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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 26, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hi, everyone. we've got great videos "right this minute." >> a helmet cam takes us into the scene of a horrific crash. >> there were four cars involved in this accident. one of them rolled over and
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completely on its roof. >> an up close look at what it's like to be a rescue worker. talk about a close encounter. >> how a woman kept her cool when a hump back whale came knocking. >> plus, this lady apparently doesn't know the meaning of a car wash. >> she tried to go in the car wash? >> she's already gone. she's there to clean up. >> it's a game of fox and hound. but this time, the sport turns ugly. find out why a woman throws herself in between the snapping jaws of these dogs. >> and a prison break prank that ends with a takeout. >> this is crazy! >> take a look at this footage from a helmet camera of a rescue worker as he arrives at the
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scene of a horrific car accident in allentown, pennsylvania. this accident is the result of a driver driving at high speeds in a construction zone. one car was driving at a high rate of speed as the car in front of him began to slow down approaching the construction zone. the car behind that car ended up rear ending that car and it caused a chain reaction. there were four cars involved in this accident. one of them rolled over completely on its roof. >> they are really smashed up here. they look like they're straight out of the junk yard. >> because this is a helmet cam from one of the firefighters, you're getting a real up close and personal look at what it's like to be a rescue worker on the scene of an accident like this. two of these people were trapped. they did have to work pretty diligently and with a great deal of force. you can see them there trying to get that person out of the car.
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unfortunately, the driver in the car that flipped, that person was ejected from the car during the accident. that person died on the scene of this accident. the two people who were trapped inside the car were taken to the hospital in critical condition. and miraculously, one of the other people involved only had minor injuries. >> you got to be thankful for all these rescue workers, being able to come to the scene. look at how many of them are there. this is in norway in a body of water. three friends were looking for an experience of a lifetime and they got that and then some. they had heard that in this body of water hump back whales hang out often. but they didn't know house close this one was going to get. >> oh, man. >> get out of town! >> you also get a look from that
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kayaker's camera. >> whoa! >> i'm amazed she stayed stable and didn't tip over. >> yeah. you can hear the scream. you can sense the anticipation because you know a hump back whale is massive. >> you see the size of that animal coming towards you. >> they are known to be gentle animals. even when they do something like this, they're being playful. they didn't go to school where a teacher told them when you see kayakers, be gentle. don't do this. they're just being themselves. >> this will topple you. >> even the marine biologist freaks out. sacramento police are
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looking for these two suspects in a robbery at a convenience store and the amazing thing is they're caught on video. you can hear their voices. >> this happened last monday. you can see both of the suspects got items and they go up to the check stand. you can see the woman's messing in her blouse. she seems to be looking for something in her shirt. then she tells the guy -- open the cash register. >> what did she just pull out of her shirt? >> that was a handgun she is later going to bring out. >> oh, my god. >> give me money. >> it almost seems like the clerk doesn't realize it's a robbery. she says she has money to pay for her stuff but open the drawer. does she succeed? tell me she doesn't succeed. >> unfortunately, she does. she has a gun and she has it pointed at him. she starts taking everything out of the register.
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she's believed to be in her late 20s to early 30s. he's believed to be 18 years old. bye. >> did she just say bye? >> yes, she did. i guess she wanted to be courteous after she pointed the gun at him. >> what a bumbling fool. she spilled half the money she takes out of the drawerment she has nothing covering her face. there is a level of stupidity. it is kind of entertaining. >> the police are still looking for these two jokers? >> still looking for these jokers. ladies, i know you love animal rescue videos. i can guarantee you've never seen one like this. this is a fox hunt in england. traditional style fox hunt where riders ride english style on horses and they hav a hunting . see the guy calling the hounds. >> a lot of hounds, too.
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not just two or three. it's a whole bunch of them. >> the riders believe they tracked down a fox. but they're not exactly sure where the fox is. but the dogs pick it up before the riders do. >> what the heck just happened? >> the hounds flush out the fox that was hiding near an old tank. the hounds immediately pounced on the fox and start to maul the fox. the woman you see literally throw herself in between the snapping jaws of these dogs is a woman that is there to monitor these hunts and make sure that the fox doesn't get hurt. this is just for sport. they don't actually kill the foxes anymore. >> we need help. we need help now. we need help now! >> amazing to see her jump in to the middle of this chaos. how did she know it wasn't going to turn around and bite her?
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>> she actually did get bit by the fox. she didn't get any serious injuries and neither did the fox. they quickly drove the fox to safety, checked it. didn't have any serious bites. they rehabbed it and released the fox so it will be safe from any future hunts. who knew corn flouer is explosive? >> i didn't know. >> exactly. we'll reveal the secret to making it go. and a lot can happen when you pop a top. >> you pop the top and the music starts. >> or you pop the top and the lights go on at the bar. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included,
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♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] every day on this show we can only show you some of the amazing videos that we find. the rest we put on our website. what do you have, nick? >> the latest, devin super tramp entry. here we are in alaska showing
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beautiful back country ski area of bears, guys trout fishing. >> shot only the way we can. to see the entire thing, head to our website and click on best of rtm. it's time for science time. this time with nick. >> we know this stuff. >> let's blow some stuff up. in this case, it's corn flower. >> i didn't know it was explosive. >> neither did i. look at that. >> that's corn flour. >> that is corn flour. so this guy is blowing corn flour through a funnel when it goes up in the air against a flame, poof, it explodes. but it's funky. when he is burned, corn flour on a spoof, a bunch of it scooped up on a spoon and he touches it. nothing. it burns. >> so it just mixes with the air and creates more of a combustible dust. >> he explains that there's more surface for burning when you blow it up into the air.
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so let's get our corn flour explosion experts back. >> this guy knows everything. >> he does. >> poof! >> i like the way you just did that. >> thank you. >> why is it we can get that fireball? >> corn flour is flammable because it had a s. a starch. starch is a complex carbohydrate made from glue close and glucose is very flammable due to the chemical makeup. so on a spoon it does combust a bit. it is car mallized. it doesn't make a big explosion. the reason for the larger combustible explosion which you blow it is that there is actually a lot more surface area to combine with the oxygen in the air making a giant fireball. >> is that why you have siloh fires? >> it's the dust. if there is another explosion that puts dust everywhere, then that catches fire with heat, it can make it a big mess. >> it's the holiday season.
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that means the bad guys are out there. but the tampa bay police department has a little musical message. ♪ >> as you can see, they changed a little bit of the lyrics to deck the halls to deck the malls. ♪ kids want your presents and cash ♪ not lock it, lock it, lock it lock it up ♪ >> they take a hammer to your glass. >> what they're saying is lock the car. >> no. no. it's a step beyond that. they're saying they'll lock the glass. lock the packages up in your trunk so thieves can't see them. >> they say that $35 million worth of merchandise is stolen every day. you don't wnt to be victimn, d you? >> my favorite coat got stolen out of the back of a car. >> a coat? >> that's okay. ♪ help the po-po catch the crooks ♪ >> this is the first time i
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think i've ever heard a police officer refer to themselves as the po-po. >> yeah. >> and the police chief had something to say. >> remember to lock your doors and hide your valuables. the men and women of the tampa police department want you to have a happy and safe holiday season. >> i'd like to think she made all the cops do that. >> okay, boys, here's what we're doing for christmas time. ♪ lock it, lock it, lock it lock it up ♪ >> have you ever had an emergency? the real emergency? >> when i was like 10. >> those emergencies still happen. they're normally where youen in r never know where you're going. if you do have an accident, what do do you? this this case, you soo a woman pull her red jeep into one of those self serve car washes. she rolls the door down and proceeds to take her pants off. >> oh, my gosh. >> no! she is going to go in the car
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wash? >> no. she is already gone. she is there to clean up after her accident. she's not there to wash her truck. >> and now she's buck naked! >> the man sprayed her. i cannot believe i'm watching this. >> was it that bad? >> i guess. >> it must have been that bad. >> because when you shower in the morning, it's kind of -- you're done. she's got the pressure washer in there for a good 30, 45 seconds. then the guy helping her out just kind of shoves the dirty laundry off to the side with the pressure washer and that's the end of the video. >> what's the conversation when they drive away? >> you know what she got? she got the full service wash. >> it's real or fake time with matt dradle. either this is the worst wedgy ever or a well thought out bruise.
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>> go. >> plus, a scare prank that goes wrong. >> oh, no! >> find out if it's real or fake when "right this minute" returns. >-.y÷$@y+o3vhpe
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it's the monday after thanks giving. we have some real or fake time. >> what's up? >> happy belated thanksgiving.
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>> i had turkey. it was pleasant. we had family fights. it was incredible. >> so the yushl? >> yes. it was great. >> let's dive into the videos. our first one, thanks giving turkey cooked with flashlights. >> no way. >> i don't know about this. >> yeah. >> i'm not buying it. >> you know what i'm ready to believe? only one side is cooked. i'm going to go against the grain here and say that it's real. i might say real. >> they did cook it for a really long time. >> i think you talked me into real. >> what do you say? >> i say it's real, too. first of all, he his hands are the same size as the bird. >> that is a cornish game hen. falsitiitie falsitiesie advertising. >> i'm with half real. >> i like that. >> next video, you have to love the title. mega wedgy. >> ready?
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>> yeah. >> oh! >> it could have a harness in his pants and not underwear. >> to me, it looks like this was a spontaneous idea. >> the reaction seems phoney. >> i think he had it hooked to his belt. i don't think it was his underwear. >> he had really good quality underwear. they probably held together nicely. >> that underwear would have stretched way far before he would have gotten off the ground. fake. >> what kind of flimsy underwear are you wearing? >> i'm saying fake. >> i'm saying fake. >> i'm going real with this one. >> notice how he doesn't roll over either, he's back o the groun fak i love seeing two best friends out there making a viral video smash. >> when scare pranks go wrong. >> aaahhh! >> oh, no!
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>> she got him back! >> did she plan that? or did she just wake up screaming? >> i think that was a prank gone wrong on the prankers than the prankee became the pranker and it all went right. >> i think they planned the whole thing to make us think she prafrpged the pranker. >> so the whole thing is a ruse? >> maybe we pranked them. >> i think we did. we know it wasn't a prank. >> so we're the prankers now. >> we just watched a really bad movie but only had to watch it for a minute and a half. >> dog really wants a treat. >> you want some bacon?
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>> good girl. >> there are many ways to get the party started. but i never seen anything quite like this. this is the strong stark cap. they called it the world's first digitally enabled bottle top. you pop the top and the music starts. or you pop the top and the lights go on at the bar. you can pop the top and fire a cannon. can you pop the top and basically do whatever you want. as you see, there is sort of this band around the top of the cap there. it is made up of aluminum. an active rfid which is radio frequency identification. there is a lot of technology that goes into this. but you sifrpg up this little band with your computer that then activates some some sort of action. right? they have it controlling an entire bar. as can you see in this video, they're popping the tops and all
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fun sorts of things happen. that could be fun. i'm sitting there thinking what am i going to start up at home by myself when i drink a beer? it's a lonely night and i'm popping the top on the beer and my laptop plays sappy music. >> or takes you in at your own apartment. look, i'm alone at my house. >> that's a whole different story. >> now they're launching this at events across europe in the near future. it hasn't made it into the states just yet. a prison prank that makes most people run away. >> the level of this prank is criminal. >> ends with a real life sear row taking the prankster down. >> there are people that are willing to put their lives at risk for justice. >> see how it all shak
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have you ever seen snow in san francisco? >> no. >> guys are riding free boards, the skate board with the center wheel. the skate board can spin around similar to the way a snowboard feels. it's a six wheel board. four wheels just like a skate board but two center pivoting wheels. it gives the guys ability to sort of drift this skate board around corners. >> and they go from back to
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front. >> just like you would on a snowboard. >> that's really cool. >> these guys are riding the most iconic spots in the bay area. lom barred street and the other pier areas. >> this is the perfect place for these guys to do this. not only do they have nice curvy streets, they're also very silly. they have the ability to pick up some crispy solid speed. >> you're in the park. and this is something you doan want to see happen. >> so it's the prisoner cleaning up the park you have a bunch ofls there rack and field team and this guy on the phone is supposed to be watching them. but something's about to go down. >> 22 years i've been with you guys! i'm done! >> come get me. >> so he quits guards duty for the prisoner and he leaves. and so do all the girls. >> he is running in chains. >> no way! >> we have to thank roman for
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this one. this prafrnk wasn't him leaving him alone, this is the criminal and people reacting to their chains. i have to give them an a plus. >> you want a prisoner? come get him. >> people are like what just happened? >> the level of this prank is criminal, really. >> this could go really wrong. >> oh, no! >> there is a camera right there. >> it was not dog the bounty hunter. but that was a citizens arrest attempt. >> i love that guy. >> i love him and i love knowing that there are people out there that are willing to put their lives at risk for justice. >> to see this whole video, go to our website and click on the best of rtm. that's it for our show. thanks for spending time with us. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. card hassles?
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