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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. we are live in oakland where somebody who opened fire on a moving car might -- 0 somebody opened fire on a moving car and you may be surprised to hear who the victims are. a fire sends victims running for cover. we will tell you about the accident that triggered this dangerous fire. and the attack in libya, who may have played a key role on the attack on americans. good morning, thank you for joining us september 20th, i am pam cook. >> and let's check weather and traffic, steve paulson is here to tell you more. it is chilly out there for some, a few upper 30s in the
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russian river basin, the highs 60s and 70s and a few low 80s. here is sal. it is looking nice across the span, no major commute hassles. this is a look at 37 and traffic looks good as well here. let's go back to the desk. three women were injured overnight in oakland. somebody fired shots at their car. live at hyland hospital, you have exclusive video you will see only on 2, good morning tara. >> we understand three of the victims were brought here early this morning. two of them received gunshot wounds and the other received cuts to her face. we understand all are expected to be okay. here is what happened just before midnight, a group of young women driving northbound
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on seminary avenue near mills college experienced some gunfire, bullet holes, shattered two passengers side windows. two were african-american, three latino, another was shot in the chest area and another in the leg. it is believed they used an automatic weapon and send my -- semiautomatic weapon. we do not have a description of the suspect vehicle and we are not sure if the shooting is gang related. live from oakland tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. new video to show you from oakland where an 11-year-old boy was shot while he was sleeping. this happened on megan road. the young boy's sister told us the boy is doing okay.
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he had been shot in the chest and the stomach. now the outside wall of the house has 16 bullet holes in it and nobody else was hurt. so far no arrests have been made. a gas station could be shut down after a crash caused a huge fire. all savage -- alex savage is there to tell us about the quick thinking of the station manager. >> reporter: police believe this driver hit the accelerator as he was trying to position himself in front of the gas pump and he actually backed over this particular pump triggering this fire. >> reporter: a witness shot this cell phone video on martinez. two cars went up in flames and customers ran for cover to get
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away from the burning gas station. incredibly nobody was hurt in the end. now the driver of a chevy sedan backed in to the position of his car, flames flew 30 feet into the air before the quick thinking station manager stop the flow of gas. >> if that fire had gone into the tanks underground, we might not be standing here talking right now. >> reporter: the driver of the car who triggered this fire was allowed to leave the scene. it was determined he was not impaired and he was not cited but police will continue to investigate. as you can see there is a lot of cleanup work to do here and that means it will be another month or two before this independent gas station will
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reopen. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a former guantanamo bay could be behind the deadly a -- jaun jason bay -- a former guantanamo bay person may be behind the deadly attacks. he was supposed to be kept hyped bars but he was not. >> americans died as a result of a terrorist attack? >> certainly on that particular attack, i would say yes, they were killed while under terrorist attack. >> hillary rodham clinton will face tough questions about the security of u.s. embassies while overseas. we are hearing about
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stevens who was killed along with three other americans. coming up, there is a special web page his family set up and it is helping to keep his memory alive. nothing is enough when it comes to disrupting council meetings. now tuesday's city council meeting ended early after they took over. they were demanding a police report on the fatal shooting of alan blueford. they are telling them new policies to prevent disturbing bans -- disturbances will be put into place next week. also they need to cut spending if they want to keep their accreditation. the management team says city college employs twice as many full-time faculty members than
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other colleges. they don't have a backup plan if they don't approve governor jerry brown's tax cuts for november. they now have until november 15th to come up with an action plan. >> back over to sal, how is the commute looking so far? >> chp is giving us a list of what is going on and for example, i was looking at the car fire on 880 which turned out to be nothing, it was just a far fire -- car fire on the shoulder. things are getting more crowded if you are driving westbound from vallejo, all the way to berkeley but it is getting more crowded by the minute. metering lights are not on and they are not getting by from stopping and driving through concord and pleasant tell, it still looks good, let's go to
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steve. thank you. we have only patchy low clouds. it is about 2000 feet in the valley and they have lost their support and temperatures are staying below average. patchy fog, some very cool lows, lots of 40s, i think we will get some sun here. we will go 64 so we are inching up about a degree a day. even san jose at 51. west southwest at fso, and in fact everything tips to be stuck. point east, our little low looks like it will drop north.
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patchy fog, breezy with lots of sunshine and our highs will come up into the 70s and 60s and 70s for most, it is a little brisk for some here in the morning, especially in the north bay, 73 san jose, my buddy just tweeted me and said, we are clear down here. 72 in sunny veil, 72 san mateo but it looks like a cool down. he has been punished but he still may end up a winner. why melky cabrera still has the crown despite being accused of cheating. plus the high speed police chase in oakland leads to two separate crashes and one involved a van filled with
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special needs students.
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. it happened late yesterday afternoon on mcarthur boulevard on richie street. he slammed into another car trapping a woman inside of it and then the suspect went into
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a van filled with special needs students. nobody in the van seemed to be hurt, you can see them walking away and after the crash, the suspect and one of the passengers ran away. it was a huge riot at a state prison in folsom. it happened inside the yard. a guard shot one inmate and 12 others were stabbed. it involved 60 inmates at one time and state officials are trying to figure out what caused the riot. check fillet, according to the fast food chain they have pledged to stop giving money to groups regardless of sexual orientation. the president recently came under fire after speaking out against gay marriage and the company itself has yet to confirm the latest reports.
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president barack obama is going to miami to quote latino voters. he spoke to the same group as he tried to reboot his campaign. allison burns has more on that effort. >> reporter: president barack obama has a commanding lead among latino vote is but mitt romney is not giving up on them. his campaign is spending more on spain anybody language. he is -- spanish language. he is still being dogged by his recording saying 70% of americans consider themselves victims. he said he cares for all americans including the poor. >> my campaign is about the 100% in america and i am concerned about them. up concerned about the fact -- i am concerned that over the years more people have fallen
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into poverty. >> president barack obama speaks to the same group and there are reports, mitt romney will try to reenergize his campaign by doing private fundraisers on more public events. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. authorities are trying to find a missing man from san carlos. derek olson was last seen leaving his house around 10:30 last night. he had been home bound for the past two years but they have not said why. he recently told his family he wanted to walk to san jose to visit his grandparents. family and friends will remember a teenage run i what found dead this weekend. it is set for 2:00 at graham
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hitch in pleasanton. they say she was found after being missing for a week. both martin and the man had been shot. a facebook page set up to find the woman said the man was her boyfriend. chris stevens family set up a blog as a memorial. he and three members of his team were killed. since then letters and condolences have been pouring in from around the world. they decided to create a tumbler site for people to remember him and to donate. >> it has been extraordinarily -- extraordinarily emotional and we are grateful tort people of libya. >> people are posting pictures and memories and one was posted
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by an 18-year-old libyan who said he was sorry they could not do more to keep him safe. they have been caps selled because of the hockey lock out. that means san jose's owner is off. last week's will be played against the coyotes and the ducks. and there is a good chance that melky cabrera could win despite being suspended. he tops the national league in batting average and bud said he probably will not step in, if melky cabrera ends up winning the title. plus the giants have the first five play-off games because he was suspended. 17 minutes after 6:00,
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getting busier in some spots, this is the time where we start seeing more people out there. that is with -- let's look at our live pictures and in berkeley, although it's not stop and go and again, we mention chp, they are together a good job but there is nothing major. you can see the metering light are switched on, it is about a five minute delay but it is growing as the time wears on. as you can see the south bay cameras these road sensor are compiled with some of our own data and there is not a lot going on which means we'll see traffic in the santa clara valley on highway 101 and 285.
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there are breaks and clouds but the fog will get chewed up and it will be sunny for everybody. maybe 40s on the lows to the north, 45 napa and there are some cool readings, even livermore is 51. still the come pope -- component of a westerly breeze. a little low continues to work its way towards pacific northwest and eventually it will drop on us. mainly there is some rain in the sierra nevada and there will be a change inland and sometime that low will move in and it looks rather quiet as we move into next week. american eagles say they have canceled 300 u.s. flights.
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industries say the number may actually be higher than that. we have a higher than usual number of pilots so travelers can mac other map. the pilot attempts toee merge from bankruptcy but it's not number one. the fair tracking website analyzed overall performance including on time performance number of passengers bumped from flights, baggage handling and southwest comes in 6th overall tied with delta and virgin america came in number one, followed by jet blue. time now 6:20, a man almost 90 years old arrested in los angeles why police handcuffed him wrestled him to the ground but will the cell phone video
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back up the police report. and old information by mark zuckerberg, the accusations that mark zuckerberg ripped off greenspan's ideas. and every week day morning, 6:00 a.m., get your ktvu wake- up call by texting the word wake up 72103.
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. welcome back, new information about mark zuckerberg and the creation of facebook. aaron greenspan released instant messages from 2004. in it, he accuses mark zuckerberg of ripping off his special networking ideas. he asked him to join him since greenspan was already working on a similar network called house system and mark zuckerberg is not making any comments on those claims. they are getting federal
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regulations on something they say could hurt businesses. it includes yahoo and linked in. the companies will work together on pier as i and -- pier i -- piracy and privacy. microsoft decided not to join that group. we are talking about the arrest of an elderly man accused of jay walking. it shows police handcuffing him and tackling him to the ground. they say the man was unrulely including shoving the officer. >> i don't think this officer would second guess what he would do in a similar situation regardless of the age... >> so far we have not heard from the man who was or rested. this morning we are finding
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out what a new public park might look like. they have approved parking areas, multiuse trails and a possible visit terrible send tore. -- visitor center. the board would not decide what to do about the station until october 17thment some community members have been raising donations to help save the tower and turned it into a site honoring veterans. it is almost 6:26, how is our traffic doing now? it is crowded but there are no major problems and certainly there is more weighting time -- waiting time involved. let's go to northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 passed the 280 change and this is -- interchange and this is southbound 280. also this morning sunole grade
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is getting more crowded on the fremont and we don't have any accidents let's go to steve -- we don't have any accidents. let's go to steve. the low is controlling our weather but sunny breezy highs mainly 60s 70s and some 80s. we will have your weekend outlook a little bit later. saving money, owning a house instead of renting one. numbers suggest that may be the best thing here in the bay area. an 11-year-old is shot inside his home while he slept. you will hear from the boy's family and how he is doing. >> pam took has the early stock
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numbers. -- pam cook has the early stock numbers.
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. welcome back. that is the alliance for support and also bringing your attention to an ipo local company, there is the opening bell, they are going public for real estate -- for a real estate company out of san jose and it looks like the ipo was priced 14 to $16 a share, priced at $17 a share and we will talk more about that coming up. we will smile and say good morning to you, it is thursday september 20th, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30.
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>> an 11-year-old oakland boy recovering from gunshots, he was shot overnight inside his home. claudine wong has been talking with the little boy's family and is outside now showing us this incredible damage, claudine? >> reporter: the family just got back and said the boy is doing well and he will recover from being shot. he was shot inside while he slept and behind me you can see the front of the house where the bullets sprayed this wall going through the wall into the home and that's actually a bedroom behind that wall where four children including two small children were sleeping. >> this is my dad, my mom and my little sister and my little brother were sleeping. they were all in here but nothing happened to them. >> she were all here but these are all the bullet holes? >> yes, one --
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>> reporter: i can count, 16? >> yes. >> but two bullet holes passed through the television and two passed through the door, three of them and then three on the wall as well. >> reporter: again that bedroom is not where the 11-year-old was sleeping. he was sleeping in a back bedroom with his 16-year-old brother and uncle. so the bullets that hit him passed through two walls and a door first. >> he got out of the room and he started running in circles and so like, we grabbed him and we were like calm down and he was like i can't, this hurts so so much, and i can't do it anymore, he wanted to lay down but we kept on holding him. >> reporter: again he is doing better and he was able to talk to his family as he left the scene and his mom and brother
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are with him in the hospital and the injury is in his lungs but the doctors are telling them now he will survive and certainly this morning they are looking into who would do this and they say drive buy shootings is common but they have never been hit in the four years they have lived here. lewis is going to be okay apparently and they are also amazed nobody else was hit, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming up, we will have a live report from hyland hospital on the victim's injuries >> the latest happened on the l palo alto park trail. she managed to get away and
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call for help. this is the third time in a month a woman reported being grabbed in that same area. >> our biggest concern at this point is this most recent case is almost an escalation from the prior two. >> now police believe the same person committed all three attacks. the suspect is described as middle eastern or latino about 40 years old and 5 feet 9 inches tall. also they are searching for a man offering rides to the kids at school. yesterday afternoon police say he offered a ride to a young boy. a similar incident happened two weeks ago. he is described driving a pickup truck. space shuttle is taking off on the last leg of its flight.
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this is video of it taking it its last hour, to the final destination. it is scheduled to land today in the mojave dessert and scheduled to fly over in honor of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. now it is also scheduled to fly low over the golden gate bridge at 8:30 then take a path to silicone valley and it marks the end of the space shuttle program. more charges will be filed against the accused gunman. prosecutors want to add 10 charges to the 142 charges james homes is already facing. the lead investigator is expected to take the stand to determine if they will have
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access to the ones detailing the attack. he killed 12 people injuring 58 more during a movie called the dark knight rises. a man from walnut creek drowned and his wife got hurt after being dragged out by a wave in bah-hah california. investigators say 73-year-old -- 72-year-old ted park was found 800 yards from where the wave hit the couple. his wife is now recovering from respiratory problems. the question is, would you save money instead of renting. live with more on what you should be thinking about. well, owning a home could save you money more than $800 a
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month. >> reporter: the study looked at june july and august and found it is cheaper to buy than to rent in all of the u.s. metro areas. it is 28% less expensive in san francisco and this study a tributes to lower mortgage rates and higher rents and some finds this study amazing. >> the jobs are crazy and it's not that many jobs, especially for students that are going to college right now. we don't have enough money to pay for a house, so i think renting it the best option. >> reporter: of course the catch is, you have to have money for a down payment and you have to qualify and you have to be ready to own that hope for more than seven years.
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pack avenue to sale. no -- sal? >> no major problems, the traffic on south bay is looking good if you are driving out to the valley this morning, it should be a very nice drive for you with no major problems and also the morning commute is looking good but it is busy in livermore and i want to refresh this, it is getting busier from tracy but it is getting busy after you pass dublin. it is filled in and backed up over the 880 crossing and has a 10 minute delay. let's go to steve. it has been chewed up the fog. no heat in the valley anymore, so the fog needs the
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ingredients to -- inn greed yeps, temperatures are still below average, couple of upper 30s mid-40s and mainly 60s and 70s. san francisco, high temperatures this time of year should be 70 degrees and we are inching up. we will go 64 but at least it will be sunny. 44 napa, 44 san rafael, i know novato is in there, i did see one, 50s low, 49 redwood city, but it will still be a breezy day. 60s and 70s for most. you can see the big dome of high pressure up into the northern planes and this is a
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dynamic pattern. it is going to meander towards oregon, the question is when will it do that. 60s and 70s a few lower 80s but temperatures are coming down and we have settled in right here. 78 degrees, morgan hill, los gatos, 75, same for palo alto, san carlos, redwood city, brisbane and daily city. if that low drops in all bets are all but it looks like we might get some rain up in the sierra nevada. a ride almost ended in disaster, more than 300 people were stranded 350 feet into the
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air. we will tell you about a driveby shooting, we will tell you where it happened coming up. and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. well, how about that,
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mostly clear skies, highs today 60s and 70s. all right, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, 6:43, fox news reporting a former detainee may have been the leader that killed chris stevens and three other workers. in the meantime there will be briefings on security and embassies overseas. a car lost control yesterday while backing into a pump at the flex oil and gas station. the manager cut off the flow of gas before anybody was hurt. the police did not cite the driver determining he was not impaired at the time. and an 11-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in
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the chest and stomach. he was asleep in his home after somebody fired 16 shots into their house overnight. nobody else was hurt. so far no arrests have been made. ktvu channel 2 morning news has exclusive video of another overnight shooting. it happened near mills college. tara moriarty is outside with new information on one of the victims, tara? >> well we just a watched the 16-year-old limping and she matches the description of somebody shot in the leg. we spoke to the very first witness who arrived at the crime scene which happened on oak dale. he said a woman had been shot in the upper torso. the girls said somebody pulled up alongside of them and started firing. one was shot in her leg, another in the chest and bullet
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holes shattered the passenger windows and it is believed the shooter used a semiautomatic weapon. police say the victims are not cooperating with the investigation so it's not known if it is gang related and when we asked about the shooting victims, her mother said they didn't want to comment. here is another story we are talking about, 20 people are safely back on the ground and that's after an unexpected ride. they were hoping to take a spin on the wind seeker but the ride malfunctioned, heaving them -- leaving them dangling in the air. this is the second time this ride has broken down in two weeks. surveillance video captured a man linked to several
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burglaries in sonoma county. he broke into bill's market on september 6thth and he is believed to be behind three break-ins. he is described as 6-foot tall, african-american in his 30s or 40s and he wears thick recommended glasses -- thick rimmed glasses. news chopper 2 was overhead taking pictures of the homeless camp as you can see as it was catching fire on 5th and king streets in san francisco. neighbors are urging the city to block access into the area. they are working to solicit bids for the construction project which could cost up to $200,000. san francisco wants to keep rvs and campers and other large
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vehicles off the streets that are in industrial areas off the streets. they have received complaints about those large vehicles about dumping and it would not affect others with valid paperwork. a police car crashed in texas and look at this, coming up at 7:07 why one police car smashed into another plus the heroic action of one of those officers. it was a really tough competition and the 19th best of the west s.w.a.t. competition actually starts in just a couple of minutes from now. the santa clara county office is competing this year. it will be closed to the public this year because of the safety
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concerns. 6:48, what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> well, everything is in the last 15 or 20 minutes, a little bit slower than it was. let's look at highway 4 for example. we had some slowed traffic in antioch and pittsburgh. just driving over the hill and this is a little bit slower than it is coming across. i don't see anything but it does not mean it is not there but we will figure it out. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. if you are drive inginto -- driving into him it does slow
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down. -- driving into livermore it does slow down. >> i know it is chilly out there. >> we walked through the chill just so steve can tell us expertly. >> how is that computer. >> it looks good now. it is me i am concerned about. we are starting to regroup but nothing compared to the last couple of mornings, it is cold and others have some fog, temperatures below normal, cool lows for many, mostly inland locations, some presidentzy, san rafael, 47 lower 50s in livermore and san jose, still a little bit of a sea breeze, calm conditions and chilly conditions are responsible for controlling the weather. it is moving up towards the pacific northwest and it looks like it will drop down, there
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is maybe some rain in the sierra. 60s and 70s and a few low 80s. concord, pleasant tell, 65 alameda, 73 san jose, cupertino 74 and low 70s with a little breeze, in the city and south of san francisco. a little warmer on friday, i don't think it will completely be whited out. next week is looking very quiet,. 382000 people filed for jobless claims and that's down 3,000 from the week before. it is still more than analysts expected and it has risen for people filing for unemployment. dow jones industrial average down 64 points, 13513
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and it is following the lead of what happened in europe. disappointing news came intaking stocks down and i want you to know i am end cooing an -- i am keeping an eye on the real estate company which has not gone public yet. they are start serving single serve coffee brewers. others require different finance to make those. it is right in the middle of the price range for its competitors. we have the good news, what happened to this man overnight and what is building. the steps people are taking without waiting in line.
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you can get the news to go, download the app for free, click on the live icon and you can watch all of it live on your smart phone. so be connected any time, anywhere.
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firefighters visited ryan in shifts while he was in the i cu. this is day 2 of the 2012 cloud computing conference in san francisco. more than 90,00 0 people are registered for the gathering. today former secretary of state collin powell will have a keynote conversation with the crowd. apple fans can't get their hands on the new iphone 5 until tomorrow. some people are taking steps to be among the first to get one.
6:58 am
this man already camping outside the apple store. he said he's actually being paid to wait in line. he will get more company as the day goes on. the first next generation iphone will be available starting at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. if you wait in line you're going to get it way ahead of the people who preordered i guess. >> interesting. let's go to sal. you know how our commute is going. >> quickly we're going to preview what's coming up on morning. starting with 280 -- i'm sorry at the bay bridge. traffic is moving well. on 580, that traffic is busy. let's go to steve. patchy fog and chilly lows will give way to sunshine today. below average temperatures. 60s, 70s and low 80s. coming up next, tragic over night news. an 11-year-old oakland boy shot while sleeping in his bed. we're now hearing from his family. >> a bay area gas station exploding in flames.
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we have dramatic cell phone video. stay right here with us.


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