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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 11, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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eleven years ago, at this very moment, the south tower of the world trade center fell. it was the second tower hit by a high-jacked plane. but it was the first to crumble to the ground. right now a moment of silence was being observed at the september 11th memorial plaza located in the world trade center site in lower manhattan. that moment of silence has passed and now all morning long, family members of those killed in the attacks, have been reading off the names of the loved ones they lost three years ago today. nearly 3,000 died 11 years ago today. meantime, the museum appears to be back on track. it was supposed to open on this
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11th anniversary on the attacks but budget disputes delayed construction. however, mayor bloom burg and -- bloomberg and mayor cuomo say this will resume. the fire department in san francisco is honoring victims in san francisco. tara moriarty is in san francisco with more on how the victims are being remembered, tara. >> reporter: well, right now, they are getting ready hoist the flag. they are gonna put it up there at half-staff. firefighters just rang the apparatus bell. mayor ed lee and fire chief joanne hayes-white are here. they will be raising the flag to half-staff and then observe the moment of silence.
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you can see the screws here. all 4 houses in san francisco are holding ceremonies right now to remember the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. it's obviously a very quiet and somber moment. at two moments after 7:00, they will read out loud the names of those firefighters. if would you like to observe the ceremony and honor the fallen of the world trade center, new york city, the pentagon and flight 9 3, the public we're told is welcome at all stations. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, tara? happening now, president obama has been speaking at the pentagon this morning. and in one hour, congress will gather hob the steps of the capitol in washington, d.c. to observe the 9/11 anniversary and pay a special tribute to the victims. we'll have more on that at 7:15 when we go live to washington,
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d.c. we'll also hear about several new reports out that raise security questions about post-9/11. right now we want to take you live to the shanksville, pennsylvania for the moment that the plane crashed there. it happened at 7:03 our time. let's listen in. >> amen. >> as you may recall, united flight 93 is a real story of courage and heroism. passengers on that flight were
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heading to san francisco. once they heard about the fate of the other hijacked planes through cell phone calls with loved ones, they decided to take matters into their own hands. they stormed the cockpit, forced the jet to crash instead of hitting its possible target in the nation's capitol. once again, family members are reading names of the victims who died on that flight. the plane crashed into a field in shanksville, pennsylvania exactly 11 years ago. make sure you stay right here with us on "mornings on 2." we'll bring you live coverage of the anniversary until 9:00 this morning. we also have a list for you of the remembrance events all over the bay area. you will find it at 7:04. developing news from southern san jose -- thousands of people have no electricity right now. around 5:30 this morning, a car hit a power pole on san jose avenue and amaden expressway and then fled the scene. we just talked to pg&e.
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they say they don't know when the power will be restored to all of those folks. we'll keep you posted. also new this morning, another problem at the scene of an early-morning fire in san jose. it happened hours ago. the fire was reported just before 3:00 on villa monterey. lorraine blanco is out there now. what's the new information about a water break? what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, dave, there is a water main break on the other side of this apartment complex in the parking lot. you can see a water company crew right now on scene. there is another crew on the way to repair that break. as for the fire, you can see the charred remains of that second story apartment. in all, three units are unlivable. last update, the red cross will be helping residents with shelter and food. the firefighters say the right second unit was fully engulfed just before 3:00 a.m. crews called a second alarm when they heard people were
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trapped inside. witnesses said two people had to jump out of a second-story window to estape the -- escape the flames. we talked to a disabled man. they said he's very grateful. >> they carried me. normally, i would walk step by step. but omar basically carriry -- carried me. the lord saved me but they assisted. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. there were no other injuries. back out here live again, a crew from the san jose water company is on scene right now. another crew is on its way to come fix a water main break. the bad news for residents when they come to fix that water main, they will have to shut down the line for several hours. some people without here will be without a water main for a few hours. reporting live in san jose, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2
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news. 7:06. well, volunteers with this year's annual coastal cleanup day, they will be watching from debris from last year's tsunami in japan. debris has already washed up in washington state and in oregon. scientists say even more debris could end up here in california, alaska and hawaii. thousands of volunteers are expected to take part in the coast sal cleanup day on saturday. well, the city of san francisco reportedly wants the state to investigate alleged radioactive contamination on treasure island. now, this follows complaints that the u.s. navy contractors may have mishandled contaminated material. later on today, the board of supervisors may take up the issue. the navy is getting ready to transfer the former treasure island naval station over to the city of san francisco for a new housing development at a cost of $105 million. but everything depends on whether deadlines are met, including cleaning up hazardous
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waste. 7:07. in overnight news, the california highway patrol is investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that shut down eastbound 580 in east oakland. witnesses reported seeing the motorcycle and rider in the left lane of 580 near the 98th avenue onramp. they say they blocked the scene with their cars until police arrived. the motorcyclist -- the motorcyclist, a man in his 60s, died from his injuries. police say it does not appear the man was speeding. they are not sure what caused the crash. they are investigating whether alcohol played a factor in the accident. sal is back. you are watching the toll plaza and everything else. >> that's right. it's pretty crowded there. westbound bay bridge coming up to the toll plaza. you need to give yourself extra time coming up to the -- coming up to the toll plaza. the metering lights are on.
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880 and 580, it's crowded. but not stop and go as you drive to the interchange. this morning's commute has been slow. 280 is not all that bad. san jose avenue at almaden expressway, they are still clearing up a car that ran into a pole. so watch for activity in that area. 7:08. let's go to steve. when i came in, there was not that much dark. a little low above us. it took a while to get it around point reyes. now it's heading up to the sonoma coast. it's solid, thick, thick, thick on the coastline. from the golden gate out to richmond. more fog, breezy, cooler today, about -- down from 2 to 4 yesterday. not much of a change. but it looks warmer. can't get the tropical clouds in here.
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they will stay on the east side. also in southern california, the conditions in the upper atmosphere are not right for us but they are foresail. -- southern california. that little low is hard to see but it is there. if it weren't for a fock and a freeze -- breeze, mid -- for a fog and a breeze, it will still be mild to warm for some away from the coast. the low clouds are kind of kicking in a westerly direction. the fog, some of that is thick. by the coast, 60s for most. 60s, 70s around the wear. you can find 80s and 90s inland. walnut creek in there. livermore hit yesterday hit 90.
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we'll go 87 yesterday. upper 80s santa clara valley. except for santa cruz/capitola, probably a lot of 60s and 50s on the coast. up against the hill, though, that is. they were 84 yesterday. cooler into wednesday and then we start to turn things around. friday and saturday do look warmer. 7:10. in contempt of court? why some say oakland mayor jean quan could be facing legal trouble. and the nation pauses to remember 9/11. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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fog continues to fill in the coast. it still looks cooler today. highs today, 60s, 70s and then mid-80s to a few upper 80s
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inland. on this 11th anniversary of 9/11, there are several reports that show disappointing you haver inabilities in the country's security -- vulnerabilities in the country's security. alison burns has more. >> reporter: tori, we're outside the east front of the u.s. capitol building, where in just about 45 minutes, democrats and republicans, members of the house and senate will be gathering on the steps to sing "god bless america" just as they did right after the attacks. i've confirmed that senators feinstein and boxer and other bay area members of congress are going to be here. there are also several congressional hearings today. looking at our post-9/11 security. among them, a house committee is going to be getting a scathing report about the transportation security administration, the tsa. it says the agency is failing to meet taxpayers' expectations. its operations are poorly
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executed. another route says four -- report says four out of five hospitals are failing to prevent highly-radioactive material that could be used this a bomb. we'll have continuing coverage here on ktvu. reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:15. and you should not see or hear any attack ads from the presidential candidates today. president obama and mitt romney will not be running campaign commercials. negative ads don't belong on the airways on this day. instead, they will focus on those who lost their lives today. around the world, people are remembering the victims
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today. this was in christ church, new zealand. first responders there, displaying american flags. they also said prayers for those who lost their lives. this is the fourth year that new zealand's fire service as well as the american club of christ church have held this public service marking 9/11. now, make sure you stay right here with ktvu for continuing live coverage of the 9/11 anniversary throughout "mornings on 2." we also have a list for you of the bay area remembrance events at our channel 2 website, go to it, look under. hot topics section. 7:16. today, classrooms in chicago will be empty as thousands of public schoolteachers continue to strike for a second day. push >> what do we want! >> the strike has left the parents of about 350,000 children looking for
7:17 am
alternative childcare options. teachers in a job dispute over job security and houp they will be evat waited. the -- evaluated. a former oakland city employee is suing the city for wrongful termination. jeffrey baker says i was fired for the measure-y program last year for being a whistle- blower. the "tribune" reports that baker made claims that police and fire departments were violating the measure's spending restrictions. several senior staffers objected toker being hired in the first -- to baker being hired in the first place. a group that wants to impose changes on the police department says they've been trying to get mayor jean quan to testify. instead, they say she reportedly canceled her depositions, claiming she had other places to be.
7:18 am
mayor quan says she plans to be at a deposition on september 25th. now, the attorney involved says if not, she could be charged with contempt of court. members of the board of supervisors using interest in a question-and-answer session with mayor ed lee called "question time." question time allows supervisors to ask the mayor any any questions they -- any questions they have. but some are calling it a waste of time. the voters approved question time back in 2010. oakland police are investigating a shooting that injured one person. it happened yesterday afternoon around 4:0 on fairfax avenue -- 4:30 on fairfax avenue. police say police opened fire on four people. one person was injured. the victim is in stable condition. no arrests have been made. a college student from san jose was hit and killed in
7:19 am
flagstaff. police say she was riding her p bike and hit by a truck. the driver left the scene and was arrested later. she graduated from presentation high school in san jose and was a senior at northern arizona university. well, the usda is purchasing meat again from a central california slaughterhouse, one that was at the center of an animal cruelty investigation. the department says the central valley meat company has improved. the oversight over animal welfare. investigators reportedly found no evidence of any sick cattle getting into the food supply. all of this comes after an undercover video showed workers there kicking and shocking cattle as one way to harden them up to be slaughtered. well, b.a.r.t. is now expanding service on its richmond millbrae line. four extra trains will run in each direction between 7:00 and 8:00 on weekdays. that means trains will come
7:20 am
about every seven and a half minutes. well, berkeley city cabdrivers have complained for months about a city policy affecting their business and today, city council will finally review that. it's called triple jeopardy. it's a policy that allows authorities to issue cab drivers three different very hefty fines for one incident, citing them for blocking public streets or not parking in a designated area and parking in a marked zone during the day. 16 cabdrivers have been hit with the triple jeopardy policy in the past few months. another beautiful day in the bay area. we're so lucky. a roller coaster ride on temperatures. yesterday, we warmed up. up next, steve paulson will tell us about a cooldown. and a bitter battle between
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cell phone companies and one city. what a court has now decided. good morning. westbound 24 traffic, pretty busy here in la fayette as you head to the tunnel. we'll tell you more ahead. er, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home.
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san francisco ordinance requiring cell phone dealers to advertise potential health threats from cell phones is now blocked. the city's ordinance yesterday required retailers to tell customers of the possible dangers of the radiation of cell phone use. the court says the city cannot force retailers to pass along the health warnings to customers. the ordy will remain warred while both sides discuss it in court. a plim hearing set for this morning -- preliminary hearing for a set for this morning -- preliminary hearing is set for
7:24 am
a man who impersonated a doctor. he's charged with several felony counts, including rape, practicing medicine without a license and identity theft. nine alleged victims have come forward. all right. 7:23. let's check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads on this tuesday morning. >> all right. right now, we do have traffic that's getting much busier for the morning commute. i want to start off with 880 northbound. you can see how slow that is, driving up toward the coliseum. i'm checking to see if there's anything blocking any lanes. but certainly it's been a slow commute in this area as you drive up to the coliseum. 580 is not much better. i'm looking here on the list. i do see 880 southbound at 66. there is a car fire and i hear oakland responding to it. let's move along and take a look at westbound 92. 101 southbound at highway 92
7:25 am
there is a crash. i see a chp officer there in the middle using the -- getting something on the bridge. and trying to get to livermore is really slow out of the tracy triangle. we've had a couple of earlier problems here and traffic is slow. let's go to steve. fog, definitely moving you up the coast -- moving up the coast. there's a little bit. but nothing too outrageous. high pressure looks like it will lose its grips. some very warm air aloft, kind of putting a cap on that fog. it moves more south and north than it does to north and east. some dense fog by the water's edge. 40s, 50s on the terps. you can barrel -- temperatures. you can barely see it. it will be here today and tomorrow. fog, sun, nice t will be cooler inland. temperatures coming down from 4
7:26 am
degrees to 2. more like 86, 87, 88 for some. 60s, 70s around the bay. a little cooler into wednesday. warmer weather arrives friday and saturday, especially inland. we'll take that maybe into sunday. there are some signs of maybe our first offshore breeze next week. we'll see. 7:25. cleaning up vandalized buildings this morning. what happened to more than a dozen buildings in berkeley? >> reporter: and orinda police will be doing focused patrols near school. why this was all prompted by a close call by a teenaged girl. >> reporter: a flag is draped over the memorial bell here in front of station 1 in san jose. we'll tell you the memorial that the victims had ofsen. -- had of september 11th.
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this minute marks the exact time the north tower fell. there was a moment of silence and more names are being read. let's listen in. >> edward joseph leiman. >> this was the first tower hit 11 years ago by the hijackers on american airlines flight 11 which was flying from boston to los angeles. and that's janet napolitano. homeland security secretary, walking there. the north tower burned for 102 minutes before collapsing. the south tower collapsed ten minutes earlier.
7:31 am
as we mentioned, victims' family members are continuing to read names of the nearly 3,000 people killed on september 11th. it's also interesting seeing the homeland security there. for first time, no politicians are speaking there at the event. it looks like michael bloomberg there walking around family members and loved ones. this morning -- it's interesting. only about 500 people are gathered there in grounds this morning. not the thousands. a lot of people say the five- year anniversary was a final milestone and at this point it's time to move on and just be able to have a more private moment of reflection for the family members of the victims lost. now, earlier this morning, president obama and michelle obama observed a moment of silence. they paused at 5:46 our time. that's the time the hijackers crashed the first plane into the world trade center.
7:32 am
the president and first lady then attended the ceremony at the pentagon. earlier this morning, firefighters unfurled an american flag there, just as they did on september 12th, 2001. you may remember that. 184 people were killed when hijackers crashed american airlines flight 77 into the pentagon. the same number of metal benches now sit at a memorial outside that government building. also this morning, the president and first lady lay the wreath to mark this 11th anniversary. 7:32. about 30 minutes ago. san jose's fire chief honored the memories of those first responders who died in the 9/11 attacks. allie rasmus is live in san jose now with the details about that and about other special events. >> reporter: we're at fire station 1 in san jose where the flag the mourning is draped over the memorial bell. you take a look apartment the
7:33 am
flag here. it's at half-staff. about 20 minutes ago, 15 firefighters here and stations lieuout the city observe -- throughout the city observed a moment of silence. >> this day will and shall evnever be forgotten -- shall never be forgotten. >> reporter: san jose fire chief spoke and sent out a memorial message to all of the stations and then the memorial bell was rung 20 times, signifying the last alarm for the 343 firefighters who died in new york on september 11th, 11 years ago. now, last year for the sog anniversary of 9/11, san jose fire had a memorial mass a -- at a church nearby. this year, the events were a little more understated,
7:34 am
remembrance ceremony here. live in san jose, allie rasmus, husband. >> other bay area cities will also pause mark, the 9/11 anniversary. the livermore/pleasanton fire department will ring bells at 9:45. and a remembrance ceremony is planned at union city in sugar mill landing park. that's at 9:45. 7:33. the days after the 9/11 attacks are still very fresh in the minds of bay area firefighters who traveled to ground zero. a group of san francisco firefighters were among those who lent support to fellow firefighters this new york city. they sifted through the rubble of the world trade center in the day after the attack. firefighters say they were shaken forever by what they saw and found, including a note, among the dewe. >> somebody's list of how they -- among the debris. >> somebody's list of how they wanted to become a better
7:35 am
person, a better father and father. [ sirens ] >> that really shook us all up. >> the tragedy has brought hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for search and rescue training, protective gear and a third fire boat for the city. and now first responders will be able to get treatment for more than 50 types of cancers. this will be covered the james zagrotta health and compensation act. at first cancer was not covered by the $4.2 billion health fund. a former thyroid cancer condition with one man -- >> they wanted to compare us to
7:36 am
cool miners -- to coal miners. >> volunteers and survivors who need certain qualifycations will be eligible for coverage. family members are still reading aloud the names of the victims. craig boswell is live out there now with more on what's happening and who is out there. craig? >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. that reading will continue for quite some time, that steady drum beat of the reading of the names. you can see over my shoulder, 1 world trade center. it's nearing completion. they've also come to an agreement on the ground zero museum and that's big news here. eleven years ago today, lives were forever changed. >> what came down? >> the other trade sender is down! >> reporter: coordinated attacks were carried out by
7:37 am
extremists, hijackers commercial airliners crashing them into the pentagon and a fourth crashed into the wooded area after passengers attempted to regain control of the airport. since then, the nation has pledged to never forget the lives lost. a museum at ground zero remains under construction. it was supposed to be completed this month. >> we're going to complete the museum which will give us a chance to tell the story of what really happened there in a very moving and thoughtful way. >> reporter: some say the completed site will be a fitting tribute. >> i think the progress and the momentum at 1 world trade center and the entire world trade center site is a testimony to the region's resilience and resurgence. >> reporter: and the goal is to that have museum mostly completed by this time next year. back to you. >> all right, craig boswell, live from new york. make sure you stay right here with us on this continuing
7:38 am
coverage of this 9/11 anniversary. we'll bring you updates throughout this newscast and you can see videos, photographs and a list of events at look under the "remember 9/11" tab. orinda police are on alert after a teenager says a man reportedly tried to kidnap her. ktvu tea alex savidge is live in orinda to tell you -- ktvu's alex savidge is live in orinda to tell us about this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. orinda police will be out among the schools. extra patrols will be out during the time kids are walking to and from class. all of this in response to a possible kidnapping last week. it was thursday when a 15-year- old girl reported a stranger and offered her a ride when she was walking to her husband. now, this morning police are issuing a warning. police say the man is african-
7:39 am
american, late 20s or 30s, with chest length dread blocks. he was wearing a t-shirt and block hooded sweatshirt and was driving a four-door sedan. i've been trying to reach out to the orib day police for -- orinda police for more information. live in orinda, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. 7:38. sal's back. how are we doing so far in our commute, sal? >> we've had a lot of slow traffic especially on the east bay freeways. let's take a look at 880 northbound. we had an earlier car fire, we also had some slow traffic approaching downtown oakland. you can see it's not a very good drive at all. people driving into the downtown oakland area, give yourself extra time to negotiate the commute because of all of the slow traffic we have. 58 is not much of an alternate. we've had a lot of slow traffic
7:40 am
on 580 coming out of san leandro, over to the lakeshore curve and there is a report of a stalled truck on the san mateo bridge. the traffic is at a standstill. i recommend the dumbarton bridge as an alternative. this is not moving quickly. they are aware of this. now, across the bay, southbound 101 in san mateo, there is a crash at highway 92. that traffic has been affected because the traffic is slow, i would say use 280 instead of 101 this morning, heading down the peninsula. i want to move the maps across the bay, southbound 880 is slow. and then in the santa clara valley, i think 101 is the worst freeway coming up to sunnyvale. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. sunrise over the big city. fog on coast although it's moving more south to north. if you are thinking about jumping on twitter, there's been great weather information. i sent out a picture from space of the fog moving over the bay
7:41 am
area, kind of cool coming over the golden gate bridge heading towards richmond and then also snowfall from sunshine village in alberta canada -- ail -- alberta, canada. i think temperatures will come down a couple of degrees. about the same tomorrow. can't get any in here. low clouds increasing. more going up the coast. very shallow on the sonoma coast. so i think this will translate into a little cooler pattern. hard to see but there is a little more of an onshore breeze today. this low is helping to enhance some of that tag. 40s and 50s on the terps. 47 and 57 between santa rosa and napa. a lot of low to mid-50s. patrick in redwood shores says
7:42 am
it fells -- smells like that smell in the air is fall. the leaves roo beginning to fall -- are beginning to fall. for us it will be slightly warmer. by friday and saturday, it looks like high pressure says i think i'll come back in. a little roller coaster ride here. breezy, a little cooler at times, temperatures though, i mean if you are far enough away from the coast, you might think it's still hot. pleasanton, 86. down about 3, 4 from add's high -- yesterday's high. woodside, 79. 78 menlo park. los altos, 79. 60s on the coast. a little cooler into wednesday. it looks like friday and saturday we'll see warmer inland temperatures. there are wints maybe next week -- hints maybe next week an offshore wind could develop. all right.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
is leaving zynga. yesterday -- yesterday the chief marketing director resigned, he joins the chief operating officer and chief creating officer who have also resigned. rumors are swirling that apple will be rolling out their 5 phone. the blog nine to 5:00 mac posted these photos. this is the -- this is the image of late co-founder steve jobs. the campus will be almost a mile in circumference and the
7:47 am
main building will be covered in solar panels. the construction is expected to start later this year and apple hopes to open the campus in 2015. city leaders in vallejo expect another angry crowd tonight. pam cook has more. >> many people in vallejo are upset and new speaking out against five deadly officer- involved shootings in their city this year. >> what are you gonna do about your officers that are killing our kids [ cheers ] >> that was the scene last night when more than 200 angry people packed into a committee meeting in vallejo. the acting police chief was set to talk about possibly creating a citizens' review board. that discussion is partly in response to the officer- involved shooting in vallejo. the most recent happened last week when police shot mario
7:48 am
romero. >> the vallejo city council is inviting people to attend tonight. now, if they do establish a citizens' rebu -- review board, the job would be to look into violence and abuses. novato and marin county has such in place. let's go back to dave. 7:48. well, today, the san francisco ethics commission will finalize its report on suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. yesterday, he asked the commission to delay sending its
7:49 am
report to the commission. the board is expected to veev the report next tuesday. the supervisors will then have 30 days until october 16th to vote on the fate of ross mirkarimi. nine of the 11 need to vote for his removal for it to become permanent. now, the reason -- now, the reason he wants to delay the decision is because five of the supervisors are they -- they are up for reelection in november. some candidates are already conducting phone polls ask whether the mirkarimi vote might sway that november vote. the interim fire chief in gilroy has abruptly resigned after a blatant lapse in judgment. 50-year-old roger bloom is accused of buying alcohol for a
7:50 am
minor who was actually a police decoy. he retired from the fire department earlier this year before taking over as gilroy's interim fire chief last month. yesterday, he resigned. >> he was concerned about this being a focal point of any short tenure that he would have here as the interim fire chief. and did not want to jeopardize the department in that way. >> den near turner, the police chief, has been appointed the interim fire chief and will lead both departments -- denise turner, the police chief has been appointed the interim fire chief and will lead both departments until a permanent person is placed in january. all of this graffiti comes after several thousand people showed up to an underground graffiti showed last weekend. it was held inside a former ink factory on fourth street.
7:51 am
the owner invited everyone for the show before the building's renovated. the doors closed before midnight. some people didn't get in so they got angry and started tagging businesses. i walked around to a couple of people who were looking around at what happened. i gave them my card and i said we'll step up to the plate and if something was done, we'll fix it. >> some expect the cleaning up ross mirkarimi ses will take about four days. they also say there's about $7,000 in damage. we've posted more video of this graffiti. just go to look for the video player right there on the front page. nine minutes before 8:00. oakland mayor jean quan, continuing to -- continues to rally support for the raiders. her latest push to keep the team from leaving the city. and how football fans reacted to new security measures in place at nfl stadiums.
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i didn't know strawberries where in seasshh'sght now. no no no no no no.. rosco, no, no...
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fresh off the soldout game, oakland mayor jean quan plans to visit businesses today to encourage them to support local sports teams. >> we wanted to show that the east bay definitely has the enthusiasm for a football stadium. >> the mayor attended last night's raiders' game for her week-long push called oakland loves its sports team. she hopes to convince of this. punting problems messed things up in the raiders last night. oakland hosted the san diego chargers on monday night football. he was there. san diego's quarterback, philip rivers, threw for 231 yards and that touchdown. the raiders, though, messed up three punts including that one there. that didn't help things. tough night for the raiders.
7:55 am
the chargers ended up winning the game 22-14. now, tailgating raiders' fans at the coliseum, you are being watched like never before. the national football league has added some new security measures. a few people were arrested last night for either fighting or being drunk. fans had to go through security checkpoints to get into the soldout game. >> i don't think extra time to go through it. i appreciate all of the -- >> i would say bring your kids to the football game. >> fans have to go through metal detectors. it's required. we did see some charger fans getting extra supreme court as they walk to the seats.
7:56 am
all right. let's go to sal. >> people who are new to the commute say doesn't this area always look this way? no, it doesn't. 580 is taking a beating from san leandro through the majority of the oakland all the way out to the lakeshore curve. san mateo bridge, it's unclear whether that stalled truck is still there. it doesn't look like it would be -- it would be because traffic is improving a little bit all the way out to the high rise. i want to mention traffic on the san francisco commute is pretty slow. northbound 101, heard of an accident near cease archavez on the peninsula, southbound 101 at 92 as we -- we have -- seesar chaves on the peninsula, southbound 101 on the peninsula southbound, we have traffic as well. let's go to steve.
7:57 am
we had some 40s. now we're seeing more 50s. >> fog, sun, nice, a little breezy at times. out of the west and temperatures, anywhere from about 60 to 90. in between, mainly 60s, 70s and low 80s. it will be cooler into wednesday. it looks like the warmer weather returns by friday and saturday, maybe into next week as well. all right, steve. thank you. 7:57. well, america remembers the terrorist nightmare 11 years ago today. these are live pictures from new york. ktvu continuing coverage continues as america pays tribute to the victims of 9/11. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where the mayor, the fire chief and the police chief all honored victims of 9/11. we'll tell you what they had to say about the infamous day. >> reporter: hundred of people in san jose are without power this morning after a car hits a
7:58 am
power pole. we'll tell you how this happened and have the latest updates from pg&e. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back. i'm torrie campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it is tuesday september 11. happening right now in washington d.c., members of the united states congress are gathering on the steps of the u.s. capitol. there they are right there observing the 9/11 anniversary. they're out there and there you see house speaker john boehner right there, i believe that's him getting ready to sink god bless america. as they did, 11 years ago today. you can see the various members, leaders there, you can see the various member there and you see-- >> members of the house and senate, police, staff and members of the community, thank you for joining us today to mark the 11th anniversary of the events of september 11, 2001. at this time i invite everyone to participate in the singing of our national anthem which will be lead by army metro
8:01 am
sargent antoniaxe guliani. >> oh, say can you see, by the dawns early light, what so proudly we hailed, at the twilights last gleaming, whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fights, or the ramparts we watched, were so galantly streaming, and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there, oh, say
8:02 am
does that star spangled banner yet wave, ore the lands of the free, and the home of the brave. >> [applause] >> we have been listening live on the steps of the u.s. capitol members of the united states congress, democrats, republicans, tea party members all standing together, members of the california delegation including nancy pelosi and others standing there and singing. we can also tell you during the day congress will be holding hearings of course of the u.s. security is still very vulnerable after 9/11. again we'll keep tabs on what the lawmakers are doing and bring much more to you at 8:15 when we take you back live to
8:03 am
washington d.c. 8:02. the san francisco fire department has also been honoring victims of 9/11 today. ktvu terre m has a live look at how the firefighters who died were honored. >> reporter: well the flag is now at half staff at fire station seven. it's on the corner of 19th and fullsome, and it will stay that way the rest of the day. now firefighters are back on the job but they did pause for a moment to honor their fallen comrads from 9/11. after the fire aparatus bell was rung, firefighters read the names of 343 firefighters who lost their lives in the world trade center. there was a moment of silence and you could tell on the faces of the new cadets, it was a very somber reminder of that day 11 years ago. >> we never want to let their memories be put away. we certainly want to let our recruits know that this is a job where you make huge
8:04 am
sacrifices, those 343 firefighters did not return home to their families. they went into work, they thought it was going to be a typical day and it was not and that's the fire service, what law enforcement is about. >> now the fire chief and the mayor spoke and the mayor expressing his appreciation for the fire and police departments and the sacrifices they make. >> these first responders are going to be the ones jumping in the fires, they will be the ones responding to anything that might happen and with all the people and all the attention we have in the city we have to be very mindful and cognizant of public safety and this is yet another reminder why we put it in properly. >> now in oak hill park at 9:00 this morning en just an hour and then again at 6:00 tonight, i remembrance ceremony is also planned in union city at the flight 93 memorial and sugar mill landing park and for more
8:05 am
bay area 9/11 parks log on to live from san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks, stay with us, we'll have live coverage of the 9/11 annie rears very until 9:00 this morning with video, photos and a list of bay area 9/11 remembrance events at look for the remember 9/11 tab. name is 8:05 happening right now pg& e crews in san jose trying to fix a power out age. a truck smashed into a power pole on san jose avenue. the ktvu lorraine blanco just go there at the scene so what do you know, lorraine? >> reporter: dave, i just got off the phone with the media representative from pg& e. he told me that 260 customers are without power right now and it's because of what you see behind me. we are near the intersection of almadon expressway and son jose avenue. a car hit that power pole at 5:21:00 a.m.
8:06 am
they say the driver fled the scene. at one point as many as 3500 customers did not have power. pg& e says it's a mix of homes and businesses affected here. you can see police closed off several blocks on san jose avenue as well as omaden expressway while crews work to fix this problem. unfortuntely there's no estimate on when power will be restored but as you can see it's still quite a mess out here, power lines down, power pole down and that car is still butted up against that power pole. again no estimate yet on when power will be restored out here. reporting live, lorraine blanco, ktvuchannel 2 news. >> thanks, lorraine. 8:06. now crews are in the process of mixing a water main break at the san jose apartment complex that was the scene of an early morning fire. we first told you about the fire this morning at 4:30. it was reported at an apartment building on villa montaray. crews were able to get the fire under control about 30 minutes later. witnesses say two people had to jump from the second floor window to escape the flames.
8:07 am
some were taken to the hospital with second degree burns. firefighters are now cleaning up and determining if any residents can go back in. >> looks like when all is said and done we'll have three units evehicle waited maybe seven or eight people. we're still working with the red cross right now to get them here for assistance. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. about two hours ago a water main break was discovered at the back of the apartment complex. right now crews do not know how many people this will affect. only that it will take hours to fix. >> that's not good. time now 8:07. sal is back watching the commute. how we doing at the toll plaza? >> it's busy this morning although improving a little bit from the first time we saw it and there is slow traffic on 880. i think people aren't getting through on 880 and that's making the bay bridge toll plaza a little better. look at 880 very very slow driving past high street up to downtown oakland seen as
8:08 am
earlier problems. nothing major but still slow traffic westbound 580 traffic is also very slow as you drive through oakland so give yourself a lot of extra time if you're trying to get to the bridge using the major freeways 880 or 580. san mateo bridge has also been very slow and over on the peninsula we have traffic problem on 101 through san mateox and it really has been terrible there, 280 is your best bet for sure definitely, as you move to the south bay northbound 101 is busy and so is 280 northbound 101 all the way up to the cupertino area and highway 87 is slow. remember san jose avenue, police activity a good area to avoid as well. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning. fog increasing, most of it wants to seem to hang on by the coast but its made it up the sonoma coast, rather solid, inland not so much just patchy and that will burn off but it does look like a cooling trend, very warm eraloft after
8:09 am
yesterdays warm up kind of capped that fog so again it doesn't make too much of a push west, i'll get it, west to east, there it is, you know what i'm trying to say. 40s this morning for a few but mainly 50s now, 51-59 degrees and most locations clear but there's a little bit more fog closer to the bay. a lot of tropical clouds little system down here southern nevada but it's staying in the sierra nevada, and southern california, for us just a tiny little low coming in right there and helping to increase some of that fog so plenty of fog for the coast, little cooler there, sunny and nice, cooler and breezy as well, atlantic temperatures come down about two to four degrees so 80s a few few upper 80s but again inland temperatures topped out yesterday, they come down a couple degrees into about wednesday, thursday and then it looks like another warm up with your weekend in view there probably friday into saturday, we'll keep an eye on the north wind developing late sunday into monday. >> thank you, steve. it 8:09. a string of thefts in one bay area city, the urgent warning going out to car owners.
8:10 am
also, it's his first big speech since facebook went public. the message that facebook ce are mark zuckewberg is hoping to give to investors. a lotta empty cans. ot tomato basil, potato with bacon, 80 different kinds... no wonder we're going through this stuff! hey, hon, want some soup? you bet! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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8:12 am
coastal fog looks like it's moving up the coast. will stay there for most of the day so cooler there, inland lots of sunshine, temperatures 80ss. thank you, steve. it is 8:12. violence continues in syriaxe this morning. now the united nations is calling on international
8:13 am
leaders to step into help. the call for peace comes after days of violence with no end in sight. the syrian uprising began in march of last year, a year and a half now, since then nearly 23,000 people have died and more than 200,000 have fled to neighboring countries. time is now 8:12. well members of congress are marking the 11th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. you just saw them live here on our air. ktvu's allison burns live outside the u.s. capitol building in washington and a very rare show of unity. allison? >> reporter: we do rarely see this democrats and republicans standing side by side, let's take a closer look now at this huge gathering on the east front of the u.s. capitol building, on the steps just as they did right after the september 11th attacks, members of congress are preparing to sings "god bless america" among the crowd here, senators boxer
8:14 am
and feinstein, we just heard from san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi and other bay area lawmakers, now we see house speaker john boehner speaking. today he's going to say we listen and vow never to forget to celebrate the greater good that comes from serving one another and standing shoulder to shoulder and to carry on come what may. let's listen in here to what house speaker john boehner has to say. >> i'm a doctor and this is my place. you know, everyone no matter their station, everyone stood their ground. everyone kept their place. the professionals who did their duty who ran in so that others could run out. the patriots who banded together in the sky over shankss'sville to save this
8:15 am
capitol and these steps, the volunteers who raised their hands and said "i'll go" and fight overseas in perilous conditions, the good samaritans who lined up to give blood and ask,"what can i do" and the faithful on their knees in prayer seeking god's strength and guidance. everyone kept their place. to some it's such courage in the midst of such loss, to be confronted with such evil and not give a thought to retreat, that is the heart and the core of the american people. >> obviously, a very somber emotional ceremony here today for members of congress and this is not all ceremonies here in washington. today there are also going to be several hearings about post- 9/11 security and many of the
8:16 am
vulnerabilities that still remain. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you, allison. now president obama and republican presidential candidate mit romney temporarily are suspending campaign commercials for today. they say negative ads have no place on tv on a day when we're reflecting back on 9/11. the candidates are focusing on remembering the victims who lost their lives, and also honoring the first responders who risked their lives. 8:16. around the world, people are remembering the 9/11 victims, the ceremony just hours ago was in christ church new zealand. first responders there displayed american flags and said prayers for those who paid the ultimate price. it is the fourth year that new zealand's fire service and the american club of christ church have held a public service to mark 9/11. we have a special tab on with the latest stories, video and photos from
8:17 am
todays anniversary. it's under the "not remembering" 9/11 tab. 8:16. for the second straight day classrooms in chicago are empty, thousands of public school teachers are on strike. this strike has left the parents of about well close to 400,000 kids looking for alternative child care options. now the teachers are in the middle of a contract dispute over job security and how teachers are evaluated. the school district continued negotiations with the teachers union yesterday but still it came up with no agreement, not yet. well opponents of a new san mateo county jail plan to protest at the board of supervisors meeting this morning. the $160 million jail is due to open in 2015 in redwood city. critics want more than $44 million cut from the budget. they also want to talk about alternatives to having a new jail. the sheriff said that jail is needed to help ease
8:18 am
overcrowding. the supervisors will take a vote on the final budget later this month. well, burglars strike 17 cars in just two days. they stole computer bags, laptops, electronics, and personal items. it all happened last week. they targeted vehicles in downtown palo alto, and the stanford shopping centers parking lot. now police say these incidents are probably related, committed by the same or the same group of people. authorities are warning everybody if you have valuables don't leave them inside of your car. it is 8:18. three san jose city council members are planning a push to crack down on businesses that cheat on their taxes. the council members say millions of dollars in marijuana business taxes have not been paid in the past year alone, but they are required to pay under a law that allows the city to tax marijuana collected up to 7% of their total sales. members plan to take their proposal to the council committee tomorrow.
8:19 am
later today, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg gives his first public speech when facebook, since facebook went public in may. he's scheduled to talk this afternoon at the tech crunch conference in san francisco. facebook investors are expected to find out whether zuckerberg can finally shift attention to the companies future since facebook stock has not been doing so well. i'm just checking facebook stock at the moment it's doing okay, up almost 3% to $19.36. new talk about the new plans for the 49ers stadium seat sales reportedly are going strong in santa clara. 49ers say it has sold $670 million in seats already. 70% of the current season ticketholders have purchased spots in both seats and luxury boxes. spending thousands of dollars each to do so. now the 49ers say more than 26,000 seats were sold in three months. the new stadium is due to open in two years. well, the green bay packers
8:20 am
star quarterback aaron rogers now has to make good on a bet he made before last weekends game with the 49ers. now according to tmz, aaron rogers had a friendly little bet going with the members of the singing group boys ii men. one of the singers, well they're friends and he's also a big 49ers fan. he said aaron rogers agreed he would post a picture of himself wearing an alan smith jersey if the 49ers won. well, the 49ers did win. beat the packers 30-22. the boys ii men says they know aaron rogers getting ready for his next game thursday against the bears, they will give him a little time before he has to make good on that bet. >> he's a local boy. aaron rogers went to cal, so i think he can help out. it is 8:20. top of the line safety features for the new bay bridge. the danger caltran says it's protected from. good morning. northbound 280 is pretty slow
8:21 am
getting into cuppertino. the entire south side commute is grinding to a halt. we'll tell you what's going on.
8:22 am
8:23 am
it is 8:23. as we pause to remember 9/11, crews working on the new bay bridge say they're making sure the bay area landmark will withstand a similar attack. caltran says the new span has homeland security features that will prevent it from collapsing from the largest credible truck
8:24 am
bomb. crews are also working to protect the bridge from another threat, a large earthquake. >> we go beyond what the standard specs are for bridges here because we know that we're building in a seismic area. >> caltran says there are more than 100 cable groups running through the bridge making it the strongest in the world. these cables are designed to protect the bridge from sagging as time goes by. time now just about 8:24. sal. you're watching the bridges and of course what's going on on 880. what's happening? >> dave, oakland looks just as bad today as their football team did last night. ouch! oh, no, northbound 880 is slow, we have slow traffic at the toll plaza, slow traffic leaving the eastbay for the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 as you head out to the high rise that truck hasn't been cleared from the toll plaza, i'm going to hear it from the raider fans, northbound 880 slight improvement, someone actually tweeted me and said what the heck is going on on 880.
8:25 am
it's terrible. well we had a couple of earlier problems here on 880. it's finally beginning to recover but 580 is not much better. sometimes we tell you use 580 as an alternate. today i would not advise that because 580 is very slow as well, heading out to the lake shore, the only solution here is to give yourself extra time. and the morning commute in san jose has been a mess. 280, 101 and 280 is backed up from 101 to cuppertino, 101 is backed up from 280, 87 is a mess this morning because of earlier problems. the only thing that looks half way decent is 85 after 17 but getting there be slow. 8:25, steve? >> sal? >> yes, sir. >> my bengals laid an egg on monday night football too. >> i know. i saw that. >> okay, i feel better now. we do have fog up and down the coast, a little bit in the bay, going to be slightly cooler today, temperatures will still be sunny but 80s, near 90 for a few but looks like a little bit
8:26 am
cooler pattern today, a couple things going on in september things are changing, slowly, this week looks like a little roller coaster ride one way a little warmer, one way a little cooler but there are things next week, a couple tweets saying steve when will we get that sunshine and warm weather on the coast. maybe next week. some of the forecast models are showing a north wind, we'll see if they continue to hold on to that. 60s, 70s and 80s with warm air companying everything so the fog can't make a push inland, but definitely low overcast and dense fog on the coast, dave. >> thank you. time now 8:26. there's a warning this morning for oakland mayor jane qas, why city attorneys say she could possibly be charged with contempt of court. orinda police stepping up patrols in and around schools in light of a close call for a teenage girl. we'll tell you about the warnings that went out to parents in the school district. firefighters and civilians remember the victims of the
8:27 am
september 11th attacks with the memorial ceremonies in the south bay. i thought of something else we need fwhat's that? it's a 200 watts per channel dynamically balanced surround sound wireless baby monitor... with a sub wolfer.
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8:29 am
nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. good morning to you. welcome back. time is 8:29. police in orinda on alert this morning after a teenager claimed a man tried to kidnap her. ktvus alex savidge live in orinda to tell us more about what happened and how the police are reacting. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning. yes, extra officers will be patrolling during the morning hours and the afternoon hours, keeping an eye out for kids and they are particularly focused on areas that are near schools. we did talk with a couple of parents out here this morning and they have told me that the district is actually sent out an e-mail warning people about what happened and it described
8:30 am
this possible attempted kidnapping that happened last week on thursday. when a 15 year old girl reported a stranger pulled up in a car, offered her a ride, while she was walking near her house. the man then got out of the car and grabbed her but she was able to fight him off. a response to all this, orinda police are stepping up patrols near schools and parents are clearly disserved by this girls close call. >> of course it bothers you. it can happen anywhere. it can happen in orinda too, you know, everybody keeping an eye open is what we're looking for. >> reporter: and this morning police are also putting on a description of the man who tried to grab that girl. they described him as african american, in his late 20s or early 30s with chest-length dread locks and a thin must ash, at the time this happened he was wearing a white t-shirt and a black hooded sweatshirt and driving a black older model four door sedan. they stepped up patrols by orinda police will be happening during the morning hours as
8:31 am
kids head off to school and during the afternoon hours as they come home from school. police trying to keep an eye out for kids in light of what happened last week. live this morning in orinda, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. time is 8:30. later on today the u.s. chemical safety board is expected to tell us the very latest about the investigation of last months chevron refinery fire. now federal investigators say they've very moved about an eight foot section of pipe. it was badly thinned before it failed. the pipe has been sent to a private laboratory to be investigated for corrosion, another factors that may have caused it to rupture. also yesterday, air quality regulators said mistakes were made notifying the public of a possible dangerous polution in the air. now, they're pledging to improve the way emissions are measured during a disaster. down in southern california, something stinks in the air. people are complaining about a very smell it situation that smells like rotten eggs, complaints are coming from riverside county all the way to north of los angeles.
8:32 am
air quality investigators say that smell could be coming from the salton sea. that's about 150 miles southeast of la. that shallow sea had a wave of fish dying off last week combined with that, there were strong winds that may have carried that smell for miles. it is 8:31. eight infants have been exposed to tb at a sacramento hospital. they are reported doing well and have not exhibited any symptoms. public health officials are trying to figure out whether to start giving them antibiotics though. the infants were exposed at methodist hospital when someone with active tb spent time in the neonate alpha sill it over an 11-day period last month and this month. that person has since been isolated and is receiving treatment. the father accused of kidnapping his two young children then saling a sail boat on the peninsula to get away says he did it to protect
8:33 am
the kids. 43 year old christopher mafay said his children were being abused during the first visit, an appearance in san mateos county court yesterday. the children's mother denies the claims, and he surrendered friday night off the coast of mont. rey. the children on board were not harmed and he did not enter a plea and will be in court next week. time is 8:32. a candlelight vigil will be held in lafayette for 20 year old brett olson. olson's body was found sunday in the upper sacramento river where he had done tubing with his friends over the labor day weekend. he was a graduate of the high school in lafayette. his name was written on a hillside near the school, right there. the vigil will be held at the high school beginning at 7:00 p.m. a facebook page for the vigil is asking that everyone bring along their own candles. 8:23. continuing coverage now on the anniversary of 9/11. san jose's fire chief honored the memories of the first
8:34 am
responders who died in the 9/attacks. ktvu allie rasmus is in san jose with details of that and other memorial events planned for today. allie? >> reporter: we are at fire station 1 in san jose where there is a flag of mourning draped over the memorial bell in front of the station and a wreath of flowers laid next to it. right here at exactly 6:59 the moment the first world trade center tower fell in new york 11 years ago firefighters here and across san jose's 33 stations observed a moment of silence for the victims. >> in all nearly 3000 very good and hard working people lost their lives and 400 rescuers including 343 members of the new york city fire department who were serving until the end. >> reporter: san jose fire chief willie mcdonald spoke from the san jose communication center sending out that memorial message you just heard over dispatch so that all the firefighters in town could hear it this morning. then a memorial bell was rung 20 times signifying the last
8:35 am
alarm for the 343 firefighters who died in new york responding to the disaster. captain mary gutieres each plained that significance of that gesture. >> and it was a ringing of an alarm which summoned them that their call was over so it's symbolic for us in that we're signaling the call is over, that they've returned home. >> reporter: er are list morning in freemont, a group of 20 people gathered for a candlelight vigil at the veterans memorial. the people there laid out yellow flowers and said a prayer for the september 11th victims and the thousands of servicemen and women who died in the wars following september 11th, the wars in iraq and afghanistan so across the bay area this morning emergency responders and civilians are paying their respects and paying tribute on this anniversary. live in san jose, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. thanks, allie. happening now a remembrance ceremony for 9/11 victims continues at ground zero in new york city.
8:36 am
reporter craig boswell joins us live from the site to let us know how many there are paying their respects on this 11th anniversary. craig? >> reporter: and there are plenty. good morning to you, tori. it's a busy day. it's an emotional day as the crowds come down into lower manhattan. you can hear the noise, the conversations, the horns, you get off to my right closer to this memorial they start talking in more hush tones, we have the construction ongoing on one world trade center but they've also come to an agreement here on the museum here at ground zero. >> 11 years ago today lives in the u.s. and around the world were forever changes. >> we crashed. the other trade center is down. it's down. >> coordinated attacks were carried out by extremeists who hijacked commercial airliners crashing them into the twintowers and the pentagon. a fourth crashed in shanksville. since then the nation pledged to never forget the lives lost. a museum remembering the
8:37 am
victims at ground zero remains under construction that was supposed to be open this month but building plans all but ceased due to funding concerns. >> we are going to complete the museum which will give us a chance to tell the story of what really happened there in a very moving and thoughtful way. >> some say the completed world trade center site will be a fitting tribute. >> i think the progress and the momentum at 1 world trade center and the entire world trade center site is a testimony to the regions resilience. >> one of the ongoing things of course this morning is the reading of the names, that steady drum beat, the reading of the names ongoing as we speak and tori, one "other things new yorkers are noticing is the weather here. crystal clear blue skies above, just like it was 11 years ago on this day. back to you. >> kind of erie of that. craig boswell, live at ground zero. many bay area cities will also pause to mark the 9/11
8:38 am
anniversary. the livermore fire department will ring bells at 9:45 and a remembrance ceremony is planned in union city at the flight 93 memorial in sugar mill landing park and that also happens at 9:45 this morning of course full coverage coming up. >> absolutely. it's a very busy day. time is 8:37. busy and sal, you've been busy since you walked in. >> its been busy, dave and tori, the eastbay finally getting some relief but we seen some slow traffic all over the south bay, we've had people tweeting us saying what is going on here, we had a minor crash here 280 near bird that was gone for boy that was there for only a moment, 280 is very slow throughout last time i showed you on the maps slows to cuppertino, so is 15 o 15 from 280 on and i'll move the maps over to the peninsula and to 101 san francisco, also just a nightmare, backed up from near candlestick, 80 split because of earlier issues and one more live picture i want to show
8:39 am
you, the bay bridge still backed up beyond 880, at least a 20 minute delay getting into season frances could so everywhere you look, still slow traffic, we also have slow traffic on 680 and walnut creek, highway 4, bay point, so the whole thing is slow on this tuesday morning. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. well fog inland but not going to matter and looks like a little cooler couple degrees yesterday warmed up for many and now a lot of fog on the coast and continues to increase although it's shallow but today and tomorrow a little lower right above helping us to enhance that fog even though there's really not much of a delta breeze. morning fog breezy, sunny nice about the same tomorrow and it does look warmer friday and saturday. had a tweet from kelly that says i live by season frances could zoo and please don't tease me with hints of maybe an offshore wind next week. i would never do that, kelly. there are signs. we'll see. september we get that offshore breeze, hasn't happened yet but next week some of the forecast models are taking the wind northerly so we'll see if they hold on. low clouds increasing today and it will be a little cooler
8:40 am
definitely coast and bay, inland temperatures come down a couple but there's an onshore breeze that will develop so temperatures, they're a wide variety 60 to near 90. 50s on the temperatures, we had 40s this morning but not as many as yesterday morning, didn't matter. there were some that were 49 ended up near 90 degrees, livermore being one. the little low over us right now is hard to see but it's there and it will be here today and tomorrow. today, tomorrow, similar to slightly cooler temperatures but then it looks like high pressure builds right back in by thursday and friday and inland temperatures warm up, i don't think the coast will get that yet but maybe next week. fog and sun, it will be cool for some, mild and warm for others so kind of nice. nice, nice, very nice. 90 clear lake, 79 san rafel, richmond 68, sonoma 80 degrees, walnut creek 84 with a west wind, brentwood livermore which was 90 yesterday will go 87 today, hayward 74, san jose
8:41 am
down three from yesterday, but morgan hill and gilroy upper 80s, always a little warmer towards read hill view and san jose proper. san jose and then you start heading south or north, the peninsula 80s but too much fog on the coast so 60s there. a little cooler on wednesday looks like just kind of a transition day, thursday and signs of warmer weather kicking back into the weekend. tori? >> thank you, steve. oakland mayor jean quan could be held in contempt of court. attorneying working to impose changes at the oakland police department say they have been trying to get mayor quan to testify, but instead, the mayor reportedly cancelled her depositions saying she had other appointments. quan says she's planning on attending a deposition september 25th. the attorney says if she does not attend she will face serious legal actions. in san francisco members of the board of supervisors are losing interest in a question and answer session with mayor ed lee called question time.
8:42 am
it's an punt for district supervisors to ask the mayor any questions they may have. the san francisco examiner reports some on the board are calling it a waste of time. voters approved question time back in 2010. time now 8:41. still no electricity for hundreds of people in san jose. the overnight car crash knocked the power out so how long will it take to get the lights back on? season two of the x factor premiers tomorrow night on ktvu, and coming up we'll go live to los angeles and talk to one of the shows judges. live in san francisco where firefighters paid tribute to their fallen comrades from 9/11. we'll tell you what the fire chief and the police chief had to say about this day.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:45. u.s. employers posted fewer jobs in july than in june. the latest evidence that hiring is still weak but investors still feeling hopeful this morning the fed will provide some help for the economy when they begin a two day meeting tomorrow and right now in fact the dow is at its highest intraday level since 2007. it is up right now 91 points at 13, 346 and the nasdac is also up nine and s & p up seven. google has announced a new
8:46 am
youtube app. the move comes after a falling out between google and apple. apple decided that its new iphones and ipads will not come with a youtube app. so youtube created the new standalone app which will allow ads and that's something apple had not allowed. tomorrow by the way, apple's making a big announcement and many think it will be the new iphone 5. 8:45. let's bring you up-to-date on some of the other top stories we're following right now. one person suffered second degree burns in this early morning apartment fire in san jose. reportedly two people literally jumped out of a window to get away from the flames. it took about 30 minutes to put the fire out. the cause is still under investigation. hundreds of people in south san jose still have no electricity right now. it happened when a car smashed into that power pole on san jose avenue and omaden expressway. at least 365 customers in the area have no electricity.
8:47 am
firefighters say the driver of that car fled the scene. very special moments of remembrance this morning in san francisco on this 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. ktvu's tara moriarty is in san francisco. she's telling us what the firefighters are doing this morning. terre? >> reporter: well firefighters have returned to business as usual. they just pulled back in here from a call but earlier this morning they were paying tribute to their fallen comrades from new york and as you can see, the flag now rests at half staff. firefighters here read the names of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives in the world trade center. there was a moment of silence and the new cads" all stood in line with somber faces remembering that infamous day 11 years ago. >> very moaning full, very symbolic, we don't want to forget what happened, not just
8:48 am
in the firefighters but nearly the 3000 lives lost that day 9/11 but as firefighters and as police officers, we want to keep in the forefront this is a job where it's about saving lives, saving property if possible but also risking your own life to do so. >> this is one of those days where everybody remembers exactly where they were that day and it's still a day that just takes your breath away and i know firefighters that that day, they packed up and they took the team there and then we never even had a chance to grieve because that one plane was headed for san francisco so we started to prepare and this takes you right back to that day. >> the flag here and the 42 other san francisco fire stations will remain at half staff for the rest of the day. live in san francisco, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. 8:48. earlier this morning, president obama and first lady michelle obama observed a moment of silence outside the white
8:49 am
house. they paused at 5:46 our time, that's the exact moment the highjackers crashed the first plane into the world trade center. the president and first lady then attended the ceremony at the pentagon. earlier this morning firefighters unfold an american flag there just as they did on september 12, 2001. 184 people were killed when highjack es crashed american airlines flight 77 into the pentagon. the same number of metal benches now sit at a memorial outside that government building. the president and first lady then laid a wreath to mark the 11th anniversary. we have a special tab on ktvu .com with the latest stories, video and photos from todays anniversary. it's under the "remembering 9/11 tab." time is 8:49. on a lighter note, tomorrow season 2 of the xfactor kicks off here on ktvu channel 2. pam cookson in our news room with a preview of that and also an
8:50 am
exciting interview, pam? >> reporter: yes, we do. new season, new judges for the x factor but joining us this morning from los angeles is the seasoned and extremely well qualified judge, la reid, good morning to you. >> good morning, pam. how are you? >> i'm great. so you have personally launched many very successful careers, any additions, did you see the next one direction or justin bieber out there? >> you know, there's a possibility that we saw talent of that caliber, you know? we saw some really interesting ones and we have a lot of fun during the auditions but i have to really get into the mentoring process to really find out if we nailed it, if we really found those stars, but the auditions were great, very good. san francisco was amazing. >> can't wait to see that and speaking of mentoring, i know you have justin bieber as the mentor for your candidate, demi
8:51 am
lovato as a judge so you're certainly bringing in the disney younger crowd, i mean if you have justin bieber on anything my daughter is watching for sure. >> yeah, but the beauty of the show though, it has more to do with demi lovato and britney spears being a part of the panel and what they really bring to the show. that's what really excites me, you know. they're so funny i'm on my second season and i'm considered "seasoned." i'm actually brand new at this myself. i'm still trying to get my legs, you know? >> i know, but you've been sort of judging careers for a long time. now speaking of britney we're showing britney spears, first of all i thought she was going to maybe be too nice to be a judge but boy, i've seen some previews she's actually kind of mean and some people are worried that you never know what she might say. >> i don't find britney to be mean. i do think that she's very honest and forthright and very qualified, and you know, she's had a long career, a very long
8:52 am
career with many peaks and valleys and that makes her in my mind uniquely qualified to be a judge and, you know, the real key to it is really just being able to sort of articulate your feelings and your taste and stick to your guns and not being swayed by the other judges or by the crowd and i think the toughest thing is all of us have gotten boo'd by the crowd before and made decisions and i remember the first time they boo'd britney, i wanted to grab her and hold her because i felt her almost coming apart like oh, my god. >> she's not used to that. >> i'm sure she's never had that. >> probably not. >> so that was pretty funny. >> tell me, you know, we have american idol, we have of course the xfactor and the voice and americas got talent. there's a lot of shows out there at this point. we can handle all of this? what makes x factor stand out and are we saturated with this? >> well, yeah, there's a
8:53 am
saturation factor for sure but i think that the x factor judging panel is a very unique judging panel. i think the fact that we have britney spears and demi lovato and what they represent to the youth culture and superstardom as in simon cowell and myself and what we've done to mentor, discover and develop talent throughout the years, i think it makes us very very different kind of show with a different sort of taste level. we actually really do, we have people like one direction and we have artists like justin bieber and rhianna and people like that between simon and i that we've discovered and developed so we really do make stars. we really do. and we're not just entertainment. >> okay, we'll be watching, la reid, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much, pam. thank you. >> let's go back over to the studio. pam, you can watch the premier of the second season of
8:54 am
x factor right here on ktvu channel 2. it all begins tomorrow night at 8:00. it is 8:53. easing crowding on bart trains, can get pretty crowded. the changes now in effect on the richmond millbury line. sal will take one more check of the morning commute including we'll see what's happening at the bay bridge toll plaza. m to go on sale someplace else. done! fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.
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time now 8:56. it's ticket tuesday, todays winner will get to feel bad to the bone. one lucky viewer will win two tickets to see george thorogood and the destroyers. special guest taj mahal will be joining the band september 22 in saratoga. for your chance to win go to and do it before midnight and put in the secret word "mavrick." barts expanding service on its richmond line, four additional trains will run in each direction between seven and 8:00 p.m. on weekdays, that means trains will come roughly every seven and a half minutes. bart says increasing service on that line will help ease crowding and will also help passengers on other lines by increasing the number of trains that go through san francisco. tori, let's check in with sal, getting crowded at the toll plaza? >> it is crowded at the toll plaza, dave and tori. let's quickly go, so crowded people were held up on 880, it's pretty slow. 101 san francisco backed up
8:58 am
from at least 280 all the way to downtown. let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. we do have some fog on the coast, looks like it will stay there so slightly cooler even though sunny for most, does look like warmer weather though returns friday into saturday. especially away from the coast. >> okay, steve. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join ktvu news at nine for more that 9/11 memorials nationwide. we'll see you later. (wfts.ecl) there she is !
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