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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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near lavorna road in alamo just south of walnut creek. we have team coverage on this story. tara moriartc is in the traffic center to let us know how long the freeway will remain closed. john sasaki has updates on the officer but we begin with lorraine blanco at the scene in alamo. lorraine? >> reporter: tori, we just got an update on that officers condition. law enforcement sources tell us he's in critical condition. they also tell us they are searching for a female associated with a black nissan maxima authorities found in the last hour. they found that nissan maxima in danville but still looking for a female associated with that nissan maxima, let's go ahead and take a look from news chopper 2 a live look. here is what we know about the shooting. a chp officer from the contra costa area made a traffic stop on . had 680 just around 8:20:00 a.m. going to impound a vehicle when another vehicle pulled up and shots were fired.
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the officer and a suspect were hit and transported to john mayer hospital. during the investigation officers shut down 680 near lavorna road. traffic has been shut down for hours on 680. >> i'm trying to get to lafayette and they said get off and i did and now i've been roped around 15 different ways to try to get to lafayette and it's a disaster. >> now, another interesting ted bit from the chp, it was a concerned citizen who made that original call bringing emergency personnel to the scene here, but again, traffic is very slow on 680 going on both directions, you're going to want to take an alternate route. in fact we were coming from sycamore valley road just about half an hour ago and it took about two and a half hours to get from sycamore valley road to our location now and that was with the help of a chp police escort, on about the last mile of our route here. now let's go ahead and go to john sasaki live at john mayer hospital with the latest.
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john? >> reporter: this is indeed the trauma center in the wall net creek area where the most serious cases are taken and as you can see down there, this part of the hospital parking lot is filled with chp and police cars and motorcycles. earlier today, an ambulance rushed into the facility carrying the injured officer. what i've heard from my chp sources is the officer is in critical condition with the gun shot wound to the neck. officers have been coming and going all morning and obviously consoling each other about this event. this is the kind of the day o which is always in the back of the minds of officers but one they always hope to avoid. likewise they always disclose little information to the media on days like this. that's what one officer did for us about 90 minutes ago. >> right now at this time due to the investigation is ongoing we're not going to release any information to the media. i don't know what time we will be releasing that so that's all i can say at this time. >> you can't confirm the officer is here? >> i can confirm the officer is here and that's about all. >> so the officers are all here
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waiting, hoping and praying their fallen brother pulls through okay. we will be here all day gathering information waiting to see if and when officials can release anymore information about that officer. live in walnut creek, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the shooting has created a huge traffic mess in the eastbay. ktvu's tara moriaty is here. tara? >> reporter: we're not sure when it could reopen. we've been hearing reports of 3:00 so we'll have to keep you posted on that. right now we're going to get a live look from chopper 2 and you can see the back up on 680 southbound at the red gear exit where a traffic is being forced off of the freeway, look at how extensive this congestion is here. northbound traffic on 680 is being diverted at stone valley road to highway 24. now the contra costa county sheriffs office is handling this investigation so its deputies will be taking their
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time keeping through the evidence l over the freeway. do you town walnut creek is gridlocked. north california boulevard is backed up with traffic that's forced off 680 and the traffic on 680 extends from concord down through san ramones so try to avoid the walnut creek area today. there's really no good alternate unfortuntely when you're at the 680 closed in that area. here is a recap of the violent event on interstate 680 in contra costa county. california highway patrolman and suspect were shot around 8:20:00 a.m. during a traffic stop on southbound 680 near alamo. the officer is in critical condition. the chp is also investigating the possibility of another individual who was on the scene in another vehicle. that car was found about an hour ago in danville and interstate 680 is shut down in the area while the
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investigation continues and we will have another live update from the scene in just a few minutes. turning now to other news, gilroy police are issuing a new photo in their search for a homicide suspect. they say this is a more recent photo of 24 year old fernando minero. he appeared in a previous photo with a shaved head. he is the prime suspect in the fatal shooting of 21 year old martin rohas on july 22. police consider him armed and dangerous. anyone with information should call gilroy police. alameda county deputies are separating fact from fiction in the investigation of a homicide. a shooting happened last night in front of apartments on bartlet avenue in an unincorporated area. a woman who lives there says her 20 year old son was standing near the street when his two best friends when one of those friends was shot in the chest and died. she heard the gunman was a drive by shooter. but investigators say they believe the gunfire came from
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someone standing with or near that group. >> we do believe they were out here toward the street, but we just don't believe that the car came by and shot them. that story when pushed further started to unravel, and then more of the truth started coming out. >> they believe the gunman and the shooter knew each other but they have not yet named a suspect. the stage is set and the time is now for democrats to make their case to the american people. i'm nicole collins at day one of the democratic national convention in charlotte, the latest details straight ahead. rosemary says it's getting cooler in your neighborhood. she has details just ahead. also, it has been almost two years since the tragedy in san bruno. we'll show you how it was remembered last hour. lots of prepaid cards
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♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. a firefighter is in the hospital after battling a carport fire that happened on 66th avenue near mcarthur boulevard around 3:30 this morning. fire crews say it may have started inside a wall connecting to the carport. details on the firefighters injuries are not known. the state is set and the delegates will soon take their seats at the democrat convention to support president obama in his bid for four more
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years. nicole collins is in charlotte, north carolina with a preview of tonights featured speakers. >> reporter: the presidents better half has a pretty high favorable rating among americans, the obama camp hoping she can once again prove to be a positive force for his campaign. >> michelle obama on a dry run of the stage she's set to speak from tonight. the first lady slated to headline the dnc's opening night is expected to provide a personal touch when speaking about her husband. >> michelle obama's speech will be as important as the presidents because michelle obama is the most popular thing about the white house and she is what a lot of independent voters still love about the white house. it's her. >> as the dnc prepared to get under way in north carolina monday, republican vice president shall nominee gpaul silvi ryans campaigning a couple hundred miles away in the same state. >> a change is clear.
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the differences is no matter what they say in charlotte this week, we know that when we look at the results, people are not better off than they were before. >> that question now driving the political back and forth. are you better off than you were four years ago? >> you want to know whether we're better off? i've got a little bumper sticker for you. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> [applause] >> president obama now on a swing state tour before heading to charlotte thursday to accept his parties nomination. >> and when governor romney had his chance to let you in on the secret sauce of job creation-- >> [laughter] >> he did not offer you a single new idea. >> republican nominee mit romney is in vermont today preparing to debate president obama who is campaigning in virginia. he will later head back to the white house to catch the first ladies speech. at the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina, nicole collins, fox
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news. >> we will have live coverage of the democratic national conventional week long, ktvu reporter ken pritches in charlotte reporting from there at 5, 6:00 and 10 tonight and we'll stream live coverage on starting at 12:30. with the democratic national convention getting under way in north carolina mit romney is preparing for his upcoming debates with president o woman ahe's spending three days at a hilltop retreat in the green mountains of vermont. romney is practicing with o haya o senator rob portman, who will play the role who will face off in the first debate october 3 in denver. there is a new call to hold pg& e actable as we approach the second anniversary of the san bruno pipe lynn disaster. the mayor and about a dozen residents gather this morning near ground zero. eight people were killed and 50 hurt in the pipeline disaster on september 9, 2010.
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>> we really haven't been able to trust pg& e to do the right thing, and even today, they're still cutting corners. they are still not doing the job appropriately. >> a tragedy like this does not happen. >> three bills currently on the governors desk propose stricter safety guidelines on the utility and stiffer penalties for failure to follow the rules. well what could have been a hazardous situation in sonoma county this morning turned out to be a false alarm. police responded an early morning alarm at a pool supply store. the alarm at north bay pool service signaled a chlorine leak, when the officer, when an officer arrived he thought he detected a vapor cloud and the smell of chlorine, but it apparently dissipated by the time hazmat crew arrived and no leaks were found. >> if you actually had a leak of the chlorine and the acid they could produce a toxic gas cloud and could be hazardous to
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peps health. >> evacuations would have been ordered if there had been a leak. the incident is under investigation. want to go back now to alamo for continuing coverage of our top story, a shooting that left a chp officer critically wounded and it has shut down major freeway in both directions. ktvu is once again at the scene in alamo. good afternoon, lorraine. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. that officer is still in critical condition at john mayer hospital. we are at a media staging area and let's take a live look from news chopper 2 at the scene. they are at the 680 near lavorna. you can see the investigation is well under way over there. here is what we know about the shooting so far. a chp officer from the contra costa area made a traffic stop on 680 north of lavorna road at 8:20:00 a.m. he was going to impound that vehicle when another vehicle pulled up and gun shots were
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exchanged. the officer and a suspect were hit and transported to john mayer hospital. now it was a concerned citizen who made the original call for help. >> i do know that initially, after the traffic stop was made, we did not receive a radio call from that officer. we actually received information from a 911 call and i believe it went to that telephone call was received by walnut creek. once they received that call, a secondary chp unit responded on scene and assisted the chp officer that was down medically. >> at last check, the suspect was in serious condition. again, the officer is in critical condition at john mayer hospital. traffic is very slow, still on 680 going in both directions so you're going to want to take an alternate route. reporting live, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> those alternate routes are
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hard to come by. ktvu joins us live from the traffic center. i'm hearing the side streets off 680 are just jammed. >> reporter: downtown walnut creek is a disaster. reeve heard from several people in the area, all gridlocks. now, if we take a live look here at chopper 2, you can see the scene, if we can take it, there you go. you can kind of get a birds eye view there. the downtown area again very very jam packed in walnut creek and this is 680 southbound, this is near where you can see this is all just absolutely no cars here, but 680 southbound traffic, that is where people are being forced off the freeway at the rud gear exit and northbound traffic on 680 is being diverted at stone valley road to highway 24 and we're really not sure when 680 will be reopen. it could be later this afternoon, we've been hearing reports of 3:00 so we'll keep you posted. the contra costa county sheriffs office is in charge of
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the investigation so deputies will be taking their time securing the freeway for evidence. the bumper to bumper traffic is extending up to concord so try to avoid the walnut creek area today. let's head back to the desk. >> thanks, tara. the family of a missing at risk woman is reporting good news. relatives have been looking for 31 year old margie cabrera since august 28. they say she has the mental capacity of a 12 year old and is almost nine months pregnant. her sister called ktvu news this morning to say police found her safe in san francisco's mission district and the family is on the way to get her. there are no details on exactly what happened. cooler weather is settling into the bay area as we progress through your tuesday. temperatures right now anywhere from three to six to 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago giving you a live look at the blue skies over the oakland estuary. we do have fog hugging the
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coastline, and that will remain for most of the day. from ocean beach down into santa cruz, mostly gray skies and the winds still generally from the north and light, so not seeing really the onshore breeze pick up, haven't so far this morning and now into the afternoon, but eventually that is going to increase the marine layer has already deepened a bit. many of us woke up with clouds this morning in which case we were sunny just yesterday. 65 in napa, 70 in santa rosa so a cooler afternoon under way in your neighborhood. widespread 60s around the bay, 62 in oakland, 63 redwood city, 70 at san jose and livermore checking in about 79. 71 in concord, we'll see another 10-12 degrees of warming for the afternoon and that's pretty much where we will top out. low pressure here off the coast is going to be deepening in the coming days so the cool down begins today, a bigger drop will happen tomorrow and into thursday with thursday perhaps being the coolest day that will nudge that high pressure away at least for the time being and
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we are also watching the possibility of high clouds moving into the area as early as tomorrow, tropical depression john, we've got that low pressure off the coast and that will help to lift some of that moisture our way, so high clouds, humidity will be up tomorrow and a very slight chance of thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours, i'm going to run you through the next few days and show you what i mean. we've got clouds up against the coastline for today, mostly sunny skies elsewhere, it's now wednesday afternoon and notice we've got clouds in the area, mid and high level clouds, earlier they were indicating a few pockets of rain and that has gone away but we've got another day or so before this will take place so we'll be tracking it for you. thursday morning looks like it's pretty much out of here. again we'll leave in the possibility of maybe a stray shower. the thunderstorms is the concern of course because of the fire danger associated with the dry lightning. for the afternoon today, 88 sonoma, 84 in nevada, 70s for the eastbay, mid 70s in areas
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near hayward, upper 80s for the inland eastbay, 84 san jose, for the peninsula upper 70s to low 80s, san mateo down into mountainview, 66 expected this afternoon. your extended forecast shows you the cooling trend with the cliff being thursday, below normal is where temperatures sit for the afternoon and into the weekend bouncing back into the upper 80s to low 90s for the inland areas low 60s with partly cloudy skies off the coast. >> thank you so much, rosemary. dangerous heat is impacting clean up efforts nearly a week after hurricane isaac ravaged parts of the gulf coast. the humidity is so high it feels like it's about 105 degrees and there is no air conditioning for at least 100,000 power customers who still don't have electricity. low lying areas remain under water, for many evacuees, the damage is overwhelming. >> we don't know what to expect. we had three feet of water downstairs. >> we never thought it was going to be this bad but what
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can you do? >> the only way through some areas is by military vehicle or air boat. some 2800 louisiana residents remain in shelters as crews pump water out of their neighborhoods. many will soon have to move to hotels or rental homes. starting today, in berkeley, police are cracking down on people who illegally use handicapped parking plaques. police and parking control officers will now be looking out for violators. drivers who cannot prove a medical need to have one could face fines of up to $1000. state lawmakers passed a bill in 2009 allowing for the fine but in the last session, some vehicle code laws were amended so parking control officers cohen force the new disabled parking law. ktvu channel 2 news at noon continues in a moment apple may be making moves toward a new iphone, ahead what's being said today.
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well the stocks are actually mixed right now on wall street following reports that construction spending and manufacturing have weakened in the u.s. but we've just gotten a report from apple they're making a new announcement we'll have more on that in a moment and apple stock hitting a high, it's up $9 right now to $674 and taking a look at the dow, that's currently down but it was down 100 points at one point and now it's down 26 and
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13, 063 and nasdac up again because of apple 12 and s & p up 1.5. san francisco taxi drivers want the city to shut down two new start up companies, sidecar and lift a ride sharing services. drivers use their personal cars and would be passengers arrange for rides through apps. they make donations to the drivers and the companies take a percentage of that. cabs say those drivers don't have enough insurance coverage and don't have to pay for taxi medallions. as i mentioned after weeks of rumors about a product announcement on september 12, apple is now sending out media invites. in a typically cryptic manner apple printed a big 12 in the middle of the invitations with a word that it's almost here on top and below the 12 you can just make it out a shadow that looks like a five. it's widely believed apple will introduce the new iphone 5 at this event. takes place a week from wednesday at the center for the arts in san francisco.
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today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5, we of course will be continuing to follow the developing story we've been covering all morning out of conta costaxe county where a chp officer and suspect were both shot. it's a story we've been on since the end of ktvu mornings. we'll have an update on the officers condition, the investigation and the evening commute due to the closure still going on right now of interstate 680. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile (wfts.ecl) ñó
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