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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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though don't have a whole lot to go on. there is no description of the shooter or a get away car. but certainly the closing of macarthur boulevard could be a problem because it is at the entrance there that takes you to the maze and shut down so it could be a traffic problem as we move throughout the morning especially given it could take some time. we will remain on the seep and bring you updates for now live in oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> now our continuing coverage of the shootout there. funeral arrangements are being made for kenyon youngstrum. this morning claudine wong shows us the memorial at the chp field office in martinez, claudine. >> reporter: pam as you said that memorial is expected to draw thousands but in the
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meantime people coming here to leave flowers and cards for officer kenyon youngstrum's fellow co-workers for his family. this where he worked and this is certainly where there is so much grieving this morning. now, this announcement of his death came last night. the contra costa commander for the chp stood in front of john john muir medical center and said that. he was killed then. they described him like that. he donated his organs to them. >> in his continued commitment to service officer youngstrum is donating organs which will change the lives of many. >> the announcement was also made there in the tight-knit
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community where they lived, people wore blue and gold ribbons and held candles and mourned his loss. many of the children there go to school with his children and organizers say they are struggling to cope. >> i am scared if something happens to my parents and just scared something will happen. >> and today the grieving continues. for the officer who gave his life in the line of duty and for the father, the husband, the neighbor and the friend that so many will miss. >> the investigation into the gunman is intensifying. investigators describe 36-year- old christopher boone lacey as a loner. forensic teams are going through his mobile home. police have already seized computers and disk drives. video from a police dashboard camera is helping investigators piece together what led up to that fatal shooting. officer youngstrum was on the side of interstate 680 dealing
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with a dead deer when another chp officer pulled over lacey jeep. youngstrum motioned for lacey to pull in behind his patrol car. >> the dash cam video it shows officer youngstrum and lacey had a short conversation, then without any warning lacey pulled out a gun and shot officer youngstrum in the head. >> the second chp officer then ran up and embankment and shot lacey. lacey died later. investigators recovered a handgun, two loaded magazines and a knife from his jeep. right now crews in san jose are rescuing a man stuck between two buildings. here is a live picture for you right now. now, this man we understand may be a suspect in an earlier police chase. now the man apparently got stuck between orchard supply hardware and a strip mall early this morning.
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again this is in san jose, rescue crews used rope and pully sims to lift systems to lift him out. he claims that but police think he may be hiding from officers. he may have done that and ran. 4:34, northbound highway 17 just re-opened minutes ago six hours after a big rig fire spread to a hillside. the cab of the truck was carrying liquid nitrogen. the cab obviously a melted mess. you can see there but the -- the liquid nitrogen is safe. that tank was safe. it caught fire around 10:00 last night closing the road in both directions. we spoke with another big rig driver stranded because he cannot turn around. >> i have been waiting to pass the accident, so i have been
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here over three hours already. >> the southbound lanes were closed for three and a half hours. it did take another two and a half hours to re-open the northbound lanes. the fire burned part of a hillside but again it did not break through that tank, holding that liquid nitrogen and they were able to put out the fire on the hillside quickly. fortunately no one was hurt. also overnight an early morning fire in the mission district left more than 2 dozen people homeless. it started just after 1:00 this morning at an apartment building near the intersection of 22nd and fair oaks streets. firefighters were able to get it under control in just about 30 minutes and every 1 was able to make it out okay. >> -- came out and everybody -- opened doors made sure everybody was out. >> the cause of the fire is still being investigated. about 26 people are now being helped by the red cross. eight people in santa rosa are also in need of temporary housing after a fire there.
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that started at about 9:00 last night at a duplex on flower avenue. it took firefighters just about 25 minutes to get that fire under control. but one of the units was destroyed. the other severely damaged. no one was hurt. the cause of that fire still being investigated. turning now to election news this morning it was another energizing night at the democratic national convention as former president bill clinton took the stage. >> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside but who burns for america on the inside. >> last night president clinton told the crowd that president obama deserves another term. he said his presidency started out with economic problems but what president obama walked into was much worse. a theme the california attorney general touched upon when she
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compared the economic policies of both candidates. >> a choice between holding wall street accountable or let it write its own rules. >> delegates say last night's speeches were inspirational and an appropriate build up to president obama. set to accept the nomination tonight. this morning vice-president joe biden did a walk through for his speech tonight. advisors say he will he describe what he saw as president obama made hard decisions and accept his party's nomination for the poss of vice-president tonight. thousands of people, including volunteers won't be able to see them speak tonight. a severe weather threat changed the venue for their speeches from the outdoor bank of america stadium to a much smaller time warner cable a arena. you will be able to see it here. we will carry the speeches live and on our website and they are scheduled
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to begin at 7:00 our time. 4:38 is the time right now. mitt romney's federal taxes are back in the spotlight. the secret service is now investigating the reported theft of his tax records. coming up at 4:46, the seven cig blackmail threat that started the investigation. radiation concerns on treasure island will be the focus of an important meeting next week. the san francisco examiner reports the board of supervisors will have a hearing next tuesday about the contamination. san francisco wants to take over the island from the navy and build thousands of homes. recent reports by the bay citizen and east bay express suggest the former nuclear warfare training site is more contaminated than previously thought. time now is 4:39 on this thursday morning. sal is off again today but this mortgage we have this morning we have tara and i guess there is an incident in oakland. >> that's right. we have an incident there, the fire department was called and
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able to get it out so no danger so that is good news. let's head over there, a look shows traffic flowing nice leather into san francisco this morning. the bay bridge toll plaza still early but traffic just fine into san francisco. be aware the eastbound direction does have some construction until 5:00 this morning. they are doing repaving work so you will need to drive with extra caution. this is 280, traffic looking good in both directions, 439, let's :39, let's -- >> -- thunder and lightning, well today most of the clouds are favoring the southern part of our area. now it is still possible but most of is this east and south today down towards monterrey -- down towards monterrey, also you can see that right there and also another one favoring there, so that, 50s there, and
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those are your temperatures in those areas. pretty good show in the sierra nevada and also in the mother load, for us though the clouds are increasing, and probably that but still leave it in there for one more day, anytime you have that it can do that, so a possibility of that mainly south but also east more so than just that. warmer inland, more showers today, showers, possible thunder showers, we are not out of the woods yet. temperatures there, but by the coast low clouds still so not much change there but i think with that it will do that. very cool readings, fog back then but it does look like pam, there but then kind of a ho- hum. >> ho-hum. thank you steve. that is the time. drug and child endangerment
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charges the sad new twist involving the scandal involving her. plus the lawsuit over its hiring practices. >> here is highway 4 at the pittsburgh area, traffic moving nicely. we will take a look at other bay area roads coming up.
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good morning, well mostly clear. i mean there is a lot of low clouds out there. inland there is clearing compared to there, but there it is, 60s, 70s and 80s. >> the search continues for that student who disappeared there. he is a student from there. he was last seen at beer can beach on sunday during a float down the river. search crews and volunteers are scouring the area and handing out flyers. friends have set up a facebook page for olson, which now has almost 46,000 followers. volunteers spelled out the
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word hope during a vigil for sierra lamar. it has been almost six months since the 15-year-old was last seen. last night friends and family used the candles to express their feelings of hope she will be found. he was arrested and charged with the kidnap and murder of sierra lamar. a string of break-ins at an apartment complex in campbell and with have video that catches the burglar red-handed. this video taken sunday morning shows the thief there lurking around the parking garage of the condo complex, then he breaks in to that taking the documents, police want you to be aware the tactics they are using. >> people think they can hide their belongings but the people who perpetrate these crimes are watching them and
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see where they put them. >> the neighborhood watch says the storage areas have also had break-ins, the video, take a look at that, shows a thief walking out of the stairwell, his face clearly in view, holding a handful of goods, campbell authorities are asking anyone who recognizes him to call police. time now is 4:46, former alameda county supervisor nadia lockyear is facing drug and child in dangerment charges. they did that and found them there and it was in the room she shares with her son. she pleaded not guilty and was released and will be back in court and earlier resigned and is in the midst of a divorce from him. they are doing that with copies of tax letters, a letter
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sent to his accounting firm in tennessee and published on line is demanding 1 million dollars to not release them. they say they have no record if it was compromised and anything was stolen. his tax filings some of which were there, have become a fee focus of it. amazon will do that by doing that. they will collect that a week from saturday. they will not say if sales have spiked but social media sites reveal a lot of people are buying now before those taxes kick in. sales tax in california rages from 7.25% up to nearly 10% depending on where the shopper lives. amazon is also expected to unveil a new tablet today. it announced it has sold out of its kindel fire. analysts are taking that a sign of a new kindel is about to
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launch. it is one of the smaller tablets with pretty good sales so they don't believe they would stop production without having something to replace it. 4:48. in and out burger denies charges that it discriminates when it hires restaurant workers, they are being sued on claims by two men from oakland. both men are -- are older than 40 and they are african american. the lawsuit claims that both men were qualified for the jobs they applied for but they were not hired because of their race and age. in and out says workers at its 210 california restaurants reflect the communities they reserve. it is almost -- it is 4:49 now. let's check back in with tara covering for sal this morning. >> we had some fog yesterday and the day before the day before that but luckily we do not this morning, that is clear so that is good news. we do have an accident we want to talk about, let's head over
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to our maps there. this there. they were shut down due to an earlier accident but they are now open although the southbound lanes remain closed. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving along nicely into san francisco this morning. finally 280, san jose, traffic looking good in both directions. 4:49, let's check in with steve. >> thank you, tara, well yesterday pretty good little show there from mother nature not only up towards lake county but down towards monterrey and salinas numerous reports of thunder and lightning. today the clouds thinned out mainly south and east of us. still a batch down there so we are not out -- not done yet. now there is more clearing but still party cloudies today. looks warmer inland and showers popping up trying to get their act together there and there. from about morgan hill down to gilroy, salinas and also monterrey. so as long as that is there the possibility again of more showers so a littling settled pattern today and also warmer
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inland. the mugginess is there. one of our tweeters, willy, said he is going to rename san jose san jose cal a florida which i thought was cleaver. it is not that humid but sun and clouds and humidity there, especially inland, by the coast 50s and 60s you just don't feel it even though it is high, 50s to some for 50s for others but generally covering that. that will do that however it is not going anywhere, however showers and possible showers but mainly that way and that way more so than that way but we will just kind of broad brush it, 80s inland, warmer 79 morgan hills, those are your temperatures, that is the spirit. those air are your temperatures there. the clouds clear it on friday but the fog not going anywhere and settle into a quiet pattern as we go into your weekend. >> thank you very much.
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a man was arrested there. the costume he was wearing that caused concern. plus what muni is asking from its riders to help improve their commute.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:53 and take a look at this, a florida man arrested after showing up at a movie theater with pink hair and face
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make up resembling the joker, one person spotted him pacing back and forth in front of the movie theater yesterday. now police say the 21-year-old man made no threats, had no weapons and was cooperating with investigators but the incident caused extra concern because of the massacre at a colorado movie theater last month. next week the interim police chief plans to meet with a family of a man shot and killed by officers last sunday. >> there was no altercation, it was put your hands up and they were shot down. >> relatives of 23-year-old mario ramiro protested outside police headquarters yesterday. they dispute officers accounts of what happened. now at a news conference chief joseph says during a confrontation with police romero reached for an air gun that looked similar to a real firearm. his sister says she saw the whole incident from her window and that her brother did nothing wrong. >> i have been at my home,
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where the shooting occurred, for hours, i just can't sleep there. >> romero's brother-in-law was also shot. he is still in the hospital. muni wants to hear from you. riders are being asked to fill out a satisfaction survey on line. the survey asks customers to rank them on things like safety, reliability and cleanliness and asks questions about bi bicycle and pedestrian safety and the results will be on line later. we have a link there. 4:foreis :54 is the time, back over to tara for traffic. >> that's right, the roadways are clear, no major nrchts to report on the website. let's take a look right now, if we can there. you can see the fog has dissipated over the past day because earlier in the weak we were seeing it so thick and the visibility was pretty poor.
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next we have a look at the san mateo bridge. the traffic flowing nicely there toward foster city. in the south bay this is a look at an earlier big rig fire that we had overnight in the santa cruz mountains. it shut down 17 at the summit for hours. the north bound lanes are open but a detour is in effect for those southbound lanes until 5:00 this morning. all right. it is 4:55, let's head over to steve. >> thank you very much, tara. tropical clouds yesterday pretty good little activity here. usually september that happens when we do that from them and all we need is something to funnel it is and that is what happened. calmer this morning. still those there and there but nothing compared to yesterday yet but it does look like they are doing that.
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50s, temperatures, low, mid to upper, they are there and that is doing that there doing that. still though today cloudy, sun, but those continue to work their way in so we have to do that in there. again though it looked like yesterday was the main day, today we are just kind of holding on a little bit but sun and clouds warmer inland, 70s yesterday, today though 80s just by the mere fact we may have more sun than clouds but by the coast too much in the way of low cloud deck or fog so 50s 60s there, low 70s for some but warmer inland but temperatures doing that from yesterday. looks like fe fog the fog will be back then but then that and a quiet pattern after today, pam. >> coming up next in our 5:00 an incredible story is unfolding in san jose at this hour, a man got trapped between two buildings. he says he was running away from a threat. officers say he was running from them.
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also developing news out of oakland, homicide investigators are still on the scene of a deadly shooting and we have new information. we will be right back.
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a dramatic rescue happened minutes ago there.
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we tell you how it happened. >> and gunfire on a west oakland street early this morning, when police show up they find one man shot to death. we will give you the update on the investigation coming up. >> it was the announcement no one wanted to hear, the chp officer wounded in a freeway shootout has died. >> also why this year's democratic and republican conventions are making high tech history. all ahead here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, september 6th, i am pam cook. >> we are ready, good morning, i am dave clark. let's check weather and traffic over there. >> yes. >> that is steve paulson. he knows. >> -- guy -- >> at least -- at least i hope so. we do have that. today probably not as good a show but a little bit down therm. we will take a


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