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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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hospital. he is in critical condition. >> we put ourselves at risk every dayment our hearts are broken for this man that's down. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters have been waiting for updates outside the hospital. church goers are hoping for good news. >> our church is old but it's beautiful. at that carry god to us. >> they're hopeful they can rebuild. in the meantime, they need to find a place for nearly 12,000 parishioners to worship this weekend. >> we don't know anything yet. i have to talk with my bishop and the diocese. >> we have a strong community here at st. patrick's. i think that we'll all just pull together and just get this parish back to where it needs to be. >> reporter: they have yet to determine a cause of this fire. the investigation is on hold right now until crews can get a -- to tell them it's safe to go back inside. back to you. also in san jose, a fire at a strip mall this morning damaged three businesses.
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the flames broke out around 4:45 a.m. at the capital commerce center on south capital avenue. a second alarm was sounded when firefighters spotted flames in the building's shared attic space. no one was inside at the time and no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. authorities say it appears that this fire was not suspicious. vacaville police are questioning three suspects who allegedly carried out a smash- and-grab jewelry store robbery. they were taken into custody this morning on westbound highway 80 in american canyon. vacaville police and the highway patrol followed the suspects, then pulled them over. witnesses say five thieves smashed jewelry cases at the debartolo and co. fine jewelers on main street. they got away in two cars. police say they're still looking for two suspects who are in a black dodge charger. in about two hours, mitt romney will give what could be the most important speech of his life. we're at the republican
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national convention in tampa with what romney needs to do this evening and the surprise speaker. the word is he's a famous actor. >> reporter: that's right. based on what we've seen here at the convention over the past three days, party certainly seems united behind mitt romney. he will take to the stage tonight to talk to those watching at home and particularly the undecided and swing voteers to try to convince them as to why he should be the next president. the music acts went through their numbers. the cleaning crews polished up the stage. these are the kind of things you do not see in primetime including the presidential nominee doing a walk through before an all important and eagerly awaited speech. >> i know he's gonna do terrific. >> reporter: a terrific speech may be what mitt romney needs. >> i think an ok speech, i think a good speech, i think no mistake speech is not going to do it. >> usf politic am science
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professor cory cook said mitt romney must meet a high bar, energize the crowd and convince the undecided that he is presidential material. >> a lot of last night was it's ok. we can trust this guy speaking to the heart of the party. tonight is to say to the rest of the country and particular light swing voters, you can trust this person. >> cook said tonight's speech is the introduction of mitt romney to many voters. bay area mitt romney campaign chair katherine baker says she's heard him speak in person and expects he will exceed the bar. >> and you find a warm, real person who cares and who has a great amount of experience in fixing problems and is ready to help us with our country. >> governor romney is obviously the main reason the people will be watching tonight. there was also a mystery speaker that was revealed late this afternoon. that is actor clint eastwood. he will speak in early primetime leading the final speeches of the night. back to you.
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>> we will be copying a close eye on the convention near the newsroom. former florida governor jeb bush is supposed to address the delegates in a custom minutes. we'll have an update coming up. the secret service has suffered another embarrassment. an agent on the protective detail accompanying mitt romney to this speech in indianapolis left her gun in the restroom of mitt romney's plane. a producer for cbs news found it and notified a flight attendant. the secret service then retrieved the gun. the agent has been transferred and the secret service says it will deal with this matter internally. mitt romney set to address the delegates about two hours from now a little confer 57 p.m. we'll be carrying his speech live. our scheduled live broadcast of the raiders game is being moved to our sister station tv 36. students and staff at a marin county high school were evacuated twice today for two
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separate bomb scares. it happened at terra linda high school on nova albean way in san rafael. someone called police about 9:15 a.m. and claimed there was a bomb on campus. the students were held on the football field while police with a bomb sniffing dog searched the campus. officials did not find anything. students were allowed to return to class before noon. then about two hours later a second bomb scare sent everyone back outside but officers geyser the all clear. four oakland schools all on one campus were put on lockdown this afternoon as officers searched for a homicide suspect rchts the lockdown started at pam 12:45 p.m. at the campus at havenscourt and international boulevard. law enforcement scoured the area. the man got away as housing authority officers were handcuffing him. he was last seen on east lawn street with a handcuff on his wrist. students at roots international academy, futures elementary school, coliseum college prep academy, and community united
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elementary were kept inside during the manhunt. the lockdown was lifted by 2:00 p.m. an east bay woman remains in jail in the stabbing death of an elderly man in the town of ken sington. 56-year-old diane sittenham of albany did not enter a plea when she appeared in court today. the judge doubled her bail to $2 million at the request of prosecutors. investigators say she used a steak knife to kill an 81-year- old retired psychologist. >> very emotionally distraught and as would be understandable when you are in court charged with a murder case. >> the man's body was found in his home two weeks ago. at the same time today, pg&e's c.e.o. called reporters in for an assessment of his fir year at the helm. the utility also closed off the high pressure gas main that erupted and killed eight people in san bruno two years ago.
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tom vacar joins us live from the san bruno blast site with details of both of events today. >> reporter: it was a day of concrete action to say the least and as yet unrealized assurances. the pumping of concrete into eleven00 feet of the main assures it will never carries go through this neighborhood again. pg&e's c.e.o. tony early tried to order it. he also committed up to a $500 millions word of upgrades through the end of next year. by the end of next year 700 miles of the most critical high pressure lines will have been fully inspected and tested. maximum pressures on 3,000 more miles of lines have already been verified. looking into the future? >> we plan to invest about $5 billion a year in capital expenditures over the next several years. we'll create about 30,000 jobs in that 2014 had-2016 time period. these are good jobs. >> early wants to resolve all
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san bruno injury and property claims by the end of the year. he expects the accident will cost $1.6 billion. >> we really need to get on with all the work that we need to do. >> some of the eight wrongful death cases have already been settled and most of the serious burn cases. a confidential near $2 million settle to the one seriously burned victim was mistakenly posted on the superior court's website. >> i don't think it matters one way or the other that one settlement gets out. it was one of the smaller settlements. >> one of the leaked study commissioned by the california p.u.c. claiming pg&e could survive if it paid out $2.5 billion? >> the person that wrote that report never did a financing. i guarantee you. >> finally, says early, almost half of employee bonuses in the future will hinge directly on safety performance. back to you. the state senate passed a bill today that would use $20 million of hidden money to keep all state parks open and put a
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two year moratorium on any park closures. the states had planned to close up to 70 parks when auditors found nearly $54 million in two special funds. the $20 million in the bill would make up for a there are a for there are a fund to match money raised for state parks by local communities. the bill now goes back to the state assembly for a final vote, then to the governor. tonight hurricane isaac has weakened again from a tropical storm to a tropical depression. isaac has left a wide area of flooding, power outages and destruction in its path. in southeast louisiana, floodwaters have left people and farm animals stranded and struggling to find high ground. a lot of people evacuated their homes ahead of isaac, sock are waiting out the storm in emergency shelters. others chose to stay home. >> i didn't take it real seriously. about 1:00 our cars were about to flood. we tried to make it out. both of our cars got flooded in
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the process. >> the water rose a lot higher than we anticipated and started literally flowing over the rail record tracks into south slidell. >> at least two deaths in louisiana and mississippi have been linked to isaac. the mayor of null until said today that he hopes the worst is behind his city now that isaac has moved on. the mayor of new orleans said the city's levees and pumps held up against the rain and winds. there is some concern that a dam on the louisiana- mississippi border could give way drenching all lar flooded areas. there are also concerns about looght. 13 people have been arrested so far and right now there is a dusk to dawn curfew in place for new orleans. a defense attorney said today the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting rampage tried unsuccessfully to call his psychiatrist just before that attack. the attorney said james holmes called an after hours number at the university of colorado's hospital nine minutes before he opened fire. twelve people died and 58 were
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hurt. that information came out in a hearing over holmes' wript psychiatrist. lawyers are arguing over whether a package that holmes mailed to the doctor is covered by doctor-patient privilege. a new judge is taking over george zimmerman's case. he is the former neighborhood watch volunteer from florida who is charged with fatally shooting unarmed teenager trayvon martin. george zimmerman's lawyers complained that the previous judge made disparaging remarks about george zimmerman. u.s. consumer spending started this year's third quarter on a high note. spending jumped .4% in july. that's the biggest surge in five months. it's what most economic experts were predicting. this news, plus encouraging news on housing and job growth, shows that the economy is slowly improving. on wall street today investors were not impressed by the good economic indicators. the dow fell more than 106 points. the nasdaq was down 3 2. the s
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& p dropped eleven. yosemite national park and public health officials sent out more warnings about hantavirus and shut some cabins today. >> you may know the us the fog back at the coast. that's changed things around. temperatures trnded down today. they're really going to trend down the next couple of days. i'll show you how much cooler you can expect in your neighborhood. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code
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plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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there are new concerns tonight about the spread of the hantavirus and visitors to yosemite national park. we're at the park now with the new warning officials put out today and what's now closed as a precaution. >> reporter: yosemite national park is dealing with this hantavirus situation even as it gets ready for the labor day rush. there have been a lot of safety meshes are taken throughout the park including some that visitors say could have been done sooner. the lines of visitors entering yosemite national park are
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getting longer with the holiday weekend approaching. visitors now get warnings about the hantavirus after four campers got the disease and two died. humans get the disease from exposure to saw liva, urine and feces of infected rodents, in this case deer mice. >> seem likes low risk but if you get it, obviously it's very serious. so definitely something we have been talking about. >> this week yosemite national park sent emails alerting 1700 campers who stayed at curry village from mid-june through august. the california pub leb health department sent out an dish 1,000 emails and dispatched scientists to examine yosemite national park's deer mice population. today yosemite national park finished closing down these 91 signature tents because insulation between the tents double walls is a path for mice. >> if i had an option to stay at a different part of the park, i probably would have said, let get owfort signature tent. >> investigators say one way campers got infected, their blankets would touch the
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contaminated floor. when they pulled the blankets back up, they inhaled the bacteria. >> once we feel that they're 100% mouse proof, we'll start to move our visitors back into then. >> yosemite national park says it did not issue public warnings two years ago when a bay area camper came down with hantavirus because it felt the risk was low. >> i think they're doing the right thing now. maybe it's a little bit late. >> reporter: rangers say a full report is expected soon and i've just been told the signature tents will not be ready for this weekend. rangers say they'll try to accommodate the campers. back to you. more details about the hantavirus, a doctor we spoke with says it takes one to five weeks to incubate, the symptoms resemble the flu. the virus progresses and causes shortness of breath and possible respiratory failure. mosquito fogging will begin in just over two hours in brentwood after some dead birds and mosquitoes tested positive for west nile virus. this evening contra costa county vector control will
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begin spraying an area bordered by sand creek parkway, sellers avenue, balance four road and brentwood boulevard. four dead biers and two groups of mosquitoes infected with west nile were found this that area last week. vector control also recently found infect birds in antioch, pleasant hill and walnut creek. a federal panel has issued a report that could affect the future of the drake's bay oyster company and point reyes national seashore. the national research council is criticizing the national park service and its environmental review of the company's operation. the lease for drake's bay oyster company runs out at the end of november and some park officials don't want to renew it. the federal review says the environmental report was short on scientific data. it will be up to the interior secretary to decide whether to renew the lease. palo alto police are searching for a man they believe could be a serial groper. investigats releedthis sketch of a man who reportedly grabbed a woman's breast yesterday at the stanford
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shopping center. the description matches that in another sexual battery case. ten days ago a woman reported that man put his hand up her dress on fulton street near hamilton avenue. in both cases the attacker was described as be a east indian man in his 30s about 5'9", with a medium build. convicted child sex abuser jerry sandusky reportedly could be designate add sexually violent predator. an associated press source says the sexual offender's assessment board made that recommend toghtsd judge in the case. a sexually violent predator must register with authority force life. the 68-year-old former penn state assistant football coach has not been sentenced but given his age, he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. the white house today deflected questions about reports that a navy seal's account of killing of osama bin laden contradicts report given at the time by the administration. the book is called "no easy
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day." it's dew out next week. the author says navy seals shot osama bin laden as he looked out of a bedroom door, not when he went for a weapon as the white house had said. today the press secretary referred questions about the book to the pentagon. >> it's important to state out right that as the president said on the night that justice was brought to osama bin laden, quote, we give thanks for the men who carried out this operation, for they exempt fie the professionalism, patriotism, and unparalleled courage of those who serve our country. >> the book is scheduled for release next tuesday. a number of news organizations have already gotten copies. sales for general meets are plug-in hybrid are surging toward a monthly record. a gm spokesman says august sales of the chevrolet volt will top 2,500. it's the best month since the volt was launched in december 2010. sales are up 35% from july and up 700% from a year ago.
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gm says demand especially strong in california where one- third of chevy volts are sold. announced today the kindle fire is now sold out. don't worry. a newer version is on the way. amazon is expected to unveil a new model the kindle fire next week in santa monica. they don't say how many they've sold, but amazon does say it's captured 22% of the u.s. tablet market. that would make it the second most popular tablet after the apple ipad. >> another beautiful day, cooler today. the fog is returning. let's go to bill martin with a look outside. >> yeah, deferral a little bit cooler. you notice the fog at the coast. that's the america niche for the cooling you are noticing. the fog will stay with us the next couple days. this weekend be prepared to see fog nights and mornings in many bay area locations. it's foggy in san francisco right now. in the avenues they had a couple good days, sunny, watching the sun set.
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not now, the sphog back. that's really going to school things off for everybody tonight. there will be plenty of fog and low clouds tomorrow morning. it's friday. it will burn off but slowly. temperatures will be slow to recover. so yesterday was the warmest day of the week. today not bad, temperatures were in the 80s, mid-80s. tomorrow i think temperatures are mostly in the 70s and low 80s. this weekend it's split. i'll show you that coming up. tonight temperatures will be in the upper 50s, mid-50s and upper 40s. the fog and low clouds will get to many locations like san rafael, albany, redwood city. here's the fog footprint tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. hat's quite a footprint. intrusions of fog we've seen in a few days. fire danger is ok, lower. air quality is better. you start off sending the kids to school or going to work with a jacket. it will be chilly out there.
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friday afternoon the fog burns back. it lays right back at the coast. what you are seeing in the avenues now is what are going to see all day. i don't suspect you will see a lot of sunshine coastside, but with a little northwest wind you might see clearing up around stinson beach, drake's beach, point reyes as the winds blow northwest. most of the coast down by half moon bay and peska pretty well fogged in. so tomorrow low pressure sets up and it starts the significant cooling trend tomorrow. then again on saturday. this kool weather pattern will stay with us for a couple days. i'll show you which day on the week enwill be the warm's by how much. >> a big change could be on the way to california roadways. the chances we could share the road with driverless cars. >> we're keeping a close eye on the republican national convention where mitt romney is expected to speak in about 90 minutes much these are live pictures from the convection.
5:23 pm
this is a video right now that's playing on the big screen. a moment ago jeb bush wrapped up his remarks. in 20 minutes you will hear some of what jeb bush had to say.
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driverless cars may be a little closer to reality on california highways. the legislature has sent a bill to governor brown that would eventually allow automated vehicles like the one you are seeing here being developed by google to operate on the
5:26 pm
state's roads. the bill gives the dmv until january of of 2015 to set standards for driverless cars in california. a 100-year-old driver injured 14 people when he backed into a crowd outside an elementary school in south los angeles yesterday. police say preston carter's cadillac hit eleven children and three adults. none of the injuries was life threatening. carter who turns 101 next week does have a valid driver's license. >> what happened? >> the brakes failed. >> how did you wind opted sidewalk? >> it's out of control. >> you hate lot of kids. >> well, you know, i'm sorry about that. i would not do that for nothing on earth. >> all right. >> i wouldn't. >> police say it could take several weeks to investigate carter's claim that his brakes failed. his 76-year-old daughter says he will now stop driving. a woman was injured this morning when she was hit by a muni bus in san francisco's
5:27 pm
mission district. police say the 60-year-old woman apparently stepped in front of the 33 bus around 10:30 a.m. at 16th and shot will streets. she was taken to the hospital with burns and bruises. police are reviewing surveillance video from the bus. today the cdc issued an alert over the ongoing salmonella outbreak linked to tainted mangoes. the cdc now says 103 people in 16 u.s. states including california have reported getting sick and 25 of them actually had to go to the hospital. federal officials say the victims all had the same strain of salmonella found in daniellea brand mangoes from mexico that made 22 people sick in canada. burlingame based plend i had products issue add mango recall this week. triewnsy and the tough love in san francisco that keeps these kids in school. >> in south san francisco, a treat many did not expect but
5:28 pm
are now flocking to see. two dolphins, we'll tell you where they've been and where they're headed now.
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an innovative sphsm program targeting school absences appears to be paying off. troubling rated was truancy have plummeted because of what some call tough love. health and science editor john fowler is live in san francisco with how a trip to court may make the difference. >> reporter: this is juvenile hall, the new home of san francisco's truancy court, which seems to be helping convince parents and students that skipping school is not only against the law but bad for you.
5:31 pm
most of san francisco's chroniclely be a sent school children are latino. mission district truancy rate was 23% two years ago. now it's 10%. 2,000 more kids in school every day citywide, truancy down 38% over five years, thanks to aggressive intervention. >> i was supposed to be at school but i was in the streets doing bad things. the police picked me up and drove me home. >> 16-year-old victor told me he stayed in class not just because of legal threats but because counselors helped him realize school can save his life. >> a lot of times they're behind academically and they really need a lot of support to help get them back on track. >> reporter: feshes today say they've also prosecuted about 150 parents. >> having to go to a big courtroom with a judge, even it's just an infraction, can feel very serious in the moment. >> the district attorney, himself a high school dropout who forged his mom's signature
5:32 pm
on absence notes, says he gets it. >> what are the underlying causes and work ok those makes us much more successful. >> reporter: the 60,000 dollar a year program has paid for itself many times over in lower crime, reduced law enforcement and contributions of young people to society. back to you. coming up, the accusations made against a teacher at a san francisco school and what it took to get her out of the classroom. the c.e.o.'s of apple and google have reportedly been on the phone with one another. reuters reports that the topic of conversation of a variety of patent issues, lower level executives say the two talked last week and will meet again next week to talk. officially both companies have refused to comment. facebook's co-founder is continuing to sell thousands of his shares in the company.
5:33 pm
he left facebook in 2008. he is selling 450,000 shares valued at about 8.7 million dollars. he has been selling 150,000 shares a day but still holds more than 130 million shares. shares of facebook have been in steep decline ever since debuting at $38 in may. they closed today at just over $19. we know the identity of a man who was killed in a construction accident in east contra costa county. the sheriff's ops says 59-year- old joshua silva died last night on bethel island. a large concrete block fell on silva while he was working in the 3600 block of willow road. he was working to upgrade a gangway near a boat dock when that accident happened. cal osha is investigating to determine the cause. if you dos use the dub dub, caltrans will close the entire dumbarton bridge over the labor day weekend. it will shut down at 10:00 p.m. tomorrow and not reopen until
5:34 pm
5:00 tuesday morning. crews will do seismic retrofit work. drivers should head north to the san mateo bridge or south to highway 237. an unusual sighing is drawing crowds to a canal in south san francisco. two dolphins are swimming around there tonight. we have some pictures and why marine mammal experts say the next 24 hours are crucial. >> you can see that the water level is dropping here. it's slowly pushing these dolphins which are right behind me over my shoulder, down this canal. just a few minutes ago they were about 100 feet away. now they're 200 to 300 feet away. they're about halfway between the spot i'm standing right now and the open ocean. until they get there scientists will continue to monitor their movements. dolphins were the last thing this family expected to spot in the water in this canal. >> we're getting ready to see the game, the 49ers game.
5:35 pm
with we stopped by here. >> this creek may not be an obvious spot for dolphin watching. >> in hawaii, not over here. >> but scientists at the marine mammal center say the water surrounding northern california from monterey on up is the area bottle nose dolphins call home. >> they're coming back. >> today's spectacle which drew crowds all day is the second thyme summer dolphins have made an appearance here. the last time was in july. scientists at the marine mammal center tell us it's unlikely the dolphin nrs distress. they were first spotted in the canal last night. but if they're still here in 24 hours, the experts tell us they'll jump in to take a closer look. you can see that these dolphins appear to be playing. you can actually hear them talk to be each other even over the sounds of the planes. if these dolphins come back tomorrow, scientists say please remember the guidelines which
5:36 pm
is to stay about 100 feet away. back to you. a central valley city is among ten cities in the u.s. with the biggest job losses during the recession. the website 24-7 wall street crunched numbers from the u.s. buer over labor statistics from june 2009 to this past june. dalton, georgia, had the biggest decline losing 8% of its jobs. brunswick, georgia, was second with 6%. madeira county came in 7th. that area lost 5.5% of its work force in large part because of government lay offs. there is word that president barack obama has agreed to share his secret recipe for beer. beer lovers have been asking fortress pee for months. yesterday during his ask me anything online chat session, the president promised adam mccurly that the recipe for white house honey ale will be out soon. >> i know they have their own -- hopefully maybe he can send
5:37 pm
me some of their honey. >> the president told him that he knows from firsthand experience that the white house home brew is quote, tasty. coming up, in a special report, a bay area woman's efforts to make sure every school has the device that could save lives. >> a member of the bush family just finished energizing the crowd at the republican national convention. but he's not the former president. what this former governor just said about mitt romney's record on education. >> the new ipad app is all set and ready to download. you can watch owl ever awful our newscasts live, plus get drivetime traffic, bay area weather and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere.
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mitt romney is now less than two hours from addressing the crowd at the republican national convention. right now some of the biggest stars in the gop are setting the stage if you will for mitt romney to accept his nomination. we have a speech just delivered by former florida governor jeb bush. >> governor bush just finished speaking about 15 minutes ago. some consider him a possible contender for president in 2016 if barack obama is re-elected this year. tonight the former governor of florida focused on mitt romney's success as governor of massachusetts, especially he says in the area of education.
5:41 pm
>> he is a champion for bringing hope to education and he intends to be a champion for and equality of opportunity, a president who always puts students first. >> now earlier this evening the convention featured a video you see there dedicated to president ronald reagan. in the last hour former presidential candidate newt gingrich compared the economic struggles under president jimmy carter to what's happening with the obama administration. >> it's striking how president carter and president barack obama both took our nation down a path that in four years weakened america's confidence in itself and our hope for a better future. >> now everything tonight is leading up to the moment when mitt romney formally accepts the gop nomination. he will be introduced by a rising star in the republican
5:42 pm
party, florida senator marco rubio. we'll go back live to florida in about 30 minutes. back to you. supporters of prop 37, the food labeling initiative, launch add blistering tv ad today. >> what cigarette do you smoke, doctor? see how mild and good tasting a cigarette can be. >> the tv spot notes americans were told cigarettes, dd it, and agent orange were safe and state consist assumers are getting similar misinformation about genetically modified foods. prop 37 would require labeling of genetically modified foods. opponents say prop 37 is unscientific and would raise food costs. one bay area mother is on a crusade to save lives. she says what's in this backpack should be in every school. >> i'll be back in a couple minutes. some areas cooled off 15, 20 degrees are cooler today than yesterday. this is why, the fog. i'll of the five-day forecast
5:43 pm
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rethink possible. a marin county mom is leading a crew sthaid could bring new lifesaving devices to local schools. amber lee introduces us to a william with a very personal passion for the cause. >> it's the morning river you'll, 10-year-old tatiana and her younger sister look like they don't have a care in the world as they prepare for school. their mother tells us the sisters suffer from a syndrome, a genetic heart condition that they inherited from their late
5:46 pm
father, who died nine years ago. >> obviously my fear is that they're going to die suddenly the same way that he did. >> every day the girls carry something extra in their backpacks, an aed, short for automated external defibrillator, a device to jump start the heart if it stops. her daughter's school and others in the reed union school district don't carry defib laters on campus. the school's superintendent declined to speak with us. she said schools are concerned about leebility if something goes wrong. >> they'd rather hide from being sued than potentially save lives. >> she hopes to convince all schools to carry defibrillators by lobeying lawmakers to create legislation that would exempt schools from liability. she said the fight is not just for her daughters pointing to incidents at one school two years ago where a student nearly died of a heart attack
5:47 pm
during a basketball game. mark silva with the novato school district showed us a defibrillator that's kept locked in the hing gym. the district requires its high schools to have defib lators along with staff trained to use them. >> the risk was worth the liability. you have to have policies in place. >> these girls told us their heart condition doesn't curtail their physical activities but that having to carry these defibrillators to school every day is a burden. >> when i go, it's heavy on my back. >> the sisters look to each other for comfort, sharing a common burden, but enjoying a resilience that comes with childhood. the u.s. government is going after more than a dozen window companies for allegedly making misleading claims. the ftc sent warning letters to 14 window firms and one glass maker. the companies allegedly are over inflating the energy
5:48 pm
efficiency of their windows in their marketing. the ftc says window sellers must back up all of their claims with scientific evidence. researchers have come up with another health reason for why you shone smoke. two new studies from the familiar intracranial aneurysm project find cigarette smoking greatly increases the risk of a potentially fatal brain aneurysm. researchers compared more than 400 south koreans who suffered bleeding on the brain with the same number who did not. they found smokers were nearly three times more likely to have an aneurysm compared to nonsmokers. federal health officials say not enough teen girls getting vaccinated for the hpv. it's a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical and anal cancer. the cdc says that last year the increase in hpv vaccines was far below the increase in shots for diseases such as meningitis
5:49 pm
and whooping cough. if you like to do some things only once in a blue moon, well, tomorrow is your day. for the first time since march of 2010, the moon will be full for the second time in a month. that is known as a blue moon. the moon obviously is not actually blue. >> bill will tell us what wind of weather to expect for that blue moon tomorrow and also looking ahead to the weekend forecast with the long holiday weekend coming up. changes in the temperatures, it dropped almost 20 degrees today in napa over yesterday, significant cooling. the rest of us five to ten degrees cooler. there is the fog behind me. it's really making a play. it's already shoot ago cross the bay. this is pretty early for that to happen. in your neighborhood tomorrow morning there will be plenty of fog. that fog is working toward albany and pinole. the winds will kick up more. that follow really push inland. the marine layer has stretched
5:50 pm
out a bit. that's how cooling trends manifest. these were the highs from today. napa were in the 90s yesterday, 71 degrees today, 81 in fairfield, antioch and livermore still eked out low 90s. tomorrow it will be cooler. the marine get up over the coastal hills. we had the heat when it should rirchgz down. now it's getting fat and going over the hills. temperatures tomorrow in the bay area microklimt markedly cooler than today. i think tomorrow lots of 70s, a few low 80s. berkeley mid-60s at best. lafayette low 70s at best. clayton upper 70s. discovery bay area, upper 70s, maybe low 80s. this is a pretty cool forecast for august. it was cooler yesterday. it's going to be -- it was very warm yesterday.
5:51 pm
it was cooler today. it will be cooler still friday and saturday. sunday temperatures trend up. forecast highs 92 clear larks 89 st. helena. a lot of bay area inland bay valleys, temperatures much cooler. the five day forecast with the bay area weekend in view, holiday weekend, it's a big one, basically the unofficial end of summer, weather will be nice. sunday will be really nice. temperatures will warm up nicely. monday will be nice. saturday will be significantly cooler. >> thank you. joey the jaw has done it again. bay area's eating champ's latest feat. it's called distracted walking. the age group that's seeing a high number of accidents while walking and talking on cell phones. lots of prepaid cards
5:52 pm
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a competitive eating champion from san jose has won another title. 28-year-old joey chestnut won a rib eating contest yesterday in sparks, nevada. he devoured eight pounds of st. louis style ribs in twelve minutes. earlier this year he won his sixth straight fourth of july hot dog eating contest at coney island of the he ate 68 hot dogs in ten minutes. the results of a new study suggest a link between the use of a cell phone and a jump in
5:55 pm
pedestrian injuries among teenagers. safe kids worldwide conducted the study and posted this video on the internet today. it encourages young people to hang up the phone and walk. the group says the injury rate spiked 25% for teens over a five-year period while dropping for other age groups. one problem, kids like to respond to emails and texts right away. >> if you can do it, why not do it while you are walking when you're in the really doing anything else. >> more kids have cell phones and they're distracted walkers just like we have distracted drivers. >> research shows that cell phone ownership rose sharply among teens during the same five years that injuries also went up. a new elementary school in richmond that was vandalized last february just two days before a ribbon cutting ceremony is back open with security cameras. students made their way into the school this morning. it reopened monday, a week after the first day of school because repairs were still
5:56 pm
being done. vabdals broke windows, destroyed computers, dumped paint on the floor, and flooded the building. school officials say the repairs cost the district $1.2 million. the vandals still have not been caught. the so-called state bill of rights for domestic workers is now out way to the governor's desk. the state assembly gave final approval to ab889 today to provide overtime and meal breaks for house keepers, nannies and other in-home providers. it also requires that live-in workers are compensatedded for sleep interruptions. republicans question the bill's feasibility and enforceability. the bill's sponsor said regulatory details would be worked out later. outraged parents gated teacher pushed out of the classroom. the evidence we have obtained that parents say is proof of teacher abuse. >> we're live in tampa where the man of the hour is getting ready to make the most important speech of his life. what mitt romney is expected to
5:57 pm
say and what he needs to accomplish with voters tonight.
5:58 pm
good evening. i'm frank somerville.
5:59 pm
>> i'm julie haener. allegations of abuse involving a san francisco teacher went unnoticed until parents found out and demanded that teacher be removed from the classroom. we're live in san francisco with the evidence that parents say infuriated them. >> reporter: the classroom controversy took parents at this school by surprise. >> i was horrified. >> sherman elementary school parent this is week successfully pushed san francisco school district officials to remove a fifth grade teacher from classrooms after learning of allegations she'd abused children at other schools. >> this is not a lynch mob situation. i definitely do not agree that this teacher should go down without due process. it has nothing to do with that. but i think that it needs more investigation. >> civil lawsuits obtained by ktvu show that the teacher was accused in 2009 of slamming the head of a fifth grade girl against a desk at brett heart elementary school.


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