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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  October 2, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(man) go to bed. security closes the doors on demonstrators amidst a mention packed protest on a shooting. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it all started peacefully enough about 50 people marched to the council meeting.
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they say is police shooting of blufford was unwarranted and unjustified. but police see it different, they say he had a gun. but they found when they arrived security had been tightened. amber lee shows us what happened next that led to some heated arguments. >> reporter: there was a lot of tension. security closed the balcony. protesters prevented from entering the council meeting chanted and blew whistles. the sound was piercing and deafening. >> no justice, no peace. no justice, no peace. >> reporter: inside chambers city council president larry reed was shouted down by
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protests. one person who did get hurt was anne blufford. she says this is the third council meeting she's attended to try to get answered to find out what happened to her son. today she demanded the police report. >> alan is gone. she's not coming back. he can't speak for himself. but i'm here to speak for him. i want that report as his mother. i want to know what happened to my son. >> reporter: brooks promised help to the blufford family but promised to work with the city to make changes. >> but don't you come in here because that didn't change anything. >> reporter: during ruckus meeting, reed offered his copy to blufford father. >> adam, do you want my copy.
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>> reporter: the blufford family and supporters filedded out. blufford showed us the paper work. >> >> reporter: that's what he gave you. >> yes, but it's a relief to have it. it's just a lot of questions. >> reporter: the protesters said that two months is too long to get answers. a wave of violence on bay area streets. the shootings in one bay area city. any victims to come guard after arresting a man on sexual assault and attempted murder charges. you're looking at 50-year-old martin vaneycke. police say he attacked a man and a woman last night after drugging them at sunset hall. they believe he may have attacked others. this was an emotional day at an east bay middle school. students, parents and teachers are trying to come to grips with the loss of a popular
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teacher who was found dead after being accused of molestation. as ktvu's john sasaki reports, that teacher was a beloved member of their school community. >> reporter: classes led out early today at albany middle school because of the hardships the school is enduring today. >> i had him as a teacher he was a really great teacher and i really miss him. >> reporter: tears flowed freely for the teacher that committed just five days after arrested for allegedly committing a lewd act on a minor. >> so i just feel really bad for all of his family and friends and all the teachers here that they loved him. he was a great guy. >> reporter: there was an outpouring of support and some in the school security say they do not believe the allegations. >> that's two families suffering through very
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difficult situationless. one suffering through a loss and the other dealing with their child being touched inappropriately. >> we don't have all the information. that's all we tell them. you shouldn't judge things until you have the information. >> reporter: despite that unknown situation, teachers and staff wore black arm bands, students made origami cranes and people crowded in. most of these are from middle school students but many high school students also came back to give their condolences. >> we listened more because we had a lot more respect for him. >> reporter: around the same time at the vigil. staff was focused today not on school work but on helping the student body come to grips with this loss. ktvu has learned additional charges have been filed against 25-year-old bradley mosack. he is the man accused of snatching a 9-year-old girl from the restaurant of a school
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in san mateo. investigators have now tied him to a school in san mateo. mosack photographerred -- photographed a group of girls from underneath a stall. juniper is eliminating 500 positions. it's part of the cost cutting plan that was announced back in july. the cuts will include engineers working on the q fabric products designed to help businesses operate data centers more efficiently. there's a new battle in the patent war between samsu -- samsung and apple. the south korean tech company filed its own infringement against apple iphone 5. the two companies have a history of
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lawsuits targeting each other. just last month samsung was ordered to pay apple on another infringement case. the dow dropped 32 point, the nasdaq gained six. one analyst said he doesn't expect any big knews until the monthly unemployment figures are released on friday. now to the race for the white house, president obama and mitt romney are said to face off tomorrow night in the first of three presidential debates. crews put the finishing touches at the stage today of the university of denver. at the eve of a debate, a wall street journal poll shows the president keeping his gain but romney is close by. the moderator is jim lehrer host of news hour. president obama and governor romney will have two minutes for their answers. and at 10:30 tonight, how
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the two candidates are getting ready. one visited the site of an engineering marvel he had never seen before. five men were gunned down in four separate and apparently unrelated incidents. the first happened near international boulevard. police say the man was killed at his home. the victim was on his porch at the time and was shot several times. investigators tell us that the angle of the bullets indicate it may have been a drive by shooting. this rash of shootings started last night when an 18-year-old was killed. then at 10:20 another man was killed. then this morning, two friends were killed. sutton and dell were sitting on a sparked van when someone killed him. the motherover dell's son
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seemed to speak for all of the victims. >> i mean that's someone's son, grandson, great grandson, someone's father. some people just don't care. it hurts. >> reporter: both shootings on mcarthur were outside liquor stores and police say none of them appear to be related. so far this year there have been 90 killings in oakland compared to 103 in all of last year. ktvu has new information tonight about a young man from lafayette who died labor day weekend on a float trip. officials today classified the death of bret olson as an accident. autopsy reports show olson drowned. he had an excessive amount of alcohol in his system and had recently used cocaine. a nursing strike is on the way right now. it's the first time nurses
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there have walked out since 1986. jana katsuyama tells us a new national policy is adding a twist to this labor dispute. >> reporter: nurses stood and waved sign in the blistering sun. putting the heat on the hospital. hospital negotiations are asking nurses to pay for more their health care. >> in some cases trip -- triple what we would have to pay. >> reporter: their wages of 27 to $77 an hour is lower than at other hospitals. >> it sickens me. it's a shame that they are asking the nursing force, the force that drives this hospital to take a reduction. >> reporter: the hospital brought in 250 replacement nurses. >> we made sure we had enough nurses to take care of the
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patients that we anticipate and are currently in the hospital. >> reporter: hospital negotiators say they are worried about the future health of the hospital because the affordable health care act will mean lower medicare reinforcements and about 172 patients already receive care. >> all we can do is try to guess what the cuts will be or position ourselves to get read did for those cuts. >> reporter: the nurses planned to just do a two day strike. but because the hospital had to hire the nurses a minimum of three days, they will be here through saturday. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. report breaking heat today but change is coming. the areas that could see a 20- degree temperature drop tomorrow. >> only on 2. >> good boy. >> reporter: the news today leaving these miniature horses without a place to call home. >> a push tonight to ban publish nudity. >> just show a little respect for other people. >> get over it. >> we find out where the right
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to bare all will not be stripped away.
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out of control, that's how one san francisco supervisor describes public nudity in his district. heather holmes is live in the city that restricts where people can bare it all. >> reporter: scott weiner says his office has been flooded with complaints about the number of naked people that spend their day here at the
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castro's plaza. the back lack propertied the supervisor to call for a ban on disrobing in public. wearing only a baseball cap urbannudist sat back and took in the sun. >> reporter: and for those who find it offensive? >> get over it. that's all i have to say about it. >> reporter: the number of men in their birthday suits, crosses the line in public indecency. >> we have a nudist colony on market. it's gotten out of control. >> reporter: so much so that supervisor weiner wants to make it illegal to walk around nude. mom silva walks past the bare men every day to the bus stop and says it's time they cover
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up. >> it's not just myself, it's little kids around here and it's inappropriate. >> reporter: the ban would not apply to festivals and parade such as the fulsome race. which attracts hundredsover neighborhood participates. >> this achieves a big balance. san francisco is a very liberal and tolerant and wonderful place and there's definitely a place public nudity but it's not all over our neighborhoods. >> reporter: you may soon have to start wearing clothes. >> i'm one of those people who will comply. i'm not a jerk you know. >> reporter: if approved the nudist will be slap with a fine of $100 for their first
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bushes near montgomery street north of simon street. right after the men a went around the corner, police heard a gunshot. he was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. amtrak says the crossing lights were down, the lights were flashing when a 18 wheeler slacked into the train. 39 people were injured in that accident. investigators say they still
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haven't interviewed the truck driver. 32-year-old macario medina. the train was on its way from oakland to bakersfield. family and friends of a missing man held a vigil to keep the hope alive. he was last seen at a party in downtown san jose. garcia reportedly left on his harley davidson motorcycle after telling friends he would be right back. san jose police say they are working with the family but at this point they have no leads nor do they suspect foul play. garcia's brother is hoping for the best. >> the last two weeks have just been overwhelming. and just get the word out there about my brother and hopefully get him home safe. >> reporter: garcia rides a 1985 harley davidson motorcycle with the license plate number 18w5272. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact san jose police. the triple digit heat broke
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a few records today in some bay area cities. we have team coverage tonight. chief meteorologist bill martin will have tomorrow's forecast in 90 seconds. but first ktvu's matt keller join us live from ellam rock park where park rangers are taking extra precautions tonight, mark. >> reporter: these signs behind me will be out again tomorrow telling the public that alum rock park is closed due to extreme fire danger. near triple digit temperatures could not stop francis tuddle for practicing for his high school team. but the sign near alum rock park did. >> reporter: now where where are you going to run? >> another loop, something extra. >> reporter: we salk hikers, cyclists and drivers turn around forcing plans to be changed. >> maybe take a walk later on just down the street after it cools down a little bit. >> reporter: rangers closed the park today because of the high fire danger. when temperatures hit 99 degrees they decided closing it
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tomorrow would be a good idea as well. >> there is fuel down here, if you add hot temperatures and if the wind can i bees up who knows what could happen. >> reporter: firefighters say some of the bay area's most devastating fires happened in october. and the people living in and above the park are especial little vulnerable to the extreme fire danger. >> alum rock park is our equivalent as what we consider the potential for oakland hills because of the high density homes. >> reporter: discarded cigarettes is the big concern. >> as long as people are good, it doesn't matter. if you get one bad person, it can create the problem. >> reporter: the rangers will check the weather conditions tomorrow to determine if alum rock park will stay closed on thursday. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. and pretty hot today. certainly as hot in some places
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as yesterday. some place as little cooler but you get the over all -- some places a little cooler but you get the picture. kentfield broke a record today. moffit air station down here in mountain view. 95. that was a record. and the big one san jose 95 degrees. that tied the record, big city and that's a hot day down there. the winds have shifted a little bit. they're slightly offshore. at this hour temperatures are pretty close to where they were last night. san jose right now, 2 degrees away from 80 degrees. temperatures in fairfield 74. it's 85 in antioch, downtown san francisco about 75 degrees right now. so you know what, we're going to start out pretty darn warm tomorrow but then things change around in the afternoon. a sea breeze and temperatures should come down a good five to 10 degrees. i'm going to show you what that means for your neighborhood and we're going to look at the continued cooling as we go through the week. fleet week arrives in san francisco in the form of the blue angels. the navy's precision flight team flew in about 6:30 this
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afternoon. the blue angels are the attraction of the show. the pilots and fighter jets will be practicing over the bay and san francisco on thursday and friday. their performances are scheduled on saturday and sunday assumes there's no fog or cloud cover. we posted information about fleet week and the exact time when the blue angels will be performing. you will also find other events like the bluegrass music festival. heartbreak today for the owners of a farm. >> what she said is we have 15 days from today to remove all our personal belongings. >> the eviction note that has them searching for a permanent home for dozens of miniature horses. >> a reversal today three months after a controversial ban on pot club. what triggered the about face in los angeles. >> those amazing a's have done it again. another big win tonight sets up a show down tomorrow in the final game of the season. details in six minutes. iw
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a homeowner in eastern contra costa county says he is grateful that a burned out garage and car is the worse of a fire today. the single large fire was at this home on brooks court in oakley. the homeowner says he thinks it may have started after his wife forgot to turn off the stove. the homeowner suffered minor burns at the top of his head but declined treatment. medical marijuana clubs are back in business tonight. the u.s. city council voted to repeal its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. the so called gentle ban would
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have eliminated the 1,800 medical marijuana shops operating. a tipster said he saw a body being buried around the time hoffa disappeared. but when the soil tests came back there were no signs of human remains. hoffa went missing near detroit about 35 miles from roseville. only on 2, the owners of a miniature horse farm got the news they had been dreading they got the news they've been evicted. ken wayne joins us live now with the news the owners received today, ken. >> reporter: julie, you can see behind me the flag here at love patch farms has been lowered to half staff as the sign of mourning. the owners were served with eviction papers today and now have to find some where else for themselves and their 40
10:26 pm
horses to live. >> doesn't that feel good? >> reporter: lee romero cooled down one of her 40 miniature horses before she had to lock the gates and leave the home she's had for the last 30 years. this morning a sheriff deputy served an eviction notice. >> what she said is we have 15 days from today to remove all of our personal belongings. >> reporter: after that any property left behind will belong to the landowner. their biggest concern is what happens to their prized miniature show horses. >> we have some people that want to put them in pony rides or do birthday parties and things like that. >> reporter: some people have offered to take the ponies for free. a few have offered to buy but romero and vandegale are suspicious. >> some just take it to auction. they joke about it, i didn't find it very funny.
10:27 pm
they call it standing meat. >> reporter: they call it eviction. >> they called the paramedics. >> they wanted to take you to the hospital. >> yeah, because my blood pressure was like sky high. >> reporter: aside from their animals they don't even know where they are going. >> we have, we haven't decided. >> reporter: do you have any place to stay tonight? >> no. >> reporter: 20 of the horses were moved over the weekend to a ranch in bodega where the owners agreed to watch them temporarily. and the humane society has agreed to take the rest. that would mean surrendering the horses for good. and lee and corwin say they are not ready to do that even though time is just about up. ken wayne, ktvu news. the fate of san francisco suspended sheriff all comes down to a final vote next week. >> no one will be on the winning side of this. >> we're going to break down what supervisors will be considering and how they're likely to vote. >> a bizarre protest this
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the oakland a's defeated the texas rangers at the coliseum tonight and with just one game left in the season the a's and rangers are now in a tie for first place. the two teams face off again tomorrow. the winner will be the champion of the american league west and can skip the wild card game on friday. a's fans lined up to get tickets to potential postseason games. the a's staff is predicting a sell out but the team is not there yet. this year the a's are doing dynamic pricing meaning ticket prices can go up based on the amount of demand. we checked availability on the a's website and stub hub and plenty of seats are still available. steve faneli with the a's says he's not worried about what's left.
10:31 pm
>> well i think with all the uncertainty, you know when are we playing, what time are you playing, who are you playing it does not prize me that tickets are still available. but at some point when it's all clarified i hope tickets would go pretty quick. >> reporter: fineli says the sell out crowd is 45,000. about 20,000 tickets were sold in last night's play off game against the rangers. we want to see your oakland a's fever captured in a photo. ivonne vasquez sent us this one. voters started casting ballots for the president in ohio. >> mitt romney is in denver tonight preparing for tomorrow night's big debate. romney took a break today and went out to a chipotle
10:32 pm
restaurant. while he was there he took a picture. when asked if he was ready for the debate, romney said, getting there. and obama also visited the hoover dam just outside of las vegas. the president said one of his aides mentioned it was just 15 miles away so they decided to go. the president said it was the first time he had ever visited the hoover dam. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. the san francisco board of supervisors convened in one week. one week from today to decide once and for all the long running saga of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. there are 11 supervisors. ousting mirkarimi would take nine votes. amber lee breaks down the likely vote. >> reporter: history will tell you san francisco is a city
10:33 pm
that follows its own beat. suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi was fighting for his job almost from the moment he was sworn into office. bruising the arm of his wife led to a lenghtty battle to save his life. >> only in san francisco would it go on for a year. >> reporter: when these transcripts were delivered, the clock started ticking. but for five supervisors facing reelection next month it's a decision they will make with their own political future hanging in the balance. political consultant jim ross worked on the campaign of jordan and newsom. jim ross predict it is vote will either be unanimous for mirkarimi's removal or 4-3 just enough to keep his job. >> it's a once in a generation,
10:34 pm
once in a lifetime type vote that's going to stick with you throughout the rest of your career. >> reporter: it takes nine of 11 votes to remove mirkarimi. city hall observers tell me at least seven supervisors will side with mayor ed lee. that leaves four from the progressive member of the board. john avalos, campos, mar and olaque all up for reelection. oloque represents the hague. the most liberal part of the city. and she took over for mirkarimi. but oloque was elected by the mayor. and sources tell me the supervisor is unlikely to vote for mirkarimi. that seems to leave just three
10:35 pm
possible votes for mirkarimi. the board of supervisors has told me they have received legal advise not to discuss the case with the media or even themselves. >> i enjoy being in some ways in difficult decisions because i do my home work. >> reporter: eric mar represents district one the richmond. sources tell me he is the most likely swing vote in the mirkarimi decision. >> i've had a strong record also of working closely with domestic violence groups. >> reporter: none of the supervisors wants to ignore women's groups. >> if mar is not going to vote for him. i think he, you know he's pretty much lost. >> reporter: we caught up with former mayor wily brown, a big supporter of lee. >> reporter: your prediction is. >> i believe the mayor made the correct decision and i believe
10:36 pm
the board will ratify that. and that mr. mirkarimi will not be in office. >> reporter: whatever the outcome, it will undoubtedly go down in history at only in san francisco. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and for the record, consultant jim ross who handicapped the mirkarimi vote for us is working with lee in the race for supervisor. treasure island is all lit up and ready tonight. it is oracle appreciation night this week. a council is scheduled featuring pearl jam, kings of leon and a group that goes by the letter x. you will have to have an approved wristband if you want to attend. a group held a creative protest tonight outside of the city council meeting.
10:37 pm
they recreated the night president obama and his then girlfriend michelle shared their first kiss. it happened while eating ice cream on a chicago sidewalk 20 years ago. organizers said measure s is misguided and targets the homeless. >> there's much better solutions for berkeley for businesses and for the community other than ticketing homeless people and booting them around. >> organizers say the purpose is to show if the measure passes, this recreation would be illegal on the obama's 21st anniversary. millions of the dollars in deficit. in eight minutes the south bay city hoping to outsource their police department. and back here in just a few minutes it was really hot today. we had record heat but things are changing around. i will let you know how much cooler it's going to be in your neck of the woods on wednesday. >> a warning about a new
10:38 pm
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there's another product recall to tell you about tonight involving potential salmonella contamination. the centers for disease control says there are no confirmed cases here in the united states yet. costco says it pulled its supplies yesterday when it got word of the possible contamination. the big box store says it will contact members who bought that product. american air lines says it now knows why the passenger seats on two of its planes came lose. we first told you about the problem last night.
10:41 pm
the clamp of the seats was improperly installed. the problem has cropped up in recent days on two flights. no one has been hurt. american says it is inspecting 26 of its boeing 757 airliners and plans to check 11 others. police arrested seven crew members from both the charter vote and ferry it collided with. all are now facing charges of endangering passengers. the chartered boat was taking workers from an electric company to watch holiday fireworks. at the vatican the pope's former butler took the stand in his trial for leaking paper documents. paolo gabriela said he is innocent of aggravated theft but at the same time, he acknowledged copying the papers. prosecutors contend gabrieli has confessed saying he wanted to expose corruption in the vatican. the butler also testified that
10:42 pm
he feels guilty for betraying the pope. >> reporter: and in australia, a scientific study says corral in the great barrier reef is vanishing at an alarming rate. it says the corral has declined by nearly 50% over the last 27 years and the study says a number of factors are to blame including rising ocean temperatures, tropical cyclones and a predator called the crown of thorns star fish. the former penn state gradual assistant who's testify helped convict jerry sandusky of child molestation has filed a lawsuit against the university saying it retaliated against him. mike mcqueary testified against sandusky saying he saw sandusky showering with a young boy on campus. he is second -- seeking millions of the dollars in compensation. the penn state administration
10:43 pm
had no immediate comment on the lawsuit. a plan to outsource dozens of police jobs. >> and another night of celebrating at the oakland coliseum. the a's have done the unthinkable setting up a huge game tomorrow. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a major change in your complete bay area forecast. when to expect it where you live. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
10:44 pm
today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao!
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there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. the milpitas city council braced for a controversial decision. but a decision was suddenly made for the council. many supporters of milpitas police say by and large the officers do a good job. we saw that last week when officers arrested a carjacking suspect as he tried to escape
10:46 pm
on foot to an apartment complex. but the city council began exploring outsources police services because milpitas faces a $9 million deficit and is negotiating a labor contract with police the current one expires at the end of the year. >> we ended up outsources a lot of our landscape work, street maintenance. >> there was a lot of uncertainty. >> reporter: the city's lone option was the santa clara's sheriff. but we learned the sheriff on the eve of tonight's council meeting decided not to submit a bid. sheriff lori smith says milpitas was rushing to get a replacement agency in by january 2nd and she was concerned the public did not have enough time to weigh in on such a big change. >> the implementation date was very close. the most important thing is what does the community want. does the community want outsources of law enforcement services. >> reporter: the vice mayor
10:47 pm
agrees. >> this is too important an issue to be left for the politicians. and i'm one of them. >> reporter: officials on both sides say the proposal could be reconsidered in the future which sets up what is sure to be some tense labor negotiations with police officers. in milpitas, robert handa, ktvu news. the body of a second fisherman missing from a capsized boat off pigeons point has been found. family members discovered the body late today not far from where the other man was found yesterday. four men were fishing on sunday where their boat was tossed by a big wave. two men were able to make it to shore. authorities say the two fishermen who died were not wearing life jackets. campbell police tell ktvu they have made one arrest in the recent string of burglaries. last night we told you about break-ins there. one man was arrested for breaking into storage lockers. but another burglar seen on surveillance video stealing
10:48 pm
items from cars still has not been identified. now you can get ktvu news to go. download the ktvu app, click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. shoppers are expected to spend more money this holiday season compared to last year according to a new report out today from the national retail federation. consumers are expected to spend $586.1 billion. that's an increase of 4.1% of last year. but in terms of growth it is much lower than last year's 5.6% increase compared to 2010. and we've got a little bit of wind out there now. let's go to point rays. i have a live buoy reading out there. what i'm doing is i'm looking for the winds to shift. right now i have a wind. see hire point rays. gusts to 22 this direction. that's a pretty vigorous robust wind at 32. that's pulling in cooler air
10:49 pm
from the pacific. that's the first indication things are cooling. here's my struggle we know it's going to cool off tomorrow. we anticipated san francisco could cool 15 to 20 degrees from what we had today. when i look at the current temperatures they're about as warm as they were last night so that wind shift is a little behind schedule. we're not seeing rapid cooling. the point rays buoy. that says something is happening but what am i getting at. i think it's going to be pretty warm. we will see cooling around the bay but maybe not as much as we had thought. this is the weather system i'm tracking. i'm going to put my finger on here. see the rotation. as it gets closer to the coast it's going to lift up the fog, right. that's the mechanism. the low is the mechanism for cooling and this is the tool that it uses to cool. it gets the fog in over the hill. right now i'm not sure that's all going to happen before 1:00, 2:00 tomorrow so temperatures could be very warm in the morning hours. should be cooler tomorrow. that's almost a certainty. but how much cooler? so another hot day in some of the inland bay valleys, i think
10:50 pm
the hot spots could go into the low 90s. along the coast we anticipate an on shore breeze. temperatures instead of in the 80s probably in the 60s there. be prepared just in case it doesn't switch. here's the low pressure center. they're tough to track because if it stays east a little bit nothing else is going to change. if it continues to migrate to the east toward us then things will cool rapidly. what did i just say? tomorrow will be a little cooler than today but it may not be as cool as we've been forecasting a lot of the computer models have been saying. i think tomorrow has the possible to be very, very warm. lots of mid-80s. inland lots of low 90s. at the coast 60s maybe some low 70s. fog should be back tomorrow night or at least a strong on shore wind. a strong push of on shore wind and that should begin major cooling as we get into thursday. as you get here, these temperatures i may have gone a little bit low on these. i think temperatures tomorrow we could see more 90s than i put in here. either way it's going to be a little cooler the five day forecast. your bay area weekend in view. you know frank and julie we
10:51 pm
were talking about it in the break. we're so fortunate we didn't get the big winds with this heat wave because it was hot and dry but no wind. >> all right, thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. a new report in the british journal medical -- in the british medical journal shows tanning beds may be more dangerous than originally thought. according to the report at least 170,000 cases of skin cancer each year are linked to indoor tanning. people have used indoor tanning are 29% more likely to develop carcinoma than those who have never used indoor tanning. the dangers of drinking and driving seems to be getting through to american teenagers. a study finds drinking and driving around teens is down by 54% in the last 20 years.
10:52 pm
but those who do, admit they also bing drink. they also know the legal consequences if caught driving while intoxicated are also stiffer. >> mark ibanez is next with sports. and that's awesome.
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome. four. you'll actually be awesome, which is awesome. t.j.maxx and marshalls. two awesome ways to score. mark is here now with sports and right now it's all
10:55 pm
about those a's. >> you got it. the ron washington, the rangers managers said they are not afraid of anyone right now. playing without a conscious and you know what, they've not had first place to themselves for a second this season. tonight they share it. victory tomorrow, they keep it for good and texas will not get it back. oakland looking incapable of losing. the thought never seems to cross their collective mind. they were down in the fifth. 2-1, norris comes in and that is good for the double. the 2-1 lead added upon by johnny gomes. over yonder, solo homer his 18th of the year for the petaluma kid, 3-1. looking
10:56 pm
very good. kay on the final out. his 21st save. look that the texas dug out dejected it all comes down to game 162 tomorrow. and get this rangers have had sole possession of third since april 9th. no longer. the giants clench their little slice of heaven last week. but intense desire to knock the dodgers out of it all. great way to tune up for the season. no clowning around down there for my other team. first-inning, buster posey ticket to ride a solo shot his 24th of the year to get it rolling for the giants came out capawano. he had a couple of hits tonight in the third, 1-1 game. joaquin arias over and out. solo homer his fifth and the lead. you see that fan throw the ball back in a big hurry. marco scutero down the line and
10:57 pm
out. how many hits does this guy have? angel pegan with a slide to hit the freeway. and get this, barry zito wins his 15th game of the year. who would have thought, 11 straight starts they won when he's pitched. warriors finding a way to elbow their way on the the sports page. no easy feat but they opened camp. their most complete roster on paper in many years. thompson expects to take on a larger role after asserting himself in the second part of last year he knows what this nba grind is all about now. >> it's a long season. and you're going to have a few losses. nobody is perfect. but you know you're playing selfish. that's the most successful teamthat's what i learned. i can't settle for what i am now. i want to be on the all star team. i can't settle with where i'm
10:58 pm
at now. >> tomorrow afternoon that place should be jammed and it's all on the line. first place, whoever wins is the winner of the al west. >> thank you for joining us, we'll see you the next time news breaks. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
10:59 pm
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.


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