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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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romo in relief, gets rolen who made the error on tuesday. and the giants do what no team has done before, coming back from a 2-0 deficit to end up winning. earlier in the week it looked like a short turn around trip for joe fonzi. nobody thought they could sweep the reds. they made it happen. a long and exciting week for joe fonzi who joins us now from cincinnati. >> reporter: that it has. one of the most unlikely come backs. it is interesting that hunter pence was the mid-season acquisition, his pre-game ritual, the speech he would give. another guy is the guy who hit that big grand slam in the
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fifth inning. >> last four innings, you know, our staff came up with big pitches when they needed to. great feeling. this is a top one for me. being down 0-2, it was a lot of fun. >> need to enjoy it for a while but the work isn't done with either. >> giants are waiting here in town tonight. they got to wait to see what happens between the nationals and cardinals. they will enjoy tonight in cincinnati. joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. mark? >> i am sure it is a wait they won't mind. thank you. appreciate it. and we got big stuff happening in a short time with the oakland a's. >> nails will be gone by the end of tonight. >> bay bridge home still alive.
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>> thank you. >> since the game was played in cincinnati fans here had to pack bars and restaurants to see the game. ktvu's lorraine blanco is live at a restaurant well known to fans. >> reporter: the crowds went nuts here twice today. the first time when buster posey hit that clutch grand slam in the fifth. the second time when the giants clinched the series. we think they heard it crowd all the way in cincinnati. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this is what it looked like with three must win games. >> no quit attitude. they do things teams don't expect them to do. >> reporter: the momentum hit the hilt here. buster posey pounded a ground slam. >> my voice is still paying for it. >> it reminded many of a 1989
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slam. >> childhood memory. watching buster posey do it, i felt it, i knew it was going to happen. it was destiny. >> we wanted something with the giants, giants, the pregnancy we called him baby buster. >> reporter: off to the national league championship series. they will be back in this spot to win again. >> i am ready to go. forgot my cane. >> beautiful day in the bay. the other side of the bay. >> reporter: the giants will play in the first game of the nlcs searched at 5:00 p.m. right here on -- sunday at 5:00 p.m. right here on ktvu channel 2 news. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news.
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>> in 90 minutes it will be the a's turn, they will be playing game 5 against detroit tigers after last night's come from behind win. we will go live at 5:45 p.m. where fans are pouring in. new clue in the abduction of michaela garecht who disappeared 24 years ago. new information now. ktvu's john fowler is live with how a bone fragment may lead to a break in the case. >> reporter: a happy ending may be impossible but she is convinced she may finally learned what happened to her child. >> reporter: police have sent for dna testing a three inch bone from this mass grave. used by the "speed freak killers." the unidentified bone from a 5-
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13-year-old. michaela garecht was 9 when she was kidnapped. >> if this is her then it breaks my heart that she is lying in that place. >> reporter: her family tested her bones. >> i don't think we can jump down the road of this must be. >> reporter: investigators say nothing linked michaela garecht to wesley shermantine and loren herzog. loren herzog killed himself in january, the day wesley shermantine started reveal diagnose tails of their crimes. >> reporter: police confirm they are collaborating with the fbi but declined to say if it is the lab laboratory that -- the if i laboratory that is doing the test. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. the two men known as the "speed freak killers" are connected to at least 17
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killings and police say wesley shermantine and loren herzog were childhood friends. known as the "speed freak killers" because they were high on methamphetamine for some of the killings. all of the killings were between 1994 and 1998. loren herzog was released from prison but then took his life when wesley shermantine started helping detectives locate bodies. couple is behind bars in seattle after police say they were driving the car stolen from the home of a murder victim. coming up, we talk to investigators about the progress in the case following the arrest. police shot and killed a man after he threatened his father with a knife. this happened last night around 11:15 p.m. there was a fight between a man and his father. when the son moved towards his father with a knife 3 police
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officers shot him. the shooting is being investigated. a sheriff's deputy testified about arresting a teen accused of a drive by shooting and steeling a car. he said max wade was arrested where he was keeping the lamborghini. he is charged with attempted murder and car theft. we are following breaking news. we don't have a lot of information but here is what we know. police found explosives inside a home on georgia street and as a result they are evacuating some of the homes in the area. this is all of the information we have. we are working the phones trying to get more information. as soon as we do we will bring it to you. again, the headline, authorities say explosives were found inside a home on georgia street.
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and some folks are now being evacuated as a precaution. to the presidential election. the two vice presidential candidates will be squaring off. ktvu's crews are with voters and we begin with ktvu's rita williams who is with republicans in contra costa county. >> reporter: frank, folks are still arriving here at pipingy's pizza -- at pinky's pizza. renn's nestrepublican -- republicans looking for paul ryan to hit it out of the park. >> he has to keep up the momentum. explain why their policies will bring jobs and wait for joe biden to implode. >> wipe him up.
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put him in his place. >> i just want to hear him in his voice, unfiltered by the millions that are making up lies against him. >> he has to stay on course and just whip him. >> reporter: they are not alone. a poll says voters picked ryan over biden 40-35% to have the best performance tonight and that may seem surprising when you consider the experience the vice president has. imagination this paul ryan was two years old when biden was elected to the senate. anything can happen. we will be here to see what happens and rob roth will be in san francisco with democrats. rob? >> reporter: we are inside the
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temple nightclub and people are beginning to trickle into the watch party hosted by techiology for obalm -- technology for obama. in talking with democrats, this vice presidential debate is taking on an increased significance because of the lack luster debate by president obama, a performance that has given momentum to the republicans. democrats are looking to vice president joe biden to sees the moment from republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan and much like the san francisco giants, recapture the momentum. >> he needs to show the american people that, you know, he and president obama have been on the job for four years years and they could implement the policies in another four
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years. >> reporter: democrats say his experience as a debater should serve him well. we are back live and people are still making their way down here for what could be a significant moment in the campaign and an entertaining evening at well. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and again, the vice presidential debate begins at 6:00 p.m. tonight. we will bring it to you live right here on ktvu. we are also going to stream it live on mobile ktvu and then immediately afterwards there will be a special half hour of ktvu channel 2 news. the race is getting tighter. according to new polls out today, the latest polls find mitt romney drawing even with president obama in florida and virginia but in ohio the president still holds a 6 point lead over mitt romney.
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mitt romney's strong debate performance gave him momentum. >> don't make over reaction or under reaction based on any one poll. >> president obama and governor romney will face-off in two more debates. how will you vote? take the ktvu election quiz and find out who is best for you. "like" ktvu channel 2 news on facebook and you will find the quiz there. a vehicle found burned near this field. turns out it belongs to a missing mother, how this development is helping the investigation. >> a cloudy and cool
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an update on breaking news.
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we have confirmed a neighborhood has been evacuated around the 3700 block of georgia street. that is not far from penny cook elementary school. we are told that explosives had been found in a house on that block and that one person has been taken into custody. we have a news crew heading over to get new details on the story. the search intensified for a missing mother. ktvu's robert handa is live with what authorities found that is bringing new urgency to the case. >> reporter: police investigators were worried when this woman went missing but when they saw a vehicle on fire, they knew the case took a troubling turn. >> reporter: missing person flyers are showing up all over when the mom disappeared after dropping off her daughter at
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school yesterday morning. a police alert was sent out describing her car. after 2:00 a.m. this morning, they heard loud noises and saw a suv going up in flames near their homes. >> i saw this car was completely on fire. the flames were super high. my mom called the police and the fire station and they came. i was scared somebody was in the car. >> reporter: police investigators determined it was her vehicle but it was not occupied. the vehicle will be examined and he is asking the fbi and the sherriff's department for assistance. >> with this new development it is higher, we are very concerned. >> reporter: neighbors say they feel the same way. >> burning the car, that means they are trying to get rid of
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evidence of any kind. doesn't really bode well. i don't see a positive. i am not saying there is no hope but it is discouraging. >> reporter: police are asking for the public's help to find out if anyone saw heather carroll yesterday morning. and several rewards are being offerrered. robert handa -- offerrered. robert handa. a fire was set last night in a trash can. this is the 9th fire in the area in the past two weeks. investigators say yesterday neighbors quickly put out the fire. so far the fires only damaged frees and fences but there is growing concern. >> very scary. there is people, they got motorcycles in their garages and stuff, all that stuff is flammable.
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>> last night's fire comes hours after firefighters canvassed the neighborhood alerting residents. investigators don't know what sparked a fire and explosion that ripped through a home yesterday leaving one woman with serious burns. this cell phone video shows flames and smoke coming from the home. three people inside managed to escape. one woman suffered serious burns. she has been upgraded to stable condition with burns to 20% of her body. it appears to have come from the kitchen. upgrading hundreds of street lights. leaders joined pg&e officials today where crews began swapping out older lights for a new led light. they offer brighter, more natural light and will save the city $19,000 a year.
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the lights are set to go up in locations that are identified as high crime areas. >> these are sites the community and the police have nominated. it will make these 200 locations much safer because we know where the lighting is better there is less crime. >> pg&e is working with the city to pay for the program. our weather now. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off, mark tamayo filling in. >> clouds right now, cool temperatures and the possibility of a few sprinkles or a light shower. it won't be completely clear tonight. right now on live storm tracker two, you will notice activity right now closer to the richmond area, oakland. nothing too extreme here. we could have a few sprinkles. the main action is towards the
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south bay. here is san jose. airport. the bulk of the action closer to monterey bay. key headline, chance of a shower for the evening forecast. as far as current numbers, it is chilly out there. never warmed up too much out there. 50s to 60 degrees. antioch 60. oakland upper 50s. downtown san francisco 56. here is the forecast for had a's game, lots of clouds out there. breezy. temperatures, bundle up, mid- 50s. 55-56. there is a possibility of a sprinkle, or a light shower. here you can see the satellite, we have been tracking this for a week, heading towards southern california. the circulation sending all the clouds and scattered showers out there. we have a chance tonight and
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first thing tomorrow morning for the morning commute. sprinkle or light showers. over night lows for friday morning, fremont 54. forecast model, 7:00 a.m., clouds out there, chance of a shower and tomorrow morning, you can see scattered activity. this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for your friday. coming up we will look that afternoon forecast and break down another warming trend, when 80s could return. >> thank you. the zoo opened its new veterinary hospital. the largest wild animal facility in northern california. the hospital is outfitted to accommodate a variety of zoo animals. >> this will allow us to treat large and small animals with most of the things they will need as they age throughout the
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time they are here that zoo. >> the facility replaces an older 51-year-old clinic that was smaller at 1200 scare feet. the road runs through california, the key races the party is targeting for a november victory. >> samsung's victory, the court decision that will keep some phones on the market.
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san jose police filed a legal complaints against the mayor. the police officers association filed the complaint in sacramento. it accuses the mayor of illegally funneling $100,000 in campaign money to support rose herrera. it came from a committee controlled by the mayor. critics say she supported pension reform. democrats are looking for help from california. local races could determine the balance of power in washington. >> from california, nancy pelosi. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: can they do it again if democrats hope to regain control of the house? the road to success runs through california. >> there are huge opportunities
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for democrats in california. >> reporter: democrats need to pick up 25 more seats. he says five of their best bets are in california. including the 7th and 10th strict races in the sacramento area. where democrats are trying to outest republicans. >> i would say he is one of the most endangered republicans in the country. >> reporter: while republicans fight back -- >> higher taxes, lost jobs. >> reporter: democrats are bringing in big guns like bill clinton this week to help them turn had tied. but most say winning 25 seats is a heavy lift for democrats and a house majority is most likely out of their grasp. >> it is getting difficult. it will be difficult for democrats to take back the house. >> reporter: there aren't
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usually so many competitive races in california. one benefit is a boost to the state's economy. money is pouring in to try to influence the outcomes. reporting from washington, ktvu channel 2 news. the pain that pump is starting to subside. the average price in california dropped about a penny to $4.66 a gallon. some stations in the bay area are charging more than that. the highest price in the bay area at $5.19 a gallon. that isane san bruno -- is in san bruno. and prices have a long way to go. testing of the bart tracks could cause delays. testing begins tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. service will be reduced to single tracks. then on saturday the trains will run in the manual setting
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in both directions which will cause 5-10 minute delays. it ends saturday night. two people in custody after a crime spree in washington state. more on the possible connection to a murder here in hercules. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> we are learning more about the couple under arrest after being found in seattle with a car stolen from a woman who was killed inside her home last week. we are getting a clearer picture of how they were arrested. ktvu's ann rubin is live and tells us what she found out today. >> reporter: susie ko's families are still waiting for
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answers but the court in washington did make a finding today. >> reporter: darnell washington and tania washington are being held without bail in washington. they are accused of a crime spree. police want to know if they could add murder to the list. >> we have two detectives in king county washington. >> reporter: they will calling darnell washington and tania washington persons of interest in the murder of susie ko. she was found stab to death in her home october 5. >> we will look that evidence they recovered from the vehicle and see if he could tie that into the scene. >> reporter: authorities are trying to trace the couple's past. they believe this began with darnell washington's jail break
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in san bernardino county in spagnuolo the attempted murder -- in august and the attempted murder of a los angeles county deputy. in washington state they are facing assault, vehicle theft, weapons violations and alluding police. >> reporter: the family is grateful for the break in the case and the support they have received. they say they are optimistic they will get their answers. >> we have a beginning and an end, let the police do their work. and heal. >> reporter: king county set a bond hearing for 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. live, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. officials are looking for a suspect accused of shooting one man and hitting another han in
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the head -- man in the head, it happened around 3:00 a.m. investigators identified the suspect. he is 5'6", 180 pounds. investigators believe he is in a white car fleeing to mexico. the victims are expected to survive. investigators discovered where a fire started, it began in the rear of the building. the cause hasn't been determined but a dozen businesses were damaged by the flames. investigators say the flames spread and burned for hours. the government is targeting the finances of a violent street gang by calling the ms- 13 gang a transnational criminal organization. the government now has the
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power to put economic sanctions on the organization. they can freeze their assets within the united states and make banking more difficult for members. ms-13 is a very violent gang created by immigrants. we are just minutes away from the start of the a's game tonight to determine if they go on to the american league championship series. a live look outside right now. a lot of fans here and today the team tweeted if the a's win tonight they will remove the tarps from the third deck that means 11,000 more seats will be available for the next game. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in oakland with the economic impact an a's win could have outside the coliseum. >> reporter: we are at mcgoes to. if you look -- mcgees.
5:35 pm
if you look. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a bonus for the employee whose get more days of business. for fans happy chance to splurge. >> been a giants efan -- fan. i thought i should get posy gear. >> impulse shopping myself. but really, really looked at the prices. >> reporter: across the street from at&t park, even though the giants weren't home, business boom. they dug deep. the question is, does this create extra spending or is this just robbing peter to pay pall. >> if it means we are not going to the movies, to the mall, we
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have to take into account not only what it is that adds to spending but we need to consider what sport substitutes for in the way of spending. >> probably just yea for winning. >> reporter: wouldn't stop you from going to the movies? >> no. >> i might feel guilty, yeah. it might impact my purchases. any other purchases. >> reporter: those business is tania washington here if the teams -- is better here if the teams keep winning who knows. court over turned an injunction on samsung's smartphone. today the court said apple failed to prove that people
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bought the smartphone because of technology stolen from the iphone. it allows them to sell the product while the dispute continues. it is a second of two lawsuits apple filed. that decision helped lead to a drop on wall street today. the dow and nasdaq dropped. he got his job back but there might be a new effort to get him out of office. she would support recalling embattled san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi even though she voted to give him his job back.
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a san francisco supervisor who voted to reinstate ross mirkarimi says she would support a recall effort. she said her faith in ross mirkarimi has diminished. she said voters have every right to recall ross mirkarimi as sheriff. recalls require a vote. ross mirkarimi returned to office yesterday. a major funding announcement came today for the subway on the heels of a lawsuit. mayor ed lee and leaders announced $942 million in
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federal funding. when completed it would connect downtown china town. >> this is a vital enhancement. >> the group filed suite yesterday. the group has plans to build a station at union square. >> safeway reported lower than expected quarterly sales. sales were off in the 2nd quarter as the shopper loyalty program was being launched. analyst were expecting sales of 10.2 billion. traditional stores are facing competition from competitors. better than expected job fs today. -- job figures today. they dropped to the lowest level in 4 years today. 339,000, down 30,000.
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and most forecasted a increase. mortgage rates were higher. the average rate on the 30 year loan increased to 3.39% from 3.36%. the previous week's rate was the lowest since the 1950s. the cheaper mortgages are fueling a modest recovery in the housing market. will the a's joins the giants and advance to the playoff? the a's fans think so. >> still tracking clouds and showers across the bay area right now. coming up, we will break down shower chances. the warmest day of the weekend and when 80s return to the bay area.
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republican presidential candidate mitt romney is trying to clarify his position on abortion. today he attended a rally in north carolina with speaker of the house john boehner. mitt romney's comments raised questions after telling a newspaper he would not pursue abortion related legislation. president obama today rallied supporters in miami. he took aim saying mitt romney once described himself as conservative but now trying to create a moderate image of
5:46 pm
himself. he also said romney is trying to mask his past positions on tax cuts and healthcare. the vice presidential debate is set to start at 6:00 p.m. tonight. ktvu will carry it live and immediately after the debate there will be a 30 minute addition of ktvu channel 2 news. a positive progress report today. half of california schools met the achievement goals. the superintendent visited sacramento schools today to share this. >> we had a terrible budget situation, and yet somehow the parents and the teachers and the administration are building success. >> middle schools made the most progress, followed by high schools. >> when it comes to the baseball playoffs, it doesn't get better than this.
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game 5 for the a's and the tigers. ktvu's 10-p is live -- ken pritchett is live. folks there are pumped up. >> reporter: they are. when the a's returned on tuesday, we talked to fans and they predicted a win that 98, -- that night. will the a's like the giants advance in the playoffs tonight? here are the a's before batting practice. tossing the ball. a team that doesn't look nervous about tonight's defining game 5 but the fans last night were on edge before their team came from behind in the 9th. >> it was intense. we were praying and hoping. it was great. >> my wife bought tickets 2 minutes after the game and said you are going. >> it was a miracle. >> reporter: miracle may describe this team and the season the fans experienced.
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many have tickets for the next season already. >> reporter: why are you so confident? >> because i feel like yoenis cespedes will hit home runs. >> i have a great feel figure they hit the ball they will have a great game. >> i would rather play the orioles. go orioles. >> reporter: even the a's is looking ahead if the team wins tonight, the team will take off the tarps coving seats on a -- covering seats on a portion of the sulsem. -- coliseum, giving a bigger home field boost to the team with more fans. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have been asking you tasend your best pictures and -- to send your best pictures and we would like to share a
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couple. an amazing a's fan and this photo of twins sporting the giants' orange and black. we took a poll and yes, this is the cutest photo we have seen. he also sent this photo. we would love to see your photos. e-mail them to us. you could also post them to facebook, look for ktvu channel 2 news. a new study shows an increase in strokes among people younger than 55. researchers looked at stroke rates and they found the number of strokes per 100,000 people under 55 went from 109 up to 176. they found the average age of stroke patients fell from 71 to
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69. obesity and diabetes may be to blame. do you consider yourself a flirt? a university of california at berkeley study finds flirting can pay off for women. they were better negotiators and got what they wanted more often. now to bill bill martin -- mark tamayo. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off. >> get ready for a big change. talking about another heat way across the bay area. but right now, some of the sweep, the clouds out there and a few light showers. nothing too major. salono county, the bulk of the action is in the south bay, closer to monterey bay, santa cruz and the san jose area as
5:51 pm
well. there is the scattered activity. san jose. and milpitas as well. if you thought it was cold today, you were right on. it was chilly out there. 50s and 60s. san francisco 57. san jose 60. mid-60s towards fairfield and antioch. tonight we have more clouds out there and we will hold on to the chance of light showers through friday morning. saturday clouds. we will warm up the numbers, especially by sunday and monday. this is the weather system, this was the source of the showers and the thunderstorms. this is heading out to the south and east. another one to the north. this moves in for friday night and saturday morning. in between we could have a few sprinkles friday morning.
5:52 pm
more clouds. chance of sprinkles. here is our forecast, friday morning, still the possibility of sprinkles or light showers. scattered showers. the clouds break up during the afternoon and we rethinken the clouds friday night and saturday -- rethicken the clouds friday night and saturday morning. warmest locations, mid-60s. san francisco 62. pacifica 61 degrees. talking about a 10 degrees range, 60-70 degrees. your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, sun-cloud mix. more sun saturday morning. look at that, we warm up the numbers, low 80s by monday and tuesday. >> that will be nice. thank you. defaulting on student loans is getting college grads in legal trouble. the push to crack down on unpaid det. debt.
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i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan.
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to really help our schools, vote yes on thirty-eight. prop thirty says they send new money to our schools. pprop thirty-eight really doese, send n...and thirty-eightsehindt straightkeeps it there..... a bay area teen who was denied scouting's highest rank appeared on the ellen degeneres today. he completed the requirements to earn the eagle award but they said he wasn't eligible because he was gay. 375,000 people signed a petition on the website
5:56 pm the government is cracking down on students for falling behind on their student loans. >> when they are taking a student loan that is subsidized by the taxpayer. one thing we stress is this shouldn't be taken lightly because the government will collect. the government is hauling hundreds of college students and grads to court for defaulting on their student loans. here in california 7% of all students are in default. >> when you get out into the real world, it makes it tough. >> the feds are prosecuting 25% more. lack of job opening and a sluggish economy are triggering the rise. friday night football game of the week, the votes have been tallied and the winning
5:57 pm
game is fremont visiting cupertino high school. tune in tomorrow night on the 10:00 p.m. news for all of the highlights from that game. >> and the vice presidential debate is up next. join us in 902nds for our live -- in 90 seconds for our live coverage.
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