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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 10, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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an early-morning holdup near lake merritt independence with a suspected armed robber being some why he likely -- ends with a suspected armed robber being shot. why he like lie targeted the wrong man. developing news from fremont. several street are shut down as police search for fugitives. and a store clerk shot at a
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7/11. we're bringing you reaction right now. , well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday september 10th. we begin with developing news from from mont. police, along with several firefighters, have been outside a home at potano park drive since 11:30 last night. officers have been searching for fugitives wanted for several felonies. at one point, officers used tear gas to try to force a man out of a home but there was no sign of the wanted man. and the search is now winding down. you are looking at live pictures. investigators are interviewing the man's parents who live on the scene. claudine wong is there.
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you can see police cars there. more information at 7:30. in overnight news, a suspected gunman is behind bars after trying to rob the wrong person. alex savidge is live with more on the victim who pulled his gun. >> reporter: good morning. the suspected armed robber here trying to hold up a man and woman at gunpoint right outside of their car. but things did not end well. one of the victims, an off-duty police officer and he opened fire on the suspect it's, hitting him twice. we understand this morning he's in stable condition. it all unfolded on lee street. the officer and woman he was with. they went to park the car. that's when the suspected armed robber approached them.
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>> the male subject was sash dash is an off due -- is an off duty police officer. he discharged his pistol and struck them a few times. >> the sergeant i talked with this morning will not say which department that off-duty police officer works for but he does tell me the suspected armed robber was shot -- was hit twice and also told me the armed robber was involved in at least two other armed robberies in the attack area. that man in the hospital, recovering from the two gunshot wounds, shot by an off-duty police officer and facing armed duty charges when released from the hospital. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:03. a man and his son very lucky to be alive after their plane made an emergency landing in the
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ocean. the plane went down yesterday in morro bay. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: officials say it was the gps device that helped them know where they were. they know they are in the business of saving lives. that's exactly what they did. when the may-day call came in just after 3:00 in the afternoon. the san francisco coast guard provided us this video from a downed cessna-like plane. a father in his 70s and son were flying from santa barbara to canada when they ran into engine trouble. it's a trip the we makes every year -- it's a trip the duo makes every year. this was in the cold, choppy waters off big sur. >> seas are rough.
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winds are about 2020 knots -- about 20 nots. >> it was obviously a challenge hoist for me. my job was to hoist. it's challenging for me. i train for it. it becomes second nature. to have somebody's life in your hands, it's definitely pressure on my part. >> reporter: and by 5:15, the plane got completely stuck in kelp and sunk. the names of those on board have not been released. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. police in redwood city out there searching for a moon has been missing for almost a -- man who has been missing for almost a release. police say this man has been missing since last tuesday. he was last seen -- last
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tuesday. yesterday morning near stern meadow and golden gate park, a ranger approached a homeless man who resisted. a man started to swing a branch. the ranger was hurt. a police officer came to help. he was hurt. the suspect was rescued. occupy protesters went back to the farm because they said they want to tend to the crops they planted. they reportedly cut a hole in the fence to get in. no one was arrested. they are fighting a proposal to develop that university-owned property. 7:06. new developments in the race for the white house. president obama is celebrating
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a fund-raising victory. new numbers show the president raised more than 114 million in august while republican presidential candidate, mitt romney raised just over $111. it's the first time in four months that democrats have raised more money than republicans. the president and mitt romney are preparing for three debates next month. the first debate is in confer on october 3rd -- denver on october 3rd t will focus on domestic poll. that's followed by a town hall style meeting in new york. and the last debate will be in florida. that debate expected to focus on foreign pollcy. the vice presidential candidates will also hold one debate on october 11th and that will be in danville, kentucky. this morning, congress is back on capitol hill for a short preelection session. topping the agenda is stopping a government shut down when the budget year ends on september 20th. coming up at 7:15, what congress has to pass in order
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to keep functioning. and a bill that is stirring debate on the campaign trail. two people in the hospital now after a police chase in santa rosa that ended with a crash. this all happened last night about 6:00. police got a report of a stolen car on kolligan avenue. they tried to pull over the driver, randy branigan, but they say he took off. the chase ended with a crash on brook avenue and bennett valley road. two people were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. police say brandon is expected of driving under the in-- under the influence. all right. 7:0 8. we want to say -- 7:08. we want to say -- to say welcome back to sal. >> good morning. >> how is traffic? >> well, it's not any worse
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than a fall monday. i think people got used to the light summer days. but that's not typical, now that everyone is back in school and people are back from vacation. we'll be reminding you that tonight is a raiders game at the coliseum. 7:15 start. nationallile it levied soldout game. that means people will be arriving in the afternoon commute. any time -- moving along. this is 680. this is the worst traffic in the bay area. the pleasanton/livermore triangle here. a couple of crashes has really made a mess. 84 is a mess. 580 is a mess. if you live in this area. you need to give yourself plenty of time to negotiate these freeways. let's go too steve -- let's go to steve. >> the fog bank is filling in. temperatures today, i just think inland, it will come up
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and not change. september usually we're saying goodbye to the fog. that's into the the case here. areas of fog, a little bit warmer inland. tomorrow looks cooler. just subtle changes. you know, you get to september and you can maybe find your first rain of the season. the coast gets warm to hot. it's a very, very -- as we call it stratus quo. there are chilly lows. the nights are getting longer. a hint of fall here. fairfax, 47. palo alto 47 with sonoma county, 45. fairfield down to 51. livermore is at 49 there you go. some 40s coming in and even with the low cloud deck and the nights we talked about, a little change in the atmosphere. one system moves in from the north. yesterday, we had a cool kind of sweep-through. really, it's just -- it just kind of stuck.
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60s, 70s and 80s. coast and bay fog, warmer away from the coast. 60s, 70s, 80s. upper 80s to near 90 degrees for tomorrow. in between, alameda 68. hayward, 74. martinez,le -- 81. 79 san jose. santa clara, fremont, 76. morgan hill at 85. they are own -- they were only 79 yesterday. 70s on the peninsula. low, mid- to upper. if you are heading to the radar game tonight. 64 game time. kind of a -- kind of a quiet pattern. it does look like warmer inland saturday and sunday. struggling to to survive. what thousands are waiting for after an earthquake hit china. and how scientists worry
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the "rover" could contaminate mars.
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7:14. happening now -- congress is back at work after a five-week break. ktvu channel 2 reporter, alison burns, is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with more on the pressure lawmakers are facing to avoid a financial disaster. alison? >> reporter: the bottom line, tori, is that congress probably won't get much done before the november election. lawmakers are expected to pass the bucket to keep the government running this month. but no -- budget to keep the government running this month.
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but no debate about thousand deal with it. president obama is warning about gop plans and mitt romney warning about what will happen if the president is reelected. >> you are gonna see low wage growth if any growth at all. and there will always be this fiscal calamity at our doorstep. >> reporter: some bills have no chance of passing like repealing health reform and preventing some of those automatic defense cuts. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:15. a maryland pastor and politician is backing off from his effort to stop a baltimore raven foot football player from openly supporting same-sex marriage. a month ago, the pastor and
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burns wrote a letter to the ravens' owner ordering him to muzzle the linebacker. the linebacker is a high school graduate. he says he was blown away from the letter. burns is retracting saying ayanbadejo, the line backer, has the right to speak his mind. the warriors want to build a 19,000-seat arena on piers 30 to 32 right down the street from at&t park. now, at&t park can hold 42,000. that means about 60,000 fans will be jamming into the waterfront area, at least a dozen times a year. meantime, the city of oakland wants their fans to show the as and the raiders some love. oakland mayor jean quan has designated this week as oakland
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loves its sports team spirit week. fans are encouraged to wear the team cross and share pictures on the city of oakland facebook page. the front office has been trying to move the team to san jose. 7:16. the mayor of san francisco is seeing his approval rating dip a little. the san francisco "chronicle" reports 49% of voters in a new poll gave the favorable rating. last summer his favorable rating was over 60%. about a third -- about a third of the vote sampled rated him as 12, fair and a poor mayor. nadia lockyer will be in court in about an hour. she's facing four arrests late last month in orange county. police say they received a tip she may have drugs at the home
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she was staying with at the home with her son. police found meth inside the home. she was released to a rehab center. lockyer resigned. we're hearing that the new judge in the george zimmerman trial rejected a stand-your- ground defense in a previous murder case. george zimmerman is the man who shot trayvon martin. zimmman is expected to use your stand-your-ground law to justify the shooting. the afghanistan government has threatened to kidnap prince harry. that's according to "reuters." raiders say they were using all of their power to kidnap or
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kill prince harry. he arrived in afghanistan last week and will be flying attack helicopters for a four-month tower in that volatile helmand province. we pressure -- tour in the vol la tall helmand province -- volatile helmand priv -- prove prove vince. province. the reno air races are back but with changes to improve the safety for spectators. the changes are due to a crash hat last year's races that killed ten people and injured 70 more. organizers redesigned the course to increase the distance between racing planes and the
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grandstand by 150 feet making it a total of at least 1,000 feet apart. the races run this week from wednesday to sunday. 7:19. the mars rover curiosity as you -- as you know successfully landed on mars. scientists are heaping the rover does not find water up there. 7:20. a broken down muni bus, now there is an app for that. how the transportation agency is hoping new technology will help improve their services. good morning. if you're driving on the sunol
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grade, things are improving a little bit. but it's been terrible from pleasanton. we'll tell you why.
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muni hoping a new ipad app will help improve service. nearly 7,000 people ride muni every day. they've dealt with aging buss that sometimes break down. that's why they are hoeing the new app will help improve operations. it uses gps to pinpoint the location, speed and direction of each vehicle. when a problem happen, a text is sent out. the new app is getting to come out from ktvu. it's not your imagination if you thought gasoline prices were going up. nationwide, the prices went up
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8 cents to 3.84. now, the new lundberg survey says that you we're paying even more in the bay area. san francisco has the rightest price in the state -- highest price in the state. in oakland, 4.18. san jose, a gallon of gas will cost you about 4.20. getting more expensive to commute. let's check in with sal and see how the commute is going. right now things are pretty busy. it's the heart of the beginning of the commute. you will see traffic almost everywhere you look. is this 680. it's improving here but don't let this picture mislead you. people are having a hard time getting here because of earlier problems out of pleasanton. it's unwinding here. the morning commute looks slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up to the mack that you kerr maze. a 20-plus minute delay before you get into san francisco.
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if you are driving on highway -- macarthur maze. a 20-plus minute delay once you get into san francisco. if you are driving on highway 80, traffic is better. let's get to steve. there is a lot of low clouds and fog around. it's making a pretty good push. the system to the north or high pressure to the southwest, one day one wins out. other day the other wins out. livermore, 40. fairfield, 51. there were some upper 30s sunday and low 40s today. there's a sea breeze but not much of one. most locations are calm. even that breeze is at travis is 10. you can see a little system moving in. behind that, that should live a
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little bit of a north breeze, but really not that strong. really kind of a ho-hum pattern here. 60s, os and 80s -- 70s and 80s. 64 at kickoff. the five, six, seven-day here. real quiet pattern. there are signs with the weekend in view that a warmup friday into saturday. 7:26. a walnut creek man now facing vehicular manslaughter charges after a crash killed a woman. why she was here in the bay area and what police are saying about the investigation. >> reporter: we're live in fremont where police have been parked outside in the front of the home of a known gang member we'll tell you how this suspect eluded police. and how a store clerk is being remembered after being shot and killed in milpitas.
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developing news from fremont. police are still searching for fugitives wanted for several felonies. police officers first arrived outside a home late last night. janine de la vega just government new information on the suspects. >> reporter: police have been here on the scene all morning
7:30 am
long. we just learned from police that the man who lives in this home, that's who they wanted to catch, he's a documented vietnamese gang member from union city. no, now, the s.w.a.t. team left. they pulled up on the lawn. it did some damage here to the brick. the gang member barricaded himself inside the home. police were hoping he would surrender. that did not help. police came out here to serve an arrest warrant on a 30-year- old vietnamese gang member. he wanted on felony gang charges. police saw him and then saw him go backs in the house. he had something in his hand. they called other officers. he's known to carry weapons.
7:31 am
>> i kept hearing them say, come out with your hands up. they had lights on. >> reporter: police deployed -- deployed tear gas at 5:30 in the morning. we were told by police that they say a neighbor said she was confronted by an unknown male in her backyard and then she saw him hop her fence. police officers searched the rest of the morning with their k-9 unites but they came up empty-handed. they called off an active search in the last hour and a half. but this man is still wanted and they are hoping they will be able to track him down. back to you. >> thank you. a 7/11 employee is being remembered. it happened on north milpitas boulevard. just a block away from the city's police headquarters. the store clerk was pronounced dead at the scene.
7:32 am
his name has not been released. but customers say he was always friendly. >> i know that older man here. was a very nice man. i'm sorry to hear that. gosh. >> so far, no arrests have been made. a san leandro man has been critically injured in a mysterious shooting. police say the victim was found shot several times around 8:30 on orchard street and williams. detectives have not found the gunman and do not have a motive. time now, 7:32. tonight at 6:30, velureses will get to question -- vallejo residents will get to question police about the 7th police- involved shooting. some are saying that vallejo needs a citizens review
7:33 am
committee to oversee the police. that meeting is at 6:30 at city hall. california's death penalty is on hold now, but two district attorneys are pushing hard for executions to be carried out. this comes before the november elections before the people from california will vote on whether or not to keep the death penalty. san mateo county steve wagstaffe is one of the district attorneys who wants to expedite executions. that's been on hold because of an argument that inmates suffer a cruel and unusual death. 7:33. college is back in session from many students. they face deep cuts -- they face deep cuts. >> if voters fail to pass the initiative, the university could face a $250 million midyear budget cut and tuition could go up by 20%.
7:34 am
compensation for university administrators is also on the agenda as well as a legal settlement for protesters who were pepper sprayed at uc davis last november. contra costa county firefighters could see a reduction in their paychecks. right now, a firefighter in contra costa avenues about $55,000 to $8 -- firefighters earn about -- a firefighter in contra costa county earns about $55,000 to 80,000. all of these amounts could drop with jerry brown's pension reform package and voters supporting reductions in the pay of public employees. >> a man is facing vehicular man lawyer charges after a crash in walnut creek killed a woman visiting the bay area. it happened saturday night.
7:35 am
police say that red car went out of control, jumped a sidewalk and hit two women. one of them, sherry schicks, died there at the scene. she was visiting her son and his new wife in santa barbara. the second woman, her daughter- in-law, is in the hospital with serious injuries. >> it's hard to attribute anything to bad laws or the streets being too wide or anything like that. i think it's just like freak accident. the driver of that truck identified as 53-year-old hussein tabrizi. of walnut creek. police have not said whether drugs or alcohol are involved. police say 51-year-old isaac mijia was driving north on interstate 280 saturday night when he ran into a concrete wall near the connector. he was the owner of the restaurant in san bruno. investigators want 0 know if he
7:36 am
suffered a medical problem moments before the crash. a tragic accident? president obama's motorcade. one of the officers died yesterday while on the job. president obama is offering condolences to the officer of bruce st. la rent. he was attempting to shut down in there and was struck. the u.s. government has just given afghanistan officials full control of the bagram prison, where thousands of prison suspects are detained. hamid karzai called this a victory for his country's sovereignty. that prison houses 3,000 detainees. a vigil planned for norm
7:37 am
for a college student from la fayette whose bod way was found in the sacramento river. pet olson disappeared eight days ago. his body was found yesterday about a mile from where he was last seen. he was a student at cal poly san luis obispo. his family says they are grateful for the outpouring of support from the community. what they want to do, they want to thank everybody. that's rei what came out of it. everybody who helped them out. >> about 90,000 people helped by searching a facebook page. police say he drowned and there's no sown of foul play. the vigil will begin at 7:00 tomorrow night at the high school in la fayette i. a -- la fayette. meanwhile, a memorial service is planned for this
7:38 am
girl. this 19's body was found a -- 19-year-old's body was found along the american river. she has missing for two months. horts want to know how she died but they do not suspect foul play. another announcement from apple is now just two days away and we'll hopefully confirm rumors of the new iphone 5. many an tis pavement --ance pate a rollout. -- anticipate a rollout and some other think there will be a larger screen and thinner device. we'll be there to cover this event. sal may not know the answer to that. but he knows about our morning commute, don't you, sal this. >> wait a minute. a new iphone. i just got this one. >> it's already told, sal. >> all right. good morning, everybody. [ laughter ] >> let's take a look at what we have now, traffic is moving
7:39 am
along pretty slowly on westbound 94. we've been watching it. there haven't been any major problems. it's still very slow. it's the typical morning commute. it's all slow in antioch. it will be a slow drive out to concord. if you are driving at the bay bridge, it's backed up all the way out to the maze. the metering lights are on. if you are driving in the south bay, northbound 1011 busy. i would say 280 is busier than 101. we also have slow traffic on 101 through san mateo, 280 looks pretty good through the san mateo area. across the bay, from about 238 through hayward is slow. thank you, sal. a very good monday morning. mostly cloudy, a lot of low clouds around. it took around to get going. it wasn't a lot. now it's filled in on the coast.
7:40 am
it will burn off. temperatures are starting off very, very cool, 45 at sonoma county airport. even saw some upper 30s. but low 40s from sonoma county to the santa cruz mountains and even 49 at livermore. a system continuing to carve themselves out. i think seattle had their first rain in 45 -- in 45 days. loy clouds, r -- low clouds, clear, school. today will be a slightly warmer day. 86 sonoma. 0 san rafael.
7:41 am
vallejo, benicia, 78. 7 in berkeley. and in the 80s. san jose, 79. santa clara in there. it will be a soft 81. 75 san jose. 7 the city and 60s on the coat. looks good to go. mostly clear -- 87 the city and the -- and 60s on the coast. looks good to go. it is 7:41. right now dozens of people are didding -- are continuing to camp outside of brentwood waiting for buffalo wild wings to open. today is the first day of business for the restaurant and they are offering free chicken i.n.s. wings for a year for the first
7:42 am
100 people this line -- free chicken wings for a year for the first 100 people in line. remembering a fallen chp officer who created a roadside memorial for kenyanian strom and how the community is -- kenyan young strom and how the community is helping to pay for -- youngstrom and how the community is helping to pay for the funeral. okay, here's the plan.
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chine that you's auto -- china's auto growth slowed. tabling a live look at the big board -- taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 7. the nasdaq, down 14. the u.s. government is selling $18 billion of its share in aig. the price has not been set but aig plans to buy some of those shares. it received $182 billion from the u.s. government as part of the bailout. after the sale, the stake is expected to be reduced less than 20% down from 23%. happening thousand, tens of thousands of teachers are missing from chicago classrooms
7:46 am
after walking off the job this morning. they are staging the school district's first strike in 25 years. contract talks broke down last night. at issue, pay raises, among other things. the district will still serve the students breakfast and lunch. the number of parents who don'tvation nate their kids in private schools is more than twice that in public schools. whooping cough is leading -- the increase of whooping cough is -- cough is leading more to
7:47 am
vaccinate. thousands of fire battling nine major fires here in california of the the scotts fire in lake county, that was -- california. the scotts fire in lake county in ukiah, and colusa and yolo counties, they are hoping to have those two contained later today. mendocino county and also in southern california in the san gabriel mountains they are fighting fires as well. a memorial service for kenyan youngstrom will be held
7:48 am
who was shot. >> my daughter goes to school with one of their kids and apparently there's three others that go into the community. it doesn't take a family to raise a child t takes a commune -- child. it takes a community. we're finally getting a look at the book "no easy day." the author, scott owen, sat down for the interview. for security his face and voice were altered. the pentagon has threatened legal action against owen was
7:49 am
the manuscript was not submitted for a prereview. >> i really give the reader a chance to realize what it was like to be there. >> it doesn't matter if there's classified information or not. if that's what you are supposed to do, you are supposed to do that. 7:48. tomorrow marks 11 years since the september 11th attacks. here in the bay area, each of the 4 fire stations will hold ceremonies at 6:45 a.m. at 4:00 p.m., a herm will be held in la fayette -- memorial will be held in la fayette.
7:50 am
more than 4 million people have visited the memorial in new york since it opened last year. we have a list of all of the event insurance you in the bay area. go to click on the hot topics section -- events for you in the bay area. go to click on the hot topics section right there. president obama and mitt romney are getting ready for their three debates next month. the first debate is in denver octoberrd. it will focus on domestic policy forks followed by a town hall style university in new york and then october 22nd in florida and that one will focus
7:51 am
on foreign policy. president obama is making another trip to the bay area. the "san francisco chronicle" says the president will be in san francisco on monday, october 8th. exact details have not been released. early this morning you, the asked's a.m. campaign announced they raised more than $11 -- the president's campaign announced they raised more than $114 million. mitt romney's campaign raised just over $111. now, president obama literally feeling the love during a campaign stop yesterday. the owner of a pizza shoplifted the president in the air and gave him a bear hug. the oakland raiders kick off their season tonight against the san diego chargers.
7:52 am
kickoff is at 7:15 at the coliseum. but the team wants fans to get there early. it's expected to take longer to get the new airport-style metal detectors now required at every nfl stadium. if you do get there early, you will get to see a performance by ice cube and have the opportunity to win raider prizes. 7:52. a kidnapping investigation, it started in the -- in november but ended in vallejo -- in
7:53 am
nevada. but ended in vallejo. what the victim is telling police about one of the suspects. an unusual visitor to a southern california neighborhoods. the stops this bear made before being tranquilized before being stopped by fish and game. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
7:54 am
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a black wear is back in the wild after staking -- after taking a stroll through a southern california neighborhood in front of homes, a nail saloon and -- salon and taking laps around a high school. he also walked onto a freeway onramp. fish and game responded and train kimized the bear. it's ear was tag in order to identify him before he was taken back to the forest. a man accused kidnap -- a man caulked of kidnapping sa 17- year-old in nevada was arrested in vallejo over the weekend.
7:56 am
jose sanchez and three others are accused of kidnapping the girl in front of her home. investigators say she was held for ransom but was rescued 21 hours later. police say the two men used to work for her father. >> the trail to hill -- the trail to him, yes. >> all four suspects are being held without bail. 7:56. want to check in with sal again. see what's happening on the roads. sal? we're not hearing you. sal, is your microphone on? >> yeah. we can take this time to admire the -- >> you can tell i'm back from vacation. >> yeah. >> welcome back. >> you can see northbound 280 traffic is gonna be slow. it's slow everywhere you look. the toll plaza is backed up for about a 20-minute delay. i want to mention the nimitz
7:57 am
freeway. very slow heading south. >> decent fog beige. still moving in nights and morning -- bank. still moving in nighted and morning -- nights and mornings. san rafael, redwood city city, santa rosa down to 45. i seen saw some lower forges in the russian river area -- 40s in the russian river area. the sea breeze has been cut in half. inland, upper 70s. a few locations pushing the upper 80s. mostly clear, breezy for the raiders tonight. looks pretty good.
7:58 am
maybe a little chilly late. slightly -- slightly cooler tuesday. a little bit of a re-- a little bit of a rebound and sunday looks like another cooldown tori and dave. 7:57. which bay area cities need more trees. we'll tell you the latest of a new government study. and a suspected armed robber is shot during an early- morning holdup in oakland. why he targeted the -- why he targeted the wrong victim and what neighbors around here witnessed this morning. lucky to be alive. that's the feeling from a father and son rescued. we'll show you their dramatic rescue when "mornings on 2" continues. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course.
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8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. good morning. i'm dave clark. it's monday, it's september 10th. well a suspected robber in oakland was shot just hours ago by an off-duty police officer. ktvu's alex savidge is live on lee street near lake merritt to tell just that officer was not the -- to tell us why that this officer was not the first targeted.
8:01 am
>> reporter: this suspected armed robber tacted the wrong people. he held up a man and woman at gunpoint outside of their cars, but one of the victims was on a -- was an off-duty police officer. he was hit twice, the suspect. everything unfolded here at low straight. investigators won't say which department this officer works for. but he and the woman just arrived home and parked their car. they went to grab something out of the trunk when the suspected armed robber approached them, demanding their valuables, showing them the gun. but the officer shot his weapon. >> i heard a yum of shots. i'm not sure how many and then -- number of shots. i'm shot sure how many and then i heard somebody yelling down, down. police were here in seconds. there was a massive response
8:02 am
which was reassuring. earlier on, i'm told he was involved in two other street robberies. but that third robbery involved an off-duty police officer. again that off-duty police officer pulled a gun and opened fire on that suspected armed robber sending him to the hospital. we're told he will be taken into custody and will be facing charges. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. an annual trip almost ended in tragedy for a father and son after their small crane crashed off the central coast. they were plucked from the water near morro bay after making an emergency landing yesterday. tara moriarty joins us now from the coast guard station at sfo to explain what helped rescuers get to the scene so quickly. well, officials say it was attracting a gps tracking device on board the aircraft able to lead them to that
8:03 am
civicking plane quickly. the may-day call came in just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the san francisco coast guard provided ktvu with this video of the rescue from the downed cessna plane. a father and his son were flying on a trip they take every year. the engine stalled and the two were forced to make an emergency landing in the cold, choppy waters of big sur. >> they were very thankful. they took our hands. they were extremely grateful. they were very close to dying tonight. and we hoped save their lives. there was is a few of four. we all due what we are trained to do. it's nice when you are caulk away andive -- it's nice when you are can -- when you can walk away and save a couple of
8:04 am
lives. we're live near sfo, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:03. there are plans to plant more trees here in the bay area. the u.s. forest service says most the bay area doesn't have enough trees and has a low urban canopy. however, there are some parts of the bay area that fared pretty well in the study. piedmont, portola valley, they were raided as excellent. neighborhood streets with a lot of trees usually have higher property values. a homeless man was arrested in san francisco for attacking a park ranger and a police officer with a tree ranger. the attack rapped -- happened yesterday afternoon near stern meadow. the ranger approached the homeless man but he resisted
8:05 am
and started to swing a brain of. the ranger was injure -- with a -- started to swing a branch. the ranger was injured. the dally could you reports protesters broke into the uc crop -- the daily cow reports protesters broke into the uc crop area that they planted. tomorrow, the san francisco ethics commission will meet and talk about the fate of ross mirkarimi. they will go for a summary report. last month, the commission recommended that he should mirror mirkarimi should lose his job. now, most of the people in
8:06 am
the ethics commission say they don't believe his account of what happened during that new year's eve incident during the wife. those who found he was not teing the truth -- telling the truth thank he -- then he gave a false report. and then think he was -- his wife was abused prior to the incident. coming up for you at 8:15, we'll tell you why congress may not be able to get any of the much-needed work done. hewlett-packard is expected to cut more than 2,000 jobs more than it previously thought. now they plan to cut a total of
8:07 am
$29,000 jobs by october 2014 according to a regulatory filing. some of the job cuts will come through an early retirement. last month, hp posted the largest loss in the 7346 year history. meg whitman took over at ceo one year ago. two people are in the hospital after a police chase in santa rosa that ended with a crash. it happened last night around 6:00. police got a report of a stolen car on culleygan driver. police tried to pull over the driver but he took off. the chase ended with a crash in the area of brookwood avenue and bennett valley road. two people were taken to the hospital are expected to be okay. brandon is suspected of driving under the influence. 8:07. sal is coming back. what's happening on 880. it's pretty slow heading south. but also northbound where we're
8:08 am
getting some slow traffic here in this area. it's gonna be a busy day for this corridor. right now it's busy. southbound busy, there's a traffic haz art in the area. there's also been a small crash nearby and there's been another thing there's -- there's been some slow traffic northbound as well. and later today there will be a raider game. it's sold out. it will be a tough corridor to drive through today. the commute will be busy at the toll plaza. that's backed up for about a 20- minute delay getting into san francisco. this morning's commute on 880 farther south, we have slow traffic there. now if you are driving in the south bay, 280 -- 280 has become very -- very busy. let's go to steve. thank you. temperatures are kind of
8:09 am
recovering a little bit inland from yesterday. just a series of weak systems. i've looked at 7, 10, 15-day outlooks to see if there's an extreme one way or another. there really isn't. one forecast model does dig a low into eastern nevada. it would an dry system. but the back system would give us a northeast wind. but the other models say no. it probably won't. but i'm stretching by looking that far out. very cool reads. i'm sure the sonoma airport is warm than 53 -- very cool reedings. i'm sure -- readings. i'm sure the sonoma airport is
8:10 am
warmer than that. one day we cool down. the next day it warms up. otherwise, clear and cool. a little warmer day, not a lot. there's hadley any sea breeze out at travis. you think it's only 7 miles an hour. it's been decreasing. i don't think the coast and bay changes too much. slightly warmer inland after yesterday's dip in the temperatures. 60s, 70s and 80s to near 90. >> 7 woodside. san mateo, redwood stores a little warmer. palo alto, redwood city, mostly clear, a little breezy. nothing we haven't scene or handled before. a little cooler tuesday.
8:11 am
kind of like leveling off. a little warmup inland, friday and saturday. 8:10. three men arrested in petaluma as for drug possession and theft. police responded to a report that two men were stealing several hundred dollars worth of merchandise. cody benson and 21-year-old allred are accused of stealing the items, then getting into a car driven by jeffrey campbell. police say they found drugs in the car as well as stolen checkbooks and credit cards. 8:11. the susan g. komen walk for the cure in san francisco, it's now over. the recent controversy that could have affected the turnout. g'head. try it- where's the nearest jack in the box? i found 4 places that sell socks. not socks. jack in the box. a yak is a long-haired bovine. that's true.
8:12 am
i like things that work, like my no- nonsense all-american jack combo. it has two 100% beef patties, melting cheese, lettuce and tomato plus fries and a drink for $4.99. sounds de-lish. i found one d-list celebrity nearby.
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you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios coastal fog and low clouds. it will head back to the coast. 60s there. 70s, and we'll see tomorrow warmer temperatures away from the coast. 8:14. thousands of people participated in the susan g. komen bay area race for the cure this weekend. the three-day breast cancer fund-raising event wrapped up yesterday in san francisco. organizers say about 2600 people were signed up ahead of time. but that's far scheuer than last year. and that -- far ewer than last year. that could be due to last year when they announced they would no longer provide screening for
8:15 am
plan the parenthood. well, that decision was quickly reversed after a huge back cass lash but many did decide not to support them any-- a huge backlash but many did decide not to support them any longer. a new anti-smoking campaign here in california is offering smokers gift cards an incentive to kick the habit. the sacramento bee reports that $20 cards are being offered to certain medi-cal patients. in exchange they have to call the california smoke line and take part in phone counseling.
8:16 am
members of congress are back in washington on capitol hill. alison burns has more. >> reporter: there are a few to- dos like pass a short-term budget bill to keep the government running this month. but some other issues are up in the air, like disaster aid and droughts. spending cuts an tax increases kick in at the end of the year that experts warn could plunge the country into a deep
8:17 am
recession. reporting from washington, alison burns, now back to you. >> thank you, alison. the fbi has arrested tren ton, new jersey mayor, tony mack and two others -- trenton, new jersey mayor, tony mac and two others related to a corruption scandal. the arrests come weeks after federal agents raided mack's home and other locations including tren ton's city hall. the nayor of san francisco is seeing his approval rating dip a little. the "chronicle" reports 49% of voters in a new citywide pole gave the mayor a favorable rating. last summer his rating -- his
8:18 am
waiting was over 50%. 81 people are known to have been killed in the earthquake and china. survivors are waiting for supplies and other things this morning. officials from yemen report an air strike has killed al qaeda's number two loader along with five others trafing with him in the car -- traveling with him in the car. they say the missile that
8:19 am
appeared to be fired from a -- was from a u.s. drone. the new judge in the george zimmerman murder trial has rejected the stand your ground in a previous murder case. the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed trayvon martin this year, he's expected to use florida's stand your ground law to justify the shooting. now on the display in the
8:20 am
capitol, lady gaga's meet dress. this dress is made out of 25 pounds of beef. the dress has been dried and streeted -- treated with chemicals since then it unusualed a jerkry. it was painted red along with the boot she was wearing. 2 will be on the museum in -- it will be in the newsroom of the women of the arts in washington, d.c. it's been nearly two years since the san bruno explosion. and good morning. westbound, 27, slow traffic trying to get -- 237, slow traffic trying to get in the valley.
8:21 am
looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh...
8:22 am
(interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine.
8:23 am
it's been two years since a natural gas pipeline exploded in a san bruno neighborhood. last night, people came together to mark the second anniversary with two memorials. the first was held in san bruno park where a plaque was unveiled with the names of all eight people killed during the explosion. >> it's a nice way to keep it -- keep fresh in people's minds what happened and -- and to -- to let those folks wherever they are at at this point in time to know they are not forgotten. >> reporter: a group of -- >> a group of people gathered
8:24 am
for a moment ofs is at 6:11:00 p.m. that was the exact -- moment of silence at 6:11 p.m. that was the exact moment this occurred. we have more information on our website. vancouvers still want to know why a -- investigators still want to know why a house was destroyed in an explosion. look at -- loot look at these pictures. this home was -- this -- just look at these pictures. this home was raided. police found several pot plans in the backyard. sal, how is traffic? >> it's busy. let's start off in the east bay, 24 westbound as you drive right through, there will be
8:25 am
traffic that's not all that bad as you drive through the tunnel, to the tunnel, the morning commute. 680 southbound is a little slow. bay bridge taupe that's improving a little bit. it's still backed up for a 15- minute delay. we've seen some im-- some improvement especially on the ramps. in the south bay, we still have slow traffic. we've seen son improvement. 101 is slow from 280 all way to sunnyvale. some coastal fog out there. nothing too strong. some low clouds that made it even to san jose. a little cool this morning. a couple of reports coming in. 40s and 50s now. we did have a -- it's a stuck
8:26 am
pattern. one day a little system to the north. the wind is out, we cool it down a little bit. it looks like high pressure will build in. here is slight component coming to the system to the north. coast and bay and fog. it will be warmer inland. today it will be more in the 80s. mostly clear, in fact, i will -- i think it will be clear. temperatures in the 60s. slightly cooler on tuesday. it looks like a ho-hum pattern on wednesday, thursday. 8:26. a walnut creek man facing vehicular manslaughter charges after a crash that left a woman visiting the bay area dead. why she was here in the bay area and what police are now telling us about the investigation. we're live in fremont in front of a home that the s.w.a.t. team entered this morning. also the e-- also the
8:27 am
reaction to a store clerk at a 7/11 in milpitas. [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light,
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8:29 am
that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. police in fremont swarmed a house on butana park drive late last night, searching for a suspect. now -- a fugitive. we're live there with janine and janine, you have new video from inside where they were searching. what do you know? >> reporter: well well, the man and woman who live inside this -- well, the man and woman who live inside this home, their doors were broken, so were their windows. when we were inside, my
8:30 am
photographer and i, we smelled the tear gas t was so strong, it was bushing our throat and eyes. the suspect who lives here is a documented vietnamese gang member. he's wanted for several felony us. police say i barricaded himself inside. ive side -- inside there are broken doors and windows. you can see where the tear was gas shot -- tear gas was shot. last night, officers came here to serve an arrest on this man. police say when they arrived, he ran outside with an object in his hand. police called the s.w.a.t. team in. they spoke to his father. >> they say he was here last night and saw him run outside. >> no. no, i don't think so.
8:31 am
he's not here. >> reporter: around 5:30 this morning, the s.w.a.t. team deployed the tear gas but they did not find the suspect inside. a neighbor says a man was in her backyard and approached that neighbor and then hopped the fen. police officers say this 30- year-old suspect who is a documented vietnamese gang member, he's still wanted. reporting live from fremont, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. residents of milpitas, mourning the shooting death of a 7/11 store clerk inside the -- shot and kim inside the -- killed the store clerk inside the store. the store clerk was pronounced dead at the scene. we don't know his name. it's not been released. customers tell us, he was always friendly. i know the older man.
8:32 am
he was a very nice man. i'm sorry to hear that. gosh. >> so far, no arrests have been made. we're learning more about the woman killed while walking down a walnut street sidewalk. a vehicle hit two women walking on north side. on north main street. 52-year-old sherry hicks died at the scene. that wife, the victim's lawyer in law is now at john muir medical center with serious injuries. it instantly went from there is a wreckout side to -- wreck outside to cash cash oh, it was a horrific skein. the driver of the truck has been identified as 53-year-old brakisi of -- of walnut creek. the crip of -- victim of a fatal weekend crash in san
8:33 am
bruno has been identified as the owner of a local mexican restaurant. police say he was driving north on 2 0 last night when he ras that -- when he ran into the that. he's the owner of the medical condition. -- he's the owner of that mexican restaurant. right now, a contra costa firefighter earns a base salary to -- of about $55 to $5,000 year. the east contra costa county fire district is the lowest paid about 54,000. all of those pay salaries could drop with governor brown's pension reform package. college ha back for many students and again, they are facing deep cuts and education
8:34 am
budgets. the budget is one of the issues, the uc board of regents will be discussing this weekend. if the voters don't mass the tax -- the tax niche tin -- veil residents would get -- will get to question the acting police chief of the 7th off- duty police officer shooting of the year. police say he got out of the car holding what appears to -- what appeared to be a gun. five of those have been deadly
8:35 am
of the shootings. the meeting is at 6:0 in the city hall council chambers. californians will soon vote whether to keep the death penalty and until then, two district attorneys are pushing hard for executions to be carried out. san mateo's steve wagstaffe is one of the district attorneys working to expe died executions before they could no longer be a state practice. this is on hold because of laws in the procedure arguing inmates suffer a cruel and unusual death. nadia lockyer is heading back to court route i -- nadia lockyer. police got a tip she might have drugs. police did find methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in the room she shared with her son.
8:36 am
shy resigned as a supervisor in april as a cash cash after a drug -- april as a -- after a drug and extra mara cal scandal. -- mara tal scandal. emmett burns wrote a letter too the ravens telling him to muzzle the line backer of the ravens ayanbadejo. the team issued a statement supporting him. he -- burnt is retracting the letter saying the player has a right to think the way he
8:37 am
thinks. the city of oakland wants fans to their -- to show their as and raiders spirit. mayor quan has designed this week as oakland love their spores team spirit week. fans are encouraged to wear their teams' colors. le:-- 8:37. spectators of this week's races should feel safer because of security changes after last year's plane disaster. organizers redesigned the air field and increased the distance
8:38 am
by 150 feet. back here at home, muni is hoping that a new ipad app will help improve the service. almost 70,000 people ride muni every day. muni has dealt with issues that include old street cars and buss that sometimes break down. that's why they are hoping that this map will improve operations by having realtime operations for the trains and buses. griffin is accused of e-mailing the west bay billers demanding that he pay her estranged husband who did work at a san francisco b.a.r.t. station. but griffin deflies any wrongdoing and said shy was
8:39 am
trying to secure payment for another project. gas went up to 3.84. that sounds like a gargan here. the new -- bargain here. the lundberg survey says san francisco has the highest price in the united states. hey sal, are they burning up traffic on the east shore? >> yeah, the east shore freeway is still busy, heading out west. it's much better than we saw it. things are improving a little bit. when you get to the toll plaza things have improved there as well. we're going to see some slow traffic but it's better than it was just a little while ago.
8:40 am
south bay pretty slow traffic. let's go to steve. some fog. not much of a sea breeze. i mean there is a component of a westerly breeze. tropical clouds continue to fire up. but they are east and south of us. the direction of the upper atmosphere is just not right to bring those clouds in there. the little systems continue to move in to the north. had a lot of 40s. there were some low 40s an mid- 40s. that was all the way down to the south as well. san jose hit 60s.
8:41 am
that's cool for them. high pressure, though, looks like it just wants to give us a slight northerly breeze. a little system went by and gave seattle its first breeze. low clouds, clear, cool, it looks like a little bit warmer day, especially for those inland areas. not a lot but some mid-80s coming back in after yesterday's upper 70s. a few locations will be pushing -- push, the i -- i think there is a little hint of fall.
8:42 am
temperatures look good tonight for the raiders game. slightly cooler on tuesday. looks like a quiet pattern. dave ander tofully. >> thank you, steve -- dave and tori. thank you. a college student from la fayette found dad over the weekend is being remembered. >> he's a great kid. >> what's manning for him tomorrow and how his former high school is honoring him today. we're hearing more from the navy seem who helped kill -- s.e.a.l. who helped kill prosecution. >> reporter: and an early- morning holdup in oakland ends badly for the suspected armed robbery after he's shot by his own victim. 3q
8:43 am
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and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. stocks are mixed right now on wall street. there's troubling economic news from chine number but there's also hope that more stimulus from the federal reserve after that weak report on friday, many anticipate more bond
8:46 am
support. the dow is currently up 6 right now, 13,312. nasdaq is down 11. s&p is flat. apple is set to make an announcement and unveil the ipad 5. the new iphone is thinner and has a larger describe. apple's stock is down by the -- almost by 1% right now. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following right now. a man and his son were rescued by a helicopter in morro bay and it was sinking. the plane went down into the ocean. the father and son were not seriously hurt. after a five-week recess congress goes back to work in washington. the first order, voting 0 an ten-month temporary spending
8:47 am
bill to finance the day-to-on dationrations -- day-to-day operations. and a gunman behind bars after trying to wrong thening -- trying to rob the wrong victim. alex savidge has more. what happened here, alex? >> reporter: well, this was an off-duty police officer who turned the tables on the man shooting him. that man is not with oakland police. and a woman he was with were outside of their car and that's when the officer fired on the armed robber, hitting him twice. that man is in stable condition at the hospital -- at the hospital. everything happened on lee street about a block away from lake merritt. the man had arrived there and went to open -- and went to open the trunk to get
8:48 am
something. and that's when the. man put the fun to his head. and then the man at shot at him. >> he told me that it was a good guy getting a bad guy. i didn't know what that went apartment the time. i'm glad the police were here quickly. this is a relatively safe neighborhood. i've lived in oakland for 25 years. it's a sad day. >> the sar yen gent i talked with oraller -- earlier in morning, the suspected armed robber had been busy throughout the night. in at least two other areas, this moving, he's recovering two victims -- there's two
8:49 am
victims recovering. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:48. well, san row andro police have -- san lee's dro police have no suspect or motive -- san leandro police have no suspect or a motive but any have one suspect. police found the 48-year-old man on orchard. he was rushed to eden medical center. now, witnesses have been kissed by police. they want your help to try to find out more and capture the gunman. 8:49. a oak student from la fayette who drowned in the sacramento river is being remembered this morning. this is new video near the high school in la fayette where 20- year-old brett garage waited from. someone wrote his -- wrote his name on the hillside along with two hearts. there will be a vigil at the high school tomorrow night. >> i just have to think about
8:50 am
the good side. he's a great kid. it's sad. >> more than 90,000 people joined a facebook page to help support olsewn's family during the search. he disappeared while tubing down. river near klee co. he was a student at cal poly. a memorial service is staned -- is planned for the uc davis student. the friend ands -- the friends and family gathered yesterday. while max had been missing for more than two months, authorities are investigating how she died but they say they do not suspect foul play. happening right now, thousands of chicago public schoolteachers are on strike they are walking picket lines in 35 years. those teachers walked out this
8:51 am
morning. in the meantime, 400,000 students and their parents are afibbed by this walk out -- walkout. some of the teachers didder issh breakfast and lunch toent students but they will only stay open -- to the students but they will only stay open half a day. a number of warrants who don't vaccinate in private schools that more than that's than those in public schools. not even the me e-- reemergence of whooping cough is leading the parents to vaccinate. a former navy s.e.a.l. who goes by the name mark owen is speaking out for the first name a new week called "no easy day." he watt -- he sat down with 60
8:52 am
quints but for security reasons, his face and garage man -- and man has not -- did not without being noticed. >> this was one of the biggest operations in history. this is something that i think minds to be ole right. >> the american people tonight need to know exactly what happened in that building. >> the book is on sore. most of the book's chair raids. -- most -- the book is on sale
8:53 am
right now. we have a list of all of the september 11th remembrance events in the bay area. just click on the hot topic section of we'll have a busy day tomorrow covering all of this. >> yes. >> 8:53. still ahead, the oakland raiders live on national tv tonight against an old river. two mans you fans may want to arrive early at the coliseum. sal will have an update on the weight times. right now the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
i will save -- >> "possession" topped the box office. it was a bad slurp for movies. it made this movie just $9.5 million. this was the lowest-grossing weekend for the box office this year and one of the worse this ten years. maybe peach were watching a lot
8:57 am
of football. >> football -- people were watching a lot of football. oakland rayers' kickoff at 7:15. fans, arrive early. it will take longer to get through security because of the new metal detectors required at every nfl stadium. if you get there early, you will see a pregame performance by wrapper ice crew and -- ice cube and have a chance to win some prizes. and the 49ers won at lamb beau field -- lamb beau field -- lambeau field. the 6-yard field goal bounced off the -- the 56-yard field goal bounced off and kept going. let's check in with sal.
8:58 am
>> it's slow. 680 is a mess from pleasant hill to walnut creek because of a crash. coast and bay fog will give way to sunshine. i think 60s, 70s will do it. don't see much change here this week. >> that's our report. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. be sure to join the news at noon.
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