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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: well, dave, the sign says police found hundreds of marijuana plants growing inside. if you take a look at this window you can see a desk with a computer and bouquet of flowers. it appears this was a front for a marijuana grow. here on the ground if you take a look there is leftover paraphia nielli. this is bud blood maybe fertilizer for the plants. now around 10:15 last night someone who is working at the building doing a maintenance check discovered the indoor grow inside that supposed business. they say it was pretty elaborate with a lighting system. they immediately called police. about ten police cars showed up. when they arrived they found 250 mature marijuana plants. they were about six feet tall. ready to be harvested. >> 250 plants is a significant i would say bust.
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it's a phenomenon that has been happening throughout the city. it's a gad amount of marijuana. >> reporter: it took police officers several hours to haul all the plants out of this building. now as far as the tenant goes, they have not caught up with that person yet but the narcotics unit definitely plans to follow up on what was going on here. we guess there should be an arrest going on soon. as far as the business we went to the website. it appears to be a website but it's a different address that is listed. we're not sure if those two are connected. it's a very industrial part of town on charter park drive. there is a cannabis club that is across the street but police tell us they don't believe there is any connection. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. in the meantime drug officials say they will
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probably seize about 1.5 million plants from outdoor gardens this year. that is almost six million less than in 2009. it seems more marijuana growers are moving away from outdoor gardens. the bay citizen reports police are finding fewer plants outside on public land. they are finding more grown on private land. overnight news san leandro police are looking for the armed robbers that stunned safeway shoppers by rushing the checkout lines and grabbing money from the registers. ktvu eric is live. >> reporter: it was bold. we can tell you employees are back here getting ready to reopen this morning. the store is closed for about another hour. it has been shut down since several men busted in here last night. as many as five armed men came into this safeway around 9:00 and proceeded to rob the
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checkout stands. talking to investigators overnight they tell us it all happened very quickly. these men were able to pull off the robbery in a matter of minutes. in this video you see, you can see detectives inside the store along with employees. it's not clear whether customers were there at the time. we were told no one was hurt. managers are still falllying up exactly -- tallying up exactly how much cash was stolen. one of the next steps is to take a look at surveillance video from inside this safeway. when we last spoke to them they were not sure if these suspects were wearing masks. in the last hour i talked to a delivery truck driver this is not the first time there has been problems at this location. we are still gatherings information on what happen -- gathering information on what happened here last night. live in san leandro ere ere. one man is in custody this morning after a reported
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carjacking incident in milpitas. ktvu cameras caught the suspect being arrested yesterday afternoon. he had stolen a car at gunpoint from the home depot parking lot. police located the car at an apartment complex. they arrested gray as he tried to run from the building. he was found with a backpack that contained a loaded gun. time now 5:04. iranian president takes center stage in new york before the united nations general asemily be iran's nuclear program will be the main focus. we will tell you how the iranian leader is responding to new threats from the united states. in the meantime a new mosque will be built in santa clara county. county approval has been given to build on monterey street. the approval process has been a hard one. a lot of people turned out for this meeting and many others
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about the mosque. although many are supporting it, others worry the plans to build a cemetery at the site could contaminate ground water. county supervisors say the cordova center has passed every requirement. the nfl has upheld the controversial call on monday night sea hawks-packers game. this last chance hail mary pass was a touchdown but the nfl also said it shouldn't have counted because sea hawks receiver should have been called for offensive pass interference for pushing packers corner back sam shields. >> the san francisco giants say they have no plans to add milky cabreras name to the roster. cabrera who was suspended for 50 games for substance abuse last month. he will be able to rejoin if the team advances to the world series.
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cabrera can start working out in the instructional league next month. rvs can no longer park overnight in some areas of san francisco. yesterday the board of supervisors passed a ban on rvs saying the whole idea was to get people into temporary housing. a homeless advocates say this will hurt people who have no place else to go. now you can get a complete list of locations that will be approved by the cities transportation agency but it will probably uncollude parts -- it will probably include parts of the sunset and bay view districts. back over to sal. checking in on traffic. any problems? >> nothing yet. we are off to a nice start again pam and dave. this is nice and early for you if you are trying to get somewhere this is the time to do it. you can see traffic is moving along nicely. we keep a close eye on chp here and we don't see anything that will be causing a problem for you right now any way. of course things do change. right now is a good time. this is a look at westbound bay
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bridge. there are no major problems getting into san francisco. your drive across the bridge into the city looks good. also the freeways 101 and 280 look good. northbound 280 in san jose this traffic looks good approaching the 17 interchange. 5:07 let's go to steve. thank you kindly sal. we have a very quiet pattern. fog is there. morning fog again. tomorrow a little change. it might be a couple degrees warmer inland. again we are easing into it. the weekend everything points to warm to hot and maybe even the coast too. coast has been dealing with a lot of fog. there are signs maybe that will disappear. 50s on the temps. low mid to a few upper. about 51-57 covers the spread. west, southwest travis 18 that is picking up. it's tough to warm up if that stays in place. a lot of little lows here. one sitting out here is supposed to be replaced with high pressure here. if that develops into oregon that will give us a north,
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northeast wind. this is the cloud and rain forecast. not much change today. there will be fog nights and mornings all the way through this evening. it will be back tonight into thursday and now watch. here we go thursday night into friday starts to disappear. watch what happens by late friday into saturday. that seems to be the message. forecast models saying we will get that offshore breeze. morning fog and then sunny today. 60s and 70s and 80s. temperatures yesterday pretty much carried right into today. looks a little warmer friday and we'll carry that for the weekend. warmer maybe warm to hot inland. even the coast getting in on the warmer party. >> a warmer party. all right. a campus warning after a bomb scare at uc berkeley. how that threat could be linked to a bigger problem at schools. the reason republicans are accusing the obama administration of a cover up.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 5:12. mitt romney is accusing president obama of not coming clean with the details of the deadly attack in libya. >> i think they want to do their very best to keep the people of america from understanding exactly what happened. >> romney's running mate paul
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ryan also questioned whether white house officials are on the same page. the administration has called the libya violence a terrorist attack but yesterday president obama used different terms to describe what happened. >> we are still doing an investigation. there is no doubt that the kind of weapons that were used, the ongoing assault that it wasn't just a mob action. >> a white house security advisor denies allegations of a coverup and says they are investigating exactly what happened to insure the safety of diplomats. time now 5:12. many world leaders say they will wac out of the u.n. general assembly today as iran's president takes the stage. alison burns. >> reporter:
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macmoodahmadinejad seems to be -- he is calling for a new order to replace what he calls the era of bullying by the u.s.. iran has become a central focus in the u.s. presidential race with mitt romney demanding a stronger response to iran's defiance. >> crippling sanctions, indicting ahmadinejad for incitation to genocide. treating the diplomats of iran. >> reporter: president obama used his u.n. speech to warn an >> let me be clear america wants to resolve this problem through diplomacy. we believe there is time to do that but that time is not unlimited. >> reporter: more on what iran's president is saying on tv this morning. reporting live alison burns. time now 5:14. back here at home you know
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college campuses around the nation are getting bomb threats. the it last one happened yesterday at uc beckly. at 9:00 a.m. police responded to a call there was a bomb on campus. all day search turned up nothing suspicious in pat past couple of weeks including schools in ohio, texas, and tennessee have also received fake bomb threats. firefighters continue to battle that fire near campo in san diego county. the flames burned nearly 3,000 acres since sunday and destroyed at least 20 homes. the evacuation order was lifted in the area yesterday. one elderly man died in that fire after deciding not to evacuate. in just hours a concord teenager is expected to enter a guilty plea in connection with a crash that killed a father and daughter. the crash happened back in april on treat boulevard. police say the 17-year-old was speeding when he hit solomon
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nuri and his daughter when they were riding their bikes. the 17-year-old is planning on pleading guilty to vehicle manslaughter. they are fixing a flaw that allowed some people to ride for free. a cyber security company says anybody that has a smart phone and knows something about computers can actually cheat the system. they found a glitch that lets users reset the value on muni's limited use paper fair cards without paying. there is no way of knowing how many people took advantage of that and actually road for free. here is something you can do for free. you can get this new ktvu app and it's not cheating it's free. the new ipad app is ready for you to down load. you can watch all of our newscasts live even while riding muni to work. plus you can get drive time traffic, see bay area weather, and get video of breaking news any time, anywhere. we have sal any time,
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anywhere. >> of course. >> how is traffic? >> it's doing well. as a matter of fact on this wednesday middle of the week a lot of people like to call it hump day we are doing well. we are seeing some slow traffic coming up to the willow pass grade. you will see a little bit there. for the most part you can still jump ahead of the crowd and isn't that what you are trying to do? get ahead of everyone else? traffic looks good. 680 southbound as you drive past 24 looks good. 24 between walnut creek and oakland is find. here in oakland where a lot of people get to come to the bay bridge toll plaza it looks good. when you get to the city, the freeways there are doing pretty well. this mornings commute livermore, castro valley you see traffic moving along nicely. 680 looks good. let's go to steve. sal, thank you sir. very quiet pattern. we have usual fog. nights and mornings. have been there for for the longest time. there are signs they might
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disappear by this weekend. by the weekend it looks sunny and warmer for all. including the coast and beaches. it has been a tough couple of days. they have been in the upper 60s. inland temps still a decent sea breeze going. 50s on the temps. probably get 40s in the next hour or so. mainly in the north bay. a little southwest at sfo. west, southwest to southwest to travis to vacaville. couple little lows spinning out here. there are signs the high pressure will build into oregon. it feels it with a breeze. that would be an offshore breeze. today we have morning fog and sunny. if everything comes marching in as advertised that offshore breeze would develop, that means the fog would go goodbye and temperatures would warm up. especially inland. we could see near 90nd to near 100. i'm buying it but just kind of
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like a b minus by it. thick fog. light breeze. not much in the way of temperature differences. now thursday looks about 9 the same. then warmer on friday. sunday could be the warmest day of the weekend. pam and dave. >> thank you. european markets all in the red this morning as uncertainty over renewed concerns over the euro debt crisis. asian markets suffered a selloff as chinese stocks fell to their lowest level in 3.5 years. honk congress and taiwan loss about -- hong kong and taiwan loss about 1% each. in the u.s. follows a pretty good day. analysts saying the summer rally is over, more volatility to come. japanese auto makers including toyota and nissan are cutting back on their production in china. that is after they forced
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dealers to stay closed and hit their sales market. industry analysts forecast sales of cars in china will drop as much as 30% as tensions between japan and china grow. time now 5:19. the shocking discovery made by a fisherman in idaho. >> there was a fisherman out at priest lake. i knew instantly what happened. >> why that man says what that fisherman found will change his life. and he can't wait to meet him. faulty san francisco police recordkeeping. you can wake up with ktvu every morning. get the mornings top stories that develop while you were asleep sent straight to your cell phone every weekday mornings at 6:00 a.m.. get your ktvu morning news wake up call by texting the word wakeup to 70123.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. minority groups say they are outraged that san francisco police computers categorize nearly all asians as chinese. the bay citizen reports the department released arrest totals dating back ten years. crimes committed by various asian groups were mostly classified as chinese. they need accurate recordkeeping to better focus recordkeeping. san jose police are looking
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for a man they believe has robbed at least two banks in santa clara county in the last month. take a look at the surveillance pictures showing the suspects at the u.s. banks. if you have any information you are asked to call san jose police. investigators believe the same man may have robbed chase bank in los gatos. a white man in his 30s have there is surveillance video. he took an undisclosed amount of cash. witnesses tell police they saw the suspect get into a gold colored 90 sedan and drive away. local law enforcement will work with the fbi to try to solve the case. time now 5:24. idaho fisherman made a disturbing discovery. he found a human finger inside the belly of a trout. after really creative investigation police have
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unraffled the mystery of the fish and finger. police in idaho took that dismembered picker and fingerprinted it. ran it through a data base. they were able to find its owner this man right here alive and well. turns out he's from washington state, he lost four of his fingers at that lake in a wake boarding accident. >> everybody asked me when they found out what happened were you able to get the fingers back or were you able to put it back on? i told them no, we couldn't find them. they are fish food. that's what i told people. >> at first he said i don't even want the finger back but now he's talking to his doctor to see if it can be reattached. apparently it has been very well preserved because it has been in that very cold lake water. if you need that morning cup of coffee, you are not alone. a new survey finds many professionals feel at work with that morning jolt. they are followed by
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scientists, sales representatives, marketing and pr workers, and then nurses. sal. no mention of morning news crews. but i will put us right up there. >> absolutely. i was just going to say there is no mention of television people who have to get up at 3:00. >> i get up at 2:00 and drink my coffee on the way. >> okay. >> that is right a lot of people do that. if you're going to get on the road with that cup of joe, right now is a good time to do it. you will avoid some of the stress that comes along with really crowded commutes. right now it looks pretty good out there. we are looking at 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. traffic is moving along nicely. it's already awe -- 5:26. this is one of the things i think steve will concur it's a little darker, later in the morning. usually in summer by now it's getting light. still nice and dark. get out there right now before the big traffic jams hit. before i have that cup of
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coffee i have to feed the cat. least like right here. you are right. the nights are a little longer there. and also the lows are on the cool side. there is not too cold but there have been some readings in the 40s. some fog on the coast. 60s and 70s and 80 there are signs of warmup. more of that coming up in six or seven minutes. also coming up next momentum shift in the race for the white house. the new poll that shows one candidate has wind his lead in two new states. san mateo elementary school trying to put parents at ease this morning after a little girl is kidnapped from a campus bathroom. we'll tell you why police and district officials will be holding a meeting in a few hours. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news the middle of the week it's wednesday, september 26th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. is it going to be pretty warm? >> about the same as yesterday. by the coast not much changed. 60s there. inland low to few mid to upper 80s. a lot of 30 degrees spread. for some we'll have warmup on the weekend. yeah. morning on that coming up.
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good morning. traffic on the golden gate bridge looks pretty good. not a bad drive at all as you drive into san francisco from marin. westbound san mateo bridge that traffic looks good. let's go back to dave and pam. we have a scary story on the peninsula an elementary school is on alert this morning. a man walked on to cam -- walked on to campus and abducted a student and molested her. alex. >> reporter: san mateo police and the superintendent will be heading up this meeting for parents here at parkside elementary school to talk about that kidnapping and discuss possible ways to tighten up security here on campus. even though there has been an arrest a lot of parents are on the edge. a nine-year-old girl was kidnapped from a school bathroom she was able to escape. they have filed charges against bradley mrozak of san
5:31 am
francisco. they believe he groped that little girl in her bathroom, put his hand over her mouth and carried her off campus. she kicked and pushed her attacker enough she was able to get away. the superintendent here calls this a very unusual event that has shaken parents. >> knowing we have to protect our kids. a little bit more. we have to be more individual -- vigilant. you never know what kind of predator is out here. i tell my son he has to be careful. >> reporter: in light of what happened, school officials tell ktvu certain changes are being considered. including the parkside campus and no longer allowing parents to wait for their kids out of school classes. the accused kidnapper was arraigned on felony kidnapping charges. the man was also harassing students at two other nearby schools the same day of the kidnapping. charges have been filed in those cases as well.
5:32 am
meantime concerned parents will get together for that meeting here at parkside elementary school they get started at 8:30 this morning. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 nows. a former san francisco human rights commissioner is due to be arraigned on child pornography charges. 66-year-old larry brinkin was arrested after they found graphic photos of children on his computer. he was arrested on similar charges back in june but they did not file charges saying they needed more time to investigate. time now 5:32. overnight news san jose firefighters still closely watching this. a scene of a house fire. this started in the homes garage on midhurste court. quickly spread to the attic and the roof. firefighters watched this all night worried the roof might collapse. we just spoke in with them. they are expected to have everything wrapped up out there at 6:00 this morning. a restaurant cook on a
5:33 am
break became the latest victim of the growing violence on the streets of san jose. that cook in critical condition after being attacked outside of a 7-eleven store. the cook was taking a brief break from his job at a nearby restaurant when he was stabbed and brutally beaten. we just talked with police a little while ago. they are still out there searching for suspects. >> we had several witnesses that came forward to help us with this investigation. we believe it was two males that left the area prior to us getting there. and we're going to do follow up. >> the investigation is still going on. it's still not clear what led up to that attack. san leandro safeway store is just about to reopen this morning. hours after several gunmen burst in and robbed everyone inside. ktvu eric rasmussen is live outside this store. what is the very latest and what are they saying the people inside there? >> reporter: i can tell you
5:34 am
there are some people just showing up for work here this morning. who are just now finding out what happened at this safeway last night. i can tell you one employee did tell me everyone was okay but you can only imagine it was certainly scary for workers who were on duty at the time. police say as many as five armed men came into this safeway on bancroft avenue around 9:00 and headed straight to the cash registers. investigators say these men were able to pull off the robbery in a matter of minutes. in the video you can see detectives inside the store along with employees. it's not clear whether any customers were there at the time. we are told nobody was hurt. now at last check managers were still figuring out exactly how much cash was stolen in this robbery last night. investigators say there is some concern the people behind the robbery could try it again. this morning detectives are taking a closer look at surveillance video from inside the store. as we come back out live we can
5:35 am
show you wider advantage point. this safeway is a smaller store than many in the area. some online reviews we have read some customers say that is what they like about it. we could also tell you others have campaigned there have been issues with crime here before. live in san leandro eric rasmussen. two men from sunnyvale are under arrest accused of stealing 49 laptops from the old facebook headquarters. brandon simon is an old security guard that worked at that campus. a security guard notified them after he saw the two men carrying the laptops out of the building. officers pulled the suspects over a short time later and recovered all of the stolen items. facebook completed its move to menlo park last year but it still has old equipment there. a computer hacker group will turn its attention to u.s.
5:36 am
bank. the bank says the cyber attacks slowed down service but that customer information was not compromised. last week they disrupted information on the bank of america. they will continue these attacks until the insulting video about the prophet mohammed is removed. look at this. you can see the bullet holes in this car. someone in a passing car started shooting at this car at about 7:30 last night. the drivers and passenger left the car on the side of the freeway and ran away. the driver of the other car also got away. there is no word of any injuries right now. they closed down two miles of westbound 580 for 90 minutes while police search for evidence. antioch police department is getting help now. the contra costa times reports the city will hire at least six
5:37 am
community officers. these are nonswan officers -- nonsworn officers. antioch by the way is using reserve funding to pay their salaries. happening now republican presidential nominee mitt romney is holding a rally in the battleground state of ohio. we'll take you there this morning live. mitt romney not there yet but this is at westerville high school which is near columbus, ohio. it's one of the three stops for romney today that is looking to boost its poll numbers. a new poll shows president obama is gaining the upper hand on mitt romney in ohio and florida which are both critical swing states. in the latest new york sometimes poll 53% to 53%. now the polls have a sampling
5:38 am
error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. closer to home the woman fighting against dianne feinstein is working hard to get her name out there. time now 5:38. we will see sal. he will help you get where you need to go. >> that is right dave and pam. so far so good around the bay area. we are seeing traffic that is moving well around the area. this is 237 westbound. this is moving well. this one of the first areas to become crowded here. right now it still looks good. if you are driving a little farther up or farther down as you might depending on where you are, traffic does look good. we are looking at contra costa county as well. the traffic is getting busy in antioch. 680 still looks good. 880 is a nice shot between
5:39 am
vallejo and richmond. on the nimitz freeway we spoke about it in oakland. westbound 92 could have a little congestion there as you head out to highway 101. we'll tell you more about this and the rest of the drive. now let's go to steve. we have a lot of fog on the coast. middle of september there is a big fog bank out there. temperatures kind of stuck for this time of year. fog and then sun. not much changed. warm to hot by the weekend. north, northeast wind develops which is usually this time of year that is what we expect. the city has been stuck, the coast has been stuck. inland temps they have been prone to warm up. it really won't be much of a difference here in the temps. a little stronger sea breeze. even out to travis and vacaville. inland temps will not be warming up today. maybe starting tomorrow there is a little low spinning out here. high pressure is poised to move into the north which will then give us the north, northeast
5:40 am
wind. if that all takes shape by friday and saturday. morning fog, sunny. thick fog built for some along the coast. there is a lot out there. 60s and 70s and 80s and near 90 degrees. 77 novato. kentfield 75. richmond 66. fairfield only 84. 88 antioch. walnut creek is right in there. 68 berkeley. hayward 74. for san jose 78 degrees. morgan hill and gilroy mid 80s. cupertino low 80s. most of the coast dealing with the city. peninsula very, very quiet and comfortable. palo alto 76 degrees. no big changes thursday. does look warmer inland friday. we'll go with your weekend always in view. unusual flash of light at a bart station. the item on the track that is
5:41 am
blamed with filling the station with smoke. oakland city council member angry with the police department. good morning, traffic on northbound 101 looks a little slow getting up to san jose. we'll tell you more about this and the rest of the morning commute.
5:42 am
5:43 am
good morning. lots of fog, coast. coast, bay really no changes at all. inland temps might level off and stay there at least for today. there are signs of a warmer weekend. more coming up. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are follows for you. during the night san jose police say 25 marijuana plants were seized from a business on
5:44 am
charter park drive. it happened about 10:00 p.m.. police are investigating now if that business which advertised furniture was really a cover for a marijuana grow operation. a safety and security meet willing be held about 8:30 this morning at san mateo's park side elementary school. that is where a nine-year-old girl a student was taken from a restroom and molested last week. she was able to break away and escape. now the suspect identified as 25-year-old bradley mrozak is held without bail. he is facing charges of kidnapping and molestation. detectives in san leandro checking video at a safeway that is where robbers robbed the check out lines. that store should be opening within the hour. we are learning about the deaths of two nato service members in afghanistan. they were killed in a suicide
5:45 am
attack. nato has not released their nationalities but an afghan official tells the l times both soldiers were americans. investigators say a 30-year- old suspect opened fire during a child sex abuse investigation. that suspect was also injured. both deputies under went surgery but there is no further information on their conditions. oakland city council member is coming under fire accused of disrespecting the city's police department. according to the oakland tribune police say rebecca caplin said officers accused of misconduct are like abused catholic priest who get moved from parish to parish. caplin says there was a lot of people talking and it was someone else that made that
5:46 am
comment. time now 5:46. a 2:00 p.m. hearing scheduled today for the morgan hill man charged with kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. 21-year-old antolin garcia torres may enter a plea today. he was arrested in may but sierra's body has not been found. they have dna evidence connecting him to the 15-year- old sierra lamar who disappeared back in march. bart is explaning an orange flash that was seen in san francisco ten days ago. take a look these are images from four security cameras at the civic center stadium. you can see the orange light in the upper left hand picture. before the smoke fills the bart station. bart chief engineers say it was a 1,000-volt of electricity caused by metallic debris on the tracks. he said there was never a fire and the surge was a minimal
5:47 am
one. elizabeth mitts -- he come pained in santa rosa last night where she told supporter she is a problem solver. she left her job 15 years ago when her son was diagnosissed with autism. since then she has worked with a nonprofit group to help get health care benefits. now she said she is ready to work for all californians. >> my job is to make them know i'm an alternative to dianne feinstein. >> she has offered to debate feinstein but so far the senator has declined. measure c is on the november 6th ballot. if it's approved up to three marijuana dispensaries could be allowed to open for business. they would not be allowed near schools, libraries or rehab facilities. however, it could set up in
5:48 am
some of the cities upscale shopping districts. who are you keeping an eye on? >> we're looking at a bunch of commutes. first of -- the traffic continues to look pretty good between walnut creek and land. san mateo bridge the traffic here was going okay. there was road work near the high-rise. you can see it's a little crowded out there on the -- if they don't pick up that road work soon, we could have a problem. right now it's early enough. on 80 westbound that traffic is moving along nicely. 5:49 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have a lot of fog out there. areas of fog, coast, and bay and then sunny for most.
5:49 am
it might take awhile for some on the coast. there could be late jump in the inland temps. more likely it looks to be on the weekend where even the coast could see a decrease in the fog and sunshine and warmer temps. it's a long time coming. well overdue. we have a little stronger sea breeze. low 50s to mid 50s. if it's clear there is a little puff of a breeze. that is a sign that temperatures will not be warming up unless it collapses and i don't expect that to happen. little low out there. it looks like it will start on friday which will give us that northerly breeze if everything continues to come in as advertised. morning fog and sunny. there is thick fog on the coast. a light breeze. 60s and 70s and 80s and also 90s. 67 alameda to brentwood 87. 78 san jose to 68 santa cruz.
5:50 am
same for wood side portola valley. menlo park 75. 59 daily city. not much of a change on thursday. does look a little warmer an friday. at least for those away from the coast. and maybe even the coast by the weekend. pam and dave. thank you, steve. sales of home improvement items are going through the roof according to a shows sales were 30% in july and buying anything from paint to furniture outpaced back to school spending in september. murk has agreed to resolve a class action lawsuit. it will pay between $3-10 million for a ten-year-old case of false advertising. they also agree not to use the word waterproof or all day protection. merck denies any long term
5:51 am
problems. kindergarten crisis. how many people are effected by what they are not doing. when it comes to reality tv star snooki what lawmaker says there should be a law.
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5:53 am
good morning.
5:54 am
solid fog bank on the coast. inland temps look sunny mild to warm. 80. if you like winter, winter arrived early in the mountains of utah. more than three inches of snow fell yesterday. the ski resorts love it. it's a sign of a good season ahead. this snow is mostly above 10,000 feet but the rest of utah is getting rain showers. san francisco dealing with the first human case of the west nile virus in seven years. officials say an unidentified man is in the hospital with the virus or at least he was late last month. now he hasn't traveled recently so he probably contracted this illness here in the bay area. gastreas week a dead bird infected with the west nile virus was found near san francisco's city college. is a lawsuit filed by a walnut creek woman accused the school district of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse. she says she was sexually abused by two middle schoolteachers at joaquin back
5:55 am
in the mid 90s. she accuses the former principal, vice principal, and superintendent of ignoring claims of sexual abuse. the schools failure to act allowed more students to be sexually abused. some bay area school districts are doing something about a growing national problem truant kindergarteners. oakland, redwood city, and san rafael are keeping tracks of which students are chronically absent or miss 10% of class days. that could make it more difficult to learn the basics of writing, reading and math. time 1:5:16. reality tv star snooki could have a new jersey law named after her. state assemblymen introduced the snookiville law. that is to regulate reality filming. they would have to pay for extra police officers to help control crowds. that assemblyman says he's not
5:56 am
against reality tv he just doesn't want public safety to be compromised. first weekend of october will be a busy one in san francisco with nearly one million projected visitors being in town for playoff games, parties, and music. along with the 49ers game and giants playoff game, the city will host the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park and it will be fleet week. the america's cup will also take part in the bay. and the castro street fair. the city will add trains and buss to supplement the crowds. but you're not going to be board that week. >> yeah. where are you going to put all the people? sal, it has been awhile. can you take me to the bridge? >> yes, i can, dave. we are going to the san mateo bridge. take it to the bridge fellas. thank you. we've had some late running road work on the san mateo bridge and traffic has been messy. i would advise you to use the dumbarton bridge. pretty soon this backup will be out to the toll plaza.
5:57 am
they are picking up the cones now but the damage is done. and this mornings drive on highway 4 at loan tree way there is a crash. traffic is slow even after that. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. san francisco's new message to rv owners. don't try to park after dark. why certain neighborhoods are off limits to rvs and why the new order is cruel. a new pot bust a surprising location raided by san jose police. what investigators are saying. well any change to our pattern there is a lot of fog on the coast. will that disappear any time soon? we'll have more on that coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
police make a surprising discovery inside a furniture business in san jose. it took hours for them to drag out what they found inside. a little girl kidnapped by a stranger from the bathroom at her elementary school. we'll tell you about the possible security changes that will be discussed at an important safety meeting. the president of iran will address the united nations general assembly today. what he will tell the world about iran's nuclear program. and the informal


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