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tv   KTVU News at 4PM  FOX  November 30, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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mike? >> the rain has died down. therain has been off and own over the last couple of hours. thereis a creek that's now gone over its banks within the last 0 minutes or sochlt it's also started to flood this vineyard west of highway 101. there arefears of flooding over the tugs russian rir as the water continues to rise. the russian river, she's alive, she's running sdpshgs on the rise. up 14 feet in just thelast 24 hours >> now your homes could be flooded >> cure osty -- light fear starting to settle in among some, not all, but some residents mother nature does what it's going to want to do.
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a floozwatch is underway. most ri centcently knew year's eve 2005 >> this morning there it were 14 steps here. what are thereleft? six. so it's come up sef, 7, steps within five hour sdmrs u.s. army corps engineers told us it is loring a couple of lakes by releasing some of the waufrment gerngs that flood watch in effect. whoos happen happening bill: i tell you thatdrainage space took a lot of water over night and early this morning. up to seven inches ofrain in parts of the north bachlt wind gusts to 86 miles per hour and at that flood watch continues for the cushion river. it's going to get real high as
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we head into sunday night and monday. two inches nearly inoakland and about 1.3 nv inches is san jose . we're get a breakright now and going to get a lit of a break tomorrow 6789 check out the storm report. this isimpressive. this area righthere, you're going to get a storm report here. 8.8 inches inches was rortded about #15k this morning. these are actual stormreports from observers on the ground >> when i come back, we're get the break, that's good news. there's another big storm headed our way. we'll have the detailson that and see you fwhak just a bit >> the pack 12 championship game is coming up between stanford sxd ucla.
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i just chekd ktvu traffic, but as you get closer to the stadium, traffic is getting heavy as some of the fannings head toward the stadium. they've had tarps outon the field trying keep the field dry. let's see what thesituation is like. ktvu newsjohn is on the field. what arethe conditions like on the field and also in those dirt parking lots around the stadium the game is about an hour away, and it has been cleared but now a light drizzle is falling. they did cover up the field in order to keep the water off the field. i can show you that theground here along the sidelines is still quite muddy bit it should be okay for game time. now, outside the stadium where
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fans setup shop, and they had to setup their tailgate spots in damp or even muddy ground. but the party is not slows down at all. stanford and ucla aredrirnging and eat sxg playing games getting ready for tonight's game and not fadz by the water we keep the ether up dats, and we come on out and this is the fwraek in between. >> i don't feel the rain. and as we said, the fans here -- although i did talk to one fan who said he felt like he had flo problem finding tickets because he felt that a lot of people would stay a way because of the weather. as martin said just afew
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minutes ago, most of the bad werth is past us already. sogame time shouldn't be all that scombashgsd should be time for a good gooim game for stanford against ucl action konth with our storm watch now are rain and especially pointed communities in the sougd land. following the trail of damage. the expected as well as the unexpected results that's right. here in the santa santa kruz mountains -- in one instance put a strange twist the on what could have been a tragic situation. strong wind trop lthis tree down power line this is morning in the community of fell on the in the santa kruz mountains. . the true noked outpower to about 75 homes. somepeople said they knew this
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storm fts going to cause damage >> there's a lot more rain, eight a lot more wind. it wasjust constantly pouring douvenlt it was solid. that rain and wind caused the roof to dave in near skots valley >> i heard at that big clatter. i knew it was a tree down, but didn't know -- beyond that i didn't know >> travel travs tree professional bill pilgrim said a large tree felt and knocked over another bay trooet tree that knocked into the house. thesecond saved the home because the first treefs so big it probably would have went through the house >> so in a way the second tree kind of blocked it: yes. we gotlucky >> today it unveiled four mobile command centers ready to
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be deemployed in hard hit areas it alouse us to work not only with our own staff but to work with first responder and have them on site working shoulder to shoulder >> the mobile command center have been put in strategic area and will go where the storm sends them. channel 2 news 6789 >> a pg and a worker was dmild a crash in west kak voir dire men toechlt the driver lost control of his vehicle and scombrooshd a telephone poll. the worker hasnot been identified but pg and a workers say he was choming back from clarks burg and working over 50i78. thousands ofpeople lost power over the bay area. 3 #00 kus mrers stillwithout electricity. 1400 arein the north bay. 800 in theeast bay, 700 on the
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peninsula, and 50 in san francisco >> they are rush to go keep drang clear and trees from coming down. live from thegreat highway, david 1234 well, we've been watching cars splash through this flooded section of the great that he. it's one of the visible after effects of this last grate of rain >> they work nd steady twhan morning to restore power to 50,000 customers. clean up and damage assessment this squeak a nonstop john job. i had a feeling we were going to keep going and going exam going on this. >> leave and debris are clogging city catch basins. anotherdrain just across the street threatened to over flow. another ocean beach -- cars
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continue to race through the water >> drive slowly. there'snowhere you to go quickly. don't walk through big huddle tell us of stamding water. youdon't know what's under there police blocked this off after a tree toppled. -- in the sunsetdistrict, the mission district, kind of all over town >> workers near city hall said the president wet and win de dimorning had one benefit >> usually you have to get here around 11:30 in the morning to avoid the kroudz >> again, another live look at cars splashing through the water on the public highway. it'sgiven away lots of sapd bags to -- reporting live at ocean beach in san francisco >> now, we head to north bay where some places got nearly 6
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inches of rain today. all ofthat scombind rain really took a toll and at least one family is extremely luck wi can i they weren't hurt nfrments a matter of hours this 162 year old tree was transforted into mull m ch it kament kras krarning down around 2:00 a.m. >> we saw flashs of light >> the toe tree totalled both the family's cars >> the tree land landed within a few yards of our bedroom that storm kem kept a lot of students out of school it feels lining i'm having a snow dafrjts not a snow day but a storm day of sorts 6789 the power went out last night and didn't come back on in time for the first bell this morning we made a decision to cancel school today take a look at the
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time classroom and knowing there was no lek tris si and it would not be con deuce i to learning >> it is unusual to have a school go down for the day. atleast nobody's floog floogd or hurt, and it was just a power outage >> five schools in the shoreline scoot distriblth canceled class today. she tukd the super superintendent -- safely to their classes one person was nurt an accident in contra could say at that county on westbound highway 4 east of the hill crest -- a jeeb cherokee spun out of krochlt one person was air lifted to the hospital. but there's no wordon the extent or injure ritz of the victim but a child may have been thrown out of the car two children es dpraps a crash.
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it happened about 10:30 this morning. a toyota cam ri goingtoo fast spun out of sxrol hit the guardrail. it plunged downan embankment, and no other cars were involved this crash. thestorm also brought sdmroogd rock slides to the east fwhachlt is an underpass of niles canyon. it made driving difficult on highway 84 and a small creek nearby was killed -- you see it here? fild with russian seawater >> a tree was hit -- the true came down about 1:30 this afternoon. you see the damagethere. it happened on wild catcanyon road. foerptly no personon either side was injured. apark's crew cut the tree and later dleerd row. the airporthas been seeing flight cancellation and delays.
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rightnow there are delays of 60 to 90 minutes because of rain, poor visibility and rains. 80flights have been canceled all together mously on shol short hall flights um and down the west coats. and you can alwaysget weather when you need it during these stormy times when we're not on the air. we willbe live streermg our radar on ktvu mobile. and go to ktvu dotco. we have weather video and all of our other stories right there on the front page. justclick on storm watch >> weather isn't the only thing going on today. coming up intwo minute, a mansion morning this kind of thing does not happen in this >> all eyes only the supreme court awazing news about california's -- both sides were left disapointd today but
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>> a san francisco act sflis in a little hot water after taking a photograph of scott weern and posting it on a blochlth michael pet pet -- as he was washing his understands a city hall rest roochlt he is now facing charges of violating the senator's privacy. >> rain has become an obstacle for police. when someone broke into a home -- they aren't sure if these
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tar get the family, but they do know officers arrived seven minutes after she called for help. when officers arrivedthey found the husband dead and the house ran saktd. neighborhood say this kind of thing doesn't happen in their area my husband makes me lock our sliding doors. i leave them open because he this someone's going to steel my chuter, not that someone's going to get murdered >> today the u.s. supreme court justices met and discussed california aets proposition 8 banning same section marriage but they took no action on the issue. there is still a chancethat the high court could act on monday. if the court decidesnot to hear the case, thoeshgs a lower court's case will stand make it legal in california.
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san tran cisco say they're ready for an on slight of marriage requests >> we're reprird for the tlout tloudz we had in 2004 and 2008 shths and we will be prepared for anyone who combant wants to come and get married >> they didn't take any action on the nine other same section marriagings that -- dlug defense of marriage act today they say two shot a man after stopping them from steelg a television. according at arecord, the victim was riding his bike when he saw two men leaving with a flat at the scene t vvrjts the vick testimony tried to can chase them down, but was shot in the stomach one person died -- a fire broke out in cascade canyon. policeto run hoses 750 feet
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down a dirt driveway. one if fire wasout, they found the body in the ashes. no word on the victim'sidentity or what cause that had fire a restaurant fire broke out on south 24th street just after 7:30 this morning. most of thedamage started in the attic where the fire start stad and fortunately no wuvens hurt >> storm number 2s some heavy wind and rain. live stormtracker 2 -- we're get that all in -- the night before there were some mass i rain totals. we've got some rain here near lexington hills. up near boerldcreek we have got wind or rain, 4 and a half inch tell us of rain near boulder kreevenlth a heavy rainfall
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continued to keep that flash flood watch in effect through monday morning. sowe're going to get this next system in here, and it's going to fire things up. today'sstorms moving out. storm numbertwo rolls in, not tomorrow foerptly. tomorrow's going tobe hopefully a bit of a break. there's going to be light scat erd showers but we're not expecting hef sli flooding type rain. that's a big deal thatthat could happen and probably will happen >> sunday morning we have another event hachg that's not quite -- it could cause some real problems on the rugs river -- 7:00 a.m. saturday there's your wildly scattered showers. it's not a deal breaker, but it's wet out there. as we getinto sunday, it shows up saturday night late north of
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here. so the drainage base sinrs get rain. here we are sundaymorning at 7:00 a.m. most of usare in bed, some just getting up. we're going to start thenews catst cast early on sunday at 6:00 a.m. instead of 7:00. why are we tracking it? becausethis one if it continues to dump rain it is going to go to very cloeshgs maybe two feet from flood range >> monday it starts to move out, and there's a break in the storm. so let's get throughsubd sxhorpg we should be in good shape. here's where we arenow, 21 feoffment by moupd morning you're just about a foot and ie half below flood stage y. is that? the drainage basis ishuge. the creeks continue todrain. they're drang right now. that river's rising right now. more rain coming on -- bring
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that thing within a couple of feet of flooding, so we'll watch it. we should be fine. we'll be all right >> well, football fans are depraving the elements for the packs game at stanford coming nup a moments. also why thisgame is so important for both teams. /
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>> the have you viewers have been sending us fee toes of their neighborhood. this is aphotograph of a tree that toppled over on pine freet? santran cisco let's go back to stanford where game time is close approaching between stanford andings ucla joe, a lot is on the line tonight for both teams >> yeah thchlt is a huge night for both teams. both comingsonto the field. it's the firsttime stanford has ever been vofd in this game. stanford here byvirtue of its 10-20 regular season -- and last two weeks of the regular
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season. in thosethree weeks in the regular season, after a win of oregon, stanford has a very impressionive win over borg oregon. a touchdown pass --tide game in the fourth quarter. at first that touchdown was considered an incompletion, but the tight end from mon that vista high school -- then jor tan williams tikd a field goal to give stanford a 17-14 win over oregon, the time had been number 1 or number two prior to those national poles. thatwould not have been anything if they had not gone to the rode bole and defeated them 35-17. it put them in in this exact opportunity they're in. -- cango to the rose bole for the first time since 2000. it wouldbe a third straight bcs
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bole appearance. another interestingthing about tonight's game. inthat game against ucla just 36 yards away from stanford's all fooit time rushing record. so we're -- ats a place like sanford goes under the radar, but david shaw for the last five or six years is really unpress deposited school history and a chance to go to the rose bole with a win mere tonight. we'llhave a postgame show after that. reporting live from sanford stadium thank you. the pack 12championship between ucla and stanford >> gerngs the wirn goes the rose bole. thank you for trustingktvu news
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