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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, september 28th september 28th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's quickly check your weather and traffic. let's go to steve. depends on where you are. end of september, usually we don't get that fog bank. there's thick fog inland. san jose overcast, napa, there's no fog today but there was yesterday. 60s through 90s. here eusocial. good morning. we're looking good here. there are no major problems driving through. also the morning commute is looking good. 6:01. let's go back to dave and pam. a grade girl, the latest victim of a very busy street because of an accident. ktvu is at the scene where this happened and where a memorial
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has been set up for the child who was killed. >> we're standing on the stretch of road where that deadly demeanorred. there's the memorial. you can see it clear. candies and teddy bears laid out for yesterday's acts. we have video we shot yesterday morning at 4:00 when we arrived, showing what appeared to be police evidence markers in the road. showing the path the suv took in the moments before and after striking the middle schooler. the 12-year-old girl is haley ratliff. she was riding her bike at 3:15 yesterday afternoon when she was hit by the white suv. emergency crews showed up and she was taken by ambulance and then airlifted to children's hospital in he could where she was pronounced dead. the driver who hit the girl stopped at the scene and has been cooperating with the investigation. people living near the accident scene say this can be a very dangerous stretch of road.
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>> there's always cars coming fast. i can tell people are not paying attention. >> now,the scene of yesterday's accident is somewhat notorious. this is the scene of a deadly pedestrian accident in 2009. some neighbors are asking for new safety measuring to be added to this road to make it safer. ktvu, channel 2 news. a schedule for arraignment is scheduled for this morning for a man facing several charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer. a plain clothes officer shot him. investigators claim he was a gang member, armed with a gun and headed to avenge the killing of a friend. the case is just one of a number of violent incidents in san francisco's mission district recently and dozens of
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people marched through the streets calling for peace. they say they're not asking for much, they just want a safe neighborhood for their children. a school teacher in albany accused of having an inappropriate relationship for a student is due in court this afternoon. he taught sixth grade and also coached volleyball and basketball at albany middle school is being held on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. he's being held on $100,000 bail. morgan hill police are looking for a woman they say let her 10-year-old daughter take the fall for a shoplifting scam. jeannine delavega is outside the store. >> reporter: police say the woman used her daughter to shoplift groceries and when security closed in on them, the mother abandoned her.
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police are looking for marci keiland of morgan hill. last week they say she and her daughter filled their grocery cart with $150 worth of goods. she told her daughter to wait at the exit while she pulled the car up. when store employees approached the girl, keiland drove off without her. she's now in the car of her grandmother. >> i don't think it's good using your daylight to steal for you, especially with all the entitlement programs they have out today. >> reporter: police say this is the second burglary keiland has committed at a safeway with her daughter. investigators have surveillance video of them shoplifting two weeks prior to this incident. she's described as being 5'11", brown hair and brown eyes. she's known to drive a green ford explorer with wyoming
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license plates 41118. morgan hill police would like you to give them a call if you have seen them. time is now 6:05. new reports this morning connecting al-qaeda to the deadly attack on the embassy in libya. also, republicans are demanding to know what the obama administration knew before the attack. coming up for you at 6:15, we'll take you live to our washington, dc bureau on how this controversy is growing. nobel peace prize winner, the opposition leader from burma comes to the bay area. she's at an event organized by silicon valley tech billionaires. it will also feature other global activists. then tomorrow, she'll be at the university of san francisco. she will be addressing the local burmese community.
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the tour included meeting president obama. the u.s. postal service says this coming sunday it will default on a health care fund. members of congress left the nation's capital without approving funds for the postal service. this is the second default in two months, but the deall the will not apparently impact postal operations and employees will still be paid. later this morning a groundbreaking ceremony is being held for the bart extension to san jose. today's work is being done near interat a time 880. that project is expected to enhance the area for cars by widening mission boulevard. crews will be installing two bart bridges over mission boulevard and work is scheduled to be finished in 2015. time now 6:07. sal is working and knows all about the commute and highway 24, right? >> we're looking at. that westbound 24 still looks
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good between walnut creek and oakland. if you're driving on the oakland side, it's a nice drive down the 580. we're not expecting it to be friday light. we're expecting maybe an improvement over the last few days. if you look at the toll plaza, you can see a delay in some of those lanes. we're certainly hoping that -- well, we have a lighter than usual delay here today on this friday. at least i am. maybe you're not. northbound 280 traffic also looks pretty good getting up to daily city. let's go to steve. thank you. a happy friday. yesterday some areas north bay, east bay really warmed up. south bay, about as advertised. today looks like the system will prevent us from warming up. tomorrow we'll start the process all over again. 40s. napa, san rafael. livermore, low clouds. they did not have that
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yesterday. 51 in san francisco. oakland airport 52. there's trying to get a little sea breeze, but it continues to decrease here. although slightly stronger than yesterday. nothing crazy. that system, though, high pressure is coming behind that. it will start to nose in saturday and sunday and monday, definitely warm to hot. inland temps look like the system will come down today and start to turn around and head warmer on saturday and definitely warm to hot inland on sunday and monday. now, the coast, looks like there will be an on shore breeze, but they will warm up. the fog should burn off sooner. it doesn't look like it will scour down. cool for some, warm for others. fog for many. reduced visibility, hazy sunshine. you guys are smoking. 90 degrees. 71 kentville, 84 concord. 90 in antioch and 88 in alameda. 80 in san jose right about where they should be this time
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of year. couper tinno, a little warmer. 70s on the peninsula and 60s in the coast and san francisco. with your weekend always in view there. warmer saturday and warm to hot sunday and monday, especially inland all right. thank you, steve. a coffee give away, where you can go with an extra pick me up. >> another football team vegged for vegged -- investigating for running a bounty program, but the players are only 10 years old. >> the extreme measures firefighters had to take to rescue that dog in sonoma county.
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time now, 6:12, a dog is safe and there was a happy reunion between the dog and the owners. the dog is veronica. she got out through an open gate earlier this week. she ended up stuck in an 18- inch culvert that runs under the road near their house. it was hard for firefighters to get in there and rescue the dog. they did. they had to dig through dirt and move boulders before cutting a 15-foot piece of pipe and getting her free. new this morning from iraq. ten prison guards have been killed in a prison break in that create. officials say some have been
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recaptured. security forces reportedly dismantled three car bombs parked near the prison. government troops have since gained control. republicans in congress are gaining information about information before the attack in libya. there are accusations that the obama administration misled the public about who was behind the assault. >> reporter: a group of congressional republicans is alleging a coverup. they say the obama administration new almost immediately the attack that killed four diplomats was o straited by -- intelligence officials now believe the attackers were linked to al- qaeda and another islamist group that provided the weapons.
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here's leon panetta. >> what terrorists involved remains to be seen. it was a group of terrorists who conducted that attack against that facility. >> there was some intelligence ahead of the attack that groups were convalescing. senator john mccain says the type of heavy weaponry used in the assault clearly shows it was preplanned. reporting live from washington, dc, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. new this morning, an orange county youth football team is under investigation for allegedly running a bounty program. the players on the red cobras, they're only ten or eleven years old, but an investigation by the orange county register claims they were paid by the coaches to hurt members of the opposing team. the players say they were offered 20 bucks cash and that after every game the team would vote on which player should get the money.
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>> all in all we now have six parents and players saying that this happened. six out of a team of 22 confirming that this happened. so there's no doubt in my mind that this happened. >> well, the head coach of the team has been suspended by the league pending an investigation, was he deanies the allegations against him. the public will get to see most of the documents filed so far. it can shed more light on the suspect james holmes and the shooting that killed 12 people and injured 58 others back in july. holmes faces a total of 150 charges. back here at home the school board has reached an agreement to reduce the number of suspensions among african- american students. it's a five-year plan that initially focuses on half the schools in the drink. officials say african-americans make up about 32% of the
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district enrollments. an investigation was launched this spring and the numbers showed last year those students received 63% of all suspensions. california public universities will soon have to talk with students before they raise tuition fees. that's because of a new bill signed by governor brown yesterday. it would require officials with the uc and cal state system to consult students 30 days before they plan to increase tuition. schools would also have to wait 90 days before things took effect and justify to students why hikes were needed. oracle just about to unveil the next generation of its top selling data base. we're live right there. this is the oracle open world event in san francisco. now, oracle ceo larry ellison will be introducing the database designed for cloud computing. you can see the roads are blocked off and the security guards are there. what's going to happen is the
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first new version of this in five years. oracle will be showing off and introducing some of the high end servers as well. the systems are designed to handle corporate data more officially. that's later in san francisco. you may want to leave the house a couple minutes earlier than usual to get a free coffee on your way to work. 7-11 is giving away a large coffee or latte between the hours of 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. they call this cof-free day. several other food chain across america, including krispy kreme are offering free coffee. to pam, sal, steve. >> i may be able to make it in there before 10:00 a.m. rush over to 7-11. >> that's right. you can always use an extra cup of joe -- well, i could.
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>> yeah. traffic is moving along pretty well. there's a crash northbound 880 at the alameda. this is an overturned vehicle in the left lane. it was reported as an injury crash. the good news is chp arrived and it's minor injuries only, if that. the injuries are not major. northbound 880 at alameda. watch for slow traffic in this area. let's go to pictures, no friday light here. there was a stall on the bridge. the traffic is already backs up all the way out to the 880 overcrossing. this morning if you're driving on 80 westbound trying to get in from berkeley, the traffic is okay. at least the fog is lifting a little bit. earlier this morning we could not see much of this road. now we can see a little more. >> area of fog, low clouds continue. it looks like not much change. we had a warmup for some. cooling off today and starting
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another warmup as we go into the weekend. upper 40s to nearly 60 degrees. lows not going anywhere. it may be here for the next five, ten days. system to the north is knocking down the high for one day. morning fog, cool coast. warm to hot inland. we can go from 60 to 95 degrees. by this weekend, high pressure kicks in. it's more about looking like dome pressure and not so much this breeze. do you see the fog burn off. 80 to near 90 degrees. wide variety. upper 50s to 90s, depending your proximity to the coast. 95 clear lake. 81 sonoma. fairfield. that's down four or five from yesterday. pittsburgh, 85, 90. walnut creek at 84. 86, gilroy, low 80s. san jose, that's where they should be this time of year, on the high side. 70s for many on the peninsula.
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getting warmer on saturday and looks like warm to hot. inland, nice to warm by the coast. >> restaurants moving out of its flagship store in a new location in san francisco. it will leave union square and move to 8:15 market street near the old navy store. this is according to the san francisco business times. the space is a little smaller than the store. the market area is becoming more of a destination between local shoppers. new research by pay shows stanford ranks tenth as graduates who earn the highest salaries. mid year median salary is $114,000. princeton earned the top with mid year 137,000. the naval academy ranked fourth and fifth for alumni working in the private sector. facebook hopes its users are willing to spend money as
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it starts to roll out a new service. facebook's gifts allows users to buy actual items for friends. they're partnering with companies. you can earn part of the facebook -- and it is not saying exactly how much. downtown san francisco will be swarming with bicycles this evening. why this won't be the regular chris cal mass even and -- critical mass event. >> today will be the day the mystery of jimmy hoffa's disappearance is solved. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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welcome back. time is 6:24. latest today search expands for union boss jimmy hoffa. soil samples are tested where he may be buried. he disappeared in july 1975. now a man dieing of cancer told the police he saw someone being buried under a concrete slap at that house around the time jimmy hoffa disappeared. some of the neighbors doubt it. they're saying someone else in the area would have noticed it. police are saying if the soil sample tested positive for human remain, they will dig up
6:25 am
that site. less public access at oakland city council meetings, the city administrator wants to avoid outbursts like that one. a council meeting had to be stopped last week after a crowd that was protesting a deadly police shooting took over the podium. now, the new plan includes ridding congestion in and outside of council chambers and also eliminating half of the 214 seats in the council room. about 2,000 bicycle riders from around the world are expected to gather in san francisco tonight. they're marking the 20th 20th anniversary of the critical mass movement. the big bike ride take place on the last friday of every month with riders filling the streets of san francisco. the popularity of bike riding has really grown in the last 20 years. >> i think we're going to see bicycles flooding the streets, and it's going to be a much
6:26 am
better city and more family and friendly city. >> critical mass kicks off at 6:00 tonight. be aware you could expect delays. >> all right. that leads us right to sal. what are you saying on the roads? >> question era seeing a big crowd -- we're seeing a big crowd at some of the toll plazas. there's been fog out there as well. this is a look at 237. you can see traffic here is not quite stop and go as you drive through. traffic is moving well as you move past mission boulevard. no problems here. there's a crash at northbound 880 at the alameda. it's off to the right-hand side. now let's go to steve. we have areas of fog out there. some areas clear. by the coast, dealing with a solid fog bank out there. is testimony is moving into oregon. we get a cooldown and we turn right around tomorrow and warm
6:27 am
on tap for the weekend. anywhere from 60 to 90 degrees. 6:27 a girl has died. the changes that need to be made to keep kids safe. >> we're watching market street for you because police had to call in extra reinforcements as protesters came back tothe federal reserve building. we've tell you what happened and how people are reacting this morning. >> and the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. pam has the early stock numbers. de me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. ringing in the opening bell there. starbucks there ringing the nasdaq this morning. they're celebrating the third anversary of their via
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coffee. also their first at home single cup brew they are's going to make espresso and lattes. >> we'll smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us on channel 2 morning news. it's friday, september 28th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. 6:30. happening right now. san francisco police are guarding the occupy camp they raided just a few days ago. claudine wong is there in san francisco with the latest show down between officers and occupiers. claudine. >> i'm told the protesters will not be allowed to come back. they said they will. >> reporter: you've got the federal reserve police officers standing in front of the building. the employees are walking in and they're checking their ids. on market street, san francisco police have been posted out
6:31 am
here on the streets. one of the police cars driving by. they've posted up on the median. now it's gotten busier. they're also out here, just making sure that things stay clear. people can walk through and these occupy protesters cannot come back. i want to show you video of last night. things got heated last night. you've got five protesters that came back to the site in the late evening. things were fine until they joined up with a group of 30. that's when they started throwing bottles and police got in their rag gear and called in reinforcements. we talked to people this morning who were surprised to see police in riot gear. they do not want to see that camp come back. >> i just feel like they should be leaving. occupy is a good cause, but that's pretty much homeless. >> i've heard a lot of people say this camp was different
6:32 am
than some of the other protests they've seen. >> it has been a little different, but all in all, it's dirty. >> you don't want them back. >> yeah. the cause is good, but the look -- >> the camp is not. >> the camp is not a good thing. >> and the camp is gone. you're looking at video from last night when police did get rid of the camp that's been popping up along market street. again, if you come back out here live, you can see the street is clear, the barricades remain up. for now, there are no occupy protesters in sight. claudine wong, channel 2 news. lanes are open again after a wild accident that left one man dead and another one injured. it happened about 12:30 this morning. investigators say a car collided into the sound wall. it finally stopped this one of the middle lanes. that collision disabled the
6:33 am
car, knocking out its lights. that's when the driver of the car got out of his car. >> after he exited the vehicle, he got hit by another car. i don't know how long he was out there. >> when the man was hit by over the car, the impact was so strong it actually knocked him through the windshield of the other car. that driver was taken to the hospital. we don't know his condition. the young girl hit by an suv on her way home from school has now died. she was riding her bike home from school. christian captain is on location where this happened. you have the latest information, christian? >> reporter: we're standing on the stretch of road where the accident happened. take a look. the sun is rising, and you can get a better sense of the accident scene there. you can see in the distance what appeared to be police evidence markers trailing the path that the suv took in the moments before and after
6:34 am
hitting that middle schooler. now, we have new video we shot this morning of the memorial which now stands on the roadside. candles and teddy bears mark the spot and have been left here as a somber memorial. haley ratliff was riding her bike about 3:15 yesterday afternoon when she was hit by the white suv. emergency crews showed up. the girl was taken to the ambulance and then airlifted to oakland where she was pronounced dead. the authorities say the driver at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. >> he remained on scene and is being very cooperative with police, being interviewed, answering questions. witnesses are confirming his statement at this point. >> coming back out to our live shot at this memorial, we've talked with neighbors here who have talked to us about this stretch of road. they say they have grave concerns about this stretch of road. they say this is a heavily used
6:35 am
corridor for people traveling to and from. they say they would like to see more safety measures, perhaps a lower speed limit to try and control the traffic in the area. for now, we're live, channel news. a grocery store clerk is recovering after being assaulted during a robbery. witnesses say two masked gunmen held up the clerk in oakland last night. the store security guard says the robbers ordered him to get on the ground. the clerk was hit in the head with a gun. this comes after store clerks were robbed on tuesday. in minneapolis a man who just lost his job went on a shooting rampage. 36-year-old andrew angledinger went back to the business an shot 8 people. four of them died and three are in critical condition. after that, he put the gun on himself and killed himself. the police in body armor later searched his house looking for
6:36 am
evidence. last year, 458 people died in work related homicides. well, the southern california man believed to be behind that antimuslim movie that caused all the controversy and riots around the world is now being held in protective custody this morning. we'll show you video of nakoula basseley nakoula. he was taken into custody yesterday afternoon on suspicion of violating the terms of his probation, including lying to investigators and also using false names names. nakoula may face charges -- he's considered a flight risk, so he'll remain behind bars. the secretary of state hillary clinton will host talks which include the u.s., the
6:37 am
european union, and arab league. activists say the 18-month syrian conflict has led to more than 30,000 deaths. the white house says israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will get a call from president obama to follow up on their u.n. speeches. during his speech yesterday, netanyahu drew a red line on a diagram of a bomb, saying iran was close to completing the second stage of nuclear enrichment program. some say president obama snubbed netanyahu by not meeting with him in person. comedian roseanne barr shows her passionate political side. she advocated the legalization of marijuana last night. we asked if her campaign was a real deal or a stunt. >> i can't wait to hear her answer. sal is going to tell us all about traffic. you're watching san francisco,
6:38 am
aren't you? >> that's right, dave and pam. oracle open world starts on sunday, but they've started setting up the area and you can see that howard street is closed. it's been quite a month for san francisco here. they've had the apple announcement peer. they've had dream force, which is sales force big event. they have oracle open world that lasts until thursday of next week. howard street is closed for both of those events, or two out of the three events. it's pretty crowded here in the south of market. as we look down the street there, you can see this is howard street coming up past the w hotel. if you're driving to the hotel, you should be warned parking is at a premium and it's crowded in this area. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up here all the way back to the macarthur maze. the earlier crash we had on
6:39 am
northbound 880 at the alameda has been cleared. traffic is moving along well in this area. if you're driving on the 101 north and southbound, the traffic looks good as you drive on the peninsula. 639. happy friday morning. low clouds around, patchy fogs, other areas are clear. the big fog bank out there, doesn't look like much change out there. cooler inland after yesterday's warmup for some. thick morning fog, low clouds and also some a little closer reducing visibility. cool to hot, depending on proximity to the coast. there will be a lot of fog by the coast. antioch 58, livermore 59. 51 in san francisco and oakland airport 52. san rafael is at 49. it region going to sit out here for up to ten days. there's a system in oregon that will cool us off.
6:40 am
warm to hot inland, nice mild in between. this weekend, high pressure will build in. inland temps will definitely warm up. coast looks like they will deal with fog, 60s through 80s. i don't think we'll get the northwest wind, but temperatures away from the coast will warm up. some today will cool off. thick fog for a few. hazy warm to hot inland. temperatures all over the place here. again, we go from 60s to 90s. 95 degrees, 84 at walnut creek. 72 in oakland. pleasantton, 88. morgan hill to gilroy, 87. 77 fremont to sunny veil, sunnyvale. getting warmer on saturday for everyone. >> sounds good, thank you, steve. it's been a big hit, but now there's a controversy over hiring surrounding the america's cup. the complaint by workers setting up for the event. >> a woman caught on camera
6:41 am
committing a crime lets her 10- year-old daughter take the fall. now police are on the hunt for this morgan hill mother. >> good morning. westbound 24 looks pretty good from walnut creek to oakland. well tell you more about the commute in the bay area.
6:42 am
6:43 am
good morning. there's the fog. plenty to go around.
6:44 am
yesterday some temps warmed up. today was a little cooler inland. there will be a big warmup over the weekend. >> welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following you right now. a seventh grade girl has died after being hit by a car. it happened yesterday afternoon as she was riding her bike home from school. the neighbors say that area where she was hit is a dangerous area and needs safety improvements. >> a little over than two hours from right now, a court arraignment is set for a suspected gang member who was shot by san francisco police last week. oliver -- is facing several charges, including aggravate aid salt on a peace officer. after street protests broke out over the shooting, police announced he was carrying a gun and was on his way to avenge the killing of a friend. >> well, this morning san francisco police are still out there guarding an occupy camp in downtown san francisco that was raided late wednesday
6:45 am
night. now, a handful of nonstray tores say they're going to take back that area outside the federal reserve building on market street. >> a search continues for a mother who used her young daughter to shoplift and leave her holding the bag. ktvu news has the latest details on this surprising story. >> reporter: pam, some of the employees at this safeway store were shown this surveillance video, so they saw how it all went down. they tell us that the woman used her daughter to shoplift items at the safeway store and left the girl when store security approached her. police are looking for 38-year- old marci keiland of morgan hill. last week she and her daughter filled their cart with $150 worth of groceries and keiland told her to wait by the exit while she pulled up to her car. store employees realized they didn't pay and approached the
6:46 am
girl. that's when keiland drove off in her car. the girl's grandmother ended uptaking custody of the girl. >> it's a sad story and shocking. wow. i don't know what to say, really really. police say two weeks prior they have surveillance video of keiland shoplifting from the safeway again. investigators have been unable to locate her. she's described as 5 1'1", weighing 200 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. she's gone to drive a green ford explorer with wyoming license plates with 41118. reporting live from morgan hill, ktvu channel 2 news. the city of san francisco is looking into complaints about an event contractor working on the america's cup races. there are reports that people setting up the tents and bleachers for the yacht races are being paid less than the
6:47 am
city's prevailing raise by hartman studios. all of the workers are making at least the city's minimum wage. your time now, 6:47, a man who works as a bay area bridge toll taker is facing charges for sexual assaulting a woman. he's accused of attacking a woman on september 10th near laurel street. police say he threatened her with a gun before sexual assaulting her. he was arrested at his home on wednesday near the scene of the crime. investigators have not said which bay area bridge he works at. in next news this morning, president obama and mitt romney will be raising campaign cash on the east coast. mitt romney makes stops in philadelphia and boston. that's where fundraisers are expected to generate about $8 million. president obama will keep his campaign close to washington. he has three fundraising events scheduled today. over the weekend, both candidates will be getting
6:48 am
ready for next wednesday's presidential debate in denver. comedian roseanne barr is also running for president. she visited oakland to voice support for legalizing marijuana. >> government is not supposed to be run like a business. >> barr attended a forum on medical marijuana last night. she's the peace and freedom party's nominee. it's a role she takes seriously. >> i'm not doing it for publicity because my political views have ended my career. so it's not for publicity, that's for sure. >> she said she's upset and believes president obama broke a commitment to respect state laws allowing dispensaries. 6:49. another walnut creek bar and club is in controversy and hot water again. officials are saying that vice ultra lounge is threatening public health and public safety, and they're being
6:49 am
cracked down on. coming up for you at 7:07, how the owners respond to this and also how he plans to fight the accusations for the second time in the year. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> there's no bad, but we have slowdowns. we don't have a lot of major crashes, which is good. let's go outside and take a look at what we have. this is highway 24. it's doing well. there are no major problems but when you get to oakland, you will see slow traffic, especially at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a backup that's stretching along the overcrossing. it's about a 15-20 minute delay. the good news is we don't have anything reported on the bridge getting into san francisco. on the peninsula, highway 101 looks good to the airport. perhaps you're trying to catch a flight there. if you're driving on 880, it's the same thing. it doesn't really look bad on 880 trying to get from hayward to oakland airport. let's go to steve.
6:50 am
happy friday. some areas very thick fog. other areas, no fog at all. looks like more today than yesterday. there's a lot on the coast. the system moving into oregon will knock the edge off a little bit here. that will take temperatures down a little bit. the city made it to 66 yesterday. that's a heat wave lately. they should be around 70 degrees. there's more fog today. 64. now, that's the official temperature. other areas are cooler and other areas are warmer. livermore at 69. it's grading off a little bit, but this is going to play into our weather. the system, once it moves out, inland temperatures will go up, up, up. cool by the coast, warm to hot away. there's tremendous differences in sop of the temps. we'll see if this makes it to the coast. sure looks like it on saturday and monday. those look to be the warmest days. then a cooldown starts if not tuesday, wednesday.
6:51 am
thick fog for some, hazy and hot for others. 50s and 60s. getting warmer on saturday and everything with your weekend always in view looks warm. thanks, steve. new this morning, bank of america will pay $2.5 billion to settle a lawsuit. it was filed on behalf of investors who held stock when they planned to buy merrill lynch. they claim officers made misleading statements about the health of both companies. bank of america denies the charges and says it's cheaper to settle than continue to fight. electronic arts is cancelling a video game series. they announced it will not be an nba live 13 game. ea says the game has failed to reach the quote high quality experience it wants, and it does not want to introduce the game in the middle of the season. the company is planning to release a new version in 2014. we'll tell you about the
6:52 am
crime that happened in vallejo that targeted a facility that helps young boys and girls. we'll have the details for you. >> they are the giant sea creatures that many fear, but the reason great white sharks could soon get some protection.
6:53 am
hello, bay area, it's time to vote for this year's heros. your finalists are charlie bowen who's restoring walking paths in the city of berkeley.
6:54 am
betty trainer creating space for san francisco's tenderloin. lee your ra is work okayen saving a small sea gull bird bird. we've been talking about it for a little while, earning season is not expected to be
6:55 am
good. live look at the big board. dow jones down 100 points. walgreen, one of the first ones in. profits are down in the 4th quarter. stock is down. story from vallejo, the continentals of the boys and girls club was robbed. they lost most of their electronic equipment. thieves broke into the club and stole several computers and other items. it happened sometime between 6:00 p.m. wednesday and 7:30 yesterday morning. the suspects got in through a classroom window. ross mirkarimi goes back to court for a probation progress report. he entered a guilty plea back in march to a misdemeanor account of false imprisonment after he grabbed his wife's arm and bruised it last new year's eve. mirkarimi was sentenced to three years probation and had to undergo a year of domestic violence counseling.
6:56 am
next month the board of supervisors will decide whether he should be able to keep his job. bart has become the first transit agency in the nation to install an early warning system that can detect major earthquakes seconds before it happens. it uses sensors. once an earthquake is detected, an alert is sent out to the computer to slow down the train. it's designed to reduce the risk of derailments. a similar system is being used in japan. great white sharks are being considered for an endangered species list. there are only about 400 great whites left along the pacific coast. it's illegal kill them, but an endangered listing would allow better protection of the sharks. federal regulators will make their decision by june. sal, what's happening at the toll plaza? >> it's getting crowded. it has been crowded for a bit.
6:57 am
westbound coming in, you will see slow traffic into the city along the bridge as well. also this morning, we have a look at the south bay. we have a little bit of slow traffic on 101 and 280 as you approach the 880 interchanges. well, for some it will be warm to hot. hotter over the weekend. today looks cooler. plenty of areas of fog, 60s through 80s and 90 degrees. we'll talk about that in five to seven minutes. >> coming up, a horrible story, a young girl hit and killed. >> san francisco, riot police clashed again with occupy protesters. the police are still there. stay right here with us. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter.
6:58 am
brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
6:59 am
>> reporter: a memorial this morning for a young girl killed on this stretchway in novato. we'll tell you what neighbors have to say. a morgan hill mom on the


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