getting hit hard. today was warmer. temperatures today 5 degrees warmer. air compressed. the fog went away. clear along the coast all day. a little patch this morning trying to hang in. tonight, late tonight, fog trying to filter its way back in but it is not much of a player. tomorrow night the fog is back in the forecast. why? temperatures will trend down as we head towards the -- thursday, friday, saturday. we will talk about that but today, 90 napa. 94 fairfield.
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96 livermore. 80 hair ward. 87 san jose -- 80 hayward. 87 san jose. over night lows tonight, fall like. santa santa rosa 47 degrees over night. i don't anticipate fog into the bay tomorrow. computer model verifies this. thursday morning, 5:00 a.m., patches. there is a fog bank out here, what happens, brings it up to the coast, 3:00, max heating on the day. 90s. 80s. 70s. not as warm -- today more reds this way but cooler tomorrow. and the fog, when it is this far off shore, thursday night, it will slam right inland.
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tomorrow, temperatures in the 60s in san francisco. by the park. 70s towards berkeley. 80s walnut creak and pittsburg. low 90s, antioch and brentwood. p forecasts for your weekend coming up, i am back here at 5:45 p.m. i have the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. a legal set back for one of the biggest internet companies in the bay area. what a judge ruled today involving a lawsuit against google. >> and the statistics about inspections and safety standards of the chevron refinery in richmond. a story you will see only on 2 and the ktvu ipad app is ready to use. watch all newscasts on live, plus traffic, weather and breaking news anytime, anywhere.
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a judge in new york delivered a blow to google today. the judge ruled that lawsuit against google can proceed while google is appealing the class action status of the lawsuit. in may the judge granted certification saying it was more efficient. google says class action status is not appropriate because many authors want their books to show up in google search
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results. aaa issued a warning about a government report showing many police officers may not be buckling up. >> they need to set the standard. >> aaa in washington, d.c. surveyed by the national transportation safety board, they found 42% of officers killed in crashes were not wearing seatbelts. some officers crashed during a chase and were ejected. >> it is dangerous for anyone to be in a car without a seatbelt. >> in california police are exempt for wearing seatbelts. 4-12 police officers that died were not wearing seatbelts. another mistake may but the water district's $548 million tax measure in jeopardy for the
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november ballot. officials discovered they put the wrong dates on the 15 year life of the tax. and fixed it at the board meeting yesterday but that comes two weeks after the deadline for filing the paper work. now the district will try to get a judge to intervene. earlier they discovered another error in the wording of the measure. cal-osha is supposed to do inspections but how many did they do at chevron refinery? we have the answer. >> a pot hole on a freeway seems unusual in a area that hasn't seen rain in a long time, the cause of what might be a bigger problem.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at
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5:00 p.m. pages and pages of documents good tailing infection -- details inspections that chevron refinery fire in richmond. what they reveal. ktvu obtained the documents from cal-osha. in a story only on 2 tonight, ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us more with what he learned. >> reporter: consider this, since the fire happened bay area gas prices have gone up 37 cents a gallon, that is a 20% faster rise than the nation as a whole, the only explanation is the fire here that should not have happened. >> reporter: one source says it will be 6-12 months in repair,
5:32 pm
that guarantees higher than necessary gas prices. >> i think we are at the mercy. we pay what we need to pay. >> it becomes so stressful i try not to pay too much attention. >> unfair and a hardship. it is unfortunate. >> reporter: was cal-osha doing all it could to enforce inspection standards? >> they are what keeps us all safe. >> reporter: cal-osha declined to do interviews with me since the fire. but they could not decline to answer public act requests, how many inspections have they done? >> need to be protected by it. >> reporter: since 20005, 19 inspections -- 2005, 19 inspections. zero this year till the fire.
5:33 pm
>> sounds like neglect but that would be fuel for all the people who are suing. >> i think it is another loophole the corporations are given to escape from their financial responsibilities. >> reporter: cal-osha continues its silence, we continue to push for answers. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. three arrests are linked to more armed robberies in san francisco. the first robbery that led to the arrest was august 24 at a store. but now police say they found evidence linking the suspects to a robbery on -- on that same day and a restaurant on august 18. the names of the suspects have
5:34 pm
not yet been released. >> reporter: samsung is announcing a new version of its smartphone. galaxy note that was introduced in february, now they will come out with one that is bigger. a 5.5-inch screen. it will be narrower but longer than the one there. samsung says it will also have a faster processor. facebook today was granted state approval to purchase instagram. the decision found the cash and stock acquisition, found it was fair. the transaction drew scrutiny due to his size and the lack of revenue. authorities completed an anti- trust review and approved the deal. yelp stock price jumped today. they gained more than $4 to
5:35 pm
close at $22.37. an increase of 22.5%. that is because the backers held on to their shares even though this was the first day they could sell. even though we haven't had rain, thousands of drivers in the south bay are dealing with a problem, a wet freeway. ktvu's robert handa tells us where the water is coming from. robert? >> reporter: any disruption is bad news, this safamiliar one -- this is a familiar one. >> reporter: for some people on highway 101 near 13th street, the leaking pot hole was a mystery. but for drivers it was the return of a hazardous situation, water from under ground seeping on to the road.
5:36 pm
>> it is dangerous. it is early in the morning and it hasn't rained and there is cars trying to merge on the freeway, getting on 880. it is a hazard. >> reporter: ktvu covered the problem, the water seeping forced caltrans to set up pump systems along several freeways. during heavy storms there have been flooding and workers say it is a day to day problem for drivers. >> also a constant screech and breaking and stuff like that. has to do with accidents that happens on this highway. >> reporter: they say the problem was caused by a break down of the pump system that hasn't been fully repaired. >> we had one pump go down and then another one. >> reporter: we saw a crew examining the pot hole. some hope that means a quick fix. >> it is dangerous. most people don't expect it
5:37 pm
because it is dark. >> reporter: caltrans says a repair crew will be at the scene this week and they are monitoring the situation. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a comment and a firing. what was said at the republican national convention that cost a man his job. >> and the message republicans have for the party. >> and a break through, how this dog was given a new job by growing a new bone. john fowler, our health and science editor will have more. way-there's no way.
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oh, the lights came on.
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. former secretary of state, condoleezza rice and wisconsin congressman paul ryan will be speaking that republican national convention later tonight. some other gop leaders already took the stage and ktvu's ken pritchett is monitoring the activities for us. >> reporter: frank, the speeches are parenting a contrast between mitt romney and president obama. speaker after speaker blamed president obama for a failed economy. while the economy dominates the campaign, john mccain focused on international issues. he blamed the president for failing to protect the people of iran and syria when they
5:41 pm
rose up against their governments. >> in other times when other people fought for their freedom against warn enemies of the united states -- warn enemies of the united states american -- sworn enemies of the united states american presidents helped them prevail. >> reporter: there were personal jabs at the president. mitch >> he hasn't been working to earn reelection. he has been working to earn a spot on the pga tour. >> reporter: later tonight they will highlight two prompinant women, raw arkansasler -- former secretary of state, condoleezza rice and new mexico governor. it will also reach out to minorities. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news.
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yahoo fired its washington bureau chief over remarks he made about mitt romney and the republican national convention. a microphone picked up comments by david chalian as he waited to get ready for coverage. he said they were happy to have a party with black people drowning. a reference to the hurricane that was hitting new orleans. yahoo and david chalian apologized apologized for the remarks. at uc davis, break through technology to save a dog's life. >> it warmed up today, especially inland but the fog will return, i will let you know how it will have an impact on the forecast for the next couple of days.
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happening now a gas leak in napa has residents sheltering in place. a construction crew ruptured a natural gas line. there are no evacuations right now and pg&e expects to have the area back open by 7:00 p.m. tonight. at uc davis today veterinarians saved a dug's life. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler explains how it may help humans. >> reporter: this is a big advance that uses the bodies ability to regrown bone, in
5:46 pm
this case jawbone. >> reporter: he said this dog wasn't himself. he had a hard time chewing. >> i fed he had a bad -- figured he had a bad tooth. >> reporter: it was bone cancer and recommended a specialist at uc davis. when he came here to uc davis doctors found a tumor on his left lower jaw about the size of your thumb. they said it was ideal for this break through technique. >> it was the right side. >> reporter: he took 2-1/2 inches, built a bridge and inserted a scafold.
5:47 pm
in two weeks had a solid bone. >> big deal for the dog and for us. >> reporter: 8 dogs have had the procedure, a precursor to helping humans with jaw injuries. >> car accident, soldiers lose major part of the jaw. >> reporter: he says the dog is his old self but dogs caution the protein can trigger too much bone growth, it may be years before humans benefit. health and science editor john fowler -- health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. a spike in west nile virus. it rose 40% just last week and the increase will continue right on through october, which would make it the worst year in u.s. history. there are 1600 cases across the
5:48 pm
country, including 66 deaths. california has had 44 cases with 2 deaths. officials say people should be careful this weekend and do what you can to protect yourself from mosquitos. coming up in 18 minutes on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m., the hantavirus, blamed for killing people visiting yosemite national park, why it could be difficult to treat. scientists found a gene that makes women happy. it found that women with the less active type of the gene were happier than others. the less active type is also related to alcoholism and anti- social behavior. keeping your cell phone by your bed side may effect the way you sleep. the back lights can cause your melatonin levels to drop and
5:49 pm
that could influence the desire to fall asleep. it helps regulate your body clock. investors are happy with results from pandora. despite an over all loss the results exceeded expectations because of strong growth in the number of listeners and advairizing revenue -- advairizing revenue. -- advertising revenue. stock is up 10%. great america and the san francisco 49ers teamed up today to announce the construction of a new roller coaster. >> that will be called the gold striker and great america says it will be 108 feet tall, which will make it the tallest wooden roller coaster in northern
5:50 pm
california. the first 100 rides will be auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the 49ers foundation because as you know the team will be great america's next door neighbor. >> on the highest peak you will be looking down on to the 50- yard line. >> now that we have the new stadium we will be drawing off of each other. you could spend a whole weekend down here. >> they fund programs for at risk kids. all right. let's check in on our weather. beautiful day. >> it was. probably the warmest day we will see this week because temperatures will go the other way. temperatures trend down towards the bay area weekend. livermore right now, 96 degrees.
5:51 pm
concord 92. temperatures tomorrow trim 4-5 degrees from the numbers. we will have low 90s but lots of 80s and 70s. the highs today, 95 antioch. 94 fairfield. 97 morgan hill. 77 san francisco. 84 oakland. highs tomorrow cooler. outside looking for the fog trying to return tonight and early tomorrow morning. but the real fog comes back tomorrow night and that begins a cooling trend that takes you into the weekend. warmest day was today. fog tomorrow night and then friday morning. the forecast for the cooling trend and the fog is to push in. wednesday, thursday, drops off. the heat that we experienced, that is the end of it. santa rosa 93. tomorrow, the beginning the of cooling trend, 83 degrees.
5:52 pm
10-degree drop there. significant drops tomorrow and cooler as we head into had bay area weekend. forecast highs, 87 fairfield. 80 vallejo. 87 in pittsburg. 88 antioch. 90 brentwood. cooler than today. 88 morgan hill. long the coast, fog tries to be there, glorious couple of days long the coast, lots of fog. fog comes back patchy tonight. breaks tomorrow. but then friday, no breaks. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view then, weekend temperatures drop off friday and saturday and sunday looks like the warmest day on the bay area weekend. tropical storm isaac, that story is just happening now. it will keep raining, so it is really happening right now. they will get another foot of rain. we will be following that at
5:53 pm
6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. >> thank you. encountering the wild while flying in the bay area, what insiders are saying about the government's role in preventing the bird strikes. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid.
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a battle against birds at
5:56 pm
oakland and san francisco airports. >> unlike thunderstorms, it is difficult to figure out what any -- on any given day a group of birds will 2. >> 221 flights have been struck by birds since last year. investigators say the federal aviation administration is not doing enough to keep wildlife away. one says it could cause serious injuries and damage. >> not only does it take out one engine, a bird actually went through a plane and ended up in a cockpit. >> 24 people died when bird strikes caused airports to crash. the federal aviation administration said more airports created strategies to stop the threat of the bird strikes. new at 6:00 p.m., hundreds of yosemite national park visitors on alert for the
5:57 pm
hantavirus, the common systems that could make it difficult to diagnose and treat the disease and new orleans under a curfew right now, coming up in 2 minutes the threat that remain remains -- that remains tonight. cçrrú
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. strong winds and rain pounded new orleans. rescue efforts like this one took place all day in louisiana after the storm pushed water over a levy. a man was forced to flee to his roof. >> it was down graded to a tropical storm but the threat lingers. a cufew is now in effect -- curfew is now in effect and a half million are without power. ktvu's ann rubin is live where some of the most experienced rescuers are ready to help and live to w


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