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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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know about what happened out there yesterday. it was just before 8:30, two chp officers had pulled over one person in a jeep. law enforcement sources say it was for expired registration but what we don't know is why one parked in front, one behind or whether there might have been other special circumstances and we don't know who the driver is. they say they are doing that. >> we are still trying to develop a profile on this person, see what led up to this shooting. >> what we have learned from witnesses though was it was bumper to bumper traffic when this happened. the chp officer had to cross several lanes to get the jeep pulled over and the other officer on scene ran up on an embankment in the moments after the shooting firing down on the vehicle and killing its driver before racing to help that fall in officer. >> i looked down to my right and i saw an officer on the ground bleeding and i thought
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oh, my god how horrible is that. >> also critical to this investigation is the dash cam video that chp confirms they have of what happened. that obviously very critical to piece together what happened as is any information the other officer on scene can provide. live here in martinez, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here is more what we know about him. he is still in intensive care this morning at the medical center in walnut creek. youngstrum is a 7 year veteran, he has a wife and 4 children. fellow officers describe him as a dedicated family man. family members and fellow officers are holding a vigil at the hospital around the clock for him. his mother and his brother, they arrived last night from san diego. we have been told youngstrum has at least five brothers and sisters. they live around the country. all of them trying to get to him at his bedside. >> it has been almost six
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months since morgan hill teen sierra lamar went missing. this morning a san jose congresswoman will participate in the search for her. janine de la vega is there this morning where several events are planned today. >> reporter: pam, in just a few hours the sierra search center will open up its doors to volunteer. again today several things are happening. congresswoman zoe lovegren will be here to help renew interest and there will be a vigil to mark six months since she disappeared. even though half a year has passed since she went missing volunteers say there are no plans to stop searching. she disappeared march 16th when she left her home in morgan thrill to morgan hill to go to school. he has been arrested because dna evidence has been found in his car that links him to the case, people we spoke with say they have not forgotten about her. >> we still think about it and i -- it is hard to forget
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something like that i guess but you still you know think about it once in a while but hopefully they can find her. >> searches have been held every wednesday and saturday since sierra disappeared. they have been held by the class kids foundation. now volunteers want to raise more reward money and they also want to help raise money to keep the search center operational. led votives will be sold here at the search center for 5 dollars all day and used tonight at 7:00 when the vigil is supposed to take place at city hall here in morgan hill. there will be several speakers and they will play some of sierra's favorite song. congresswoman zo lovegren is expected to be here and speak to them at 9:00 this morning. live from morgan hill, janine de la vega, a ktvu channel 2 news. >> the first day of the dnc kicked off yesterday. it ended with a highly anticipated speech.
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michelle obama took the stage to huge applause and cheers. coming up for you at 5:15 we will take you live to charlotte, north carolina. we will bring you more reaction to her speech and also tell you who will step on to the big stage today. also this morning u.n. secretary-general bon has called on them to end the attacks there. at least 23,000 people have been killed there. today at least 75 people were killed there, including 23 children. on top of that there is a refugee crisis, more than 230,000 people have fled syria, seeking refuge in neighboring countries. >> happening now firefighters in caloosa county are working to contain two wildfires burning east of clear lake. they started before 4:00 yesterday afternoon off highway 16 in the rumsy canyon area, it is closed. take a look at the mach, map,
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from there to there. the fires have burned 1200 acres, so just only 10% contained at this point. a third fire burning near road 27 in yellow county is 90% contained. firefighters also making progress on that wildfire burning in the aping angeles national forest. it is 20% contained, they suffered injured, a hiker had to be airlifted to safety but they are doing that, you know that. >> yeah. >> still far away. >> yeah still dangerous. >> yeah. >> we get to talk about traffic, they are gone, so we get to do that. you can see that. it is early but things are starting off. in san francisco it is slower there and the ramp to northbound 101 is closed.
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>> down in the south bay slow traffic in the usual areas but good news, no big problems to report. want to take you outside now to 880 in oakland just past the coliseum. it was moving slowly there. you can see it still is kind of moving slowly. there is some construction out there so just to be aware of but other than that everything is pretty clear. >> also pretty light at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see see for yourself pretty much smooth sailing there right now. well steve is here now to talk about our weather. good morning. >> thank you very much. we do have clouds beginning to move in. look at this line forming there. i doubt much is hitting the ground yet but have to keep an eye on it. most of is high based, lower levels still dry but today and tomorrow in line for a possibility of showers. 50s to 60 degrees. 60 antioch, 58 san jose, cloudy there, mountain view 59, 50 there, san rafael napa 53, west- southwest 21 travis, that is
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stronger than yesterday, a sign that sea breeze is kicking in, so a combination giving us a cooling trend, look at this. so mostly cloudy here, could be sun breaks later on. this will also throw humidity into the mix so a tropical feel inland, probably not near the coast because already too cool with 50s and 60s. today and tomorrow moisture coming up. so low clouds, cooler, a mix of sun and clouds today. a possibility of a few little garden variety showers all coming up from right down out of the south to that does that. we will mention that. muggy inland, possible showers today and also tomorrow. so kind of just the mix here. partly cloudy, cooler. a possibility of showers, maybe thunder showers, again we need a little bit more than what we have today but it is getting close so we will do that. 60s, 70s 80s today and tomorrow. keep an eye on the sky here, friday clears out, night and morning fog and a quite calm pattern into the weekend, dave and pam. >> sounds good, thank you.
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a scary story, two students were robbed near the uc berkeley campus, police still looking for the suspects and need your help. >> also turbulence on the plane but look, this rough ride happened on a boat, dramatic video caught on tape.
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just incredible video and what happened there 7 people
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were hurt when their boat hit a large wake on the lake there in missouri. every 1 on the boat was knocked off their feet as you can see, banged around quite a bit. 5 had to be taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. jury deliberations today begin today in the drew peterson murder trial. he is facing first degree murder charges in the 2004 dit of his third wife. the former police sergeant became a suspect in her death only after his 4th wife stacey peterson disappeared in 2007. peterson has pleaded not guilty, if convicted he faces up to 60 years in prison. >> time now 5:12. another high-powered speaker takes a big stage tonight at the dnc. it is former president bill clinton on stage tonight. he is following last night's dynamic speech by first lady michelle obama. our reporter sandra endo is live there where the democrats are preparing themselves for
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tomorrow's speech from president obama. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, dave. voters here feasted on a buffet of democratic themes last night, but in the end it was the lady who knows the president the best who said this election is personal. democrats kicked off their convention in charlotte last night and focused their day one messages highlighting president obama's accomplishments. >> with 29 months in a row of private sector job growth, president obama is moving america forward, not back. >> he said he would end the war in iraq, and he has. [ cheers ] >> many were critical of mitt romney, including the first latino keynote dnc speaker, san antonio mayor julian castro. >> governor romney has
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undergone an extreme makeover. and it ain't pretty. so here is what we are going to say to mitt romney in november, we are going to say no. >> the night wrapped up with a positive speech from first lady michelle obama. the president and his two daughters watched the convention from the white house as the first lady made a plea to undecided voters. >> barack knows the american dream because he has lived it. and he wants everyone in this country, everyone, to have the same opportunity no matter who we are or where we are from or what we look like or who we love. >> and tonight the most popular ex-president will take center stage, the party leaders here are hoping that bill clinton will fire up this crowd and push voters to come out and vote in november. reporting live in charlotte, i am sandra endo, dave, back to you. >> we will have live coverage all week long for you and have
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another live report this morning coming app at 6:15. >> police are still looking for two robbery suspects from an incident sunday night. authorities say the suspects robbed two students near the intersection of channing way and elsworth street. it happened at 9:00 sunday night. two suspects took the students backpacks and cell phones. the victims were not injured during that. ucpd described them as african american males, one had a goatee in his early 20s and wearing a sweatshirt and pants and armed with a gun. the other wore a black sweatshirt or fleece jacket and dark pacts at the time. a man shot and killed in the parking lot of a restaurant in richmond has been identified. police say 38-year-old javier campos was shot to death saturday night outside a taco bell on 23rd and barrett avenue. police say it appears the shots were fired during some sort of
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family dispute. the suspect has been arrested. the shooting is the 13th homicide in richmond this year. >> time now 5:15. later today we will get a first hand look at the renovated cow palace in daily city. the san francisco bulls hockey team invested two million dollars to make upgrades so now there is a new sound system, upgraded locker rooms and a state-of-the-art scoreboard. the bull's first season begins next month. what is described as a pest ridden vietnamese restaurant in san francisco plans to re-open. the department of public health smith down the restaurant in july after finding rodent and cockroach infestations as well as that. they revoked it before for similar violations. they plan to file for a new permit after they make changes.
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>> sal is still off this morning but we are keeping an eye on your commute. let's start out in the east bay, delays for people heading toward the caldecott tunnel into the berkeley oakland area but getting crowded. >> yeah, sure. >> more people head out the door earlier. in the south bay more cars getting out on the road but take a look at the 680. i keep saying the. >> i knew what you meant. >> just fine. >> 280 looking good towards highway 17 and 101. >> you get in trouble around here for saying the with the freeway steve, you know. >> the forecast, pam, does have a lot of high mid-level clouds in it and the possibility of a few showers very close near santa cruz, if it is reaching the cloud but possible today and tomorrow so we are in line for that, not only that but that will do that inland.
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too cool there to notice it but cooler, muggy inland, 80s, 90s, clouds though, possibility of showers so an unsettled pattern today and tomorrow. 50 and 60. there they are. 58 there. cloudy skies, get out of the way so you can see this, just off to the southwest skirting there heading there so if you are getting rain or if you hear anything you can always -- you can always tweet me there. let me know, say hey we have that down here. these clouds will be doing that today and tomorrow. probably a few breaks but not as hot as inland even though we do that. these clouds though doing that so a tropical feel for a few and the possibility of showers here as you just saw there getting close so kind of there. partly cloudy, cooler, mention a few thunderstorms as well, more likely tomorrow though, but 60s, 70s 80s and the cloud cover will do that today and also tomorrow then come down
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and just kind of stay there, improving conditions but nice into the weekend, pam and dave. >> thank you. european stocks higher as investors wait for tomorrow's meeting of the central bank there. all the major asian markets closed with losses. south korea down almost 2%, taiwan, japan and hong kong finished down more than 1% each. analysts blamed declining commodity prices and new signs of weakness in the u.s. economy. speaking of the u.s. let's check in on our numbers, we start the day a mixed picture yesterday, the s&p is hanging on to the 1400 level. it has had a good year, the futures indicate a slightly lower opening. keep an eye on facebook, made two announcements that could sooth investors after the stock hit an all time low, 17.55 a share. the social network promised not to sell stock to cover a nearly 2 billion dollar tax bill and the company founder mark
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zuckerberg says he won't sell his sales for at least a year. that will prevent a big number of shares from hitting the market at once. so this morning right now it looks like facebook stock is going to own up a little bit, maybe about 18 dollars a share. >> all right, interesting. time now 5:19. a teenager with downs syndrome banned from a flight. the reason his family is calling it discrimination. >> and the bay area is setting new records when it comes to traffic congestion but why that may actually be a good thing. >> don't forget you can wake up with ktvu every morning, get the top stories that developed while you were asleep sent straight to your cell phone every weekday morning at 6:00 a.m. get your wake up call by texting the word wake up to 70123.
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welcome back. a south were california family says they were not allowed to board a flight because their son has downes syndrome. they were booked to fly first class on a flight from new jersey to los angeles on sunday. when the fam family was ready to board they say an employee told them he was a flight risk and could not board. the mother videotaped. >> my question is why are you singling them out -- >> i am not singling -- >> -- they have children to --
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>> -- security controlled area you should not be recording this -- >> -- says the boy was agitated and running around the gate prior to boarding but his parents say he was sitting quietly. they said their son's behavior was a concern because their seat was close to the cockpit and he could be a distraction to the pilot. they were later rebooked to fly coach with another airline and say they will sue. >> 5:23. voters will decide the fate of a development project. last june supervisors approved new water front condos, critics complain, saying that it blocks the view of the embarcadero water front because it would be 50 feet taller than the current height restrictions. they pressured the supervisors to take a second vote and the board upheld their earlier decision. now the measure will appear on the november 2013 ballot. the palo alto city council
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has given the go ahead to submit a proposal for new bike trails near stanford university. they hope to get a 10.4 million dollar grant for those trails that would connect the campus to the bay lands that fund was created by stanford university and handed over to santa clara county earlier this year. the proposal heads to santa clara county board of supervisors to get their approval. the bay area is setting new records when it comes to traffic. thanks in part to the growing work force in san francisco and in san jose. for the first time in eight years traffic on bay area bridges went up by 1% last year. bart added a record 10 million annual passengers in the past two years. cal train also seeing a big surge in riders, a 17% increase in the past two years. remember you can get the latest
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bay area traffic information on our new ktvu ipad app. it is sharp. you can do that anytime anywhere. speaking of traffic we get to talk about it now, sal and tara are off so we are watching your wednesday morning commute. first let's look at what is happening in the south bay. that is 280, the 880 interchange, things looking good so far toward santa clara and cupertino. no delays at the airport. in the east bay more delays, look at those lights but still moving slowly toward the toll plaza. once why get there still light. the roads are still pretty open at this hour, that is good news for you, time now 5:26. let's talk about weather, steve. >> thank you very much, a
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change not only an increase there but there, you can see these so a possibility of showers today, not only that but humidity inland so a tropical feel but temperatures coming down, 60s, 70s and 80s. >> steve, thank you. time is 5:26. a man starts shooting suddenly at a political rally in montreal. killed one person, critically wounded another. what may have prompted a shooting that has shocked canada. plus it has been almost six months now since sierra lamar disappeared. we will tell you what is planned today in morgan hill in hopes of finding her. >> and a chp officer shot and wounded during a traffic stop remains in the hospital here in walnut creek this morning. friends, family members and colleagues are coming here. we will give you the latest on his condition when we condition. what does fall smell like?
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well, good morning to you, welcome back, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news, the middle of the week, wednesday, september 5th, i am dave dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook and steve is here. >> nice to have you back. >> thank you, we have a change, tropical clouds coming up and showers right close there, i doubt too much is reaching the ground but a possibility today. that means temperatures now by the coast, fog, 60s there, 70s bay, inland 80s but a tropical
5:30 am
feel. >> all right, steve, thank you. time is now 5:30, we are still following a story one that is covered the past 24 hours, that chp shootout in alamo. 37-year-old chp officer kenyon youngstrum fighting for his life this morning. investigators are looking into how a traffic stop led to a gun battle there. alex savage is at the medical center with an jump an update on the condition of the officer. >> reporter: good morning, yes, relatives are on their way here from around the country. his mother and father arrived here last night. everyone coming here to the medical center where this officer is in the icu still and remains in critical condition. last night the chp identified him as 37-year-old kenyon youngstrum, a husband and father of 4 and a former army reservist shot during a traffic
5:31 am
stop in alamo yesterday. they are not saying much about the injuries he suffered but a close friend told ktvu the officer was always aware of the risks he faced on the job and we talked to him by phone. >> we actually had that conversation about two weeks ago and that -- i think that is what is hard in this situation is how do we properly you know -- how do we properly take care of the family, make sure they are taken care of, because i know that is all he would want. >> the chp tells us he is a 7 year veteran of the force that began his career here in contra costa county. his neighbors in the cordelia area we understand are planning a vigil for him that will happen tonight. i have tried this morning several times to reach a spokesperson for them to get an update on the officer's condition. still have not heard back. live in walnut creek, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> so far investigators have
5:32 am
said nothing about the shooting. law enforcement sources are telling us that officer youngstrum stopped someone yesterday morning in alamo because of an expired registration, however investigators have not said why one of the two chp patrol cars was parked in front of the person's jeep, rather than behind it, which we are told is standard procedure. >> there was a lot of traffic going southbound on 680 and as it happened there were a number of eyewitnesses who remained on scene who we have interviewed already. so they were all part of this investigation. >> investigators have not said how many shots were fired during that gun battle but a key part of the investigation will be the video, the dash cam video of the shooting taken by the chp dash cam camera. >> new this morning sheriff's deputies in bute and glen counties are searching for a lafayette man who went missing during a tubing trip down the
5:33 am
sacramento river on sunday. it happened during the annual labor day chico float. he reportedly walked away from friends at an area called beer can beach and they launched a search for him. here is a picture take a look. 6'0," 150 to 160, brown hair and eyes, friends ask if you call the sheriff's office if you have any information. it has been almost six months since morgan hill teen sierra lamar went missing. this morning a congresswoman will participate. janine de la vega is there where several events are planned. >> reporter: the search center is set to open in a couple of hours to let those volunteers in. they will be visited today by congresswoman zo loftgren. she wents to renew public interest. a man has been charged with her
5:34 am
murder but her remains have never been found. it has been six months. volunteers have been searching every wednesday and saturday to see if today can locate any sign of her. they don't have plans to stop soon. people we spoke to say the case is always in the back of their minds. >> not necessarily forgot but i mean it may come to their mind every now and then especially people in the area, it might be in their mind more but people, so far as them, i don't thick it comes to their mind as much. >> he has been arrested for sierra's murder because dna evidence in his car links him to her disappearance. tonight's vigil will be at 7:00 held at city hall. led votives will be for sale here and will cost 5 dollars each. volunteers say they want to raise money for the reward as
5:35 am
well as to help keep this search center operational. congresswoman zo lastgren is laughgren is expected to be here. >> one man is killed and another injured after a man opened fire there. guards rushed her offstage and she was for the hurt. he also managed to start a fire before being arrested. while the motive is not known she favors separation for french speaking quebec from canada and she is also quebec's first female premier. >> someone very well known here in the area will take the center stage tonight at the dnc. the former san francisco district attorney, now california attorney general will speak at the convention in primetime. alison burns live in
5:36 am
washington, d.c. with more on her big roll. >> reporter: -- taking the stage just before former president bill clinton tonight and she admits she is nervous about it. our cameras were with her at several events yesterday, getting such a high profile spot on the convention stage is a very big deal. analysts say it shows she could be poised for higher office, for now it is unclear what that would be. michelle obama revved up the crowd last night, promoting her husband's accomplishments and his character without directly taking on his rivals. >> i have seen first hand that being president doesn't change who you are. no. it reveals who you are. >> the white house released this picture of the president and his daughters watching the speech from the white house. president obama heads to charlotte this afternoon. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu
5:37 am
channel 2 news. >> today ann romney will fly to ohio campaigning for mitt romney. she will be hosting a women for mitt rally later and joined by republican women officeholders including the lieutenant- governor of ohio mary taylor. vice-presidential until knee paul ryan continues his campaigning in iowa, this morning at a victory rally at the dallas county courthouse. mitt romney has no events scheduled today. >> president obama's new office there has re-opened, coming up the reason its location is being kept a secret. >> 5:38. we get to talk traffic, sal and tara are busy so we will do it. we will watch your wind morning commute. let's look at the maps first, the right lane of 101 southbound is blocked. be aware of that. there is a car disabled right now blocking the lane, slowing down traffic as the cars approach that area. >> all right, a look at what is
5:38 am
happening on some of the bay area bridges this morning. you can see traffic moving along fine albeit crowded on the bridge. around the golden gate bridge not much traffic. as you head into san francisco doesn't look like it is foggy either. >> have to check that. >> definitely. >> no delays people headed into the city from the east bay. there are reports fog near the golden gate bridge, so be aware of that. speaking of that, steve knows all about the fog, the weather and everything else. >> not only fog but also thunderstorm activity, looks like thunder near santa cruz, the mountains and also off monterrey, from the southwest moisture tapped up here today and tomorrow. inland it is going to cool down. there is also a higher humidity, so cooler but muggy inland. mostly cloudy. the possibility of sprinkles showers or maybe thunder showers but 60s, 70s and 80s, inland touches temperatures held in check.
5:39 am
50s and 60s and stay there due to that. you can see some of these showers right there popping up by santa cruz heading into the mountains, highway 17 and more offshore continuing to stream in. today all wrapped around a low which could provide enough of a trigger mechanism if it gets close enough. it is already there and early. a mix of sun and clouds but a lot of clouds, the low clouds there means temperatures there won't go far. it is the higher clouds around the bay and inland that make the bigger difference. but coming up from the southwest high clouds, possible showers and continue to be muggy inland. so partly cloudy, mostly cloudy today, cooler and again maybe thunder showers popping up. already thunder, so 60s, 70s and 80s on the temperatures today. temperatures coming down due to cloud cover but inland i think you will notice that tropical feel. more on thursday, clear it out on friday. looks okay on the weekend but more morning sunshine and night
5:40 am
fog and nice temperatures. >> 5:40 is the time. the potential show down between the bay and the giants. the battle over the future home of the oakland as. >> plus only on 2, the interim police chief saying why he thinks his officers were justified in shooting and killing a suspect over the weekend. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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good morning, well, a lot of clouds coming up. even a few rumbles of thunder there so that means it is cooler, 60s, 70s and 80s. >> welcome back, good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories. our big story the officer
5:43 am
wounded still in critical condition. they are there. standing vigil for him. he was shot by a suspect during a traffic stop there. another officer shot and kill the suspect then. happening now firefighters in caloosa county fighting these two fires, it started yesterday afternoon off highway 16 in the rumsy canyon area. it is closed now in those areas. later this morning san jose congresswoman zo loftgren will be visiting with the volunteers still searching for missing teen sierra lamar from morgan hill and there is a fund raising vigil 7 tonight marking
5:44 am
the upcoming 6 month mark of her disappears. >> here is a story only on two, the interim police chief explains why his officers were justified in using deadly force this past weekend. he talked to us. he believes they had no choice when they fired into a white thunderbird kiming 23-year-old mario romero. the chief showed us a picture of the replica gun he says romero was carrying. >> when you have events where individuals are confronting us with guns and there seems to be a willingness to do that, then unfortunately i think that is going to lead to a deadly confronttation. >> the department will hold a news conference at 11:00 this morning to discuss the shooting. we will be covering that for you. romero was a known gang member, on probation for firearms violations, witnesses in his family though dispute the department's account and the need for the officers to fire more than 30 rounds. they called the shooting unjustified. his brother-in-law was also
5:45 am
shot and injured by officers. he is still in the hospital. a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack while fighting a fire is out of a coma, frank ryan had been in a medically indeuced coma since thursday, he regained conscious for the first time and recognized friends and family and asked for one by name. he is listed as critical and stable and will remain in the hospital. >> the president's campaign office has moved to a new location. the previous headquarters on 17th and telegraph, it has been targeted several times by vandals, the most recent happened two weeks ago. six activists walked in and refused to leave. a few weeks earlier someone threw a rock and smashed a window. >> a lot of people were uncomfortable knowing there could be a threat of invasion
5:46 am
but i personally was not in anyway intimidated. >> while campaign officials are not saying the location of the new office because of safety and security reasons it is still downtown. they have not said if they will have a viewing party when the president addresses the convention. >> this year there was a record turnout from the gay community there. in total 468 delegates are and they come from all 50 states for the 50 states for the first time. they say the president and the repeal is leading it and feel for the first time they are being appropriately represented. >> the city of san jose playing hard ball against those who oppose the oakland as moving to the south bay. city officials are accusing the giants of backing an effort to block a new san jose ballpark.
5:47 am
the city has filed a court order to investigate possible connections between them, a community group fighting the ballpark. that group calls the filing harassment and a violation of their free speech. later this morning the san francisco giants will be hosting the first ever yoga day for the team. that is between 8:00 and 9:15 at att park. if you have a special ticket you will receive a yoga mat, that is a pam cook type of thing. >> i was going to try to get out there. i wish it was later. michael is there. >> really. >> he sings my happy song from san francisco and should be fun. >> all right. >> sal is off today again so we you. >> breath. >> great, yes. >> on your way to work just relax and think about good things as we take you out to the bay point highway 4 looks
5:48 am
like moving along well in the east bay. this is a look near the bay point area, traffic moving well. people are heading into concord and pleasant hill. >> also further east traffic starting to pick up a bit. look at these pictures. picking up on 880 in oakland going past the coliseum, getting busy down there. >> in the south bay things starting to slow down in the usual spots on 237 in milpitas, a normal slow spot. no major problems good news to report this morning. we want to check in with steve because the afternoon commute is it going to be wet? >> could be pam, dave. we have thunder near santa cruz, the mountains a big batch of clouds getting drawn up from the area of low pressure off the coast and the possibility today now -- now it won't matter there but this will throw humidity into the mix away from there, so inland temperatures but maybe today and tomorrow the possibility of showers. the best bet tonight into tomorrow but anything is close
5:49 am
right now, mostly cloudy, the possibility of thunders -- thunder -- or some thunders you know. 60s, 70s and also 80s today, temperatures coming down and held right now in check because of the cloud cover, most locations say cloudy. you can see some of that and also on live storm tracker 2 a line of shower activity visiting right over santa cruz and over the mountains, nothing heavy yet but a couple of reports of some thunder. it will continue today and tomorrow until this clears out but coming straight up from well down off of mexico. so a mix of sun and clouds but a lot of clouds today. cooler, a little cooler especially that low cloud deck also enhances but coming up there around this area of low pressure a big batch of high clouds and a possibility of some showers today and also tomorrow. so partly to mostly cloudy here. cooler for all. now by the coast they have already been in the 60s so not changing there. inland out of the 90s for some and now into the 80s due to that. again sprinkles or light shower possible today and tomorrow.
5:50 am
maybe holding into early friday. then night and morning fog, otherwise a quiet pattern into the weekend. >> all right, thank you, steve. several companies are expected to unveil new smart phones in the coming week. today microsoft trying to get into the top 3 of smart phones. has an event scheduled with nokia that will show off the new line of phones. later google will unveil its latest devices. amazon has an event tomorrow and apple will hold an event one week from today. they sent out invitations a 12 and the shadow looks like a 5 so people talking about that. a judge ruled they can be sued for claims relating to the september 11th attacks there. they said if the airlines had not been negligent terrorists could have have done that. the airlines deny their and say the company has been
5:51 am
compensated by insurance for the loss. american airlines a big step closer to emerging from bankruptcy after a judge threw out the pilot's union contract with american airlines. the company says it wants to negotiate a new contract with them. they worked out new deals with them already. >> your time 5:51. here is a question, is it sex or is it a work of art that can be taxed. where judges are making a decision about lap dances. >> plus a crime targeting asian women in the bay area and across the country, the video that let's you see it as it happens. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. gam, a lot good morning. a lot of clouds with those temperatures. >> police think there could be an organized crime ring happening now and with have video of one of the crimes. take a look at this from sunday morning near china town. these group of women using a bait and switch tactic have surrounded and scamming a 60- year-old asian woman. tricking her into turning over her valuables that she has in her bag saying her money and her jewels have to be blessed because she had stepped in
5:55 am
blood. that is when they stole her belongings. >> as the victim was walking back she noticed her bag didn't seem quiet the same weight and when she looked into it she found out her money and jewelry was gone. >> police say on monday a similar incident happened ion market and third street. may have bin done by the very same suspects. that victim lost $35,000. her whole life savings. well the university of california has reached a tentative settlement with about two dozen protesters, ones pepper sprayed at uc davis. 19 students and two former teachers filed a lawsuit after campus police used pepper spray trying to break up a protest about rising tuition last november. the terms of the proposed settlement, they have not been disclosed. the university of california board of regents and a federal court in sacramento still have to sign off on. >> it catching a cab there
5:56 am
could be easier, they approved increasing the number of permits and agreed to put 200 new cabs on the streets at least temporarily. board members say the most frequent complaint they here is how difficult it is to get a cab in san francisco. well, is strip dancing considered art? that is the issue. a new york court is set to decide in a case that gets underway today. the strip club night moves is trying to contest 120,000 dollar tax bill which the state claims it owes for admission charges and lap dances, the club argues, it is an artistic performance exempt from taxes under state law. >> 5:57, sal is off so we will still watch your commute and tell you what is happening out there. traffic around the bay area right now, looking at maps first, if you look at the maps you will see green. >> yeah, that is good. >> which is good news, no delays no real bad news to tell you about, slow spots in the
5:57 am
normal spots but still no major problems. >> in the south bay things picking up but no problems. the interchange there people heading there obviously gets busier down there. we just heard there was a minor collision there but not causing delays. >> we are seeing more cars on the east shore freeway right now. more cars on the road moving toward the toll plaza. we will keep you posted on how things are going. >> all right. it is coming up on our 6:00 hour. we are following some breaking news out of europe. what was found that put a u.s. embassy on lock-down. >> also where major wildfires are burning effecting residents, shutting down roads, what is happening near clear lake and where the firefighters are getting an upper hand on those flames. >> plus, big -- we have the continuing vigil this morning
5:58 am
at a walnut creek hospital for a chp officer shot yesterday on highway 680 in alamo. >> a lot of tropical clouds moving up, maybe even thunder, thunder showers, we will take a look at it coming right up.
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