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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  September 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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no good somewhere. something snapped. >> reporter: a couple hours ago, we also talked to neighbors about the last time they saw lacy, just 24 hours before this shooting. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we also have new details about exactly what led up to the shooting. officer youngstrom was already pulled to the side of the interstate yesterday morning dealing with a call about a dead deer. another officer who was coming to help told him he was pulling over a green jeep for an obstructed license plate. since youngstrom was already out of his car, he motioned that jeep to the side of the road and then approached. the other officer then pulled in behind the jeep. the chp says officer youngstrom and lacy talked for about 35 seconds and then without warning, lacy pulled out a gun and shot officer youngstrom in the neck. yowngs strom fell on the roadway after being shot. the other officer then fired at lacy. an autopsy on lacy today
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confirmed he died from a gunshot wound to his shoot. >> the shooting has left the entire law enforcement community with an overwhelming sense of grief. in walnut creek, the officers comrades are coming together. >> reporter: they are coming together. right now, a pretty quiet scene outside the medical room. really has been like that throughout the afternoon. this is the spot where chp says their 37-year-old officer is currently on life support. a number of officers have been coming and going throughout the day. you can see here, a few of the patrol cars out front. these officers have been offering prayers to officer kenyon youngstrom's friends and family, who are inside waiting for news on whether their loved one will survive. one patrol car at a time. at nearly every turn in the parking lot, an officer arrived to go inside, lending a voice of support. sam morgan is one of them.
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inside he described a somber scene filled with reflection. >> really just trying to make sense out of senselessness, is the best way i can describe it. >> reporter: morgan says officer kenyon youngstrom was shot in the neck and is in grave condition. >> we've been told that the injuries are not compatible with life and having been told that, that gives us -- that puts things into perspective. >> my dad was an l.a. pd for many years. >> reporter: today, john lopez and many others dropped off flowers and made their respects. one man, who declined to give his name, held tight the american flag. he says he is the same man holding the flag along the interstate yesterday. >> the officer put his life on the line to protect the citizens around him. >> reporter: officer morgan says days like these should remind us all to hold our families a little tighter. >> it causes us to bring life
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issues into sharper focus, making sure we're living life to the fullest, making sure that we're letting our loved ones know that we love and care about them. >> reporter: officer youngstrom is married with four children. the highway patrol says his immediate family is here at the hospital. the family lives in the fairfield area. a vigil is scheduled to be held tonight at ridgeview neighborhood park. that vigil begins at 7:30 p.m. >> we will have more information on this story for you coming up at 6 and you can find updates any time by going to and looking under the bay area news tab. just about an hour ago, police announced an arrest in another shooting that targeted a highway patrol officer. the highway patrol and the u.s. marshal's mask force all teamed up to solve the case. about 11 this morning in palo alto, police officers arrested a 16-year-old for the attempted
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murder of a highway patrol officer. the incident happened near the high street on ramp to interstate 880 in oakland. a chp officer was chasing another one in a van when another car started ramming the patrol car. then someone opened fire. fortunately, the officer was not hurt. >> this incident that took place in oakland back in july, along with the incident that took place yesterday involving officer youngstrom, is just an example of the danger that all law enforcement officers face throughout this country, throughout this city and throughout law enforcement in general. >> three other people were arrested within days of that incident back in july. bad weather caused major changes to the republican national convention last week and now it's happening to the democrats. in charlotte, weather has forced a change to the president's acceptance speech.
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>> reporter: gasia, there was a change of venue away from a major stadium to the smaller arena that we have seen this happening in over this week. among the california delegates we talked to today, there was some disappointment, but most of them said they understand, especially after a week of rain and thunderstorms. gold medal gymnast gabby douglas led off day two on the democratic national convention in what should have been the last day in this venue, the time warner cable arena. but following a week of heavy rain, predicted thunderstorms tomorrow led convention organizers to change plans. crews today were tearing down the stands at bank of america stadium. now he'll speak tomorrow night in time warner cable arena, which holds about 20,000 people. >> you're talking about the skies opening up, thunderstorms, lightning. these are not california rains
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here. >> reporter: john a. perez spoke before delegates today. safety was the top concern. delegates we talked to agreed on the move. >> we're trying to get america's undivided attention and we can't really get that if you have the rain coming down. >> it was awfully exciting yesterday here and i'm sure we're gonna be excited no matter what. >> reporter: and it should be exciting as former president bill clinton heads the speakers. he's expected to speak on the economy. >> i'm excited. ready to scream and shout even though i have half a voice. >> reporter: also tonight, california attorney general harris will speak in a coveted prime time spot. at 10, we will bring you the highlights of clinton's speech. in charlotte, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage will continue
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through tomorrow and all of our newscasts. president obama is set to make his address and ktvu will carry his speech live. you can always find live streaming coverage online by going to mitt romney made a brief public appearance today. he stopped at a building supply shop in west lebanon, new hampshire, shook hands with the owner of the store and spoke with party officials. he has been off the campaign trail this week as he prepares for three upcoming debates with president obama. by contrast, paul ryan is hitting the campaign trail hard this week. he rallied supporters in iowa today, noting that former president bill clinton is tonight's featured speaker at the democratic national convention. >> my guess is we'll get a great rendition of how good things were in the 1990's but we're not gonna hear much about
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how things have been in the last four years. >> ryan also acknowledged that president obama did inherit a tough economic situation but he said the president should have turned things around by now. same sex unions could be on the u.s. supreme court's docket come this fall. opponents want the high court to leave in place an appeals court ruling that prop 8 is unconstitutional. the court could also take up cases involving the marriage act and the ban on federal employment benefits for same sex couples. we've seen raindrops in the bay area today as well as reports of lightning and thunder. a warning has just gone into effect. >> a red flag warning in effect for most of the bay area area. we have a chance for thunderstorms. you can see the cloud cover outside right now. scattered showers now in the bay area proper, you see these showers coming out.
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there's nothing to indicate any thunder and lightning, but as you look up in the foothills, you see some activity. our biggest concern is cloud-to- ground lightning, because the last thing we need is a brushfire. this time of year, the national weather service has issued a red flag warning starting now through tomorrow around lunchtime. that red flag warning is definitely a big deal. as we go into the evening hours, we've got a good shot at more thunderstorms. so i'm back here at 5:20. i'm gonna bring you the latest computer model. and in the south bay, we'll show you how the thundershowers had an impact on the santa clara valley today. two wildfires are burning right now in colusa county. new video of the fires, they started yesterday afternoon along highway 16 and south of highway 20. those fires burned 3200 acres
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so far and are only 10% contained. part of highway 16 has also been closed. rain helped firefighters in southern california battle the williams fire today. it's been burning since sunday afternoon in the angeles national forest. here's how it looked there yesterday. the fire has burned 3800 acres and is only 24% contained. much of what is burning is brush but it's in ran area that hasn't had a fire in 15, 20 years. at this point, investigators are still looking for the cause. today, chevron issued an updated report on the refinery fire in richmond last month. a white cloud of unknown composition appeared just before the fire started the evening of august 6. officials say their analysis of the plume found no toxic substances in excess of state limits but chevron does not test for particulate party. the company now says more than
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21,000 people have filed medical claims. health officials have now set warnings about the hantavirus in yosemite. it's a very popular vacation spot for people who live all over the world. the u.s. cdc says 10,000 people could be at risk from the potentially deadly lung disease. it was traced to rodent droppings in the park's cabins. six people were infected. two of them have decide. the cdc says fever, fatigue and shortness of breath could be symptoms of hantavirus. this morning a powerful earthquake in costa rica, a 7.6 quake that struck on the western side. almost 100 miles from the epicenter, you see here the strength of the earthquake. 5,000 people were evacuated but were allowed home by midday
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after the tsunami warning was lifted. cal fire is launching our current red flag warning situation. their radar is showing a large number of lightning strikes caused by this weird weather. we'll give you a chance to hear it for yourself. do we finally have an answer? a possible link between cell towers and oakland police radio problems.
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that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym.
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♪ the one and only, cheerios chief meteorologist bill martin just told us how thunder, lightning and extremely dry conditions spurred the national weather service to issue a red flag warning for the bay area just about 15 minutes ago. robert is live now in morgan hill. that's where cal fire is trying to stay on top of this change in the weather. >> reporter: we are at the cal fire headquarters in morgan hill. we'll show you how firefighters are monitoring this red flag situation. but to see how things are changing, all they had to do
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was step outside. nature sent a very loud message today that nice summer weather is ending. cal fire says a storm cell swept into the bay area this morning and lightning strikes caused several fires today, fortunately all in remote areas, including this one south of mount hamilton. >> many lightning strikes across santa clara county, the south bay and east bay. >> reporter: the lightning detection center shows the cluster of strikes that started today. >> how many lightning strikes have we had in the bay area? >> looking at the earlier radar pictures, looks like we've experienced a couple of hundred strikes. those aren't all necessarily ground strikes. >> reporter: most people we talked to were nervous about the shift in weather but some were excited. >> i love it. i'm ready for the weather change. i'm from the east coast, so i love thunderstorms. >> reporter: some people want the summer weather to last
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longer, starting next week, santa clara county will shut down bear creek road for a month to repair damage from the winter storms. >> these are old roads built when they were taking trees out, so they were never properly engineered to begin with. and now we have to catch up. >> reporter: cal fire says right now they would rather have significant rain, because as the red flag warning indicates, at this point, they're getting dry lightning hitting dry terrain, and that is something to be concerned about. live in morgan hill, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the centers for disease control and prevention says the rate of west nile virus infections is going up quickly here in the united states. reported cases from the disease spread by mosquitoes went up 25% in the past week to almost 2,000. the cdc says 87 people have died so far. texas and michigan are two of the hardest-hit states. you can help protect yourself
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from west nile by using insect repellant with deet or removing standing water from your home. a sonoma county supervisor is facing charges of felony battery after allegedly getting into a public fight in san diego. efrin carrillo was arrested about 2 a.m. on monday in san diego's gaslamp district. police say he was involved in a three-man fright that knocked one person unconscious. in a statement, carrillo wrote, quote, i was socializing with a group of friends when rowdies approached our group and harassed women in our group. i was trying to protect them. an alcohol-free zone has been endorsed to encourage retailers to stop selling
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sweetened alcoholic beverages. more to than half of all smartphone and computer users are saying no thanks. 54% of people decided not to install a mobile app when they learned just how much personal information would be shared. about a third of customers removed an app after learning how much information it collected. the national telephone survey talked to 2200 people in march and april. at&t issued a statement saying it had finished its initial testing to see if its cell towers are interfering with police and fire radios in oakland. the statement says it didn't find any evidence that its cell signals were the program but would still like to do more testing. in the meantime, at&t plans to keep one of its two g frequencies turned off on 15 towers in oakland and one tower in hayward. a chevron executive reportedly will be allowed to
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leave brazil if he posts a large bond. george buck and 16 other people were charged with crimes after an oil spill off rio last year. for buck now plans to take a new job in houston, texas. he will be replaced by the head of chevron's operations in angola. it's been a long time since it felt like this this time of year. >> it's zort of a drag -- sort of a drag because this is the height of our fire season. this is the time we get tropical moisture. this is the time we get the best shot at lightning and it coincides with some of the dryest, nastiest fire conditions we get. i've got big concerns on what's going outside. obviously concerned for lightning strikes in the bay area, but as you look towards
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the hills right over here up towards granite bay, what's happing is this moisture is getting up into the mountains and it's getting bumped up and causing lightning strikes. that's going to continue for probably the next 24 hours. we have a shot at lightning here as well, the higher elevations as well. you get a lot of lightning strikes and cal fire is all over the place. we talked about it last night. this is about the worst situation you can is have, because you don't want this time of year coinciding with lightning strikes. they aren't dry lightning strikes. we are getting some rain, so that is helpful. we're monitoring the situation. as it stands now, there is a lot of moisture moving in late tonight, early tomorrow morning. looks like overnight tonight, we could get a surge of thundershowers activity in the east bay and north bay and even in the south bay for that
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matter. we'll be tracking it closely for you. this is brought by this low pressure center ushering in all this moisture. look at that. that's volatile stuff, triggering thunderstorms already up in the santa barbara area. the concern is, then, for late tonight, thunderstorms in the area. you may hear -- most of them will be up in the hills, if you do hear it, but it's still something of concern. so tomorrow, late tonight, early tomorrow morning, chance of thunderstorms. we'll be watching it closely. hopefully things won't be as bad as they have been in the past, but this is the kind of pattern that can produce that. coming up, i'll have the latest computer model and we'll try to dial in. i'll see you back here in just a few minutes. another car recall to tell you about. the potentially dangerous hazard to drivers and the model
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covered in this recall. new at 6, high-speed chase suspects taken into custody at gunpoint. also, pg&e whistle blowers. new information that may prove them wrong. hundreds of people who work for the city of san francisco may be cheating the system. i'll tell you how they got caught and how the city plans to rectify it.
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ford is issuing another recall for the 2013 escape suv. this time it's the escape with 1.6 liter four-cylinder engines. they are under recall. the coolant leaks and could
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cause fires. plugs in the engine block could fall out, creating a coolant leak and a hot engine, which could start a fire. the suv's were also recalled six weeks ago to fix fuel lines that could crack, leak and cause fires. the national transportation safety board today released a record on an incident near washington, d.c. in which three airliners were directed to fly too close together. it happened on july 31. two inbound and one outbound flights were put on routes that brought them closer together than federal guidelines say is safe. the report says communication problems is what led to the error. a day after the hacker group anonymous claimed to steal apple users' information, apple is now speak out. they say apple never provided the information to any agency. apple said it's been planning
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to phase out the apple id's since they may have come from app developers. the san francisco headquarters for gap's old navy stores will have a new owner. a real estate investment group has agreed to purchase the building for $180 million, a big jump from the sales price back in 2009. today, a rare native san francisco plant won a federal reprieve. the franciscan manzanita. con vaition groups and federal officials will now be working to try and help the species grow once again.
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what the police chief had to say about sunday morning's fatal shooting. a program aimed at getting chronically intoxicated people into treatment. but is it legal? lots of prepaid cards
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this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. the police chief is speaking out while the family of a man killed in an officer- involved shooting continues to ask for answers. now he's talking again as the victim's family continues to ask for answers. ktvu's kristin is live in vallejo now. >> reporter: there is also a protest underway right now.
5:30 pm
let's go ahead and give you a live look. you can see dozens of protesters out here, out here protesting for a second day in a row, saying the police account of what happened sunday morning is a lie. >> the other person that they shot, they have not asked him any questions about what happened. >> reporter: family and supporters of 23-year-old mario romero and 21-year-old joseph johnson rallied at the police department today looking for answer. >> on baft of the city of vallejo i want you to know that we send out our sympathy to 2 family of mr. romero. >> reporter: investigators say romero opened his car door and stepped out with a realistic- looking pellet gun. the chief says the officers opened fire to protect
5:31 pm
themselves. >> the driver of the car, mr. romero, opened the driver's side door, stepped out of the car. he had the replica handgun in his waistband. >> reporter: mario's sister says she watched the shooting from her window. she believes the replica gun was planted and is adamant her brother never opened the car door. >> there was no doors opened. >> reporter: police today said they have not spoken to martin to get her account. >> we have not spoken to the sister yet. she has not been available for our detectives yet. >> i've been in front of the police station for the last two days. >> reporter: the chief of police says he'll be meeting with the romero family next week. we're live in vallejo, ktvu channel 2 news. we are now learning that former alameda county
5:32 pm
supervisor nadia was arrested for one felony count of methamphetamine possess and three misdemeanors. the child abuse charge stems from having the drugs in the room with her son. she entered not guilty pleas and was released. she is due back in court monday for a pretrial hearing. she is the estranged wife of bill lockyear. open up u the container, drop it in and that's it. >> police officers and pharmacists demonstrated the new prescription drug drop-off bin. legal opiates are the most abused drugs in the nation, they say. many get them from their friends. >> we're seeing kids in our
5:33 pm
schools addicted to these drugs. we're seeing sports athletes addicted to these drugs. people are dying from overdoses as a result of these drugs. >> the police chief says that medications can hurt the environment if just thrown away or flushed down the toilet. the drop-off location will be open 24 hours a day. in san francisco, they're considering trying something different to deal with certain chronic alcoholics. rob? >> reporter: the proposal has support at city hall and apparently even here on the streets. but some wonder if it's legal. we found max sitting on a sidewalk. he says he's attended alcohol treatment programs twice and they worked. for a while. >> you listen and you get tired, sick and tired of all the drinking and the drugs and the women, and, you know, you change over time. >> reporter: a new program by
5:34 pm
the health department says that people with chronic drinking problems who miss court dates could be sent to jail or an alcoholic treatment program, a program they may have refused in the past. >> we hope that by getting them into treatment, that it will help them. >> the idea is not to penalize them for their illness but to use that as a mechanism to get them into the system, to get them the services. >> reporter: jeff says he doesn't feel such a program would work. >> what you end up doing is spending a lot of money and incarcerating people who are drinking too much. it's like taking somebody who is a diabetic and putting them in jail for eating too much. >> reporter: he also questions whether the program is legal. >> we could use the issue of
5:35 pm
selective prosecution. >> reporter: as for max, he told us he started drinking again. >> i like the affects of alcohol, the way it makes me feel. >> reporter: the public defender says he may challenge the plan in court. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a southern california claims it's a case of discrimination by an american airlines pilot against their son who has downs syndrome. they say the pilot told them they could not board a flight home because their son was a security risk. american airlines says he was agitated and running around the gate area. but the family says it was because they had upgraded to first class. >> i was concerned that my son was going to be in first class, and i think the pilot felt that my type of son, my disabled, downs syndrome son, shouldn't be in first class.
5:36 pm
>> this is video they took of their son playing with his hat at the gate. they say they plan to file a lawsuit. a man wearing a ski mask and a bathrobe opened fire at a midnight rally for quebec's new premier, killing one person. the new premier looked stunned. the premier was not harmed but one person was killed. the suspect was a 62-year-old man, who also hit a small fire. as the suspect was being taken away by officers, he shouted in french, quote, the english are waking up. it's a new look at the san bruno pipeline explosion. the documentary that's about to make its debut. the nfl is kicking off its new season and we'll explain why there are three separate congressional investigations right now into the nfl. and our ktvu app is ready
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for download. watch all our newscasts live plus, bay area weather and video of breaking news, anytime, anywhere.
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a documentary about the san bruno gas pipeline explosion is set to be shown tomorrow night in redwood city. it contains footage of the fire that followed and interviews with survivors and first responders.
5:40 pm
the documentary will be shown at the san mateo county history museum at 7 tomorrow night. and in 20 minutes, on ktvu channel 2 news at 6, the investigation is now complete into claims that the pipeline inspections were not up to standards. the conclusion of that investigation and does it back up the allegations from whistle blowers? facebook stock jumped up today. facebook shares rose almost 5% but that is still less than half the ipo price back in may. today stocks were largely unchanged. the s&p 500 was off by one. congress is keeping a close eye on the nfl as the league kicks off its new season tonight. a washington, d.c. bureau has
5:41 pm
found at least three different congressional inquiries into pro football. the senate wants to know if teams are playing player bounties to hurt other players on other teams. >> the question comes up all the time about who is responsible. we're all responsible, everyone involved in the game, the national football league, the players association as our representatives under collective bargaining as well as the players themselves. >> congress also wants the league and the players union to come up with a plan to test for performance enhancing drugs. so far, the two sides have not agreed to a testing program. it's been nearly six months since lamar has been missing. we'll tell you about new legislation a congresswoman wants to introduce regarding this case. i've got the latest computer model ready to go. i'm back here in just about 10
5:42 pm
minutes. new at 6, high-speed chase suspects taken into custody at gunpoint. details on the crime that sparked the chase. pg&e whistle blowers. now, the new information that may prove the whistle blowers wrong. hundreds of people who work for the city of san francisco may be cheating the system. i'll tell you how they got caught and how the city plans to rectify it.
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the search resumed today for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. supporters say they will not give up their quest for any new signs for her. why the case may also inspire changes at california schools. >> reporter: 40 volunteers rallied this morning at the search rally set up for missing teenager sierra lamar. soon it will be six months
5:45 pm
since the 15-year-old disappeared. >> it's still just as painful. >> reporter: this morning, congresswoman thanked volunteers for their efforts. 21-year-old torres had been arrested for sierra lamar's murder but her body has never been found. sierra disappeared when she left home and was walking to school. the high school didn't notify sierra lamar's parents that she didn't show up. they want to require school districts to alert parents right away. >> whether a child has been abducted or is merely playing hooky is something parents could know right away. >> reporter: jennifer flew out from chicago to help in the search, even though she does not know the lamar family. >> i just felt compelled after i saw her picture and her mom. just her mom on television, i don't know. my mom kind of resembled her and i just felt really bad and
5:46 pm
i go, mom, i'm going out there. >> reporter: these will be sold for $5 apiece here to be used at a vigil at 7 p.m. they will be arranged in front of city hall to spell out the word hope. reporting from morgan hill, ktvu channel 2 news. a man from redwood city is still in the hospital tonight after crashing his truck into a tree and killing a woman and a 14-year-old boy who were also in the truck. it happened on monday afternoon in yolo county. 39-year-old ann marie miller and the 14-year-old boy were pronounced dead at the scene. the driver, barajas, was arrested for dui and could face charges of gross vehicular manslaughter. the death of a pedestrian in west sacramento is now being blamed on the teenager who started a police chase. the chase begin last night when
5:47 pm
officers spotted the teen in a stolen vehicle. backup was called and police say that's when an officer responding to the call hit and killed a pedestrian. >> sometimes, you know, the police just slide down that street so fast. but i know they've gotta do their job. i'm not saying anything against the police department. but it is -- sometimes it's really scary. >> no word tonight on the identity of the person who was killed. the teen was later arrested with the help of a good samaritan who helped detain him after he crashed into a parked car. that teenager is now facing charges of murder and grand theft auto. researchers have found a possible link between teenage obesity and their mothers' smoking habits. half of obese teenagers had mothers who smoked more than one cigarette a day during their second trimester of pregnancy. the babies led less at birth and were more likely to be
5:48 pm
overweight at teens. the researchers say the teens had structural changes in their brains that made them crave fatty foods. turns out there is no evidence that men and women see things differently. research found that the vision areas process information differently. men seem to be better at seeing fine detail and things that move rapidly. women seem to be better at differentiating colors. researchers think testosterone may be the key to these differences. the san francisco giants held their first ever yoga day at at&t park. renowned yoga teacher led the class. and it seemed that even the young folks were having a pretty good time. >> it's the first time at giants stadium. he did one yoga class before and a couple in the womb.
5:49 pm
he's loving it. >> the price of a ticket for the yoga event also included a special giants yoga mat and tickets for tonight's game. the giants are currently leading their division over the los angeles dodgers. coming up at 6, the giants are the hot topic in san jose. why -- bill, it's kind of rare that we see so much green this time of year. >> you're absolutely right. you mentioned that on the break. we don't see a lot of green this type of year. a chance of thunderstorms to the bay area. we get this a couple times -- about every other year we get a situation like this. and it's not really good. in fairfield, these showers are very light. it's high elevation stuff, so the showers are coming down
5:50 pm
very light for the most part. here's how it breaks down. overnight is my concern, because the moisture is here. the tropical moisture, very far north. as we go through the evening hours, a dynamic situation sets up with just a better shot at thunderstorms. thundershowers increase at 11. we'll be tracking this very closely for you. the models aren't doing a good job on this, but i'll have to tell you, any time you get this much moisture, i don't care what the models say. i know we've got a lot of instability out there. look out your windows. it's a very unstable environment. until this moisture is gone, we're calling for showers and a chance of thundershowers. wednesday at 10:00, there's the cloud cover. that's tonight. then it gets thick late tonight, early tomorrow morning. the moisture is still in close
5:51 pm
proximity, so we've gotta be careful. we'll be watching it closely. the best shot for real powerful thunderstorms and activity is going to be late tonight through early tomorrow morning. i'm back tonight at 6 and again at 10. we'll have a better handle on how to time it out, if in fact it does occur. as you look at your forecast highs for tomorrow, anytime you get tropical moisture, which is just unstable by nature -- it's not supposed to be this far north. usually it's down around the phoenix area. but when it gets this far north, you know you're gonna have problems, especially with the terrain we have. i'm talking about hamilton, diablo, all the santa cruz mountains. so big concerns for fire, that red flag warning is up until tomorrow at about 11 a.m. >> we'll keep our fingers
5:52 pm
cross. ed. a high profile democrat is skipping the democratic national convention. why he's choosing to stay home.
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5:54 pm
an american astronaut today performed the longest space walk ever by a woman. williams worked alongside a japanese astronaut to install a
5:55 pm
bolt on the international space station. they worked on the same project last week but had to design home made tools. the space station's electrical system could have been compromised without the new equipment. john darenundi is one democrat skipping the democratic national convention. had congressman says that millions of dollars in outside funds are being spent to unseat him. >> the parts of the health care law that many voters in his district don't care for, particularly the 700 billion in cuts to medicare. >> he faces kim vand in the race for the third congressional district. an outpouring of grief, coming up in two minutes, a community coming together to support the family and fellow
5:56 pm
officers waiting for word on that chp officers critically injured in a freeway shoot-out. and new at 6, the whistle blowers were wrong. the new safety procedures in place to make sure the response is swift during an emergency.
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this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. at this hour, chp officer kenyon youngstrom remains on life support at the hospital in walnut creek, after being shot during a routine traffic stop yesterday morning. the officer's grave condition is having a real impact on fellow officers and the community tonight. mike? >> reporter: the community is coming together tonight. i want to give you an example. just about 20 minutes oorks we were standing across the street. we saw employees drop off dinner for all the officers who have gathered inside john muir, those same officers offering prayers for the family of kenyon youngstrom.
5:59 pm
tonight, kenyon youngstrom is on life support at john muir medical center. >> we'll been told that the injuries are not compatible with human life. having been told that, that puts things into perspective. >> reporter: today sam morgan and other officers poured into the hospital one at a time, showing support for youngstrom and his family. >> very, very heavy heart. we're just trying to process it and manage it in a healthy matter. >> reporter: at the same time -- >> my dad was with lapd for many years. >> reporter: another show of support as john lopez and others dropped off flowers outside youngstrom's field office. some do not want to be named because they say the story is not about them. >> the officer put his life on the line to protect the citizens around him, and i think too many time


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