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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 20, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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i don't want to talk a lot to him, because he is forcing himself to talk. >> a worried mother talks about her little boy this morning. he is in the hospital hit by a bullet in his own home. good afternoon.
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i'm torii campbell. oakland plays are investigating a shooting that left an 112- year-old boy wounded. the bullets were fired around lp last night. ktvu's claudine wong reports there were so many shots, it's amaze that go not more people were hit by gunfire. >> these are all the bullet holes here. >> reporter: i can count 11, 2, 3 -- 16, is that how many you counted? >> yes. >> reporter: it the bullets traveled first through this bedroom where a mother and father slept with their four month old daughter and six-year- old son. one bullet sits in the bullet hole of that bed head. >> reporter: bullets kept going to the bottom of the bed where little luis duenas slept.
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>> i went to sleep. when i turned around, i heard like gunshots. >> reporter: francisco said he checked on luis and thought he was fine but then realized there was something wrong. >> i didn't see the bullet hole. then i saw it. oh, i got shot >> reporter: one bullet went through his side and liver. he has already undergone four surgeries but doctors will leave the bullet there because taking it out would cause too much damage. >> he has a lot of pain in the stomach. he is thirsty. he cannot drink the water. >> reporter: what are you telling him? >> that he is going to be fine. he has his brothers and sisters. >> reporter: luis' mother keeps asking, why did this happen to him? that's a question that no one can answer right now. in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu ktvu. three young women were injured in oakland when someone fired shots into their car. ktvu has exclusive video of that scene on seminary after
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across from mills college. shots rang out around 11:30 as the women drove from a gas station. police say that the victims are not cooperating with the investigation. however, the women told a witness that the shots came from someone in a car next to them. five young women were in the car, two were shot and another hit in the eye by flying glass. their conditions are not known. police have no suspects or a motive for the shooting. the city of malepitas is the latest city trying to outsource its police force. >> reporter: some people say they want the police department to say but the mayor wants it to go. that was the focus of this tuesday's city council meeting. the council voted last months to formally release the request for proposal to outsource its officers. and sources tell ktvu that the
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city is taking a close look at the santa clara sheriff department to take the job. while the move could save the city money, residents worry that response time might increase and it's not worth it. >> when i was on patrol, i saw our officers not only understand an area but they knew where the criminals were within the houses and within the city. i don't see how somebody outside the city can have that knowledge. and i don't care how much it costs they have to quantify that in dollars and tell us how they expect to get the job done. >> i don't expect the outsourcing, we will ask and i'm sure we'll have a lot, a lot of public input. there will be a lot, a lot of analysis. >> reporter: the city assumes
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the annual salary for this past year as $200,000 each. city is in negotiations with the police for an outside contract. and a proposal is due by october 2nd. >> thank you, tear ya. scenes s.w.a.t. teens from teams from -- s.w.a.t. teams from around the country are here. 30 s.w.a.t. teams competing this year. it is closed to the public for safety reasons. authorities need your help to find a missing man from san carlos. 25-year-old derek olson was last seen leaving his home two weeks ago around 10:30 at night. san mateo sheriff says that he had been home bound for the past two years but didn't say why. olson has been telling his family that he wanted to walk to san jose to visit his
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grandparents. the san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack on the job is back at home today. 41-year-old frank ryan was released from regional medical center yesterday. he suffered a heart attack late last month while fighting a fire at a downtown church. fellow firefighters visited ryan in shifts while he was in the icu. they also raised money fly ryan's family members to san jose. mortgage rates in the united states have once again hit record lows. the mortgage buying company freddie mac says that the average rate on a 30-year fixed home loan is now 3.49%. that's down from 3.55% last week. and the average 15-year fix is at a record low of 2.77 down from 2.8 last week. now, those low mortgage rates make it very tempting to consider buying a home but many bay area residents still wonder, is it better to own or rent? ktvu's ann rubin joins us from
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san jose with some practical advice on. this good afternoon, ann >> reporter: good afternoon. according to a new study, it's actually cheaper right now to own than rent. it may be a good time to buy. frustrated with renting? gaysha is. >> the rent goes up, 100, 200, 350 and that's unfortunate. >> reporter: acoeur d'alening to a study, it may actually be cheap tore buy than to rent. it looked at data nationwide for june, july and august and found that in oakland, it's 41% cheaper to own. in san francisco, 28% and in san jose, owning saves you about 31%. real estate appraiser frank schmitt says that in san jose, that amounts to hundreds of dollars a month. >> total payment, less deduction for doctor writeoff, about 1900 and a comparable house would be probably 2r5 hundred a month for rent.
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>> reporter: this is a big change from the same time last year. lower mortgage rates and higher rents are a fact tonchts it's still the american dream to own a house that plays in part of this as well. but as rent keeps increasing, these people who are renters will look to home buyers as well. >> reporter: one problem, in the bay area, there is high demand and low supply. so bidding is competitive. >> you have something and if you sell it, you get some money back. of course, you have all these costs and the cost for living there, but, at the end, i have to save some money by owning >> reporter: renters say that the study does not necessarily reflect the reality of home buying right now. >> it takes more sense to buy than to rent if you've got the cash, right? if you don't have that hefty deposit to put down on property, you have no other option but to rent. >> reporter: now to, get their numbers, the study assumed
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mortgage rate of 3.5% and that you would hold on to the home for at least seven years. live in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, ann. the local company, trulia had its ipo this morning. we'll tell you how the stocks are doing. meantime, the san francisco district attorney is announcing an elaborate real estate scam which swindled millions of dollars from banks. the crime involves a $2.2 million mortgage fraud scheme that was broken up two years ago. four men were charged in the case. they are accused of forging documents to make it appear as if they owned three condos in the building. the trial last the for six months -- the trial lasted for six months. we'll have a verdict when the announcement is made. make room in your mailbox for more ads and catalogs. i'll tell you why the postal
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service will be delivering more junk mail at your doorstep. and as summer ends, you may be wondering if the cool temperatures will continue. and we'll show you the dramatic video of what happened when a car crashed into an east bay gas station. oñ
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. the space shuttle endeavour is preparing for its final flight tomorrow when it will fly over the bay area. the hitch arrived on the back of a 747. endeavour passed low over several cities, including tucson, arizona to honor former congresswoman gabrielle gifford and her husband, astronaut mark kelly who was the last person to command the endeavour mission. endeavour will pass over sacramento tomorrow morning before flying low over the golden gate brain about 8:30 a.m. it will fly a path down highway 101 to silicon valley. the final flight marks the end of the 30-year space shuttle program. we'll check in with steve in just a little bit to see if the weather will cooperate to see
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this flight tomorrow. endeavour is expected to pass over the bay area around 8:30 a.m. we'll tack you there live on mornings -- we'll take you there live on mornings on 2. you can watch it streamed online and on our mobile app if the flyover happens after 9:00 a.m. one controversial move from the u.s. post office is to stuff mailboxes with junk mail. >> reporter: good afternoon. expect to find more junk mail in your mailbox, everything from catalog to credit card offers. this is because the postal service has been making deals with advertisers encouraging them to send out more direct mail. the goal is for them to increase more revenues as they struggle with multi-billion dollars losses. this could bring in more than $300 million over the next few
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years. advertisers turned out what they call volume-based customers. that means mo more people will get junk in the mail. >> i think we should move in the direction of digital mail that the post office has to find another kind of solution in order to, you know, make it economically viable. but going in this direction is the wrong direction. >> reporter: of course, customers can opt out of the direct mail ad. one company in berkeley helps you do just that. we stopped by this morning and talked to the president of catalog choice. it is a do not call list for junk mail, essentially. people use the free service to pick and choose which catalog and advertisements they would like to receive. the president believes this is a bad move by the postal service, catering to advertisers and pushing more mailing to customers. >> it is the thing that you want, and then the value will be greater for the mailers, but
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too look at this as a one-sided situation where you only serve the mailer and not the mail rezip weren't, that's a short sighted approach. >> reporter: catalogs choice works with about 1100 cities across the country including berkeley, setting up website where people can go and stop the junk mail that they have been receiving. the company, so far has had about 26 million optouts. they expect that number to rise as the postal continues its strategy. people may already have noticed a difference, maybe just one or two extra pieces of nail that mailbox every day. live in berkeley, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. both presidential candidates are in florida concentrating on the latino vote. president obama arrived in miami this morning. he is appearing at a candidate forum on the spanish language
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network univision. polls show the president obama with a commanding lead in the latino population. >> this is a a campaign over the 100% and you have seen greater and greater devie sievness in this country. we had hoped to come back together but instead you see us pull apart. >> republican no, ma'am me mitt romney spoke at the same forum yesterday, he is also focusing on the latino vote. he plans to rally in sarasota. mitt romney will be at a $50,000 per person event. guest who is give a gift of $100,000 will receive election night invitations. moments ago, martinez police announced that a man who crashed into a pump at a gas station and ignited an intense fire last night will not be cited or charged. the fire started at 5:30 p.m.
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at the flex oil and gas station on la ham bra avenue. you can see a chevy sedan losing control. two cars were destroyed in the fire but could have been worse. the quick-thinking station clerk hit an emergency switch to cut the flow of gas. >> probably saved the entire block, honestly because if that fire had gone into the tanks underground, we might not be talking here right now. >> fortunately no, one was injured in the fire. we post the more of that surveillance video from martinez. look for the bay area news task on the from page chick-fil-a may be doing an about face when it comes to it opposition to same sex marriage. according to the gay right group, the chain has pledged to stop money to antigay groups.
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restaurant executives are also reportedly promising to help anyone regardless-of-sexual orient station police in lubbock, texas, released a chilling video of a crash. a plays car careened out of control, nearly wiping out a woman and two officers. they were responding to a minor accident when an oncoming vehicle came towards the officers. the officer will pulled the woman driver out of the way. the man who hit the police cruiser was drunk and driving too fast. well, happy to say for the first time this week, 99% of the air is clear. where is that 1%?
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well, i'll show you that. just a teen a1%. folks are struggling to warm up. but they are a little bit warm, just a little bit. inland, running below average. some fog this morning, some of it was very thick and very cold readings. 30s and low 40s. that is gone and most of the area is clear. still, though, temps below average for this time of the year. sunshine, and breezy conditions. it is a westerly breeze. it is an onshore breeze and it will continue. looks like 60s and 70s. could be a couple to low 80s. antioch now at 75 degrees. low 70s concord, fair failed, san jose 65. same for napa. 64 in san rafael. pacificya, dali city, and south san francisco, that's the only patch of fog that i could find. i still think it will disappear and everyone will be clear. temperatures rebounding from the 60s.
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>> 60s, 70s, a couple very low 80s. lots going on. a lot of it happens to be north of us. there is a low that has been affecting our weather. there is disagreement on where it will go. one has it brought here to the bay area. i don't think that will happen. it will keep our average sunny to slightly below. clear skies, looks like across the boards, so some 60s and 70s and a few very, very low 80s, but with that west wind, as we say, that's a soft 80. pittsburg is in there, but at least we have sunshine which is not much in the way of the forecast lately for the coast. it's been socked in and gray. september can be a warm time of the year. that is still not the case. i still don't see any offshore breeze or anything. i see temperatures near average to slightly below continuing in the next five days. maybe some snow in the sierra, but nothing for us here.
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>> you don't think it's going to drift? >> we have fall starting? >> sunday, 22nd and then it looks dry next week. >> you may have noticed new billboards popping up in the east bay that urges dog owners to get their dog fix. the agency cyst they are seeing far too many pitbull pubis abandoned in the region and many of them in bad shape. free neutering are available at the spca for some pitbull and pitbull mixes the box office at an old movie house in san francisco is closing for good this weekend. the lumiere theater has been open on california street since 1967. it hats been a popular spot to view independent films. it is owned by the los angeles chain landmark theaters. it says it has lost its lease and cannot come to terms with the landlord. the last picture show at the lumiere will be the
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untouchables on sunday night a california teacher is being called a hero and he is being recognizes for it. and break outour evening gowns and tuxedos. the symphony is up and running. on your prepaid card? introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. all for one flat monthly fee so there's zero confusion.
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back to worrying economic figures. measures of manufacturing and business activity in both china and europe slumped. but there is some good news. the online real estate company
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trulia had its ipo, launched at 17th and now up had 44%. looking a live look at the big board, the dow turned around, up 13. s&p is flat the new season of the san francisco symphony is underway. the opening celebration was last night at davies symphony hall followed by a gala performance led by if i amed conductor michael tiltton thomas. this is the symphony's 101st season. a fort bragg teacher is being honored for thecarnegie medal for rescuing a surfer. the teenager was struggling off the mendicino coast. he is one of two californians being honored. the other one was a san francisco man who died trial
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while trying to rest is skew a come off carmel. we are checking on the condition of that 11-year-old boy who was shot in that shooting in oakland and what is the city doing to curb violent crimes. thanks for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news. join us again next time news breaks, on ktvu and and mobile. ñó
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