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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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fired sounds right, all of the details are wrong. >> he never left that car. >> reporter: after the shooting is stopped she says the officers asked -- >> should we open the door. why would you ask should we open the door if he was getting out of the car? >> reporter: witnesses say officers had to open the door to pull him out. police declined to comment today but yesterday explained. >> the driver ducked and turned away from them and then continued to turn facing them with now the gun in his hand. >> reporter: the police department says they are looking into the shooting. police say both officers involved are on paid administrative leave. live, christien kafton, ktvu
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channel 2 news. >> this was the 7th shooting involving an officer. all of the cases are being investigated by the district attorney's office. the democratic national convention in north carolina is kicking off this week. not with party business but with a street party. ktvu's ken pritchett is in charlotte and that is where he talked to two california politicians. >> come on down, everybody. it is happening down this street. >> reporter: it was all fun. nothing to worry about outside of rain, carolina fest, a party that took up several city blocks. >> charlotte is wonderful. love it. it is hot but cooler than dallas. >> reporter: they came to hear live music. [ music playing ] >> reporter: including james taylor and talked politics and
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their support for president obama. >> we know what the situation was before we, you know, before president obama was elected and -- you know, lot of the things he said he would do he did. >> reporter: many from california who this morning celebrated nancy pelosi and her 25 years of public service. mayor ed lee is here. >> appeal to the asian voters who see me as the first asian mayor of a major city and do my part. i think it is essentially. >> reporter: nancy pelosi is hoping a strong turn out for president obama will lead to the long shot retaking the of house. 25 seats are needed. >> we think the driver for 25 is doable. we think california is essential to it. >> at the time warner cable arena, ken pritchett sent these pictures. you see first lady michelle
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obama, she is set to speak tomorrow. on wednesday bill clinton will address the crowd as will kamala harris. john burton infuriated republicans earlier today. he compared them to joseph. telling the big lie. he said people will believe a lie if it is repeated often, later he apalogized. ktvu's coverage continues tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news. our coverage continues through thursday. that is when president obama is scheduled to address the delegates. a stolen truck used by the secret service in detroit has been recovered. some of the agency's equipment was in the truck when it was taken yesterday. it was found today in a parking
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lot. they declined to give details on what happened. vice president joe biden made an appearance there today. mitt romney micked business and -- mixed business and pleasure today. they visited the harbor in new hampshire. after some instruction she took off in a jet ski and mitt romney followed in a boat close by. >> we have a very crystal clear choice. we can choose to stay on the path we are on, a path of debt, doubt, decline or we can turn things around, elected mitt romney -- elect mitt romney and get america back on track. >> paul ryan campaigned today in north carolina where the democrats begin their convention tomorrow. he spoke at east carolina
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university. san jose police are looking for a third suspect in a marijuana club robbery. police are searching door to door. the suspect is considered armed and dangerous. this morning three men robbed the health center. officers arrested the other two suspects after a chase from the center. officials say that doctors are pleased with the progress of a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack last week. frank ryan collapsed while battling a fire downtown. he is in critical condition but is stable. family, friends and firefighters have been keeping a round the clock vigil at the hospital. police are looking for who damaged the monium to victims of the -- monument at the
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victim's firestorm victims. the chair deplores the vandalism. >> this is a focal point in the firestorm memorial garden. this is like dancing on the grave of those who died. >> they probably did the damage to get at the metal. the firestorm killed 25 people and burned 3,000 homes. police arrested a 17-year- old boy in connection with a stabbing this morning. police responded to a report of a fire at a a.m. this morning. they found a man was stabbed several times. but he is stable. police say the 17-year-old called police to say he was robbed but when they questioned him he admitted he stabbed the
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man. he is now charged. the police department released a picture of a man who they say is a suspect in a shooting death. a arrest warrant has been issued. all of this stems from a shooting on july 22. investigators say he is armed and dangerous. middle field road is open after a deadly crash shut it down. lanes were closed while officers investigated the accident. police say a vehicle hit a tree after 8:00 a.m. this morning. a man was pronounced dead at the scene. a taxi driver could face dui charges after crashing this morning. this happened before 3:30 a.m. >> we immediately jumped out of
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the bed and ran outside. it was so loud we thought the car was going to go through the bedroom. >> the driver left the scene on foot after the crash. officers spotted him and say he appeared to be drunk. he was taken to the hospital. a labor day march and rally today outside chevron refinery. >> the match was other thanked by the labor group united labor workers for action. they are calling for more government over sight of chevron refinery and straighter safety standards and they say oilisms cashould be nationalized -- oil companies should be nationalized. >> the equipment is old it is not maintained. they made $26 billion in profit
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last year. their equipment should be better maintained, safer for the workers. >> investigators still haven't been able to determine the exact cause of the fire. labor day start wad earthquake in southern california -- started with a earthquake in southern california. people near the epicenter in beverly hills say it was strong but folks in west los angeles didn't even bother to call police when it happened. actor michael clarke duncan has died. >> michael clarke duncan is known for his performance in the green mile. he appeared in dozens of films. he never recovered from a heart attack he suffered in july.
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he died at the age of 54. the dumbarton bridge closure is in its final hours. for more details ktvu's ann rubin. you spoke with bridge officials? >> reporter: that's right. crews are still at work but the good news is they should be wrapped up 5 hours ahead of schedule. maybe more. >> we are on track, beating our schedule. >> reporter: crews are putting the finishing touches on the dumbarton bridge. since friday it has been shut down as they install the seismic joint. just today they have been laying down steel plates and putting on a concrete over lay. it will allow crews to continue installing bearings and they
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did cosmetic joints this weekend. the final touches will be restriping and putting barriers back in. it will be done after this weekend and fully complete in 2013. though 61,000 cars go over the dumbarton bridge bridge every day, they must have heeded warnings, detours were traffic free. >> smooth sailing. >> i was driving 7:30 and no cars at all. >> reporter: this will be the last full closure for this bridge. there may still be night time lane closures. crews planned to reopen by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow now they say most likely opening before midnight. live on the dumbarton bridge, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can find live traffic updates by going to and clicking on
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the tab near the top of the home page. what a difference a month makes. we have the latest on gas prices and where they are likely headed. >> and temperatures today warmed a little bit. outside weave fog -- we have fog, i will let you know how much cooler it will be in your neighborhood tomorrow. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪
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. more than a dozen people survived a boating mishap. they were on two fishing boats when one capsized last night. and that boat got too close to shore and capsized as well. tonight gas prices are the highest they have ever been on labor day day. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar live at a chevron station, not far from the chevron refinery fire last
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month. how is that still effecting drivers? >> reporter: have a look. this is a sign of the times and this is headed in the wrong direction. >> reporter: on this, the last day of the summer vacation driving season, california's pain that pump continues. we learned that at the chevron station on interstate 80. he put in a cheaper cash only price. >> why don't we pass long the savings to the customers? >> reporter: prices are high. >> they are higher than i have seen in a long time. i commute every day to oakland, i drive 400 miles a week. >> reporter: bay area wide, the average price of a gallon is $4.20. that is up 2 cents from a week ago. 35 cents from a month ago
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before the chevron refinery fire. and up more than a quarter from labor day a year ago. >> stayed at home. gas is too high. before the economy went, we used it to be that lake with the boat. >> hard to take vacations and get to and from work. >> reporter: it also effects people's thinking about spending on other things. >> feel sorry for the people who can't afford it. they don't go out because they can't afford the gas. >> reporter: she hopes cool weather will bring cool prices. >> as we go into winter they reformulate the fuel, it should come down. it should. >> reporter: that depends on how quickly chevron can put the chevron refinery back online. 6 months, maybe 12. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news.
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worries about the hantavirus resulted in cancellations at yosemite national park. usually they are sold out for labor day weekend. most of the cancellations are in curry village where concerns are focused. they involve 20% of the 75,000 visitors. officials announced last week that 10,000 people are at risk for contracting hantavirus after staying in yosemite national park over the summer. crews in santa clara will be spraying for west nile virus. the area will extend south from the expressway to blossom valley, highway 85 and to parts of lose altose. -- a colorado man was
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surprised this weekend. a deer decided to take a dip for summer. the swim woke up the house. >> my dogs were barking and i couldn't get them to quit and i got up and i looked down and there was a buck in the middle of my pool. >> this shows you that police couldn't get the animal out so firefighters built the ramp for it. the homeowner says the pool repairs will cost $2,500. one of the oldest art events of the year is wrapping up now. artists from across the country set up shop all weekend for the art festival. it is known for setting a high standard for quality, variety
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and size. 270 artists. performing artists also provided entertainment. the fog came in last night and covered the bay but you could see still san francisco. looks like the same situation tonight. >> similar to that. the marine layer is shallow. you get this cool framing of san francisco. as you look at the camera shot you will see the fog is below the tower, below the north tower, the golden gate bridge, 730 feet high. the inversion is shallow right now. looking across towards san francisco, pacific heights, and you can see the tip of it. beautiful day out there. great way to end summer on this perfect day around the bay. live storm tracker 2. hope you have plans to barbecue tonight. i don't think there will be a lot -- well, you could in the avenues but the fog will be
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there. it is cool but if you go this way, away from the fog, barbecuing, beautiful night. beautiful weekend. you know that. great weather. marine ergot squished. it created dense fog long the coast and drizzle as well. that fog comes back tomorrow. the change in the forecast comes as the high pressure weakens. this is summer. stretches out. temperatures are going to cool inland and that is the forecast, for this marine layer to get deeper, stretch out and get over the hills. that starts tomorrow. highs tomorrow, still warm, not a big stretch, tomorrow temperatures will be 3-4 degrees cooler than today. some areas the same. the cooling, more fog tomorrow will march the beginning the of
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cooling trend. when i come back we will go to the forecast, looking for the rest of the week, we have changes, fog to talk about and tropical moisture and it could bring showers and concerns for california. coming up here, while cal is apologizing to 100 fans to attended saturday's home opener and hurricane isaac, why the damage is actually worse than hurricane katrina. and a labor day rally in the south bay takes a turn and some protesters get something unexpected in return. >> and the new ipad app is ready to download. watch newscasts live, traffic, weather and video of breaking news anywhere, anytime.
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three members of a san jose family are recovering from injuries after a water craft trash at lake tahoe. they took them out on the lake with a child and when the mother crossed into the father he slammed into her. the mother and the two children were all injured but none of the injuries are life
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threatening. the father was relatively unharmed. president obama is seeing the damage from hurricane isaac. he landed in new orleans a short time ago. he will hear from local officials and walk through the hard hit areas. those that had to evacuate are now returning home to clean up. >> reporter: hurricane isaac come and down but folks continue to feel his sting. officials say tens of thousands are still without power, most in louisiana where isaac made land fall as a category one storm last week. some folks now allowed back in to the neighborhoods, many who have been through this before have an idea of what to expect when they return home. >> debris. rotten food. >> i think i have damage to my trailer. the roof. we always prepare for the
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worse. >> reporter: crews continue the process of clean up. inspectors from federal emergency management agency are on the ground to assess damage. >> more damage and destruction and water here today than for hurricane katrina. >> reporter: low lying areas like plaquemines parish hit the hardest. many saying the flooding topping the damage left behind by hurricane katrina 7 years ago. >> i knew when it stalled we were in trouble, okay, and i made the wrong decision about not leaving. >> reporter: it continue to push into the mississippi valley bringing the threat of tornadoes and heavy rains along with it. oil and gas production are slowly getting back to normal after hurricane isaac with flooding and heavy winds, 10 refineries were forced to close.
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one is back in operation and 8 others are restoring. production is 42% of normal. officials released dozens of striking mine workers weeks after a bloody confrontation with police. they are among 270 charged with murder for provoking police to open fire on minors killing 34 of them. the charges were dropped and a two phase release began today. the rest will be released on thursday. police fired in self-defense. these protesters wanted to give food to police officers on this labor day but what officers gave them that was very expensive. >> whether you are pulling for the orange and black at at&t pebble beach national pro-am or the green at -- at at&t park, or the green and gold, why it
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is a good time to be a fan in the bay area. starting october 20, 2012,
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if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> labor day recognizes the worker and in the south bay to opportunity to address a much larger issue. support for san jose police was the focus of one protest today. ktvu's matt keller is live where union reform is a hot topic and will be a huge issue come november. >> reporter: protesters are here for a labor day cook out but got burned by the people they were here to support. >> reporter: six protesters gathered in the rose garden neighborhood showing their short short -- their support
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for police till officers showed up and asked them to leave. >> do it legally on the corner. >> reporter: officers wrote $1,000 tickets to each person. >> we don't blame the cops for that, they are caught up in the system that is not serving them as well. >> reporter: unions faced adversity with declining numbers. san jose city workers, including police and fire faced challenges this year. startingstarting with measure b. >> no one disagrees there is a problem with the pension, but the way it has to be done is through working things out together. the governor and lawmakers are addressing pension reform. it is an issue he says is not an attack on unions but necessary for a healthy government. >> not that we are targeting
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unions but we have to understand we sent a insulate public employees. >> reporter: they are hoping for a victory in november pushing for a passage of the initiative. matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. with a week before the unveiling of the new iphone 5 there are rumors of a delay in shipment. a company in japan hasn't started producing screens because of manufacturing issues and that could hold up the release date of september 21. the maker planned to start shipping the panels by the end of last month. >> organizers in the search for sierra lamar plan a vigil wednesday night at settee haul -- city hall. they will be selling candles and bracelets all day wednesday. the night time vigil is to
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raise awareness and money in the search effort. she has been missing since march 16. firefighters focused on the north pass fire. that fire is in its third week. firefighters plan to work today on containment lines. it is 58% contained and destroyed 7 homes and 9 buildings. fire broke out today in the forest in ventura county. flames raced through 25 acres. the fire department dispatched 18 firefighters to the scene. month to go in the baseball season, right now the giants are in first place and the a's have the second best record. rob roth is here. rob? >> reporter: the solseium is clearing out -- coliseum is clearing out, this is an
5:34 pm
exciting time for baseball fans on both sides of the bay. >> reporter: a's fans have a lot to cheer about these days. so do giants fans. the two bay area baseball teams were both playing at home this afternoon at the same time but they have something else in common if the season ended today both teams would make the playoffs. >> i think that it is terrific for the bay area but i have to root for the a's. >> i am rooting for the a's. i think that they be a better chance than the giants. the giants will probably fade. >> reporter: the season still have a month to go but for fans in the bay area, another bay bridge world series is a nice fantasy. >> all of a sussen it is like -- sudden it is like we are winning everything. >> brings more money to the cities and maybe we will have a bay to bay world series.
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>> reporter: will clark remembers the excitement of facing the a's in 1989 world series. >> you want the bay area to do well. you get enough of new york and boston, look, talk about san francisco and oakland. >> reporter: that 1989 world series didn't go so well for the bay area. a earthquake struck as the third game was about to begin. >> i would like to see another earthquake world series, you know? [ laughter ] >> no, you wouldn't. >> okay. forget the earthquake. >> lot could happen and that makes for exciting times in the bay area baseball world. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. calofficials are -- cal officials are fixing a problem that led to seating issues. they apologized to 100 of the 63,000 fans who were impacted
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on saturday. the issue involved pre-game sales. turns out the estimate was too high and some seating spots didn't exist. other people were moved to -- some people were moved to other areas. others just had to squeeze in. the woman at the center of britain's phone hacking scandal appeared in court today. she was editor of news of the world. her boss shut down the tabloid in the wake of the scandal. more than 70 people have been arrested in all. syria's government bombed a neighborhood killing 19 people. rebels are calling today's assault a collective punishment. the president shown no
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restraint in attacking civilians. the war lasted 18 months. at this point the rebels have no capabilities of fending off air strikes. for the first time today iran allowed the head of a foreign state to tour a clear nuclear facility. he was allowed to view the facility in iran. he saw the centrifuges where iran could be developing fuel for weapons. mongolia is buildingilities first nuclear power plant -- is building its first nuclear power plant. the highly contaggish disease two students -- contaggish disease two students
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came down with.
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fresno state university suspended recognition of a fraternity after a student died after a night of drinking. he was pledging and he suffered brain damage after he attended a party off campus.
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a university spokeswoman says he began pledging last week. police officer convicted of lewd conduct resigned. he quit following a conviction two weeks ago. he exposed himself to two women in february. that triggered an investigation and in april he was arrested and placed on administrative leave. the judge sentenced him to one day in jail, three years probation and a fine. repairs for part of the great wall of china. 100 feet of the wall was damaged after days of heavy rain last month. the section also had signs of erosion that contributed to its collapse. it was built 1500 years ago. they are working on strengthing
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the structure. prince harry was a presenter at the well child awards that recognizes british children who are have severe illnesses. he drew lasts when he said he was -- laughs when he said he was not shy. campus officials are working to contain cases of an infectious disease here at san francisco state university. >> we will talk about the fog and high clouds that could lead to showers as we head to the middle of the week.
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concerns over chickenpox are putting a damper at san francisco state university. ktvu's cara liu is live with who has been infected and why the impact may not yet be known. >> reporter: school started one week ago and already two cases of chickenpox here on campus, of course, it is highly infectious. >> reporter: two san francisco state university students have been diagnosed with chickenpox. the first last wednesday, the second on friday. officials say the cases appear unrelated. the first student is believed to have gotten sick in alameda county. >> the moment we diagnose the students we want to isolate them so as to not spread the disease. >> reporter: he says the
5:46 pm
students' three roommates all had chickenpox as children. >> they will have either have had chickenpox or they will have had two doses of the vaccine. >> reporter: they received a e- mail. >> i am worried. i had the vaccine when i was little but i never got the booster shot. >> most people had it before. >> i got sick so many times since livingen campus -- since living on campus. >> the earliest we expect any secondary cases will be tomorrow. the earliest we expect individuals to show the typical chickenpox rash is wednesday. >> reporter: they are trying to make the vaccine available and at cost, which is 100 bucks.
5:47 pm
they are out right now but hoping to receive a shipment by tomorrow. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the chickenpox. there are several symptoms, itchy red rash and blisters also appear and they may experience headaches and a fever. people 13 years of age and older who never had chickenpox or received the vaccine to get two doses. a study found that children who inhale steroids regularly may grow up shorter than they would have regularly. researchers looked at 1,000 kids. those who took steroids were a half inch shorter. this was a big day for bike racing in san francisco. >> off we go. we are racing.
5:48 pm
>> racers took part. racers competed in 10 different categories. they started at the plaza on a course that was shorter than a mile. >> goes 45 minutes. preset for 40 laps. take that back, 28 laps. >> this is the 38 year. researchers say the shape of your beer glass may effect how fast you drink. people drink beer faster from curved glasses. 4 minutes faster. researchers believe that curved shape makes it harder to pace yourself. roller coaster rides are taking their final whirl at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. it will be taken apart and
5:49 pm
shipped to new mexico. it has been there since 1992. but has to be taken down to make way for a new roller coaster, it will take place next summer. it is a spinning roller coaster, the cars spins as the coaster races along. the drought is having an impact on popcorn. whole sale prices jumped 50% because corn is withering and supplies are low. it may not effect movie popcorn because of already high prices but consumers could see an increase for prices at the market. after a bay area weekend shat shaped up as bill martin said it was let's see what is in store for this week. >> still warm. temperatures cooler but you will see 90s inland like today. the fog, you see it hanging in
5:50 pm
there. pulling up over, you can see the fog here, there is the fog, that was a live shot. you see the fog working its way over there, fog long the coast tonight, dense and drizzle. i mentioned that earlier. the marine layer is compressed. makes visibility harder and gets you drizzle sometimes. that is what we saw this morning. this week, not as warm. temperatures are trending down. a few more high clouds towards the middle of the week. a lot of stuff. well, not a lot of stuff. but many things. high pressure here. no clouds. this is tropical moisture. right there. that is working its way north. that is from a dying tropical storm. that is the kind of thing that could give us thunderstorms. showers and the last thing we need. when i come back at 6:00 p.m.
5:51 pm
in the broadcast, i will show you the model and how it plays into our wednesday. the forecast for tomorrow morning, there is the fog. the fog is at the coast as it was this morning. it t burns back in the afternoon and temperatures warm. 90s. temperatures around the bay. lots of 70s, 80s and the cooling is more aggressive into wednesday, thursday, friday. tomorrow slightly cooler. low 90's inland. mid-80s around the bay. san jose almost 85 degrees. 83 napa. forecast highs cooler than today but still warm. 93 brentwood. air quality is good. fire danger is always high. san jose 86. 90 morgan hill.
5:52 pm
91 gilroy. warm out there and along the coast cool with fog. maybe sunshine tomorrow. san francisco 71. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, notice the top numbers, they dip down a little bit as we head into this week. by the weekend warms up again. 6:00 p.m. we will look at the tropical moisture and what it could bring. >> thank you. a new plan to control the burning man festival. how organizers did and what they were threatened with.
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the burning man festival is coming to a close today and officials say organizers did a good job of keeping a cap on attendance. they had set a maximum for daily attendance at 61,000 people and attendance peaked on friday at 52,000. officials placed them on probation and threatened to pull their license if they didn't control their tendons. two people were arrest -- their attendance. two people were arrested at the burning man festival. police say they were caught with everything but the judge
5:56 pm
refused to sign a warrant and let them off with a misdemeanor. bruce willis' wife is denies reports he is considering a lawsuit against apple. they reported he spent thousands of dollars from songs from itunes and wanted to leave them to his daughters when he died. e-mails about michael jackson's this is it tour reveals promoters were concerned about him before his death. he died in 2009. e-mails published on sunday emerged from a lawsuit. he said michael jackson was drunk and despondent and
5:57 pm
paralyzed mess riddled with self-doubt. aeg said the e-mails are incomplete. coming up, more on the officer involved shooting we told you about, and focusing in on a different kind of labor, why they are saying women should have more of a say when it comes to decisions about childhood. i told her it was homemade.
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well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe well...i'm not at liberty to give that out, but we do use tender chunks of white meat chicken in an herb & spice broth. come on that's it? i need the recipe. you gotta help me out! [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? like a ninja! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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new questions in a officer involved shooting shooting, why a witness says police accounts of what happened are not true. >> and a new job training program aims to get san francisco's homeless off of the street, see what makes this plan unique. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> witnesses to a officer involved shooting are questions police accounts on what happened. ktvu's christien kafton was following the story and today he talked with the sister of the man killed who says police are not telling the truth about details. >> reporter: look at the


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