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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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convention officially starts today. the big speech set for opening night. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning. september 4th, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic, rosemary is in for steve and people need to know how to dress. >> not a lot of change in the forecast today. >> all right. >> a cool down on the way today is very minor. our inland areas may not even feel it. the marine layer thicker this morning. the onshore breeze a tad stronger. again really not enough to reach those far inland areas like antioch and livermore. the fog along the coast line is back as well as santa rosa and petaluma fog, that slight cool down will lead to a bigger cool down and draw in more moisture. i will explain in just a
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moment, hi tara. >> this is a look at highway 24 through lafayette, westbound traffic still moving there, a little slow going toward the caldecott tunnel. at the macarthur maze those are folks staying the split toward the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a back up so give yourself extra time. >> we are still following developing news out of sonoma county this morning. a false alarm. fire crews were called to investigate a possible hazardous chemical smell. the investigation is happening at north bay pool company on portal street in cotati. our cameras are out there, we have been there since 430. these are live pictures. investigators got a call at 1:30 this morning complaining about a strong smell of chlorine. when the investigators arrived they check a storage area in the back of the building and found nothing hazardous. they will stay there until the
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owner of the business arrives there. at that point they will try to wrap up their investigation. >> in overnight news sheriff's deputies are investigating a homicide in hayward. janine da lavega has new information. >> reporter: i just spoke to a neighbor who says the victim did not live here but was visiting a resident. as you can see deputies are still here on the scene keeping it secure. they say it happened just outside of apartment number 3. just after 9:30 last night deputies were called to -- to the scene here at bartlett avenue. they found a 20-year-old man suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the chest. he died at the scene. investigators say this appears to be a drive by. witnesses said a group were standing outside when a car
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pulled up and someone inside fired two shots. the car sped off and the person or persons have not been caught. it was unnope if it was targeted or random. we are told by neighbors this area is known for gang activity. now it is too soon to tell whether or not that was the case in this fatal shooting. reporting live from hey war, janine janine de la vega. >> man was stabbed, and was rushed to the hospital. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. >> they search is on for her. lorraine blanco has been on this and you have more on that. >> reporter: dave, her family says they are desperate for your help this morning. she could deliver her baby at 10 moment and she feeds her
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meds. let's go ahead and take a look at margie cabrera, 31, and likes to wear overhauls and yellow shirt and has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old and she is pregnant and her due date is close, so they are worried. she has gone missing before and has been found in those areas. employees we talked with over there did not recognize her picture. if you have information call police. >> the democratic national convention in charlotte north carolina officially kicks off today. coming up at 6:15 we will have a live report from charlotte with the two big speeches on the schedule today and why the
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keynote speaker will make history. meantime republican presidential nominee is taking time off to prepare for his debates. he will arrive there and take part in mock debates with rob portman playing the part of the president. the first debate is scheduled for october 3rd in denver and will be three debates next month. >> 6:05. still a lot of cleaning up to do almost a week after isaac ravaged the gulf coast. low lying neighbors and roads in louisiana, a lot of them are still underwater. crews out there are trying to pump it out. drivers trying to make their way through yesterday had no choice but to drive up on the river levee, the only other way through some of those areas is by military vehicle or by air boat. >> it is so difficult to get back in after a storm, and the sooner you can get in, the better you can do to preserve
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what you have lost. >> the flooding forced thousands to leave after isaac made land fall. more than 100 customers still have no electricity and they are still in shelters. it has been years and this morning some of them will relive that. he will join them near the site. he will give them an update on what needs to be done to improve pipeline safety since that disaster september 9th 2010. last year pg&e was blamed for mistakes that lead up to the explosion that included poor pipeline welding and a lack of inspections. eight people were killed, 38 homes were destroyed. >> all right. tara is in for sal and has reports of an accident in oakland,. >> that's right, this is 580 eastbound at the east grand avenue off-ramp. a minivan hit the wall.
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there is an ambulance on scene. we will let you know if it causes problem. in san francisco an accident on 101 northbound at the off-ramp. a car versus a white bob tail truck. that other detail up there is those park presidio ramps which have been closed for a while. up next the bay bridge toll plaza is a parking lot. those lights are on, give yourself extra time there. finally in the south bay, 280 at the 880 interchange, headlights on 280 northbound toward santa clara. 6:07. rosemary is it still foggy out there? >> it is along the coastline, patchy fog over santa rosa, napa, poet petaluma, so take it easy out there. through the morning hours it will burn off. low pressure deepening off the coastline that will do that.
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for today that change is subtle, especially inland, 80s to 90s, fog along the coast and cool again so that summer like pattern holds firm, 60s coast, 90s inland. we have tropical depression john off the baja california coastline that will bring high clouds to our area, by wednesday and thursday high clouds. will feel humid, even a slight possibility for thunderstorms maybe wednesday night into thursday morning as it interacts with that low pressure off our coastline. for today mostly sunny, dry conditions, a lot like where we started yesterday, 48 napa, 52 santa rosa, and 50s in those areas, afternoon highs feeling pretty good in most cases, hot for some of our far inland spots, 90 clear lake, 83 napa, 84 navato, 70s sausalito, 70s east bayshore line, nun danville, 90 walnut creek, south bay, 85 santa clara, 84
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mill ped as, 85 san jose, 80s there, 84 wood side, 83 menlo park, the extended forecast, numbers will continue to fall in a bigger way by wednesday into thursday, into the weekend we will see that high pressure build back in, 80s and 90s forecast inland, 60s at the cost. back to the desk. >> well the warriors have big plans for a new arein any san francisco but how do that future neighbors feel about it. the results of a new poll out this morning. >> also mark zuckerberg of facebook facing charges from a court in india after his alleged stalker made claims of his own. >> plus the shocking new video of a plane crash at an air show in iowa, how it impacted people who weren't even at the event.
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welcome back, 6:12. new video to show you just released about a deadly air show crash in iowa over the weekend. >> oh, my god, oh, my god, oh no, oh, my god. oh no. >> her voice says it all. that woman was riding in a car in that area. the video starts out showing the planes flying in formation then seconds later one of them crashed and burst into flames. the pilot was killed on impact. that crash is now under vision. two swimmers were attacked by sharks at a florida beach
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over the weekend. an eight-year-old girl and a woman in her 50s bit on their ankles in separate attacks there. they were near a jetty where the water is only two feet deep. one swimmer said she saw a shark swim by. >> i just saw the black tip and it was trying to go back out. >> the beach patrol says the attacks marked the 7th and 8th shark attacks so far down there in volusia county this year. that is actually below where they were last year. all the bites we are told have been minor bites. the victims yesterday had stitches but will be okay. >> democrats kickoff their three day national convention in charlotte, north carolina today. sandra endo is in charlotte this morning to tell us about the two big speeches on the schedule. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, pat, yeah democrats certainly want to give them a clear contrast to republicans
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as they try to lay out a road map ahead. this convention begins in charlotte today and tonight democrats will put fort what may be their most popular asset, the first lady. san antonio mayor you'llian castro will take center stage, the first time a latino will deliver the keynote address, a effort to reach out to them. >> under any score, immigration, education, healthcare, on any number of issues he has been a very effective advocate for the latino community. >> the most important goal for the party is to outline the next four years ahead and the president will make the case americans are better off now than four years ago. >> on thursday night i am going to offer what i believe is a better path forward that will grow this economy and create more good jobs and strengthen the middle class. >> vice-president biden arrives, he spent labor day in
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detroit making the case for another four years. >> you want to whether we are better off, i got a little bumper sticker for you, osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> i am sandra endo, back to you. >> we will have coverage, coming up we will have that. >> the man accused of stalking mark zuckerberg is causing more problems for him. according to tmz the man is accusing zuckerberg of publicly attacking him and says zuckerberg created a fake facebook page accusing him of being a member of al qaeda, he
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returned to india after threatening him and showing up at his house. he is being told not to perform. we are not sure what happened. they were forced to cancel a concert but plan to return and make it up when he recovers. >> closing arguments are set to begin today in the trial of drew peterson, a former police officer accused of killing his third wife. she was found dead in the dry bathtub of her home back in 2004. her death was ruled accidental until after peterson's 4th wife disappeared in 2007. she has never been found. the nfl season opens tomorrow but the three month lock out between the league and the referees is no choicer to ending. both sides met for three days but did not reach an agreement. the nfl and the referee's
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association are at odds over issues. replacement referees will work opening week but that is amid criticism. the crews are mostly made up of officials from arena football and the ncaa. >> there is a new poll out about the plan to build a new san francisco arena and shows the team's would be neighbors are divided. some who responded to the poll by the association said this idea is exciting. others say they are worried about parking and congestion, 100 people have answered that survey so far. the warriors plan to build on those peers and need the community support to move ahead without any road blocks or problems. >> i think it is a matter of blocking some people's view -- >> view as well. >> yes. 6:18 is the time. let's check in with tara, an
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accident different than the one you talked about last time. >> that's right, 880 southbound. details are sketchy but it looks like an ambulance is on scene. lease take let's take a look at highway 4, traffic flowing nicely toward concard. at the bay bridge toll plaza those lights went on this morning. give yourself extra time there. finally on the san mateo bridge traffic there, this the perspective from newark, no back-ups, 6:18, rosemary how is it going? >> it is going great. how are you doing? mostly clear skies for most of us. we have seen the marine layer deepen and creep farther inland, partly to mostly skies. 20 minutes until the official sunrise, our inland area mostly sun why skies, fog, santa rosa,
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petaluma, napa reporting fog, so down along the valley floor as well as the coastline. the onshore breeze is with us but still weak, you can see that delta breeze only 10 miles per hour. upper 40s napa, 50 santa rosa, most of the numbers within a few degrees of where we started yesterday morning, 60 degrees livermore, 57 san jose, low 50s bay, oakland, redwood city, san francisco by the way hopefully you were not up early yesterday. hopefully this is your back to work tuesday, it has deepened, it is strengthening, subtle cool down today, bigger tomorrow. 82 san rafael, 76 hayward, 85 san jose, low 90s those areas, your extended forecast, the cooling trend continues through thursday. upper 80s low 90s into the weekend with your weekend in view. low 60s expected along the coast. high clouds will begin filtering into the area by tomorrow, even a slight chance
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for a thunderstorm. i will explain that coming up. >> toys-r-us is making it easier for shoppers to use its holiday layaway program. they won't charge a service fee for accounts between now and then. starting then a 5 dollar service charge will apply. it is also eliminating a minimum purchase price to open a layaway account. a new survey shows the tooth fairy is feeling more generous, the average tooth fairy left 3 dollars under the pillow, up 15% from last year, visa is launching an app today to help tooth fairies in training calculate their value. >> in training. >> yeah there are a lot of them out there. >> i know. there is a new packing down on the east bay. how the punishment can be expense ifsive expensive if you are caught. >> plus why prices there may
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have sparked a vandalism spree. >> you can get that with that app. so do that and be connected anytime anywhere.
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welcome back. we have new details this
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morning about a vandalism spree in oakland over the weekend. according to the tribune, a group associated with occupy oakland did it. they broke windows at a bank of america branch and tagged buildings and vandalized a police car. police say they are angry that oakland's pride festival was charging for admission. san francisco cab drivers want the city to shut down two new start ups. those companies are side car and lift. they are ride sharing services. the drivers use their personal cars and would be passengers arrange for rides through apps. they make donations to the drivers and the companies take a percentage of that. cab drivers say it is not fair. they say they don't have enough insurance coverage and don't have to pay for taxi medallions. >> starting today they are cracking down on the illegal use of handicapped parking
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placards. offenders could face a thousand dollar fine. officials say people borrow them so they can park more easily. now drivers who don't have proof will be ticketed. she has arthritis and is in pain with every step and is happy about it. >> it is -- i have no words. frustration is terrible. >> other drivers say they can understand why someone would want to use the placards even if they don't need them because parking is so difficult to find. >> 6:25. the city wants to use a food truck to help the homeless. the city's director of housing opportunities wants to bring a free soul food truck to san francisco tenderloin neighborhood. he says that homeless residents would actually staff that truck. it would provide nutritious meals in a neighborhood where people are struggling to afford food. 6:26. let's check traffic, get you going this morning, tara, what
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are you seeing out there? >> looking at my apps and we have back-ups, a stalled car in the livermore and tracy area, 580 eastbound at east grant line road so be aware of that there you go right there. so that is causing back up. somebody called in on their cell phone to report it. this is 280 at the 880 interchange, headlights are folks headed northbound, no delays to report. finally 680 at the sanol grade near fremont, same story. 6:26. over to rosemary. >> good morning to you, little change for your afternoon today. numbers will fall upper 80s 90s for inland areas and 60s along the coast. by tomorrow tropical depression john will be sending moisture our way. high clouds wednesday afternoon through thursday. may feel humid. we do have a very slight chance
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for thunderstorms. i will show you the model on this. i will bring you a look at your highs today coming up. >> all right. it is a new book millions of people are buying. the pentagon hates it. why this new book about the raid that killed osama bin laden is so controversial. >> a hazardous materials scare inside a sonoma county pool company early this morning. crews investigating a possible chemical leak. what they found when they went inside a short time ago. >> the opening bell is about to ring, pam has the numbers. i'm a native californian.
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all right. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news. they are ringing the opening bell live in new york this
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morning. that's the office of emergency hang -- management. stand up to cancer. a very big organization there and they are raising awareness and generating support. we'll have all of the news for you. good morning. it's september 4th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it's 6:0. the investigation into a possibly hazardous chemical is winding down now. it was reported on portal street this katati. that's where alex savidge is with more on why this turned out to be a false alarm. >> reporter: well, good morning. this pool company has been declared safe by firefighters. you can see the scene has been
6:31 am
cleared. all o, off in the distance -- although, off in the distance, you may be able to hear the alarm going on. there was a request to smell the odor out here and firefighters checked the pool company. a police officer who first arrived here thought they smelled chlorine in the air. firefighters used a chlorine mask and meter check for leaks. >> they were unable to detect anything. so there may be an issue with the secondary system and everything is contained and we're gonna de-escalate the scene await for the business owner to arrive. >> there were never any evacuations in this area.
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no homes nearby. hazardous material inspectors, i'm told, will be staying here waiting for the owner of the pool company. fire crews have still not been able to reach this person. but this ner will remain on the -- but this inspector will remain on the scene for the owner and figure out why this alarm went off. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. an oakland firefighter is in the hospital after fighting a fire at 66th and macarthur boulevard, around 3:30 this morning. firefighters say the original call came in as a trash can fire. when they arrive, a carport was on fire. one firefighter was taken to the hospital. we're not sure about his injuries. the search is on for a missing woman from antioch.
6:33 am
lorraine blanco has more. family members are really worried and you know why. >> reporter: good morning. we talked with margie's family. her family is very worried. she's 31. she was last seen in antioch where her family lives last tuesday. her sister says she likes to wear overalls and she has a mental capacity of a 12-year- old. she's pregnant and her due date is just 11 days away. she's gone missing before. her family says she likes to hang out in the area and if you have any information that could help her home locate her -- locate her, call police.
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two individuals were on jet skis yesterday morning each with a child behind them. the mother's jet ski went in front of the father's jet ski and there were injuries to the children. they are expected to survive. coming up at 6:45, why the families of the two men shot automatic are disputing what happened -- at are disputing what happened before they were shot at. well, "no easy day" is coming out today. it's now the best book on the best-seller list.
6:35 am
the man that wrote the book, mark owen, the man who wrote the book, there's -- there could be possible danger from overseas. >> oh, they will not be happy about this. you are looking at video shot by opposition forces who claim it shows the syrian government bombing a town known to be a rebel stronghold. the rebels say an entire family was killed in that air strike. the syrian government says it will not talk with the on pope sigs until the army restores security in syria. the rebels have long rejected
6:36 am
any talks with the government unless they say president assad is removed from fire. the wildfire burning in the angeles national forest has injured four people, including two firefighters. two firefighters have been treated for heat-related injuries fighting that fire. a third person injured his ankle. another hiker had to be airlifted to safety. there's no danger to the homes but the fire sewnly 5% con-- ire is only 5% contained. there's a rally to save city college. $53million in cuts -- have been
6:37 am
seen already spread the word to your friends. 6:37 is the time right now. backed up in livermore. a few problems, tara. >> that's right. let's take a look at the maps so we can show you. independent state 580. we had a stalled car in the number two lane. it's been moved to the shoulder. this highway 24 in la fayette. westbound traffic are the tail
6:38 am
lights there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, still congested, the metering lights are on. 6:38. let's check in with rosemary. okay. good morning to you today. we're taking up with mostly sunny skies inland. the official sunrise, 6:45 42 or so but the marine layer is deeper. it's pen -- 6:45 or so, but the marine layer is deeper. the onshore flow is strengthening as well. the marine layer, thicker than what we saw yesterday. but really not enough to cool down the inland area. bigger changes will follow wednesday and into thursday. here we are mid-wednesday
6:39 am
evening. we have a few showers popping up. this moisture pulling it from the south. tropical depression john gonna send this our way. also going to interact with tropical depression john well off the baja, california coastline. 52 in oakland. 55 redwood city, upper 40s, low 50s in parts. north bay. valley locations in sonoma county. visict down to a half a -- visibility down to a half a mile for some areas. mountain view, 80s. upper 80s, low 90s inland. wednesday, thursday, rebounding into your weekend, there's your weekend. upper 80s low 90s. we'll be watching those high clouds and the slight possibility of thunderstorms
6:40 am
wednesday night that thursday. coming up -- how oakland mayor jean quan says californians are helping with president obama's reelection. we're live in oakland where a man is dead. we're gonna tell you what happened at this apartment complex. 280 at the interchange. traffic is looking good. we will show you a few hot spots -- coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back on this tuesday. a minor cooling trend underway for your tuesday afternoon. inland areas will feel little change. all right. thank you, rosemary. welcome back. here's a look at some of the top stories -- investigators have wrapped up an investigation about a chlorine smell about 1:30 in the morning at a pool company. the hazmat tape found nothing dangerous. a family is trying to find a woman from antioch. she's 31. they say she's almost nine months pregnant and has the capacity of a 12-year-old. they say she could be in san
6:44 am
francisco and likes to visit glide memorial. and the dumbarton bridge how open. it has a 42-inch gap which will allow a little wiggle room if the -- it there is an earthquake. leamed county deputies are trying to find out about the killing of a man. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has put a press hold on this case which means they are not gonna reveal the identity to the media. live out on the scene, there is still a deputy's car, keeping the scene secure. theyed to us there were a group of people standing outside apartment number 3 when shots
6:45 am
were fired. amendment county deputies found a -- alameda county deputies found a man shot. they say this appears to be a drive-by because a car pulled up and the car sped off. at this point, the deputies don't have any car in custody. they are not releasing a description of the car. it's unknown at this point if it's a gang-related shooting. we're told that the neighborhood is known for gang activity. we're also trying to figure out whether this is a random shooting or in this was targeted -- or if this was targeted. p we're told the victim does not -- we're told the victim does not live here. he was visiting a relative here. back to you.
6:46 am
the families of two men shot by vallejo police continue to dispute what police say happened that prompted them to pull their guns. officers say they were forced to fire shots when one of the men got out of the car with what appeared to be a gun. but witnesses say the man never got out of the car. officers fired more than 27 rounds. one man died. romero died. >> i finally got the window open and i was pleading him for them to stop, please, stop the shooting. i have never begged for something so hard this my life. >> vallejo police and the solano county district attorney's office are
6:47 am
investigating the shooting. >> the officers involved are on paid leave. 7:47. the person described as the most popular person in the obama campaign will speak tonight at the democratic national convention. alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom that first lady, michelle obama, will try to win over voters. alison this. >> reporter: and dave, the obama campaign knows that michelle obama is one of the most popular figures in the country and a popular spokesperson for her husband. aides say she will keep her message tonight positive focusing on what her husband has done for the country. the other headliner, julian caster. >> immigration, education, healthcare, and any number of issues, he's been a very effective candidate for the latino community. >> reporter: and the gay rights see this rainbow over charlotte as a good sign as the party
6:48 am
platform endorses -- as the party to be voted on endorses same-sex marriage. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, alison. we'll have live coverage of the democratic national convention all week long and we'll bling you a live report from -- bring you a live report from charlotte at 7:15. we want to check in with tara. >> highway 101, and of course 19th avenue in the city is sluggish. westbound traffic on the top portion of your screen there as you drive toward sunnyvale. it's been like this for the last couple of minutes. 880 near the oakland coliseum. once you get past downtown and into the macarthur maze there's congestion at the bay bridge
6:49 am
toll plaza. it started early. hopefully it will end early, definitely give yourself an extra 15, 20 minutes to get into san francisco. 6:49. let's check in with rosemary. good morning to you. a minor cooling for you today. giving you a look here at the mostly sunny skies, waking up mostly cloudy along the coast. we have fog as well as the coastline, and the low clouds have floated farther inland this morning. we're talking about oakland and san jose. waking up mostly sunny skies over san francisco as well. yesterday, we started out mostly sunny. that due to the low pressure that's deepening off the coastline. this is gonna be bring us a cooldown. this will help draw in moisture from tropical depression john. john is outside of baja, california. and it is, again, going to be coming our way it looks like wednesday into thursday high clouds -- into thursday.
6:50 am
high clouds. we'll keep you posted on that. a slight little cooldown, mostly sunny skies, southwesterly breeze. a weak one this morning but should increase as the day progresses. 53 in concord. 53 in hayward. low to upper 50s over parts of the north bay, a lot like we started yesterday morning. 83 in santa rosa, 84 for san rafael. mid-70s this oakland -- in oakland. 80 degrees for san jose. 90 for sunnyvale. 80 palo alto. 66 in san francisco. we're talking low clouds and cool conditions along the coast. extended forecast, there's your cooling trend. low 60s at the coast. back to the desk. well, this morning campbell
6:51 am
soup report slightly better- than-expected earnings. the company says it's in the middle of a turn around. and the 11th best restroom contest is underway. one of the contenders is gitani's. >> wow! >> that's a nice restroom. it has floral prints, bold time. the reviewers say it has a touch of noes talgy -- nostalgia. there's the best rom there. you can -- restroom there. you can go to we're hearing ratherring
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the life michael clarke duncan who was in "the green mile." and someone who is too young to vote is running for mayor. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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welcome back. taking a live look at the big board. dow jones down, about 18.5.
6:55 am
nasdaq and s&p 500 down a little bit. analysts say fasten your seat belt, september can be a pretty rough month. he's barely old enough to vote but there is a teenager who wants to be the mayor. he's a sophomore at usc. majoring in mechanical engineering. his cam campaign office is just down the hall from his bedroom. he says he can balance this with his school work and wants to encourage people to vote. he's running against four our candidates who want to replace the outgoing mayor. two of them have served on the city council. he says he will transfer to a bay area college if he wins the race. millions of people will cast
6:56 am
early vote -- bal lotts. the voters of north carolina they can doe -- bals. the -- ballots. the voters of north carolina can do so. california and 30 other states can do so. doctors pleased with the progress of that frank right june making. he suffered a heart attack while fighting a firefighter at a church. we're told he's moving but he's not spoken yet. he was best known for his role in "the green mile." he i dod at the age of 54.
6:57 am
before breaking into acting, duncan was actually the body guard for will smith and jamie fox. let's get to tara. if we take a look at the east shore freeway. we had an at pinole valley road. it's moved to the shoulder but it's very slow going. it is pretty slow going as you make your way the berkeley area. right now let's check in with rosemary, our fog expert, is the fog still lingering? >> yes particular is. across parts of the north bay you will find -- yes, it is. across parts of the north bay,
6:58 am
you will find it. back to you. coming up next on "mornings on 2," a story we've been following since 4:0, a hazardous material scare in mona county. what happened -- 4:0, a hernandez atous -- 430, a hazardous -- 4:30 a hazardous material scare. that's coming up next. cçrrú
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