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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. taken tempted kidnapping -- an attempted kidnapping, we will show you exclusive video. more turmoil in the middle east tied to a politically explosive film. >> she is talking about what we are facing in america right now. defending her husband, why her husband's statements were taken out of context, plus president barack obama is responding. complete bay area coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to a brand-new day, it is september
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19th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. just to let the summer go -- well. >> well it's not done yet. pam i don't want to say it is a 3 dog night, there are some cool readings out there and yesterday's highs were close, 60s and 70s and a few 80s, here is sal. traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise and to the peninsular and looking at the 101 and 580, that traffic looks good. it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. breaking news out of san jose where reports of firefighters are pulling people out of a burning building on the court. it is a two story building on fire and it was reported 4:30 this morning. we have a news crew on the way and we have a live report
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coming up, sal is also keeping an eye on that fire as well. and breaking news, the driver has led police across interstate 880 in solano county. the sheriff's deputy was involved in a collision with a big-rig and we are also getting reports that a suspect threw a shotgun out of the car at one point. tara moriarty is on her way to cover that story and we will have an update in just a few minutes. developing news in the east bay, a man accused of trying to kidnap three young men has been captured and arrested. it ended with a high speed police chase through union city. claudine wong is live to tell us how this terrifying incident started, good morning claudine. >> reporter: this is where police say it all began.
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the police station is actually just a block away from where we are standing and that may have played a key role in getting some help fast. it started five miles away in union city and police say it started there when three young men were walking down the street when a truck aggressively pursued those young men trying to get them into the vehicle. even as they ran away, the truck driver pursued one of the three. >> the truck was last seen following the teen behind the arch stone apartment complex also located in civic center. >> the other two young men were able to flag down a police officer and they were giving that officer information when they spotted the truck. it took off before there was a crash on dakota road and third street. >> a short pursue took place
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and when they caught the suspect they ended up having to taser him. the canine bit the suspect and they ended up having to tackle him. >> the officer ended up with minor injuries. police thought the victims were younger but it appears they were 19 or 20 years old. they don't know why the suspect targeted them. they do not know him. we are hoping to get more on this developing story, live in fremont, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new police warning from uc berkeley. reports of a flasher exposing himself in albany. there are at least three reports of indecent exposure so far. a man posing as a maintenance worker coerced a woman to let him inside his apartment. he reportedly exposed himself to her and he is described as a
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white man, six feet tall and thin, with thin graying hair. united states temporarily is closing down one of its cons late in indonesia. more than 100 protesters protested in front of that embassy. both groups are demanding the obama administration punish the makers of that movie called i sense of -- innocence of muslims. thousands of muslims have been protesting for the last week. they are considered mostly symbolic since the people are outside of egypt and will not travel to face charges. some analysts say the charges will be an attempt to curb the anger over that movie. the wife of the
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presidential nominee is now talking about her husband's controversial statement in a secretly recorded video. >> if you listen to everything that he does say, he is talking about what we are facing in america right now. >> coming up at 5:15, going live to the washington d.c. bureau how mitt romney campaign continues to do damage control. starting today, they can register online with some county websites as well. you will need a california driver's license and id card so you can verify driver's license information with the dmv so you can vote in the general election. we have a lot to talk about this morning, sal, you are very busy over there. >> yes, we have pictures now on
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highway 37 of a vehicle that was apparently struck by a car that was trying to get away from police. this is a look at a big-rig that was struck in solano county. earlier this morning there was a police pursuit and a crash here in vallejo as one person was trying to get away and reportedly one person was trying to get away. one thing i will tell you for now, how this affects traffic, you can see this truck that was hit by this car, highway 37 is getting by near the bridge and we will have more on this coming up. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving nicely coming up to san francisco, and this morning in san jose, northbound traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. here is steve. well, a couple of things
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going on, transition takes place, jetstream starts to buckle and it's buckling in the northeast, very cool readings, lots of readings in the northeast, but for us, the key is, there is a blocking pattern and there is a low coming in underneath. it is not that strong but boy, has it really picked up the fog. you can see there is a spinning atmosphere and it is not enough to produce any rain but it will be enough to keep temperatures below average. the key is it really can't go north, but it looks like it will settle right back on us by sunday or monday. lots of 50s and combine that with a west wind, even out to the delta and even out to vacaville, it will be similar to yesterday. a couple of #0s but they are losing -- 80s but they are
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losing their strength. breezy at times especially from the golden gate bridge out towards the delta, temperatures are running 5 to 10 degrees below average. it does look a little warmer, and cooling again sunday and monday, dave, pam? back to that breaking news story sal just told you about, tara moriarty just arrived where sheriff's deputies just crashed during a chase, so where are you and what happened? we are in vallejo, we are near the wilson avenue exit and you can see the tow truck is taking away that big-rig involved in the accident. it got caught in the cross hairs of a pursuit. deputies from the salon know sheriff's deputy tried to pull over a car and the driver did not stop so two patrol cars raced through on to highway 37
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westbound. then the suspect switched directions and threw a gun out of the car. then on eastbound 37 where we are standing right now, one of the deputies cars gets into an accident with a big-rig. we understand the deputy is doing just fine. the other deputy kept going but he lost site of the suspect westbound near tennessee. we have a goodies description of the car and license plate -- dis dedescription of the car and license plate, but they are not going to share that. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. they used a goat to capture an animal. recovering from some earlier road work, there are some spots you need to know about but we will tell you about those coming up.
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. time now a judge decided to save a pit bull that attacked a police dog. he was -- a police horse. the dog was ordered to be put down by the judge but yesterday they decided to stay the
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execution. >> it was a little terrifying. that mountain lion you are looking at was put down after it killed a family goat. they set up a cage with more goat meet to trap the -- meat to trap the mountain lion. it worked and the mountain lion has been taken away before it kills anymore animals. it shows a video of mitt romney disparaging americans, here is more with that message. >> reporter: the gop says he will deliver economic recovery, no government dependancy and he is trying to shift the focus to president barack obama. he went to double down on the
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idea and he will not win over the americans that don't pay income taxes. >> those who are dependant on government and those had think it is the government's job to redistribute i am not going to get them. >> my expectation is if you want to be president you have to work for everybody not just for some. >> he is drawing attention to a recording from obama from 1998 and i will have more on that in my next update, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> president barack obama's approval rating is up since may. it also shows more americans think the country is moving in the right direction. the race for the white house is still close. the latest poll shows president barack obama with a slight edge. and the shot foundation,
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they say hi school graduation rates show latinos and african- americans are lagging behind whites nationwide. african-american male students and 58% of latino male students who entered 9th grade in 2006 graduated 4 years later and that compares to 78% of white male students. however, they say graduation rates for all three groups are up. the group also says 2010 is the first year since they started tracking this in more than half the nations african-american males graduated in four years. there was no evidence that a mentally ill transient man was committing a crime when he got into a struggle with police and died. he said only one call came in when kelly thomas was trying to
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open car doors when he died in 2011. he also said that he injured his ribs and that was untrue. two officers are facing charges in thomas' death. she apparently fell into summit lake in summit county. while her friends swam to nearby islands she stayed on shore because she didn't know how to swim. her friends found her facedown in the water when they returned. the san jose mercury news is reporting they are not endorsing a plan to expand lanes and make them express only. they will meet to decide what they will do next. old school buses could be creating pollution problems. thousands are riding on buses that could be hurting their
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health. that is because unlike other states, they do not require them to take buses off the road after a certain number of years. california has some of the oldest buses in america. it's now 5:17 if you are just joining us, we have a big problem on highway 37, and we will check in with sal. fortunately, the tow truck has gotten into position and they have moved it to the side, the truck that was involved with a collision with the sheriff's deputy is no longer causing a problem however we will continue to watch it to make sure it does not cause any further problems. westbound, that traffic looks good and there are no major problems getting into san francisco. we also had some road road near
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the coliseum and traffic is moving well in both directions. there are no problems on the freeway here. if you are driving north and southbound, 81 and 85 are all doing very nicely, let's go to steve. well, it is a decent fog bank, that is the area of low pressure and anything in advance of that and that would be us, temperatures are five pillow. temperatures are getting cool enough and i don't think it is going anywhere but i want to tell you it has been cool on the coast and it even gets close to 70 degrees. 63 in the city and that's exactly what it was yesterday. it has been 62 and 63 for the last couple of days. high pressure is way to the north and this low is way
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underneath the high. it takes the path of least resistance and i have not had any moisture to work with. you can see the bend in the clouds and that eventually slides towards us. 43, napa airport, and they are also reporting a little bit of fog. west 14 and southwest with a delta breeze in place, we will make it all the way to sacramento and a couple of #0s -- 80s, they are punching far inland. some of that foggy condition is tough to burn off even though it does not get a little bit of sun. a couple of lower 80s, as they managed to hit 80. it does look warmer but then cooling again sunday and monday. >> european markets are mixed, overnight most are finished
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with gains after the bank of japan eased activity. the nikkei was up 2%. checking in on our numbers right now, futures indicate a higher opening across the board, no big gains but for the nasdaq and s&p 500 no big moves there. apple's stock will start trading at more than $700 a share. they are just 9 cents a share. we are based on continuing optimism. analysts are also predicting apple will sell as many as 10 million of the new devices this week. >> how many, pam? >> 10 million. >> 520. something very valuable was stolen, the crime caught on camera, look at this. police need your help to try to
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catch those suspects. some area locations are operating under a new name, how they are trying distance themselves from the parent company. they are fighting a two- alarm fire in a san jose neighborhood, find out who was injured and what crews were there, we will tell you more about this straight ahead.
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ooh. breaking news in san jose, reports of people hurt this morning, a burning building in the area and there are reports people may have been hurt and maybe a firefighter hurt, the information is still coming in as i am talking to you now. earlier reports say people were trapped on the roof of the building. now our crew is there and they are pulling together all the latest information from san jose and we will bring you a live report coming up in just about eight minutes so stay tuned for that. it appears same sex couples will not be able to get married in australia. they overwhelmingly rejected a bill to legalize same sex marriage. it shows they support it but lawmakers there, the ruling party are against it. well back here at home,
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several golds gyms are changing their names. from now on the gyms are going to be called, fitness fs. it is a way to distance them from the parent company. they donated millions of dollars to a gay organization and they want to make it clear they oppose that political organization. they are looking for two people who stole a cello worth $2,000. the suspects were caught on camera yesterday afternoon. they were checking rows of lockers until they found one which was not properly secured. the valuable instrument belongs to a young music student adam young. police are offering a reward for the instrument's safe return. bring us up to date, sal.
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the good news, it seems to be setelling down after we had -- settling down after we had kind of a rough start. traffic is moving well getting up to highway 17 and southbound on the sunole grade this traffic is getting busier as you enter fremont. well, a rather cool pattern, napa airport reports a quarter mile visibility and yesterday's highs 60s and 70s and mainly lower 80s. right now, the space shuttle endeavor is flying piggyback on the back of a 747 and it's flying to texas and you can see it as the shuttle makes a rare appearance later this week. a fire at a san jose apartment complex, we will tell you about the dramatic rescue of one of the residents.
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. it is wednesday september 19th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook time now 5:30 let's check in with steve paulson. summer is leaving. >> i know, i hate that. >> we have a cold pattern, no doubt about it, you can see the low actually the spin in the cloud, that is an indicater of
5:31 am
the low although most are fog free but temperatures are close to yesterday, 60s and 70s and 80s, here is sal. traffic is getting busy just as you might expect coming across towards concord, also the morning commute is looking good on the san rafael bridge, back to dave and pam. this, we have been following since 4:30, firefighters are at the scene of a complex where a fire started and we are hearing people are trapped on the roof and some are hurt, what do you know ann? >> reporter: firefighters do have this fire under control and they believe it started in a second floor apartment. they responded to the shady lanes apartment this morning and there were reports about three people trapped but as it turns out, there was just one, a woman and her dog made it to
5:32 am
the roof where they were rescued by police officers. no word on what may have caused the fire but there may be smoke and water damage to other units as well. dozens were other units were also evacuated and they are looking into how many of them may need assistance from the red cross. we also got word that there was a san jose firefighter who was transported to the hospital. he was suffering from minor burns. ann rubin ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are taking their anger out on the city council. 18-year-old allan shot at officers in may. they later reported he had a weapon but never fired a shot. his family wants to examine a police report on the shooting and when they did not receive it last night more than 100 people protested at the council meeting causing it to adjourn
5:33 am
early. [crowd noise] >> people were protesting a deadly vallejo shooting earlier this month and they also cut short vallejo's council meeting. during a break they stormed the room and people are protesting the shooting death of mario romero. yesterday would have been his 24th birthday. they want an investigation into the five fatal police shootings since e late may. it was a battle of two meetings as the police union tried to get a grip on the city's rising crime rate. last night they held a study session to look at the response in recent gang activity. at the same time they held a crime prevention meeting offering people tips on protecting themselves and their
5:34 am
families. they come up after reducing pensions for police officers and that means police layoffs and slower response times. >> over the last six months, we have heard more gunshots in our neighborhood than we ever heard before. >> the meeting last night was the first in a series being held throughout the month. time now 4:33, the fate of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is now in the hands of the ethics members. coming up at 5:45 how much time they have to make a decision about sheriff ross mirkarimi's job. time now 5:34, the space shuttle endeavor, there it's taking off from the kennedy center, it is riding piggy back and it will make a stop in texas and head-on to los angeles. it is going into retirement at
5:35 am
the science center and before it reaches its last destination it is due to fly over us in the bay area friday morning. france has been ad street protest that are banning the magazine. it is called charlie head dough. he is defending the publisher's free speech rights and that organization was firebombed last year after printing other cartoons. children are returning to the classrooms after teachers are ending their strike after more than a week of walking the picket line. they do not have a contract but members are expected to vote on attentive deal within the next -- a tentative deal with within the next couple of weeks. failure of proposition 30
5:36 am
could trigger $250 million in cuts to the state university system and if the measure does pass, the tuition increase this fall will be rescinded. a woman who was wounded in a shooting forced an east oakland school into lockdown. we understand she is recovering this morning. that woman was shot while driving on crouse avenue near the elementary school yesterday afternoon. the school went into lockdown as a result. one witness said the woman had a child in her car at the time and is recovering at hyland hospital. san francisco giants will honor petaluma's little leaguers. they received autographed baseballs and today they will get to participate in a home plate ceremony. >> good for them. >> that is pretty cool.
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now are things cooling off for you? you were burning since you walked into your empire this morning. i know. if you are just waking up we had a rough start as dave alluded to but now we are evening out, as we look at the east shore freeway some of the road work is cleared and crashes have been cleared and now it is getting busier at the bay bridge toll plaza and we don't have a big backup, the toll plaza is moving well into san francisco. these days south of market, there is a little bit of a mess because howard street is closed between third and fourth for a huge convention. this is a look at the san jose center and traffic look good on all the freeways as you drive through. >> steve? apparently some guys said hello
5:38 am
to you at the gas station? >> that is correct. >> jim from the cocoa county paramedics? >> yes. >> well, he said, should you be getting -- should you be getting going? i said yes, i should. now, steve, come on. sonoma coast is mostly fog free. but then it is funneling in from marin and san mateo coast looks to be sold out. coastal fog is there although it is not hugging the coast but there is a lot out there. temperatures are below average and it should be 70 degrees. they are lucky to get above 63 and it should be 72 in santa rosa and that tells you we are definitely below average. seattle sunny nice, the low is coming underneath this. it can't go up and over and
5:39 am
this is called a blocking pattern and it usually lasts two to three weeks. this low might lift north but it looks like it is coming right over us as we head to sunday and monday. 43 degrees at the napa airport along with with a quarter mile visibility because of fog. so fog, sun breezy to windy, foggy on parts of the coast, not the entire coast but there will be a fresh breeze. still hot up towards ukiah but a lot of 70s in walnut creek, 65 alameda, livermore 78, 74 saratoga, 60s low 70s on the peninsular and 60s on the coast as best. it will be warmer friday and saturday, not much though. a navy commander fired after having an affair.
5:40 am
the extreme measures he took that cost him his job. going through the streets of vallejo, we will tell you what a truck driver had to say about the chase when he was hit. highway 4 looks like it is getting more crowded on the way to concord, we will tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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. there is a lot out there pushing into the bay with very brisk wind for some, very close to yesterday's highs. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, presidential nominee mitt romney is trying to shift
5:43 am
away from comments he made that were secretly recorded. in an editorial mitt romney said he will deliver on economic recovery not government dependancy. a firefighter was hurt after if fighting an early morning -- after fighting an early morning fire. one woman and her dog had to be rescued from the roof of that building by the police. that fire is now under control. fremont police chased down a man who is accused of trying kidnap three young men. it started about 10:00 last night and ended with the police crashing into the suspect's truck in union city. the three young men said they i don't know that suspect. sheriff's deputies are looking for a suspect who led them on a police chase through solano county. in vallejo this morning where one deputy crashed during that
5:44 am
pursuit, tara? >> reporter: the big-rig driver said he didn't see them and he was actually hit during a high- speed chase through the streets of vallejo and on to the freeway. it happened on highway 37 near 29. around 2:30 a.m., two sheriff's deputies were asking somebody to pull over the driver of a black honda. the driver did not stop and led them through the streets of vallejo on to interstate 880 westbound. now the suspect switched directions and tossed a gun out of the car. chp got involved in the pursuit and shortly after the big-rig got hit by a sheriff's deputy's car. >> that is when the chase was on us and i had a car behind me, so when the chase came on us, the car tried to pass me i slammed my breaks and that's when the sheriff's were already
5:45 am
upon us and the sheriff tried to avoid the car he said he didn't see it but i saw the car but when he slammed on the breaks -- when i slammed on the breaks, the car took me to the left a little. >> reporter: the driver said his fuel tank is all smashed up. the deputy was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures but is expected to be fine. they lost the suspect westbound near 880 on tennessee. they have more information but they are not releasing that information to us. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. only on 2, a story about the bakery which has closed is now opening. he said the bakery is entering a new phase under the name your black muslim nation.
5:46 am
he is getting direction from the bay family. bay is serving three consecutive life sentences for ordering the killings of shawn's i bailey and -- chauncey bailey and two other men. after learning that, the department of corrections launched their own investigation. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi, yesterday the ethics' committee gave their report and now a 30-day countdown begins for souper advisors to make a decision on whether or not sheriff ross mirkarimi gets to keep his job. they will exam thousands of pages of material in this very complex and very controversial case. >> i'm sure it will provide a good framework for the supervisors to make an informed decision. >> they are due to take up the decision in a special meeting.
5:47 am
11 of nine supervisors are needed to remove sheriff ross mirkarimi from his job. a commander has been dismissed from his post for faking his death to end an affair. michael ward sent a letter to his mistress saying ward unexpectedly died. they relieved him of his duties, just one week after taking command of the submarines. sal is back, you are watching the toll plaza and everything else... >> i was listening to the toll and then i heard about a chopper near the hayward airport and the chopper will be there in just a moment and unfortunately that happens quite a bit, kind of a busy street and there are busy intersections. but first, let's go to the bay bridge, the work horse of the bay area commute and you can see there is not a big delay and traffic is not backed up at
5:48 am
all. it looks good into san francisco. another busy span, traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise and you can see the high-rise on the toll plaza building which means the fog is not low enough to affect drivers. we will talk to steve in just a moment. if you are driving on 101 and 17, the south bay, this traffic looks good in the south bay. let's go to steve. rather cool or cold out there for some, there are definitely some 40s along with a west wind and pattern is in place for an on shore breeze and it has been very cool in san francisco and you can get cooler weather and there is just too much fog and a west wind for warmer weather. the low is coming underneath and that keeps a cool and
5:49 am
breezy pattern in place. look at the low spinning offshore. after some tropical moisture we may have some rain but it does not look like that is happening. as long as it's there it will keep temperatures on the cool side along with some fog reducing visibility to a quarter mile. yesterday we had more lower 50s, a west wind is in place no matter where you are it is going in that direction. lots of low clouds, there are reports of dense fog near santa cruz same for sonoma but there is a lot of wind out there. windy for a few, 60s and 70s and 80s and we still get a good spread in coastal locations. antioch still low 80s, 79 morgan hill, menlo park 60 and 63 in the city.
5:50 am
not much change may be a little warmer friday and saturday. there is good news on the housing market. construction on new homes is up and it is actually the biggest increase in two years but still half the pace that would indicate a healthy economy. in about an hour, the association of realtors are releasing sales and they have been on a gradual but steady increase since january. the los angeles kings are for sale along with their home staple center and the owner is selling them along with some of their other assets but it is expected to be in the billions of dollars. the company operates but does not only an oracle arena complex as well. making a joke about a bankruptcy, who is teasing the
5:51 am
city of stockton but are they skating on thin ice? away area apartment complex includes a message, get out! -- away area -- a bay area apartment complex includes a message, get out!
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5:53 am
. good morning, pretty brisk out there, very close to yesterday, 60s and 70s for most. look at maryland right now,
5:54 am
dealing with severe flooding, the chesapeake bay has been flooding baltimore county and in some places 18 inches of water are flooding the streets. it is blocking access to houses like that one and high tide is getting closer and can make things worse. they are teaming up to fight crime. new tenants signing a new lease have to agree they can be evicted if they are arrested for crimes are that include assault or drugs and that is moving to other apartment complexes and they are already seeing a change in their homes. >> it has been peaceful and out of the six years this has been the best time right now. you see how quiet it is, it is like this all the time right
5:55 am
now. >> apartment managers are going through training on how to spot and respond to suspicious activities. police are going through walk- throughs to show them how to landscape more lighting to give criminals fewer places to hide. 35-year-old kareem mcfarland is accused of taking electronics from palo alto homes back in july. detectives say he admitted to using a spare key to get in which he found on the property. a california hockey team is accused of a cheap shot. they designated their december 27th game against the stockton thunder against an our city is not bankrupt. stockton reasonly filed for bankruptcy protection --
5:56 am
recently filed for bankruptcy protection. they are expanding their band on plastic bags. they already have a plastic bag band on supermarkets and retail pharmacies however they show it can apply to all food sellers. san francisco resalers say they will start enforcing those provisions next month. this february, the bridge district willed a new $3.2 million camera system and all tolls will be collected elect front clay. that means -- electronically. that means they will have to pay by plate which records your licenses and requires you to pay a bill. sal, you have the chopper working too? >> we do, we have a crash dave and pam at the corner of
5:57 am
hysteria. it looks like that intersection is closed and it is a busy intersection and the only good thing is it happened early enough by the time most of the morning commute comes through here. so avoid this area. these are live pictures from chopper 2. let's look at the commute on 280 and san jose and this commute in the south bay is looking very nice all the way into the west valley. and the morning drive on 680, the sunole grade, that traffic looks good all the way on to highway 7. let's go back to the desk. what led to an alert at university village? and ktvu channel 2 morning news was on the scene of an early morning fire, this one in
5:58 am
san jose and we have new information about injuries. forecasted highs are coming right up, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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