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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 19, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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san jose apartment fire sends two people to the hospital, and displaces others. we'll show you the damage in the unit. >> a crash tied to a kidnapping case. the exclusive video of the chaotic incident in the east bay.
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>> we're live in valejo where a high speed chase ends with a deputy hitting a big rig. we'll tell you what we learned about the suspect who started it all. >> an urgent warning for uc berkley students. what led to an alert's university village. mornings on 2 begins right now. >> mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it is wednesday, september 19th. we are following developing news from san jose, we first told you about it at 4:30. one firefighter was injured during an early morning fire at an apartment complex. anne was first on the scene a few hours ago. what's the situation now? >> reporter: crew dust say the fire was difficult to access, hard to find, and one firefighter did injure his leg. he was burned trying to put it out. the fire is mostly under control, and crews continue to
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keep an eye out for hot spots. they believe it started in a second floor unit here at the shady lanes apartments. one woman and her dog had to be rescued from the roof by police. that woman was apparently being uncooperative after and was cuffed and dragged into a nearby ambulance to receive treatment, for neighbors who had to be evacuated, this was a scary wake-up call. >> i just heard screaming and nobody said fire initially. so i thought somebody was having an argument, and after i heard one just, i thought i heard fire, and i ran out, sure enough, there was, and grabbed my fiancee and son and we got out. >> reporter: a total of 12 people were displaced in this fire. six are now receiving red cross assistance. live in san jose. ann roux bin. police are looking into when a man tried to kidnap three young men.
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the incident ban in fremont around 10:00 p.m., and ended with a police chase in union city. officers eventually rammed into the suspect's truck. he then jumped out of the vehicle, and tried to run away. but police dog chased him down and officers tasered him. a live report at 7:30 of events and video you won't see anywhere else. another he wild police chase and this one, the deputy was involved a crash. tara is live in valejo. that deputy collided with a big rig. what happened? >> reporter: let me tell you, let you know they have the suspect in custody. they did recover his loaded shotgun. we're on tennessee street, off i-80, and this is the place where officers last spotted the suspect earlier this morning. now, the high speed chase led to a big rig getting smashed by a deputy car. it started around 2:30 this
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morning when deputies from the sheriff's department tried to pull over the car. the driver led two patrol cars on a chase through valejo, on to i-80, and 37 westbound. the suspect switched directions and tossed a loaded shotgun out of the car. after the chase, the big rig got hid by a sheriff's deputy car. >> thank god i didn't jackknife the truck. it was too fast. i couldn't swerve to the left, to the right i mean to get out of the way, so when i locked them up, it was just, it was still coming fast. >> reporter: the deputy was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures, but is expected to be fine. other law enforcement kept chasing the suspect, and they lost him near tennessee, but tracked him down eventually. he is now in custody as we try to learn more information about
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him. time is 7:04. france is close some embassies, fearing a backlash over the release of a cartoon of the prophet mohammed. it is charlie head dough. it published nude cartoons ever muhammed earlier this morning. you're looking add video of police outside the magazine offices. france decided to close 20 embassies throughout the muslim world on friday. the release of that magazine comes amid the growing unrest about the movie that has -- >> and continuing coverage of the anti islam film protest, the u.s. is temporary closing a consulate in indonesia. earlier, about 300 protestors rallied in front of the consulate. 15 muslim students demonstrated later. both groups demand the obama administration punish makers of the film, calms innocence of
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muslims. egypt has issued arrest warrants for 8 people involved in the film. thousands of muslims have been protesting in cairo for the pass week over the film. the warrants are symbolic since the 8 people are reportedly living outside of egypt and unlikely to travel there to face charges. the charges may actually be an attempt to curb the anger over the film. and happening now, congress is receiving an update on threats to homeland security. senator joe lieberman is talking now. this is a live picture from the senate hearing. witnesses today include homeland security secretary jeanette napolitano. -- janet napolitano. she will speak about the progress made on various suburb it was, including programs to stop terrorists like the 9/11 high-jackers: the wife of mitt romney talking about her
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husband's controversial statements that were secretly recorded. >> it's unfortunate when something gets misinterpreted like this, because if you listen to everything he does say, he is talking where, what we're facing in america right now. >> coming up at 7:15, we'll take you live to washington, d.c.. tell you how the romney campaign is still doing damage control. starting today, if you live in california, you can register to vote online. the form is now available on the secretary of state's website. and on some county websites to register online, you will need a california driver's license, or an id card, so election officials can verify your information with the dmv. october 22, that's the deadline to register to vote for the november 6 general election. caltrain will be changing the schedule. in october, a new train will head southbound from 4th and king in san francisco at 6:20 at night. another new train will head
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northbound from the station around 4:30 p.m. other trains leaving 9:30 a.m., and 2:30 p.m. will add stops in either palo alto, or sunnyvale, so other options to take the train. >> that's right! let's see if everything is on track with sal. i know you're watching all kinds of stuff. are you still around the called cot tunnel? you can't push it away. westbound 24, we have slow traffic, we'll get that up in a moment. we have slow traffic on 80, slow traffic on the bay bridge approach, east bay is getting pretty full. it is backed up getting to the toll plaza. there have been no problems on the bridge, but slow traffic. westbound 24, we talked about the car with the broken axle,
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the traffic is up well pass arun dah. it's a mess on highway 24 you may want to give yourself extra time, and if you consider taking bart, that would be a decent option. tilting the maps down, hayward traffic on 80 is getting busier, and livermore valley, lot of slow traffic from the tracy area. it gets better by the time you reach dublin. 7:08. let's go to steve. sunrise over the city, and for some, you can see it, for others, too much fog. west wind in place, and that makes for a cool morning. highs similar for yesterday, and running well below average. a good 25, 10 degrees below average. coastal fog in place, losing some of its support, holding it like yesterday. inland temperatures are coming down, down. you need the heat to keep the fog going. west wind in place, and temperatures below average. it's been a tough, tough september for much of the coast.
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this can be one of the warmest times of the year. the average high should be 70, coming in at 63, and that's been high. most locations have been what, 62, 61, even 60. high pressure is built in way to the north. a low coming underneath that keeps a cool and breezy pattern in place, and there it is. it's not strong. everything continues to ride up and over that ridge of high pressure, and dive into the middle of the country. very active pattern. great lakes, and the northeast and deep south. some locations are cool. napa, 44, sonoma is in there, 55, 54s, antioch, livermore, all overcast. concord gusts to 20, west at oakland, west of sfo, no doubt, it's a sign of a rather brisk delta breeze, sea breeze. so 60s and 70s for many. low 80s for some, mid-80s
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for others. mile be on the high side for clear lake, 60s and 70s for almost everyone. pittsburgh is right at 80. santa clara, saratoga, 74. 66 brisbane, and san bruno. san mateo, redwood shores, foster city around 68, and carlos redwood city. 70. a cool pattern, no big changes tomorrow. it does look warmer inland friday and saturday, and a cool-down again on sunday. >> thank you, steve. coming up on 7:11. the space shuttle "endeavour" is on its way to texas. it took off on the back of a 747 around 4:15 this morning from kennedy space center. that is a cool shot! it's doing a cross country tour. on friday morning, it's expected to fly over the golden gate bridge as it heads down towards
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moffet field, but will the clouds be gone so we could see it. a shocking discovery. why a verified fragment from the -- have some wondering if jesus had a wife! >> terrifying. >> what prompts fish and game to kill a mountain line, and the method used to trap the animal. and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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>> a little terrifying. >> oh, i can't.
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fish and game came out and set up a cage, put more goat meat inside. they were able to trap that mountain lion. family says they're glad it was caught before it killed any animals or anyone of them. a judge is now deciding to save a pit bull. one that attacked a u.s. park police horse at least for now. the dog is charlie. he was to be put down last month after injuring the horse after kissy field in san francisco. yesterday, a judge decided not to put down the dog right now. and listen to an appeal from charlie's owner, who believes the city doesn't have the right to order the death of his dog. 7:15. in election news, republican presidential nominee mitt romney is still on damage control after that video of him dice marriages 47% of americans who don't pay federal taxes was released. allison has romney's message this morning.
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>> reporter: the republican nominee is trying to take control of the controversy. he has an editorial in usa today. in it, he says he will deliver economic recovery, not government dependency. he and his supporters are trying to draw attention to a 1998 recording of president obama, seeming to endorse the redistribution of wealth in america. the republican national committee is using that recording in an add-on line this morning. >> is it any wonder that someone that attacks success has led the worst economic recovery since the great depression? >> reporter: the obama campaign says highlighting a 14-year-old recording is a sign of the romney campaign's desperation. on david letterman last night, president obama weighed in on romney's comments that people who don't pay income taxes are victims. obama says people make mistakes on the campaign trail, but romney cannot write off a chunk
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of the population. >> my expectation is, if you want to be president, you have to work for everyone. >> romney campaigns in texas and florida. president obama has no public events scheduled. reporting live from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu. president obama's approval rating is more than 50% for the first time since may. that's according to a new associated press poll which shows more americans think the country is moving in the right direction. the race for the white house is still very close. latest poll shows president obama with a slight edge, including a lead now in the key swing states of colorado, virginia, and wisconsin. time is 7:17. marin county wants to get rid of unsafe tatoo par lowers. the board of supervisors approved new regulations including monitoring closely ink businesses. the state legislature approved a measure establishing safety guidelines and also registering tatoo artists. ink businesses have to pay
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additional fees through more permits. if you violate it, you could be hit with $1000 fines. santa rosa residents that keep chickens mild be on the right side of the law. the city approval zoning changes to allow people to keep chickens on their property. there are limits to the number, and roosters cannot be allowed. a final vote is expected in the coming weeks. it is 7:17 on sunday, the city of berkley will officially regular nice bisexual pride day. this comes after a vote last night. supporters say this date, september 23, has been celebrated by the bisexual community since 1999, but is largely unrecognized by main stream society. city council member chris worthing ton proposed the idea of bisexual pride day. >> everybody says the -- you
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know, most of the time, you're talking about the lesbian part or the gay part, and very, very little about the "b" word. >> council member says plans are in the works for the celebration, he says the occasion will most likely be marked with a barbecue or brunch. southern california assembly man will not face a new trial on a lingering drunk driving charge from his march arrest concorde. contra costa judge tossed out a blood alcohol level charge against roger hernandez amid concerns about test results. a jury acquitted him of another related charge three weeks ago. the defense says hernandez had two glasses of wine hours apart, and that the alcohol test was mishandled. the acting police chief of fullerton says last no evidence that a mentally ill transient man was committing a crime when he got into a struggle with the police and later died. the chief made that statement at a city council meeting yesterday. he says just one call came in
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that the man, identified as kettlely thomas, was trying to open car doors when he died in july of 2011. he also said jured his ribs wast true. two of the officers involved are facing charges in thomas's death. los angeles area chef is on trial. he's accused of killing his wife and -- david told police he stuffed her body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. his taped confession was played in court. he was in a wheelchair after jumping off a cliff when he found out he was a suspect. changes are coming to a bus plan for el camino real. cities from sunnyvale to palo alto don't like a plan to close one lane in each direction to cars and make them for express bust only, but san jose, and
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santa clara back the plan. aging school buses could be creating pollution problems for the bay area. according to the bay citizen, tens of thousands of school children are riding buses that could be harmful to their health. this is pause unlike other states, california does not require bus owners to take pusses off the road -- buses off the road after a certainly number of years. california has some of the oldest buses in the nation. new discovery by a harvard professor raising questions this morning about whether jesus christ had a wife. professor karen king says she found a scrap of paper from the fourth century in which jesus is quoted as referring to a wife identified as mary. christians believe jesus was not married, but king says there's no reliable evidence to support that. it's not clear where this scrap came from. there's been no response yet from the vatican. king says they need more tests to determine whether that
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fragment is really authentic. >> smaller than the size of a business card. really tiny. as fall approaches, the cooling has begun. steve will tell us if the temperatures will continue to dip or if warm weather will return. >> lot of people trying to beat the amazon tax deadline. could be in for an unpleasant surprise. >> good morning, if you're driving in san jose, northbound 2801 getting slow. san francisco, a problem on 280 that that's blocking lanes.
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a a.
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it charges credit cards when it ships orders, now when the sale is confirmed so that means anyone that ordered something before september 15, the sales tax kicked in, if economists say
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california could receive near $60 million a year -- $80 million a year from this tax. this year's wine grape harvest expected to be one of the biggest in california history. the grape growers predict the crop will top 3.5 million tons. the harvest is happening. expected to last several weeks, growers add the weather we've had helped to make grapes that should be unusually good. >> uh-huh. makes good wine. sal, some problems out there for drivers. >> you're looking at some problems in san francisco, east bay. first starting in san francisco, or san jose. northbound 280, the traffic here is moving along relatively well. this is 280 in san jose, traffic is little slow coming up through highway 17. slows down in coop teen.
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there have no major problems, but there's a typical backup. san francisco, northbound 280 at king, there's a fire under the freeway. it was a construction shed. thick black smoke rising in the area, delays are expected there. northbound 280, westbound 24, a mess because of an earlier stalled vehicle in the call did he cot. late go to steve. we have some low clouds out there, not as heavy duty as yesterday, but still there's plenty to go around, but i think it's more of the westerly breeze what people are talking about. it's a cool breeze, low clouds in place, but no sign of any rain, but definitely a cooler pattern. you can actually see the low, the formation, just look to the west, and see it, it wraps itself up. it's just dealing with a lot of
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low clouds, hasn't tapped into high level clouds. as it stands now, just 60s, 70s, low 80s. these are below average temperatures. protests at four city council meeting. why the protestors are angry at both lawmakers and the police. >> reporter: i just spoke with fremont police, and have new information about a man in custody this morning for an attempted kidnapping, as well as police chase. we'll tell you about his background and what police say about what happened. >> reporter: us, c berkley police looking for and ma accused of ex--- man excused of exposing himself. what folks here are doing differently after learning about the series of crimes, when mornings on 2 continues. ?ñgñ
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fremont police caught a man suspected of trying to kidnap three young man. it began in fremont around 10:00, and ended with police crashing into the suspect's truck. we break down the unusual chain of events. >> reporter: good morning. i just got off the phone with the fremont police department,
7:31 am
and we have new information about the suspect who was just transferred to jail within the last 30 minutes. he is now being identified as 30-year-old robert abata. and it was here along the railing he tried to kidnap three young men. he is facing charges this morning of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted kidnapping with many, many other charges. charges he has faced before. i want to take you to the scene. to the bizarre and frightening events. police say three young men around 19, 20, walking down the street when the truck driver approached him, yelling at them, trying to get them in his vehicle. he was so aggressive, he may have crossed over the median trying to get at them. this happened near the police department, and two of the young men were able to flag down a police officer for help. when that officer tried to pull over the man in the truck, he
7:32 am
took off. >> a short pursuit ensued from that point. when officers finally were able to catch the suspect, they ended up having to tase him. we have new details about the scuffle, because two officers were actually injured in that. police say this morning that they not only tasered that suspect and dog bit him, but he was unfazed by any of that. so two officers tackled him to the ground, just to get him under control. one officer hurt his hand in the scuffle. another hurt his knee. they are okay this morning. but did go to the hospital to be treated. again, as we come back out live this morning to fremont, it started here, went five miles to union city, but at this point, police are still trying to figure out what led them to target the young men. police felt they looked younger, about 16 is what they thought, so maybe the suspect thought they were younger. this suspect does have a
7:33 am
criminal record that does include offenses of assault with a deadly weapon, attempting to flee an officer, driving on the wrong side of the road in a pursuit, similar charges to what he is facing again for what happened last night. live in fremont, claudine wong. new this morning, a suspected flasher has been seen in the uc berkley area. police want to catch him. >> reporter: this is the warning. it's going out to people who live in this complex. they say this man is posing as a maintenance worker, gaining access to women's apartments, and eventually exposing himself. according to one report there, have been three similar cases in the university village apartments in albany. this is housing for married students and families. the most recent crime monday afternoon, when a flasher
7:34 am
knocked on a woman's door, claim he was a maintenance worker who had to do repairs. the victim at the time was home with her two children. she let the man inside. he appeared to inspect the apartment for a short time, went to the bathroom, and when he came out, police say the man unzipped his pants and exposed himself to the woman. after that, he ran off. people in the complex did receive an e-mail from the police about what happened, and a man i talked to this morning says he will be more cautious about who you lets in his apartment. >> make my family aware and alert that this could happen, and this can happen anywhere. so we just need to be more careful. >> we have two kids. so something like that happen, you need to get in touch with people in charge. >> reporter: here's a description of the man police are looking for. described at white, 50s, with
7:35 am
a thin build, and thinning gray hair. if you know anything about this series of crimes, put in a call to uc berkley police. there was an e-mail from complex managers that went out to all the people who rich in the university village apartments reminding them that maintenance workers will wear shirts with names on them and carry uc berkley id cards. live in albany, alex savige. a battle of two meetings, san jose city council and police union tried to get a grip on the rising crime rate. last night, city looked at the police response to recent crimes and gang activity. at the same time, police union and other groups held a crime prevention meeting, offering people tips. the separate meetings come after a measure was passed reducing pension benefits for police officers, and police warn this means police lay-offs and slower
7:36 am
response times. >> in the last six months, we've heard more gunshots in the neighborhood we've never heard before. >> the police union says the meeting was the first in a series being held throughout the month. family of a teenager gunned down by oakland police is taking its anger out on the city council. police initially reported that 18-year-old alan blueford shot at officers in may. the department later reported he had a weapon, but never fired a shot. his family wants to examine the police report on the shooting. when they did not receive it last night, more than 100 people, including occuppers came causing the meeting to adjourn early. >> people protesting a deadly vallejo police shooting cut short last night vallejo city council meeting. during a break, demonstrators stormed the room and chanted
7:37 am
down mayor davis when he wanted to resume the meeting. they are protesting the shooting death of mario romero. yesterday would have been his 24th birthday. protestors want an investigation into five fatal shootings in vallejo. ceremonies are happening in san ramone for the opening of the newest wal-mart. the new neighborhood market style store is in the country club shopping center. it's smaller than a regular wal-mart, but it carries more groceries, including hispanic items than most wal-marts. it will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. wal-mart and two of the rivals are celebrating their golden anniversaries this year. discounts shopping wasn't invented 1962, but wal-mart, kmart and target did bring the idea of customers helping themselves to large shelves of
7:38 am
merchandise to more people. and the these continue to influence how we shop and look for bargains today. new app is available in san francisco and oakland that could make it easier for drivers to find parking. parking panda tracks the users's location, and helps local and reserve a parking space close by. it lists both commercial garages as well at privately owned individual parking spaces. the app is on iphones right now, but it should be available on droid soon. >> panda is paying attention to sal. >> you know, sometimes you're walking around the house, and you need someone to tell you. late go outside. i want -- let's go outside. i want to show you some slow-downs. bay bridge has been pretty slow. it has been slow on 80, getting to it, on 580 through the lakeshore area. so give yourself extra time. if you are driving on san mateo
7:39 am
bridge, it looks crowded as well. traffic continues to look a little slow all the way up the highway 101. there could be air delays. i would almost say there will be, just at the overcast. we'll talk to steve about your entire forecast, the well-dressed steve paulson will be here in a moment. let's look at interstate 680, 24, walling nut creek, highway 24, contra costa county on this data map shows a lot of slow traffic. one of those wednesdays. see slow traffic all the way down to walnut creek. now, here's steve. >> i think i saw sfo one hour. >> got it. i'll re tweet it. some breaks in the clouds, there are still low clouds around. but a coolness has settled in. it doesn't feel summer-like. we're technically in summer. it feels fall-like, there's a no
7:40 am
doubt -- there's a couple -- the little guys, that's influencing our we are. high pressure is up here. you can see where it is driving everything into the gulf of alaska, and just sending like a freight train into the northern plains, great lakes, and into the northeast where they've had rather cool very fall-like conditions and heavy duty rain. for us, we're not looking for rain, but we have a lot of low clouds and fog, even though it's getting late in the season, and inland temperatures are cooling down, so fog is losing support. i think it will burn off. cool lows, lots of 40s, but some 50s. southwest or west/southwest, even travis, 52, west/southwest oakland airport, west 14, 21, sunset district, richmond, it's a good little sea breeze in place. 60s, 70s, a couple 80s, but these are mainly low 80s.
7:41 am
napa, 75, to 66 richmond, 81 travis, even with that breeze, they are coming in near 80, about the same pittsburgh, walnut creek, 78 pleasant in livermore, 60s, alameda, oakland, berkley, and then towards the santa clara valley, upper 70s. it does look mostly sunny but cool and breezy. 72 santa clara, loss altos, palo alto, all in the low 70s, 60 san bruin, san mateo, burlingame, and not much change possible warmer saturday sunday. where apple stock is after closing above $700 for the first time. >> the family of the missing firefighter who disappeared on a train, they think they know what happened. >> how your black muslim bakery is trying to make a come back,
7:42 am
even though the former leader is behind bars serving three life sentences. so... [ gasps ]
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you interstate 280 affected by a construction trailer in san francisco, whatever that trailer is, it's next to 280. it was on fire this morning. actually saw a picture from people who were tweeting it, the flames were right there in between the freeway. news chopper 2 is showing us live pictures of the traffic that's coming down on king street. that's traffic coming down to king street, south of market. it is not blocked, but it is slow. you can see the fire department is still there. several fire companies between
7:45 am
the freeway now. as we pan over, you can see 280 at king and at 6th is going to be affected by this. this may be the morning to get off the freeway earlier or use james freeway, northbound 101 instead. 7:44. late go pack to the -- let's go back to the desk. two key housing reports. sales of previously occupied homes jumped in august total highest level in more than two years to 7.8%. the government said home builders broke ground on more new homes. all this adding momentum to the housing recovery. the markets are mixed. dow is currently up 16, nasdaq down 4, s & p is flat. apple stock started the trading day in record territory. opened just $.09 shy of $702 a share yesterday, and right now apple stock is down slightly, $.91 to $701 exactly, maybe a
7:46 am
little profit shaking going on. investors are optimistic about the iphone 5 sales, and some analysts are predicting apple will sell as many as 10 million of the new devices in the first week. new study shows some of the people waiting in line for the new iphone 5 may need to be there. gadget insurer says 30% of all iphone users damaged their devices in the past 12 months. more than half of the people say they are currently using a device with a broken screen or being held together with tape until they can get the newest iphone. ceo of twitter reveals his true feelings about two bay area tech giants. he called apple a mentor to his company, saying apple had a great relationship with twitter. facebook, he says we are very different companies. twitter and facebook have had to compete for the sam advertising revenue. several golds gym are their
7:47 am
-- changing their names. now it will be called fitness sf. they want to distance them says from the parent company, that's after the chief executive officer donated millions to conservative anti guy organizations. the local gym owners say they want to make it clear they disagree with that. it looks like same sex couples in australia won't be able to get married there any time soon. today, australia lawmakers reject ad bill that would have legalized gay marriage. polls show that most australians support same sex marriage, but many lawmakers in the country's rolling party are against it. only on 2, the defunct black muslim bakery in oakland is reemerging online. on the website, a letter attributed to former leader, says the bakery is entering a new phase arched the name your
7:48 am
black muslim days. people we talked to are surprised by this development. >> i can't imagine. he wants to start an on line business, fine, to me it seems like it's in the past. i can't imagine -- >> bay is serving three consecutive life sentences in prison for ordering the killings of chauncey bailey, and two other men after learning what ktvu uncovered, the development of corrections and rehabilitation launched an investigation. san francisco woman drowned during a trip to an oregon lake. the woman fell into summit lake in oregon monday. she stayed on shore because she did not know how to swim. her friends found her face down in the water when they returned. the search for a missing retired san francisco firefighter now focused on a
7:49 am
160-mile area between colorado and nebraska. 69-year-old charlie dowd disappeared from an amtrak train on a trip to visit his son. the family says they think he may have fallen off the train. passenger reportedly saw mr. dowd standing near a train door last thursday night and another passenger later found an exterior door open. facebook page for dowd says his family will head to colorado and nebraska today. authorities in san mateo county are not giving up hope of identifying a man who died in a collision with a commuter train. the corner released these sketches. he's described as an older man in his 60s or 70s, small in stature, about 5'5", 130 pounds. the man was killed as he crossed the caltrain tracks in a wheelchair. the coroner's office want to hear from anybody who has any
7:50 am
information. the clock is ticking on the political future of sheriff ross mirkarimi. the city's ethics commission has delivered its official report on allegations of official misconduct to the board of supervisors. that kicks off a 30 day countdown for supervisors to make a decision on whether or not mirkarimi gets to keep his job. the board will review thousands of pages of material in this complex and controversial case. >> i'm sure it will pry a good framework for the supervisors to make an informed decision. >> the board is scheduled to take up the mirkarimi case in a special meeting on october 9. votes from at least nine of the 11 supervisors are needed to remove mirkarimi from office. san francisco is taking a big new step in how citizens can buy electricity. the board of supervisors approved the green energy plan known as clean power sf. it means san francisco will set
7:51 am
aside $13.5 million to buy renewable power from shell energy. residents will automatically be enroll, though they can opt out. one woman who was considering installing it says it's a great opportunity. >> having an option i can just -- it seems like a good opportunity. >> city leaders say customers who choose to join the program will pay about $18 a month more for their electricity. it will be several months before the program is available. >> mexico, more than two dozen workers killed in an explosion and fire at a natural gas pipeline it happened yesterday at mexico's state-owned oil company in the constituent of ranoza. '04 46 other workers were you -- 46 other workers were hurt. there was a gas leak before that explosion.
7:52 am
u.s. navy submarine commander has been dismissed for faking his death to end an affair. investigation revealed the commander sent a letter to his mistress from a fictitious coworkers saying that he ward had unexpectedly died. earlier this month, the navy relieved him of duties on the uss pittsburgh just a week after he took command of that submarine. a new approach to dealing with crime. how it involves eviction policies and apartment complexes in one bay area city. >> how a criminal case is moving forward against the man accused of blaring rising the home of steve -- burglarizing the home of steve jobs. escent dough
7:53 am
and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder
7:54 am
pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. on their own are amazing, but press out some biscuit dough, add some sauce and some pepperoni and cheese and monday's dinner is now a grands mini pizza party. pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. 12 apartment complexes have signed up for a program that allows them to evict tenants who get in trouble with the law.
7:55 am
it requires property managers who add more lighting, also cut back on landscaping that would give criminals a place to hide. >> it adds a sense of safety, knowing that your neighbor, if they're involve in criminal activity will be forced to move. >> that eviction policy only applies to new tenants who sign the agreement, but anybody renewing a license, they have to sign it, too. the man charged with player rising the home of steve jobs -- barge rising the home of steve jobs could enter a plea. he was accused of taking electronics from jobs' home back in july. detectives say he admitted to using a spare key to get in, which he found on the property. which kind of is a warning to be careful where you put your keys. sal, a fire? on 280? >> we showed it to you last time, dave, and just are
7:56 am
updating you that the lanes ever 280 are open. when you get there, you're going to see a big traffic jam because of an earlier fire near 6th 6th and king, or 5ed and king. 0 all the lanes are open, and these are pictures just taken from chopper 2 a while ago. you see the firefighters on the trailer, right between the freeway and for a while, they had to close a lane. the fire was right there. they are still investigating, but the traffic is backed up, although all lanes are backed up. late go to the toll plaza. that is backed up for about 10, 15 minutes. we are getting a little improvement out here at the toll. and if you're driving in contra costa county, 24's a mess. we had an earlier stall near the tunnel. are 7:56. let's go to steve. we do have some breaks in
7:57 am
the fog bank. inland temperatures are cooling down so much, it's hard pressed to maintain the intensity like yesterday. you can see some of that, already burning off sooner, but it's not going to be much warmer. if anything, it looks like a breezy day. 40s and 50s. there's a westerly breeze or some components of it out to sacramento. bigelow spinning to the west, it doesn't have a lot of moisture, but it's giving us a lot of fog, and a brisk west wind. low clouds, even though they are getting chewed up, the low can't go anywhere. it's going to hang on to the coast. so 60s, 70s, low 80s. i think we'll see a decrease in the fog on thursday, warmer inland, another cool-down. >> thank you. shooting in oakland injuries a woman, and puts a school on lock-down. we have an update on the victim's condition. >> san jose apartment fire is now under control.
7:58 am
we'll tell you how the displaced residents are copeing. >> is an man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
7:59 am
do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course. nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you.
8:00 am
good morning, welcome back. >> good morning. it's wednesday, september 19th developing news from san jose, that early morning fire where a firefighter was hurt. it happened at an apartment complex. ann was the first reporter there. you have the latest on who had to be rescued and how many people are displaced. >> reporter: let me show you the scene. firefighters here are just wrapping up. meanwhile, a dozen displaced residents are packing their things into cars. the fire broke out in a second floor apartment just before 4:30 this morning. one woman and her dog were trapped. they were eventually rescued from the roof by police who borrowed a neighbor's ladder. that woman had to be forced into an ambulance for treatment. a firefighter was also injured, he suffered minor burns to his
8:01 am
leg. for residents here at the shady lane apartments, this fire was a shocking wake-up call. >> i don't know. we were asleep when the police broke in our door and told us to get out. we didn't know what was going on. the fire was upstairs from us so -- >> reporter: animal control took out one rescue dog to be evaluated and we just learned that a second dog did die in the apartment. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new video this morning of the suspect arrested for leading deputies on a take -- dangerous chase through solano county. we understand this was a very dangerous chase, tara? >> reporter: yeah, this chase got up to speeds of 100 miles an hour. so very dangerous out there on the roads this morning. if we look over here to the
8:02 am
left, you can see that police caught up with the suspect at this yellow house, a mile or so from where they last spotted him. luckily, no one was hurt. they are not releasing the suspect's name but he is a latino man, about 30 years old, and will be booked on felonies. the so lawn toe county -- so lawn know county sheriff's department said he was driving a black lexus when deputies tried to pull him over. >> it was a very slow purr saw the to start with, 30, 40 miles an hour, at the start. then he started to run a couple stop signs, and started to get worse. by the time i would say by the time he threw the gun out, i think we needed to stay with him. >> authorities say the suspect tossed a loaded shotgun out of the car window, and continued to speed as two deputies pursued
8:03 am
him, one deputy hit a big rig. >> he hit the fuel tank, and that fuel tank likes like decrease looks like a smashed aluminum can. i'm very lucky, it's a good thing diesel doesn't explode. the sheriff was lucky. it could have been worse. >> reporter: the deputy was fine, but he was taken to a hospital for precautionary measures. there was one other man, 27 years old, arrested at the home here off edge month. a roommate was arrested for probation violation and possession of illegal contraband. we wanted to know the names of suspect, but were told that's under investigation. we'll continue to monitor the story, and let you know if anything new develops. we're live from vallejo. authorities in texas investigating why a newark man attacked his family in houston. police say a fight started between the 29-year-old and his
8:04 am
relatives. it included pipes and knives. the suspect reportedly attacked his sister first, and later stabbed his 62-year-old father and brother. police were called to the scene, they ordered the man to drop his weapon, and police say he lunged at them. that's when they shot and killed him. back at home, a woman that was wounded a shooting that forced some east oakland school into lock down is doing well this morning. the school district told ktvu the warm was shot as she drove on cross avenue yesterday. one witness says she had a child in the car at the time. the school was on lock-down for about 15 minutes. that suspect by the way is still on the loose. we're learning that a sacramento area disabled woman who police say was severely beaten by her 11-year-old son has died. according to the sacramento dee, her death was not caused by the
8:05 am
alleged beating. she had a preexisting medical condition. the woman's son was arrested last week on assault and elder abuse charges. he was her primary care-giver in their elk grove home. the trial begins today in santa clara county for hernandez, accused of molesting his daughter starting when she was 5 until 14. he was taken into custody in july. he is facing 14 counts that include lewd acts and sexual assault with a minor. fernandez is the father of -- torres is the man accused of kidnapping and murdering missing teenager sierra lamar. city of san francisco accused by homeless advocates of targeting the homeless. next week, the board of supervisors is expecting to approve a measure preventing recreational vehicles like campers from parking on city streets between midnight and
8:06 am
6:00 a.m. city ask trying to limit of number of people sleeping in those rvs, and tieing up city streets. supporters say it's a safety measure opponents say the homeless people just don't have better alternatives. residents on treasure island complaining about reports of high radiation levels there. but last night at a meeting, state officials said no major health threat exists. the examiner reports since 2007, hundreds of barrels of low level radiological material has been removed from the old navy base. some are worried about dust kicking up as the clean-up goes head. the california state parks foundation is releasing its new park observation program. this allows park users to report any issues they find such as trash, washed out trail, or graffiti. the park system dealing with budget cuts, this program is designed to provide staff with extra resources and support in
8:07 am
the field. the program allows people to record what they see on their smartphone or website and will be tested santa cruz county. students in brentwood are getting the green light to use a popular short cut. the schools cut a deal to use the lands separating the school from mountain view drive. that's where many parents drop off the kids. the school districts will now maintain the shortcut. the farmer who uses the lands between the schools and road hope the deal will limit vandalism and littering on the land. we're talking about the space shuttle "endeavour." it's in the sky, there it is! flying piggyback, getting ready to land. this is the first stop on the cross country trip from kennedy space center to los angeles. friday, that's what we're waiting for. it's going to fly over us here in the bay area, and is due to dip down low over the golden
8:08 am
gate bridge before it heads to -- >> this is near the johnson space center. it has glided over houston, clear lake and galveston. we're going to stay with this us a watch it touchdown. it is such an unusual sight, that shuttle on the 747. such a balancing act. it's going to stay there overnight, then, it will fly to california and spend thursday at the mohave desert base, and head up to sacramento and san francisco. >> and when it comes over us, this will the first time the space shuttle has passed over the bay area. i used to live in florida in the space coast area, and used to fly over my house, you get the sonic boom as it goats -- goes over. >> it looks like it's doing some
8:09 am
low flying in the texas area. so we'll come back and check in a little bit. we wanted to check in with sal, because boy, there have been some problem spots in the bay area. >> we have a problem with the microphone, sal? >> it's that old battery think. >> no it didn't! good morning, everybody. there have been a lot, there has been a lot of slow traffic. i know english teachers watch us. these are pictures taken by news chopper 2 of a shed or portable that was on fire on 280 near the king street off ramp. this video shows firefighters down there. they are doing an investigation. i believe they calmed an arson investigator to the scene. they have think this might have something to do with a homeless encampment. 280 at king, you'll see slow traffic, 280 at 6th. you might want to use 101 and
8:10 am
slog through the slow traffic. in san francisco, remember, there's slow traffic near the south of market because of events at -- we're looking at a map of highway 4 and 680. look at that slow traffic. i know highway 24 is just a huge mess. >> probably slowest commute we've had this week here in contra costa county. backed up from the macarthur maze, 15 minute wait getting into san francisco. it's 8:10. well, mostly cloudy, although parts of marin county and sonoma, there's some sun, but some fog is being funneled in. and definitely on the san mateo coast. so i mean for some areas, it
8:11 am
looks like the fog is using some of its oomph. temperatures aloft are not as worm as they have win. at this time of year, the average high is 70, we're just hard pressed to get above 62, 63. that west wind, it's a cool pattern. nice, nice tweet from a kill. she's in san francisco. steve, where's the warm weather? the sun? i don't see it. i see a chewing up of the fog bank. >> west/southwest at oakland, west 14 at sfo, sea breeze is showing itself this morning, in all its glory. 60s, 70s, a couple of 80s trying to sickle the wag -- circle the wagon, but it's tough. high pressure is built in the pacific northwest, and northwest canada, and that's driving very
8:12 am
cool systems into the middle of the country, into the deep south actually. for us, the little low has meandered in, it wobbles here, drags to us. and it will move over us probably by sunday or monday. lots of fog, a steady, steady west wind, and if you don't have that yet, you'll get it later as the fog burns off. breezy to windy for some, below temperatures. still mild and warm for some, but most, it's in the 60s and 70s. 68 oakland, 78 pleasanton, dublin, windy at times, castro valley, 70, berkley, just 67. 71 sunnyvale, san jose, the same, 72, that you that is one of the few that hits the 70s. most are in the 60s, and very low 70s on the peninsula. no big changes thursday, maybe warmer inland friday, saturday, but sunday looks cooler. sfo will help returning
8:13 am
soldiers and their families. a $35,000 grant will help the uso center at the airport to stay open. san francisco international by the way was the first american airport to host uso facility in the terminal complex. it is 8:12. mitt romney continues to do damage control stemming from his controversial comments. how he is trying to shift the focus by bringing up an old recording of president obama. >> and more trouble for lindsay lohan. why she was arrested, just hours ago. what's that? swavory. swavory? use it in a sentence. uh, my new waffle breakfast sandwich is "swavory." it's got the savory goodness of my new country grilled sausage, plus a fried egg and melting cheese, and the sweetness of toasted maple waffles. so, triple word score...that's 96 points for me. "nonookie?" what's that supposed to...
8:14 am
oh. right now, get a large fountain drink for only a buck.
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8:16 am
not very warm, 60s and 70s for most of the day, with some low 80s. thank you. it is 8:15. france is closing its embassies fearing a backlash over a cartoon of prophet my hamm. there are nude cartoons. france has decided to close 20 embassies across the muslim world on the holy day of friday. the release of the magazine comes in a growing unrest over an anti islamic film that was made in california, and has left dozens dead in the middle east and north africa. more about that anti islam movie and the protests. united states temporarily closing one of the con last in indonesia.
8:17 am
earlier this morning, about 300 protestors rallied. 50 muslim students demonstrated there just a couple of hours later. both groups are demanding that the obama administration punish the makers of that movie, the innocence of muslims. egypt issued arrest warrants for eight people involved in that movie. thousands of muslims as you know have been protesting on the streets of cairo. the arrest warrants are mostly symbolic since the eight people reportedly live outside of egypt. probably won't be traveling there to face the charges. analysts say the charges may actually be an attempt to try to curb the anger over that movie. 8:17. in election news, mitt romney seems to be doubling down on controversial comments he made about president obama's supporters. allison burns is live with the reason romney is talking about an old recording.
8:18 am
>> reporter: romney is trying to shift the focus from that secretly made recording of him to one made for president obama 14 years ago. in a super view last night on fox, romney brought up a recording anonymously posted on youtube, you can hear senator barack obama talking about the government's role in helping peel people. >> i believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> i think that's an entirely foreign concept. >> reporter: romney wrote an editorial saying he will deliver economic recovery, not government dependency. the obama campaign says highlighting a 14-year-old video is a sign the romney campaign is desperate. obama supporters are rolling out some online ads of their own, featuring that romney video where he is disparaging
8:19 am
americans who don't pay income taxes. starting today, if you live in california, you can register to vote online. a voter registration form is available on the secretary of state's website, and on some county websites. to register online, you will need a california driver's license or id card. so election officials can verify your information with dmv. october 22 is the deadline for register to vote in the november 6 general election. time is just turning 8:19, doctors working in the contra costa healthcare system says a computer system is hurting more than helping. it went online july 1. since then, doctors say one out of every 10 emergency room patients at public hospitals left without being treated. county supervisors are asking patients to bear with them as they try to make the system
8:20 am
work. a bakersfield hockey team is accused of taking a cheap shot at stockton. the condors were calling an up commanding game against the stockton thunder, our city is not bankrupt night. stockton recently filed for bankruptcy protection while bakersfield is having an oil boom. yesterday, condors renamed that special promotion night boom town bakersfield night. san francisco is a step closer to expanding its ban on plastic bags. the city already has a plastic bag ban on large supermarkets and retail pharmacies. now, a judge has ruled the ban can apply to all san francisco retail stores and food sellers in the city. san francisco leaders say they will start enforcing the provisions of the law next month. in mow -- mow disease to, a register sex offender is back
8:21 am
behind bars. police arrested the 37-year-old after they say he made sexual comments to a 15-year-old girl and then tried to grab her. the alleged incident happened on a city bus. ly say passengers enter screened and restraining long until the officers got there. now he face several charges, including sexual battery. lindsay lohan was arrested early this morning in new york city. police say her car clipped a pedestrian and she kept going! lindsay lohan was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. that victim by the way suffered a minor knee injury. police say so far alcohol was not involved in this case, but you know lindsay lohan has had several scrapes with the law, including when she wrecked a luxury sports car earlier this week. >> and she was accused of stealing some jewelry. >> shoplifting and other stuff. >> yeah. it is 8:21. a valuable item is stolen from a san francisco music school.
8:22 am
now police need your help in identifying the suspect. >> good morning. still some slow traffic but here in the south bay, it's not as bad in one particular place in the bay area. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy...
8:23 am
but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick.
8:24 am
and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. you see it here, entering
8:25 am
the conservator of music sunday away. police say they are checking rows of lockers and found one not properly secured. the valuable instrument belongs to a 22-year-old music student, adam young. >> very violating to see people handling my instrument that i've had for so long. >> the suspects are described apartment white 25 to 30-year-old man with dirty blond hair. the second suspect is a woman of the same age with brown hair. police are offering a reward for the safe return. >> one of san francisco's busiest streets will undergo major renovations to make it more pedestrian, and bicycle friendly. the project will redesign masonic avenue between fell and gary streets. that includes removing almost 170 parking spots, adding two new bike lanes, and even widening the sidewalks. that construction job will take
8:26 am
about four to five years. sal, you know that area well, don't you? >> i do, and a lot of people have varying opinions on that project, but lots of people have the same opinion about the horrible commute this morning in antioch, and i guess i inserted my opinion. it is horrible, slow on 680, slow on highway 4, 24 has been a mess, almost everywhere you look in the commute, it is slow. you need to give yourself extra time. bay bridge, backed up for about 15 minute delay, and this morning, on 880, it's slow. let's go to steve. >> sal. take you. mostly cloudy, low cloud deck, but it didn't look like -- doesn't look like there's any warmth. the cloud deck might burn off sooner. there's plenty out there. not all the coast is -- excuse me, still some sun, but below
8:27 am
normal temperatures, coastal fog making a good push over most of the city, and it's going to stay cool, temperatures good 5, 10 degrees below average. so 60s, 70s, 80s. i don't see much change. >> thank you. california authorities search for a man reported to be missing. where police eventually found him and why he may now be in trouble. >> reporter: we have new information at this hour about a bizarre case in an attempted kidnapping that leads to a police chase, and to a suspect, a scuffle that sends the suspect and officer to the hospital. >> reporter: a disturbing series of crimes in an uc berkley housing complex.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> reporter: we are learning more about the suspect, robert abasaplis facing many charges, he was on methamphetamine. we talked about all the different things that happened, just down the street from this police department, and kind of a
8:31 am
strange case. >> it is, what happened was we had three adult males that were walking down the street 10:00 at night, in a fairly populated area. they get approached from behind by the suspect. he demands they get in the truck, they refuse, continue to walk. he chases them in the pickup truck where they eventually scatter. two of them were able to flag down a police officer. we still don't know where the other guy is. we don't know where the suspect, where one of the victims is. so as the officers are talking to two of the victims, they see the suspect vehicle come out from behind an apartment complex. the officer goes to stop the truck, he's driving pretty erratically at this point. there's a pursuit that goes several miles into union city. the pickup truck and two police cars crash at that point. the suspect takes off on foot. >> reporter: and you tased him.
8:32 am
we deploy the k9, it bit him, that didn't phase him, used the taser, ultimately we were able to get enough officers to restrain him and take him into custody. the victim, the third person was not kidnapped, we didn't know that at that point. he's been located. the officers were, we had minor injuries, they have been released. >> reporter: what was he trying to do here? >> it look like at this point after talking to him he was loaded on methamphetamine and wanted to have sex with one or all three of the victims. that's a pretty different way to do it, but fortunately, everybody's safe. >> reporter: detective, thanks for joining us that. new information. there you have it, the 30-year-old man from sacramento in jail facing multiple charges for a bizarre case, but the officers are okay, victims okay, and this investigation continues. live in fremont, ktvu.
8:33 am
it is 8:32. new this morning, uc berkley police are warning students and families about a flasher exposing hiv self in university village. alex is live in all ban to explain how the man has been conning his way inside people's homes. alex? >> reporter: this is the warning that's been going out to people who live in the uc berkley owned housing complex. a police officer i just talked to said they were stepping up patrols, searching for this man who is possessing at a -- posing at a maintenance worker and getting allowed in apartments. a spokesman for the complex said people should be asking for id from anyone who claims to be an university employee. a police officer did confirm they have had three similar cases here in the university village apartments. this is housing for married uc berkley students and their families. there was one innocent last tried -- incident last friday,
8:34 am
two this last monday. a man claimed to be a maintenance worker who had to check on a water leak. the victim, who was home with her two children let the man inside, and after he appeared to inspect the apartment, he unzipped his pants and exposed himself to the woman. the man than ran off. police in the complex received a warning about this flasher from police and one mother i talked to is disturbed. >> you feel violated. the community feels violated, like an outsider has come in and broken a trust, feeling of safety that you have, and now it's gone. >> reporter: here's a description of the man the police would like everyone to be on the lookout for. white man in his 50s, with a thin build and thinning gray hair. if you know anything about these three crimes, put in a call to uc berkley police. a spokesman for the complex said they are reminding people who live here that maintenance
8:35 am
workers will wear shirts with names on them and carry id badges. live in albany, ktvu, channel 2 news. authorities in san joaquin county arrested a man accused of trying to cover up his game belting. juan ma teens said he was kidnapped in san jose, robbed and put in a tool shed. deputies say their investigation found martinez was really playing texas hold 'em at the casino until 3:00 in the morning. public school children in chicago are finally returning to the classroom this morning. teachers have voted to end the strike after more than a week of walking the picket line. the union still does not have a contract, but members are expected to vote on a tense tiff deal in the next -- tentative deal in the next couple of weeks. the children missed seven school days as a result of the strike which is forced many parents to
8:36 am
scramble to filed alternative child care. a plan to raise tuition by 5%, but, only if governor jerry brown's tax initiative does not pass. the failure of proposition 30 this movie could lead the system with a 250mm dollars shortfall. if it passes, they would receive additional $125 million, so that would allow schools to rescind a previously approved 9% tuition increase that just went into effect for the fall semester. new report by the shot foundation says high school graduation rates among african-american and latino male students are lagging behind the white counterparts nationwide. 52% of african-american male students and 58% of latino male students who entered 9th grade in 2006 graduated four years later. that's compared to 78 percent of
8:37 am
white male. the shot foundation for education says graduation rates are up for all flee groups. the group says 2010 was the first year since they began tracking all this more than half of the nation's -- in less than an hour, the 10th annual dream force technology conference will begin in san francisco. the setup for the event started yesterday. registration is already over 90,000 people. which would make it the biggest vendor led technology gathering ever. the mayor is expected to kick things off at 8:30. that was a little while ago. the other speakers club colin powell. kids received the similar welcome home last month from the
8:38 am
as, they received autographed baseballs from the team. p the petaluma little leaguers came in third place in the international opportunity, will attend batting practices for the giant and participate in a home plate ceremony. >> they have a lot of things in their scrapbook. sal, how's -- >> there's a new accident reported interstate 680, blocking lanes. look at the slow traffic. so we believe there is something there. chp just arriving on the scene. usually by now, the traffic here is better than this. so it's slow. this morning's commute is slow at the bay bridge. we are seeing improvement there. it is backed up just before the 880 overcrossing, and if you wait longer, it probably should die down. the worst commute of the morning has been contra costa county. 680, a minor accident near north
8:39 am
main, but that's icing on the cake, highway 4 is slow, 24 is improving, and western contra costa is in your plan, on 80 to richmond, it is very, very slow coming down to the berkley area. let's go to steve. we're going to steve in a moment, but first we're going back to texas where the "endeavour"'s been flying over houston preparing to land. and this is another live picture of the space shuttle riding piggyback. this is going to be the first stop on the cross country trip from florida. it has been delayed twice because of thunderstorms, which happens a bit in florida. >> but looking closely, the landing gear is down. i don't think they will be doing any passes. it's coming down. >> it is going to be staying here at the johnson space center, and refuel and head to edwards air force base in california where it will stay tomorrow night, and friday, it will take a tour around
8:40 am
sacramento, and right here in san francisco bay. flying over the golden gate bridge. about 1500, 15,000 feet, and that, of course, is weather permitting. >> right. >> also, people say you can stand on top of some of several bay area museums, like the exploratorium, discovery museum. and monterey bay to get a nice view, weather permitting. >> so everybody should get the cameras ready. we are just a couple seconds away from it touching down. it will be the first time on friday that the shuttle has passed over us here in the bay area. >> and ultimately, the final designation will be in southern california where it will be on display, and there's the final touch-down. >> nice and smooth. >> exactly. everything has done well. the big controversy in los angeles, when it lands and it's going to be trucked basically through the streets of los
8:41 am
angeles for a final location. they had to knock down about 400 trees to make way for that. and that's been a little controversial, and it won't be on displace in the permanent home until next month. bit of a roundabout way for its retirement. >> that's a beautiful location where it's heading, exposition park. still ahead, bizarre story an attempt to solve san jose's problem of rising crime, but the city council and police union may be on different sides. san jose fire sends two to the hospital, and displaces a dozen. how they are coping
8:42 am
to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
8:43 am
8:44 am
world markets rows after the bank of japan announced a massive asset purchasing plan similar to the federal reserve. the dow is up 47, nasdaq now up 2, s & p up 4. this morning, the commerce department had good news from the housing market. construction of new homes went up 2.3%. mostly because of the biggest increase in construction of single family homes in more than
8:45 am
two years. but, housing starts remain at about half the pace of a healthy economy, and the number of permits for new construction fell 1 percent. u.s. sales of previously occupied homes jumped last month to the highest level in more than two years. earlier this morning, the national association of realtors released the report. it shows the sales rose 7.8%, the highest increase since may of 2010. home sales have been on a gradual but steady increase since january. time 8:44. up to date on some other top stories. a live picture on the ground, the "endeavour" just landed in houston, texas, a couple of minutes ago when you were watching it live here on mornings on 2. "endeavour" has been riding on the back of a 747 just landed. it's due to arrive in los angeles, it's final destination
8:46 am
here friday. it will be the first time that a space shuttle has been seen in the skies in the bay area. we have exclusive video to show you of the suspect chased by police overnight in highway 37 and 80. you see him through the window. he was arrested in vallejo just hours ago. a solano sheriff's department crashed into a big rig during -- deputy crashed a big rick during that crazy. one firefighter was injured after fighting a early morning fire in san jose. it began in a second floor apartment at a building on yolo court. you have more now on that rooftop rescue? >> reporter: that's right. first i want to show you how the apartments are set up. a lot are four plexes, and firefighters believe this started in one of the second floor units. that unit was a total loss, and one apartment below it did suffer smoke and water damage. about a dozen residents are
8:47 am
displaced, one, a woman, trapped near the roof with her dog. the woman suffered smoke inhalation, but was uncooperative and had to be handcuffed and forced into an ambulance for treatment. a second dog died in the apartment. firefighter suffered minor injured. he was transported to the hospital with burns to his leg. residents at the shady lanes were evacuated. are. >> i saw the light, and i looked out, and sure enough, we high tailed it out. we were in bed, i guess, he was asleep, and i got out but my little kitty was still in there. >> reporter: about 6 residents are receiving red cross assistance, but the fire investigator has come and gone, and there is still no word on a cause of the fire. live in san jose, annrubin.
8:48 am
there was no evidence a mentally ill transient man was committing a crime. the chief made the comment, during a city council meeting yesterday. he says only one call came in that the man, kelly thomas, was trying to open car doors. when he died in july of 2011. he also said report that an officer injured his ribs during the -- is untrue. two officers are facing charges in thomas's death. a chef is accused of murdering his wife, and cooker her body. the man said he stuffed the body in a drum of boiling water and cooked it for four days. the taped confection was played in court. he was there in a wheelchair. he was injured after jumping off a cliff when you learned he was a suspect next. san jose city council and
8:49 am
the police union working on separate plans to reverse the rising crime rate. last night, the city council met to examine the police response to recent crimes and gang activity. at the same time, the police union and other labor groups held a crime prevention meeting. teaching residents how to protect themselves and families. knows meetings come after a measure was passed, reducing pension benefits for the police. police say that means police lay offs and slower response times. >> the last six months, we've heard more gunshots than we've heard before. >> the meeting last night was the first in a series that will be held throughout the month. family of a teen gunned down by oakland police is its anger out on the city council. police initially reported that the 18-year-old shot at officers in may. the department later reported he had a weapon, but never fired a shot. his family wants to examine a
8:50 am
police report on the shooting, and when they did not receive it last night, more than 100 people, including occupiers, protested, causing the meeting to adjourn early. >> it was a similar situation in vallejo, people protesting a deadly vallejo police shooting. also, cut short, vallejo city council meeting. during a council break, demonstrators stormed the room and chanted down the mayor when he ranted to resume the meeting. they are protesting the shooting death of romero. protestors want an investigation into five fatal vallejo police shootings since last may. $20 million was just doe natured to u ksp to create a new center for global health research. the construction should be finished by august 14.
8:51 am
the money comes from philanthropist chuck fine any. they've given almost 3-$000,000, making him the single largest contributor to any campus in the uc system. this proposed center will tackle health concerns from the united states, all the way to remote african villages. more uc berkley students are coming forward to report aggressive magazine solicitors. we told but this on monday -- you about this on monday. uc police sae magnetics scene solicitors coerced one student to withdraw $400 from an atm last week, and police are investigating this as a possible robbery. now the daily cal reports several students say they have encountered aggressive solicitors who claim to be raising money for trips to amsterdam. federal officials announce a man is among 21 people indicted a student aid fraud scheme. myron jacobs is accused of
8:52 am
recruiting people to pose at students to collect financial aid at various community colleges. the u.s. attorney's office said that amounted to about $66,000 between august 2009 and end of last year. jacobs is due to appear in federal court on october 12. the ink is still wet in marin county's law on tatoo parlors. they approved new regulations including mormon toring of i think so businesses the -- more monitoring of inks. the businesses must also pay additional fees through more permits. violators could be slapped with a thousand dollars fine. residents of santa rosa who keep chickens, the city council approved zoning changes that will allow most people to keep chickens on their property. there are limited to the number,
8:53 am
and no roosters will be allowed. it can't take affect until a final vote it taken. on sunday, the city of berkley will officially recognize bisexual pride day. this comes after last night's vote. supporters say that date, september 23, has been celebrated by the bisexual community since 1999, but it's largely unrecognized by mainstream society. city council member chris worthington says the occasion will motor likely -- most likely be marked by a barbecue or brunch. still no sign of a retired san francisco firefighter who vanished from an amtrak train, but now there are clues from passengers that could help solve the mysterious disappearance. >> we're going to check in with sal again about the commute. he'll be checking traffic in contra costa county
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
is flooding the streets. the water is blocking access to many homes, and a situation may get worse as high tide approaches. the search for a missing retired san francisco firefighter is now focused on a 160-mile stretch between colorado and nebraska.
8:57 am
the 69-year-old charlie dowd disappeared from a train on a trip to visit his son. the family now says they think he may have fallen off the train. passenger reportedly saw dowd standing near a train door last thursday night, and another passenger later found an exterior door open. a facebook page for dowd says the family will head to colorado and nebraska today. caltrain scheduled will be changing. are did -- another new train will head northbound from san jose's -- station around 4:30 p.m. other trains leaving san francisco and san jose around 9:30 a.m., and 2:30 p.m. will be adding stops in either palo alto, on sunnyvale. let's check in with sal one more time. >> it's not looking that great. there is some improvement. chp has arrived, but 680 is
8:58 am
slow, backing up out of pleasanton. >> there's go to steve. there's a lot of fog out there, and if you don't have the fog, a stiff little breeze from the west. it's going to be a come pattern, slight warm up. it looks really cool, breezy on the weekend. >> first day of fall? >> coming in. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktv u2 news. >> thanks for joining us.
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