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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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four. friends say he took pride in his children and today it was his family who made it known how proud therapy of him -- proud they were of him. >> reporter: the procession arrived, the salutes were waiting. >> a man that loved the lord and his family. >> reporter: kenyon youngstrom's casket came home. >> he taught me a lot about being a man, about what is forgiveness. never held grudges. >> reporter: he says his dad loved to tell stories and he had this crowd captivated as he told his home. >> i will miss him tackling me at home, that was always enjoyable. he weighed twice as much as i do. >> reporter: the commissioner. >> it take as special person to
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wear the chp badge and your bad was one of the very best. >> reporter: he says he never swerved from his path of duty and his memory will never be lost, the family never forgotten. >> you are forever a part of the chp family and we are forever in your debt. >> reporter: one final message from the man paroling with kenyon youngstrom that day. his dear friend to say see you around. >> i know you can hear me, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. and i look forward to seeing you again brother. >> reporter: kenyon youngstrom is survived by his wife, two daughters and two sons. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2
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news. >> services for kenyon youngstrom brought an outpouring of sympathy from around the country. some travels thousands of miles to attend the services today. >> felt like it was appropriate. california highway patrol represented their agency and helped us so we feel like it is our turn to give them support in their time of need. >> he said it was important to show respect for a fallen officer and he was joined bailments officers from new york o -- law enforcement officers from new york, idaho and arizona. >> others came in to fill in on parole. ktvu's john sasaki is live where the chp officers are still gathering. >> reporter: this is the chp office, there you can see a
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sign from school kids. the staff here went to the funerals and other officers came into fill the gaps. >> reporter: the love for kenyon youngstrom is clearly on display. officers came here from across the bay area to fill in for their colleagues. >> one big family. >> reporter: he said he worked with kenyon youngstrom on several occasions. >> friendly guy. always had a smile on his face. well liked by the squad. and very, very dedicated to the highway patrol. >> reporter: officers at the funeral had support from area residents. >> i see them doing a good job. next thing you know something happens, so i don't know. it is just sad to see something like this. >> small group near the church. >> i came to be in support of the family and friends and
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their associates. it is very sad. >> reporter: in the rows of police vehicles we saw cars from all over northern california. >> sad. they are always sad. from the bagpipes to the motor escorts. brings home how precious every day is. >> reporter: i talked to one of the supervisors and he said all the officers stationed here will be back on the job starting tomorrow. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ktvu aired the funeral live online and streaming to our mobile app. if you missed it you can watch video by clicking on the tab on our website. in the last half hour we learned the names of all four americans that were killed at the u.s. embassy in libya. tyrone woods was the fourth
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victim. he is a former navy s.e.a.l. and a security officer. shawn smith was a computer expert. and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. ktvu's heather holmes joins us with what we are learning about the attack. >> reporter: some of the places where crowds of protesters surrounded u.s. embassies today to protest the anti-islam film. >> reporter: outrage is spreading across the middle east and africa. crowds are protesting a film posted on youtube that make as mockery of islam. in lubbia authorities nounced -- in libya authorities announced arrests. they said some vinyls were arrested -- some individuals were arrested.
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others are being closely monitored. u.s. ambassador chris stevens grew up in the east bay. and there is evidence tonight the attack was coordinated by militants and they have been supported by infiltrators. a security official says armed militants exscuted a raid on two locations -- executed a raid on two locations. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and another american were killed in the initial storming of the consulate and later a second assault targeted the safe house where two more americans were killed. we just learned the name of the fourth victim, tyrone woods. we are still gathering details about him but we know glen grew up in massachusetts and shawn smith had a big following online and he posted from inside the u.s. embassy gunfire. and then never posted again.
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google owned youtube is now a target in the country that used to use -- that used their global power to help over throw the government. ktvu's robert handa is live with the dual role social media is playing for political activist. >> reporter: we are at google. last year they played a big part in the egyptian revolution. social media is now having a big impact there but in a different way. >> reporter: they are upsetting to many americans. the fact the protest was generated by a clip of a film on youtube isn't surprising. >> right now because it is -- the whole social media, everything is so prevalent, that is what happened. >> reporter: social media isn't used the same way last year when images on youtube and
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facebook helped organize protests. now groups know more about how to use it. some officials believe yesterday's attack was planned for 9/11 and the film was just an excuse. she says social media is not the novelty it was a year ago. >> as long as we know there sapoppulation who will get up-- there is a population who will get upset, you can blame it on that. >> the freshness of the information and the visuals, especially in the case of youtube, that make you want to take action based on what you see. hard to hold back. >> reporter: as more people use social media the awareness will come. >> i don't know when it will come through. when we will see it. >> reporter: google will not
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remove the film because it meets guidelines. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> has photos of the after math from the libyan attack and the latest news on the investigation, you can go there to get updated information. we have breaking news right now. a fire that is burning in the oakland hills, these are live pictures from our tower cam. we are working to get news chopper 2 over the seen. this is in the oakland hills on norfolk road. if you aricking at the hills -- if you are looking at the hills, that would be to the left. our chief meteorologist bill martin says humidity is high, 45%. that is good news for firefighters and winds are not a factor. only 9 miles per hour. again, the headline right now, a fire is burning and looks
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like it may be a house fire. we don't know for sure but judging from the pictures, it may be a house fire. it is on norfolk road. north of highway 24. authorities are investigating a armed robbery at a marijuana farm. deputies responded to a call in morgan hill. when they arrived they talked to two victims who said they were tied up. 4-6 men dug up marijuana plants in the backyard. they are trying to determine if that marijuana grow was legal. a homeowner says it happened again. a driver lost control and crashed into his backyard. he says this is the 8th time that happened. this is video of the crash.
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happened last night on a curved stretch. took 25 minutes for emergency crews to pull the driver to safety. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the homeowner asked the city to put up a guard rail but was told the city doesn't have the pun money. -- the money. authorities are reporting a death from west nile virus. officials say he is the fifth person in california this year to die from west nile virus. >> we are looking at record amounts of west nile in the environment this year. >> he died last weekend after being hospitalized for 10 days. yosemite national park says a 9th person has been infected with the hantavirus. officials say the person has since recovered. most of those infected stayed in the tent cabins and came in
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contact with infected rodents. 8 others have contracted the illness. three of them have died. special accommodation for a real life hero, the risk this firefighter took to save a couple from a burning building. >> and i am back here at 6:20 p.m., the bay area weekend forecast, which day will be the warmest.
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want to keep you up to date on breaking news. a house fire in the oakland hills. we think it is a house fire. we have not confirmed it. but it may be a house fire. judging from the smoke, look like firefighters may be making
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progress on the fire. burning on norfolk road in the oakland hills. we have news chopper 2 on the way. governor jerry brown presented california's highest public safety award to a california firefighter. states attorney general kamala harris was also on hand as he received the award for rescuing two elderly people from a fire in 2011. he praised him for rescuing that couple. it started in san francisco's china town. he crawled across a ladder to break the couple to safety. there is word tonight of salmonella found in cantaloupe. ktvu's cara liu is live with how investigators found the contamination. >> reporter: right now officials are trying to put
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together a list of all the retailers that sold the cantaloupe. if you have one at home, check the sticker and see if it was part of the recall. >> reporter: 28,000 cartons of cantaloupe are being recalled after they found salmonella during testing. they were sold between august 27 and september 10 in california and 20 other states, as well as mexico. the recalled cantaloupe are from central california and sold by dfi marketing. >> look that sticker on the cantaloupe. if it says dfi california than you should dispose or return it to the place of purchase. >> reporter: some of the systems of salmonella. >> fever, crams, diarrhea.
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most people recover in 5-7 days. depending on the strain of salmonella, they can get complications and wind up being hospitalized. >> reporter: investigators are examining the packing facility and say that is part of the process of trying to figure out where the salmonella came from. there is no illnesses they know of yet but due to delays in reporting it could be weeks before they know if anyone got sick. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. some california dairy farmers say their businesses are in jeopardy because the state won't raise the price of milk. >> cow bells sounded an alarm in sacramento today. they say they need an emergency price boost to cover rising costs. the california department of agricultural says short term price adjustments might not be effective. a solar start up company is
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facing a down sizing. officials say it prompted them to reduce the work force to provide customer support. they did not say how many jobs were lost. oakland hills, looks like a house fire. smoke plume is not as great as it was. humidity is 45%. that is high. when you see oakland hills and smoke, your reaction is you get nervous. fire conditions right now are -- for the firefighters are as good as it gets. the smoke is going up. to the east. the winds are blowing 9-10 miles per hour. humidity 50%. temperatures in the low 70s. we will watch it. looked impressive earlier but
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looks like the firefighters, looks like they are getting a handle on it. doesn't look like brush, looks like a house fire. humidity 45%. i say this as you look that forecast stuff, when you get the weather right, if this was a couple days ago, week ago, then it spreads, it is a big deal. when the weather conditions are right, firefighters knock those things down quickly. this high-pressure system is trying hard to heat us up. the low-pressure system is keeping things cool that coast. low is creating this environment. we are stuck in the environment between the hot and the cool. that is why temperatures tomorrow will be cooler. you won't notice. inland you will. the inland will touch 90 degrees maybe. upper 90s today. clearing long the coast and around the bay. mid-70s bay side.
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maybe low 80s. 84 sonoma. friday. 69 richmond. 89 walnut creak. neat looking friday. over night lows are still cool. the kids will be wearing jackets tomorrow morning. it is friday anyway so they are not thinking. they are going to leave their jacket at school. five-day forecast like this with temperatures nice and warm tomorrow. still. not as hot as today. saturday, sunday, nice. neat. september, one of the finest months for weather. the fire has a lot to do with the weather. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] more than 100 bicyclist pedaled through san francisco today on the climate ride of california. the 5 day ride raises money for
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sustainable solutions. the ride went along the coast and crossed the golden gate bridge into san francisco. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, mourners gathered to remember the life of fallen california highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom today. new information emerged about the man who shot and killed him and the job he started. and why efforts stalled to make a road safer even though there have been eight crashes there. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. are you using it correctly? the alert about a side effect.
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we have an update on the breaking news we have been following in the oakland hills. here is a live picture from chopper 2. chopper 2 is getting closer to the scene of the fire. we think it is a house fire on norfolk road but we have not funcomed that. we have -- confirmed that. it broke out after 6:00 p.m. tonight. you can see all the smoke. it was a big, think plume of
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heavy, dark smoke. it has gotten lighter. and that is a good sign. live pictures from news chopper 2. this is in the oakland hills. it appears to be a house fire. 7,000 block of norfolk road. we will watch this and get more information. mark is here now with sports. you can't win them all. >> pretty hard to pick any kind of conflict with what the a's are doing now. they are looking great. they did lose but they take 3-4 from the angels and they have their 12 game road win streak ended but more importantly, yoenis cespedes suffered a strained wrist. 0-0 till the 7th. six runs for the angels off
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brett anderson. torii hunter was 2-2 in the inning. a shot to right. that will deliver a pair and the a's wind up on the short end 6-0 that hands of the angels but they take 3-4. big weekend series against baltimore. can you imagine sunday night, that place will be rocking as the lions come to town and the quarterback has a healthy respect for the defense. >> make no mistake about it, it is a good defense. they got play makers on every level. it front four, 3, 4, 5, linebackers are good players. secondary play makers. we have our work cut out for us, but, you know, it was a close one last year. hopefully it will be similar,
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close game. >> all right. the tabulations is completed. high school game of the week tomorrow, american canyon and they will be hosting sonoma valley. that was the winning competitor for the game of the week. that is the sporting life for right now, though. >> thank you. and we mentioned a momentum ago about health pain cream, we will have that story tonight at 10:00 p.m. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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