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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  September 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, september 27th. we begin with an overnight police raid in downtown san francisco. officers moved in on an occupy camp at the federal reserve bank on market street. christien kafton joins us live with video you won't see anywhere else. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, now that the start is starting to come up, you can see this former site of the occupy protest at the foot of market 101 market. you can see it surrounded by a chain-link fence. right across the street you
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might see there is a small encampment of some of the occupiers returning to the area. police were out here overnight. they were out here this morning to -- to watch the site. they said they gave them every chance to avoid arrest. >> we gave them opportunity to vacate. some people did leave on their own. the other people who remained behind did get arrested for illegal lodging. >> reporter: san francisco police moved about 11:30 last night. last night was rough after police cleared the camp and seized their possessions. >> they took everybody's possessions, dogs, animals, whatever they had. i can't even go to sleep tonight because i don't even got a blanket. >> reporter: now, on the fence
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over there, there are notes posted that tell the occupiers and protesters where they can pick up their belongings. we've talked to some protesters who said they already plan to reoccupy this site or perhaps justin herman plaza. back to you. >> all right. 7:02. later today, san francisco city council may give preliminary details about a plan to improve their finances. according to "the chronicle" the plan may include laying off some faculty and merging or even eliminating some chases. there's also speculation the castro street campus may be closed. the city college has until october 15th to kim one a final plan to reorganize the finances and avoid losing -- to come one a final plan to reorganize the finances and avoid losing --
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come up with a final plan to reorganize the finances and avoid losing this. the regular nfl referees will be returning. here's more. >> reporter: we were hoping to get reaction from the team here but we're told they are in ohio practicing. but the fans are very excited. local fans have been concerned that the lockout would affect upcoming 9ers and raiders' games. this new agreement allows regular referees to start officiating. replacement referees have been used for the past three weeks and several cars triggered outrage. some say the call between the seahawks and green pay was one of the worst in history.
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>> i'm happy. it's good for the players. guys were getting hurt. i'm glad. i'm glad they are whack. >> -- i'm glad they are back. >> reporter: regular referees will be at tonight's game between the browns and ravens. you can bet they will be officiating sunday night's game between the 49ers and the new york jets. we knew that 9ers players were very eager to get those regular referees back on the field with them. reporting live from santa clara, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. one fan admits his team took advantage of this. he says they were getting away with all kinds of things you
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don't normally see in play, including rougher play. and some have called this the substitute teachers' syndrome. this wasn't just the 49ers. >> yeah, right. >> and that was the biggest concern, somebody could get hurt. >> should be interesting tonight. >> how is the toll plaza doing? >> doing very well. doing well for carpoolers. it's backed up. one of the things that i want to mention, this is kind of the normal backup. if you come to the bay bridge toll plaza at this time every day, you are gonna see much the same, 20, 25-minute delay. if you are driving in the carpool lanes, that looks good getting into the city. no problems on the bridge and there are no crashes reported or stalled vehicles. >> the morning commute looks good on 880. i can actually say this is doing very well because there's no slow traffic heading northbound and southbound as
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you drive into oakland or hayward. the morning drive in san jose, well, that's gonna be a little bit busy especially on northbound 101. it's backed up to nearly the capital expressway. 280 is beginning to show some wear and tear just out of downtown on way to the -- on the way to the west valley. 85 looks good. let's go to steve. for some, it's clear. for others -- there's a lot of fog out there. misty kind of cold conditions. upper 40s, low 50s. the fog bank is huge. water temperatures are still chilly. 51 off bodega bay to 54 in monterey. the fog, though, is being squashed. that's why it is going to burn off. there's not much consolation.
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77, 77, 83. today, 78 for san jose. 88 for livermore. 84, concord after yesterday's cool 77. 79 in santa rosa. that was downtown which was warmer than the airport. that doesn't happen very often. san francisco should be 70 degrees this time of year. it's that time of year when they usually get the sun and the warmer temperatures. stuck, 62, 63. no difference. there's a lot of fog out there. some thick morning fog and then if you don't have that -- if you don't have the fog, it warms up. the cold front will sweep it through maybe next weekend. there are signs. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. that's a slow mover. this little low here increases the fog. but that northeast wind has not developed yet. so i tackle it when i see it. 60s, 70s, 80s. still hot if you are well away from the coast. danville, san ramon.
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67 alameda. pleasanton, 85. 78 san jose. they should be 80. they are still close. gilroy to cupertino. machine low park, 76. 50s, 60s. coast in the city and -- not much of a change. it definitely looks warm to hot. a google executive has been arrested in brazil after youtube refused to remove two videos criticizing a mayoral candidate. google's head of operations in brazil could be jailed for up to a year ifthed -- if convicted. 7:09. a big story. breaking news coming in from the state capitol tal.
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campbell soup will be eliminating hundreds of jobs. brian hickey is live with more. the plant is gonna be shut down? >> reporter: yeah, dave. this is a plant that's been here since 1947. it's the oldest factory in the lineup. they announced this morning to the employees, 700 full-time employees at this facility that their johns by july of 2013 will no longer exist. it will happen in phases. but certainly terrible news for the employees here. joining us live is anthony silva, the spokesperson for cam billion's. >> we gathered our employees this morning around 6:00 a.m. we had 400 of the 700 full-time employees here to inform them of the decision and tell them about what is next. >> reporter: what is next? >> it's a difficult day. even when business cases are clear and compelling, it's challenging for 700 people. what's next, the plant mr. start to wrap up its operations
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and all operations will end since 201 -- will end in 013. it's a -- 2013. we have four main plants. we have plants here in sacramento, we have one in ohio, north carolina and texas and within that planted network, we have excess capacity. the network is not running. the assets are not being utilized as much as they need to be. you have that excess capacity that's driven by three main things. first, we've gotten really good about how we make soups and beverages. our productivity have been significant. our u.s. soup volume has been in decline. third we're focusing on volume
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and that volume, some of it, is made out of the network. that's why we have the excess capacity. then we look at each individual plant. and sacramento has the highest production cost per days of any plant in our network. that's why we made the decision to close the sacramento plant. like i said, clear and compelling. it doesn't make it any closer -- easier when you have to talk to -- some people have worked here 20 years. >> that's the thing. we learned that this morning. >> reporter: three out of the employees had been with this company 15, 20 years. some of them approaching their 50s. they dent know what they are gonna do -- they don't know what they are gonna do next. back to you. >> thank you. 7:12. a presidential candidate will be campaigning in oakland today. the main message that comedian
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roseanne barr will focus on during her visit. and why soldiers are being told to focus on a deadly matter today.
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well, some very thick fog out there. i just got a tweet protesters someone saying they couldn't even see mt. tam. it will be warm when the fog burns off but still chilly by the coast. we're hearing from the native who suffered a deadly avalanche in any -- nepal. he says the fast-moving snow took them 650 feet down the mountain while they were still in their sleeping bags. he said he tried to dig out two
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of his preps but was unable to -- friends but was unable to find them. eight people were killed in the avalanche and three more are missing and presumed dead. more than 60 people have died on this mountain since the team first climbed it in 1956. today a new york federal appeals court will hear arguments about the defensive marriage act. lawyers will debate the law that denies recognition of same- sex marriage. several judges have struck down the law before and the obama administration does not defend it anymore. it may be months before there is a court routeing on this. a gay couple is suing after their engagement photo was used without their permission in an anti-gay attack ad in colorado. they say a nonprofit group that opposes gay marriage dare darr marriage took their photo
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without their permission and used a caption above it. the -- the group who made the ad has no comment about this. president obama seems to be widening his lead over mitt romney nationwide. but alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau with the one group that seems to be rallying behind the republican nominee. >> reporter: tori, mitt romney will campaign in northern virginia. here he is meeting with veterans. the poll shows romney with a double-digit lead over president obama. he and paul ryan have stepped up their call against looming defense cuts. >> we believe in peace through strength. we believe that when america's
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military is strong, america is safer. >> reporter: now, the obama campaign reports to other polls that show the president has consistently had strong support and since many vets are part of the 47% of americans that romney is criticized for not paying income taxes. >> i don't believe we can get any far with leaders who write off half of the nation as a bunch of victims who never take responsible for their life -- responsibility for their lives. >> back to you. another presidential candidate will be campaigning tonight. roseanne barr will be talking about the political future of medical marijuana during a town hall meeting in oakland. federal agents raided oaksterdam back in april. it's one of many targeted in a
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crackdown launched by the obama administration also cindy she an, barr's -- cindy sheehan, barr's running mate. according to the -- to the" times." this police officer was arrested for domestic violence. he's on leave pending the investigation. no charges so far have been filed. most soldiers will take a break in their duties today to take part in a suicide prevention training today as the military deals with an alarming increase in among soldiers -- in suicides among soldiers. this is mandatory for all soldiers except for those troops in combat and on medical duty. 7:19. another round of mosquito
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fogging starts tonight in contra costa county to try to get rid of west nile virus. they will be fogging along lone tree way, balford road, brentwood boulevard, sellers avenue and garrett parkway. it starts about 7:00 tonight. helicopter crews in australia will treated to a rare site. they spotted this albino humpback. he's been nicknamed "migaloo." he's now believed to it be about 25 years old. the pacific weatherback sea turtle is california's new state marine reptile. governor brown signed a bill granting the animal fish status. they are on the endangered species list. but they will also designate october 15th as leatherback conservation day. real exciting news in the art world. believe it or not, the art
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foundation in switzerland found a second portrait of mona lisa. this other hatwork is -- this other art work, shows a woman in her 0s -- 20s, while the more well-known art is in her 30s. 7/11 will give away large coffees, lattes, cappuccinos between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. they call this cof-free day. krispy kreme stores are offering 12-ounce cups of coffee at no charge on saturday. >> nice way to wake up.
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san francisco was just named the best city in america. the honor is from -- from which praises the restaurants, museums, festivals and the educated work force. it looked at the economy and the number of pro teams. seattle came in number two, followed by washington, d.c., boston and portland. gay rights activists are planning to protest next week's installation of san francisco's new archbishop. he will be installed during a
7:24 am
mass at st. mary's cathedral next thursday. the examiner reports that a group of gay rights act visits are planning to protest and they say it will not just -- activists are planning to protest and they say they are upset about the same-sex marriage ban. his spokesman says he respects their position and police will be onhand. sal, you are watching the bridges. but i know you are looking at the toll plaza. >> yeah. it's really been very busy. very slow trying to get across into san francisco if you are trying to get there in your car, you will be waiting quite a bit. a lot of people start here and they travel through the area, 24 and 680 to get to 80. it's very slow here in bay point. 680 is slow as well.
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we were talking go the -- we were talking about the toll plaza. it was backed up to the macarthur maze. in san jose northbound 101, traffic looks all right. 280 is a little bit slower out of downtown. very slow as a matter of fact. on the peninsula, 101 is slow but 280 looks good under the peninsula. let's go to steve. a lot of fog out there for some. some locations already clear, sunny. but some of it has made it up into napa county. very foggy up thor as -- very foggy up here as well. i know along the coast it's been sold out. 48 pacifica. a lot of fog for some. it's right down on the deck. foggy, cool, by the beaches, thick fog. some patchy fog.
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40s, 50s. temperatures have not moved all morning long. southwest 7 at traffic vis. that's down considerably from yesterday. that's thor -- that's another sign that temperature also warm up. a little low keeps the fog rolling all along. if the high continues to build into the north, it is showing signs without doing it inland. if it makes it over the weekend, maybe the coast will clear out, if it does. 50, 70s, and then 80s. still going with warmer to hot conditions away from the coast. we'll see if it makes it to the coast. but we are leaning that way. san francisco considering a modified deal involving america's cup. the new obligation to the city and the potential costs. students are just beginning to arrive at school at albany middle school as this school is
7:27 am
reeling about certain charges. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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and real almond slices for your taste buds. an albany school typier is in jail facing child sexual
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abuse charges. claudine wong is there with more. >> reporter: certainly you would expect parents to have a lot of questions this morning after they were notified last night about what happened at the campus where kids are beginning to arrive at school. school officials are focusing on getting these kids into class, focus on learning and not everyone that's happened. although they will be addressing that tonight with parents. one of their 6th grade teachers this morning is behind bars and let's take you through what we know about what happened. now, police confirm that the superintendent got word of these hack accusations on monday -- of these accusations on monday. so he was put on leave and then turned this over to authorities. they went to his home, booked him into the santa rita jail. the charge, a lewd act with a child under 14. according to the school
7:31 am
website, he teaches history, language arts, maps and science. he's the athletic director, basketball coach and student council co-advisorier -- adviser. here's what's going to happen today -- a substitute teacher is in place he will be in place today and tomorrow and then on monday, what they will do is take his classes and distribute the kids to other classes. and that's how it is going to work. the counselors are also in place today. we talked about parents having questions. parents can ask the administrators but certainly a lot of questions. a lot of people that we've told about what happened. certainly are shocked and upset. we tried to talk to some
7:32 am
neighbors of the teacher. they were upset and didn't want to talk about the situation. but apparently the home he was arrested in is one that he grew up in. the family has been there for years. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. in antioch, some parents are angry saying they are not notified about a student who brought a gun to school. the turner school principal said -- said the incident happened last wednesday but the letters did not go out until this week. a fire at beechwood elementary raged before at least an hour before it was reported. the school, which has many portable classrooms, kos not -- does not have a monitored fire alarm or sprinklers in portable
7:33 am
classrooms. monitored fire alarms can electronically notify even if no one is not on campus. robert war shaw is in charge of e-- warshaw is in charge of eval -- a two-hour police standoff in san jose ended with one arrest. yesterday evening, a man walked into a law office on taylor street with a gun. the people inside managed to escape as they called the police. the man barricaded himself in the building until police convinced him put the gun down and come out. so far we have no explanation for why he did what he did. >> organizers of the safety walk in san jose tonight say
7:34 am
the latest crime increase is the why they are -- is the reason why they are doing this. the walk begins with a rally and march beginning at 6:30 at 921 south first street. they want something done and intend to work with police to increase patrols. a stolen ipad leads to a wild police chase that started around 5:00 yesterday evening near a coffee shop at fillmore and sacramento streets. it ended with the suspects crashing near hayes and buchanan. one of the suspects hopped into the getaway car. during the chase, the suspect slammed into several cars including a minivan and seriously injuring that driver. flying debris also hit a boy at a nearby playground. >> i saw the car. i was scared. you never know if there's guns
7:35 am
involved. i ran into one of the stores. i don't need to see it. i just want to be safe. >> the boy is expected to make a full recovery. three people were arrested and police insize they did not overreact to a stolen backpack. then say there's been a rash of street robberies in the city. and police have long advised people not to fight back if they become the victim of a robbery and coming up at 7:45, what new data suggests will the -- about the likely outcome for people who decide to resist a robbers' demand. two east bay lawmakers are calling for a state hearing about the refinery fire that sent three workers to the hospital for treatments. senators say more needs to be done to make sure this doesn't happen again. in the meantime, chevron alerted other oil refineries about that pipe failure that caused the fire.
7:36 am
well, san francisco reportedly is closed to -- is close to a new financial deal involving the america's cup yacht race. the "chronicle" reports the deal modifies the finance am obligations to the -- financial obligations to the race. if the venues are not ready, the city faces charges starting at $29,000 a day. the maximum exposure could reach $10 million. a project manager is saying he's pretty confident. the city is also trying to raise -- trying to raise money to offset the cost. let's check in with sal. i know there's fog along the coast. that's -- that's affecting flights. >> yes. the planes come in late, they turn around late.
7:37 am
it's all dependent on the weather. not every flight will be delayed. but that's just what there are expecting. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's backed up for about a 25-minute wait. it's pretty long. if you are on the peninsula, trying to get to sfo, 101 looks pretty good. 280 is better. >> 1:20? >> something like that. >> okay. >> thick fog for some, not for everyone. solocations. temperatures -- some locations. inland temperatures under hazy sunshine will warm up. 40s and 50s. i don't think these temperatures are moved. maybe one, two degrees at the most. we have a little low wrapping u record rain in denver. the low spinning here is keeping the fog going. high pressure is helping
7:38 am
independent -- is helping areas. fog, sun, cool to warm. thick fog. just you a over the -- just all over the map. some upper 70s low 80s except on the coast. 50s, 60s. a lot of fog. menlo park at 76. not much of a change on friday. with your weekend in view it will be warm to hot. it looks like some of the coast will warm up this weekend. less than a week after chris stevens was killed in benghazi, his family finally has the chance to make funeral arrangements. rita williams talked to his -- talked to his parents who will
7:39 am
remember him as an advocate around the world. >> brand- -- brand-new baby. >> reporter: a proud mother shared these proud photos of me about a little boy who loved life life, was a matter in disguise. >> that was chris. you never saw him without a smile. >> reporter: he grew up to the be -- to be the ambassador in libya. while vacationing in yosemite on september 7ing, she -- on september 7th, she learned he had been killed. >> after the first shock, you are kind numb and then you do what has to be done. >> reporter: we were sitting right here. so at that time, i was not in -- really not able to talk. but i did stand up. >> she stood up out of respect for the caller, president
7:40 am
obama. ♪ >> reporter: she and chris's stepfather met privately with the president when chris's body was returned to american soil. >> he was cremated and i brought the ashes back. >> reporter: he will be interred next to his grandfather. >> i think he got those genes. >> reporter: they want chris's work to continue. so they have created a nonprofit in his memory. >> that chris's death will have had additional meaning. the last time they saw him in may, they gave him a big party to celebrate his leaving. >> that turned out to be his fare well. that hole in his heart is still
7:41 am
there. rita williams -- rita homicide -- rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news.
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7:43 am
after five straight days of declines for the s&p 500, stocks are opening higher. there's some good news on employment. more othat in a moment. the market gains started in asia held by expectations that the people's bank of china will take steps to ea a slowdown in the economy. the dow is up 18. the nasdaq is up 12. s&p, up 5. well, this morning, the bor department reported
7:44 am
better-than-expected news. the number of people filing for benefits is down 26,000 from the week and the lowest level of nine weeks. it's also a sign of moderate growth in the workforce. sales tax is ing up next week in several bay area cities. that includes hercules, san pablo and pittsburg. you will start paying a sales tax of 8.75. in the city of sonoma, the sales tax rate goes to 8.5%. well, one las vegas casino now offering refunds for gamblers who lost money on that seahaw/packers game monday night, very controversial. the owner of the casino says anyone who bet on this game can -- can get a refund. coming up at 8:05.
7:45 am
all of the terms of the deal that ended that nfl referee lockout and when the real refs, the regular ones, get back on the field. instead of xs and os, the 49ers are worried about cloak and dagger. the chronicle reports the coaches are concerned that opponents could spy on them. passengers tackle a man who they say was harassing women on a flight from chicago to santa ana the managers restrained the man and -- the passengers restrained the man and he will
7:46 am
be charged accordingly. the same group of hackers is claiming attacks for bank of america, and wells fargo attacked us bank. they will continue until the video making fun of the prophet muhammad is dealt with. there were 100 muggings in just san francisco. some of them on muni. the paper's report says of those 100 thefts which occurred between august 28th and september 19th about a third of the victims tried to fight for their belongings but only three out of those were successful.
7:47 am
this morning we talked to some of the most likely targets of street thieves, tourists, including one woman whose brother was mugged and injured in new york. >> let them have everything. my lay is so important -- my life is so important. >>examiner's report also says most of the people who did try to fight back were physically assaulted. the most likely target of the thefts, cell phones. the report says since january there are about -- there have been about 2200 thefts. we have new information about tuesday night's bold armed robbery at a safeway store in san leandro.
7:48 am
last night about 5:00, police detained a possible suspect at a gas station in oakland and they impounded his van. they believe he's connected to that robbery where five men walked into a safeway and told everybody to get on the floor and stole money from the cash registers. at least four of those men had guns. the man accused of trying to poison his girlfriend at a healthcare family has been released from jay. police arrested robert lockridge on saturday after caretakers say he tried to give his doif by giving her -- by giving her bottled water containing colleen. he says the water contained a miracle mineral supplement that can cure any disease, including cancer. >> the upside is positive publicity. >> he says he takes the
7:49 am
supplement himself for emphysema and heart disease. it is 7:49. a health study is planned for treasure island because of concerns about the cleanup of radioactive waste. some residents believe lingering radiation may be to blame. but state officials say there's no major risk. health officials tell "the bay citizen" they may start to gather health words and plan to check navy cleanup records. 100 employees have been tested for hantavirus. employees who participated in the voluntary testifying filled out a questionnaire and gave blood. nine of the cases have been traced back to yosemite and three people have died into more streets in pail le alto will be -- palo alto will be
7:50 am
getting righter. the new l.e.d. lights are 40% more efficient. they will replace these from embarcadero boulevard palo alto avenue. in addition to saving energy they also produce a lot more light. an inflight argument between two flight attendants forced the pilot to turn the plane around. where this happen and what caused that fight. and a surprising discovery about large earthquakes and the ripple effect they have across the globe. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
7:51 am
7:52 am
today, we're forty-seven out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. a big earthquake in the indian ocean could have had a more far reaching impact than we thought. scientists say it triggered other quakes all over the
7:53 am
world. here in north america, there were four strong quakes shortly after that quake in indonesia. now, these latest findings could indicate aftershocks can be triggered any place on earth, not just in the area of that original quake. well, a man in arizona is facing several charges after pulling a prank on police. check out this youtube video. the guy is dressed as a terrorist hoeing a -- holding a fake rocket-propelled grenade. coming up at 8:10, the reason behind the scam and how the police responded. 7:53. a fight between two united airlines flight attendants force a plane to return to the airport in raleigh, north carolina. officials say the pilot radioed the control tower shortly after takeoff after a possible assault on board. when the flight landed, police determined an argument started when one flight attendant brushed up against another flight attendant. officers say the confrontation
7:54 am
did not get physical. the los angeles area is bracing for another round of major road closures. some call it carmageddon starting tomorrow night, a ten- mile stretch of the 405 will be shut down so crews can move the remainder of the mull holland bridge. -- mu holholland bridge -- mulholland bridge. sal, it's getting slower out there. >> right now, here in the bay area, we have our own slow traffic. it's not quite to the epic levels of the san diego freeway. but, you know, it is a little
7:55 am
bit slow on 880 northbound or southbound as you drive to hayward or oakland. but it is moderately heavy. metering lights are on. no problems on the actual bridge getting into san francisco. we keep looking at the peninsula. there is a lot of fog and also some slow traffic. the fog is deep in the area of the peninsula. make sure not to use the high beams. you can see the traffic maps, we got a lot of slow traffic there. let's go to steve. already sunny for, sunny for others. 50s, s. look at that fog. high pressure is building in. it's building -- it's building in. that's kind of squashed it down on the deck. that will translate to the surface as well. a few high clouds.
7:56 am
40s and 50s. a few mid-50s but that -- as long as that low is there, we don't get high pressure. it will burn off inland and then temperatures will bump up. thick fog. hazy and inland. it took the in -- east bay seems to take the brunt of any warmup. upper 70s, 80s for others. i don't see much of a change friday. inland temperatures will warm up. could get into the hot category for some. we'll see if it makes it to. coast. 7:57. scott valley police are investigating two incidents of a man approaching young girls. why police think thcases may be connected. after more than a year, an occupy site in san francisco has been clear. we'll tell you what the occupiers say about trying to reoccupy that site.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
we went live at 4:30, we've been monitoring the situation out here since 3:30 this morning. take a look here. this is the fence surrounding the site of that former occupy site. as you said, there were occupiers who had gathered across the street. those protesters showed us their citations this morning. officers told them that they were violating the city's illegal lodging ordinance. the san francisco police moved in at about 11:30 last night arresting about two dozen
8:00 am
protesters taking them to the headquarters. occupiers said they were exercising their rights. >> legitimate peaceful protests. >> reporter: on that fence, there are notes posted telling protesters where they can get their belongings. we have he's talked to some occupiers and they say if the chain-him fence is around the site and if it -- chain-link fence is around the site, and they say this prois not -- protest is not over that over -- not over yet.
8:01 am
a man who tried to lure a girl into his car last week may have also exposed himself to another girl. police say a man in a small, black car approached a bill at -- girl at pine cone and baja drive, asked her if she wanted to get in. the week before that, semy -- they say similar-looking man exposed himself to a 15-year- old. here is a police etch. there are two sketches. in the city of oakland a man was found shot to death inside a car. police rushed to development street shortly after 6:30 and they found a young man inside of a car. he had been shot several times. we don't know his name yet. so far there's no word of a motive or if any arrests have been made. investigators say it appears he was targeted.
8:02 am
8:02. a federal judge is ordering an investigation into the man overseaing the -- overseeing the oakland police department. robert warshaw is responsible for evaluating how the department complies with court- ordered reforms handed down after a misconduct case. now he's accused of making sexual add vad vances to the -- sexual advances to the city administrator. later today, san francisco's city college could give preliminary details about a plan to improve the finances. according to the chronicle, the plan may include laying off faculty or merging or eliminating some classes. there's also speculation that the castro campus could close. the city has until october 15th to come one a final plan and avoid losing its accreditation. 8:03. an executive for google has
8:03 am
been arrested in brazil after youtube refused to remove two sites that criticized the mayoral candidate. if convicted, he could be in jail for up to a year. the law in brazil bans slander, insults or defamation of political election mpai. google plans to appeal. the trial of joseph naso has been delayed. he asked a marin county judge to give him more time to prepare with his new legal adviser after he fired his old one last month. his trial was supposed to begin november but the judge deniedsh -- but the judge decided to push the jury selection back to january. a chp officer arrested
8:04 am
marshawn lynch back in july after he was spotted weaving in and out of his lane on 880 and almost hitting two cars. lynch attended uc berkeley. he signed a four-year, $31 million contract with the seahawks last march. janine de la vega is live in santa clara with more on how football fans are reacting after the lockout being over was announced. >> reporter: this morning, fans are excited about e tentative agreement that's been reached with referees. here at the headquarters, you can see the ongoing construction of the stadium. i just got off a phone with a spokesman who said the lockout was something they just couldn't control. right now they are just focusing on preparing for the game. last night, the nfl reached a
8:05 am
tentative eight-year agreement to end the lockout. there has been an avalanche of criticism mounting against replacement referees. sports fans are saying the call refs made on monday night's game was one of the worse in nfl history. many say green bay clearly intercepted the ball but a referee ruled it was a ruled it was a touchdown. and that infuriated fans. >> i don't know -- i don't want to watch football. you wouldn't know what to -- you wouldn't know what to expect. >> okay. >> i was waiting for this moment. i'm happy this happened. >> reporter: the tentative agreement hinged on negotiating pension and retirement benefits for the referees who are part- time employees with the league. the regular refs will be back on the field tonight for the browns and baltimore game. one of the nfl officials said
8:06 am
they are glad to be back. they've been watching hours and hours of video. and he says's are ready. back to you. >> thank you. one labor dispute in sports is resolved and another one continues. hockey experts believe the nhl lockout could last for months. but they've set up a negotiating meeter for tomorrow. the lockout is expected to have a big impact that rely on hockey games for businesses. bars in that area report they typically see up to a 50% jump in business on game night. today at noon, plans for high-speed rail in california will clear a very important hurdle. a $40 million grant for an advance signaling system will be announced by local lawmakers. this ipart of a $750 million
8:07 am
high-speed rail bond. environmentalists say switching to electric will reduce harmful admissions by 90%. 8:07. let's check in with sal keeping a -- keeping a close eye on contra costa county. >> we're starting there. it's very slow. highway 4, westbound, still coming up to the willow pass grade. as a matter of fact, we have traffic that will be busy as you drive into antioch and it stays that way all the way to concord and then 680, some slow traffic coming to pleasant hill heading down to walnut creek. moving along to the toll plaza in oakland, this has been steady and slow since about 6:30 this morning or maybe a little earlier. it's been backed you for a 25, 0 of had minute wait getting into san francisco. if you are on the peninsula, the traffic is busy. it really is slow in palo alto.
8:08 am
across the bay, hayward union city in fremont -- from mont, stop and go traffic. 8:08. let's go to steve. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> i just had an e-mail from linda in daly city. she said here's the deal, we get it. june, july, august? but why in the sam hill is in going on? i'm teared of the fog! it's just a pattern out here. water temperatures are still cool enough. we have yet to get a cold front coming through. and then coming in behind that is the high pressure and then fog is gone. that's not happened yet. inland temperatures are still warm -- are still warming up. inland temperatures will start to warm up a little bit today. santa rosa yesterday, 77, i might add that was downtown santa rosa which was warmer than the airport. that does not happen very
8:09 am
often. 77 in concord. that's practically global cooling for them. livermore has been warm. i saw 83 to 87. i'm going 88 today. 78 san jose, a little bit of fog, san francisco along with daly city. i will tell you, it should be 70 degrees. 63 today. 62 yesterday. 6 the day before. 64 on monday. just stopped. not moving. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. starting to warp up. hazy sunshine. vis bill city down even with some of that thick fog. once that burns off, it will be hotter. inland areas, no doubt. we'll see if the -- even they will see sunshine and temperatures. warm for others. thick fog, hazy and warm -- hazy. 90s to upper 80s for some. but a lot of 70s in between or
8:10 am
80s starting to warm up. cameron just tweeted me and said why is it so hot in pittsburg. 85 pleasanton. 68 oakland. 68 berkeley. 78 san jose. fremont, 77. woodside, palo alto in there. 58 daly city. away from the coast still trying to see if we can get it to the coast. an arizona man is facing multiple charges because of a video that he uploaded to youtube. michael david turley was arrested after he came up with a plan it -- plan to test the response time of phoenix police. you can see in this video, his nephew dressed like a terrorist and holding a rocket-propelled grenade. he was taunting drivers. he said he wanted to see how
8:11 am
long it would take police to get there. >> what if one citizen decided that that person is a danger to him and he decided to run over that child. >> he says the time code on that video is m -- says it about took about 15 minutes for police respond. police kiss agree saying they received numerous 911 calls and officers were on the scene -- were on the scene in -- were on the scene in one minute. well, they were stoned an they were driving a bus filled with passengers. >> i get -- what happened to three san diego bus drivers and why they say that wild ride wasn't their fault. >> and the answers about a famous event. [ male announcer ] there are lots of great jobs
8:12 am
available in america right now. almost half our nation's employers have open positions they can't find anyone qualified to fill. devry university offers bachelor's and master's degrees that can prepare you for these careers. the ones already here, and the ones just around the corner. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow.
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learn more at erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size.
8:14 am
navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. thick fog for some. 50s, 60s there is. 60s, 70s around the bay. we'll warm up, 80s to near 90s. 8:15. human rights group say the crisis in syria is getting a lot worse. rebels are attacking a military building in damascus. the fighting between the government and the opposition forces continue all over that country. just yesterday, more than 300 people died. the bloodiest day in that 18- month long conflict. the u.n. now estimates there will be 700,000 refugees by the end of the year. the university of
8:15 am
california is set to pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit over that infamous pepper spraying incident last fall. each of the 21 protesters will receive $30,000 and a written apology from the school. the university will also pay $250,000 to the plaintiff's attorneys. the school is promising to work with civil liberty groups to improve tactics in the future. a new study shows that 19% of all u.s. families are -- were paying off college debt in 2010. the research says higher college costs and increase in college enrollments are to blame. 8:16 n election 20 12news, both president obama and mitt romney will be campaigning today in the battleground state of virginia. alison burns is live in our
8:16 am
washington, d.c. bureau. >> and dave, this is the third straight day that president obama and mitt romney have campaigned in the same state. here is a look at president obama leaving joint andrews base. the obama team is blanketing swing states promoting what it calls a new economic patriotism. a plan to boost up. the obama team is running this ad using romney's words from that secretly recorded video. >> there they believe they are develops and believe the government -- victims an believe the government owes
8:17 am
them and -- and believe the government owes them. >> there's so many in our country right now. i want to help them. i know what it takes to get an economy going again -- again and creating jocks. >> the latest poll shows president obama is up points over mitt romney nationwide. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:17. there are threats of a boycott against the san jose supermarket because it is using e-verify. [chanting] >> they say they have no choice. it has to comemploy with the homeland security request to use that system to check the employment eligibility of its employees. the protesters are demanding they stop using that system by october 8th or they will face a boycott. the decade long mystery
8:18 am
about the disappearance of michigan union leader jimmy hoffa may finally come to an en. investigators not a tip saying a body was buried at a hope at the same time a steamster's boss disappeared. a radar confirms that something is buried beneath the slab and michigan police plan to dig there tomorrow. testimony continues in the deborah madden case. after today's testimony wraps up, the court will recess the jury tomorrow and closing arguments are set for monday. the little boy who was shot after sleeping in his bed last week, he is back at home. he was released from the hospital yesterday. his home was sprayed with bullets last thursday about 1:00 in the morning.
8:19 am
he's a 6th grader. he says he's happy to be out -- happy to be out of the hospital but afraid to go home. >> i want to think that teachers and the principal who came to visit me and gave me -- i want to thank the principal who came to visit me and bring me presents. a miniature horse farm in sonoma county has less than a week to move out. there said they've been served with an eviction notice. rit now, it's not clear what's gonna happen tothose horses. they need about $500,000 to avoid eviction. but so far they -- they haven't been able to raise that much cash. thirteen people have been arrested on raids on 32 santa rosa homes with illegal marijuana gardens. the raids began around 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning when fbi agents ordered residents to
8:20 am
leave. authorities then uprooted hundreds of marijuana plants. it was the largest operation targeting resident gardens in the region's history. authorities say at least some of the gardens had ties to gang activity. three san diego bus drivers say they unknowingly ate brownies laced with marijuana before their shift. they say a dispatcher gave them the brownies but did not tell them with a special ingredient. two of the drivers ended up in the hospital but a third drove around for about three hours before he was stopped. >> i was dry mouthed and light- headed and giggling a lot and real bubbly. >> there is an investigation being conducted into the claims. the focus of a new documentary is creating a lot of buzz this morning. what the filmmaker is hoping will happen after you watch this documentary.
8:21 am
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a new film about oakland's highland hospital is getting oscar buzz. >> okay. >> i won't go until you are
8:24 am
ready. okay? >> "the waiting room "premiered last night in new york city. the document meantry views the healthcare system through patients and hospital staff. >> what we wanted to show in the film was the reality and the struggle that both patients and these institutions are going through. >> "the waiting room" opens in the bay area next month. 8:24. the santana row shopping area in san jose celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. but looking back exactly one month before the shopping center was due to open, the biggest fire roared through dozens of stores and housing units. this weekend many are donating 10% of their revenue in honor of the fire crews. tonight, san jose mayor chuck reed will kick off at a -- will speak at a kickoff event.
8:25 am
let's check in with sal. sal? >> right now we're looking at traffic all 0 ever the bay -- all over the bay. some traffic is trying to get into the bay bridge corridor and sunnyvale. those are the two busy spots. this is the latter, 237 from northern san jose all the way through. 101 is slow as well and so so is the mon na gu and the -- montague and the lines expressway. we've had slow traffic. some slowing in castro valley as well. and then hayward, all the way down to fremont. 880. it's very, very slow, so is the san mateo bridge getting to a crowded 101. let's get to live pictures. i want to show you the bay bridge. it's been ready and -- steady and slow, barked up for a 20- minute delay. you will be waiting 20 to 35 minutes before you make it on
8:26 am
the span. the morning commute has been slow as well. let's go to steve. you can see some very thick fog. it will be hazy and warmer away from the coast. there's a lot of fog on the coast. there is a big fog beige for the end of september. a little low spinning off the coast. inland temperatures, there's hardly any delta breeze whatsoever. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. they are starting to rebound. a little low there looks like it's not going anywhere. it has every sign of building into oregon which would give the coast a warmup. morning fog. some of that is really thick. cool by the coast. inland temperatures start their little warm up today. by the weekend -- by the weekend, it will be hot inland. fog, sun, cool, warm. hazy and warmer inland. definitely need a cold front to come through. 50s to 90. i mean just all over the place here. i don't think much of a change.
8:27 am
maybe a college or two cooler. it will be warmer -- degree or two cooler. it will be hot away from the coast. hundreds of northern california jobs will soon be eliminated. what campbell's soup announced just this moving and where a plant will be shut -- morning and where a plant will be shut down next year. into we're been talking -- >> we've been talking to officials about a teacher's arrest at an albany school.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
claudine wong is at the albany school right now to tell us what parents are saying about an albany teacher being arrested. >> reporter: good morning, dave. things have quieted down as parents have dropped their children off for the day. we talked to a shot -- to a lot of shocked parents who will be having discussions about their teacher and why he's behind bars. but still a lot of questions about what exactly happened. police say there was some kind of relationship between the teacher and a former student. the suit put him on leave and -- the superintendent put him on leave and then notified police and then they arrested him at his albany home. this morning, we talked to them. we didn't get any new
8:31 am
information. all we know, he was booked into the santa rita jail last night at 8:17. the charge, a lewd act with a child under 14. now, he's been a sixth grade teacher for years. he teaches history, language arts, math and science. he's also the athletic director, basketball coach and school officials are calling -- are calling this an incredibly devastating situation for everyone involved. this morning, the school said even though they received an e- mail they didn't receive it. there are likely to be many conversations had. >> we're probably gonna have many conversations. she's kind of made a conscious effort to choose the friends she likes. >> you are generally smart to make your kids aware of what's going on and be prepared. but it's -- as to how you do that, that's a tough one.
8:32 am
i mean, it's strictly territory. >> reporter: now, the district says there's a substitute teacher in place for today and tomorrow and on monday, the kids who are in the classes, will be transferred to other classes. school is inviting the parents of the students in his classes to come to a meeting tonight here at the library to answer any questions from teachers and from district officials. in the meantime, we've just learned that the district is going to hold a press conference on the situation at their district headquarters in just about 30 minutes. we're gonna head over there on the latest for what they are doing in response to the teacher's arrest. we'll have that for you coming up on the news at noon. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. in antioch, some parents are angry saying they are not notified about a student who brought a gun to school. now, the teacher sent home letters this week saying that a boy reportedly a fifth grader
8:33 am
threatened to hurt his classmates if they told anyone he had a weapon. reportedly an air-soft pistol that fires soft pellets. the letters did no go out about this week about this. the fire at beechwood elementary raged for at least an hour before it was reported. the school has many portable classrooms but it does not have a monitored fire alarm. state law doesn't require monitored fire alarms and even sprinklers. monitored fire alarms can electronically notify authorities of fire if no ones is on -- if no one is on campus. a richmond police officer was arrested in connection with a domestic violence incidents -- incy dense.
8:34 am
a -- incy incident. -- in an incy incident. 700 workers -- incident. 700 workers are being laid off. the company blames declining sales. employees say the plant holds a special place in their hearts. >> been there since '47. i started in '726789 it's been a long -- '72. it's been a long-time fixture here. so it will be hard. >> the soupmaker has facilities in dixon and stockton. two east bay lawmakers are calling for a state oversight hearing on the chevron refinery fire in richmond. last month's fire sent
8:35 am
thousands to hospitals for treatments. assemblyman nancy skinner and hancock says more needs to be done to make sure it doesn't happen again. in election news, a presidential candidate campaigns here tonight. comedian roseanne barr will be talking about the political future of medical marijuana among other things during a town hall meeting at oaksterdam university in oakland. federal agents raided oaksterdam. also expected at that meeting tonight, roseanne barr's running mate, anti-war activist cindy sheehan. that meeting begins tonight at 6:30. several campus groups are
8:36 am
beginning a big rally at uc berkeley protesting the layoffs of workers. students will be protesting hikes. san francisco is reportedly close to a new financial deal involving the america's cup yacht race. the "chronicle" is reporting the deal modifies the city's financial okaygation to the race if ven -- obligation to the race. if venues are not ready by march 1st, the fines start at $29,000. the maximum fine, $10 million. but the project manager says he's confident all of the work will be completed in time. the city is also trying to
8:37 am
raise money to defray public costs. hey, sal, everyone banking on 280? >> i would say most people. [laughter] >> it's kind of slow. it's a little bit slow around the corner. on the left you can see there is a slowdown getting down to the exit. now just around the corner, the traffic is still -- is dill still slows on the way to the west valley. 101 is slow approaching 880. 85 is improving a little bit. i want to -- i will show you on the map here. see how 280 is slow? 85 is improving as well. as we took up a little bit, he look up at livermore. the hayward area continues to be very slow. if you are driving to san jose on 8 0 you will be in for -- on 880 you will be in for a lot of slow traffic. at the toll plaza, we have a backup that's been steady and slow. 5, 30 minutes now. let's go to steve. >> thank you, steve. a very good morning.
8:38 am
a lot of fog. coast, sunny, warm. that's just not the case. a lot of -- a lot of reports coming in. reduced visibility, had a nice tweet from porter. he's a chocolate lab in el sobrante. he couldn't see the backyard. [laughter] >> it will be clear and be sunny. there are areas of thick fog. fog, sun, warm, haze. hazy skies inland. it will be cool by the coast. 40s, 50s. antioch now 59. the low responsible for the fog is right there. the water temperatures are pretty cold. but everything says high pressure is gonna do this by friday saturday. probably saturday. that should give a northeast win of the inland temperatures will warm you. when it gets this low -- inland
8:39 am
temperatures will get into the warm-to-hot category. it looks like clearing for the co -- for the coast. fog will clear out, fingers, toes all crossed. but it looks like it's happening. forecasted highs anywhere from upper 50s to low 90s. 67 sausalito, 78 in novato, st. helena, 88. ukiah, low 90s. low 90s, antioch, brentwood, oakley. livermore pushing upper 80s. 68 berkeley, oakland. 83 walnut creek. 81 saratoga. it should be 80. we're getting closer but still below average. 59 pacifica. not much of a change friday and then we'll rocket up the temperatures will the -- with your weekend in view. some warmer weather is on the way, tori an dave.
8:40 am
>> thank you. it's 20 minutes before 9:00. most u.s. soldiers will be taking a break from their usual duties to take part in a suicide prevention training. the program is meant to educate troops about mental health problems as the military struggles to curb an alarming increase in soldier suicides. the army is the only branch -- branch of the military. it's mandatory for all soldiers except for troops an those on medical duty. we've also been talking about the rise in street robberies. there's been in a rash in san francisco. now the police have tipped, just in case you become a victim. it could mean the difference between life and death. and how a key witness in the jerry sandusky trial will soon be sharing his story with the world. jed -- police moved in to move out the occupiers.
8:41 am
we'll tell you what they plan to do next when "mornings on 2" continues. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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8:43 am
i the number of americans seeking unemployment bennetts fell last week to 359,000, the hottest figure in nine weeks. a figure consistently below 375,000 is generally enough to lower the monthly unemployment
8:44 am
rate. that will be out next week. taking a live look at the big board, the dow up 18. the nasdaq is up 16. s&p up 5. oil industry anlits forecast gas prices will be at record levels for early october when president obama debates his republican challenger mitt romney next month. gas prices have remained stubbornly high even though crude oil has dropped 9% in the last two weeks. right now it is trading at 91 -- at $91. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. a google executive arrested in brazil after youtube refused to take down two videos that criticized a mayoral candidate. if convicted, he could be jailed up to a year. under brazilian you will,
8:45 am
slander, insults or defamation of political candidates during an election campaign is banned. in case you didn't hear, the nfl referee lockout is over. tentative deal is for eight years. it runs through 2019. now, the regular refs will be back tonight when the cleveland browns play the ravens. just hours ago, the police in san francisco took down an occupy -- occupy camp in downtown san francisco. christian staff ton is live with more -- christien kafton is live with more. >> reporter: you can see there is a chain-link fence surrounding the site here. over here across the street you might be able to make out police officers here trying to ensure that the occupiers to
8:46 am
not return to the site. some of the occupiers say police used heavy-handed tactics this morning to get them out. >> they moved in and gave us no notice to disperse and came in and just began arresting. i was arrested on illegal lodging. >> reporter: those occupier protesters showed us their citations. the police moved in at about 11:30 last night and they have a different story. they say they gave them multiple warnings over the last week an then issued a final warning. in all, about two dozen -- two dozen protesters were arrested. and then the department of public works egan to clean the site -- began to clean the site. occupiers say they were just exercising their right to free speech and last night was rough after their possessions were seized. you might be able to make out the fence there, there are
8:47 am
notes there that hole tells protesters out -- that tells protesters how to get their belongings. i spoke to the occupiers and they say they will try to move in here. if not, they will try to move into justin herman plaza or any site in the financial district. they want to continue the protest. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. a stolen ipad sparked mayhem on the streets of san francisco. it ended a few blocks later with the suspects crashing at the corner of haze or buchanan -- hayes or buchanan. police say a man took a woman eipad and hop into a getaway and during the chase with police, he slammed into a
8:48 am
minivan and flying debris hit a boy on a playground. >> i'll assuming debris off the van or something. >> it's hard to see this go on in the community. >> the boy is expected to make a full recovery. three people were arrested. police insist they did not overreact chasing after a -- overreact chasing after a stolen backpack. picking up on that, there have been a hundred robberies in san francisco in just 23 days -- in just 23 day. pam cook is in our newsroom with a newdy on -- with a new study on who is a study. >> the findings say don't fight ck. the paper looked at muggings that happen on street and on muni. police say a third of the develops try to fight for their
8:49 am
-- victims tried to fight for their belongings. officers say you don't want to decide to do based on whether there is a weapon involved. don't fight back. we talked with tourists who are often the targets of mothers. they agree with that advice. >> we live 35 minutes from manhattan. so from -- from -- not from personal experience. but -- too many bad things happen. give it up. >> now, they also offered some explanation as to why street fests are on the rise. >> because of the economy. i think it's -- people are just out if making easy money or make ends meet, unfortunately. >> the report gives us some results on who and what is targeted. more than half of the 100 victims this that 23 days were in their 20s and 30s and more than half of the items stolen were cell phones. back to tori.
8:50 am
ten minutes before 9:00, a man is in police custody after walking into a san jose law office with a handgun. the man first entered the building on taylor street around 5:45 yesterday evening. people managed to escape and alerted police. the man was barricaded inside the office for about two hours until police convinced him to come out. so far there's no explanation for his actions. organizers of a safety walk in san jose tonight say the latest crime spike is the reason behind the rally. organizers want the city to know they want something done about this. a key witness in the jerry sandusky child molestation trial will soon reveal his identity in a new book. he's known in court approved --ers at victim one and -- in court papers as victim one and helped launch his conviction on
8:51 am
41 counts of child abuse. the book is due out october 23rd. the publisher plans to make a donation to victims of child abuse. in the meantime, jed will be sentenced october 9th. more mosquito fogging tonight in contra costa county for the west nile virus. fogging begins at 7:00 p.m. along lone tree way, balford road, brentwood, sellers and garen parkway. and the leatherback see turtle is now the newest state marine reptile. the governor signed that bill yesterday. the bill also designated october 15th as pacific leatherback sea turtle conservation day. gay rights activists are planning to protest next week's installation of the new archbishop. he will be installed during a
8:52 am
mass at st. mary's cathedral next thursday. the examiner reports that they are planning to protest and it will not be typical picketing and signs. they are upset that he protested prop 8. the church says they respect protesters' free speech rights an police will be on hand. in the meantime, he's due in a san diego courtroom on october 9th for a suspected dui case. 8:53. a new discovery about quakes and aftershocks. how a big quake in indonesia had a big impact all around the world. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
8:55 am
8:55. breaking news from oakland. right now, a police search has closed down several streets near 12th and chestnut. several oakland police officers are out there right now. now ktvu has a news crew on the way. again, this is in oak, around 12th and chestnut. we'll have much more on this on the news at noon. 8:56. a big earthquake in the indian ocean could have had a bigger effect than first thought. the 8.6 quake hit indonesia in
8:56 am
april. now scientists say it triggered other earthquakes around the world. in north america, there were four strong earthquakes shortly after the indonesia quake. the latest findings could indicate that aftershocks can be triggered anywhere in the world. not just in the area of the original quake. hey, sal, i know you are watching what's happening in oakland -- watching what's happening in oakland and everywhere else. >> that police action is not really affecting anything here -- there's some slow traffic on 8 0 t breaks for a little bit and then in union city you will see a bunch of traffic. we're looking at the commute for live pictures, the bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic is busy for at least a 0-minute wait getting into san francisco. it has not gotten any better and 880 northbound is really
8:57 am
slowing down getting up past the coliseum. you will see slow traffic all the way through. let's go to steve. for some it's already sunny and getting warm. for others it's cool to cold. we'll have a big difference in the temperatures. keep your fingers and toes crossed. inland will be hot. i think there will be more sunshine than fog in the inland. which has been a long time coming. >> yes. thank you for trusting ktvu news for your news. >> be sure to join us at noon for more on the sexual assault charges brought against a teacher.
8:58 am
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