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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 17, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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[cheering] >> [screams] >> chicago was unbelievable. remarkable. >> nicki! >> thank you. >> excellent. chicago rocked. >> bye, chicago. big kiss. mwah. >> next week, we're running flat out. >> oh! >> [musical groaning] >> as charlotte gives us a clean chute. >> i gotta say cuba's a huge inspiration to me. >> you're going to hollywood! >> but will they get a little loose in the turns? >> [singing indistinctly] >> [vocalizing] >> something about that was scary. >> think i could get a handshake or something? >> all: no. >> we're burning rubber straight off the line. >> one, two, three. >> all: yes! [screaming excitedly] >> better fasten your seat belts, because this is where it
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all happens. >> i hate the hippo thing. >> no, i under--i'm not-- >> we're trying to help her. [overlapping chatter] >> you always do. go ahead. >> maybe i should just get off the [bleep] panel. finished with y'all. i'm over that. yes or no? did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling? >> yeah. >> reporter: lance armstrong comes clean, tonight the super star's long awaited liacopa on
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doping. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener. after repeating the lie for years he finally admitted to cheating. lange armstrong's long awaited confession was heard today on oprah winfrey. deborah villalon is live where she watched the oprah winfrey interview with other cyclists. >> win at all cost truly. serves me well on the bike, served me well during the disease. but the level that it went to for whatever reason, is a fall. >> reporter: as details poured
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out, bicyclists poured in. some say armstrong deserves some slack. >> it doesn't take away from what he has done for the sport and it's still a remarkable feet no matter what. >> reporter: others race competitive. >> we race clean, we race fair. i think it puts a big dark shadow over it. >> reporter: lance armstrong says he never forced teammates to cheat. >> i think he's mean. he's mean spirited and i think that really comes across. >> reporter: occasionally armstrong's answers drew laughter. he called doping a habit like putting air in his tires, water in his bottle. >> that's probably my favorite quote of the night so far. >> even scarier. >> reporter: did you feel in any way that you were cheating? >> no. the scariest.
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>> it's all theater. at least he's owning up to it though. that's a start. >> reporter: armstrong also says he's sorry the people who believed in him feel betrayed. >> i'll spend the rest of my life trying to gain back trust and apologize to people all my life. >> reporter: some say armstrong still seems cagey. more interested in his come back than telling the truth. he wants his lifetime ban lifted so he can compete in triathlons. the live strong foundation that armstrong founded issued a statement expressing its disappointment. it goes on to say we also appreciate our gratitude to
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lance. happening now in hayward, friends and family are handing out fliers and searching for a missing teenager. the mother of delicia moreno says her daughter has been missing since this morning when she did not show up to school. delicia was last seen wearing a red 49ers sweater, black leggings with white vans shoes. in concord an aunt tells ktvu that her 15-year-old niece has been missing since yesterday morning. nicole addison was last seen at mount diablo high school. concord police says they have information that lead them to believe nicole ran with another girl. nicole is described as 165
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pounds with green eyes and brown hair. ktvu's jana katsuyama tellless us the argerian military stormed today after shrugging off help. >> reporter: militants who have been moving through nali and libya went in. tonight there are still hostages, americans are believed to be among them. algerian military forces fought back hard today. holding algerians and seven more hostages. the u.s. sent an unmanned drone and offered help, but algeria declined. at the end of the day several
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were pronounced dead. >> we're certainly concerned about the reports of loss of life. >> reporter: middle east expert thomas hill says in this case the u.s. was not the intend target. >> it appears to be the effort to nationalize the region. >> reporter: the group's take over of the bp plant is not the first time they've taken hostages. the rebel attack also was retaliation for algeria's support of terrorist groups in near by mali. >> instability in mali has created the opportunity for a staging base and safe haven for terrorists. >> reporter: there is late word that one of the missing is from texas but they're not releasing
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any names. they are pressing algeria for clear detailless. a hard situation for people who don't know about loved ones over there. the chaos in north africa forced the increase in oil prices. police chief chris moore went along with a gaming distributor. right now all the gambling occurred on the ground floor. a matrix representative says he's disappointed with the decision. in the movie theater in the movie theater rather in aurora colorado where a gunman killed 12 people and injured dozens more has now reopened after six months. the spear where -- interior
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has been remodeled and the theater has been renamed. building broke ground on new houses and apartments at the fastest rate in more than four years. a tight supply of homes for sale plus low mortgage rates appear to be driving the sale of homeless. the 335,000 applications applications for jobless benefits is the lowest. dow responded with a gain of 84 points, nasdaq was up 18. bank of america and city bank dropped with lower than expected earnings. the area is reporting the first death linked to the flu
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virus and the fifth death so far here in california. the report came after reports of scattered shortages of the flu shot. the bay area's first reported influenza death. >> reporter: a 90-year-old woman who had underlying chronic illnesses. >> reporter: she died about a week ago. the state does not report flu deaths in those over 65. kaiser reports one flu patient over 65 hospitalized in the county but recovered. we found the mist keeping some people from getting the flu vaccine. >> i'm scared to get it because it makes me sick. so i don't want to risk it. but several pharmacies tell me they're swamped and temporarily out of vaccines. i checked this pharmacy. they said they had 100 100
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doses right now but they will send their remainder to pharmacies that have already ran out. this flu death though unfortunate should serve as a reminder that influenza is a dangerous but mostly preventable illness. california is one of the few states with a low flu rate this season. about 1/4 of the country has a moderate flu outbreak while just under a half falls into a high range. infants are among the most vulnerable. this year's total has climbed
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to 20. to help confine the flu, the diocese is changing communion. traditionally one cup is used which could spread the flu. bay area air quality officials are issuing another spare the air alert for tomorrow. they say the school stagnant air traps lieu traps -- pollutants. the ban applies to the burning of any solid fuel and fireplaces wood stoves, pellet stoves and outdoor fire pits. from the costumes to the glitter, lady gaga has arrived in the bay area and the new effort to help troubled youth after she's going. a woman says a man tried to
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snatch her child from her hands is a lie. how this could cause problems for real victims. our temperatures are finally starting to climb. we'll show you how warm we will get as we get to the bay area weekend.
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a young boy was hit by a car in oakland tonight and is in critical condition at children's hospital. police say the boy was struck at 48th avenue and foothill avenue around 5:30 p.m. police say he was bleeding from the head. at this point police are trying to figure out if he ran into traffic or he was hit while in
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the crosswalk. meantime there's a dramatic twist to the story we told you last night about the attempted kidnapping of a south bay child. amber lee is live where officials now say the mother's story was all a lie. >> reporter: neighbors tell me they're upset and can't understand why someone would lie about an attempted child kid kidnapping. in the meantime the mother who made apparently made the false report lives in the two story home behind me. our camera was there, you could barely see the mother, that's the top of the head. they quickly walked inside without talking. but yesterday she told us and police that a man had walked up to her and tried to snatch her 3-year-old daughter from her arms. >> we were tugging at each other and her bottoms were falling off. >> reporter: her story led to this police sketch of a suspect. police say there were inconsistencies in her story. so they reinterviewed her
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today. >> she finally admitted that the entire story was a fabrication. >> reporter: police did not elaborate on a motive and declined to release her name but did say the mother has a criminal record. neighbors said the report caused a lot of anxiety. >> i'm surprised, very disappointed and also very scared. >> it will keep people more aware of people who are around here. >> reporter: the cousin of michelle le says false reports cause delays in real cases. >> when you have a woman out there who wants her 15 minutes of fame keeping police from real cases, that's disgusting. >> reporter: amber lee, ktvu. there's a new twist in a
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murder and home invasion case. an east oakland gang may have planned that attack. the victim kumra reportedly hired a 22-year-old prostitute named raven nixon. she apparently gave them information. alameda sheriff's deputy arrested one suspect and confiscated two firearms after a chase in east oakland early this evening. deputies say the suspect's car crashed into three other vehicles near cooleage. they were trying to stop a reckless drive but called off the chase when it hit city streets. the driver was caught but two other people got away on foot. authorities say a 9-millimeter handgun and ak47 were found in that car. several people suffered minor injuries. a military judge issued a sanity review. army staff sergeant robert
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bales is accused of killing 16 villagers in afghanistan. his defense attorney says he may have suffered from a traumatic brain injury during a combat tour in iraq. san diego harbor police arrested a marine recruit from san rafael after he ran across the runway at the airport today. he scaled a raiser topped fence then he darted across the tarmac. marine officials took the man to the hospital. his name has not been released. the high school principal says he will be suspending several students because of a street fight in front of the school. >> it's wednesday y'all. >> reporter: this is cell phone video taken during yesterday's brawl. some say it all began with a fight between two girls then mushroomed into a near riot between a couple 100 people.
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four students were arrested including two from berkeley high and two from berkeley tech. a police officer wrestled one of the students to the ground. >> in that situation it never looks good, it never is good. but you know there were certain steps that had to be taken to keep the situation safe for everybody. >> the principal sent out a letter about the incident to parents. nobody was hurt. angry tep in -- angry tenants are calling their landlord a slum lord. we took a tour of their apartments. >> reporter: in one unit we saw showers that don't drain. next door pipes under a kitchen sink that drip so much the cabinet is rotting and smoke alarms, what smoke alarms in then there's the mold, take a look at this. it seems to be everywhere.
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that mold is near where jose poot sleeps. >> it makes me sick and gives me a cold at nighttime. >> reporter: if you thought his mold was bad, take a look at a neighbors. the ongoing problem social security why tenants and housing advocates protested. >> reporter: we spoke with the landlord about the plight of their tenants. many of your tenants call you a slum lord. what do you think about that? >> i think it's fair to be called whatever they call me and i understand their frustration. >> reporter: he also claim that is he will install cameras to keep people from coming in and sleeping in the hall. >> it's fund, i can't put $15,000 into the property by tomorrow. >> i feel bad, i feel so bad. angry because i'm -- they don't take care of us you know. >> reporter: the city department of building says it
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has issued 600 inspection violations. the original writer of the dear abby column has died. paulene abbey phillips. it was then syndicated in rival to her sister. the first dear abby appeared in 1956. her first column seen here had a strong feminist approach. she told a woman to stop seeing her married boss saying quote, i think your boss is a super sales man of course he won't marry you. a bit warmer out there today. look at the highs we had, santa rosa 63. napa got up to 63.
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64 64degrees in san jose. these temperatures 20 degrees warmer than they were. temperatures have been on the increase. look for temperatures to be very cold in the inland bay valleys. current temperature in santa rosa 48. 37 at napa right now. you'll be down near freezing. frost in the morning, freezing conditions again. some icy roadways and patchy valley fog in the inland bay valley then the bay. cold start tomorrow. but you got the picture that things are warming up. when we come back we will show you how warm things are getting tomorrow. we'll see you back here. it was a flash of light in the predawn sky that woke many people up this morning. an astronomer said it was a fire ball. this photo was sent to us by a ktvu viewer who says she saw the fire ball. some people say it was the biggest shooting star they've
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ever seen. it was visible across northern california and as far away as nevada. you know him as the panda. the condition that has pablo sandoval hospitalized tonight. plus the new tool to help you better understand just how safe your favorite restaurant is. >> but up first a display of newtty at san francisco's federal courthouse. the group's plea before a judge.
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they're fighting for the right to be naked in public. today san francisco nudists moved their battle to court. they say the city's ban on nudity is illegal.
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>> reporter: there are four nudists involved in this legal fight. >> there's at least one thing that is right with america, and that's the first amendment right. >> reporter: they were nude on the steps of the courthouse steps drawing dropped jaws and rafting and seeking a judge's injunction to drop san francisco's nudist ban. >> i have yet to see an argument. why nude expressive sitting is. >> reporter: the city was trying to get the civil right's suit thrown out. >> is it likely to convey a message. when someone is knew is it likely to convey a message. >> the bottom line with that is if you're at an event where the city is making money like pride
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or folsom you can be nude with our blessing. >> reporter: the city says the bottom line is about stopping the harm people feel when unwillingly exposed to nudity. >> the board tailors to protect the public but also leave avenues open for san francisco residents who do wish to engage in occasional nudity. >> reporter: the judge heard the arguments and said he will make a decision. pablo's brother tweeted late this afternoon the baseball player has been diagnosed with colitis. the panda is in his native venezuela to play winter ball. he is expected to be released from the hospital and return to the team within the next two days. starting today the city
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teamed up with popular website yelp to postrestaurant health inspection grades. people we talked to today said it's a good idea. >> food is important and you want to make sure if you're spending money that it's good quality and you know that you're not going to get sick. san francisco is the first to offer up inspection ratings on yelp. new york and philadelphia plan to do so in the coming weeks. the subway sandwich chain is responding to criticism that it's food long sandwiches don't always measure up. the dust up happened on facebook because of this picture. subway removed the picture from its website but not before more than 100,000 people liked the imagine. subway said in a statement that bread size varies slightly when
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restaurants do follow the chain's exact specifications. it's three days before the 49ers play for a title. >> little monsters go gaga. why viewers say she's been a positive influence on her life. @
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fans are going gaga for lady gaga. >> reporter: there's still a few hours to go, but we talked to people coming out early who said they are thrilled with the music and dancing. however they did bring out something new, this to help troubled youth.
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lady gaga's born this way concert arrived. the costumes were on display outside of pavilion. in the crowd -- >> i am lady gaga from her telephone music video. >> reporter: this 19-year-old stanford video. >> this is the monster pit so we came at 7:30 in the morning to get the bands. >> we're from greenwood arkansas. >> and these sisters who spent hundreds of the dollars on their costumes alone. >> this is part of the show. this is completely out of the box for both of us. we're both normally pretty conservative. >> reporter: tickets were between $100 and $200 but some paid much more. new to the concert, a concert
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bus to help teens. >> she is basically my idol. >> reporter: what did she help you do? >> i used to be addicted to drugs and i've been clean for a year now. she's helped me a lot. >> not just life, i struggled with my life, i'm gay. i do outreach all the time. it's good to see that someone in a higher volume, a higher community to be able to speak for the little voice in me. >> reporter: here is a look at some of the concertgoers just leaving. lady gaga next in new york city. new york senator chuck schumer had asked companies to remove inauguration listings. tickets are supposed to be free. stub hub had already refused to sell the tickets on its
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website. the san francisco 49ers geared up on the practice field today for sunday's big nfc championship against the atlanta falcons. the fans are gearing up too. >> reporter: the 49er faithful called and stopped by the 49er team store today looking for the perfect way to gear up for this weekend's play off game against the atlanta falcons. >> i love it. >> reporter: alex hutchinson are hoping for a sunday win. >> i'm so excited. >> we're going to have a really big day. in the locker room, davis said the game could come down to one key play at the right time. >> it just takes one. it just takes one. and that's what i enjoy about this game. once you get that one catch and ár in a big game you know it's all downhill after that -- catch in a big game you know it's all downhill after that. >> i think they're doing a good
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-- job. jim harbaugh is pointing them in the right direction. >> we'll do what we do and i speak for myself. pack a toothbrush and a good attitude and get ready for a big game. >> reporter: the coach not giving away anything on a strategy for this game. the mayor of santa clara the future home of the 49ers is waging a big bet. jamie matthews is wagering snoopie and charlie brown
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stuffed animals. and mayor miller is waging a case of wrigley gum. auto maker toyota has settled the first of hundreds of wrongful death lawsuits. toyota says it reached an agreement to a suit from 2010. even so hundred more lawsuits over wrongful death remain. lawmakers are cracking down on energy drinks. three democratic lawmakers are requesting lists of ingredients from 14 energy drink marketers and any company studies listing
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risks and benefits. city attorneys are also looking for marketing claims. too close for comfort. in news of the world the incredible encounter two fishermen had with a giant shark. back here in just 10 minutes, it's warming up around here. i'm going to let you know which day on the holiday weekend will be the warmest. we'll also take a look at the mavericks contest. how big will those waves really be. a warning about gift cards that have been tampered with. mmmmmm. a choice of 6 skillet entrees, each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's.
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authorities are issuing a warning about a new scam involving gift cards. santa cruz sheriff's deputies say they have found tampered cards. they say the bar code is covered by another bar code and if that card is scanned, the number would end up on the
10:40 pm
thief's card instead of the rightful owner. >> make sure the backing on the card isn't torn, it might look like it's been altered a little bit. our suggestion actually is to get a card that has a secured backing. >> so far investigators say that nobody has come forward to say they have a faulty card. but some may have been given the cards and not used them yet. the clorox will continue to lease more than half of the building for its headquarters. west core says it will renovating the lobby to attract new tenants. uc regents say they do not anticipate the need to raise tuition next fall. today was the second day of a three day board meeting in san francisco. the regents said the governor's funding proposal is less than they requested. but it's a welcomed reversal from years of budget cuts and
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tuition hikes. governor brown made a rare appearance at the meeting he said that california colleges and universities need to control their spending. the governor also made a pitch for more onlined courses. he said it will reduce cost. he even said that high schoolers may benefit of online education to better prepare themselves for college. google has dropped the controversial make me asian app following pressure from protesters and others. the app allows the user to alter photos to make a person look a certain ethnicity or fat. beef patties have been
10:42 pm
recalled because they contain horse meat and were not labeled as such. the horse meat came from an unnamed european country. in honduras, authorities confiscated a shipment of drugs. in australia, check this out, two men have a really big fish story to tell. they have a close encounter with a great white shark, a very big great white shark. the shark swam around and around their small boat for about 40 minutesful during that time he said they were reminded of the movie jaws. >> looks like the shark was almost as big as that boat. why the popularity of last
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weekend's gun guy back is prompting warnings for the upcoming event. and we'll look at the weather for your upcoming weekend. water is just $3.33. folgers is $7.99 for the large size. that's a huge deal. rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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by all accounts the marin buy back event was a success. but as jade hernandez reports the event may have been too popular. >> reporter: surrendering a weapon could get you up to $200 or a voucher. now those vouchers may not be worth anything. >> we asked people to come in on the 15th of february to redeem those vouchers and give us about a month. within that month we're hoping to solicit more funding. but we don't know if and how many we will get. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office
10:46 pm
has turned next weekend's buy back into a surrender. one of five buy back locations saw several rare guns. someone received $200 for this weapon. >> we went through our initial allotment of $5,000 in the first 40 minutes so by 11:30 we were out of cash. the d.a. brought more money and we went through that very quickly. >> reporter: in the end 233 weapons including all of the rifles were dropped off. but now instead of participating as a drop off location monday the millvalely police department will be the only drop off site. the da's office says weapons from both events will be destroyed in a few weeks. the scouring for funds to pay vouchers off will go way after
10:47 pm
that. >> we'll just keep soliciting people to donate. >> reporter: in millvalely, jade hernandez. amazon's fourth quarter report will reveal their role into the new sales tax requirement. some industry experts say the new requirement helps level the playing field with brick and mortar stores. designers are shopping now for train cars and expect to have bids for the first section tomorrow. california system is also teaming up with amtrak which is planning high speed trains for the east coast. the two figure the combining buying power will lead to better deals. a pilot from bakers field has suffered a lawsuit after experiences brain damage from a
10:48 pm
leak. the pilot was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in his hotel room. the pilot accuses the hotel owner, hilton of misconduct. the lithium batteries caused -- the americans are federal safety investigators and two representatives from boeing. american airlines unveiled its new logo today it is the first change in 40 years. the word american appears in large letters and there are red and blue horizontal bars on the tail. another change may be coming. american is expected to decide soon if it will merge with u.s. airways. for what it's worth u.s.
10:49 pm
airway's approved the logo redesign. tracking some swell now. getting ready for the mavericks contest on sunday. the waves real small but hawaii the last 12 hours or so started picking up pretty large swells. the swells are just 3 feet but that's all getting ready to changened. out in the pacific the strong swell is building. that's why they've issued a high surf advisory on saturday. saturday will be the peak for the surf. waves could easily make it up to 0 feet. here's the thing besides the swell that's so great. you get a big wave but you're also going to have the perfect conditions. that's the hardest thing to do is without storms. we're looking at wind to be lightnorth winds so glassy over the ocean. we'll be keeping you up on the latest conditions but it could
10:50 pm
be an all time contest based on what we're seeing right now. for us we've had an all time week ahead and a week behind actually the last couple of days it's been fine. temperatures as we go into the next couple of days they're warming up. you noticed it today. you will notice it again tomorrow. but what you will notice too is how cold it'll be in the morning. temperatures will be 29 in santa rosa. easy so you're below freezing in napa, fairfield. here's one oakland 37. hayward 37. san jose 37. these are really cool overnight lows for those urban areas so it's cold tomorrow morning as you head out to school and you head out to work. the high pressure that's set up is going to allow the pressure to build up. holiday weekend, a lot of folks heading out. be prepared for some of this patchy fog. it's always worse late night early morning. if you're going to travel wait until 9:00 so that it lifts a
10:51 pm
little bit. well above average still 120% for most of us. the real story this weekend, friday, saturday and sunday temperatures are in the mid- and upper 50s in some places. we could get, by santa cruz hit us at 72, 73 reading as we go into saturday and sunday. six is tomorrow in vallejo, 63 in san francisco. a nice day. remember back on monday when temperatures were barely getting out of the 40s, right. so 20 degrees warmer tomorrow easily than it was on monday. so we're noticing a big increase in temperatures. it's cold in the morning. we are dry. the five day stays dry. it is dry a little bit into next week so so it's good that we've had so much rain. and snow. >> thank you, bill. >> for january, that's pretty nice. >> it's going to be nice. >> thank you, bill. 19 years ago tonight we were telling you about the 6.6 earthquake that hit north ridge. since then laws have changed to
10:52 pm
make freeways, bridges and overpasses safer. quake experts fear many californians have grown complacent since then and are not prepared for the next big one. a movie is in the works about the penn state sex abuse scandal and al pacino has signed on to play joe paterno. it'll be directed by the director of scar face which also starred pacino. it's about the late coach's final years. in the running, the popular sporting event that lake tahoe is hoping to host in the coming years. a reminder you can get the ktvu app to go. watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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lake tahoe is in the running to host the x games from 2014 to 2017. espn released the possible places. the sports organizing committee is sponsoring the bid. the group was put together to bring sports events to the bay area. and a big big event at the
10:56 pm
dome. >> not their best venue as you would say. somehow their still four point favorites. former cal player tony gonzalez made this play. he was pretty emotional about it. he's the nfl all time leader in touchdowns and receptions by a tight end and he keeps hinting he will retire by the end of this season but says he's still at the peak of his game. >> i've been around for a long time. i compared it to the when you watch those old kung fu movies and you see the guy with the long beard. the toughest fighter is not usually the young guy it's the old guy who's been around for a long time. so i figure i'm like that. because you see everything, you see every coverage. i'm just out there doing my thing. >> and you know this is the real place to see sunday's nfc
10:57 pm
championship. joe fonzi will be live 9:30 a.m. with bubba paris in the studio. former indianapolis colts bruce arians filled the last the áf vacancy with the cardinals today. this season arians was 9-3 at interim coach as chuck pagano was undergoing treatment for leukemia. creating but the game all went santa clara's way. foster made more threes. six of 10 free throw shots he
10:58 pm
finished at 27. mark lasani, broncos win. dons 0-5. southern cal women fresh off their victory hosted usc tonight. cal outscores ufc 9-1. boyd had a dozen. look at this reverged lay up by clarendon. cal wins, both teams now 4-1 in the pac12 race. another university of california product, james hanh leads the humana. hanh grew up in alameda where he developed his game. and hanh finished the first round tied for first with robert castro and jason colcrack. no warriors made the starting nba all star team that would make it 16 straight seasons. that's sports as we see it for this thursday night.
10:59 pm
>> that's a long run. 16 years. >> letrell bewell, 1965 was the last guy. >> that's a long time. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the news begins at 4:30 and they'll be working to learn more about the fate of the hostages in algeria and they'll have the weather cast for the long weekend ahead. and we're always for you on and mobile ktvu. good night.


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