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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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here is sal. good morning. right now traffic is doing well in most parts of the bay including 237 which is a very difficult commute route. it looks good so far. it's 4:59 let's go back to the desk. we have still developing news from overseas. president obama has confirmed the deaths of four americans in libya including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. here's his picture. he is a bay area native. he was killed while trying to escape a violent protest. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau. alison. >> reporter: dave, president obama calls chris stevens a courageous and exemplary representative of the united states. as you mentioned he grew up in the bay area and graduated from uc berkeley. steven and three others were
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killed in a rocket attack on the american consulate. their deaths came as protestors angry about an online film that is offensive to islam attacked u.s. compounds in libya and egypt. pictures from the scene are on cnn this morning and one analyst says he believes the killings are part of a plot against the u.s.. >> they not only attack the embassy but they have someone laying in wait to attack the ambassadors car. it's more than just a crowd going after attacking about a film. >> reporter: of course there are a lot of unanswered questions this morning like who is responsible, why wasn't there better security? we will be pushing for answers for you here on ktvu. reporting live from washington, alison burns. in egypt outrage over that film sparked violence at the u.s. embassy there.
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protestors climbed the embassy wall and grabbed the flag and replaced it with a egyptian flag. ktvu tara moriarty is in alameda where the red cross is on the scene to help those victims. tara. >> reporter: as soon as firefighters arrived here this morning, people who live in the blue victorian you see behind me here say a quadriplegic was trapped inside. they got him out safely. the flames broke out around 1:00 this morning. 15 people were forced out of the four plex. it took more than two dozen firefighters more than an hour to squelch the flames. firefighters were able to keep the fire contained to the one house. >> there is a lot of damage
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back there. the challenge there is the fire you know in these types of buildings will travel up inside the walls. we had fire in the attic already even though there was fire on the floor below. >> reporter: luckily no one was hurt. there is quite a damage to the home. red cross is on the scene and will help them find a temporary place to stay. no cause to what sparked the fire. coming up we'll tell you whereases dents had to say. live in alameda i'm tara moriarty. your time now 5:03 new this morning more home burglaries in palo alto and residents are being warned. lorraine blanco is there now. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the palo alto police department is reminding residents here to lock their doors and windows because most of the robberies
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are happening with no forced entry. if you take a look at the map here, you can see the dots on it. they represent all the burglaries just since august 1st. now there are 31 dots representing burglaries in palo alto from the beginning of august until september 10th. that is up from june and july. a spike like this also happens at the beginning of the year prompting the police to launch a locket or lose it campaign. the department increased officers during daytime hours when the residential burglaries were happening. now this is something they are doing right now as well. they tell us detectives are hanging out in the most effected areas in unmarked cars to decrease the amount of burglaries. the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your home police say is to lock the doors and windows as well as your side gates and also report any suspicious behavior to police. live in palo alto lorraine blanco. family and friends are remembering a college student from the bay area who drowned
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on the sacramento river. >> we are utterly grief stricken at the loss of my dear sweet boy brett. >> at least 1,000 people attended a solemn memorial in lafayette last night for brett olson. the 20-year-old's body was recovered along the sacramento river on sunday. he had been missing for a week after going tubing down the river over the labor day weekend. >> brett is here with us right now. grinning his famous brett grin. overwhelmed with joy. >> brett olson was a student at cal polly. he graduated from acalanes high school in 2010. more than 90,000 people joined a facebook page commemorating his life. in a couple hours from right now apple is expected to make a big announcement in san francisco about the new iphone. it's expected at 10:00 a.m.. now the iphone five is rumored
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to have a larger display, a new connector, and 4g capability. we may also hear about the passbook app. apple may also announce, pam, new ipods as well. >> and so then we will be talking about long lines outside the apple store once again. if you need to get something done go early. >> yeah. >> i might have to be in that line there. it may be time for an up grate grade. good morning, everyone. let's go out and see what we have now with the morning commute. the east shore freeway you've noticed that we haven't within show you the full shot that is because there is a little bit of morning clouds and fog. but right now it could be for you. if you are driving in the area. there are no major problems on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. at the toll plaza, it's light and no problems getting across
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the bay. south bay still looking pretty good. the traffic is doing very well getting into the valley. if you van early meeting right now, pretty good time to do it. here is steve. >> sal, thank you. a very good morning. fog is back with us. i mean again temperatures if you enjoyed yesterday it will be like a carbon copy today. night and morning fog will give way to sunshine. between nice to mild to warm. slightly warmer tomorrow. we'll carry that into friday, maybe saturday. sunday does look cooler. i've been looking september is when things start to buckle. it sure looks like that will happen. in the middle of the country a very cool system will develop next week. high pressure will build along the west coast. the question is will it give us an offshore breeze. 50s on the temp. upper 50s for sop west,
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southwest a little stronger if there is a it will cop so fog, sun, nice. very quiet pattern for us. breezy at times. as you get closer by the baa. a time now 5:08. surveillance video of an armed robbery in san rafael. why this video may help police solve the crime. for two years construction has been taking place near the west wing of the white house. now that it's complete the question is will we get to see what recruits have been doing? if you are driving on northbound 280 the traffic there looks pretty good. no major problems getting up to
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highway 17.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. construction hat the white house is wrapping up but what they built remains a mystery. for two years crews have been working behind a large green fence. officially they have been updating the white house utility.
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whatever it is the white house is not commenting and more work is now set to begin on the north lawn. in election news this morning the race for the white house is back on after a brief pause to remember the september 11th attacks. this morning president obama is traveling to nevada. he's expected to accuse mitt romney and paul ryan of keeping voters in the dark about their plan to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. romney will speak at his campaign office in jacksonville, florida about how the nation's debt is hurting job creation and growth. both vice presidential candidates will be in ohio. time now 5:12. new study out claims more than 700,000 young minority voters may not be able to vote because of new photo id laws. that could have a big impact on the presidential election and several congressional races. researchers found 17 states either have a strict photo id requirement or they pass laws that soon may take effect.
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young voters may not know about the changes or they may be discouraged about all the extra things they have to do to get a valid id. members of congress could head home to campaign as soon as this month despite knot having reached a deal on a deficit reduction plan. many congressional insiders believe low makers will leave town no later than friday. the house has not adjourned before september 30th in an election since 1960. congress has until the end of the year to agree on $109 billion in deficit reductions or automatic spending cuts will begin to take effect. police in san rafael are asking for the public's help to identify a suspect in an armed robbery at a grace this show the man pointing a >> he was last seen wearing
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black and white gloves, red echo sweatshirt, and dark jeans. anyone with information on the robbery should contact san r foe mrs. if het officials announced yesterday a woman suffered a mild case of the virus last month and is recovering. but it does not plan to fog in the area where that woman lives. now the report says she is from the central part of the county. fogging is still scheduled for thursday in the brentwood and discovery bay areas. time is 5:14. later this morning the uc board of regents continues the three- day meeting at san francisco. they are expected to talk about a wide range of issues including the budget. student safety policies and plans for new construction. one of the big issues on the agenda governor jerry brown's tax initiative and what will happen if it fails this november. the measure could raise more than $6 billion for the state.
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stanford and uc berkeley have made u.s. news and world reports list of the top universities. stanford is tied with mit for sixth place. uc berkeley has the highest ranking was the highest ranking public university comes in 21st place. other california universities making the list include ucla and usc that shared the 24th spot. 5:15 is the time. back over to sal. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? ? >> we are looking at some of the traffic that is getting just a little busier here and there. let's go outside and take a look at the golden gate bridge. that traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving down to the toll plaza. also we are looking at the commute that is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems coming in into san francisco. i want to get into the city for
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that important meeting it would be a good time to go. on the peninsula the traffic here looks good in both directions. 101 and 280. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very good morning. thunderstorms continue to pop up over the sierra. about tahoe, truckee, south. all the way down to southern california and nevada and arizona. any travel plan there is keep an eye on the skies. especially las vegas they have had split issue there is. for us dense fog. it's a little today than yesterday. there is a lot more on the coast. kind of shallow yesterday. it's there today. still warm air aloft. it makes a pretty good push coast and bay. kathy says it's fog free. this is early. 50s on the temps here. west, southwest 18. i've seen gusts out of 20. it was about 15. there is a westerly breeze.
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everything is stuck. you can see a little low spinning off the coast. it looks like it will sit out there for awhile. not doing too much. another area of high pressure here. low pressure. big monster high. looks to be building in next week. as a very strong cool system. petaluma 78. richmond 68. 87 out toward fairfield. 88 pittsburgh. near 90 for brentwood. 67 alameda. downtown oakland 71. 81 san jose. 87 gilroy. i will tell you santa cruz will be one of the few locations on the coast to hint at 70 degrees. there is just too much fog there. 60s there. 70s to near 80 degrees on the peninsula. a little warmer inland thursday into friday. maybe saturday as well. with your weekend always in view it looks cooler on sunday. encouraging news from
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germany sending markets up in europe. overnight japan nikkei rose nearly 2%. hong kong up nearly 1%. created to prevent the weakest euro currency from going bust. checking in on our numbers. futures do point to a higher open here as well. that follows pretty decent gains yesterday. you can see the dow jones up 69 points. starts today at 13, 323. it looks like apple will be up today as well. a brief outage in two airline reservation systems caused trouble for customers looking to book flights. the glitch happened with american airlines in southwest yesterday. both companies say the problem was fixed after 45 minutes. but saber holding corporation provides the technology to the airlines. they take responsibility for the technical problem.
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they are still investigating though exactly how it started. and don't forget new ktvu ipad app ready to down load. it is free. you can watch all of our newscasts live and drive time traffic, bay area weather, video of breaking news. any time, anywhere take us with you. >> i'll do it, pam. time now 5:18. he's not healed yet but he is recovering. the oakland a pitcher out of the hospital after that freak accident he was hit in the head. the message he is sending to his fans. the outrage over a series of deadly police shootings in vallejo. why the family of one of the people killed is angry at the mayor. don't forget what pam told you you can get free ktvu news to go down load the free ktvu app. so be connected any time anywhere.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. antioch police are investigating a shooting that injured two men. shots were fired in a parking lot after a group of men got into a fight. it happened near sic mother -- sycamore drive shortly after 9:00 last night.
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police found the second victim a 24-year-old man after searching local hospitals. antioch police department could soon get much needed staffing help. the contra costa times reports later this month city leaders will consider funding more positions. several community nonsworn community officers could be -- they also want to increase the number of sworn officers in the process of filling 13 positions. time is 5:23. emotions were very high last night during the vallejo city council meeting following several officer involved shootings. fully want justice for everybody. not just mine but everybody. >> about 200 people were at that meeting. they were demanding the city take action against vallejo police force. there have been seven officer involved shooting since may. five of them were fatal. one of the speakers was a
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mother of mario romero. a 23-year-old that was gunned down at the beginning of the month. >> it really hurt my heart. for the horrendous act that was done to my son. and for you to have no sympathy and mercy to speak out. >> vallejo mayor davis offered sympathies to the family and said it was not his intention to take sides in the case. romero's family accused him of previously telling the news media he was satisfied with the police account of that shooting. romero's family say they want to meet with police to talk about th an independent agency outside of solano county to investigate the shootings. citizen advisory meeting was canceled on monday night because that public meeting got out of control. oakland a's pitcher is resting at his home after a line drive baseball hit him in
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the head. mccarthy was discharged from the san francisco hospital yesterday. the terrifying incident happened exactly one week ago. he under went emergency brain surgery to relieve swelling the next day. after being discharged he released a statement thanking teammates and fans for their warm wishes, saying it's times like these he realizes he is fortunate to have an extended family. there is concern that the sacramento kings could move to seattle. the team's future in sacramento is in doubt after the owners scrapped a deal to build a new downtown arena. now they are working to build a half a billion dollar basketball and hockey arena. season two of the x-factor premiers tonight. the hosts of the show still remains a mystery. according to the reports the female front runner is reality star khloe kardashian.
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show creator says she will help bring in a younger crowd. this season will also feature new judges britney spears and demi lovado. 5:25 is the time right now. how does traffic look, sal? >> it looks good. we are off to a decent start. i know people are trying to get on the road early. let's go out to northbound 280 right there at 880 that traffic is moving along pretty well getting up to highway 17. also the commute on 680 southbound that traffic looks good heading down to the bottom of the hill. no major problem there is. if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza it is still pretty light. no problems getting into the city. let's go to steve.
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sal, thank you. a very good morning. a lot of low clouds and fog. there is more on the coast today than we had yesterday. that is for sure. it's moving all the way up the coast. i don't think things change too much today. if you are well inland it's hot. pam. thank you, steve. time is 5:26. and a rocket protest at city college of san francisco. the reason students disrupted an important school board vote. plus new information about the search for a suspect in a robbery where a 7-eleven clerk was killed. the u.s. ambassador to libya has been killed in a violent attack on a consulate in that area. we'll tell you about his bay area roots coming up.
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good morning, to you welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news middle of the week now september 12th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. steve paulson is here with the forecast. it sounds like the same. >> about the same. things are really quiet. clear lake and ukiah are about 95. a little cooler here. temperatures 60s and 70s and 80s. here is sal. on the san mateo bridge traffic looks good getting out to the high-rise with no major problems. also this morning we are looking a the the commute that
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is moving well at the mccarthur maze. let's go back to the desk. we have developing news from overseas. president obama is condemning an attack in libya that killed four americans. among the victims u.s. ambassador with local ties. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge joins us now from uc berkeley with more on these tragic events. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador to libya that was killed in that attack was a northern california native that went to school at uc berkeley. after that chris stevens also got his law degree from uc hastings college of law. he was a foreign minister. according to the white house stevens and three other embassy employees were killed in attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. an angry group stormed the consulate shooting employees and setting fire to the building. this group was angry over a
5:32 am
viral video made by a man from california that mocks mohammed. stevens went to the building trying to evacuate staff members. he served twice in libya. he was the american envoy to the rebel movement that overthrew moammar gadhafi. the white house said chris was a courageous and exemplary representative of the united states. we are learning to find out more information where we grew up here in northern california. for now we are live in berkeley this morning alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:32. overnight news a man was sent to the san francisco hospital after a dispute at the golden gate park. it happened around 11:00 a.m.. now it involved two men. one of them hit the other with a flashlight according to police. that victim was taken to the
5:33 am
hospital in stable condition. his injuries are not life threatening. the suspect was arrested on assault charges. more than a dozen people right now that have been living in an alameda apartment building they were chased out of their home by flames. tara moriarty is at the scene now to tell us what those tenants saw and heard. >> reporter: they were pretty shaken up. they told us they woke up to the sounds of some wood cracking and some glass shattering. they were too disturbed to speak to us on camera. they were very, very had a very difficult night. they say what was so upsetting there was a quadriplegic man trapped inside of the first floor apartment. firefighters were able to get him out safely. flames broke out around 1:00 this morning. 15 people were forced out of the four plex it took more than two dozen firefighters an hour
5:34 am
to get the flames out. it appears to have broken out in the backside of the house whether on the inside or outside. >> it was it will up in the back. you can see the flames going from the back stairwell to the roof on the backside of the building. and heavy black smoke coming out of the unit. >> reporter: now luckily no one was hurt but there is quite a bit of damage to the home. residents won't be allowed to go back inside. red cross was on scene and helping them find a temporary place to stay. no word yet on what sparked this fire. but we will of course keep you posted. live from alameda i'm tara moriarty. there are new details about last months fire at the chevron refinery in richmond. federal investigators say a walls of a pipe were dangerously thin. the contra costa times reports investigators found parts of the pipe had thinned to just 1/16 of an inch. that is down from an original
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thickness of 5/16 of an inch. they are look into the cause of the corrosion of the pipe and why it wasn't replaced during a maintenance inspection. more than 15,000 people in the area went to the hospital with respiratory problems. time is 5:34. we are getting new information about a robbery at a 7-eleven in mil tee -- milpitas where a clerk was killed. one of the suspects right there you can see his face. two other suspects his face is covered. they robbed the store early sad morning. they shot and killed the night clerk. 7-eleven is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. alleged victims of the
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reverend jerald lenyard. during system he denied the molestation charges before refusing to answer any other questions. a group that says they were also molested by lenyard is are hoping the perjury charges will stick since the deadline to prosecute him for child molestation has passed. students are getting letters about a claim of sexual abuse. a 1968 graduate says he was abused by a joe wit brother while he was attending the school. no charges were filed but they are considering it a credible threat. now people that attended bellarmine are getting noticed about the claims. the alleged abuser also taught in sacramento county.
5:37 am
those are students at city college of san francisco. they are angry they brought in a state advisor to look over the finances. it's day three of the teachers strike in chicago. they will resume negotiations this morning with a new proposal from the school board. two sticking points remain teacher performance evaluations and allowing laid off teachers to get their jobs back. teachers have been on the picket line since monday leaving about 400,000 students out of class. cleaning up crime in the streets of san francisco the police there targeting drug dealers and some trouble spots near city schools. coming up at 5:45 we'll tell you how many arrests they made during a two-week crack down. the morning commute off to a pretty good start. let's check in with sal.
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hopefully no problems. >> you know i think right now we are off to a decent start. we are looking at traffic getting a little busier around the bay as you can see right here traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza looks good. there are no major issues. the compute looks pretty good all the way into the city. also this morning we are looking at the commute on interstate 880 in oakland. north and southbound. that has been a pretty nice drive there. now if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, haywood it has been a good drive south all the way to fremont. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. thunderstorms continue to be blowing up. especially in the sierra south. desert southern california not here though. we have a lot of low clouds. only subtle changes. i'll tell you it's really quiet. next week there are signs of a change. especially in the middle of the
5:39 am
country. very cool, cool country will be digging there. fog will arrive for them. question is will we get an offshore breeze? one model says yes, the other two say no. subtle changes just mean temperatures very close to yesterday's readings. 50s on the temps. 52 your morning industry tech that there. 59 antioch. 55 for san jose which is cooler than mountain view and redwood city. oakland at 56 degrees. west, southwest 18. i did see a gust over 20. it's a little stronger than yesterday. delta breeze picking up. temperatures will still be in the 90s. we are stuck between. the signsover a high pressure system building here which will drive a very strong system well to the east of us. for us it just looks like we are kind of stuck. fog, sun, nice. very quiet pattern. a little breezy at times for the usual suspects. i think overall if you are well inland like clear lake 95. napa is in there.
5:40 am
be knee that 76 -- benicia 76. concord 84. 82 milpitas. 60s for some maybe on the coast expect santa cruz. los gatos 84. there is a lot of low clouds out there. 70s to near 80 degrees on the peninsula. a little warmer inland. thursday, friday, maybe saturday it does look like a cool down begins on sunday. time now 5:40. we have new details about the man that shot and killed a chp officer during that traffic stop. what investigators found inside the gunman's mobile home. thousands of people in las vegas are being told to leave their homes because of new flooding. good morning, westbound 237 that traffic looks pretty good as it's getting more crowded drive into the valley. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning, low clouds and fog stacked up on the coast making a push inland. once that burns off close to yesterday ease numbers 60s to near 90 degrees. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now. the american ambassador to libya was killed on an attack to the embassy in benghazi. protestors are angry about a new film that they say attacks islam's profit mohammed. back here at home the red cross helping 15 people in alameda find temporary places
5:44 am
to live after this early morning fire damaged their apartment building. the flames shot from the roof about 1:00 this morning. one of the people arrested was a quadriplegic man. cause of the that fire is still under investigation. at 10:00 this morning apple is expected to make a big announcement in san francisco about the new iphone 5. it's rumored to have a larger display, a new connector, and 4g capability. apple may also announce new ipods today. the number of deaths continues to rise from two devastating fires in pakistan. 314 were killed in the fires yesterday. a fire at a shoe factory killed 25 people. flames were ignited when sparks from a generator came in contact with nearby chemicals. and a fire at a garment factory
5:45 am
killed 289 lives. 45 homes are under voluntary evacuation orders in las vegas because of heavy flooding. the concern now is that the flood waters may have damaged the electrical systems in those homes and could spark fires. water levels are several feet high in some areas. yesterday 20 people had been rescued from cars that were stranded in the rising waters. the same storm system caused the evacuation of 80 people in river side county. santa cruz officials searching for two inmates that walked away from a minimum security jail. police say 22-year-old blaine of scotts valley and 29-year- old brian morton have been missing since yesterday morning. after they left the jail investigator say they burglarized a house in watsonville and stole a car. that car is a blue 1992 hon --
5:46 am
1995 honda civic. investigators say those men have been awaiting sentencing on drug and theft charges. san francisco police made more than two dozen drug related arrests during a crash down near schools. police were targeting trouble spots in the tenderloin, mission, and bay view around the beginning of the school day. educators say they appreciate the extra police attention. >> we are just hitting head on issues that they face and glad the police are taking part in cleaning up the streets for sure. >> police are saying they made 25 felony drug arrest over a two-year-old period. ten of those arrests were made during a school zone enhancement. court documents obtained by the mercury news shows detectives seized items
5:47 am
including a handgun. from the home of christopher lacy. youngstrom died the next night. a private memorial service will be held for him tomorrow morning in vacaville. later today environmental groups will try once again to block a plan to revamp soccer fields in golden gate park. the city approved a plan to put an artificial turf and add lighting around the soccer fields. environmental groups filed an appeal. they say the renovations would disturb wildlife but they were rejected. they plan to ask for a rehearing of that appeal today. all job seekers you are encouraged to be at a job fair today in san francisco. national career fairs is sponsoring the event. it will take place at the golden gateway holiday inn from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
5:48 am
and it is free. in livermore more than 1,000 people were at this job fair hoping to get positions at a new outlet mall. the perspective employees lined up yesterday to hit the resumes. the pair gone outlet mall will open in eight weeks. that means more than 2,000 permanent jobs and 1500 seasonal jobs will be available. now -- that will one will run from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. they plan to fill up a 5400 jobs when the -- 4500 jobs when the mall opens. 5:48 is the time. let's go back to sal. hopefully we have good news. >> yeah it's not all that bad. let's move along and take a look at the east shore freeway. it is getting crowded for sure but we don't see any major problems. also the morning commute looks
5:49 am
pretty good westbound bay bridge. we haven't had that big backup. usually it starts a the 6:15 or so when they turn the metering lights on. south bay the road sensors are not picking up a lot expect for slowing on northbound 101 near mckey. at 5:48 let's go to steve. >> thank you. a very good morning. you get to september sometimes. contractors will stop me and say steve do you see any change? does show rain move into northern california. by that i mean eureka and cent city. not down here. until then it looks really quiet here but very active in the middle of the country. for us it looks like high pressure or fog wins out. low clouds increasing. there is a lot more today on the coast then there was yesterday. just settle changes. if you are well inland for some it's hot. for others it's cool. there is definitely an on shore breeze. but anywhere from 60 to low and mid 90s. still warm air aloft. it's putting a cap on some of
5:50 am
that fog. there is a lot of low overcast to go. it's making its push. temperatures seem to be stuck so far. low 50th for some. upper 50s for others. hayward is in there. there is not much of a difference here. west, southwest 18 at travis. did see gusts up to 20. high pressure is starting to see is building up here. which is going to drive a really cold system over there. but for us question will be will we get not only will we get high pressure but an offshore breeze next week? we'll see. still time to iron out the details. today if you liked yesterday you will like today. if it's too hot go west. if it's too cool go east. richmond 68. vallejo at 76. 67 alameda. castro valley 76. a little cooler toward dublin.
5:51 am
fremont 78. 81 in san jose. 68 san bruno. upper 70s palo alto. but on the coast too much fog. 60s there. a little warmer inland thursday and friday. but it looks like cooler pattern kicks back in sunday. moodies is threatening to cut the nation's credit rating. the agency says the nation could lose its aaa rating if a deal is not reached by the end of next year. its rival standard and poor. sha new survey finds the cost of health insurance went up slightly this year. according to the family foundations annual report, premiums for job based family health plans are 4% higher than last year. premiums average just about $16,000 a year with employees
5:52 am
paying more than 4300 of that cost. and facebook ceo mark zuckerberg talked about his company's missteps. he used two-day conference to make his first public comment. he admitted to being disappointed in facebook stock which has lost about half its value, but he also tried to reassure investors. he says facebook's future and financial success will rely on smart phones and tablets. if you drive across the san mateo bridge you may want to mark your calendars. why the bridge will close during parts of october and when. plus it's enough to make a car lover cry. the fast core vet that could outrun nature.
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the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios plenty of low clouds and fog to go around. once that heads back to the coast we are left with very similar temperatures. 60s by the beaches. 80s to near 90s inland. he's crying up there in canada. after his 1984 corvette that red one there was crushed by his own garage. tropical storm leslie picked up the garage and dropped it right down on that corvette. yesterday's storm in
5:56 am
newfoundland knocked the power out to thousands of homes. there is still no word of any major injuries. police in san jose have released this pair of sketches they want you to see. they hope you can identify a homeless woman that was murdered. here are two sketches of the same woman. one of which she may have looked like before she became homeless and then there is the after picture. police think her name may have been gail. she was about 60 years old. investigators say the woman was stabbed to death last month outside of the walgreens store at san carlos and meridian. that is where she had been living for about a year and a half. a teenage girl has been found hiding with her mother. she was last seen leaving high school. police say huntsman was missing voluntarily. her mother is facing possible charges for assisting her. warning for drivers the
5:57 am
entire san mateo bridge will be closed for up to two weekends next month for seismic retro fitting. workers will be moving hinges to add more flexibility to the deck. they will also replace a cracked beam. the closure is scheduled for the weekend of october 19th but cal tran hopes to have the work completed in just one weekend but just in case it is warning people to be prepared in case they have to close for the following weekend as well. >> got to get that heads up. time now 5:57. sal, have you fixed everything on 280? >> you know we are looking at it. so far northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. we are off to a nice start getting into the valley. you can see traffic moves well. also 880 commute is looking good. 680 southbound out of pleasanton to fremont is off to a good start. coming up we'll look at all the east bay commutes. let's go back to you. a crime wave colts on the peninsula. the new efforts by police to
5:58 am
stop a string of home burglaries. plus a disturbing new video coming in on the attack that killed the american ambassador to libya and he has ties here to the bay area. well temperatures inland are still warm to hot but by the coast they are cool. will that change any time soon? we'll have the answer in two minutes. only resolve all-stains has two formula chambers, to remove all types of stains. using shout or oxiclean? that's just playing the odds. don't chance it, resolve it. see a resolve difference or it's free. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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