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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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woman here in fremont as she says the men who could have killed her. rite off busy warren springs road, there's a woman now coming forward with a story to tell. >> i opened my eyes and saw four men standing around the bed. >> reporter: the time was around 11 a.m., saturday, september 8. >> i didn't know if i was going to be raped or killed. one of them had a gun. >> reporter: the 49-year-old woman described to police two of the four men. she said they wore no masks or gloves and tried to duct tape her. her husband and daughter were gone. she fought back. >> i didn't stop screaming. then another man came around the bed and hit me like three times really hard. >> where was he hitting you? >> in the face. >> reporter: badly bruised, bleeding, missing a tooth, the woman escaped her home and ran for help. >> she had a towel over her face, so that visual
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recognition wasn't there. >> reporter: the victim's neighbor called 911. and she says, just before the attack, she saw suspicious- looking men on her block. >> in all honesty, i thought, oh, they're casing the neighborhood. if i had the phone, taking a picture might have helped. >> reporter: now these two women are coming forward and hoping these sketches lead to an arrest. >> i hope they get caught. >> reporter: the victim says the men took a few little items, including her cell phone. she says she really doesn't know if she was targeted. the victim says they got into her house through an unlocked back door. police say they have no updated information on this case other than the release of these two sketches. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. we have developing news in oakland right now where a policeman man hunt is under way. an accident occurred about 4:45
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this afternoon on macarthur boulevard and richie street. police say the driver of the car that officers were chasing struck a vehicle, trapping a woman driver inside. then that fleeing driver reportedly struck the bus. he and his passenger ran from the scene. there is no word yet on injuries and police are actively looking for those two suspects. also in oakland, police today announced the arrest of more than three dozen robbery suspects, many for on all too common crime. john sasaki is live in oakland tonight where the chief explained what made many of the victims easy targets. >> reporter: you can see people talking on or using their smartphones. among those people are people who see them as easy targets. oakland police announced that they arrested 34 people over the past month, most of whom committed more than one robbery. >> only analysis has shown that the victims in most cases are woman or people that are distracted be i the use -- by
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the use of their cell phone. >> reporter: in downtown, we met a young man who says he's seen phones stolen numerous times. >> on the bus, on the street, in cafes, in banks. i mean, anywhere. coming out of banks. people stake out on people. that's what they do. >> reporter: it's also a crime of opportunity. >> the other one hopped out. >> reporter: they took his phone and wallet. >> it was in the morning time and then i didn't have a phone. >> reporter: when people use their smartphones, they are often paying attention to little else. police say that leaves them vulnerable. >> did you watch out for people who might be around you or anything like that? >> no, not really. i'm not usually on the lookout for people ready to rob me. >> i'm looking at a text message or i'm on the phone, if i'm doing that, i've got my
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hair over it or something like that. >> reporter: police say they've also confiscated 850 guns this year. on another note, they acknowledge they don't have a comprehensive crime presence plan in place right now, a plan they say they're currently working to formulate. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. and coming up at 6:15, this easy men and women are being trained to tackle crime on the streets of oakland. the unique dynamic of this year's class of police recruits. a judge today ordered an oakland teen to stand trial in the killings of his parents. 16-year-old moses cayman will be tried as an adult. robert cayman and susan were strangled to death in january. prosecutors showed an interrogation video of the then- 15-year-old boy. he told police he killed his parents because he didn't want to get into trouble for being suspended from school. vallejo's mayor wants
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kamala harris to conduct an independent review over a police-involved shooting. there has been growing outrage over the shooting of mario romero. they say the city needs to begin rebuilding trust between police and the community. a man who worked at a gym has been sentenced to 90 days home detention and three years probation for indecent exposure. she was convicted of exposing himself to a child at a 24-hour fitness when he worked in the child care center. the 23-year-old must register as a sex offender. san leandro police are reporting a major copper theft. officers say they were called to a commercial building near 98 avenue yesterday afternoon. the owners were doing routine maintenance when they realized that all the copper pipes to their air conditioners had been stolen. police are warning business
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owners to make sure it's not easy for people to get access to their rooftops. >> steve is live in san francisco where we were the only station to see the surprise on a young musician's face. >> reporter: police say this case is far from over. they're still trying to catch the couple that they say stole the chello. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: channel 2 was the only news crew on the scene this morning as san francisco police returned adam young's stolen chello. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: investigators say the instrument was stolen sunday afternoon from the san francisco conservatory of music by this well-dressed couple, nicknamed bonnie and clyde. they are seen on the school's surveillance cameras carrying away young's chello. >> i want to know who they are. and for public safety, we need to know who they are. >> reporter: police say a barrage of publicity brought a speedy return of the chello,
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along with original music written by young. >> thank you so much! i didn't believe this was possible. >> reporter: channel 2 learned the instrument was found a few blocks away at the war memorial opera house, after a tuesday performance. security officials tell us someone pounded on this theater door and ran away, leaving the chello on the sidewalk. war memorial staffer called police after seeing the story on channel 2. >> i felt really bad for the student who lost it and i understood his pain, because i used to play the chello. >> thank you! >> reporter: and even though the instrument is back, investigators are still searching for the couple suspected in its theft. anyone with information about the two seen are is asked to call the san francisco police. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. samsung says it has plan no, sir a major expansion inen
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mountainview. they those the silicon valley for a new 8.5-acre research and development center. they won't say how many employees they plan to hire, but there are reports the campus can accommodate up to 1500 employees. it is expected to open by 2013. el camino hospital and the nurses union have reached a tentative agreement. the terms of the contract include a 6% salary increase over the next three years, free health coverage for employees and their families and improved retirement benefits. only on 2 tonight, our exclusive new ktvu field poll shows support has slipped a bit for the governor's tax measure. proposition 30 would temporarily increase taxes on high-wage earners. 51% of voters say they will vote yes in november. that's down from 54% back in july. voters are also divided on two
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other tax plans on the november ballot. 41% support proposition 38. that would increase taxes on a sliding scale to raise money for education. 45% say they back proposition 39. it would tax multi-state businesses based on their california sales. a woman, trapped by flames on her second-story apartment balcony, was rescued by firefighters in san jose this morning. ktvu was the first on the scene as firefighters responded to a four-unit apartment fire on yolo court at 4:30 this morning. the two-alarm fire left the complex badly damaged. at least ten adults and two children are now without a place to live. one firefighter suffered minor burns. a reminder here. you can get the morning's top stories, like these, sent straight to your cell phone. just text the word wake up to 70123 and wake up to ktvu news every morning at 6 a.m. next week investigators
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plan to release their latest findings on the cause and possible health effects of the chevron refinery fire. on the evening of august 6, a huge plume of black smoke was in the air. they will talk about what ignited the fire and what was in all that smoke. the meeting is scheduled for monday, september 24, at 6 p.m., at the richmond memorial auditorium on civic center plaza. bart is celebrating 40 years of service by reflecting on its past and how the system has grown. today the agency showed off rare memorabilia, including a ticket from opening day back in 1972. the first segment ran between oakland and fremont. since then, bart has carried more than 2.7 billion people. >> we'd like to think about how much gas people have saved and how excited people are for the mobility they have throughout the bay area. >> and to celebrate, bart is
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giving away 1,000 bart tickets to riders this friday and saturday. from military to firehouse to historic building. i'll explain the strange evolution, coming up. a renew call tonight for the proper use of child safety seats. the five common mistakes that parents make that are putting children at risk. the fog has gone away again. i'll have the details. ktvu channel 2 news at 5 is all about coverage. we invite you to watch ktvu channel 2 news at 5 every day. complete bay area news coverage.
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breaking news in martinez now. fire at a chevron gas station. that fire is now out, but here is a live picture from news chopper 2. we don't have a lot of details but we do know three cars and two gas pumps burned after some type of accident at
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this chevron on alhambra road and blue ridge drive. in addition to the chopper, we do have a news crew on the way to the scene. if we get more details during this newscast, we will let you know. today oakland greeted the city's first full class of police recruits in four years. >> morning, class. >> morning! >> what class is this? >> 156, sir. >> mayor gene quan said the 55- member classes that the most women ever, and about half the officers speak a second language. the recruits say they are nervous but are ready for the challenge. >> i was in the army for three and a half years and i did one tour in iraq. i guess you could say that kind of prepares me mentally and i guess we'll see what happens. >> the recruits are expected to graduate in january. firefighters in east contra costa county are trying to find a new home. new at 6, ktvu's noah walker is
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live on bethel island with the community effort to get a local firehouse reopened. >> reporter: a fema grant is letting this fire district rehire laid off firefighters. but the doors will remain closed while other firehouses remain opened. you only have to look through the windows here to see why. the lights are off. nobody is home at east contra costa fire station 95. you could say the place is a hole in the wall, and the ceiling. >> wow. okay. it really did -- i mean, it caved in. >> reporter: this is where he began his career. firefighters haven't been able to use the building since a storm in 2008 caused major water damage and mold. >> so this was the kitchen area. >> reporter: as the fire protection district works on plans to rehire firefighters it had to lay off and reopen firehouses, the one on bethel island could take up to a year to repair. cuts have already increased
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response times here to more than 14 minutes. >> if you're the person in the community with that emergency, you know, that ten minutes, that twelve minute, that fourteen minutes, seems like an eternity. >> reporter: the hut was donated by the military in the 1950's. some might see a dilapidated relic. >> i guess i have all the memories layered on. but it's a functional space and it's -- it keeps out the rain. it's just a pleasant space. you've just seen it at its worse today. >> reporter: kristine spearheaded to drive to get the historic landmark status, making it easier to renovate, if they can get the money. >> we're going to be raising money for materials. >> reporter: she's sewing a quilt to help raise money. >> we're hoping someday, when the economy improves, that we'll have our regular crew here.
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>> reporter: the firehouse that's closest to bethel island should reopen in november. reporting live on bethel island, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. law enforcement and educators will meet to discuss safety on the sacramento river after the death of a lafayette man and college student. 20-year-old brett olson disappeared while tubing near chico over the labor day weekend. it's believed he drowned but autopsy results still have not been released. today the sheriff told ktvu he is planning a meeting with other law enforcement officers and the president of chico state. they will discuss underage drinking and other issues at the popular summertime area. the chp is holding safety events throughout california. the chp today demonstrated the proper way to install a child safety seat and perform safety inspections. officers say it is an opportunity to make sure parents are aware of the current law. for example, as of july 1, children must remain in a car
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seat or booster until he or she is eight years old or 4 feet 9 inches tall. a new ser vai by the national highway administration has found five common mistakes. the car seat is too loose, the harness is too loose, or the seat belt is placed incorrectly over the stomach instead of the lap. has tips for making sure your child's car seat is safely installed. just look under hot topics. lines are starting to form outside apple stores across the country. after apple unveiled its next- generation smartphone in san francisco last week, die-hard apple fans couldn't wait to get their hands on it. we talked to a man at the front of the line at one store. >> you can preorder, but i heard there were some delays
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involved, and people who preorder sometimes don't get their phones for something like a week, week and a half. >> he told us he has been camped out there since monday. and just like yesterday, the fog burned away from the coast. it's sunny out in the avenues. it's sunny along the coast and that's kind of nice for this time of year. gives it that fall-like flavor. the fog is going to push right back to the coast and into bay area neighborhoods tomorrow morning. so what you had this morning is what you're going to get for thursday. the difference will be minimal. the temperatures were about a degree warmer in some places. tomorrow, i believe it will be a little warmer as well. going into tomorrow, just like today, which was just like yesterday. and on the weekend, there's changes. friday and saturday, temperatures start to go up a little bit. then they start to come down. the thing to note tomorrow morning, 46 in santa rosa, it's
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cool as you get heading out on your thursday morning. there will be fog in oakland and it will burn off pretty rapidly. but you start off cool. as you go into tomorrow morning, the fog forecast is pretty aggressive. i think that looks about right. that's tomorrow morning, about 8 a.m. then fog clears from the coast, just like today. in the temperature foot print, just like today. if this wasn't here, this high pressure would be dominating and we would be much warmer, especially at the coast. it would be a nice little pattern. but this low has created a cool environment right along the coast. the fog in and out that we're seeing each morning. that's keeping us in the 90's, upper 80's in the valley. as you get into fall, you kind of expect that high to be
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dominating more than the low at this point. the forecast highs, then, for cities where you live, 81 in fairfield, 66 in richmond and 65 in sausalito. 83 in brentwood. nice day, looks just like today. as you go along the coast, the fog is there but then it's gone. so tomorrow afternoon, you see sun, which is nice. the five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, really doesn't get much better than this. best place in the world to live. i know you're not supposed to say it, but i think it is. when you get weather like this, it's so nice. >> thank you, bill. breaking news in contra costa county. news chopper 2 is overhead a gas station in martinez. there was a fire here but now it is out. we're gathering more information. stay with us and stay with us for bay area news at 7 on tv 36 for the very latest on this story and the other major news of the day.
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6:24 pm, the online source for complete bay area news coverage. more now on that developing news in martinez, firefighters quickly put out a one-alarm fire at this gas station near the safeway store on virginia
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hills drive. it all started about 5:40 this evening. it took fire crews about 20 minutes to put out this fire. the firefighters remain on the scene. this easy are live pictures from newschopper 2. you can see the burned-out cars. one appears to be an suv. there also appears to be a lot of -- some burned pumpings and also -- pumps and also a lot of foam on the scene. live pictures where the gas station fire is put out. the a's got clobbered last night. looks like they're getting clobbered again last night. >> it's just a brutal road trip. the first couple of games not going oakland's way, as they not only have to face justin verlander, but the tigers' lineup, coming alive. that's omar infante against brett anderson with a shot down the left-field line after a couple of bunt singles in the third. 2-0. here's the worst news of all potentially. brett anderson, you see him go down after that pitch.
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has nothing to do with his arm. it's been diagnoseseas a strained right oblique. he could miss a couple of starts. he's been sensational since he came back from arm surgery. but the a's are trailing 4-0. as for the giants, it's already a productive day. they don't take the field for probably an hour or so. the dodgers lost danny espinoza. washington goes on to win the first game of a doubleheader, 3- 1. however, the dodgers leading early in the second game. rightht here on channel 2, you'll see adrian peterson and his vikings take on the 49ers. peterson coming back from knee surgery. he's looked really good in his first couple of games back. and the niners defense ready for him. that includes, of course, the great patrick willis. >> he's running the ball hard, running the ball like he was
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before he had the surgery. so, you know, he runs the ball hard. he seems to find daylight and once he finds it... >> right here on channel 2, sunday, 10 a.m. that's the sporting news for now. we're continuing to gather information about that fire at a gas station in martinez that burned up cars and pumps. stay with us at 7 and tonight on the 10:00 news for the very latest. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. mph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. we know you.
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