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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  September 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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tragedy in oak lap. just hours ago an 11-year-old boy was shot while sleeping inside his home. the gunman opened fire on a home that was filled with children, claudine? >> reporter: that's right, we are at the oakland police department and the 11-year-old was taken to the hospital in serious condition after being shot just hours ago. i also talked to the family they did not want to go on camera and they tell me the boy is doing a little bit better. they took pictures from the scene of what happened. this is megan road on east oakland. everybody inside the house was sleeping when the gunshots went off at 1:00 a.m., it was a full house when the gunshots went off. neighbors who also said they were too scared to go on camera
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said they heard several shots that woke them from their sleep. they don't know why anybody would be targeting them and that's certainly the job of police and they need to figure out how all of this happened and who was behind it, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. there was another shooting in oakland, somebody drove up and fired into a car with five women inside and that happened in the area of seminary and oak dale college. three of the women were shot but their conditions are not known at this time. the quick actions of a gas station manager may have prevented a quick disaster. we highlighted a chevy sedan losing control and backing up.
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two cars were immediately engulfed in flames but they hit the switch so the flow of gas stopped 30 feet into the air. >> i see black smoke billowing from what was pump 5 and six. >> nobody was injured and the driver who hit the pump may have accidentally hit the accelerator than the break. police have determined that driver was not impaired. you can see amazing video just look for the bay area news tab right on our front page. according to the latino vote on the campaign trail, republican challenger mitt romney and president barack obama are criss-crossing they are delivering information about jobs at a rally in miami.
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a 72-year-old man from walnut creek drowned after being dragged out by a giant wave in bah-hah california. he was found 800 yards from where that wave hit the couple. his wife is covering from respiratory problems. 41-year-old frank ryan was released from regional medical center late yesterday. he suffered an injury at a fire while fighting a fire and they raised money to fly him to san jose. a police shooting has sparked outrage. they will ask that the attorney general investigate mario
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romero's death. he sat in a car outside of his home october 2nd. he reached for a spell let gun, -- spell let gun and his family said they do not -- they did not have a weapon. palo alto police are now warning women about several groping incidents. the latest happened yesterday morning on the palo alto park trail. a man grabbed her from behind and tried to pull her down. she managed to get away but this is the third time in a month that a woman reported being grabbed in that same area. >> this is almost an escalation from the prior to. >> police believe he is the
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same 49 inches tall. a man has been offering rides to students near the intermediate school. he was last seen yesterday when police say he offered a ride to a young boy. now a similar incident happened two weeks ago and the driver is described as a college age driver with a pickup. yesterday on mornings on 2, news chopper 2 took pictures of a homeless camp, the on ramp at 5th and san francisco. while nobody was hurt in that fire, they are urging them to direct access to block that area. they are working to solicit bids to the construction project whip caused $200,000.
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4:35 time to check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning, good morning sal. we had an earlier crash on 80 eastbound, the east shore freeway, but that has been removed as you drive from berkeley to end -- emoryville and traffic looks light. if you are driving from the caster valley, no imagine problems and traffic looks good into union city. >> we have a lot of low clouds out there, but they are patchy at best and we will start to see that burn off sooner, we are starting off very cool 45
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napa, 52 at livermore, it is still a sea breeze and it is nothing less than what you have seen the last couple of mornings. 60s and 70s, a lot of upper 70s and a few lower 80s, but this low sitting under -- low is sitting under a big dome of pressure. also for us this low has chewed up the fog and inland temperatures have cooled down after we get rid of those patchy low clouds it is a chilly morning though. the forecast models are not in sink, they are today and tomorrow we will have a cool down taking us into sunday as well, pam.
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>> thank you steve. 4:37 is the time, cutting back the action by employees they are canceling hundreds of american airlines flights. plus the reason it could take awhile to open a new contra costa station, and warning about brown rice, the dangerous chemical it is said to contain. traffic is moving way passed mission boulevard and we will tell you more about the morning commute coming up. s you disgust me.
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. well these contra costa fire department are using money to reopen fire stations but it could take awhile for one on bethel island. firefighters have not been able
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to use this building since the water caused water damage and mold. so fixing it could take up to a year. >> it is a functional space and it keeps out the rain. >> some people are trying to get the better they will island fire station a landmark and that would get it the money it needs for the needed renovations. it started inside the prison yard. the prison guard shot one inmate and the fight involved as many as 60 inmates. prison officials are still trying to figure out what caused the violence. they are closing after a
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precaution after they published information about the french prophet mohammed. magazine's editors are using free speech rights to comment on the video the video has triggered violence across the area. and a an actress -- an actress is interesting you tube to remove the clip. now garcia said the producer deceived her about the film's content. in the complaint she received death threats and was fired from her job because of the film. and in election news this morning, campaigns in florida, he will speak at univision. he spoke at the same forum yesterday and they said they
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would focus on a permanent plan. later he talked about the unemployment rate and promised to create jobs. >> it breaks your heart, it has been over 50 months that unemployment among hispanics is above 50% and 2 million more hispanics have fallen under poverty. >> mitt romney will be at a private fundraiser and that event is $50 per person. give the gift of $100,000 and he will receive election night invitations. silicone valley is looking to oh new rules. they are among the tech giants that formed the internet association. companies think they would punish them if they pirates music posted by somebody else.
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apple and microsoft is noticeably absent from there. and more than 100 people are focused for the gathering. it is a gathering of unconventional business people who want to be part of the future. secretary of state colin powell will have a key note talk with the crowd. they can't get their hands on the iphone 5 until tomorrow. one man already camping out outside union square. he said he is being paid to wait in line, he arrived on monday and he is about to get more -- he is about to get more company soon. time now 4:45, the airlines
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which are both owned by a.m. r said they canceled the flights to avoid inconveniencing people. the pilots were the only ones who did not approve a new cost cutting contract after they filed for bankruptcy. there could be significant levels in arsenic. by eating rice it can increase arsenic by 40%. it is grown in water on the ground and consumer reports have set new safety limits and they say rice is safe and people should not be worried. >> u.s. grown rice is wholesome safe and nutrition. there has never been one
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reported ill necessary from u.s. rice -- illness from u.s. rice. >> they may want to change it for feeding infants. san francisco may ban campers and other large vehicles off the -- san francisco may ban campers and other large vehicles to keep then off the streets. it is tough news to take for people who live in those vehicles. >> i would rather be in a home to tell you the truth but right now it is home enough for now. this problem is a larger problem than the homeless issue. >> car man has received information about illegal dumping from those places. now the board of super sighsers plans to -- supervisors plans
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to vote next sunday. >> it looks pretty good, pam, we are off to a doesn't start i can tell you the traffic in the contra costa is looking good and yesterday we had a bad day on 24 and looking at westbound between lafayette and oakland, it looks good through lafayette. at the toll plaza, we are looking at traffic that is light and if you want to avoid all the traffic that usually gets here, we are looking at a live picture of downtown san jose. let's go to steve. well, just some patchy low clouds, it was maxed out, we had a good push, it was getting chewed up, even the higher elevationsswere cooling down rapidly, temperatures are still
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below normal. some cool lows though, a lot of 40s showing up, some of that fog coast and bay, sunny and breezy later on, 60s and 70s, san rafael 48, i just have not dug deep yet, but also on the peninsular as well. a west wind out to the delta, things are calming down, a few 60s and 70s and and 70s and 80s. sunny breezy patchy low clouds, a chill in that morning air, though. 50s 60s and 70s and 80s and the key will be this low that begins to move in, will it drop in saturday or sunday, it is a
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tough call but we will be out of hereby monday, a little cooler and breezier on the weekend, pam. the malfunction that stranded more than a dozen people 300 feet in the air. and i want to show you, live pictures of the shuttle endeavor on the cross country tour, you can show us where and when you can spot it here in the bay area.
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. according to the gay rights group the civil rights agenda has pledged to stop giving money to antigay groups. they are promising to treat everybody equally regardless to
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orientation. chick fillet recently came out and spoke against them. our exclusive ktvu field poll, more people are undecided as for prop 38, 41% say yes and 45% say they will back 39 based on their california sales. happening now the space shuttle endeavor is on the leg of its last flight. here is a picture as it is preparing to take off. pretty exciting space shuttle endeavor left to its final destination here is california in los angeles. now endeavor is scheduled to fly over sacramento early
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tomorrow morning, then over to the golden gate bridge for a low fly over, then to silicone valley and the final flight marks the end of the 30 year space shuttle program. but of course, sal, we will be here tomorrow morning so we will be here to catchall of that live. >> you know you wake up early and you can see some of that stuff. we did it at 43:04:30 a.m. we are here for you. 880 southbound, this traffic is moving along nicely. you know, as you watch traffic from 4:30 all the way to 9:00 you see patterns and this commute looks good until about 7:30 or so and so you have a little time. this is the bay bridge toll plaza which starts getting busy
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around 6:15 and i am telling you this so you know when to get there before. looking at the san jose area, traffic looks nice northbound 101, santa clara, i want to move this and traffic is moving along well to caster valley. there is nothing going on all the way from tracy and one last thing, on the dumbarton, traffic getting from the east bay to the peninsular is off to a very nice start. let's go to steve. >> that is early, sal. it is. it is also chilly this morning because we have a lot not in the coverage of the fog. it is starting to get chewed up so that is allowing some temperatures to cool down. over towards the santa cruz mountains out to the delta,
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there is still a component of a sea breeze, 60s and 70s and very low 80s. soft 80s. it looks like it is going to go north and drop down straight on top of us. the question is will it be saturday or sunday, i will tackle that tomorrow. some patchy low clouds and a chill brisk morning with lows in the 40s. i would not be surprised to hear about upper 40s, but 60s and 70s, a few very low 80s and the key will be with that low dropped in and not much for us here but there could be some rain up in the sierra nevada pam. they flyball santa clara valley for a fierce competition. the s.w.a.t. competition starts in about two
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hours. 30 s.w.a.t. teams are competing this year but the event is closed to the public. it is the questions on the minds of many people here in the bay area, should you rent or buy when looking for a home, also overnight gunfire, what makes this shooting so unusual and very scary? we will explain. stay tuned. also, we want to dip back in live this morning, the space shuttle is beginning a trip to the bay area, that is the escort plane for the space shuttle endeavor and they are getting closer to california, we are coming right back.
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. is it cheaper to own or to rent? we will tell you about one study that says now is the time to buy. there is the shuttle endeavor just beginning its trip to the bay area, all on the ktvunn


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