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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 22, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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on >> duane: so her . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 on ktvu channel 2. runner goes, line drive -- gone! and that is it. >> they did it! the san francisco decent giants are won the national league west division and continue their quest for another world series championship. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> the clubhouse is dripping with champagne and they are celebrating in san francisco,
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where just an hour ago the giants clinched their 8th national league title. matt keller is live at at&t park, where fans tell him this is only the beginning. >> reporter: yeah, heather, fans are very excited, many still making they are way out of at&t park and many were giving the posters, proudly proclaiming the giants as the national league west championships. >> giant fans waited 152 games for this, as the players celebrated on the field. >> amazing! >> yes, definitely good. >> these last couple of games have been awesome. >> i'm super excited. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i'm a huge giant's fan. >> reporter: and what is next for the giants? >> winning the world series! >> i hope to go all the way to the world series andwen a repeat of 2010. >> reporter: fans were enthusiastic about the giant's chances tonight, several hours before the game even started. >> the game is over gunfire
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game over, chick meat. checkmate. >> reporter: they are season-ticket holders and already have their playoff tickets ordered. >> they are a little more expensive, you know? than the regular-season games. worth the price? >> that is a tough one. >> that is a special time if you are able to make it to the postseason, it's a very special thing. >> reporter: here is your first look at the national league west championship t-shirts just put out after the final out. giants will play their first game on october 6-7 and still have ten regular-season games to get through, but obviously the fans tonight are focusing on the playoffs. reporting live in san francisco, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. a lot of fun off the field and knew turning to fred inglis with some of the highlights. >> reporter: it's been an inspiring month. if you remember gook to august
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14m, the giants with one-half game behind the dodgers in the west. melky cabrera is suspended and since then, san francisco has gone 25-10 and on this first day of fall, the giants are primed for the fall classic. the jampacked at&t crowd ready to party from the 1st inning on. 2 on in the 4th, when yonder alonso performs another superhuman trick. meanwhile the new silent assassin, marco execute scutaro singles here. giants have so many players not on the 2010 team like scutaro and brandon belt
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putting it away. sergio romo gets kotsay to fly out to end it. this is the one that brings san francisco it's 8th overall divisional title. so despite losing cabrera for the final 45 games and missing the ace reliever molson, giants are in the playoffs. we'll hear more later in sportswrap. >> a lot of fun. we want to see your pictures from tonight's giant's game. post them on our ktvu page or tweet them or emaim them to us. to our continuing coverage of the recent protests in the san francisco mission district. the police are bracing for a third night of possible trouble. debora villalon. >> well, even the mission station itself was hit. and you can see there are it
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two officers guarding the front door right now. now over the past two nights no arrests. police came close, but protesters scattered and maybe why so far tonight, no sign of them. cell phone video captures a few dozen marchers last night, armed with paint bombs and hammers. and one hurls an object at a window. >> glass shards shot all the way across the room. >> reporter: they were the windows of the live fit gym, the second time this has happened. in april it was occupy. >> basically there is anarchists that just want to cause vandalism that think that will get a better point across, but really it makes them look worse. >> open your eyes -- this is murder. >> reporter: an officer shooting of a suspected gang member tuesday triggered two nights of rampage. in in fact, the man will live and police say he is a felon
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who had a loaded assault pistcontrol of looking at last night's damage to not only the gym, but two neighborhood banks many residents say the rage is misguided. >> he don't want to see a guy walking down the street with a tec-9. that is what the police are here to do. >> pass would be welcome at this restaurant. >> thregrabbed a chair like this and go like this. >> reporter: passing protesters overturned outdoor tables, frightening diners and frustrating management after replacing thousands of dollars' in broken windows five months ago, ferinna wants no resurgence of vandalism. >> we care and we're trying to do the best to make this part of the city. >> reporter: unaware pedestrians find themselves in the middle of these marches that spring up suddenly and move fast, but tonight, perhaps because police
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are poised and ready, it's quiet. we're live in san francisco's mission district, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. the response to that officer- involved shooting, sfpd has scheduled a meeting monday morning at the cornerstone church on 17th street. that meeting is set to begin at 11:30 a.m. a bizarre accident at san francisco airport claimed the life of a worker there. sfo spokesperson mike mccarron tells us that the worker was driving a cafeteria vehicle, who crashed into a parked, private jet. crash sheered off the top of the vehicle and killed the driver. there is no word on what caused the driver to hit the plane. we now know the identity of the 34-year-old man shot to death last night in east oakland. police say lester young was killed inside a home on commerce way near san antonio park just before 7:00 p.m. the gunman then walked out of
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the house and got into a ford econo line van and drove away. according to the contra costa times young worked as a handyman at the church. a $10,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to the arrest of that shooter. and just a few hours later two people were shot by stray bullets while inside their apartment. oakland police say there was a shoot-out on 84th near dowling street. as many as 20 rounds were fired in the street. two people in a nearby apartment were struck and taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. dozens of protesters marched from five different parts of oakland to converge on city hall as part of a weekend long peace movement. >> if today is not the day to make a difference, then you tell me when is going to be a better day. >> the main message of event was to stop the violence in the community. mayor jean quan attended today's peace rally and talked to ktvu about a major
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improvement she has seen between the police department and the community. >> recently the police have been making basically 50% improvement because the community is cooperating with them. >> thee mayor added that oakland police will launch a cease-fire program to focus on primary criminals in oakland. >> new at 10:00 a protest by nurses outside of a black-tie celebration in castro valley of the members of california nurses' association picketed outside as people inside celebrated a new facility there. one nurse said while management is celebrating a new building, nurses have been without a contract now, nor more than a year. at issue in those contract talks staffing levels and health care costs. >> those looking for thrills on a popular kind of amusement kind of ride will have to weight after the decision to
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close down six of those rides. those on the windseeker towers at knott's berry farm were granded when the ride malfunctioned for the second time in a month. now the parent company of knott's berry farm has closed all the windseeker tours. the rides have malfunctioned five times at four different amusement parks in the past year. both sides in the apple- samsung patent battle want a court to reconsider that award. the jury found that numerous samsung products infringed on apple patents. meantime samsung is requesting a new trial in hopes of reversing the award. the judge will hear arguments in december. after yesterday's big launch some bay area is stores are already beginning to sell out with iphone 5. the worker at the apple store in
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emeryville is out. the company's website promises to ship on-line orders in three to four weeks. crews in los angeles worked overnight to lift the space shuttle endeavour to make the 12-mile trip to its new home at the california science center. yesterday that shuttle thrilled people all across the bay area and the state and it flew from northern so south california on its farewell tour. another weekend, another job fair, but there is positive news. we'll tell but some bay area companies that are hiring now. windy conditions fan this fast-moving fire in the east bay. the effort to contain the flames after major cutbacks. plus more live pictures from san francisco, where the giants have just clinched the national league division title. stay with us for our continuing live coverage. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. . big flames broke out today in one part of the east bay where only half of the fire stations are operational. ktvu's noelle walker reports on what firefighters are crediting for keeping the fire from causing more damage. >> reporter: on a hot, dry day, this is the last thing people in east contra costa county want to see. or hear. flames broke out just before 2:00 in a grassy, dry area
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outside of brentwood city limits just up the road from ben foreman's house. >> i never felt threatened the all. >> reporter: still not a good thing, to see, he would imagine looking out your window. >> not at all, my granddaughter was freaking out. >> reporter: the first firefighters could see a thick black column of smoke. the wind quickly fanned the fleams to 32 acres, more than 50 firefighters from three fire departments battled the blaze from the ground and air. >> it definitely showss when we have mode grass the fire goes out better and we remind homeowners to mow their fields to stop the fighters. >> reporter: until a fema grant necks in november, the east contra costa
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county fire department is operating with half its resources. >> one of the drawbacks is that this is not first time something like this has happened. >> reporter: the fire battalion chief says residents have their dry brush mowed and it kept the fire from doing more damage. a high school football program made be in jeopardy after copper thieves hit hayward high school. police say thieves stole the wiring that powers lights on the field as well as the scoreboard and the snack bar. yesterday's varsity football game was moved to the afternoon and without electricity, boosters say they can't sell snacks, which bring in about $1500 each home-game west nile virus that money the junior varsity football team could be eliminated next year. nuclear security experts announced this weekend that last of some high-security special nuclear weapons materials stored at lawrence life mornational lab has been moved. the nuclear security administration says the
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materials included plutonium and enriched andum. . for some of the job search has been a lackluster one with little luck from job fairs, but ktvu's lorraine blanco attended one event where hundreds of positions were up for grabs. >> reporter: making a good impression is nice, but landing a job is better. like so many this job connections career summit in livermore isn't kimmy first shot at a juab fair. >> i just started the job hunt, but it's still pretty hard. a lot of positions that are valuable are upper management and not so much entry level the rainfall with hundreds looking for jobs it can be overwhelming, the good news is that every company is hiring and ge is looking to fill a thousand new positions. >> originally the plan was to
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hire about 400 people maybe, but we realized that we need many more than that. >> reporter: new numbers from the employment development department show numbers improving. >> just from what i hear and from what i have seen in the last year or plus, there definitely seems to be an uptick in terms of hiring that is happening, especially in the bay area. >> reporter: just at this fair you could find openings at metlife insurance and st. mary's college among other companies. this person feels positive and she is hoping all of the networking will soon net the right position. >> we're all here, but there is a job for me. so each of us brings something to the table, and we have to be confident in what we have. >> the biggest thing that we can offer people is hope-in livermore, lorraine
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blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. teachers united! >> those gathered today say they are n-inspired by the chicago teachers, who say they hope that the compromise reached with officials turned corner on what they call the "teacher blame-game." chicago teachers went on strike for seven days and went back to classes after the district agreed to compromises including using test results only as a component of teacher evaluation and not as the basis for such evaluations. continuing coverage now of the violence in the mideast sparked by the anti-islamic video. a new round of violence aimed at groups that may be linked to the deadly attacks on the american consulate in libya. protesters stormed the bases of several local milt has in benghazi. the milt shans have refused to
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disband since the toppling of momar muammar gaddafi's regime. the state news agency says at least four people are dead in this latest violence. a pakistani cabinet minister offered a $100,000 reward for the killing of those behind that controversial video. the pakistani federal railways minister did not name any names, but it's thought that he was talking about nakoula basseley nakoula of southern california who is said to be the producer of the anti-islam video. the government condemned the bounty and nakoula was requested by parole officers about his involvement in the project. is he currently on parol for bank fraud. president obama will speak to the united nations on tuesday
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denouncing the death of u.s. ambassor to libya. democrats opened a new campaign office in san francisco today with the help of house minority leader nancy pelosi. the congresswoman rallied workers to get out the vote and re-elect president obama. as for congress, pelosi predicted that california democrats to cake back as many as sich seats in the house from republicans. >> we have the chance to increase your numbers in order to win the majority, but to do it it in a beautifully diverse way that makes california such a very special place and improve what congress is about. >> pelosi called for the passage of governor brown's initiative, proposition 30 and
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to defeat proposition 32. it would end paycheck deductions for campaigns. peanut butter under recall, the popular brands now linked to dozens of salmonella cases. also another california fundraiser more mitt romney. his comments of supporters today and the advice he got from sarah palin. today's highs soared well above normal. we have a cooldown on the way for your sunday. i have your numbers coming up.
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. in election 2012 news republican presidential hopeful mitt romney talks about helping the middle-class and the poor at a fund-raiser stomp in san diego. >> romney blasted president
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obama for not doing more to create jobs. and also blamed him for a big increase in the use of food stamps. saying, "it's our turn, the republican candidate says is he committed to improving the economy. >> everything that i do will be focused on making america stronger, getting america back to work again and helping our people have the dignity of not just a job, but a good job with good pay. i will fight like the dickens do to do that for every american. >> meantime sarah palin is offering advice in a magazine interview published toe she said romney should "go rogue," in reference to her campaign in 2008 and that americans need to give the country, "come to jesus moment," president obama fired back at romney for trying to revive interest trickle-down economies. >> he thinks that if we just spend another $5 trillion on tax cuts for the wealthiest americans all of our problems
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are going to go away. jobs and prosperity will rain down on everybody, deficits will magically disappear. >> mr. obama is enjoying a lead in wisconsin polls and in other swing states, but his campaign is warning organizers not to take the leads for granted and to keep voters engaged. in bangladesh people were injured in protests over the antiislam video. several vehicles where were also set on fire. dozens of people were arrested. in iran today was the first day of a ban prohibiting women from attending university classes in 77 different majors, those majors include accounting, counseling, engineering and physics. there was no official reason given for the ban, which was approved last month. 60% of those who attend university in iran are women.
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and in germany, revelers gathered in munich for the world's biggest beer festival, oktoberfest opened today. more than 6 million people are expected to attend that 16-day festival. police in new york city say the man who jumped into a tiger enclosure yesterday at the bronx zoo told them he did it without fear. took zoo personnel about ten minutes to rescue david villalobos. they distracted the tiger and villalobos rolled under an electric fence to safety. police say he did it "to be one with the tiger." trader joes is recall one of its brands of peanut butter after the fda linked it to 29 salmonella cases. the illnesses occurred in 18 different states from mid-june to early september.
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the fda did not release which states reported the illnesses. more than three fourths of those who became ill were children. you can return it for a full refund. birth-control without having to see a doctor. the new law signed today. plus a cross-country mission for a good cause. how these former marines hope to help the families of their fallen comrades of. >> more live pictures from the home of the giants, the 2012 national league champs, more on the celebration after the break. e phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother re helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. . happening now giant fans are celebrating the team's big win tonight against the san diego padres. the win gets the giants the national league west title and more importantly, a ticket to the playoffs. ktvu's matt keller is live at at&t park and matt, i imagine
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fans are still pretty happy right now. >> reporter: very happy, they don't want to go home. you can hear a lot of honking and cheering going on. these people on 2nd street. so you may hear some cheers behind me. when they came to the ballpark it was a real win for the fans because they got in pablo sandoval garden gnome, which was a great sovereign. this is video we want to show you right now. the celebration right after the final out of the game. now fans cheered in their seats while players mobbed each other on the field of the just imagine when you saw the highlights tonight and hope to see another world series championship. >> the goal -- are you kidding me? it is october. it is the world series.
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it is, you know, two years later. we're ready to do it all over again. >> reporter: all right, well this is what we saw as we walked out of stadium right after the final out. t-shirts and souvenirs being put up for sale to celebrate the win. the difference between the two, the players have to go back to work tomorrow. they still have ten games left in the regular season and they have to be at at&t park. game-time is 1:05. reporting live in san francisco, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, matt. a federal regulator have launched a formal probe into possible trading irregularities in california after the california independent system operator
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or iso suggested that jpmorgan chase may have found a way to skim profits. the iso says the bank gave them mes leading information about the deals. jpmorgan said it made a mistake in the paperwork and has corrected the problem. demonstrators in san francisco joined those in other parts of nation and world to protest the practice of fracking for oil and natural gas. scores of protesters met this morning at crissy field. fracking includes forcing chemicals and water into the earth to frack rock and release fossil rules. experts say that the risk is too grat. >> as soon as the well breaks and eventually it will break, that contamination will happen. so california already has polluted groundwater. it makes no sense and it's wrong. >> fracking is going on in southern california and parts of central valley. the oil industry says it is safe and it is a good way to get oil and natural gas.
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the legal fight over a controversial portion of arizona's new immigration law is now in the hands of a federal appeals court in san francisco. opponents of the law want the 9th circuit court of court appeals, the high court already decided on the matter. the provision went into effect on tuesday. today governor brown made it easier for women to get birth-control. under a new bill signed into law today, women don't have to see a doctor and instead can get birthday control from registered nurses. however, the nurses must follow a procedure outlined by a doctor. the bill passed without any republican support. it also requires women to see a doctor for an exam least three years after getting the birth- control. governor
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brown also vetoed a bill to regarding food establishments at play grounds. claudia cowan reports a group of marines is taking on a mission for a good cause. >> reporter: these self-marines are biking 3200 miles across the country, raising money and awareness for the charities that support the families of fallen heroes. >> it will be vaguely similar to be on deployment again and focusing on a mission for a great cause. >> reporter: among the riders is a recipient of the purple heart, a triathlete and wounded warrior.
10:35 pm
>> i my role here is basically the same as it was over there. >> reporter: it's a grueling journey, 40 miles a day, roughly the distance from new york to charleston, through the rockies into the heartland and midwest and finally in just nine days the group will arrive at the 9/11 memorial atground-zero. >> all of us staying together and knowing what we're rising for and pushing each other as we go through this will be probably the utmost importance r they hope to raise l1 million and are about a quarter of the way to that goal with all the money raised going towards college scholarships for the children of fallen service members. if you would like to help visit these websites. these are the two charities benefiting from this inspirational fundraiser. in oceanside, california,
10:36 pm
claudia cowan, fox news. organic food lovers have a last chance tomorrow to enjoy oakland's east real festival. thousands attended jack london square to sample a smorgasbord of treats. musical fair features a dj and jazz workshops in the afternoon. for more details go to the weekend extra tab at an ancient tradition celebrated in san francisco. the annual festival this weekend celebrating the mystery of the moon. up first meteorologist rosemary orozco is up next.
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. cooler air is headed to the bay area for your sunday. outside of our doors at this hour, partly cloudy skies. the onshore breeze very weak. take a look at florida, southwesterly wind only to 8 miles per hour and that has been pretty much the case all day. livermore, a mild one outside of your doors, 69 in antioch, widespread 50s and 60s at this hour of we still have a ways to go. temperatures will be slipping back into the mid-40s to mid- 50s. high pressure will give way to a low that will be migrating across the area for your sunday. that is going to bring us a combination of clouds as well as the sunshine. westerly breeze will be a little bit stronger. the marine layer already becoming a little thicker and
10:40 pm
better established bit afternoon. a 3-6 degree drop expected for your afternoon highs. satellite/radar, look at the clouds already moving into the area. i'm going to show you what you can expect for tomorrow. we wake up tomorrow morning, the marine layer right along the coastline. look at the northern bay, already seeing mid and high- level clouds and as the day progresses it continues to move over the bay area. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies in the forecast. mid to high-level clouds that will bring us filters sunshine for the second half of the afternoon. overnight lows for the tomorrow morning, 52 vallejo, 53 in oakland. the chilly spot, santa rosa and napa. 40s. 53 for san josi tomorrow morning. afternoon highs are looking pretty good. 82 for santa rosa. 80 degrees for novato. 79 san rafael.
10:41 pm
you will see a bigger cooldown in areas like livermore. livermore warmed to 94 this afternoon. 86 expected tomorrow afternoon. 72 for oakland. 79 expected in san josi. 78 santa clara. 66 in san francisco. low 60s daly city. half moon bay as well as pacifica. 70s for santa cruz. once again your extended forecast a little change expected coming up monday we will be slightly warmer and then a sad cooler on tuesday, but all in all just a good- looking forecast as we head into the first full week of fall. >> sounds good and we'll be able to see the moon at night, which is a good thing, because san francisco's chinatown is hosting the autumn moon festival. in ancient asian mythology there is a belief that the moon helps to produce fertility and freshness in the soil and that the moon
10:42 pm
is critical to a bountiful harvest. coming up next, the a's lose a heartbreaker in new york. and the giants hunt for october as they take on the padres. we have all the highlights and partying, sportswrap is next. [ fingers tapping ]
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the giantsg on >> duane: so her heart attack, and it was really fun. . line drive, gone and that is it. the giants for the second time in three years are national league champions. >> well, good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. the giants already knew before the t


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