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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 28, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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oakland when six people are injured after an suv and a city public works vehicle collided. it happened at 14th and franklin around 10:20 this morning. this is new video just back from the scene. after the crash, the suv continued onto the sidewalk, taking out a street sign before slamming into a nail salon. two people were injured as well as two peds. now to the case in san francisco. the defendant, who is 22 years old, was not there and his lawyer is critical of what the police did following the shoot on thursday. claudine wong has mor from -- has more from the halls of justice. >> reporter: good afternoon.
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that's right. the defendant was not here because he's still in the hospital recovering from two gunshot wounds. >> he did suffer gunshot wounds in this event. that's the reason that he's unable to be here today. >> reporter: michael gains said he got a chance to talk to his client in the hospital over the weekend. >> my conversations with him were under police scrutiny at the time. apparently there was a lot of heat about this and even me going to the hospital. i was watch and frisked but they finally consutted their legal department and finally let me in. >> reporter: police say this all started when lane-clothes officers identified him as a possible gang member and they say when police tried to talk to him, he ran.
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police say when he ran into the direction of police they fired, according to the defendant. there -- there were protests and then that led to this meeting, when the public was shown a picture of the gun, and -- >> the police knew i was shown a picture of the defendant as well as a gun. it's unfortunate. this is the -- this is where we hope to be able to get a fair trial. they are gonna say what they want to say. our job here at the police department is to hold the community meetings and inform the public because they have the right to know. >> reporter: his attorney says he's still putting together what happened but he already has a different story to tell.
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>> i would say, just to give a balanced picture here, this guy was earning a live and doing well. >> reporter: everybody should be back in court on friday. but the judge says if he can still not get back from -- to court, the issue will be discussed then. >> reporter: a stream of mourners came out show their respect for haley ratliff. investigators say she was wearing her helmet and riding her bicycle and the driver of the suv hit her on this stretch
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of road and stopped immediately following the accident. paramedics rushed the girl to the hospital. she was later airlifted to children's hospital oakland where she was pronounced dead. novato police say the driver is cooperating with authoritying. >> our traffic investigators have taken measurements and evidence and they are in the process of reconstructing the accident to determine what happened and what caused it. >> neighbors say novato boulevard is a busy area. >> the cars speed through here and they are really fast i walk here through my dog and my kids. i don't let my kids walk
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through here alone. it's dangerous. >> reporter: christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. a bridge was named after a toddler today. the bridge is located at 5 550 coddle road. janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: we're here at coddle where you can see the new pedestrian bridge behind me. now, just moments ago they did the ribbon-cutting ceremony. now, down below is the railroad that peds would cross illegal aid within r -- and where the toddler was killed seven years ago. now, city officials hope it will save lives. it's named zander's crossing. police say his baby-sitter left
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him with another woman who walked him across -- across the tracks but then went back to get her own baby in the stroller. >> my son is gonna save so many lives. i just hope that people are -- are smart enough to use it. i just hope they use it instead of cutting across because they are in a hurry. what's a couple of seconds? >> reporter: the new 350-foot long steel bridge between the bustling strip mall between coddle and the south san jose neighborhood across the street. the event was out here and back out here live, you can see this fence out here. this is brand new. it's made of mesh.
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i was told by the vpa, you can't pull it. it's very difficult to climb. this was put up it. it is sort of an extra safety precaution. it was put up to today. james izumizaki, a teacher and coach, is being held on $100,000 bail for having lewd acts with a student. occupy protesters returned to the federal reserve
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building. and they knocked over barriers. onwards night, officers made 45 arrests during the raid. a mother and daughter escaped a fire that seriously damaged their ohm. it broke down at the home on mull berry lane. flames spread across the home's wood shake rooftop. the roof collapsed. neighbors say after they called 911 it took firefighter as long time to get there. when firefighters i rave -- araved flames were -- arrived, flames were up high in the area. an estimate of the damage is not yet known and the cause of the fire is under investigation. the head of apple is apologizing to customers. tim cook says he's extremely
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story about its new map and application. the cooper-based company stopped using google maps and essentially forcing customers to use the apple maps instead. but there have been numerous complaints about this. >> i think this is apple doing some damage control that this has sort of snowballed and they were hoping this would be something that people would complain about and people are talking about the maps don't work. maybe i shouldn't get the iphone. cal caltrans is planning
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last year you, the 405 closure caused fears of awful jams which did not materialize. preparations are underway for the oracle open world conference in san francisco that start sunday. ktvu saw crews setting up for the event which will close howard street between 3rd and 4th. more than 50,000 people are expected to attend. caltrans is alerting drivers about upcoming closures for a bay area bridge for a seismic upgrade and repairs. the san mateo hayward bridge
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will be shut down over two weekends next month. the closures will be from 10:00 p.m. on friday to 5:00 p.m. on monday. during the shutdown, caltrans crews will infall a new seismic joint and replace 60 feet of the bridge deck -- will install a new seismic joint and replace 60 feet of the bridge deck. is caltrans is urging drivers to take alternate routes during the closures including the dumbarton and bay bridges and highway 237. new court documents were released in a shooting rampage and inr -- and injured 58 others. according to court documents. according to prosecutors say
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james holmes threatened a supervisor. the university has said holmes was denied access -- to certain areas of the campus because he had withdrawn from school. morgan police are accusing a woman for stealing and lettering her -- letting her daughter pay for the bill. she did not pay for the groceries and told her daughter to wait by the door with the cart and and got her car and told her daughter -- bring the -- told her daughter bring the cart when i drive up. >> i don't really know her but it doesn't seem like her morals
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are there. new information shows more americans are living in downtown urban areas. the census bureau says 16 million americans now live within two miles of a city hall. that's about 6% of the entire american population. researchers believe americans are moving into downtown areas to be closer to their job. the owner of a walnut creek nightclub plans to fight the city over unfair allegations. the owner is supposed to meet to might -- to discuss a forced conditional permit. it sets a closing time and regulates the sale of alcohol. the owner says the city is trying to force him to close and is not friendly to small
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business owners. a small earthquake hit at 9:25 a.m. the usgs says it was centered about two miles eve of -- east of berkeley. the magnitude temblor was felt by some in the newsroom. santa cruz is getting help from the tsunami from japan because of the waves. $850,000 was given to santa cruz that suffered significant damage that day. if you are flying in and out of san francisco international airport this weekend, you can expect some flight delays again. this is the third weekend in a row that the crews will install
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new lights. run of the main runways will close at 10:00 tonight and reopen at 8:00 p.m. monday morning. that is likely to cause delays over the weekend. unseasonably hot weather in store for your oakland. even an -- for where you -- for your weekend. today, minor changes. a live look at the inland east bay. mostly sunny skies. meanwhile around the coast and bay, we continue to be socked in. giving you a look, stormtracker2 lined up across the coastline. still mostly cloudy. for oakland as well as parts of san leandro, the onshore breeze a bit stronger. 17 miles an hour. anywhere from 10 to 15 to 20 miles an hour.
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it's gonna feel like a -- like we did on thursday. for areas near antioch aened livermore, 50s and 60s right around the bay. oakland 55. san francisco, 55. low 60s santa rosa as well as napa. in store for your afternoon, partly cloudy skies will remain solid along the coast. warm inland, with some of our temperatures for the hotert spots and then in time for the weekend. the big notable heat upis coming and then sunday into monday looks to be the two hottest days for some of us -- where some of us may hit a near record temperature of 100. some of the hottest we've seen since about mid-june. that's gonna bring an extensive heat watch. sunday, monday for our valleys as well as mountains. north bay, east bay and temperatures near the 90s and nearing 100 for some spots.
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81 for novato, 78 in san rafael. 68 for sausalito. east bay areas, 72 for oakland. it's a warm day. 90 for livermore. 85 in dan victim. 80 for san jose. 79 for sunnyvale and the peninsula for the afternoon, 72 san mateo, 78 palo alto. 64 in san francisco. low to mid-60s at the coast. a scorcher for some of our inland areas. especially sunday, holding on to monday. there is your weekend. notice the coast. it could be a nice beach day for us. 70s, even though low 80s in the forecast by sunday. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. 2,000 bicycle riders from around the world are expected to gather in san francisco font. they are marking. 20th anniversary of the critical mass movement. the ride takes place on the last friday of every month with hundreds of riders of san
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francisco. the popularity of bike riding has really grown. the ride kick off from justin her man -- kirks off from justin herman plaza. b.a.r.t. is having a bike blackout period, 37% of the respondents want to end those restrictions. 25% end up favoring this. encouraging economic news for one particular part of the bay area and if you can not wait until halloween to be frightened. we'll show you where you can go starting tonight. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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stocks are lower as the third quarter comes to a close. now, even with the declines today, stocks are on track to post small gains for the quarter. the dow is down 51. nasdaq is down 14. s&p down 6. lie vau stras is moving to a new location in san francisco. the clothing retailer will leave union square and move to
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market street. the space is a little smaller than the current store but the south of market area is becoming more of a destination for international and local shoppers. economists say east contra costa county has the strength to build strong businesses but work still needs to be done. that was the common theme at yesterday's collaborative event. that was the case yesterday. the antioch chamber of commerce has been working for more than a year to come up with a plan to stimulate job growth. tonight is the start of fright night at san jose's winchester mystery house. the grounds of the reportedly haunted home of sara winchester will be filled with scary attractions. there is also a mysterious corn
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maize. it runs through november 3rd. a dire warning in our nation's capitol about plans to cut federal funds from an earthquake early-warning system. how big a setback this could be. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you at 5:00 and on and mobile ktvu. card hassles?
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