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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. a man is in custody after police find a bomb on him, we will tell you what alerted police to search his car. our patterns are changing but we will let you know when
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showers are making a come back. the economic boom these outlets are expected to bring we will bring you more and we have more on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us november 8th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve is out, mark is here, grab an umbrella, grab a coat, that is the headlines, temperatures are dropping off quite a bit and even more cooling as we head into friday. it is a little bit cooler and it will be majorly cooler today. you get what i am trying to say. we have some rain showers up to our north and we also have this, some winds sustained right around 25 miles per hour and 21 miles per hour and more
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on the major cooling and for now sal has an update on traffic. traffic is looking good on interstate 880, it is not a bad drive at all as you drive to the main part of oakland 80 westbound, 6:01 let's go back to the desk. developing news, everybody is being let back inside a pearl game hotel and it was a dangerous -- burlingame hotel and it was a i don't situation. -- bane royce -- dangerous situation. they were called back out to the scene hazmat crews took air samples and found high levels of carbon monoxide and thousands of people as you can see were forced out into the cold. >> we had to get an alarm system but they think it was
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announced through the phones it there was an emergency that we needed to evacuate. >> crews traced the league out to a faulty boiler, and hotels were supposed to have the detecters by the first. a south bay man was arrested accused of having a pipe bomb. jeanine della vega, you just got an update from police, what are they saying? >> reporter: they will be following up and debriefing this man who is responsible for this bomb and it is all happening on 1st street. you can see all of these nearby businesses and this gas steaks but right across the street from the gas station is these sandbags that you see pileup
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and because that gas station is nearby they wanted to take that a safe distance away. that sound was a bombing detonated earlier this morning and this all started at 9:00 last night. officers stopped the van on a routine traffic stop and they determined the driver of that van was under the influence and that prompted officers to search the vehicle and they searched the vehicle with a pipe bomb 10 inches long. they told businesses what was going on. some chose to evacuate and that's when the bomb squad moved in. >> since it was near local businesses, bomb squad came in, they used a robot and built a barrier around it with sandbags and disrupted it at that point. >> reporter: the robot detonated it at 1:00 a.m.
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this morning. they closed a portion of the highway and all the entire area was quart doned -- cordoned off. they arrested mcgill for driving under the influence and possessing that explosive device. police are trying decipher where he is from. but we will update you as the morning goes on. jeanine della vehicle goo ktvu channel ktvu channel 2 morning news. she said she was kidnapped in the 1,500 block and ended up in the secluded park of the hills not far from the caldecott tunnels. police rushed to the scene and paramedics checked her out but
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were not sure if she was hurt. they say their investigation is just starting and they will make a statement later today. we are also contacting oakland police as well. a powerful new storm is creating major problems for millions of people along the east coast. this time it is not a super storm but a nor'easter. the powerful storm is dumping snow and weighing down tree branches for the power lines winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour and tens of thousands of homes and businesses have lost power again. do call ahead if you or somebody you know is calling head. some flights will be canceled. the storm caused 30 flights yesterday and united airlines suspended flights to and from the new york area, flights to connecticut and washington d.c. were also canceled.
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president barack obama back at the white house no time to celebrate his reelection victory because of major issues to deal with. the president and his family returned to the white house late last night and he called congressional leaders urged them to work together to cut through the washington gridlock. right now everybody is promising to cooperate. it is a mandate for us to find a way to work together on the solutions to the challenges -- challenges we all faces a nation. >> we have to find ways to use that word which are disdainful of which i see is anee normsly large compromise. >> and they are looking into how to stop the nation from going off that fiscal cliff. shoppers are turning out in groves in livermore this
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morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news claudine wong is out there this morning. beautiful boost for the local eek connie. -- economy. look at this nice long stretch of stores. >> reporter: we have some people getting ready for this 10:00 a.m. scheduled opening grand opening and there are big crowds expected and traffic is expected to be heavy as this grant opening gets underway. we have one end opening underway and we have armani and prad do right in front of us and this area is one of the places in the country to actually carry prad do.
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let's take you through some of the numbers when we are talking about the numbers for the economic boost expected here. we have ever 43,000 square feet, 130 outlet stores, 2000 jobs, 2 million in revenue and they are trying to dash this mall. i want to give you a map from the developer. if you look at the upper right side, you can see face one tentatively scheduled for next july and 800 more jobs are expected to come from that. they were working with tour hotels and trying to make this a destination for them as well. they are trying to give them 6 5% off merchandise every day and bargains will draw people
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here and customers saving money will make money. traffic is expected to be heavy if you are coming to this area and if you don't want to go shopping good for you. that will later be a traffic situation but you are dealing with some stuff right now. yes, we usually have slow traffic almost all times of the day and right now it is a little tough getting in there and the toll plaza, the pattern has changed a little bit. usually at 6:15-metering lights go on but lately they have been going on at 6:10 and that's when the backup begins on the toll plaza. also the backup getting out to the toll plaza, it is crowded
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on 880. and bart still has minor delays and they are recovering from south san francisco, richmond and san francisco due to equipment problems and that's due to a tweet from mark. and we are looking at some of your cameras and there are shower activity and that will be change in the afternoon. right now rain mix in parts of the sierra and right around eureka and mendocino and this will be moving to the south as we approach your thursday afternoon. current numbers have been updated and look at the 40s. san francisco 53 and there is a cold system on the way, as a result temperatures are down 20
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to 20 degrees and they are heading into friday, down on the peeks, possibly 3,000 feet as we get there with the moisture and that could happen with the moisture on friday. our for cast is showing northern portions into a afternoon hours. they are pushing back into the region once again with the activity on the increase. this afternoon scattered showers those region into the mid-50s to the lower 60s. warmest locations are around 63 degrees and a look ahead, a chance of a shower and a thunderstorm into friday and coming up, we will take a look
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at the when you terrible weather advisory. we will have more on the reason a former pilot was on the run. >> plus uc berkeley students will walk out despite the passing of proposition 30. and we will have a new home for the new state treasurer. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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. a former pilot trying to steal a plane, it clipped the building and it also hit some cars and light poles. he had a former killing in colorado and police say he shot himself after trying to steal that plane. and in florida, they are still counting votes from tuesday's elections in the presidential race still too close to call, final results may not be known before the weekend and president barack obama won reelection even without florida's electoral votes. there has been a criticizing -- criticizing process and voters had to wait for hours to cast their ballots. now that pressure is intensifying on congress they
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need to avoid the so called fiscal cliff out this year and house speaker house speaker john boehner -- house speaker john boehner seems to be offering the first olive branch. >> reporter: they brought some defeat for republicans and they need to keep it inside the house and now he is tolling do -- willing to do a little more deal making with president barack obama. house speaker john boehner suggested for the first time a framework to avoid massive spending cuts and tax increases which kick in, in less than two months if congress does not act. >> they are willing to accept some additional revenues via tax reform. >> they have insisted they are willing to okay some tax increases on wealthier americans to avoid the fiscal
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cliff, and now the president is having his first presidential briefing at the white house this morning and there is some speculation today he could hold a news conference today. reporting live, allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. sad story, a student oakland has died in a fatal atv crash. he apparently hit a tree near corvallis. he was visiting friends and he went out riding yesterday at 4:00 an. the investigation is continuing as to whether alcohol may be involved. they are looking into tuition roll backs after voters cast proposition 30. they also marked the proposition of operation cam which caused problems between
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police and students. prop 30 should be used to lower tuition. they say the passage of two voters will definitely help with the school's financial situation. city college benefits from proposition 30 an amount. the school has been threatened with losing its accreditation because of its precarious financial situation. historians are trying solve a myth mystery about the age of the old officer's club. the adobe walls in san francisco were uncovered. they know that spanish fort is over 200 years old and now they are trying match up the old tree rings on the rings of the
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trees which have already been dated. and that fort would be the oldest building in all of california. >> that is really exciting. sal says it is getting busy at the toll plaza. it is backed up just out of the gate and metering lights are all over the 880 interchange and back to the foot of the mcarthur maze and they are trying to get into san francisco although it is moving well, there are no major problems getting into the city. the morning commute looks good, no trouble if you are trying to get in and we have a look at livermore more -- livermore. we are finding out about an accident which came in on 87 and 80 on san jose.
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we are trying to find out more information and they have a camera and we'll see if we can find it for you. let's go to mark. we have some clear skies, some fog and clouds will win out as we head to the afternoon hours. the cold air continues to settle into the entire bay area and it is mainly to our north and to our east. current numbers are into the upper 50s and san jose and fairfield is in the upper 40s. winter weather advisory in a few showers, i should say, all the way into 10:00, snow levels continue to drop right around 800 feet. no raindrops to worry about. look what happens primarily for
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the northern half of the region and by 3:00 and 4:00 we still have a chance of a shower and it is right around 62 degrees. cool down continues with a look ahead, a thunderstorms on a friday, should we be using that. the three strikes lieu could soon impact those prisoners serving life sentences. get the morning's top stories sent straight to your cell phone every morning at 6:00 a.m. you can get the wake-up call by texting to 70123.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, some three strikers could be set free as early as january after voters approved proposition 36 it means nonviolent relatively three strikes crimes has a relatively welcome amount of news after they are in there for life.
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>> nonviolent serious crimes such as mine, we have had the opportunity to address our additions and to get into programs and better ourselves. >> judges will now decide whether an estimated 3,000 are eligible for release. oakland police chief anthony bats officially takes over as the new commissioner of baltimore. he has been on the job but he will be sworn in today. he becomes police commissioner at a time when the homicide rate is high. it is compared with 176 this time last year. time now 6:26 let's check our commute, sal, what do you say? >> well, we are looking at a new problem near 280, just reported a little while ago and we do see slowed traffic on 87 northbound and as a matter of fact, we are looking for the
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crash right now, this is the accident and there is the backup in san jose northbound. the accidents are reported in this general area and it could be right there, right where we see the bottlenecks. so we are looking at slow traffic here and the chp is not giving us too much detail. traffic looks good heading past mission boulevard and it is looking good all the way to san jose. let's go to mark. we are starting off dry but chilly with readings into the upper 50s and we will be tracking rain showers as we head into the afternoon showers. a few snow showers up to our east and to the north and up along the north coast and we do have a bit of a breeze, winds are sustained if you can't pick out the latest observations at 21 miles per hour especially centered around the bay.
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for thursday into the afternoon hours we have scattered showers and temperatures will be in the mid-50s and san jose right around 61. as we look ahead, a chance of a shower and the weekend will be dry. time now 6:27, people are lined up for the opening of a new chick fillet -- chick-fil-a restaurant and others are planning a protest. live in burlingame, hundreds are asked to iraq wait and we will take -- evacuate and we will tell you how they could have detected the problem much sooner. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. they are jointly based in rio de janeiro and on the stock exchange they are celebrating one of the largest owners and operators of farmland in agriculture company and falling off a fiscal cliff, that is the talk on wall street and we will have all of the business news coming up. all right, we will smile and say good morning to you, it is a thursday, november 8th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. we continue to follow developing news and it has been a long night out in the cold for hotel visitors and they have been forced outside of the embassy suite. tara moriarty has been talking with fire officials and guests. fire hazmat crews have already left the scene.
6:32 am
>> reporter: of course this was no ordinary overnight stay here for the people and firefighters were called out to the international airport and they called in hazmat and did some air samples and found high levels of carbon monoxide. within an hour they evacuated the building and hundreds of people staying here were just booked as they traced the problem that a faulty -- traced the problem that a faulty boiler. >> the equipment since that time has beenitis lasted and in the -- isolated and in that time we figured we were evacuate for the safety of the occupants. >> reporter: now fire crews tell us they were out here at the hotel actually last night around 6:30 and that's when
6:33 am
then transported a man to the hospital and we don't know if his illness was indeed carbon month objection side -- carbon- monoxide poisoning. had the detecters been in place, firefighters might have pinpointed the problem much sooner. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in san francisco arrested a man threatening to shoot people. officers received a man about a man trying to kill somebody in the city's ocean view neighborhood. when they arrived they found him inside his house and negotiators -- negotiator convinced him to give himself up. 24-year-old darnell
6:34 am
washington is facing nine counts in connection with the murder of susanco. he is accused of killing her during a carjacking at her home in hercules last month. prosecutors claim it capped off a crime spree which washington's wife breaking him out of jail in san bernardino county and while they were on the run they were suspecting of wounding a sheriff's deputy. washington could possibly face a third strike. they are preparing to face a recall strike of sheriff ross mirkarimi. according to the women for accountability may lead the effort and they say they do not want a sheriff who has been convicted of domestic violence. they are targeting christine who voted to reinstate sheriff ross mirkarimi. she lost her seat on the board
6:35 am
of supervisors. and he is expected during the second term. hillary rodham clinton said she is not interested in another four years. speculation is sentencing around john cary. and 74 defense secretary leon panetta said he is ready to return to his walnut farm in monterey. it is not clear on what mitt romney's plans are after loosing his bid for the white house. he told reporters a board his plane win or lose he wanted to spend time with his family after months on the road. they are refusing to speculate about what might be next but the former governor is unlikely to disappear from politics completely. and they still have thousands of ballots to count from tuesday's election. they have about 235,000 mail in
6:36 am
and provisional ballots to count. san francisco has 90,000. alameda county, 940,000 and with some of the races too close to call, it may be days before we get the final results. happening now, the grand opening of the newest chick-fil- a in the bay area, some customers camped out and there will also be protests, brian? welcome to camp chick-fil- a, we are here in walnut creek and as you can see people are actually packing up after spending the early morning hours and even last night here. the reason why, this is the newest location for chick-fil-a and this is the first one in the east bay. go ahead and listen to the excitement from just about 20
6:37 am
minutes ago. they just held a ribbon cutting ceremony and the first people in line actually got free food. they will be getting free food actually for 5 two weeks during the year -- 52 weeks during the year and let's hear some of the stuff they were talking about. >> we are so excited to be part of this community and it has been a long time coming and a lot of folks have been waiting for chick-fil-a to open and there is a lot of folks who don't know about chick-fil-a and there are trans plans from throughout the country. >> it is delicious waffle fries, crispy fried chicken, a bun, couple of pickles, i can't explain it, you just have to try it out, do you want to have lunch today? >> they fed them, they gave them drinks and we first brought you this after the ktvu channel 2 morning news on
6:38 am
channel 10. there is going to be protests but protests from what chick- fil-a president has said in terms much gay marriage, we will talk with the owner and they say they will welcome them at 9:00 today. so far everybody is pretty excited and we'll see what happens as the morning continues. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> i guess brian has a lunch date. >> what are you doing? >> that was funny. >> good morning everybody, it put a little smile on my face. it is a little bit slow on 87 northbound, right near 280, it is not moving well at all and moving on 87, i think you might want to think about using a different route this morning.
6:39 am
101, i know that is crowded and 87, it is not a good option because of an injury crash and look at this, it is barely moving here. you can see slow traffic on livermore but caster valley looks good and we are looking at contra costa and a little bit of slowing in bay point and in concord. at the bay bridge, we have a backup of about 20 minutes before you get on the span. 6:39 good morning, mark. >> we can all smile and say, we are happy we don't have raindrops but we have partly cloudy skies and rainfall, it is coming and you can see as for the latest on storm tracker, rainfall is out in the sierra and cape mendocino and in eureka there is a sweep and the rain will be moving to the
6:40 am
south as the we head -- as we head into the afternoon. upper 40s and 50s in santa rosa downtown 47 downtown san francisco 53. the showers will move in as well as this cool weather system drops in from the south and temperatures are around 55 to 62 degrees and we have a chance of a thunderstorm. a slight chance today or tonight but a better bet as we head to friday. it is dry as we mentioned 53 degrees and by 12:00, scattered showers especially for the northern part of the region. as we head into the afternoon, rain line doesn't move to the south. we could have another batch later this morning by 9:00 and 10:00 o'clock. unsettled and we have a cool down, as you can see, a chance for showers and it will be cold
6:41 am
especially for the morning hours and we have low frost starting out saturday and sunday morning. we have power outages and freezing temperatures. we will take you live where we are fooling powerful new storm where people are recovering sandy. police have shut things down after they found a bomb, we will tell you how they stumbled upon it and who is now in custody. traffic is slow in the sun any veil -- sunny veil area, we will have more on your traffic report straight ahead.
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. all right, welcome back, good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 6:44, we have hundreds of hotel guests back in burlingame following a carbon-monoxide fleeing fso. they have traced it to a bad boiler and have shut it off. they are investigating the claims of a woman who said she
6:45 am
was kidnapped. she was kidnapped from a parking lot from walnut creek and was taken to the remote part of oakland hills. we are right in the middle of the par gone outlets in livermore. the grand opening is set for 10:00 this morning and in fact police in livermore are warning about traffic delays. they are expecting shoppers to flock to this new outlet mall. we are continuing follow that powerful winter storm which is battering the east coast and we want to take you live to brooklyn to see the conditions there and the storm dumped several inches of snow by cindy just last week, we got a report from emily schmidt where people are dealing with freezing temperatures and still a lot of people do not have
6:46 am
power, emily? >> reporter: it is hard to imagine what this neighborhood has been through just last week there was an eight foot storm surge. now there is a how isn't itty crew trying fix some of the problems from the storm. a man is shove willing snow from -- shoveling snow from a home. a powerful nor'easter delivers another blow. >> it is in the grid of my state and city and obviously this region periods. >> reporter: the storm pounded the northeast, and a staten island home has been hit by sandy and this new storm is pushing him to the limit. >> everything i own is here and i am trying to save it. >> and mayor bloomberg urged people to move to low-lying areas. >> there could be some major flooding in spots already
6:47 am
eroded by sandy. the difference here is that barriers of sand is perhaps not there. >> this storm is creating a deadly situation and it has put recovery efforts on hold. >> we got back our power last friday and frustrating is a fair word. >> it has been stranding some drivers. >> cars were stuck, nothing was open. >> at least this new york resident is taking the wild weather in stride. >> we got through the first one, we can get through anything. >> it is having an impact across the country and there is more than 1,500 flights in and around this region have now been canceled because of this storm. jared loughner, the man who shot then congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be
6:48 am
sentenced today. a judge will sentence him to life in prison as part of a plea deal. congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband will be there along with congresswoman barer -- woman -- congresswoman barber. they have taking over the search for remains connected to two notorious serial killers. death row inmate. wesley howard shermantine claims he and an accomplice buried dozens of bodies and one of the bone fragments being tested is to see if it is connected to a woman kidnapped 42 years ago. there is new information about the pipe bomb found overnight in san jose and it all started with a routine
6:49 am
traffic stop. jeanine della vega is right there at the scene. what do you know now? >> well -- >> reporter: well police are telling me, it is right in front of this nypd dog's restaurant and the man who was driving was right on metropolitan, while the scene is clear, you can see that pile of sandbags, that was where the bomb was taken to the detonated. that was the sound of the bombing detonated around 1:00 this morning and this entire area had to be shut down as a safety precaution. it saul started when they stopped the van on a routine traffic violation. when officers searched the vehicle, they found a 10-inch pipe bomb with a fuse on it. that driver was arrested and he
6:50 am
has been investigated as names mcgill. >> we will look into his triand we are trying to figure out why he was in this area and why he would have that device in his vehicle. >> there are several businesses including restaurants in the area and some state police advised him to evacuate. a worker said they were a safe distance away and most he have them stayed calm. some of the guests actually worked there and everybody is -- some of the guests were taken care of and stayed and everybody is relieved this situation is taken care of. we had a couple of problems, first one we were telling you about was on 87 and there was a minor crash near 280. i want to put the maps up because there is a new problem. we have a crash that is
6:51 am
blocking a couple of lanes and the commute had been going well but now it is beginning to slow down. 280 pretty soon is going to start filling in not only after 808 but before -- 808 but before downtown. you may want to think about using downtown before it gets too super crowded and northbound 280 at the lawrence expressway. 880 north and southbound, this traffic looks good as you drive passed oakland and there was an earlier crash on the actual bridge itself. at 6:51, the traffic is backed up to the maze, let's go to mark. we have a dry forecast, reaching the short-term, we will have some of those clouds off in the distance and we do have a little bit of sunshine this morning. also some cold temperatures right now the radar, live storm
6:52 am
tracker 2, in fact, south tahoe, some rain showers, this will be the source of some -- will be the source of some rain. winds sustained out of the west at 16 miles per hour at fso, oakland, right around 21 miles per hour. it is also chilly and here is a look at some of the current numbers. these readings are in the upper numbers, san jose 50 degrees. here is the cool weather systems which brings down the temperatures. cooler today also into friday, showers return with the possibility of a -- possibility of a thunderstorm and it is possibly down about 3,000 or 2500 feet. there is that rain band approaching the north coast and this will be the source with a winter weather advisory beginning at 10:00 this morning.
6:53 am
at 10:00 our time, rain showers are developing up in parts of the north bay. spreading to the south, by late this afternoon, there is not a lot of action and we could be tracking some more showers as we head through the evening hours. as i mentioned, everybody cools off for afternoon highs and there is a look ahead and a thunderstorm into your friday. we will get ready to bundle up for both saturday and sunday. thank you mark, there is some good news, there is a 3% increase exports. the trade gap now stands at $41.5 billion. new reports about twitter accounts being hacked, what twitter officials are saying and how they are dealing with the problem. also don't forget, you can get ktvu channel 2 morning news to go, download the app, click the
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. welcome back, so far a much better day than yesterday after a big loss, we are up about 20 minutes. san francisco police made a
6:57 am
secretary arrest in connection with the muni bus on the night giants won the world series. he was booked on felony charges including arson and -- arson and vandalism. it shows the suspect smashing the windows of the bus with a skateboard. new this morning, reports of several twitter accounts being hacked. they report twitter reported several users are told to reset their password and one could not find his account had been hacked. twitter believes your account may have been compromised by a service not associated with twitter, end quote. >> twit terrible knows my account was hacked. right, sal? >> i see you tweeting and i
6:58 am
think that is really you. we do have a problem at the lawrence he can pet way and we of that crash as you drive through, unfortunately we will watch that coming up on mornings on 2 and it is backed up because of an earlier problem, let's go to mark. we have gusty winds and right now rain showers are up along the north coast and those rain bands lab approaching the bay area. we have a chance into friday and the weekend will be dry with cold mornings and we will take a closer look at rain times as we head into the afternoon showers. we have a hazmat scare we have been following all morning and we have it going on in burlingame. and the first outlet opens in ten years, stay with us.
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