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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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like, oh, maybe somebody else has died, an uncle or a cousin or -- then as he got closer, i thought, it's him! >> i'm shaking. i'm so overwhelmed by the turnout. >> reporter: he served a tour in iraq and another in afghanistan before volunteering for a third tour, also in afghanistan. >> i haven't seen her in two and a half years, and now she's grown. she's -- it's amazing. i -- i don't know what to say. >> just knowing that he can come home safely is just the greatest. >> i missed your so much! >> i missed you too! >> reporter: there are more than a few tissues being passed around. as for his plans tonight, they're planning to get takeout from mary's pizza for dinner. we're live in sonoma, ktvu channel 2 news. in the last hour, hundreds
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of people gathered in west sacramento to pay tribute to officer kenyon youngstrom. he's the chp officer who was killed earlier this week in the line of duty. the chp academy held a bell ringing ceremony late this afternoon. it was led by the highway patrol commissioner joe farrell. >> officer youngstrom joins an elite group of heros who have sacrificed their lives for the premise of safety, service and security. we thank him for his loyal and dedicated service and his family for their ultimate sacrifice. >> as you saw there, dozens of highway patrol officers stood in silence for that tribute. officer youngstrom's family said today he was committed to helping others, even in death, by donating his organs. through this gift, he will save the lives of those who need transplants as well as potentially improve the lives
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of many. this was our kenyon. he's our hero. and in the midst of our grief, we are comforted to know he continues to help others. the memorial continues to grow. people who knew him and even those who didn't continue to stop by to pay tribute to the officer who was gunned down tuesday along interstate 680. flags were lowered to half staff today across the state. >> we're learning more about the man who police say shot and ultimately killed officer youngstrom. ktvu spoke to the uncle of the gunman. he says that lacy was bipolar and had distanced himself from his family. the uncle also told us that the family is devastated and feels horrible about the officer who died. ktvu has complete coverage of the chp shooting is, including video of last night's candlelight vigil attended by hundreds of mourners. people are just starting to
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gather at san francisco's temple nightclub this evening. they are coming to watch the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina, and the president's speech. organizers say it's expected to be one of the largest watched parties in the country. and ktvu's ken pritchett is live in charlotte with how delegates are scrambling to secure a seat now that the president's speech has been moved to a much smaller venue. >> reporter: california's delegation got a taste of what to expect tonight, after their experience last night when many guests were not allowed into the arena, just as president clinton was about to speak. it was all due to overcrowding. to see musical acts such as mark anthony warm up, there is reason to be at the convention early. but eight hours early? >> i got here at 2:00 just to make sure that i have a good seat. >> reporter: delegate javier gonzalez was not the only one.
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we found delegates catching up on work, others sleeping in their coveted seats. others tagged with familiar names, trying to save a spot. why? >> yesterday was a very crazy night, people trying to fight for spots, whenever was open. >> reporter: they say tonight will be worse. >> this place will be wall to wall and the fire marshal will have a stroke by 9:30. >> reporter: originally the president was going to speak in the bank of america stadium. it was moved indoors due to thunderstorms forecast today, into an arena that holds less than 20,000 people. >> last night there was not room to breathe. >> reporter: delegates are guaranteed entry. everyone else will be trying their luck. >> i know a lot of people that have credentials that would have loved to come. so that's a bummer. >> reporter: those who have made it inside will hear the president's speech, scheduled for 7:00 pacific. we will bring you the
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highlights on the 10:00 news. and, again, we will bring you the president's speech live tonight. he's expected to speak shortly after 7:00 this evening. ktvu's ken pritchett will join us again on the 10:00 news. a deadly shooting in bay point in broad daylight prompted nearby schools to go in lockdown. it happened near inlet drive and marina road. the shooting happened near two schools and a day care center. news chopper 2 was overhead. neighbors were told to stay indoors. so far, authorities haven't made arrests. one of the two men charged in a gang rape at richmond high school accepted a plea deal today. the contra costa district attorney's office says 22-year- old raul ortega pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one count of robbery. this comes just days before his
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trial was set to begin. the rape happened on the richmond high school campus on the night of the homecoming dance. ortega is set to be sentenced october 19 to 32 years in prison. five other men are still awaiting trial. new at 6, san francisco district attorney announced charges against james ricklett who is accused of killing and robbing a man he met in a bar. he faces one count of premeditated murder and one count of robbery in the death of eric escalon. the case is a warning about who people bring home with them. >> we are seeing a problem and unfortunately this led to a horrible set of circumstances. we have someone that has been killed. >> he will be arraigned on monday. a san jose woman already facing real estate fraud charges has been arrested again. 53-year-old maivu of san jose
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was arraigned today on felony charges, including elder theft and grand theft. she's also awaiting trial in a series of scams. she is currently being held in lieu of $10 million bail. search and rescue crews resume their search for missing polytechnic state university student brett michael olson. family and friends distributed flyers. the butte county sheriff's department said that the search is focused on the water with the help of helicopters, foot patrols and water dogs. the san jose police department is about to disband a unit that last year-rounded up 5,000 youngsters who were ditching class. new at 6, ktvu's robert is live in san jose to tell us how police plan to deal with truancy. >> reporter: we are at one of the centers in san jose where the police truancy programs
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operate. but in about a week, the centers and their officers will no longer be in service. the san jose police department is disbanding the unit designed to track down truants next friday. truancy abatement was created in 1981 because of day time burglars being committed by juveniles. >> there's going to be a lot more truancy, a lot more crime, in the areas of home burglaries, thefts. >> reporter: the officers target teen hangouts. the goal? keep truants from committing crimes or becoming victims. >> why weren't you in school today? the real reason? >> reporter: in this case, the tab's unit says it oven picks up between 25 to 35 truants a day. >> the biggest benefit is the deterrent factor. they are more likely to make
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the right decision. >> someone has to be responsible for you, so we're gonna release you to your parents. >> reporter: san jose is calling it a painful but necessary move. >> we are essentially in need of officers back on the street, and this is one way to do it. >> you need a program like this to keep kids in school, not only for the numbers in school but to keep these kids out of trouble. >> reporter: but picking up and processing truants will become a more complicated process, even though there will be officers working overtime. these tab centers will be closing permanently. the owners of a massage business in campbell have rescinded their request to have their business licenses renewed after they were arrested on suspicious of running a prostitution ring. the owners of valley massage therapy, powell and trent, were arrested back in july and then freed on jail.
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undercover officers went there three times and were offered prostitution services each other. powell and trent have not commented on the arrests. h and m says it plans to open a new and bigger store in san jose. the new store will be 27,000 square feet, triple the size of the current santana row h and m. the new store is scheduled to open september 27. the project is part of a larger expansion plan for the shopping center. a taiwanese energy supplier has broken background in fremont on the new north american headquarters. it will be at the southwest corner of fremont boulevard and curbing parkway. they say their goal is to make the building a net zero energy building. and you don't see this every day. how this man got stuck in this
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incredibly narrow gap between two buildings and the unusual rescue to free him. i'm back here at 6. fog is clearing the coast. i'll let you know how warm it will be. ktvu channel 2 news at 5, it's all about coverage. we invite you to watch ktvu channel 2 news at 5, every day. complete bay area news coverage.
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san jose fire crews pulled a man to safety early this morning. he had fallen 20 feet and became wedged between two buildings. this is video of that rescue you'll see only on 2678930-year- old arturo corona became trapped between the buildings. for some reason, he had tripped off his clothes and was wearing only a garbage bag. officers later determined he was wanted for speeding, hit and run and evading police. he was treated for minor
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injuries and arrested. san jose's mi pueblo grocery chain is facing a boycott over a policy that checks the immigration status of its employees. about a dozen people demonstrated this morning outside the store in san jose. a mi pueblo spokeswoman says the department of homeland security suggested they join the e-verify program. the company says it is only checking the immigration status of new employees. there are 21mi pueblo stores around california employing more than 3,000 people. san jose supervisors are calling for more answers about the risk for radiation on treasure island. neighbors are worried, despite the assurances that the island is safe. >> reporter: signs like this one are not settling any nerves here. this house here was determined to be unsafe because of
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radioactive contamination. but the one right next door is occupied right now. now there are new worries. like most residents on treasure island, david follows every thread of information available about radioactive and other toxic wastes on the island. >> actually, i spend about 15 minutes a day just reading any new reports coming out about the island. >> reporter: he and other residents have been alarmed by new reports of possibly contaminated areas where they live. on august 31, the treasure island development authority sent out this letter to residents, acknowledging that additional areas of the island may have been contaminated. >> treasure island remains a safe place to live, work and play. >> reporter: they say the issue needs more study. >> our staff will continue to work diligently with the regulatory agencies overseeing the cleanup to examine and question all reports, testing and analysis to ensure that the
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navy fulfills their promise to clean up the island. >> reporter: in july, they drilled test wells like this one, trying to figure out exactly what is underground here. residents say they still don't know exactly what is under their feet. >> i actually told my roommate that, you know, i love living here but i'm looking elsewhere. >> reporter: the full board of supervisors is set to be briefed on contamination issues on treasure island. the board is set to vote on whether or not to extend the lease agreement for people living here next week. the city of menlo park is battling the use of food containers made of plastic polystyrene. city officials say the material is not good for the environment. a third death has now been linked to the hantavirus outbreak in yosemite national park.
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today health officials say a west virginia resident died from the illness. the park says up to 10,000 people may have been exposed to the hantavirus. a series of wildfires burning in colusa county nearly doubled in size last night. the fires are burning within a few miles of each other along highway 16. so far, it is only about 10% contained. a voluntary evacuation warning has now been issued. and it was a little bit warmer out there today. fog-free from the coast. we've got plenty of sunshine. the fog should return tonight. check out the winds by concord and pittsburg. the winds are blowing pretty hard, gusting to 22 miles an hour out of the west. daytime highs are going to warm up just a little bit. fog tomorrow morning will be along the coast. here is some tropical moisture
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that's leaving the area. great news. send it off east, because the last thing you want is that moisture causing thunderstorms. we had some this morning in santa clara valley. we're drying out now. you saw plenty of blue skies today. this is the forecast. overnight lows, 47 in napa, 53 in concord. as the kids head off to school or you ahead off to work, you're going to notice it being pretty chilly out there. the forecast brings a little bit of patchy fog back to the coast. patchy fog in the forecast. it's not going to get hot around here. it's going to stay kind of like it is or like it was this afternoon. this low pressure weakens and the high pressure slightly building in. these are subtle changes. two degrees in a place like pacifica. so add three degrees to fairfield tomorrow and you won't even hardly notice it. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today, but without any subtropical clouds in the
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morning and with more sunshine in the afternoon. the fog tries to work its way back to the coast tomorrow morning but it doesn't happen. in the afternoon hours, we get to 90 in clearlake, 77 in vallejo. these are the forecast highs for friday. fire danger off the table. but we had a red flag warning this morning. so things are getting better, at least in the fire realm. air quality is really good. the fog is back friday. temperatures about the same. a little warmer on saturday and sunday too. then a little cooler next week, so kind of a subtle weather pattern. but the red flag warning is gone and the tropical moisture is gone. that's good news. some of the world's best sails on the bay today for the 48th annual rolex cup race. the course wound its way to the
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golden gate bridge and then finished right in front of st. francis yacht club. the four-day event runs through this sunday. coming up on bay area news at 7 on tv 36, concern gross at one high school about a former student who suddenly vanished. >> an entire high school student body has a single- minded focus, all they're doing to try to help find a missing alum. and a new plan that could slash the valley of works by one of america's most celebrated artists. join us for these stories and more at 7. up next, an update on the a's pitcher who was hit in the head by a line drive.
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that's the sound of the 49th annual cable car bell ringing contest in san francisco's union square. today's professional whicher was cable car conductor trini
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whittaker. turns out that a's's player who was hit to the head, it was a little worse than we thought. >> it's really the scariest thing that can happen, either a batter being hit by a pitch or a pitcher being hit by a line drive. yesterday, it happened to brandon mccarthy, struck by a batted ball, and as it turns out, he did leave the field. everything seemed to be okay. they were going to keep him overnight for observations, but as it turns out, he underwent two hours of surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. he is alert, awake and showing signs of improvement. the a's have the day off as they are traveling. meantime, monday night, that field will be occupied by the oakland raiders, entertaining the san diego chargers, in their opener. carson palmer, quarterback, he lit up the charges last time he played. 417 yards passing. he'll have denarius moore back
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in the lineup, maybe. and they're pumped up for a lot more reasons than just the fact that it is monday night football, after all. >> we are well aware of who knocked us out. we're well aware. we talked about that. and we understand, you know. we haven't forgotten what happened last year. >> it's a division game, a rivalry game. this rivalry between these two teams is a big deal to the fan bases. it's a fight between northern and southern california. >> all right. and tomorrow night, high school football will be back. logan high off to a 2-and-0 start. that will be our game of the week. they win the voting and we'll be all over it, tomorrow. that's the sporting news for right now. giants, by the way, have the evening off, waiting for the dodgers to come to town. and we are live in charlotte, north carolina, at the democratic national
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convention where president obama is expected to address the delegates in about 30 minutes. we will carry that speech live right here on ktvu channel 2 news. >> and tune in tonight at 10:00 for complete coverage with ktvu's ken pritchett, who is live inside the arena in charlotte, north carolina. and as always, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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the thing i don't understand about the suicide person is the people that try and commit suicide for some reason don't die, and then that's it. they stop trying. why? why don't they just keep trying? what's changed? is their life better? no. in fact, it's worse 'cause now they've found out here's one more thing you stink at. that's why these people don't succeed at life to begin with-- because they give up too easy. i say pills don't work, try a rope. car won't start in the garage, get a tune-up. you know what i mean?


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