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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 28, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. we spoke with police and we understand there are still people out there. this is where everyone planned to meet up at the end of the night after going through the streets of san francisco. >> the critical mass met in numbers and by 6:20 they were off rolling down the embark a dare oh. pedaling to mark the 20th anniversary of an event. people started gathering hours before here from across the nation. >> i'm from los angeles. >> los angeles. >> san diego. >> oakland. >> before, the culture was commuters. >> a critical mass culture that
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includes bikes of all types and people are all ages. many came in creative costumes. critical mass has had its critics over the years. >> some of my friends and i would go in at night and paint in fake lanes. >> tonight some drivers turned off their engines, patiently waiting up to 20 minutes in some spots. >> we were hoping to pass it open. >> after two decades a truce that many hope will continue. >> it's been changing the ways city operate and people move. >> when critical mass started back in 2002, there were hardly any bicycle spaces or bike lanes, now san francisco has
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more than 65 miles of bike lanes lanes. ktvu camera men rode along with the critical mass riders tonight broadcasting live pictures. the riders weaved their way through the streets of downtown san francisco to the front of city hall. ben tells us he saw thousands of bike riders taking part, including a lot of kids. more details now. on any given day there are 75,000 bikes in san francisco. bike riders now make up 3 1/2% of the population. bike riding has gone up 71% between 2006 and 2011. now where hundreds of people gathered tonight to honor a north bay girl who was
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killed while riding her bike home from school. where the loss of 12-year-old haley ratliff has touched the community. debra. >> reporter: haley's favorite word were awesome and people say that described her, too. all day they have laid flowers here at the spot where the cash happened and tonight they tried as best they could to comfort her family. >> we're so sorry for everything. >> reporter: local pastors spoke for a city to two parents holding on to each other amid a sea of supporters as they cope with the loss of their oldest child. >> she is a beautiful girl. >> haley collided with an suv. she liked to stop on the way at a pasture to pet some horses. >> she's talking about us all
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dressing up in costumes. >> she he split off from the friend just minutes before. >> saying good-bye
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>> balloons flew at the end of tonight's vigil. the accident itself still under investigation. no citation for the driver who is cooperating. a fund has been set up for the ratliffs who plan, i'm told plan to move back to albuquerque. at ktvu we have a slide show of tonight's vigil. you will also find out more information about that fund for the family. welcoming a new pedestrian bridge over a dangerous set of railroad tracks. the crossing is named after two- year-old alexander air yag a who was hit and killed by an amtrak in 2005. her his mother attended today's ceremony. >> my son is going to save so
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many lives and i just hope that people are smart enough to use it. >> for years the tracks were a well used shortcut. the new foot bridge allows people to cot will road and -- on the west side and monterrey road on the east so they don't have to go over the train tracks. the owners of san jose's newest card room are asking the city for money after their grand opening was delayed. the owners say it took 4 months longer than expected to obtain a license if the city. now they are asking for more than $10,000 in damages. in ten minutes a rare apology from apple and advice for i-phone users. signed a bill today limiting people from carrying long guns openly in public. the bill was sponsored by tom
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-- of san francisco. it bans the display of unloaded rifles and -- targets the open carry movement guns rights activists had taken of carrying long guns. also signed by governor brown today a bill authorizing the construction of a statue of ronald reagan. reagan went on to become the only california governor ever to win the presidency. the statue will be funded by private donations. a man killed today, 38-year- old tony reyes was struck and killed near marsh road in redwood city just after 12:30 this morning.
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he graduated from -- and went on to become a professional bowler. investigators say he crashed into a sound wall, then got out of his truck and was hit by a passing suv. reyes died at the scene. police say two are looking for a magazine salesman. we told you how police wanted to identify a salesman who allegedly talked two women into drawing money from an atm. now we have learned that it happened to 3 other people. it names the suspect as 24-year- old cody allen smith. a group of 19 military veterans is suing is u.s. government. they say more should have been done to help them after they were sexually assaulted. say top military officials didn't do enough for the
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crimes. >> i have been alone and i have been silent. >> today daniel danielle hoffman is speaking out. >> it's hard to speak out, especially if you are still in the military. but you're not alone and we're fighting for you. >> reporter: she's joining 18 others in a federal lawsuit filed in san francisco today against the current and former u.s. defense secretaries and the -- they claim these high ranking officials knew about the assault problems in the military and didn't do enough to stop the attackers. >> they all endured strikingly similar partners of retall -- patterns of retaliation. >> the treatment of rape victims in the military is so stigmatizing, many would rather die. >> according to the 2000 annual report it estimates 19,000
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military sexual assaults but only 3200 reported. that's why pushing the stop act. would push it into an independent panel. >> they will get a fair review, that they will not have the conflict of interest overlay that happens with so many of these cases. >> reporter: the stop act remains in -- so now the handling of military sexual assaults remains in house. and you can read the charges for yourself at we have posted a copy of the lawsuit. just scroll down to the hot topic section to find those court documents. police say she fled with her baby after abandoning her daughter at save way. tonight growing concerns about the safety of her infant son. i'm back here at 10:20. we're looking at a chance of some showers. i'll show you which days will
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be the hottest. here's madison court on a google. but where is it on an i-phone 5.
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dozens of people turned out to remember a san francisco city college student who was gunned down in late june. friends, family and say was an innocent victim.
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say fatally shot. that's where tonight's vigil watts held. -- was held. he had come with his family from eet ethiopia. law enforcements are looking for a bay area mother who they say abandoned her 10 month old daughter. tells us officers have been in contact with the woman and they think they know where she is heading now. >> a representative of child protective services came to the home of -- today as we have been reporting. say on september 19th she drove off and left her 10-year-old daughter behind after they were left trying to leave the safe way store with a cart full of merchandise. the 10-year-old is staying with her grandmother. police found out keelan is on the run with her son ashton, who is between 11 to 12 months
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old. >> our -- has contacted her. we believe she may be suicidal. we have contacted other agencies, chp, eldorado county. >> you feel as though the 11 month old child is in danger. >> with the information we have we believe it may be. >> reporter: a green ford expedition with license plate 41188, but. >> we believe she has changed the license plate from wyoming to a california license plate. >> reporter: so the search has expanded to the lake tahoe area. her mother wants people to know her daughter suffers from manic, theives took $20,000 worth of computer equipment
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from a school. the equipment was set up in a rented space across from the school at the continental's of omega's boys and girls club which hoped to use the technology. >> we are all fighting to have have -- to do the best we can. >> reporter: school officials say they plan to use computers from other classrooms. governor brown has given the green light to reform red light cameras. says uniform standards and makes it easier for drivers to challenge tickets. drivers identified by mistake won't have to snitch on a guilty driver. the bill was authored by joe submity. mitt romney is predicting a
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come from behind victory in pennsylvania. >> i've got a secret and that obama campaign thinks that pennsylvania is in their pocket, they don't have to worry about it and you're right and they are wrong. >> reporter: recent polls in pennsylvania show romney trailing by more than 10 points in some polls. the nominee blasted president obama. tonight the president was in washington speaking about the economy. >> the question right now is whose plan is going to keep us moving forward. you guys are a little biased. >> all of this comes as the university of denver is getting ready for the first presidential debate. the two will face off wednesday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 our time. the election is still more than a month away but coming up in
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13 minutes why it's almost too late to reach some voters. cellcell phones using google or android are in danger of being wiped clean. it can happen when opening a website -- the problem requires a software update in order to fix it. apple ceo is apologizing for mapping in the phone. john reports on what frustrated customers can do to bypass the problem. >> i got lost three times. >> this man came to meet his sister. but he says his i-phone with the new apple maps made even the downtown hard to find. >> i kept missing off ramps. >> apple perhaps can be
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downloaded to older models but countless online comments say people who thought the world was flat were more accurate. >> i looked up a couple of addresses and directions and it's really confusing to me. >> reporter: it's been such a serious problem that today apple ceo apologized. >> i think they would have had that worked out already. >> reporter: apple is working on improving its product. in walnut creek. bay area air quality officials have issued a spare the air alert for tomorrow. the reason, a forecast calling
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for sunny hot weather and ozone pollution. also avoid outdoor activities during the hottest parts of the day. your temperatures today cooled a bit from yesterday. some numbers down as much as 15 degrees. tomorrow's temperatures increase. we will go back to where we were yesterday. near the coast we will see temperatures in the low 60s. so tomorrow the real heat comes down the road. there's fog up in the north bay. fog out in oak lands. tomorrow morning's fog foot print looks pretty light. that's the beginning of that off shore flow. so the fog is going to be limited but at the coast it's going to be very dense. then the fog burns off and temperatures warm to where they were yesterday, 80s and low 90s. as we go into sunday and monday, high fire danger, poor
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air quat. i'll be back here at 10:45 with specifics. the new barge expansion is now one step closer to becoming reality. south way leaders gathered to help break ground on that new extension. part of the project includes the widening of mission boulevard. is silicone valley project is a 16-mile extension. out a social media app that is now bigger than twitter, plus. >> yeah, we feel the pinch. a jump in consumer spending and why some say that doesn't tell the whole story. first live pictures from the peninsula. this group is celebrating tonight with a camp out.
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dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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happening now. number the of the group occupy redwood city are commemorating the movement's first anniversary by spending the night outside of city hall. the occupiers say they don't plan on putting up any tents but they do plan on spending the night. they plan on staying there until noon tope. they say -- tomorrow. they say it's their first physical occupation. occupy san francisco is now gone from the corner of the financial district that it's held on to for almost a year. police cleared out the en campment earlier this week arresting 45 occupiers in the. even a few occupiers say the en campment had lost its political message. a new report shows consumer spending is on the rise.
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why some people say they can't live without these two things. >> a lot of it was due to rising gas prices. >> yeah, we felt the pinch. >> reporter: pamela connelly really felt the effects after the birth of her third child. >> we had to buy a minivan and that was a huge shock to us because we were driving a prius before and our gas was so minimal. now we're paying over $80 to fill up at the pump and it hurts. >> shows consumer spending rising the biggest jump since february. >> consumer spending has been a little stronger lately. in part out been buoyed by spending on energy. it seems to me that consumers have become more confident about the future outlook of the economy. >> remember the lines for the
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new i-phone, many are willing to spend more on phones and. >> what are you going to do, not have a cell phone. >> her cell phone is about $65 more a month than compared to a few years ago. >> once you have a smart phone you never go back. you can take pictures, you can do everything. >> that's a bigger part of household budgets. >> reporter: on the flip side, big ticket items. >> there's been a real pull back in the luxury end of our spending. >> reporter: carol lou. in stay gram keeps getting hotter and hotter, it now has more users than twitter. in stay gram's popularity has skyrocketed. in stay gram was recently
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purchased by facebook for $741 million. starting this weekend customers can use the app based to ask for rides to and from anywhere until the south bay -- in the south bay. once you download the app you can put in a request for a pickup. it already operates in san francisco. stock markets ended the week on the downside but still posted gains for the 3rd quarter. the nasdaq was off 20, but the measure index has gained 4% in the last 4 months and are up 10% or more so far this year. your chance to vote is coming sooner than you think here in santa clara county. the early start you can get and what political campaigns are doing to get your vote. but first warning signs in the bay area about a new revelation about an unforeseen
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bay area drivers are being warned about a freeway closure happening hundreds of miles away. one of our camera men shot this sign tonight on southbound 280 telling drivers to expect delays this weekend in los angeles due to the closure of a main artery. some are calling it karma ged on the sequel. a 10-mile stretch of 405 is set to be shut down tonight for construction. a similar construction happened last year and while the outcome wasn't as bad as expected some are still worried about this weekend's commute. >> don't believe anything you heard. >> reporter: not everyone is
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being negative. however new research from ucla shows last year improved air quality across the region. los angeles is one step closer to possibly getting its own nfl team. approved a plan to build a 70,000 seat stadium downtown. but there's no -- the stadium would cost $1.2 billion, unions are behind the project because of all the jobs it would create but others are concerned about traffic, parking, air quality and noise. los angeles hasn't had its own nfl team since the rams 17 years ago. now to our election 2012 coverage. the early absentee voting means the campaigns have little time to make their push.
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voters can begin casting their ballots in less than 2 weeks. >> in about a week and a half they will be able to vote, changing the way political campaigns try to get their support. don't be cool at how calm things look. the election season has started. >> we have over 770,000 registered voters so we have already started the process of mailing them their pam pamphlets. >> reporter: almost 68% of the total registered voters will request a mail in ballot. san jose state political science profession or says campaigning know they have to reach voters sooner. >> they have to put those ads out earlier than they would have in the past. >> one of the most talked about initiatives in san jose, it
10:32 pm
would raise minimum age from 8 to $10 an hour. they say their grass roots campaign can't take any votes for granted. >> we started not just a few weeks before the early voting but we have been going at it for about 2 months now. >> reporter: backed by the silicone valley chamber of customers. these political ads are going up now. say early voting and mail in ballot make it more expensive. but waiting until the end of october is not an option. >> if you wait you have no chance of winning. >> reporter: several bat on the drop off-sites like this one will open up october 8. you can go to our website for locations. just click on web links. matt keller. some same sex couples are
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getting a reprieve from the federal government. partners in which one is an illegal immigrant will put their deportation on hold. today the department of homeland security says it plans to spend its resources on higher priority cases. united airlines is ready to make a dream come true. the dream liner jet left boeing field today for test flights in houston. the dream liner weighs a bit less than other jets. on landing the plane called the -- pilot called the plane sophisticated. san francisco is gearing up to welcome thousands of people to this world's oracle of -- organizers say the conference will feature discussions about industry trends, future
10:34 pm
technology and innovation. ceo is said to welcome the new database. more than 60,000 people are expected to attend. goes until next thursday. now you can get ktvu news to go, download the app, click on the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your device. quake early morning system that we told you about last night. the high-tech system is designed to automatically slow bart trains during a sizeable quake. u.s. seismologists say we are already behind other countries. >> right now in japan they have developed an early warning system. we are behind them already. >> reporter: a fully operational system would cost about $150 million. no word on an outcome today.
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10 and 11-year-olds paid a bounty for big hit. the action that's being taken. and i'm back here in just a couple of minutes. i've got your weekend forecast and it promises to be a warm one. and in just 8 minutes we will introduce you to a dear friends of ours behind the cameras right here. the stories that john mckenzie has brought us for nearly 40 years.
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two teenagers are behind bars accused of starting a fire at a park in hasn't i don't care. investigators say the 14 and 17- year-old suspects intentionally set the fire last mopped that destroyed the city park playground. police say they made the arrest last night after receiving a step. step. in albany investigators say no charges have been filed against a teacher accused of performing a lewd act on a child. an inappropriate relationship with a child under the age of 14. the al meet a district attorney's office says the investigation is ongoing. on leave from albany middle school and currently free on
10:39 pm
$100,000 bond. a youth football team that went on to become the -- went to the pop warner super bowl last year is now under investigation for alleged cash bounties. have been fighting allegations that they gave the 10 and 11- year-old players cash for big hits on opposing players. this week more parents and players came forward. >> we now have 6 parents and players saying that this happened. 6 out of a team of about 22 confirming this happened. so there's no doubt in my mind that this happened. late yesterday the national organization suspended the team coach and president pending the outcome. the search for missing teamsters boss jimmy hoffa has failed to turn up any leads. he reportedly said he saw a
10:40 pm
body being buried there in 1975. soil samples were taken from under the driveway and will now be tested. in news of the world tonight a plane carrying people to mount he have rest crashed and burned after hitting a bird. all 19 on board were killed. this time of year is popular for trekking in the foothills of the him lay yays. in the mediterranean sea rescued migrants today in a dingy. they ran into rough seas, then sent out a distress call. most of the migrants are believed to be from africa. 22 of them are women, one is pregnant. in australia authorities have approved the killing of sharks that get too close to
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popular beaches and swimmers. previously shark kills were only allowed after an attack on a human. great white sharks are a protected species and conservationists are angry about this new policy. every story there's one picture that tells that story. >> he's our chief photographer and he has captured that picture for nearly 40 years. up next the man behind the lens as we say good-bye. and our meteorologist is updating his forecast for the weekend ahead. the big warm up you will feel and when temperatures will hit 100 degrees.
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the weather report brought to you by lexus. tv viewers rarely get to meet the men and women who -- tonight is an exception as rob roth reports our good friend and long time chief
10:44 pm
photographer john mckenzie is retiring after 38 years at channel 2. >> john mckenzie out with a camera and tripod chances are everything will come out perfect. >> on every story there's one picture that tells that story. >> every day for the past 34 years john mack as we call him has somehow managed to finds that picture. but this story on wednesday was reporter would be his last. john mckenzie is retiring. you may not know mack's name or know his face but you will remember his work. we do. in 1989 mckenzie and reporter went out with the coast guard to shoot rescue training. >> it was pretty much terrifying. >> the boat went down, the camera came up and dislocated
10:45 pm
my collarbone. that hurt. >> wild fires are one of the most dangerous stories a television crew can cover. mack never shied away. >> i knew we were in trouble when the firemen started running around screaming at each other. >> reporter: he may not be as well known as his brother. this time both brothers were in front of the camera back in the early 80s. >> if he wanted to dry to be a reporter for a day i was of willing to work with him. >> on the way to the story we would talk about family or relationships or whatever, then we were together and of course he was the best writer in the business. >> in 1996 mack went to bosnia. they interviewed a woman as she toured her house for the first time in 2 years. >> you see he this here.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: the story photographed and told quietly and sensitively. >> he shot it so well that the pictures told the story. >> mack and i got an exclusive tour of san san death row. >> i don't remember any time where he came back without achieving what he was out to get. and that says a lot. >> reporter: more recently mack had been not only shooting his stories. he like other photographers edited them and then had enough technical know how to operate a truck and set up for a live report. and he's also been chief photographer helping hire many current photo journalists. for a reporter he's an invaluable. >> he's able to put in
10:47 pm
perspective the way the story should look and the way it can look better. >> i will say okay, i'll do that but you will look bad. usually if you tell them they will look bad they will change their mind. >> mack said for years he's had the same event. there's a major event. >> and i couldn't get to my camera. i never get to it. >> reporter: that dream thankfully never came true and now never will. mack plans on traveling with a camera never out of reach. rob roth, ktvu. what do you say? the guy is just great. >> he has won his share of emmy awards. he brought us the major stories around the bay area but also around the world. you think about all the things he has done and such a nice man. >> he gets the shot and makes it look so easy and it is not
10:48 pm
easy. >> and like dennis, he had a lot of heart and soul in this newsroom and he was a great dad. >> we are going to miss you john. >> good luck with your retirement. we'll do some weather now. it's going to start to warm up. today was not warm but by sunday, monday, it's really going to heat up. these are the overnight lows. 48 in nap a. not that cool but nice. the major warming trend is slated for sunday and monday. it starts tomorrow. but as we get into sunday and monday you see them really start to come up. temps into the upper 100s 100s so it's going to be hot, for sunday and monday have issued an excessive heat watch. san francisco is not included, oakland is not included. but morgan hill, you are going
10:49 pm
to be included. one of the hotter periods we have seen really all year. so as we head into tomorrow the warming starts. the fog sticks with us pretty much the entire day tomorrow, but then by sunday it starts to scooch off shore. so we'll see fog at the coast tomorrow. sunday and monday a lot less fog, if any fog. those days will be very hot. it's hard to get records this time of year but it's going to be hot. 94 in fair field. these are your forecast highs for tomorrow. just note if you are heading out to the beaches on sunday and monday because the weather is going to be hot, ocean beaches there's going to be large swell so the rip currents are going to be going, so be very careful in san francisco, ocean beach or -- on sunday or monday. 84 tomorrow, 85. temperatures there in the mid-
10:50 pm
60s. the five day forecast, with your bay area forecast. we have -- tomorrow early and she will be reporting on the beginning of the heat and i will e there's your 5 day forecast with your weekend in view. it's one of the hotter periods we've had all year. >> toasty, yeah. all right, well, we'll be ready for it. you told us about it. crucial games for the as, sports is up equity in. up-- next.
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now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. this portion of the news brought to you by your local volkswagen dealer.
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california ford dealers is a proud sponsor of the high school game of the week. >> good evening, everybody, one week from tonight baseball will hold the two wild card playoff teams and the as tonight took another step to make sure they he get an invitation to that party. fans still doing the bernie in front of the mariners tonight. coco crisp missed the last 9 games with an eye infection, that's his lead. he was 3 for 4 tonight. 3rd inning, steven drew. oakland has 189 homers. seattle couldn't break through and watch this. the rookie a 5 tool player.
10:54 pm
we haven't even seen his full potential yet as the as beat seattle tonight. la angels won so the magic number over them is 4. that means the as magic number over tampa bay is now just 3. the giants will probably host the first 5 of division series against either cincinnati or washington. but first they have to burn off these first regular season games starting tonight in san diego. buster posey was actually sick before the game but he still played and actually increased his lead. posey got his first triple of the year. he's now leading .334. should also get the mpv award this year, but tonight giants get the double from pablo sandoval. they win for the 92nd time this
10:55 pm
season. cincinnati could be the first -- threw the 7th no hitter of this major league season. bailey walked one, another pirate got on. throws the first no no since 198 # and they win. friday night high school football game of the week comes from archbishop middy and -- we have got big time plays. out the west catholic opener. middies daniel gets free. high tails it 75 yards, monarchs cut the lead at halftime. but sara comes back, watch the interior blocking on this play. anglo air cay ran for -- sara
10:56 pm
has another running back, eric redwood, timber. 64-yard touchdown, sara wins. it was a football game atmosphere today for the 39th rider cup at me dine a country club. keegan drills a 25-foot birdie in the morning session. bradley and teammate phil nickel son won both their games today. destroyed peter hanson. partners tiger woods and steven strike inner lost both their matches. extend the match with lee westwood and rider cup rookie niklas coul saturdays. cold blooded, 8 birdiesies and an eagle. usa lead 5-3 but they still
10:57 pm
need points to take back the rider cup. magic number now for the as is 4 with 5 games to go. thank you, brad. and thank you for trusting ktvu news. news begins tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we'll tell you about a nobel laureate. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2.
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